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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Next day fund transfer​ Lack of pricing transparency​​.
Low transaction fees (0.4% for debit cards, 0.8% for credit cards)​​. High contract exit fees​​.
Same-day settlement available​​. Hardware costs undisclosed​​.
Accepts multiple payment forms​​. Not PCI compliant​​.
Diverse card machine options​​. Pushy sales reps reported​​.

Company Overview

Retail Merchant Services is a European ISO of Atlanta, Georgia-based merchant account provider Elavon. Founded in 2007, RMS claims to provide retail, mobile, and e-commerce payment processing to over 27,000 merchants in the UK and Ireland. On February 28, 2017, it was announced that Retail Merchant Services had been acquired by capital market company TCV.

Retail Merchant Services Payment Processing

RMS offers payment processing on all major debit and credit cards for most types of businesses. For in-person payments, they offer Ingenico and Verifone card readers in portable, mobile, and countertop options, which include their EPOS terminal. For online payments, they offer e-commerce shops, their own payment gateway, and the ability to pay by email. They also offer integration with major digital wallets and 140+ currencies. They boast a product called SmartBridge for integrating different payment channels (such as online and in-person), and they offer a virtual terminal for payments over phone.

Payment Gateway Services

For businesses with an online presence, Retail Merchant Services offers an online payment gateway. This service handles e-commerce transactions, ensuring that businesses can securely accept and process credit card payments on their websites.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Understanding the growing trend towards mobile transactions, Retail Merchant Services provides mobile payment solutions. This service is designed to enable businesses to accept card payments anywhere, using mobile devices.

Card Terminal Options

The company provides a variety of card terminal options to suit different business requirements. These range from countertop terminals for fixed locations to portable and mobile terminals that offer flexibility for businesses operating outside traditional brick-and-mortar environments.

Integration with Point of Sale Systems

Retail Merchant Services' payment processing solutions can be integrated with a variety of point of sale (POS) systems. This capability ensures seamless coordination of payment information with sales data.

E-commerce Solutions

For businesses that operate online, Retail Merchant Services provides e-commerce solutions that can help streamline the payment processing process. These solutions include online payment gateways, shopping cart integrations, and secure payment processing.

Merchant Cash Advance

Retail Merchant Services offers merchant cash advance services that allow businesses to access cash quickly and easily. This service provides businesses with a lump sum payment in exchange for a percentage of their future credit card sales.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

Retail Merchant Services offers gift and loyalty program solutions that can help businesses attract and retain customers. These programs can be customized to fit the unique needs of any business and can include features such as custom branding, mobile compatibility, and analytics reporting.

Location & Ownership

RMS's headquarters can be found at Matrix House, North Fourth St, Milton Keynes, MK9 1NJ. Kevin O'Keefe is listed as the CEO of Retail Merchant Services.

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Retail Merchant Services payment processing
Retail Merchant Services is a UK payment processor

Retail Merchant Services Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 150+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits No

High Complaint Total

Given the company’s size and time in business, there are a high number of Retail Merchant Services complaints that accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff. In the comment section below this review, we have received more than 160 Retail Merchant Services complaints related to undisclosed fees, higher-than-expected rates, expensive equipment leases, and poor customer service. Almost all of these Retail Merchant Services reviews refer to unexpected fees. Despite this, the company maintains a positive rating of 3.4 out of a possible 5 based on 6,341 reviews on Trust Pilot UK, a consumer reporting website. If you have your own Retail Merchant Services review to make, please do so below.

Other Complaint Details

On UK Business Forum, there are multiple threads devoted solely to discussing client issues with RMS. Most complainants who have received terminals through RMS mention the expensive cancellation and refurbishment fees associated with this equipment.

Retail Merchant Services Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Retail Merchant Services. Dissatisfied business owners who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

Retail Merchant Services Customer Support Options

RMS offers customer support by phone and support form, but reviews indicate that these channels are not especially helpful to merchants.

Retail Merchant Services Customer Service Numbers

  • 44 1224 007774 –  Customer Service UK
  • 35 312 630062 – Customer Service Ireland
  • 01908359190 – Sales

RMS’s performance in this category has not earned it a place among our top-rated merchant accounts for great customer service.

Retail Merchant Services Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Trustpilot Rating 2.9
Average Rating 2.9

Trustpilot Rating Analysis

Retail Merchant Services has an average customer review rating of 2.9 stars on Trustpilot based on 6,407 reviews. Common themes in the reviews include difficulties in contacting customer service, issues with card machines, and challenges in resolving disputes.

Negative Feedback

Trying for 3 months to get through. I wrote a review on here back in September stating I can’t get through to RMS. Here we are, 20th November, and I still can’t get through on either of their numbers. I have even sent them a handwritten letter, but I have had no reply or a call from them. But guess what, the invoices keep coming. Stay well clear. Date of experience: November 20, 2023. – Sia Savadkouhi

RMS customer service is not answering their phone, card machine not working. We have been trying for 2 days to get through. This is affecting a small family-run business. What is going on? Date of experience: November 17, 2023. – Kirsty

Positive Feedback

RMS have provided us a great service with competitive costs and services. Recently, I have dealt with Maija G, and she has been absolutely fantastic. Top-notch customer service. Thank you, Maija. Date of experience: November 16, 2023. – Mr. Calum Searle

Source: Trustpilot

Retail Merchant Services Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Equipment Leasing Yes

Three-Year Contract

According to multiple online reviewers, the standard RMS contract is a three-year agreement through Elavon with automatic renewal for one-year terms, a £180 early termination fee, a £96 terminal refurbishment fee upon cancellation, a variable monthly minimum fee, a PCI Compliance fee of up to £100 per year, and an attached non-cancellable, 36-month terminal lease. Client reviews convey rates of 2.65% + 19p for swiped transactions and 3.5% + 19p for those which are keyed in on top of monthly fees of at least £10. Cancellation of the terminal lease will result in RMS charging a business a Liquidated Damages fee that can total over £1,000.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, Retail Merchant Services also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway services. However, pricing is not disclosed on either of those services. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

Many Contract Complaints

Most public complaints filed against the company are related to unexpected or higher-than-expected fees. The Retail Merchant Service contract terms are not competitive in comparison to budget-friendly merchant account providers, but the fact that they are inconsistently disclosed according to business owners has lowered the company’s score to a “D.” We encourage businesses to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

Retail Merchant Services virtual terminal
Retail Merchant Services offers access to virtual terminals

Retail Merchant Services Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Yes
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Outside Sales Team

Retail Merchant Services appears to market itself primarily through cold calling and independent sales representatives. The use of independent agents is commonly tied to high client complaint rates due to the fact that these agents are usually paid by commission and receive little oversight. RMS appears to be no exception, as there are numerous negative Retail Merchant Services reviews online that describe nondisclosure of contract terms, high-pressure sales tactics, and misleading claims by sales agents. The most common issues for business owners appear to be the company’s early termination fee and terminal rental fee, neither of which is consistently disclosed at the point of signing, according to complaints. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Deceptive Quotes

To its credit, the company does not promote misleading offers in its official materials, and the Retail Merchant Services rates appear clear. If you suspect that there are hidden Retail Merchant Services rates in your contract, you can hold them accountable with a third-party statement audit.

Our Retail Merchant Services Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Retail Merchant Services rates poorly as a credit card processing provider due to complaints of expensive cancellation policies, deceptive sales practices, a high complaint rate, and poor customer service. Business owners who are approached by an RMS representative are encouraged to request and carefully read all documentation before signing and to negotiate out unsavory conditions wherever possible. Businesses are encouraged to compare RMS’s pricing to that offered by top-rated UK merchant account providers.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Retail Merchant Services Treat You?

165 User Reviews

  • Johnson

    I apologise for this but i am having a problem with Kwalitas, Paytek and AIB.

    Kwalitas rep led me to believe that the terminal hire was the only bill that we would receive and i signed for 4 years. The heading of kwalitas contract says “card payment services agreement for the provision of payment terminal, airtime and other services” so you understand it was unclear. Been duped.
    We then started getting the bills from AIB and terminal rental bills from Paytek. At this point, we were pretty confused but running a business and busy so carried on. I did finally investigate what was going on and just flabbergasted that i am dealing with 3 different companies for 1 card terminal and overpaying by 40% versus competitor rates every month and no chance to get out of a ridiculous contract. Can somebody help me.

    • Elizabeth Enriquez

      PLEASE READ THIS it will save you over £1000!!!
      After many threats of over £1000 in exit fees from RMS I posted a negative review on Trustpilot and immediately all fees were cancelled!!!
      Make sure you leave all your contact details on Trustpilot!!!!

      RMS had spent weeks arguing with me and saying there was nothing they can do, there was no one else that I could speak to and I had to pay over £1000 but within minutes of putting up a bad review the CUSTOMER RESOLUTION DEPARTMENT called and wavered all costs and said the Credit Control Team and the RETENTIONS TEAM should have referred me to the CUSTOMER RESOLUTION DEPARTMENT who had the authority to waive all fees and the other departments were misinforming me in telling me there was nothing they could do.


    Hi Guys
    If you are reading this I really hope you haven’t already signed with RMS. If you have not yet signed up, you are the lucky ones. STAY WELL CLEAR FROM THESE GUYS.
    My Story
    A smart looking chap called Jack McIver approached me back in October 2017 with promise of saving £50 a month , cheap rates etc.
    I had been duped in the past and was very careful of not to deal with a dodgy company. As a small business owner, you are always on the go and under pressure to survive and you do not want any more complications.
    But every penny counts and if a company was saving me £50 per month, I wanted to know.
    So I start my research on RMS. Now the trustpilot website comes into picture.
    More than 4000 reviews averaging 4.2 for RMS. A lot of “Postive” reviews. ( I do not use or believe in TRUSTPILOT any more).
    The RMS REP gave me the information with reduced rental and rates by email.
    I knew that I was going to deal with another company for banking side of things. He mentioned Elavon. I specifically mentioned not to deal with them as I did not know the company and requested to deal with Global Payments.
    Of cousre at this stage he was ready to give his arm and a leg as he wanted the contract signed so he agreed to make sure we deal with Global Payments, a known company to me.
    The conract was signed on 7th Nov 2017. Following week I start recieving emails from RMS and Elavon. At this stage application had gone through and so decided to give Elavon a try.
    I started my research on Elavon. At the time they had 22 ONE star reviews. Not a single postive review.
    Thats when I realised that something is definitely wrong here. I started googling for RMS reviews and cam accross this website. I was gutted. I could not believe that I fell for these guys.
    On the grounds of mis selling the product, I decided to cancel the contract with RMS on 23rd of November 2017. The card machine had just arrived. I did not open the box and sent it straight back on 30th November 2017 without a single transactiontaking place. I seperately cancelled with Elavon(Which surprisingly went smoothly).
    In the first week of December 2017, I recieve an invoice for £1200 including VAT.
    I inquire what that was all about to RMS. They said its the membership fee you signed up for
    I could not believe it. Its the first time I hear about “Membership Fee”. Apparently it costs £35 a month. ( I still do not know how they came up with the figure of £1200). I would have never signed up had I known about this charge as what RMS were offering was NOT cheaper but MORE expensive than what I was paying to my current provider.
    I start comminicating with their office via Email. Instead of undrstanding the issue the customer has, all they are interested in is the money.
    In 2018 I had various letters from their solicitors and Debt Recovery agencies whom I dealt with all the info at hand. The last I heard from them was August 2018. Until…..Now.
    I really thought it was all over till I recieve a phone call from Shire recoveries on 15th November 2019. I refuse to talk to them but they kept calling me until I blocked their number(4 times in 3 minutes).
    On saturday 16th Of November i recieve a letter from SHire Recoveries. This time the invoice is for £1600 odd. ( Can any one tell me how to grow a money tree)
    Now I am going back to all the conversation with RMS REP Jack McIver, RMS Retentions team and their solicitors to collect all the evidence.
    While doing this,I come accross an email with the RMS contract. This contract is different to the one I signed manually. And to my horror had my FORGED signature on it. This contract had all the information on membership fee, exoberent cancellation charges etc. I had NEVER seen this contract nor would have signed it.
    Now I am at a stage where I am dealing with this Debt Recovery Company.
    Any thoughts, any advice is welcome.
    These guys really need to be reported to Finacial Conduct Authority or whichever body can deal with them
    I guess I will need to get in touch with Trading standards as well.
    Please message if anymore information required.
    Raj 19 11 2019

    • Boaty McBoat Face

      Hi Rajan. I’ve previously posted on this sight. Don’t let these people antagonise you – they’re simply bullies! Stick to you guns and work on the basis that the contract was mis-sold to you. Tell them that if they persist you will contact both Milton Keynes Trading Standards and your own local Trading Standards. Also advise them that if they issue Court proceedings you will enter a counterclaim for all the time you’ve spent on the matter. I note Wayne Garnett’s recent comments in that they failed to attend the Court – says it all really. Good luck.

    • Elizabeth Enriquez

      PLEASE READ THIS it will save you over £1000!!!
      After many threats of over £1000 in exit fees from RMS I posted a negative review on Trustpilot and immediately all fees were cancelled!!!
      Make sure you leave all your contact details on Trustpilot!!!!

      RMS had spent weeks arguing with me and saying there was nothing they can do, there was no one else that I could speak to and I had to pay over £1000 but within minutes of putting up a bad review the CUSTOMER RESOLUTION DEPARTMENT called and wavered all costs and said the Credit Control Team and the RETENTIONS TEAM should have referred me to the CUSTOMER RESOLUTION DEPARTMENT who had the authority to waive all fees and the other departments were misinforming me in telling me there was nothing they could do.

  • Wayne Garnett

    Having seen so much anecdotal evidence of RMS mis-selling I was determined to tell my story. Having been quoted clear rates the actual rates were not charged as quoted . Furthermore a host of communication issues and 2 significant interruptions to service to my business made me walk away after 5 months of my 36 month contract. They sent me a £2300 Court claim and I was livid. At the 11th hour they drop the case 14 days before my day in court. Because I made a counterclaim for £1450 I opted to continue to my court date. Many previous victims of RMS had clearly caved in by the fear of a court hearing and even paid them some of their filthy cancellation charges. Yesterday 18/11 I had my day in court , RMS did not attend and the Judge found in my favour and awarded me over £600. Highly recommend any other businesses taking RMS to court if you consider their poor service has cost you money.

  • jake fitch

    we had a rep call round , despite when they rang we said we wasn’t interested, they came anyway, credit where its due, the rep was sure he could save us money, £15 a month instaed of £28, plus the percentage was less, plus they would buy us out of our existing contract! so it actually seems like a better deal, we signed up and low and behold they cant buy you out of an existing contract at all, so we are now paying for 2 card machines, they have mis-sold there contract and now want around £2000 to cancel, these are total crooks, the customer service is terrible, I am constantly loosing time trying to contact these, and then you don’t get anyone who can give you any answers or actually assist you, we are now using our old machine again and still in dispute, i cant stress enough to people to not deal with this company!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • jacqueline handley

    Absolute disgraceful company. Do not sign up with them. I signed up with them November 2018 – the card machine has never worked properly. We’ve had new battery sent, troubleshooting done and it still freezes at least 5 times a day. Now, April 2019, they’ve decided we need a new machine as this one is broken – unfortunately they can get it to us for 7 days….so it’s just tough luck that our machine doesn’t work meanwhile.
    Be warned – stay away from this lot – they are useless.

    This post will help: Best EMV Terminals for Purchase


  • Ann

    Worst company i have EVER deal with. Nothing but problem after problem.

    Every system update causes more issues. Terminal not connecting (be it via phone, Ethernet or WiFi). Terminal switching currencies. Took me 3 phone calls to get my company information right on the receipts. Billing for the month prior to being supplied with the terminal. I have had to turn more customers away at the counter as I couldn’t take payment from them.

    Tried cancelling my contract because as far as I’m concerned they are not fulfilling their side of the bargain. They want to charge me cancellation charges for their “lack of service” as not all available options have been exhausted.

    AVOID AVOID AVOID like the plague.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

    – Phillip

  • John Duignan

    cancelled my service with them today after being with them for years they let me down numerous times with faulty equipment, when I rang to complain they black mailed me with early cancelation fee‘s and their suggestion was get a better machine by signing up for a further 12 months as this was an old model prone to problems, I refused so they sent me a replacement handset (a used one) needless to say this was a disaster, and this by the way was NOT the first replacement machine I received, they have no respect for customers and god help you if you have to call customer care as I was on to them for over 2 hours one day and if a call drops they will never return a call, completely un satisfied. 0 stars it should be

    From The Editor
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  • Anil Shah

    Please do not ever use this company for creditcard merchants as they are totally rubbish,the machine failed to work and all they could say it`s your telephone line and asked me to change the telephone line connection lead which i did and still didn`t work hence i decided to move to another company and received a hugh bill for coming out of contract. My advice to steer far away from this company.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Boaty McBoat Face

    Fortunately I’m one of the lucky ones who managed to get out of my contract early on however I still read the reviews and horror stories and can’t believe that this company continues to treat people like this. From my own research I’m not aware of a single case where RMS have taken a customer to court so treat any threat with the contempt it deserves – they are simply bullies. Stick to your guns and work on the basis that the contract was mis-sold to you. Don’t attempt to speak to anyone at RMS by telephone and don’t bother with emails. Demand that all correspondence is in writing and make sure you send letters to them by Recorded Delivery. Copy in all correspondence to the actual card provider, in my case Elavon, and also copy in your local Trading Standards office and Milton Keynes Trading Standards.
    The effort is worth it – believe me.
    Good luck.

    From The Editor
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  • ian flannery

    After leaving retail merchant services I then received an invoice for over a £1000 . I was miss sold this card by their sales rep who said this was the best deal for me even though I close the shop for 6 months a year and then still had to pay huge monthly fees for a card that was not being used.Fees are around £71 a month
    I now have a paypal card which is perfect for my business pay and go with no rip off fees

  • paul kaye

    I got lied to from the start by their rep Phil Pounder. I thought he was just a bad apple as other companies in the area have also mentioned about how they had been slightly misinformed about certain details (putting it mildly) but reading a lot of the reviews on this & different review sites, it is every rep who seems to come out with the same blatant lies! The word needs spreading about this disgraceful company, so no other small business has to go through this ordeal.

      • Bob

        Hi Amy. I was in a similar situation to you in that I hadn’t used my terminal and was still with my existing supplier. I wrote to RMS and Elavon stating that the contract had been mis-sold to me and the contract was therefore null and void. I pointed out that there were a number of similar complaints regarding their conduct and as such I would be copying in my local Trading Standards office in addition to the Trading Standards office in Milton Keynes. Make sure you cancel any direct debit instructions with RMS and Elavon – keep an eye on your bank account as they may try to re-instate the direct debit mandate. I also gave them 14 days to collect the terminal else I would return myself with an associated invoice for my time / postage costs – they duly collected the terminal. Make sure you only correspond with them by recorded delivery letters – don’t waste your time speaking to them by phone or email. The important thing is to not get too stressed by the situation – they know they’re in the wrong and I’m not aware of them taking anyone to Court. Good luck.

    • Anne Foreman

      We have recently dealt with the same Phillip Pounder while working for another company, CutPay Merchant Services but with the same deceptive sales techniques as you have described. We’ve only just learned the extent of his deception and are now considering our options as they have a ‘signed’ contract that he duped us into signing under false pretences and lying about what we were signing. Getting in touch with citizens advice tomorrow as not sure where to start. So upset with the whole affair. Any advice on moving forward with cancellation etc would be appreciated. Thank you

  • Narciso

    Full of miseries with these people, nobody seems competent to apply at least a standard customer service, took more than a month for a cancellation to be done and that is not until i called again, Deliveries are worst, you will have to waste your full day waiting for their preferred delivery company DPD, you lost a day and the card machine doesn’t arrived, you called them back again and I had lose my senses with these people. This is THE BIGGEST MISTAKE I HAD DONE IN MY LIFE – to signed up with Retail Merchant Services. Lost a great deal amount of resources. Be warned with this company.


    We are moving away finally from this horrible card payment company. Always making excuses and sorry. DO NOT use their service if you do not want to carry the burden. Machine replacement takes time and wouldn’t give you at least a time in the morning or afternoon to wait, you will lose a day for waiting and after that, after you waited, the machine will not arrive and then you have to wait again. I will not even give a one start review. The customer service staff was a liar saying she was on training but the manager actually was saying different. We had been with them for the first three years and it was an agony. There’s no words we could express how Retail Merchant Service messes our business.

  • Ian White

    bad bad bad avoid at all costs ive been before with them for 4years and they have charged me a £35+vat membership charge (nice little earner) I’m out now and not paying there £180 loyalty charge either

  • Susanne

    I have read all the new reviews & feel empathy for you all this company should not be allowed to trade at all with the way they are conducting themselves they are fraudulent con men. This company put my business & myself through a very exhausting time & there was only one person from the company that helped me to sort out the issues & lies I had been told. I did contact Trading Standards in my own area but of no interest to them but Trading Standards Milton Keynes did take an interest but I had sorted it out by then but they were helpful & indeed interested in this companies inappropriate & underhand dealings. I had a phone call from this company about 5 days ago asking me if I would like a new account opened DUH never I did ask the caller to take all my details from their data base & not to contact myself again WHAT a pure cheek calling me & trying to sell me something after putting me through 6months of pure hell all down to a greedy sales rep. They should be banned from cold calling anyone & fraudulently selling any contract it is miss-selling a product.

    • Toni Horsfield

      We are just starting our hell, we were missold a contract by a cold calling rep who promised we were on a 1 year contract………but no apparently we are tied in for three years!!! Now they want to take us to court for refusing to pay the cancellation fee because we don’t want to deal with this crook company anymore!!

  • Nick

    Only now finding out about tese hidden exit fees. Have just come to the end of a 3 year contract with RMS and have changed to another provider. So today I contact RMS to cancel the contract and they tell me I have to give them 30 days notice and I have to pay £180+VAT “membersip fee” as I didn’t give them 30 days written notice prior to the contract ending? Why do I have to pay them any fees when my contract has expired?
    I am not planning to pay them another penny and will be cancelling my DD with them. Has anyone else successfully not paid them this £180+VAT after the contract has ended please? How can they get awasy with that?

  • Mark

    I rang and advised the RMS that the partnership is was in had come a difficult end and the other partner wished to carry on nothing was said to me about putting in writing so I though all was ok, over a year later I get a phone saying my case was going to court that day !
    they had been sending the demand letters to the old address and the old partner had been throwing them away as my name was on the demand trying to get my in deeper trouble .
    I tried to get me to pay over £700 but i got it down to £350 which i cannot afford ,after a long conversation
    Is there anything I can do or they will just keep doing this , there must someone who regulates these people, the rep told a complete pack of lies re cancellation fees…

  • Jon Parry

    Avoid this company at all costs as they are full of hidden costs and small print.
    Chad Cooney signed me up with all the patter and promises you would expect. After having time to look over the figures I tried to cancel within the cooling off time he said only to be told it went instantly live on signing and that it was not a 12 month but 36 month contact.
    Stuck paying for something I do not want and have never used I rang RMS and spoke to James Marshal who listened to what I had to say then told me there is a cancellation fee plus I am having to pay the fees for the entire term of contract.
    Please save yourself the stress and costs involved and avoid this company


    Seems these reps do the rounds, i got tied in to all sorts , decided this year enough was enough, i found a replacement company, first data, they have been great from day one,
    The same CAN NOT be said for RMS

    When i emailed them 12 times stating that i no longer require their services, they ignored each email but continued to call / harass me every day, even though i stated in the email i will not speak to them on the phone as conversations arent recorded.

    I sent the terminal back by recorded post and within 10 days i had a really rude and unprofessional letter in the post demanding
    £580.00+vat…jog on RMS!

    Someone did catch me off guard but asked me to email her personally with my list of issues and reasons why i think i should leave RMS without fee,

    Ill copy and paste my email at the end.
    I did email her, had no response, i also send a first class signed for letter to RMS, again no form of contact has been made atall.

    Its all one big con for the reps. all they are interested in is reeling off any old rubbish to make it sound appealing, they workl on commission only so will say anything to get a sale! Its really poor practice.

    Anyway, today i received a call from elevon, i had previously emailed them to keep them in the loop with the situation and inform them that i would no longer be requiring their services as i was getting rid of RMS, they told me i would need a to pay the minimum monthly fee for the remainder of the term, i refused this and sent them a copy of the email which i sent to RMS bullet pointing the main problems i have had, they called today and told me my account was closed with no fees to pay. Just goes to show that even they know what RMS are trying to do is wrong.

    This is the email / letter i am awaiting a response to:

    Hi Blaire,

    Ill just bullet point the issues and problems ive had , easier than going on to a lengthy email

    Signed up with RMS 1/12/16 for what i was told was 12 months, Machine wasn’t received until 2nd week of Jan,even then i had to ring up and email to ask where it was, even though i had been told i would have received it by 12/12/16. This information was given to me by Danielle Mosley whom i tried to contact in excess of 10 times, each time i failed.
    When the Machine did turn up i wasn’t aware it was plug and play , i wasn’t up and running until 10/1/16. By this point i had asked to cancel the contract but was told no.
    Danielle Mosley told me that i would be entering into a 12 month contract and she would ensure this was done for me..
    Danielle did not once inform me of any cancellation fees or show/send me any paperwork or “contracts” or did she explain ALL of the hidden charges i had to sign an iPad once whilst she was here, was not offered to read anything whilst the rep was there at any point.
    I did not sign and agree to a 36 month contract or your cancellation charges or the other hidden fees which are hidden
    i did not have Elevon mentioned to me at any point during the meeting
    Never would i have entered into a 36 month contract with anyone for anything so i can guarantee you that i have not seen or signed any such document,
    I received a bill from RMS and was initially charged for December 16 even though i had no terminal to use.
    26/1/16 Elevon called to say i was not set up correctly for mail order business, seems Danielle hadn’t listen to a word id said when signing me up she just wanted the commission as she initially had me down as just face to face payments, i could not have been clearer when telling her i was a mail order based company. I was confused as to who Elevon were, i’d never heard of the company !
    Danielle told me i would have any card payments taken in my bank the same day and that this service was free of charge, she did not set up my account for this. When i questioned it i was told i would have to pay for that feature through elevon.
    3/3/17 i told RMS i felt i had no option but to leave. This outlines that problems have been there from day one.
    Often i find myself forwarding the same message a number of times, more often than not i was not getting a response and then had to resort to a phone call which i hated do as it is hard to prove what conversation took place. Proof of all emails can be provided.
    10/4/17 i asked for the terminal to be collected as there was still misunderstandings with the bills and sent a lengthy email stating why i feel i should leave as i had been mislead.
    24/4/17 again i asked to cancel my account as Elevon wouldn’t release my money for over 7 days
    24/4/17 was told that i could cancel with 30 days and: “As per the terms and conditions of your Retail Merchant Services Membership agreement the cancellation fee is the remaining months membership of your 36 month term, plus a standard cancellation fee of £100 and a terminal refurbishment fee of £80.00 all plus VAT. This was all news to me.

    06/07/17 Yet another surprise fee…Receive a letter informing me i am being billed for PCI compliance, Danielle did tell me this was another item included in my fees (£9.95 a month), not once did she mention i would have to pay for it
    Emailed 6/12/17 stating i no longer wish to pay RMS for any services or use the equipment and that i would like my contract cancelled, i sent 12 emails with no response
    in a nutshell this “contract “was completely misold to me and breached, there were various hidden charges along the way and it seems im not the only victim. I struggle to believe that Danielle Mosley is capable of speaking one word of truth. Im happy to have a meeting with her if she would like to dispute any of this, however I suspect she has now left the company.

    The way i see it and an also citizens advice and trading standards see it is that this isn’t in line with the “Supply of goods and services act 1982”

    There is probably more which i have missed out these are just the ones that i remember, i am happy to send the 50+ emails of correspondence i have with RMS over to you but thats time consuming for both of us.

    In a nutshell i have definitely been misold the service , i was mislead by Danielle Mosley who clearly only had one thing on her mind…commission,i was NOT shown any paper work nor was any forwarded on at any point, all i received was bills. She lied through her teeth to get commission, i do wonder how many other unfortunate companies have fallen victim to RMS.
    I will not be bullied into paying the fees requested, very rudely made i add,

    Please respond to this email confirming that the case is now closed, i do belive there will be no need for further investigation. Unless of course RMS thinks otherwise, i will be happy to post all forms of evidence iv’e put together,

    I really do wish that i didn’t have the misfortune of encountering Danielle Mosley & RMS, They certainly made running a business a lot more difficult than i ever anticipated.

  • Clare graham

    I too have been conned into a terminal. A very “nice” salesman came round at the beginning of last year offering me a card reading machine. All I had to pay was £9.95 per month. And a small percentage of each transaction would be taken. Not once was a contract ever spoken about. Not cancellation fees.
    Have had to return 3 terminals in a year as they have all died when they update their software.
    So today I have rung rms to return my terminal to them. Just been told I would have to pay £638 as I am tied into a 36 month contract with them. I told the lady that the salesman never told me about a contract and I have been misled. She told me all card companies tie you into contracts. Had to explain to her that no they do not as she was not telling the truth. So she asked me how I wished to proceed. As a token of “goodwill” she would waver the last bill. Oh how very kind.
    She asked me why I had signed a contract and I said the only document I signed as to agree to £9.95 a month. No 36 month contract. I am absolutely fuming. Feel like cancelling my direct debit with them and shoving their terminal up their …,,,

  • Brian stoneman

    I was visited by a salesman in May 2017 and he said that the cost would be much lower than my current terminal supplier.i agreed to the terminal and signed the contract. Two months later still no word of the terminal so I emailed the salesman who said he would be coming to install the terminal soon.Early August he came and tried to install the terminal but the address print out on the paper was incorrect .he said he would contact his office and return the following week.By this time a second terminal had been delivered which was not requested. Two days later before he returned and before the Shop terminal was installed I received two invoices for two contracts dating back to May. I contacted the salesman and he said he would look into it but never did and never returned to fix the terminal. I eventually said please cancel the contract and collect your terminals ,I received an email saying they wanted to return the money they had taken for the time I was without a terminal but still nothing.i also asked them twice to come and collect there terminals. Now they are billing me for 1100 pounds for contract termination and threatening to charge me 500 pounds for the unreturned terminals .the service they supplied was never in operation and was never working so why am I being billed for something that never worked .Every time I call I just get passed onto different people who do not seem to be communicating with each other. I have several emails backing up my story but still nobody seems to read them. I received a letter on Nov 11 saying that if I did not return the two terminals I would be getting billed 500 pounds for each one ,I have requested them to take the terminals back twice ,one reply emai dated August 29 to Steve ,but still they say I have not responded.

  • Ian Evans

    Just want to add to this page my negative view of this shameful company thats rep lied and cheated and even signed the forms in our name . Its taken a year and trading standards but the nightmare i hope is now over .

    You can beg , plead , threaten this lot don’t care they are just after ripping you off .
    Everything the rep ( Martin Cruse) said was lies , all contract terms and fee’s were completely different to what we were sold .


  • Lyndon

    I had a machine for 4 years and informand the company that I no longer required it,they told me to give a 30 day notice in writing so I did,then had a letter informing me I owed £180 + vat cancellation fee,I said the contract was only a year long then I found out that I was being fined £17 a month,absolutely disgusting company

  • Mark

    I had a rep from RMS come to me yesterday
    and gave me all reasons why i should change companies from payment sense , cheaper rates, better card machine etc….
    He also said that i could have just a 1 year contact instead of the standard 3 year contract. when he showed me the contract it clearly stated 36 months. This i queered and was told he would just scrub out the 36 months and make it show 12 months and that his boss had authorized this term of contract reduction.
    I have not signed anything as yet, he is due to return tomorrow, should I show him the door.?
    Any advice would be much appreciated .


    • Gary

      Don’t sign, I was told it was a 12 month contract etc but it was a 36 month one. Along with many other lies. Have you seen the cancellation charges etc at the end of the contract? I wouldn’t touch this outfit with a barge pole

    • Stuart

      Don’t believe a word the rep has said! Has he told you about RMS’s compulsory “membership” fee? Did he tell you about the 11p per transaction fee which is on top of the percentage fee? Has he told you about the cancellation fee?
      My advice is to steer well clear – there are much better deals out there.
      Could you provide the name of the rep?

    • Nas

      I am having a lot of probelms with this company RMS i was told the same it will be a 12 months contract when I went to cancel I was told it was 36 months.
      All lies and deceit mate stay well clear.

  • Peter

    we were once a customer of RETAIL MERCHANT SERVICES we cancelled it over two years ago in writing, Email and fax only to find that that had reinstated the direct debit and started taken payments again every three months by simply changing the last number on our previous merchant number when i spoke to them yesterday they said that they had not received our letter of cancellation and they do not except email or fax as way termination when i said they had not informed me of this they said that they emailed me to which i replied i to do not except emails all direct debits have been cancelled again we shall see what happens we are now in the process of trying to get a refund as they do not do anything they say when they sign you up they are nothing short of a bunch of thieving robbing bastards and would not know the truth if it bit them on the arse so if any one out there is thinking of going with this company need to seek profesional help fast and try any other card provider now going to send a letter to the CEO OF THIS company

  • Karen

    Today I cancelled my RMS membership after waiting for 3 years for the contract to be up as a result of appalling customer service, which resulted earlier this year in nearly 5 hours on the phone trying to get a terminal fixed, today I was told I would have to pay €180 plus VAT termination fee, even though my contract was up. I was never informed of this when the sales rep was setting this up for me and the limited documentation i have this is misleading in relation to this. As a micro business working in the craft sector this is a huge amount of costs. I now have a new payment system through my bank so fingers crossed. Avoid this company.

  • Gary

    This is terrible company that copied and pasted my signature to documents that I had not seen, I could write far more about why to stay well clear of them but at this stage I am pursuing legal paths.

    • Stuart Holman

      Hi Gary. I’m a recent “victim” of RMS and am in the same situation with “copied & pasted” signatures – I never even saw the contract with RMS’s details and in particular details of their “membership” fee!
      I wrote to their CEO and copied Elavon into the correspondence and basically told them that the contract was “null and void” as it had been miss-sold to me.
      RMS have come back denying my allegations but as a goodwill measure will waive the next membership fee and have also agreed to re-negotiate Elavon’s fees (I was never told about the 11p standing charge on most transactions). Failing that they want £700+ to terminate the contract!
      From the feedback on this forum it doesn’t appear that RMS have taken anyone all the way to Court so I’m not overly worried about their threats – albeit with my current luck I’ll no doubt be the first!!
      Fortunately I didn’t cancel my existing contract with Worldpay so I’m still using them (albeit they appear just as bad having sat on my money for 5 days due to a technical hitch – allegedly!).
      What’s your situation?

  • PaulaB

    I signed the contract on 2nd Aug 17. The machine was installed on 29th Aug. I have just received the first invoice. Charges are completely different to what I was sold and there are of course the hidden charges. I have emailed the rep and asked to terminate my contract immediately as we have been mis-sold. I am waiting for a response. What do you advise? Thank you.

    • Stu

      Hi. I’m in the same boat as a recent “victim”!
      I wouldn’t bother contacting the rep – go straight to the CEO of RMS and copy Elavon in to the correspondence. Don’t bother speaking to them on the phone or by email – do it the old fashioned way via letter and tell them you’ll only correspond in this way. Are you using the card machine yet? Fortunately they still haven’t set mine up and I never cancelled my existing supplier, Worlpay, so am still using them.
      I wrote to RMS approx 4 weeks ago but they haven’t even the courtesy to reply – the letter was sent to the CEO via recorded delivery which has been delivered. Elavon have replied to say “they’re investigating”.
      I’ll update the site when I hear from them.

        • PaulaB

          Just an update: Trading standards got in touch and I completed a form explaining what they had done. They said they were taking individual cases to RMS so I await anything further. I also sent a letter to the CEO at RMS. RMS phoned yesterday to say they would collect the card machine and cancel the contract but there will be a charge. She didn’t say how much. They took £42 out of our account last week but no invoice provided. She talked me through the charges yesterday. I have asked again for a copy of the invoice and a copy of the contract which I have never seen. I am still waiting. Shall I keep trading standards informed? My next action is the write to them to dispute the £42. £15 of this was for rolls for the machine which is being returned. So I want a credit for that. The next will be disputing the cancellation charge. In my view they are in breach of contract as they didn’t tell me about some of the fees. Any advice? Thanks

          • Stu

            I’ve finally received a response from RMS – in fact 2 letters a day apart. The first letter basically said they disputed my allegations but would give me a 3 month credit on the membership fee and would also be prepared to re-negotiate my fee structure! No figures were mentioned though. The next day I received another letter saying the contract is cancelled, that they’ll arrange collection of the card machine and that they require £700+ cancellation fee (and that this will be pursued most vigorously!). Talk about the right hand not knowing what the left is doing! Elavon have also written to me stating no wrong doing on their part but as a goodwill gesture will cancel the contract with no penalty.
            Suppose it’s just a case of seeing how far RMS will push it. Previous comments on this thread suggest no one’s been sued in court by them.
            Make sure you cancel the Direct Debit instructions with your bank and as I mentioned before try and do everything in writing so that you’ve got proof of what’s discussed and agreed.

            • PaulaB

              Thanks Stu. Let me know what you do with regard to the cancellation fee. I have told them I won’t be paying as I believe them to be in breach of contract. I have cancelled the DD and asked my colleague to put a block on them. I did send my letter to trading standards too but heard nothing further. I’ll update you as I hear more.

            • PaulaB

              Update: I sent their machine back to them, I sent them a letter stating I would be closing my account due to them being in breach of contract – not honouring quoted prices and hidden charges. I stated that as they were in breach of contract I would not be paying any cancellation charges.

              I have received a letter from RMS confirming that my membership is cancelled and the charge is £0.00. So as far as I am concerned that is that – I am happy with the outcome. Hope this helps some of you.

  • Susanne

    Please stay positive all of you I have been dealing with the same as yourselves for months I have now had confirmation from both RMS & Elavon & they have cancelled my contracts ( I did get it in writing ) which I did not actually sign up for as the rep told many lies !!! The item was totally missold by a very deceitful young man who didnt care about any consequences. I dealt with RMS & Elavon by myself which was a very tedious & a very unprofessional experience but did report both companies to Trading Standards in Milton Keynes & my local TS also which they were not interested even though the rep was local where as Milton Keynes did recontact myself & asked for full review, they also sent me an update on their dealings with RMS. Please stand your ground & if you feel you have been missold stick to your guns & dont let the bully boy tactics get you down. Good Luck

    • Susanne

      Gary yes they need to be brought to justice they put me through hell & obviously thousands of others which is appalling & their independent reps are disgusting fraudulent reprobates. Good luck hope you get them but don’t forget Elavon play a massive part & they are a larger comany who think they can do as they wish, they are just as unprofessional & threatening.

    • Sally Cleall

      Hey Gary good to hear your contract was cancelled, mine was too last year but after lots of stress and mainly letters to trading standards. I agree these sharks must be stopped, Apparently they said to trading stafndards that they were reviewing their contracts to make them more transparent from now on, but looking again at this forum it seems they are still continuing to blackmail and con honest small businesses.
      The best advice I would give anyone is not to pay them a penny and cancel your direct debits and contact trading standards in Milton Keynes.

  • Stu

    Just “signed up” with Elavon via RMS. Funny how the “rep” conveniently failed to mention he actually worked for RMS – he told me he worked for Elavon. No mention of “RMS Membership fees”. I’m still waiting for the machine to be connected yet RMS have already invoiced me £91.02. Having now read these reviews I’m tempted to cancel the contract and return the machine. Just out of curiosity, has anyone actually been taken to Court yet by RMS?

  • Terry

    I am yet another victim of this awful company. I too gave an electronic signature which has been copied onto a very long document and when I emailed RMS to advise I no longer wished to continue with my application (before I’d actually been accepted) they rang to tell me there was no cooling off period and are now informing me I owe £618 in cancellation fees if I want to cancel my ‘membership’ I had no knowledge of any membership or cancellation fees as neither were mentioned by the rep at the time. I am a sole trader with a tiny shop in Bristol and only trading since November – any advice would be appreciated.

  • Gordon Richards

    I to are having all the same problems as all of the above but has anyone been taken to court as I’m due to pay them £216 for leaving them even with my contract as expired they are now saying I’ve got a rolling contract I have never used them for anything need some advice as of what to do.

  • Kirstie David

    I switched from Streamline to RMS 3 years ago. I was never told about the quarterly membership fee by the VERY pushy salesman. I have just sold my business so no longer need a card machine. I was told to give 30 days notice, which I did & have now received an invoice for a cancellation fee of £511.20. I’m absolutely gutted!!

  • dinah Ward

    Last September 2016 I was offered a better deal and advised RMS I was moving providers. The letter was a standard one given to me by the new provider. We have 2 machines for 2 businesses. Both were cancelled or so I thought. In January 2017 they contacted me as they hadnt been able to take the rental. Told them I had given them notice. They said they needed a years notice and there was £180 to pay. I packed up the terminals and returned them to them and heard no more until June when they tried to take the 6 monthly fee. I havent paid them anything and have had threats of bailiffs,court proceedings but I would like to know if they have ever made a successful prosecution. Legalised robbers.

    • Susanne

      Hi Dinah I don’t know if they have ever made any prosecutions or if they are all full of empty threats & just like to make themselves sound like big hard men. I would check your full contract & your get out clauses. Contact the retentions department at RMS & see if they can explain the costings they have sent. Resend copy of the cancellation letter from January 2017 & see if they will back date it, if you havent been using terminals from Jan to June they must have noticed there has been no transactions. Good luck

  • Ali

    After 3 years of hassles with RMS mainly billing and customer service, we got them to refund all charges and Elavon charges which they paid. £about £450. Stupidly they convinced me to stay under a new business. Same problems. However the ONLY way you can get them to do anything is DRIVE to Milton Keynes walk in and SAY your peice, belive me I was NOT polite. They wer eon ackfoot and crapped themselves. All ok now, as I invoiced them for mey time and hassles. A phone systme which ALWAY report Higher than usual call volume, crayz people!….

  • Nikos

    Do not touch this company . Waist of time . I have a new card machine from them and its not been installed when they said they will 26th of may and now my old machine is been cancelled and im loosing business because of the poor service .
    Do not touch this company never return my call when they say they will . Now im with out machine and loosing business .
    Do not touch this company
    Go else where do not touch this company.
    Be aware of the sale manager . they charge you for things like £15.00 rolls for the machine when i havent order any . Charged me 10 pounds installation fee and the machine still in the box and im loosing business because of the poor service . Also member ship £77.70 with out actually telling you before you sign the contract . Miss leading you of any charges .
    And i have aske them before singing the contract if is going to be any hidden charges . they never mention member ship fees and rolls for the machine .

  • Toni Horsfield

    Oh wow….well my business partner and I are just looking into RMS and Elavon at the moment as we are having such problems! I am happy (but shocked) to see that we are not the only ones having problems and have read through several of the reviews on here.
    We had a visit from a rep in November 2016 with a lot of sales talk about how we could save money if we go with RMS. We knew we were still under contract with our old company but we were told that was fine, that they would cancel that for us and pay any cancellation fee. We too signed ‘the ipad’ and unfortunately have never seen the contract!
    We found out in March that the old company had not been notified of the cancellation and we were now in arrears with them. We were told that we are the only ones who can actively cancel our contract not RMS. (so they lied)
    I have tried several times to get in touch with Tim (our sales rep) but when I do get hold of him he is always ‘in his car and can’t talk! and will call me back’ but then doesn’t. I have spoken to customer services but they have been useless. They were supposed to get Tim to call us but didn’t….they were supposed to send us a copy of the contract that we apparently signed saying we are in contract for 3 years (when we were told we could get out of it after 1 year) but we have not had that contract!.
    We finally got in touch with RMS and got them to agree to a £200 CREDIT to go towards our cancellation fee but that still leaves us with £195 to find (should have been so much more but I managed to sort that out with our old company who released us from contracts with no fee).
    I am in touch with Financial Ombudsman now trying to sort this mess out! They got in touch with Elevon who then got in touch with us saying we can get out of the contract with them after a year and that it is RMS who are in the wrong but that RMS are not regulated so she doubted we could do anything through Financial Omudsman. So………..where next!
    We are a very small company, we don’t have the money to have to pay fraudsters to get out of contracts we didn’t know we were in!

    • Susanne

      Toni I really cannot believe these reps can get away with doing this to small businesses it is so shameful, its as if they don’t realise there is consequences to their lies & its small business owners like ourselves that have to deal with the issues afterwards. The reps don’t seem to be interested all they seem to care about is the commission & they will do anything & say anything to get their rewards. I have been dealing with a lady from RMS who has so far been very professional, unlike the rest of her colleagues but Elavon has been very difficult to even get through to. Good luck

  • Susanne Brown

    Cold called then visited by sales rep Richard who proceeded to tell blatant lies regarding contract totally mis-sold contract I Asked for T&C fobbed off he pestered me for 18 days via text, email & telephone telling me how great this service would benefit my business, lies lies & more lies he forged signature date, he told me it was a rolling contract on monthly basis, he offered vouchers of £75 for Love to Shop, which now have been withdrawn, he said money would be deposited same day as transactions at no point did he ever mention Elavon, I asked about any cancellation fees he said none but it would be in T&C which I still havent received, they were meant to install machine on 4th May didnt turn up, machine still in box waiting on uplift. I have now made it clear I am rejecting any contract with RMS & Elavon I have reported to Trading Standards & Retail Ombudsman & I will do anything in my power not to allow this company or Richard to rip off any other small business. I have been given an invoice for nearly £1000 & the machine has never actually been installed I have been going through this for 10wks & Jack from RMS told me that court action will be taken & I am going to have a fight on my hands. Great customer service 3 & half hours to get through to a rude intimitading agent who should hang their head in shame. Please share to all businesses not to touch this fraudulent company. I have lost 1st in worry & many sleepless nights & I do not want anyone else to experience this stress.

    • Paula Carroll

      Susan Brown

      The same thing happened to me a year ago and the salesman was Nick Kenny. Again no contract for 16 days, everything incorrect, high pressure sales techniques etc. I too reported them to trading standards via the cab and only now one year on is my case being investigated.

      Please keep hold of all correspondence and dates, the Trading Standards will get around to you. Best wishes


      • Susanne

        Hi Paula thank you its a total nightmare if I carried on like this they would shut my business down, Richard Burns who came to myself is a local rep to us & totally mis-sold item. Hope yours is all settled soon too good luck.

      • Susanne

        Paula thank you, its a total nightmare but now dealing with the retentions team & the lady seems genuine & has been professional so hopefully it will get sorted out. Elavon have been hard work. I have never had a machine installed so no transactions but still got invoices. I hope yours gets all sorted out its been a long process to endure I empathise with you. 12 wks for me & I have been so determined not to let this rep continue defrauding businesses.

    • Victoria

      Do not pay them a penny write to the main financial director signed and recorded explaining how you were misled and missold this agreement. Explain everything along with your details. Also ask for a written repsonse from him closing this matter! I spoke to a man at trading standards and he was brilliant he helped me a lot. It’s been almost a year since I heard anything from them and the financial director never repsonded to me so if they did take me court they wouldn’t win as they have not taken my complaint seriously! They can chase you up to 6 years but I will not be paying them a penny as they lied , missold and mislead me and had I of know about all the hidden charges ect I would of never if signed this agreement which by the way they fraudulently copied my signature onto a 44 page contract that he would not allow me to read’! Appalling company ?

      • Susanne

        Victoria I have spoke to a number of RMS staff & Elavon staff & they have all been appalling, their custoner service & attitude where totally disgusting they didn’t care that this rep Richard Burns conducted himself in a fraudulent way he told so many blatant lies & mis-sold the merchant services. I have been nothing but a thorn in their side for past 3 weeks I have reported them I put several posts on social media, Richard Burns I have warned local small businesses about him. I am now dealing with a lady from the RMS retentions department who has been very professional & so far has done everything she said she would, still waiting on Elavon so it could take a while to clear up but I have became very suspicious & I don’t think I would ever trust any rep who approached myself again & the stress he put on my small business over the past 10/12 weeks has been dreadful & I think he should be stopped from selling any financial products to anyone.

  • Karin Small

    Hi. I have just had a meeting two weeks ago with our local RMS rep about changing our small dental practice over to them from Worldpay. It seemed like a good deal but he never mentioned any cooling off period or any cancellation fee if we leave. I stupidly signed the contract believing we had completed all the paperwork but the company are now asking for copies of our past two years accounts, past Worldpay statements and numerous other details of breakdowns of our payments etc before they will process our application and none of which I can understand why they need as most of the breakdowns etc were on the application form. They even asked if we were NHS or private. This has made me suspicious and I then went looking for reviews and to my horror and thanks found this website! As our application hasn’t been formally processed are we going to be obligated to follow the contract or can we just refuse to give information and not pay? We haven’t received any terminals yet and, thank god, haven’t cancelled with Worldpay yet. I also didn’t realise they were not registered with the FSA. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Maeve

      Hi Karin. Just make sure you cancel your direct debits, both rms and elavon will probably start deducting money from your account, even if your terminal hasn’t been set up. Do not take delivery of the terminal and don’t allow them to bully you. Hope this helps.

    • Gary

      Only a suggestion, but email them “rejecting” the contract and follow it up with a registered letter of the same, refuse any terminals. Lastly, stand your ground. Good luck

    • Victoria

      Put everything in writing! Record any calls and tell them you will only deal with them in writing. They are complete liars! I spoke to evalon and explained how bad and lied to I was by rms and they cancelled my agreement not problem and with no hesitation when I told them trading standards were involved. They fraudulently copied my signature on to a 44 page contract that the man did not let me read it! Rms attitude was well you signed it and not read it it’s my fault! Honestly this company need shutting down. I contacted trading standards, action fraud, rouge traders and put bad reviews on the google page too. Do not pay them a penny and as far as I was conceded I wasn’t in a contract as they told me I had a cooling off period of 14 day which is complete bull because businesses do not get cooling off periods for anything! Good luck!

  • K Minards

    Dreadful customer service. Company refused to accept that I had send a cancellation letter over six months previously and then they continued to take quarterly payments. After they were chased and requested to cancel the account again they refused to believe the original cancellation request and they insisted that we also pay he cancellation fee despite the fact that they had taken money that they should not have taken. Nightmare to contact via email as well. Avoid using if you want a fair deal.

    • quayside gifts

      Join the long queue of people this has happened to. They don’t answer emails or letter and just keep bumping up the amount you owe them. We have writen to the MD but received no response so we can only assume he condones the actions of his underhand, untruthful staff. We won’t pay them a penny and take our chances in court.

  • Amanda Williams

    Have just contacted tried to contact them by telephone however after six attempts of trying and more than 40 minutes on hold I gave up! We have cancelled RMS/Elavon because of higher and higher charges; however we were never informed of any about the cancellation fees by our rep at any stage We were out of contract after 36 months in August 16. I told them by email that we were very unhappy and we have no intension of paying £180.00 + vat cancellation charges, they even told me that we would be liable for the “refurbishment” of the unit!!!! We were flabbergasted! Our rep never told us of any charges or fees and in any case we were (like many others it seems) out of agreement. We are as a small business disgusted in the way RMS/Elavon are treating us and trying to get us to pay these ridiculous amounts! We have tried repeatedly to contact our rep, to no avail, I have cancelled all EMS/RMS DD on our account and the machine is here for them to collect. RMS is a terrible company to deal with, no communication, every time i contacted them I was dealing with a different person so the problem was never resolved. We are now in a stale mate, they are act illegally and we have now reported them to the Financial Ombudsman because we do not agree at all with these extortionate charges they are trying to get us to pay!! Our best advice to anyone is to cancel all direct debits, send machine back by registered post and register your feedback on trust pilot. Also tell anyone you know to STAY AWAY from this company!

  • Derek Ross

    Have just contacted them to tell them we are terminating our contract to move somewhere else as Elavon are putting their charges up. After she asked us to stay because they can match what our new supplier can offer she then told me about the cancellation fee when i said no. £180, We were out of contract after 36 months in Oct 16. Have told them they have got no chance. The Rep told us, as is the usual thread on here that there would be no fees attached & in any case we are out of contract. will await to see what they do next. Are they seriously suggesting that they and Elavon can just keep putting charges up and you have no option to move away without a fee.. I think not !!

  • Maeve

    If you are in dispute with RMS be prepared for a drawn out affair! I am in dispute with them since May 2016 and it is still not resolved. My rep never turned up to install the machine, wouldn’t answer his phone, I had a machine still in its box and then both RMS and elavon started shipping money out of my account. I subsequently found out that the rep had been fired and left His recent sign ups high and dry. I rang to cancel the switch over having had no copies of direct debit mandates or contract, to be told I was liable for a cancellation fee of 1700 euro! I returned the machine in July 2016 by registered mail. Before Christmas I was told that my account had finally been closed(what account?!!!) and lo and behold last week I got a bill of 700 euro for the machine! Terrible company, no communication, every time you are contacted you are dealing with a different person so the problem is never resolved. My best advice for anyone is to cancel all direct debits, send machine back by registered post and register your feedback on trust pilot. Also tell anyone you know to STAY AWAY from this ship of dishonest fools!

  • Paulina

    We have been misrepresented by their representative Hamish (based in Edinburgh) and now ended up being threatening with over £1000 cancellation fee after rejecting the contract. The actual fees and terms of the contract had norhing to do with what we agreed with the representative. He now does not answer our calls after promising to sort all out. He is also checking us out from another phone number. They have also been trying to take payments illegally from our account by setting up several direct debits after us rejecting the contract. We had to watch our bank account for new direct debits daily and removing them immediately. They act illegally and we now reported them to ombudsman. Please stay away from them at any costs! That will save you many sleepless nights!

    • Allan Gill

      Hello Paulina,

      Could we talk. My wife and I own a cafe in Edinburgh and the person you refer to, Hamish, is due to give us a pitch this Thursday. But your warning – and those of so many others – has completely turned me off this company. My mobile is 07581 699668. Could we have an off-the record chat please?

      Allan Gill

  • Noemi

    Retail merchant services is the worst company ever. I hate what they are doing with people. Even if you are out of contract you have to pay a cancellation fee of £180. They are lying just to make you to sign a contract with them and after is very difficult to get out. I do not recommend them. Do not trust them.

    • wayne

      Hey Noemi
      I have just had the exact same situation, my contract ends on the 29th of April and I was told I simply had to give 1 months notice so it didn’t’ automatically renew.
      They now tell me I will be charged £100 plusVat and also £80 plus vat for refurbishing costs even though my machine was changed 2 months ago.
      What was the end result for you? Are you fighting them or decoded to pay? I rrefuseto pay and will go to court of needed.

  • Gary

    Disgraceful company, documents auto signed when I hadn’t even seen them, I was told that the application could not be processed until they had address confirmation, but it turns out that the rep had already started the process. Many hidden charges that were neither shown or spoke about. The rep lied through his teeth. Now they want over £1700 to “cancel” the contract which I have already rejected. I am currently putting together a case which I will be sending to various bodies including the fraud office to get this company stopped. I would like to hear from anyone who would like to contribute or assist. These sharks must be stopped and put in their place

    • Sally cleall

      This company RMS are complete sharks, yes they must be stopped as they prey on small business owners like us and make their money by conning us into signing contracts and lie about the contract terms verbally. I was not given any terms and conditions while the rep was here or told of any cancellation charges.
      Our rep even knocked down our wall in his haste to make a quick get away !
      I have written to trading standards in Milton Keynes and refuse to pay RMS another penny – I have returned their terminal as I refuse to have anything to do with this shambolic company ! They have sent threatening letters asking for £1,000 or they will take me to the high court, I will get action fraud onto them if they Persue us! We cannot let con artists like this company get away with this. The loop hole in the law which needs to be rectified to safe guard small businesses like ourselves.

      • Meah

        I have just got off the to phone to customer service, i have yet not completed my 36 month contract as my business is closing down. I was not made aware of any cancellation charges If i left the business as normal companies close the account free from any charges! I have never signed anything that would say pay £600 to cancel the contract i was told i would not need to pay a thing by a rep!! Such an awful company. I do not know what to do from now?

      • Elaine

        We are in the same position as everyone else. We’ve being threatened with over £800 cancellation fees for a terminal which wouldn’t work for us. We’ve had no support ..the rep was meant to come out to help but didn’t. Today they have offered to halve the cancellation fee but I dont want to pay over £400 for a service we’ve never used! I’ve cancelled direct debits. I haven’t yet sent a cancellation letter just 30 emails since this started in December. What’s the next step..?
        Thanks for any help or ideas.

      • Victoria

        Sally do not pay! They will keep sending letters threatening you, but if you send them an official letter explaining how they misled you ect and you will not be paying. Ask them for a response in writing and if they need to contact you it will be in writing only. Send it recorded and signed for. I asked trading standards for help with my letter they were brilliant. Iv been told as a business they can chase you up to 6 years. They called me after my letter to ask if they could come see me to tell me about their card machine!! I said to them are you kidding me! I don’t want anything to do with that vile company and to take me off the system. They haven’t got a clue what they are doing. Record your calls if you do have any because they don’t record theirs!! Tell them if they have got any thing to say to put it in writing and put the phone down. Keep record of days and times and what they have said to you as evidence just incase. It will cost them more than a grand to take you to court! If they send anyone to your business to claim anything tell them to get out or you will call the police! They are not with the ombudsman and do not have the rights to send bailiefs with out warning you with an official court letter not from their company! I hope this is a help do not let them scare you in to paying because that is what they are doing!
        Good luck

      • Terry

        Gary, Please help if you can – I signed the sales reps ipad as I was talked into changing to RMS while busy in my shop. I later emailed to ask them to disregard my application but they informed me there is no cooing off period and I will be liable for £618 now to cancel. Apparently the membership that wasn’t mentioned is live from signing. I emailed them before my application was accepted but they don’t care. I am not sure who to turn to – should I contact. I am a sole trader – would the CAB help or should I try the Financial Ombudsman?

    • Andrea

      We have had the exact same experience with this company. Rep sold us a 36 month contract without telling us despite the fact he knew our lease could expire 11 months into the contract. He failed to tell us about the cancellation fee and many other charges. Electronic signature also added to a contract with Elavon and 2 direct debits without our authorization. It was apparently in the small print that I was not offered the opportunity to read before I signed. I stupidly took the reps word that what I was signing was the same terms and conditions we had discussed. How wrong was I. When I rang to withdraw the application I was told it was too late as we had already gone live – a lie as we didn’t have the application accepted until 5 days after my phone call. They have now billed us for £525.72 to cancel. We will be adding our complaint to what must be a growing list with Trading Standards. We will not be paying anything to RMS and are now contacting a solicitor.
      Elavon on the other hand have been brilliant and have cancelled our agreement with nothing to pay and are investigating our case with RMS.

    • John


      without going into detail am also having similar problems with this company and will be cancelling the contract on the basis they have failed to comply with the t and c’s. Happy to take them on as I know my way around such matters so if you need any help or advice or just wish to join forces than count me in

      • Wendy Wright

        It would appear I am another victim in a long line of people to be duped by RMS. I am trying to cancel my contract having emailed them 12 days after signing (apparently the 14 day cooling off period doesn’t apply). I have never used the terminal (now returned) yet still they want to charge me a further £954 on top of the £150 they have already taken for monthly rental. Where to go from here? Any advice gratefully received.

        • Gary

          Hi Wendy
          I have emailed you
          Best regards
          Just so that everyone knows, I have today contacted the Guardian newspaper, Rip-Off Britain at the BBC, and also requested Trustpilot investigates possible abuses of the Trustpilot review system as at least one person on here said that the rep typed their own review! If anyone wants the addresses for the above organisations, I will be happy to give them as the more they are reported, the more likely something is done

        • John Ford


          dont know the detail but if you are prepared to battle with them they wont be able to win. Forged signatures, unfair terms in contracts which are not even supplied etc. Let me know if i can help but your best bet would be Trading Standards

          • Wendy Wright

            Thanks John for your offer to help, I would be most grateful of any advice – I have never come across anything like this before & quite frankly am a bit intimidated by RMS and their demands – it would seem I have made a grave error in signing the contracts in the first place. I received a response from Gary who recommends “rejecting” rather than cancelling the contract which I shall do. I will also write to the Trading Standards & the Financial Ombudsman. Is there anything else you can suggest?
            Thank you, Wendy

  • Neil Moores

    Keep well away from this company! The commission based sales rep never mentioned a £180.00 plus VAT cancellation fee, which I have just been billed after cancelling them after 3 plus years. It is a disgrace and they should not be allowed to trade on this basis.

  • David Fry

    Beware of this company, I had completed the 3 year agreed term with them but they hid/buried a large ‘end of contract fee’ in the small print which they made no mention of when they sold me the card processing product, if I knew about this sneak fee I would not have signed up to them in the first place.
    There was no mention of this at the time of the sale.
    The Law Commission says companies should be taken to court for this unfair practice of hidding fees in small print – and it was very small one needed a very strong magnifier to find it.

    • Clare corless

      Do not get a terminal from this awfull company i hav had to stay with them with an awfull terminal for 4 years my contract has expired so i have not cancelled and they are trying to charge me 180 pounds plus vat for so called cancellation i was mis sold this terminal its been very slow awfull awfull company customer care is nil PLEASE tell other business to keep well away from them i am gettin in touch with trading standards about this and will be more reviews on other sites to warn companies

  • pauline lai

    Avoid avoid avoid!!! DO NOT SIGN UP! We had a nightmare with them, our machine disconnect all the time, refuse to send a new one, keep blaming for poor signal, poor internet…. Got our business name wrong, sent money to my personal account rather than to our business account (i gave them my bank statement as proof or ID/address), 6 months down the line 3 forms and fee later, nothing is done, just got another email with “NEW” contract that would suppose to sort it out, no way i’m signing another contract with them!

  • Imran ghanchi

    The worst company I’ve ever come across
    Crooks high rates of fees hidden charges and they lie to you when you are signing up. Told contract was 2yrs turned out to be 3 two separate contracts one with elavon and one with them. Low rental high auth and transaction charges. Why trading standards doesn’t investigate them is beyond me net is filled with complaints about them

  • Roz Mannock

    Further to my review posted on 2nd August, we have now have had a good resolution, having been passed to Sara Eckley the retentions manager. Money’s due have been paid back, all the costs for termination should we choose to, have been dropped. We argued that the salesman told us we only had to give 1 months notice and would not incur any costs! We have this in writing from Sara now so feel assured for the future. She has been amazing since she got involved. No good just talking to the sales team, they are not authorised to make decisions. Thank you Sara.

  • claire

    WOULD NOT RECOMEND!!!!Threatned to cut me off today because i didnt bring my payment up to date .will be taking business elsewhere now ! Discusted with there attitude on the phone,!

  • Roz Mannock

    RMS are a totally dishonest bunch of crooks who do everything in an underhand way. We saw a rep in January who said it would be 25-30% cheaper than Worldpay. He has subsequently left. I was told there was just a months notice to quit. No mention of a 3 year contract. They also said they would pay up to £200 per shop for cancellation fee from previous supplier. This has not been paid, but a credit put on our accounts. We have been charged rental for a month before the terminals arrived, when queried they said that would add a months credit to each account. They have also set up the fee with Evalon for Visa Debit payments at 85p instead of 8p, so since May with 2 shops they have overcharge us by £323.40. I have been trying to get this refunded since July 7th 2016. Yesterday they said they would put a credit on our account! I was furious and demanded a cheque refund which they were supposed to have been organising. The initial contract was just a verbal meeting with the rep at which point he asked for a signature on his Ipad. I have had nothing from RMS in the form of a contract that states all their charges.
    I wish I had never signed up with them now I have seen what a bunch of crooks they are.

  • Mark Yelle

    Do not sign up with RMS!
    They will promise you everything before you sign up and then deliver nothing but the basics services, at inflated prices.
    There is no customer support or communication, you will be left on your own to figure things out e.g. compliance.
    As well, your contract will roll over without them giving you any notice and you will have to pay s cancellation fee plus a refurbishment cost for each terminal…what a ripoff.
    There are much better companies out there with better rates and far superior support.

  • Ashley Trees

    Avoid at all costs. This company employ some very underhand tactics, and are very aggressive, please ensure that you receive and read their terms and condition “before” you consider “applying” for an account. They are not registered with the FSA or the Financial Conduct Authority, unlike other more reputable companies like WorldPay, therefore they are not regulated by any managing body. They operate some very underhand policies and procedures and their operations are not transparent. My advice would be to avoid them and choose a more reputable company who are registered with a governing body.

  • Ian Kershaw

    Absolutely disgusted with this company. I even told them to f#$k off on the phone. My business has collapsed after 2 1/2 years of trading. I called them to cancel my card facilties. They told me I have to pay over £500 to cancel it. With what money, that’s why I want to cancel as there is no money and business left. I wasn’t told on the beginning about this cancellation charge. Bloody rediculous. They’ve had enough from me every month with their commission and charges. I lost money taking card payments rather than sticking to cash based. So the end to this story is they won’t cancel my facilties until I pay, which I can’ what am I to do. Thanks a lot RMS and Elavon, you really know your customers!

  • lucy allwood

    Appalling company! The gave my Id number to someone else whilst I was still with them. This meant a got other peoples payments into make bank account. Sounds good but you know its not yours and it needed to be paid back, problem was RMS figure more than mine. They also had the cheek to set up a new direct debit using my signature from when account was set up and just took the money from my account. Spent months sorting this out and then 112 days after we had finished using RMS I get an invoice for £216.00 cancellation fee even though I gave them and they have agreed I gave them the full one months notice. Apparently in the contract it states that you are charged because you decide to stop using them and a fee to refurb the machine you have already paid 3 years rent for !!! I will not be going near these again and I advise one else to either.
    Lucy Allwood.

    Are you with Retail Merchant Services? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Vicky

      I am in dispute with RMS, the rep lied to my face, withheld inportant information about the agreement, lied about there been any other additional charges, lied to me about 7 day cooling off period, didn’t give me opportunity to read the document and used excuses not to send me the copy straight away, mislead me and missold. Iv cancelled with them and they are now threatening me. Iv reported them to trading standards watch dog and rouge traders. They will not be having a penny off me. Iv read on other forums that they will threaten me with debt collectors and court action but I’m not to pay them anything or believe them as they are not registered with the fca so can’t legally send anyone to retrieve money from me. Has anyone else had an experience like this?

      • Vicky

        I received a letter today from RMS saying I owe them £1100 for the 36 month contract I apperntly agreed to which in my eyes I did not agree to as it was completely different to what I agreed with the rep! Plus it was only 18 month to start with as I’m a “sole trader”. The rep reputedly lied and withheld the documents from me. The are threatening if I don’t pay within the 7 days from the date of the letter which was dated 4 days ago! Then they will go to a legal civil recovery or court plus they say I will have a ccj against my name as a result of not paying them. The company’s customer service is shocking. I won’t speak to them over the phone only in writing as this company don’t give you reference numbers for your calls. Also when you sign the iPad they give you it automatically copies your signature on other pages within a 44 page contract which they don’t let you read! Avoid this company at all costs they are in my opinion rouge traders.

        • Sandra

          Had the same experience. Sign only for application form, and after couple of days they sending me a 44 signed pages me my…..I can’t cancel it and it’s only 2 working days past sins I got the contract..
          Don’t know know what to do now. Didn’t get the mashine yet, I won’t accept it. I’m only 2 months in business..

          • Vicky

            Hi I have received a phone all last week saying they were following up old customers to see if they could save me money! This is the first iv heard from them since March! When I told them I wasn’t paying. They have rang me today to talk about an outstanding bill I told them I wasn’t paying and to put anything the wanted to discuss in writing. I won’t be paying them and I will be contacting trading standards again. You shouldn’t need a solicitor. I told them action fraud were investigating them and I didn’t need to do any more.

        • Simone

          I am experiencing exactly the same, the sales rep lied to my face! I am totally disgusted and trying to find a way out.
          Nobody is available or tried to deal with it, they are scammers!

      • Johanna

        Hi Vicky, I was hoodwinked into signing up with this company the rep assured me they would pay up to 200 pound to get out of old contract I said I was not sure how long I had left he assured me 200 would cover so cut long story I found old contract and it was 4 years so I was ripped off there too as I do not recal sighing for that long and they wanted 600 to cancel. So I phoned the rep explained and he said basically hard cheese I used machine for 2 days and sent it back with a cancellation letter and now have received a bill for get this! 1,314.00 for one legally there should be 14 day cooling from getting it also fraud has been committed because they have put it in my personal name rather than my company name so basically my advice to anyone is tell who ever they send to f…off they are terrible disgusting company and people who work for them should take a closer look at who they are working for.

        • Vicky

          Hi I had a call just last week saying they were looking up old customers to see if they could save me money I old them isn’t want anything to do with them. I had a call today to say I owed them money I told them I wasn’t paying and trading standards advised me not to pay as the contract was not what I agreed she asked me what it was. I told her I woukdnt be paying and to put anything she wanted to say in writing and I put the phone down. Do not engage in conversation with this company and if you do RECORD YOUR CALL!!!! Get them to corrispod via letter as they lie over the phone too!,

          • Vicky

            So today I received a letter threatening me from RMS stating this was a final demand for £1101.60. They say they have tried numerous times to resolve this with me which is also a big fat lie because I haven’t had a single email back from them! They are saying if I don’t pay within 14 days it may result in court proceedings a warrant for bailiffs and additional charges for a CCJ against me. I will be contacting trading standards again Monday to see where I go from here. Has anyone else had a letter go this far yet? I’m considering contacting the CEO of the company to tell him exactly how his staff are running his business to see where it goes from there

      • Gary

        Hi I am having similar issues with them, the rep mis-sold the deal and I would say that I am now taking it further as I didn’t see the majority of the documents and the hidden fees etc although my electronic signature is added to them.

    • Mark Yelle

      I have the same problem. Cancelled them due to high costs and terrible customer service only to find out I owe them £216 for cancelling the contract and to refurbish the machine. I questioned the auto roll over and they told me the don’t notify customer that the contract is coming to an end.
      Did you pay?

      • Victoria

        I have not paid them they will have to take me court! Iv sent them a letter recorded and signed for and tracked to the financial officer him self they have recieved it nearly 3 weeks ago and no response except from a call from them asking if they could save me money on my card machine again lol, I told her to take me off the database I don’t know if she did but knowing this company they haven’t. Trading standards advised me not to pay and that Iv got a good case against them. They can however chase me for the money up to 6 years. They also said if they send a bailiff to tell them to leave or call the police as they need a court order as they are not registered with the fca and use a in house company just to scare you

          • Vicky

            Hi since I sent a letter to the finacial director at RMS which was recorded and signed for by them about 2 months ago. Iv had no letter back from him dispite me asking for a written response, all they did was send the same final invoice to my home address instead of my business that was dated 7th July! They haven’t even aknowleged my letter to them. So I’m not worried at this time I’m just waiting for his response

  • Adam voke

    What can I say but amazing service. I got a cold call which I am not keen on,but I needed a card payment machine so I arranged a visit from one of the reps.I had contacted other card machine companies but decided to us rms they sent machine by courier then emailed to ask if I had received the same day. Then they installed the machine showed me how to use it. If you recommend there company you get £50 vouchers. The machine is really good quality no wonder the have won awards. Thanks R.M.S

  • claire

    I too am in dispute with RMS. Never in any conversation was a termination fee mentioned when the contract ended, all I kept being told was I needed to give 30 days notice. As soon as I gave notice they phoned to arrange a collection date even though my notice period hadn’t finished and that I will be receiving a bill for £180+ VAT to terminate a contract that has ended.
    I am waiting for them to put in writing exactly what the bill is for? The PDQ has never worked properly from day one, always taking numerous attempts to connect. When I mentioned this I was told it was the phone line!
    Not sure how they can expect a termination fee when contract has ended and all I was told was to give 30 days notice otherwise contract will roll on for another 12 months.

    • Mai

      Hi Claire, my situation is exactly like your. I was told by their saleswoman that the contract was 36 months, no cancellation fee after it run out but received a letter from RMS asking for £100 for cancel, £80 to wipe by detail off the machine & plus VAT.

      If I has not been misleading about this, I would not be stupid enough to sign the contract. What is the point of having a contract if you still have to pay the charge whether you break it or not. I am going to put my complaint in writing to them and see what they have to say.

      Are you with Retail Merchant Services? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Gary

      wouldn’t deal with these people again. sharks
      no better than a loan shark extortionate cancellation fees to wipe the data of machine £250.00 that was never mentioned by the rep
      36 months contract run s it course and contract ends he said. liar liar liar ( carpet baggers.)

  • Sharon loving

    We’re having an awful time with this company at the moment. We don’t take many card payments and constantly asked the rep if it was telly worth changing providers. We were promised he would cancel our current contract, pay an fees. We were not informed of the vat charges on the terminal which are huge, we were moving premises at the time and he insisted on setting out terminal up in our old shop as it would be easy to transfer across,?weve not been able to use it for 6 weeks now. We were told the terminal would be complimentary. Every word that came from his mouth was. Complete fabrication, luckily he spoke to myself and my partner on two different occasions and repeated the same thing to both of us. We are now been asked to pay £750 cancellation fee so have sought legal advice today and told to record every conversation

    • Philip M

      RMS: THIS COMPANY SHOULD BE AVOIDED LIKE PLAGUE . Much like many other reviews the idea that you save money with them is, at best, a pipe dream. I agreed to use their services back in October 2014, sincerely wish I hadn’t The problems were apparent from very early on. Having been assured by the sales rep that RMS services would be exactly the same as the one I was switching from was fabrication. Payments took several days to hit the bank, my old company was directly after end of day. Features had to be added by terminal updates which you, the customer, pay for using a premium rate phone number to download from, they don’t mention that anywhere. The terminal would regularly fail to connect to the servers and the frequency of these failures just kept increasing reaching 3 out of every 4 transactions. Many customers reported having money ring-fenced by their bank when a transaction failed, causing mistrust that, ultimately, was directed at my business. Only a short time after I started using RMS my business was left without card payment facilities for an entire weekend. When the new terminal arrived the original problem remained. Frequent calls regarding connection failures to customer support were often merely music listening exercises. Messages left were often unanswered and emails were not replied to or claimed never to have been received. The attempted solution to the connection problems was to change the number the terminal used to connect to servers. This was done more than once without the slightest change, the failures just kept on. When they ran out of explanations and/or reasons, it was blamed on my phone line and was out of their control, very odd I never had the problem with my former card processing company. On the busiest day of my year the terminal was unusable for most of the day, due to the connection failures and I lost 30% of my trade on the day, not to mention the trade lost during the lead up to Christmas and the growing mistrust among regular customers, I was at my wits end. I gave RMS notice of cancellation on the basis the service was not fit for purpose and had in fact, contrary to their claims of saving me money, cost me a small fortune. What happened next revealed the true horror of using this RMS. I was sent a demand for 30 months terminal rental, the remainder of the 3 year agreement, terminal refurbishment charge plus vat totaling a staggering £898.20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still disputing the whole thing and, following a bit of internet searching, it would appear I am far from being alone. Ester James, Julie Gantly, Vikki to name just a few, all seem to have suffered in a similar way. My advice to anyone who is contacted by RMS to politely tell them to go away. any other option will cost you dearly. Some of the other complaints against RMS on other review sites have highlighted even more dubious practices one of which is that even if your agreement ends naturally they will still charge a cancellation fee. It is companies like these that make life very hard for small businesses potentially contributing to pushing them to the wall, more needs to be done to protect businesses from these sort of practices.

  • Julie Gantley

    Very dissatisfied with rms which is linked to yourselves [Elavon – ed.] a rep called promised me the earth but in the end couldn’t match world plays prices they have sent me a terminal that I have never plugged in and now want me to pay £1000 for the privelige will be contacting trading standards absolutely disgusting J Gantley

    • Brian stoneman

      Julie exactly same as myself the terminal never worked the salesman never came back and I cancelled the contract ,they were billing me for two contracts as they mistakingly sent two machines ,now they want 1100 for the cancellation of a service that never worked

  • Brendan Wynne

    Iv been dealing with thm for quite a while and i find this review to be way off. They are excellent. Customer seevice is fantastic. Name me 1 company who let you out of a contract for free? Thats why u sign a contract. The rep was not pushy and showed me every cost, even the PCI which was €42.50, same as my previous provider worldpay. This need to be changed on here because this is soo wrong to slate a good company. I highly recommend them

    • Viki

      I have to say they are a scam! The sales rep that came to offer us the service was not giving accurate information at all. Had a tie in contract of three years and when at the end of contract they said we have to pay almost £200 for cancellation fee! I am sure this is a breach of consumer fairness regualtions. The company should not charge any fee if it is at the end of the contract but they said it is in the contract which was hidden. I am so unhappy with their service ! I suggest businesses be becareful to read the terms and conditions because there is definitely a cancellation fee mentioned even at the end of the contract of three years ! Even when we phoned that is what the customer rep said. I am now in the proccess to see legal advice on the company.

  • Esther James

    Our terminals supplied by RMS failed to work properly in the run up to xmas last year and lost us sales and revenue As a result. RMS did nothing to rectify the matter and even tried to tie us into another 3 year contract with supposedly newer equipment (at a more expensive line rental to us of course). Upon reading the contract the wording was not clear so we did not sign needless to say. Wish I had scrutinised the original agreement that we signed nearly three years ago, because as we had no choice but to cancel the agreement as we had no terminals that worked properly, they slapped a cancellation charge onto us, saying that we had signed and agreed to this 3 years ago. Conveniently I wasn’t given a copy of the agreement that I signed with the rep at the time, so I feel that I was duped by this rep as these charges were not explained or mentioned at all.
    Further to his they are threatening me with baliffs and legal action as I refuse to pay them for cancellation charges for a service that we did not receive.
    After contacting trading standards, it seems they are currently being investigated. We were told that RMS are in breach of contract by not supplying us with working terminals and any court action they take against us if they try to we can counter defend with evidence of breach of contract. We can also put in a claim of our own for loss of revenue.
    I know that legally we are in the right, but really I am spending so many sleepless nights over this it is driving me insane. It is affecting my business and my home life and I wish I had just not signed up with RMS.

    • Rowena

      We have had exactly the same experience as you Esther, almost identical except we haven’t yet had the threat of the bailiffs (we’re sure its only a matter of time).

      The machines we received from RMS didn’t work on pretty much every other card transaction we did, it would only work after 2, 3 or even 4 attempts – sometimes not at all. We had this problem with 4 different machines, in three completely different towns, but were repeatedly told by RMS that it couldn’t be their machines and that it must be our phonelines. Funny considering we didn’t have any problem with our old machines and don’t with the new ones after switching back.

      The customer service on the phone was terrible, one chap seemed to be getting so frustrated with us ringing with the the same problem with the machines not working that at one point he started shouting, I sure wish we recorded phone calls….something to keep in mind for the future.

      An engineer did come to change one of the machines once and take away the old machine, he complained about running out of time and that he didn’t have enough time before his next job to set up the new machine, we said we’d plug the old one back in, but he refused to leave it as he had already packaged it up, instead he drove off leaving us without a working card machine.
      – This was just one of a huge number of problems we had with RMS, now we are dealing with them hounding us for money for a service which could not have operated worse in any way.

      Anyone reading this who has been contacted by a sales rep trying to get them to switch – BEWARE.

      • Brian stoneman

        Exactly same for me they are trying to bill me for contract cancellation for machines that have never worked .they also sent two terminals and were billing me for both when I only asked for one. There communication within the company is bad numerous calls are passed onto different people who do not communicate the message

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