Monthly Minimum Fee Definition

Merchant Account Monthly Minimum Fee Explained:

What is a Monthly Minimum Fee? Often referred to as just a “Monthly Minimum,” most merchant account providers charge a Minimum Transaction Fee if the total transaction processing fees for the month do not add up to a minimum amount. The minimum transaction fee varies by provider but usually costs $10-$35.

As an example, if the monthly minimum fee charged by a processor is $15, and a merchant does not charge any transactions in that month, the merchant will be charged a minimum fee of $15 in addition to all other fees for that month (i.e. statement fees, gateway fees, etc). This would also apply if a merchant does not charge enough sales to add up to the monthly minimum fee. In which case, the fee would be rounded up to the monthly minimum fee of $15.

Merchants who regularly process over $1000 per month in credit card transactions are rarely affected by a minimum fee because their transaction fees exceed the monthly minimum fee.

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