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Company Overview

PayAnywhere, sometimes spelled as “Pay Anywhere,” is a mobile credit card processing service offered by North American Bancard. However, this service warrants its own review because it is a departure from North American Bancard’s traditional merchant services. It should be noted that even though the service is powered by North American Bancard, the actual processor of the credit card transactions is Global Payments.  The company also offers a tablet-based point-of-sale system called PayAnywhere Storefront in addition to its two mobile phone card readers.

Article Summary:

Be we dive in, here’s a short summary of what we’ll cover:

  • PayAnywhere’s various payment processing services.
  • PayAnywhere has been criticized for its high fees and aggressive sales tactics.
  • Some users have also reported problems with customer service.
  • PayAnywhere’s fees are higher than some other mobile credit card processing services.
  • PayAnywhere has been accused of using aggressive sales tactics to sign up merchants. For example, some merchants have reported that they were pressured into signing up for a contract without fully understanding the terms.
  • PayAnywhere’s customer service has been criticized by some users. For example, some users have reported that they had difficulty getting in touch with customer service representatives and getting problems resolved.

PayAnywhere Payment Processing

PayAnywhere processes all major debit and credit cards for all business types. The company specifically focuses on its PayAnywhere software which includes a mobile app, a virtual terminal, invoicing, recurring billing, employee tools, inventory tools, data analytics, PCI Plus security, next-day funding. The software also is also included with PayAnywhere’s hardware offerings which include smart terminals, smart point-of-sale, mobile readers, and accessories such as printers, docks, and cash drawers.

Mobile Point-of-Sale Solutions

One of the main features of PayAnywhere is its mobile point-of-sale (POS) solutions. The company provides a user-friendly mobile app that can be downloaded to compatible smartphones and tablets. This app allows merchants to accept payments, manage inventory, and access real-time sales data from anywhere. Additionally, PayAnywhere offers mobile card readers that can be easily connected to smartphones or tablets, transforming these devices into mobile payment terminals.

Virtual Terminal

For businesses without a need for a physical payment terminal, PayAnywhere offers a virtual terminal option. This web-based application allows merchants to process payments securely from any internet-connected computer. The virtual terminal is an ideal solution for e-commerce businesses, phone or mail order companies, and professional services providers that require a flexible payment processing solution.

Recurring Billing

PayAnywhere recognizes the importance of offering recurring billing options for businesses that need to charge customers on a regular basis. Their platform includes features to set up and manage recurring payments, making it easy for businesses to maintain consistent cash flow and streamline their billing processes.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

PayAnywhere provides merchants with access to comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. These tools give businesses the ability to track sales trends, monitor customer spending habits, and gain insights into their overall financial performance. By having access to this data, merchants can make informed decisions to improve their business operations and drive growth.

Customer Support

PayAnywhere offers customer support through various channels, including phone, email, and live chat. Their support team is available to assist merchants with any questions or issues they may encounter while using their payment processing services. This ensures businesses can maintain seamless payment experiences for their customers.

A Growing Processing Service

PayAnywhere is North American Bancard’s answer to Square’s mobile credit card processing service. The service appears to have launched in 2010, but it has not enjoyed the same kind of buzz and popularity as Square. Even so, PayAnywhere has been garnering an increasing amount of media attention and has outlasted Intuit’s GoPayment as well as a few other early mobile competitors.

Location & Ownership

PayAnywhere is headquartered at 250 Stephenson Hwy. Troy, Mi 48083. Marc Gardner is the president and CEO of North American Bancard.

Video Summary

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Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract:  Month-to-month contract with no early termination fee of…
  • Complaints & Service: More than 300 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Currently has a “B-” rating with the Better Business Bureau and is not accredited. The company has received…
  • Sales & Marketing: Hires independent sales agents and has received some complaints about…
pay anywhere's pricing for services
Pay Anywhere advertises no cost for many support services.

PayAnywhere Customer Complaints & Reviews

Here's What Users Think

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Fund Holds
Recent Lawsuits

High Complaint Total

We are currently able to locate over 300 negative PayAnywhere reviews, many of which describe the company as a scam or ripoff. Although the company has a very large client base and should be expected to have some complaints, it has seen a steady increase in complaints since our last update. Two major themes are consistently mentioned by complainants: As noted earlier in this review, PayAnywhere holds funds in order to reduce the risk of fraud. Additionally, the company’s policies seem to have a broad definition of which types of transactions qualify as fraudulent, which has resulted in numerous complaints from seemingly legitimate merchants. If you have your own PayAnywhere review to make, please do so in the comments below.

Pricing Discrepancies

There have also been a few clients reporting that PayAnywhere charged other fees in addition to the processing fee. PayAnywhere’s full pricing can be found here, but we have found reports of other possible fees that include a $25 Chargeback fee, a $25 NSF fee (Non-Sufficient Funds), and a $15 “Retrieval” fee which is left undefined. If you have experienced fees outside of the processing fees or those listed in PayAnywhere’s disclosed pricing, please leave a review in our comment section below detailing your experience.

PayAnywhere Lawsuits

In March of 2017, a class-action lawsuit was filed against PayAnywhere in California. The suit, Gerald McGhee v. North American Bancard LLC, alleges fraudulent business practices such as intentional misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, and a breach of good faith and fair dealing. The case is yet to reach a resolution. This, coupled with North American Bancard’s other legal issues is a cause for concern for business owners considering the PayAnywhere platform.

PayAnywhere Customer Support Options

A common complaint is of receiving poor and unprofessional customer service when calling into PayAnywhere’s customer support. It appears that the calls are routed to the same call centers as regular North American Bancard customers, which also rates poorly in this category and falls way short of what we expect from top-rated credit card processors for customer service. This definitely diminishes the edge over Square that PayAnywhere might have achieved by providing live customer support.

PayAnywhere Customer Service Numbers

  • (877) 387-5640 – Toll-Free General Customer Service
  • (888) 579-4787 – Equipment Setup

Other Support Options

  • Live chat
  • Chatbot
  • Online support library

PayAnywhere Reviews Online

Our Better Business Bureau Profile Assessment

BBB Summary

BBB Reports

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 10 Complaints

Pay Anywhere currently holds a “B-” grade with the BBB and is not accredited. It should be noted that at the time of a recent review, Pay Anywhere’s BBB account was under review with the BBB and has since been restored. In being restored, the company’s previous complaints and reviews have been effectively wiped, meaning that the current numbers do not represent the company’s overall complaint totals. The company’s profile is currently showing 12 complaints in the last 36 months. Before the profile wipe, Pay Anywhere had 139 complaints in the prior 3 years.

What Merchants Say

In addition to the 12 complaints filed with the BBB against Pay Anywhere, there have been 17 informal reviews. Of those reviews, all were 1-star reviews. A recent negative review refers to high charges, difficult setup, and poor customer support:

Horrible customer service horrible experience using that platform they cost my buisness $5000 dollars and a $1500 dollar commission. Only used their system for 5 days has been an absolute nightmare dealing with them and their system. Do not use them.

Clients can avoid situations like this by choosing a provider with a history of great customer service.

“C” Level Performance

In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C.”

PayAnywhere Fees and Rates

A Closer Look at the Contract

Cost Summary

Cancellation Penalties
Monthly & Annual Fees
Processing Rates
Equipment Leasing
Per-machine cost

PayAnywhere Pricing

As of this review, PayAnywhere’s smartphone app has no setup fees, no monthly fees, and no cancellation fees, and it comes with a free card reader that plugs into the audio jack of compatible smartphones. Businesses can buy additional 2-in-1 readers for $29.95 and 3-in-1 Bluetooth Credit Card Readers for $49.95. PayAnywhere’s “Pay As You Go” plan offers processing fees that are similar to those of Square and GoPayment with a 2.69% fee for sliding a credit or debit card through the attached card reader and 3.49% plus $0.19 for keyed transactions. These rates apply to all card brands, including Discover and American Express. The company also charges a monthly inactivity fee of $3.99 for clients that do not process a transaction for over 12 months.

Standard PayAnywhere Plan

Merchants who opt for the company’s “Standard” plan and use PayAnywhere Storefront will pay 1.69% per Qualified swiped transaction, 2.69% per Non-Qualified swiped transaction, and 3.69% plus $0.19 per keyed-in transaction. Storefront users will also pay a basic service fee of $12.95 per month and a monthly minimum fee of $79 if monthly volume is at or less than $5,000. PayAnywhere Storefront also provides a free tablet to each client. As of this review, the service is compatible with most current Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iTouch), Android (2.4 or later), and many Blackberry models.

Frozen Accounts and Fund-Holds

Since our last review, PayAnywhere has received a consistent stream of complaints regarding its cash reserve and termination policies. Like many of its competitors, the company appears to commonly freeze accounts or withhold large payments in anticipation of potential chargebacks. The problem is that PayAnywhere appears to provide little notice or justification for these holds, effectively keeping businesses from their own money without their knowledge. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Client Complaints

PayAnywhere’s terms of use grant it a great deal of liberty when establishing reserve accounts (including the right to collect interest gathered on withheld funds), and client complaints about this policy indicate that the company is not doing enough to prevent its merchants from exceeding their limits. Business owners looking to avoid potential fund hold issues from PayAnywhere may be better served by a top-rated mobile credit card processing app.

PayAnywhere card reader

PayAnywhere’s basic 2-in-1 card reader is free for the first reader, while the 3-in-1 costs $50

PayAnywhere Jobs and Employment

Hiring Standards and Ethical Marketing Assessment

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers
Misleading Marketing
Discloses All Important Terms

No Deceptive Advertising

PayAnywhere does not appear to use any deceptive marketing or sales tactics in its official sales materials. It looks as though the company primarily markets its service through advertising, public relations, strategic partnerships, and referrals from North American Bancard. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Fund-Hold Issues

Some merchants have reported that, like Square, PayAnywhere fails to mention prior to account setup that it may hold funds to mitigate risk. Specifically, some negative PayAnywhere reviews state that the company holds large amounts of funds with no prior warning of its hold policies and that the company takes a long time to release these funds. We have lowered the score of this section to reflect merchants’ sentiment that PayAnywhere’s marketing is slightly misleading when it comes to its fraud prevention policies.

PayAnywhere Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts and Opinions

PayAnywhere rates as an average credit card processing provider according to our rating system. There are currently numerous reports of clients experiencing holds, poor customer service, and fees outside of the company’s stated pricing. Some of these fee complaints may just be a misunderstanding of charges or confusion in the way PayAnywhere bills its fees. PayAnywhere is currently only available in the United States, so merchants based in the UK and elsewhere are tasked with finding other mobile processing options. It should also be noted that although our initial review of the company was positive, it contained outdated pricing and device compatibility information. North American Bancard’s approach was to threaten us with “legal redress” if we did not update it immediately. We have updated this review (as we do every 12 to 18 months) only in the interest of accuracy, and with new insight on NAB’s strategy for dealing with publishers.

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Customer & Employee Reviews

What Others Are Saying About PayAnywhere

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345 Responses

  • Ss

    Used them less then 3 weeks and we were hit one chargeback so they held back our deposits and after a week of going back and forth with their excuses and no responses or updates they decided to close our account leaving my money stranded. They are the worst company to deal with. Their customer service is unprofessional and rude. They never update you on the cases. Avoid at all cost this company. They will screw you over.

  • Jason

    Mickel Handyman Service

    We used to use payanywhere. In fact we used them for over 10 years. We never had 1 dispute. Then I went to a customer’s house to give an estimate and I have a signed contract. After 4 weeks had gone by I called to get the downpayment. He gave it to me over the phone. I sent him a receipt and the next day I ordered the materials needed for the repairs at his house. Around 3 weeks had passed and he’s calling about getting his job done. The materials have not yet been delivered. He calls and files a dispute. Payanywhere called me I sent all the legal documents to them. Mind you I had chase bank calling me evwryday. This man went and told everyone he never gave me the info. Payanywhere gave his money back. They tried to take from my bank of America and I stopped payment. They agreed with me. He was in breach of contract. He now I’m having to pay it back. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Why is this company incompetent?

  • Charlene Houle

    DO NOT do business with this company! The sales woman never disclosed that there was a minimum amount of sales that I needed to make in order to not be charged a monthly fee. I told her I wasn’t even doing business at the time due to COVID so she knew I wouldn’t be making sales! And still didn’t tell me! I didn’t notice for 6 months that I was being charged! Then when I found out and called them to cancel the service, they said there was an 800.00 early termination fee!! Which I had no idea about! The sales lady never mentioned that either! They said well it was in the DocuSign papers. Ok that was my fault for not reading them through. I never do, I just always trust what the sales person says is true. All she had mentioned for fees was the tiny percentage per sale. I even asked her if that was all the fees and she assured me it was! I fought for the early termination fee to be waived and to get back the monthly fees, and they did waive the early termination fee but not monthly fees. So they got over 100.00 from me! Horrible company! Beware!!!

  • Ash Powers


    Do NOT engage in business with this company.

    We (my corporation) canceled services with this company as they were blatantly overcharging despite the terms within our contractual agreement. Communication with them is incredibly poor – emails go unanswered repeatedly and telephone calls are responded to with contempt.

    After closing the account, this company continued to draw hefty amounts monthly in service fees over the course of 7 months thereafter. No attempt was made by them to respond to our requests to cease billing us and it required intervention through our financial institution in order to have these charges refunded back to us. An ACH block was also necessary in order to prevent further debits as they have been entirely unresponsive to our requests.

    Based on the number of scathing reviews of this company I am surprised that this hasn’t turned into a class action suit yet.

    ——***** STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY *****—–

  • jason

    payanywhere is the worst company out there dont every waste yout time on this company there

  • Pam

    This company has charged me over 900.00 with not once using , due to covid
    I called last month to cancel and was told it was canceled, today they charged me 179.00 even though my acct says closed when i log in, called Bank to put a stop on all payments last month and today Bank said 179.00 was put through under another name, was told some companies will do that if they can get away with it, so today i filed a fraud against them, next i will sue them for my 900.00 back
    Stay away from this company its horrible

  • Angela Fritz-Reyes

    I have used this company for 15 years and I never paid attention to the fees. My bank account was breached so I had to get new bank accounts. I just received a very unprofessional message that sounded like a collection call from them. I tried to call them back and couldn’t get through. I am not sure why they called.

    • Pam

      Thats me i didnt pay attention to my bank and they were charging me 179.00 a month and Ive never used the chip reader or their services at all
      So angry with this company

  • Liz Porteus

    This company claims to have a Pay as You Go program with a flat rate of 2.69% for swiped, dipped, or tapped transactions. However, they are currently billing me 2.69% + .19 per transaction. They claim that this was part of a repricing project due to my large volume of transactions (even though my total monthly volume does not exceed 6K). They claim to have sent me a letter regarding the fee, but I received no such letter. They refused to refund me the additional .19 per transaction and have not lowered the rate. I am switching to a new company. Their customer service dept is terrible. It’s impossible to get anything resolve right away. They say, “I’ll submit the request for you” and then you never hear back from them. You have to follow up on every issue.

  • Miguel R

    Looking to see if I could use my card reader outside the U.S. I ran into this website; very interesting, and I’m really surprised to see so many negative reviews. I have used Payanywhere for 5 years now and no complaints whatsoever. No service or monthly charges, next or second day deposits, if I needed an extra card reader or if one stopped working, I just called and they sent them for free. I have a small seasonal business and so far I’m a satisfied customer and even recommended it to several people. However, after seeing all these reviews, I’ll keep an eye because if I ever see fees and charges that are not supposed to be there, I’ll cancel immediately and will return here to comment on that.

  • Rosemary J Barletta

    I began with a dropped account at 8:30am this morning. After speaking with many of the most professional and helpful individuals my problem was solved. Whatever the error, most likely mine, each individual gave me the most helpful advice and went above and behind to get my service restored. I would totally recommend this company. Thanks again for all the help today. Rosemary

  • Donald Pickett

    BEWARE. these folks tell you one thing and the agreement in fine print is another. This will cost you thousands of of dollars in fees and the .49% rate they sell you is really 3.75%

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees in Your Monthly Bill


  • Kyle Baker

    Like everyone is saying below-STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY! You have been warned! I have been with them for almost 2 years.. Today I was reviewing my bank statement and found a charge from EPX (their billing branch) for $131 and change. I called to inquire about it and was told “it’s the annual charge for services $119 + your monthly charge of $12.95). It took the representative almost 10 minutes to figure out that it was a “annual fee”. Keep in mind there is NOTHING mentioned anywhere for Payanywhere that they have an annual fee. YES THEY DO! Even better, he said there are 2 annual fees that will be charged each year! Both for $119.. So, in actuality they have a bi-annual fee which equates to $238 PER YEAR just to use their service, in addition to the $12.95 per month ($155.40 annually for monthly fees). That means you are spending-at minimum, and BEFORE transaction fees $393.40 PER YEAR… You will be charged the 393.40 PER YEAR whether you ever process a single transaction. If you DO NOT USE the service you can be charged the $393.40 PLUS an “inactivity fee” EACH YEAR for the remainder of your contract term. People, I have not had any problems with them for 2 years until they hit me for an annual fee… DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. If you do, you are going to get robbed. Plain and simple. Further, if you read the reviews, even if you “cancel” they will still bill you and then try and extort money from you. You have been warned.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


    • Pam

      Yes far away have been charged 179.00 per month for 7 months and have never used the service, my bad for not paying attention to my bank, called company last month closed it down and today they put through another 179.00 under a different name, filed fraud charges against them, put stop payment on any further charges
      This company needs to be sued BIG TIME
      Going to look into it!!!

      • Danae Liechti



  • Jasmine Smith

    They charged me $3.99 a month for 4 months after I requested a cancellation. I called every month to request that they close it out and was told it would be closed but then was charged the following month. When I called and asked for reimbursement and for them to cancel it they said that it was canceled but they would not reimburse my money. Stay far far away!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


    • Pam

      Yeap same thing canceled and put 179.00 through today under a different name
      We need to sue this company im so angry rigth now !!they have taken over 900.00 from me and have never used in the last 5 months
      Staying with square

  • Marianela C

    Pay Anywhere is the worst merchant services that I ever work with.
    I’ve made a sale for a new client that was above my “ticket limit” and so they decided to “audit” my sale and asked me for documents to support the sale such as an invoice and my last 3 months of my bank statement, which I have no problem to turned into, after 24 hrs that didnt even start it to “audit” my sale just because the “analyst” was-not-on-her-desk. Turns out that I almost lost my client’s contract. And the worst part is that my client’s money is on lymbo just because his bank already released the money but PayAnywhere after 3 days decided to deleted the sale so now my client has to wait 3/5 days to get his money back.
    Their customer service its horrible and they made me feel that my business was no appreciated it.
    Needless to say that I wont recommended whatsoever…. They are a shame!

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money

    – Phillip

  • John Raniss

    Outside agent signed me up promising no fees and great rates. After a few months monthly fees kept going up and up. She basically lied. PayAnywhere would NOT refund any fees charged. They also don’t send monthly statements OR email statements. So I had no idea they were charging me these fees for a few months. Don’t Bother. Other processors never charge fees.

    From The Editor
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    • Pam

      Same here told me i would save more money then square omg what a nightmare 900.00 in 5 months cause i didnt pay attention to my bank🤬🤬🤬im looking to do a law suit against them , today they put 179.00 through again even though when i log in says closed account, Ready to file a class action lawsuit
      All this money they are taking from people

  • Hailley Hawley

    Save yourself some trouble and DO NOT use this company! They are scam artist! I signed up with them several months ago before finding a better fit for myself and my business. I called them and had them cancel my account so I wouldn’t be charged in the future told them I found something that worked better. Keep in mind, I NEVER even used the app, never made a charge with a client, never even downloaded the app. I cancelled directly after the account was even made. FIVE months later they charge me a ridiculous amount..over $100! I called the number associated with the charge and they use another merchant company to charge their customers I had no idea what this company was and was confused about the whole thing. I called them directly and told them the situation let them know I did call and cancel even had the email confirmation showing it was cancelled. They were very very rude about it! They told me everytime someone cancels they have to mark it down and so I couldn’t have called even with my email that wasn’t enough proof to get my funds back. Seriously?! What a bunch of bull crap. Employees can make mistakes that was not my mistake! Never used the app ever but yet I have this huge charge?! They can look at the account and it would tell you I’ve never used their services. I cancelled 5 months ago why do they get to take money whenever they please?! Absolutely horrible company, they’ll take ya for everything they have. Even with monthly charges it shouldn’t be that much money over a 5 month period when no cards were ever swiped and why wouldn’t they charge monthly small sums not one huge amount?!! Do not use this company go to Square or Quickbooks they aren’t complete asshats! What a great way to start December. Was about to buy my daughter some gifts but now I’m out the money and they say there’s nothing I can do!

    From The Editor
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  • Cecilia Chavez

    Worst company ever… where nice enough to get the money from the cuatomers, but when it was time tl pay me they were asking for way too many documentations claiming that it would be for tax purposes on my part, mind you that we’ve only been opened less than a month. They owe me 2000.00 after constantly trying to get my money, i finally got very upset with all of their excuses and got the account closed, which i don’t care, and now have to wait 4 months to see if those jerks decide i will get my funds. Thieves, is what they are!!!

  • Lou

    After not using this service for five years, I was suddenly hit today with an “inactivity fee.” I thought that my account was cancelled, so was very surprised when this charge showed up. One of the reasons I stopped using the account was an inability to connect via my iPad or iPhone when trying to put through a charge. It was embarrassing to be standing with a client, and not able to complete a transaction. Customer service was a useless drone who seemed to be reading from a script.

    • Lou

      Follow up to my last comment. I received confirmation from Payanywhere on February 26th that my account was closed. I received an email today telling me that they were deducting another “inactivity fee” from my account. When I called, they had no idea why I was charged, and that they would reverse the charge. I wonder how many times they have gotten away with this scam? Stay far away from this company!

      • Helen

        I’m having the same issue. Did you call or email to get the account cancelled? I’d love to get contact details you used for them. Thanks!

        From The Editor
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  • Jeffery Parrott

    This company is horrible! Was lied to about fees to sign up. Apparently no one has a boss here. All they would say is there is nothing they could do about the money that was taken out of my account!

  • Hope

    Do not waste your time or money dealing with this company! Our business has taken in over 30k in the last year via credit card transactions and the put a hold on our account for one $2500 transaction. Took me an hour to reach someone on the phone and they are requesting several documents in order to release our fund! If this was a fraudulent act why haven’t we had this problem wile processing the other 30k in transactions? We will be terminating services with them and using square from now on!

  • Lincoln

    Service is non existent. They will limit your transactions to $20 per day. Who has a business that takes in $20 per day? I didn’t have time to argue with them just closed the account that took 4 hours literally being passed to phone numbers that either didn’t work or had no-one answering them. If I could give them less than one star I would

  • Roberto Victor Illa, M.D.

    Wells Fargo Bank got me to use this service. I was in private practice in Chico. Because of ObamaCare and the Narrow network policy of Blue Shield of California (eliminating doctors from their “Preferred Provider list”) I lost so much income I had to close my practice. However although Global Payments was no longer providing a service, they continued to bill me several hundred dollars per month. I tried to reach them using the number Wells Fargo gave me. The person who answered gave me another number. This also did not work. Pay Anywhere contacted me to tell me I now owed thousands of dollars. I stated the fact that they stopped providing a service months ago, because I had closed my office. They said the contract said they could still bill me. They continue to bill me over a year later, and have ruined my credit.

  • Zayra

    They do not are clear with fees.
    I am looking for another service provider.

  • Jeff

    Writing again to complain about PayAnywhere. Found out today they are still holding my money from me even after requesting higher limits and being authorized for it. I will say it again…I would steer anyone and everyone away from this company for cc processing. They are absolutely terrible. They have no concern or care for their customer, the people they make their living from.

  • Jeff

    Absolute worst cc processing service we have ever used. After 3 years of using them they began(out of nowhere) telling us our deposits were “under review” every time we processed anything over $500.00. When this happens they have the right to hold your money for as long as they deem fit. I would never recommend this company to anyone. One deposit was held from us for 8 days. Absolutely rediculous company. Never, and I mean never, should anyone use this company for cc processing.

  • Yancell M Morales

    Very frustrated, My 1st transaction is taking longer than 7 days, you email them, there’s no reply, you call them they ask you 100 millions questions over and over, the waiting its way too long and when they finally answer the phone they will ask you for the same documents, so this way the delay the process for anorher 48 hrs. If I would read the reviews I wouldn’t have gotten into this.

  • Gomana

    Scamming..Scamming..Scamming Payanywhere scam company.
    In the first call..very friendly with me and takes all my details SSN ,bank account number and all..!
    After 2 weeks the company closed my account!!!!
    When I asked them why?!
    Told me we closed your account without any reason?!!!!
    That company Scams to take your all information about you and your business details.
    ( Be carful)

  • Ronnie Johnson

    I’ve been using this system : tablet, printer, and cash register in return i was suppose to receive the 3-in-1 but everytime i call to see what’s going on with it i get put on hold and i don’t get any response … so i have no choose but to go to another merchant for business because this is not working for me.

  • Stan Diggs

    I agree with all that I have read so far, scam, scam, scam, scam. My initial call to setup account went great, wonderful support services, but after running two transactions through totalling just over $1000.00, all my funds were frozen by pay anywhere. They stated they wanted 3 months of my banking records and when I refused they held my funds. It’s been 30 days and o still have not received my funds. Run away.

    • Joe Walsh

      I came here to say they place holds on your money for EVERYTHING. Sneeze and they’ll hold your money. Some of the customer service people are nice others are rude jerks. As others here have stated, don’t go with them you’ll be sorry. After seeing all these bad reviews I’m very surprised they’re still in business. I’ve used GoPayment and Paypal never a good easy to work with no issues with them.

    • wayne

      they have my funds also, a $1000, had them almost a month. run from them scam company. I’m writing this while listening to there bad music the phone for 30 min

  • cindy hedberg

    Customer service is really horrible. I have been trying to close my account with them for almost a year now and they continue taking a fee out of my checking account. I have emailed called and emailed again to no avail. I am beyond angry. Just Beware!

  • Karla Armstrong

    Communication EXTREMELY poor. They were notified in 2013 that our business closed but still took money from our account. Received no notification of the $3.99 “activity fee” they set up in 2015. Supposedly notification was sent to a closed email account. No letter mailed to address on file and this is ok with their legal department. Did not receive ANY correspondence until the bank account was closed. Then we receive a collection letter in the mail. Why wasn’t this sent to the email???? So….they can notify you for fees by email but when it comes to collecting money they will mail a letter. They won’t refund the money and settle by waiving the $3.99 fee they didn’t collect. VERY UNETHICAL COMPANY!!! Stay away!!!!

  • Crystal K

    Do not use PayAnywhere, it’s a scam. They put my account on hold and closed it without notifying me and kept the money that was in my account and would not deposit it. Bad company, use square or paypal instead.

  • Natale Harter

    Pay Anywhere –
    I canceled the account 4 years ago they charged me an inactivation fee of $3.99 per month and will not refund me. They stole money out of my account

  • Chad

    Scam. just cancelled my account or accounts. Under my social there were 2. Guess the girl that set it up did that, one for each email she asked for. I noticed a 3.99 fee twice a month and googled it. I reviewed all my email accounts (even the spam folder). I never received one thing on either account about a fee.

    This company is a complete scam. When I asked to cancel both, Flip canceled both without any questions. He said they send notice every month with a link to cancel. Complete lie.

  • Tadd Warner

    NAB payanywhere is staffed with several rude people (at least the ones I have dealt with) who could really care less about getting new business. They wanted me to jump through so many hoops because my average charge is higher than most that I finally got disgusted and told them to forget it.
    The worst of it is they have taken a withdrawal from my bank account for $348. that I never authorized, in fact I had them cancel my account before it was even set up all the way. Stay away folks!!!

  • Freddy hernandez

    Hi my name is Freddy hernandez
    I recently open in accord with pay anywhere credit card processing i I never ever ever ever recommend payanywere to anyone they have bad customer service you request a change in your icon and they all say you a month later I want to fly I give them the one they are suck

  • Timothy Agnew

    Pay Anywhere is not a trustworthy company . They use fraud and deception to steal from clients.

  • Ronnie Johnson

    I work as a independent contractor at a barbershop
    An I’ve work with the tablet but it has been working the way I though it would . I’ve been having problems with it from day one. I’m on the verge of sending it back because it has been nothing but problems to me.

  • Gen Kan

    Pretty much whatever most people describe in here. I set up an account through their rep. A year and half after i close my business I keep getting phone calls to pay close to 1000$. I even sent them email proof with their rep that i asked him to close it and he came picked up everything. I closed my business without owing a penny to anyone. There should laws to protect people from this.

  • Melissa

    Literally THE WORST. I’ve only used the device a handful of times – I make and sell art. The first time I used it was around Christmas and I was really hurting for money. I had to make multiple calls to customer service to receive my payment, and if I hadn’t caught the fact that it hadn’t gone through, I wonder if it ever would have! I waited weeks for it and it was MAYBE $40.00 total. The buyer had the transaction go through on her end, so it was just sitting somewhere in Payanywhere limbo, not helping me. Recently I started being charged the 3.99 a month maintenance fee. I canceled with them through an email link only to find out I was still getting emails and still being charged. Emailed customer service to tell them to refund the last 3.99. Sure, gave me a ticket number and told me 5-7 business days. I’m on day 8 and no refund, emailing customer service with no answers. Yes it’s only 3.99, but it’s the principle of the matter. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Customer service has NO idea what they are doing. Not worth using whatsoever.


    HERE IS THE EMAIL I RECEIVED. Mind you I had only used this one time, and was asked for all this information. I had previously used THE SQUARE and NEVER had a problem with them. Now I am fighting to get my account closed and worse yet, fighting to get my customer his money back. TOTAL SCAM…DO NOT USE THEM

    [email protected]
    7:45 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me
    This email is a courtesy notification and confirmation of
    your recent inquiry. You may want to keep this notice for
    your records, should any follow-up be necessary.

    12-01-2016 07:40:48 PM by rd
    Dear Merchant,

    Please provide verification of your business (ex: business license, City, County or State license or certification, professional license, Federal Tax ID, etc.) and please include the method of marketing to potential clients, a description of products and/or services, a description of how sales orders are received and processed and the method of delivery for the product and/or service.

    Please provide a copy of your invoice, receipt, work order or contract showing the card holders full name, billing address, contact phone number, and products or services provided for the transactions below.Please also provide verification of shipping and delivery if applicable.

    A 100% funding hold has been placed on the account.

    Please send the requested documentation directly to the analyst who is working on your account on or before 12/09/16 to avoid possible reservation of funds or account cancellation. Contact information is noted below.

    card ending in **** $540.00

    Agent: Rachel D.

    Email: [email protected]

    Fax: 248-283-6145

    REALLY, A company needs all this to process a damn credit card? REALLY? Paypal doesn’t do this, nor does the SQUARE. So why does this company DIFFER??? Because they HIJACK your Bank Account and Run wild with it.

    • Anthony

      I’m going through the same thing same email and all the run around. Pay Anywhere is a part of Wells Fargo who just had some scams going on with them. I’m guessing it’s the same thing with them. I’ll be talking to a lawyer tomorrow and asking about a class action lawsuit

  • Claire Dixon

    Do yourself a favor and avoid this company at all costs. We cancelled our account months ago and we are still being charged. Now I just received a collection notice saying we owe them money! I’m going to have to call a lawyer! They should be shut down.

    • Sindy

      Same here I had a restaurant for only 3 months last summer and today I receive a phone call stating I owe $1000+ dollars because I had a contract for 3 years and cancelled. Before this they kept calling that I still had there tablet which I had returned a long time ago to the representative that signed me up. Now they changed to this story that since I cancelled my contract I am liable to pay fees for 3 years as penalty. The lady indicated that she was being nice and calling me before she puts it on my credit report.

  • C Lynn

    I never did business with this company but received a letter saying I owed them money. I called them. They wanted my personal info over the phone. I did not give them anything but wow. Not sure where they got my name and of course will not pay. I am not a merchant nor had I even heard of this company. Scam is about the right word.

  • Matthew

    They processed a payment, refused to release funds to my account without first receiving months worth of prior bank statements and all kinds of other bs information. I refused to provide my bank statements and told them to just refund the customers money. they attempted to refund the customer 2 times pulling the money (over $1000) from my account (Mind you they never deposited the original transaction into my account) until I had to close out my bank account and file fraudulent charges. Now they send me monthly letters from their collections department saying that I owe them the money and threaten to report to credit agencies. Multiple phone conversations go nowhere.

  • Jessica Trout

    Just purchased from CVS and was advised you have to be approved first. I contacted customer service and was advised I was declined due to the business I was accepting money for. What a waste and joke. I would not recommend to anyone.

  • Jesse Ruiz

    This is the worst merchant company ive used and ive had intuit and another merchant company who i cant remember their name but too are thieves. Payanywhere will without hesitation refund a customers money without notifying you or giving you a chance to dispute the charge and then they keep trying to pull money from you bank and leaving you in negative. wish there were something i could do to stop this.

  • Paul Ford

    I would run as fast as you can from this company. They put a hold on my funds which was only a $300 transaction. They wanted tons of paperwork including a detailed business plan and they failed to mention any of this before I started processing. I had to wait 6 months before they would release funds. OVER a year later I’m still waiting for a paper check which they said would take 4-6 weeks and that was 3 months ago! HORRIBLE, 10x worse than square.

  • Matthew Kelly

    After making my first transaction ($1004.39) the company did not complete the transaction and requested information. I refused part of the information requested because I did not feel that it was needed or appropriate for them to have. In Which they refused to complete the transaction and closed my account. (No problem) I had to contact them directly to refund the funds to the customer. I went into my bank account and saw a pending transaction for 1039 more than what the transaction was for even for even though they NEVER completed the transaction and sent me the money! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAM OF A COMPANY!

  • Gena Fischer

    I used my reader for the first time. Then got an email telling me i would get money in 3 business days. On third day still no deposit. I called and wad told my acct wad on hold i needed to fax them info i doesn’t have on the customer and then once they reviewed it they would pay more in 3 more business days!! Got a square reader and canceled acct. Worst reader ever unless you don’t want out need your money. Also contacting the bbb and anyone else who will listen. This is just a scam and a hoax!

  • Teri Boylan

    Payanywhere, has been taking 3.99 from a closed account for years and refuses to put it back. Truth is I purchased the system that wasn’t compatible with the phone. The payanywhere system was returned, and never used. The biggest fraud going on. Payanywhere, is stealing money from the consumer, without services rendered. I rate them a F. They should be serving jail time for fraud.

  • Hayat Masudi

    Beware of this company which it has partnered with a company called INSIGHTwhich is totally a bunch of con artists
    They will bill you through PAYANYWHERE a monthly subscription of $29.99 and it is nothing but to rob merchants.
    I cancelled my account with them yesterday and you should do it today, tomorrow will be too late

  • Rena A

    Ps. I closed my account. Make sure you do that as I read that this company Pay anywhere likes to charge inactive fees too.

  • Rena A

    I own a very large transport company. I was needing another payment processor because I am exceeding my volume with my other. I signed up with company it was fast and easy. I charged 600 the first day got it the next. Then boom I got emails asking me for my other deposits and proof of bills. I sent them over what they asked for. They said I charged one customer 2x and gave a card that wasnt even the card I charged 2x. I charged a different one 2x. But one charge was voided because they were adding tax and I couldn’t remove it and my industry doesn’t charge tax. Because their emails were so screwed up and wrong cc #’s for wrong amounts I just sent them proof for all my transactions. Then they sent me an email and said none of my stuff matches. One of the customers has been my customer over 3 years. I have delivered over 20 cars to his business. I have even been to his busineess and his info was indeed correct. It seems the risk manager was too lazy to print out all the information for the billing and match each charge to each bill. Its been going on 3 days no email after email and them holding my funds. I opened an account with paysimple and they have been so nice. I fully expect my first few transactions with them will be verified and I have no problem with that but they seem to really be professional and know what they are doing. This really was one of the worst customer service experience ever as a business owner with Pay anywhere. Stay away.

  • Nazli Ucar

    Payanywhere has the worst customer service. I have been promised to get a call back from supervisor 3 times and no call back. They re holding my funds for 11 days and I can’t even get a hold of supervisors.
    Use PayPal no problem, any problem perfect customer service.

  • Rae

    Do not use this company. Although the company said no monthly fee, but they will charge your bank account without receive any notice. When I sign up for this credit card reader, I was sign up for pay as you go with no hidden fee charge. I find out few days ago, this company start charged my bank account since December 2015. They said they sent out email and notice for the charge, but I never receive any email from them not even a mail. Just like I told them no one cannot just go on the street and send out a letter to everyone said if you did not response my letter. I will start send you a bill or charge on your bank/credit card account.
    This company already charge my bank account for seven times. I call in May to cancel the account, during that time the customer representative agree to refund me one month. In June, I not only did not see the refund, but also see addition charge from this company.

  • Leslie Bonilla

    After we processed a payment over $2000, we noticed that the transaction was not deposited into our account after 48 hours. We contacted customer service with our concern and they said they would hold the payment for 180 days?? when I requested management, because this was not mentioned before or during our waiting period for the payment, management tried brushing off the complaint and switching me over to people who were rude and unprofessional. After all the frustration I called back again to see if i could get help with my account and another representative lied and said my account was closed, after then being switch to another manager I requested a refund for the customers transaction and they tried to change what they said previously to avoid giving a refund. Never doing business with them ever again.

    • Matt

      Did you ever receive your funds?

  • Adam Apalategui

    Like so many other reviewers, I wish I had looked here FIRST.

    Their software has serious compatibility issues, including super popular Samsung tablets. They charge differently than you were promised and try to keep you from changing. When they did open a new account for me to get the flat rate they didn’t close the old account I am stuck with their PCI compliance fee. I had to stop payment on their access to my account and nave now filed a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General…like so many others have…

    Switched to Square four months ago and still cleaning up this mess…

  • Allisa M. Clarke

    I supposedly opened this account on my own back in 2011, when I asked them to tell me when I last used the account it took them a very long time to tell me that I NEVER used it. And yet they kept the account open for 5 years and after 5 years of holding onto all of my bank information they are going back into my account and withdrawing funds. A real bank will not keep an account open for years with no activity it just doesn’t make sense. When I asked to get a refund for the fees they told me they couldn’t do that due to the inactivity charge….really Pay Anywhere is Pay Anytime All the Time because they will keep your bank account information for their own use and when cash flow is tight they are just going to dip into everyone’s account and make up some lame excuse.

  • Quinton McDonald

    I own 17 hair salons and use payanywhere up until two weeks ago when I got the worst service from the operators of payanywhere. When I asked to speak to a supervisor or someone higher than an operator all I got was children laughing and switching my call from one operator to another until I got so pissed off, I hung up and ordered the Square. Now I wish to close my account with payanywhere and nobody wants to handle this problem. If I practice business like pay any where I would be out of business in a couple months. So I whish to jump ship before they steal more money from me and also I don’t deal with people who cant conduct them self in a proper manner. Winning peoples respect by doing good business is how companies and people grow. Even if my typing is awful my RESPECT for my customers is whats makes me a better person.


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