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What is an ISO? “ISO” stands for “Independent Sales Organization” and is a formal designation that a company must have in order to sell Visa credit card processing services under its own company name. Visa displays its registered and approved ISOs on the Visa ISO List. In many cases, sales organizations operate as “ISOs” under a Visa-approved ISO in a sales partnership. In these cases the sales organization may have its own company name, but it sells merchant accounts branded under the actual Visa-approved ISO.

Visa-approved ISOs represent an Acquiring Bank, or Processor, or both. ISOs are also allowed to set terms of their own merchant account contracts and mark up processing rates and fees. Although a Processor can also be an ISO, most ISOs are solely sales organizations that act as “middle men” that market point-of-sale solutions (terminals, payment gateways, mobile accessories, etc.) and pair them with acquirers and processors.

MasterCard has a similar designation called an MSP.

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  1. Cayland Boston says:

    I don’t currently have a deal in need of funding but if bringing one (or more) would assist the application process, then I’d be more than glad to.

    I intend to sell lots of loans for an MCA lender. To be able to do so, and choose the right lender to sell for, I have a list of important questions to ask you.
    What’s your ideal business to lend to?
    What is the average business demographic you lend to? (Size, time in business, location, industry.)
    What’s the most important step in the signup process for the lender?
    What’s the initial signup commission?
    What higher commissions are available, and what sales quotas would qualify me for them?
    What are the factor rates, term lengths, fees, and everything else my lendees could possibly ask me about the loans? (Best if there’s a document or packet of this)
    How fast can I start?

    Hope to hear back from you soon and start making some money.

    1. Kurt Hirschler says:

      If you are referring to a common program that is essentially a higher interest loan usually for a small retail business with a track record of consistent monthly volume usually proven by merchant statements going back several months to a year. A loan of say 30 k is advanced then repaid by withholding 50 percent of the monthly volume until the loan is repaid. It’s hard to get a traditional bank loan in many cases. Is that what you are referring to? Merchants would not be allowed by law to open a second account in the store to defer payments by using the second merchant account, it would be considered factoring. It they go under then the lender loses their investment which is why it’s a last resort. Some have poor credit but have good cash reserves. But need money for other purposes. Is that what you mean?

  2. Paul linden says:

    Expect Payment Solutions is a scam, not sure even a real business. Derrick Garvin is dishonest with no morals or integrity. Stay Away!!!

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