Qualified Rates in Credit Card Processing For Your Business

A depiction of Qualified Rates in Credit Card Processing

What are Qualified Rates?

Qualified rates are the lowest fees that a merchant is charged for processing credit card transactions. These rates are part of a tiered pricing model used by credit card processors. These include mid-qualified and non-qualified rates depending on transaction details.

How are Qualified Rates Determined?

The determination of a qualified rate is based upon the type of credit card presented and how the transaction is processed. Transactions that meet the strictest standards involve a physical credit card and secure processing technology. These transactions benefit from lower rates.

How do Qualified Rates Affect My Business?

Qualified rates directly affect the expense of credit card transaction fees, which impacts overall profitability. By securing the lowest possible qualified rates, your business can minimize the costs associated with each sale made via credit card. This cost efficiency is especially vital in industries where profit margins are tight and the volume of credit card transactions is high. Maintaining awareness of how different transactions are rated can help in financial planning and operational adjustments.

How to Secure Lower Qualified Rates:

To secure lower qualified rates, you should focus on optimizing your transaction processing methods and engaging in effective negotiations with payment processors. Ensuring that payment terminals and software are updated can increase the likelihood of transactions meeting the qualifications for lower rates. Understanding the details of merchant agreements, regularly reviewing transaction reports and fee structures and actively discussing rate options with providers can lead to more favorable terms.


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