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Company Overview

Launched in 2012, Clover POS is a lineup of Android point-of-sale products offered by First Data (now Fiserv). Clover was originally founded as an independent tablet-based POS provider in 2010, but it merged with First Data in 2012 and has since become the company’s flagship point-of-sale product. In late 2022, Clover announced a major partnership and integration with Uber, and in 2023 Clover and the Bitcoin Lightning Network integrated through Strike.

Clover Point of Sale

In addition to the original tablet-based Clover Station POS system, Clover has added Clover Go (an EMV-compatible mobile card reader), Clover Mini (a smaller tablet-based POS system), Clover Mobile (a mobile tablet-based POS system), and Clover Flex (a mobile reader with a printer attachment). The Clover Station comes in Solo and Duo options, with the Duo having a customer-facing tablet in addition to the employee-facing tablet. All Clover card readers are cloud-based and therefore will require the use of an on-site internet connection. Whether purchased directly through First Data or from a reseller, Clover will always come with an attached merchant account.


Clover offers a range of apps that can be downloaded to their POS systems. These apps include inventory management, employee scheduling, loyalty programs, and more. Businesses can customize their POS system by adding apps that meet their specific needs.

Online Ordering

Clover provides online ordering solutions that enable businesses to sell their products and services online and accept payments through their website. This service is designed to be easy to use and integrate with existing websites.

Third-Party Hardware Compatibility

Clover POS is compatible with a variety of third-party hardware, such as barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers. This flexibility allows businesses to utilize their existing hardware, reducing the overall cost of setting up a new POS system.

Secure Payment Processing

Security is a top priority for Clover POS, as the company employs advanced encryption and tokenization technologies to protect sensitive customer data during transactions. These security measures help businesses maintain the trust of their customers and ensure the safety of their information.

Cloud-Based Data Management

Clover POS systems utilize cloud-based technology for data management, allowing businesses to access their sales data, inventory, and customer information from any device with an internet connection. This feature enables merchants to make informed decisions based on real-time information, even when they are away from their physical location.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Clover POS offers robust reporting and analytics features, helping businesses gain insights into their sales performance, customer preferences, and overall operational efficiency. These tools enable merchants to make data-driven decisions to improve their business and increase profitability.

Difference Between Clover and Square

While both Clover and Square offer payment processing solutions and POS systems, there are some differences between the two services. One key difference is the customization options offered by Clover. Clover POS systems can be customized with a range of apps to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. Additionally, Clover offers a range of hardware options, including cash registers and printers, while Square primarily focuses on mobile payment solutions. Clover also provides online ordering solutions, which is not a primary focus for Square.

Location & Ownership

Frank Bisignano is the chairman and CEO of First Data (a part of Fiserv), while John Beatty was the co-founder and CEO of Clover before acquisition. As of 2020, Jeff Dickerson serves as the head of Clover. Multiple sources list the company’s address as 415 N Mathilda Ave, Sunnyvale, California 94085.

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Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Costs and contract terms will vary from reseller to reseller and…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 100 public complaints regarding…
  • BBB Rating: Does not currently have a profile with the Better Business Bureau but…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not engage in misleading sales tactics, but transparency will vary from..

Clover POS Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 100+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Tech Issues
Recent Lawsuits No

Growing Complaint Total

We are currently able to locate more than 100 negative Clover reviews, some of which accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. The complaints can generally be divided into two categories: complaints about the merchant account contract associated with Clover, and complaints about the Clover system itself. The former category has received little consideration in this review, as it depends in large part on the individual reseller providing the Clover system (merchants are not required to use Clover’s provided merchant accounts). Negative Clover reviews of this type include high transaction rates, fund-holds, high cancellation fees, high equipment costs, and deceptive sales conduct.

Clover Customer Support Issues

On the other hand, there is still a significant number of complaints directly related to the Clover system and the customer support required to troubleshoot it. Businesses report hardware malfunctions, software glitches, and unhelpful customer support for the product. Restaurant-industry businesses, in particular, seem to have negative reports about the product’s dependability in high-demand environments. Such Clover clients may want to consider selecting a top-rated iPad-based POS system to ensure their needs are met.

Clover Lawsuits

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Clover. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

Clover Customer Support Options

The Clover website lists dedicated phone support lines, email, and a troubleshooting portal. At this time, Clover does not qualify as a top customer service processor.

Clover Customer Support Numbers

  • (855) 608-4305 – Sales
  • (855) 853-8340 – U.S. Support

Other Support Options

  • Live chat

A “C” Overall Performance

In general, Clover has received a low-to-moderate complaint total compared to the total number of businesses that have likely used it. The system’s cost and the severity of some of the complaints have lowered its rating in this category to a “C.”

Clover POS Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary

BBB Reports 0

No Profile

The Better Business Bureau does not maintain a profile for Pearl Payments at this time. We will not factor a BBB rating into this review until the BBB establishes a dedicated profile for Pearl Payments. As of a previous review, the company held an “F” rating with the BBB and has had 3 complaints filed against it. The company had successfully resolved all 3 issues. It should also be noted that parent company Fiserv has had 229 complaints and 60 reviews in the last 3 years, but as the company does much more than just Clover, we will not be including these in this review either.

Clover POS Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Key Points

Cancellation Penalties Possible
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Leasing Yes

Variable Pricing

Clover’s POS pricing plans will vary from seller to seller. The full Clover Station typically (with barcode scanner and cash drawer) costs over $1,000, but resellers are free to change this price or offer long-term lease agreements. Clover offers two plans: “Register Lite,” which costs $14 a month and is best suited for businesses with credit card sales of less than $50,000 per year, and the “Register” plan at $29 per month, ideal for businesses processing over $50,000 per year in credit card sales. Under both plans, Clover offers a keyed-in transaction rate at 3.5% + $0.10; in-person transactions are charged at  2.7% + $0.10 through the “Register Lite” plan, while the “Register” plan has a 2.3% + $0.10 in-person transaction rate.

Opt For a Highly-Rated Reseller

In addition, apps purchased through the Clover app store can range from free to more than $99 per month. Merchant account rates and fees may be negotiated separately from the cost of the Clover hardware, and they are similarly up to reseller discretion. For all of these reasons, clients can expect to receive fair pricing with low rates through a positively reviewed reseller, and they are more likely to experience poor lease terms and high rates through a poorly reviewed reseller.

Value in Versatility

While Clover’s overall costs are higher than that of a conventional credit card terminal, the product is infinitely more versatile than a basic card swiper. Clover also has the advantage of offering a mobile card reader that is fully EMV-compatible. Generally speaking, businesses that complain about Clover’s cost only mention merchant account fees or termination fees, neither of which are enforced by Clover. If one merely compares the price of its system (e.g. an Android tablet with a monthly software license and a few hardware peripherals) to the value provided, Clover is slightly more expensive than similar products. However, the full cost of buying a Clover system through a merchant account provider has the potential to be either a great deal or a terrible one. Business owners are advised to request and review all documentation and compare Clover’s pricing and features to those of its competitors.

clover mobile solutions

Clover also offers the Clover Flex, which acts as another variety of mobile solution

Clover POS Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Key Points

Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Possible through resellers
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Multifaceted Sales Approach

Clover is the primary POS solution offered by First Data (Fiserv) and therefore has the full might of the First Data (Fiserv) marketing department behind it. Clover is sold through First Data (Fiserv) official channels, through independently contracted First Data (Fiserv) sales agents, and through the vast army of resellers who have contracted with First Data (Fiserv) to resell First Data (Fiserv) merchant accounts and the Clover suite. In fact, if you currently accept credit cards, there is a good chance that your merchant account provider can sell you a Clover product.

Resellers Set the Tone

Accordingly, the Clover sales experience can range from very bad to very pleasant depending on the entity making the sale. The bulk of Clover POS systems will be sold by First Data (Fiserv) or by an ISO of First Data (Fiserv), and while First Data (Fiserv) is far from a top-rated merchant account provider and currently has a “C” in this category, its resellers’ grades vary depending on how closely they mimic the First Data (Fiserv) sales approach. Merchant account pricing and fees will be set by the merchant account provider rather than by Clover, so these, too, will vary.

Clover Service Complaints

The only Clover reviews we can locate that could be classified as sales issues are complaints that the product malfunctions, does not do what the salesperson said it could do, or is a bad fit for the client’s business. Since Clover itself does not usually market the product directly to businesses, we have chosen to classify these negative Clover reviews as service complaints rather than sales complaints.

Clover point of sale

One of Clover’s Station Duo point-of-sale systems

Our Clover POS Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

In this Clover POS review, we rate Clover Point of Sale as a competitive POS, but the outcomes for business owners appear to vary based upon the pricing and terms agreed upon during the sales process. Businesses may receive dependable Clover credit card processing equipment with solid customer support and fair pricing from highly-rated merchant account providers, or they could end up paying too much for faulty equipment and poor customer support through low-rated providers. The Clover system itself has the potential to be a reliable cloud-based POS for retail and mobile merchants, so interested business owners are advised to consider Clover while also doing their research. Small merchants with low-volume businesses interested in a low-cost alternative to the Clover POS system may be better served by a low-commitment mobile credit card processing app.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did Clover POS Treat You?

108 Responses

  • Vanessa Armstrong

    East Main Antiques

    Clover systems has by far the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with just opened my account using it one month none of my transactions have made it to my bank account and nobody seems to be able to fix the problem so I have had no income from my account for a month totally unacceptable

  • Clovers customer service could very well be the worst I have ever dealt with. This far outweighs any positives I may have about their systems. I am inches away from moving my entire business because of their lack of anything resembling service.

  • Alexander

    Real Estate Investments

    I have been a Clover merchant since 2016 and something I just discovered recently that a number of the merchants may not be aware of if they are in a complicated billing system like I am. There is a fee called a non compliance PCI Validation fee which apparently required a survey that was never sent out to us to fill out . There was never a notification email or certified letter indicating that we were Non Compliant AND IN VIOLATION OF SOMETHING ONLY A HIDDEN FEE THAT WENT FROM 14.99 – NOW 49.99 OVER THE YEARS . If I am Non compliant in any other part of my business I am cancelled . THIS COMPANY SETS UP A SURVEY THAT THEY DO NOT NOTIFY CUSTOMERS THAT THEY ARE IN VIOLATION SO THEY CAN COLLECT A LOT OF MONEY. IS THIS EVEN A LEGAL DOCUMENT AND HOW MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS DO THEY COLLECT FROM UNSUSPECTING MERCHANTS THAT ARE NOT NOTIFIED THEY ARE IN VIOLATION? IHAVE PAID THOUSNADS OF DOLLARS OVER THE YEARS IN THIS HIDDEN FEE WITHOUT EVER BEING TOLD OF THE VIOLATION THERE MUST BE OTHERS.

  • Reading all the reviews…. It looks like my nightmare with Clover. Honestly, we should file a class action lawsuit, because someone has to stop these people.

  • Arif Sheikh

    Great Five Business Solutions inc

    Clover support is a piece of garbadge, we had the machine since last 3 years, this time the payments were not deposited, we were told that Raza Suppervisor will call back in 24 hrs to 48 hrs, but its been almost 2 weeks, no one called, neither our payments were deposited or clear,
    i called 8 times, & i was kept on hold for many hours, then i tried live chat, & was not replied,
    they are suppose to call back & solve our issue, but no response, very disappointed, very pathetic services, will never recomend,

  • Michel Birkner

    Customer service is really awful impossible to talk to the right people they don’t return calls and sales rep I think once contract signed they don’t really care
    I change from another company because I thought Cliver would be better now I deeply regret changing
    Do not beleive what they say and don’t expect help from
    Customer service

  • JOHN L


    I been with clover for two years now I will have to go to court to get out of contract if they don’t release me of the contract ,I was six weeks without pos system no one would know what to do intill I had one of the companies who also sells clover and I told him the situation he vent back behind the counter and 15 minutes later I was back in line ,I asked for the new ethernet cables I have not received them yet, I called four times and still nothing,this is the biggest garbage company that anyone could make a mistake to go with,they are owned by first data that were bought by fiserv and now they are so big that don’t care ,the new pos company to go with is SPOTON they will service and jeep servicing you 24/7 with the outpost respect, these guys they hire junkies from the streets that talk to you like your in the same boat with them ,the laugh at you when you asked for advise people, don’t go with clover it’s the biggest trash out there, the worst of the worst.

  • Dan Holkema

    Skylight Donuts

    Clover is a company with no business integrity!!!
    I purchased a clover system for 2 Drive Thru donut shops in April 2023 after being assured that the system was capable of doing everything that my current system is capable of. I discovered after purchasing them that they don’t have the capability to automatically calculate the sales taxes in Ontario Canada which was not revealed to me prior to my purchase and there was no way for me to discover prior to purchasing. This is a basic function that any POS system I’ve used in the last 15 years has been capable of. My business is a high volume transaction business doing a transaction every 20-30 seconds during peak business times and the process of identifying what sales are taxable and non taxable is a cumbersome task which would definitely reduce the speed of service and open my business to tax liabilities of uncharged or overcharged taxes.
    I discovered this problem after they set up my POS devices which took almost 2 months to do after I purchased them. I received great service on the sale but once they delivered the product and had my money the service and communication became extremely poor. The sales associate would not return calls or respond to emails. I have spent over 10 hrs on the phone trying to get a refund for my hardware as well as the fees charged even though I have not been able to launch the system or performed a single transaction with the system.
    They have been totally uncooperative and have stonewalled me in spite of having a legitimate complaint. I have had $382.14 deducted from my account in service fees to this date plus $8029.13 deducted for equipment related items and I’m stuck with a totally useless system. This system is not suitable for a fast food business where there are a lot of transactions under $4.00.



    ZERO support on the credit card machines they sell. All support does is give you another number to call so that they can pass you to a dead line or hold music that disconnects you after about 30 minutes. Do not use Clover.

  • David LaMotte

    Clover is terrible for retail. Have used it for almost two years customer service sucks most of the help have no idea how to fix a problem. If considering clover stop and look for a different pos system.

  • Maria Tacuri

    Zaruma Gold Coffee

    This company allows their sales people to use deceptive sales strategies. My food service company was using Clover, we bought the equipment and we were receiving credit card payments, but the percentage we were paying was high. One day a salesman came to my business, told me I was paying a lot because I was in the wrong tier. He offers to lower the % I was paying and suggested we use WaveIt by MiCamp Merchant Services, and offers to pay the early cancellation fee to the current provider. We signed a contract, but we didn’t sign an equipment lease contract. He offers to overnight the equipment and get our menu ready in a couple of days. A few days passed and we get letters regarding a lease we supposedly signed for the equipment. He put us on a 48 month uncancellable lease for $300 per month!!! With a buyout of 15,000 dollars per POS. We immediately called and told him we never agreed to this lease, He told us he is looking into it, he promised a new contract, he told us there is a new contract in which we will pay the published market price of 1,799 per POS. This Allen B. person delays, delays and delays until he disappears. Now we are 10 months in the fraudulent lease, paying $600 per month and when we contacted MiCamp they washed their hands saying Allen B. was a private third party seller and is no longer affiliated with them. There is nothing he can do because he has nothing to do with Fiserv and the leasing company.
    He offered to allow us to cancel our contract with them without penalty. Beware of this company and the third party sellers claiming big savings.

  • Denise Flynn Carter

    After Hours Bistro, LLC

    This company needs a class action lawsuit with all the businesses under it. The customers service in Merchant department and Leasing department are unprofessional. None of agents in these department have update information on my account. The only department that has the correct information is the Collection Department.
    On March 30,2023, I called to cancel my account. I was told to keep the account open for 60 days so the fee can come. On April 4, 2023, the cancellation fee was taken out.
    On April 12th, 13th, 14th charges were taken out. Today I called the Merchant Department who passed me on the Leasing Department which I told both of them that the cancellation money was withdrawn from my account. Cari in the leasing department told me that i need to speak to Collection department. I asked Cari what was the amount which she said she will tell me and proceeded to tell me about speaking to someone in collection department. I told her the situation about the payment, and I asked what’s the address to return the equipment. I never received that information, but she assists that I had to pay more money. I asked for Employee ID number so if I had any problems I could have it for reference just in case someone else shared the same name. I asked her to transfer to collection department but give me balance before Cari stated that she could not give me the balance that I had to talk to collection department. I stated that she did not keep her word and I expected for her to honor that. Finally, she told me then proceed to transfer to collection call drop and no return to call complete this process. I called her department a couple of time did not get an answer only computer. I had to call merchant department to get connected to Collection Department. Immacula in that department was very professional. She said I 0 balance and I need to speak to someone in Leasing again. This is too much for any client or customer to go through. This is company is a professional in collecting their fees but unprofessional when handling the needs of customers. I need feedback on this will handle and for the fees to stop coming out of out and the need to be refunded asap. No one never send me the requested documentation on closing of this account. No cancellation contract for me to sign, but those fees are coming out after the closing.

    • Rhonda Mayes

      Sweet Moos

      Clover has been taking money from my account for years and I’m just finding out it was them. I will find a lawyer and file a lawsuit.

      • They are the worst company i ever worked with,i been on the phone for 2.45 hrs to 3.35 hrs and they just laugh at you when you try to complain that they switch from one person to onother ,i cant wait to get of their trashy service and my sales rep is part of restaurant depot the bigest lier ever.

  • Alesha cobrand

    Cocobellas beauty bar

    This is the worst decision I ever made in my life I stress out and depressed because off the extreme fees I’m paying and the deceptive behavior this company has…. I’m extremely disgusted……..

  • Diego

    Epic Leads

    On 03/15/2023, Clover Merchant Services, processed a credit-card payment in the amount of $3950 in behalf of my business. The client was verified by Visa and the charges approved. Clover Merchant Services, refused to release the funds to my business for over 10 business days. The client could not wait any more for his product, so he demanded a full cancelation and refund to be applied to the same card. I have requested such refund from Clover and canceled the invoice. Bianca Wilson from Clover Corporate contacted me about the dispute and told me Clover was going to hold funds from my client up to 90 days for no reason, this could be considered in most instances theft, there is no reason why my client (the victim here) should not get his money back, no goods were delivered, and no money was ever deposited into my account by Clover. Bianca’s attitude, rudeness, discourtesy, and lack of empathy, reflect the true predatory nature of Clover’s corporate. She did nothing to help and it seem she enjoyed putting my client and my business in a dire situation. I would never do business with a company like this again. Stay far away from Clover Merchant Services.

  • Crixell A Worley

    Only When Lit Candle’s & Crochet

    Clover was the worst choice for a business that never sold a thing! I have owned businesses in the past. But my sister and I opened a small biz ONLYWHEN LIT CANDLES & Crochet! I got very sick and ended up in the hospital in a coma due to a stroke. My sister had little knowledge of what we needed. Clover took advantage of the situation. We were a start up we were going to start up on Etsy. But we never started up at all. I sold my car to start up this biz. She ordered a machine not knowing what if or why we needed it. When I started feeling better I sat and I did my banking and I took a closer look. And you know that we never want to even opened the box but clover charged us every single month every single week we had overdraft fees we had we said we’re just ridiculous. I’m here a small little start up shop with myself in the hospital. In a coma we never got a shot to kick off. So the BMW that I sold so I could start up my little candle biz was all sucked up by cover fees. So I arranged in the machine back and they told me they would give me my money back. They understood. They never ended up giving me a dime back , instead I have my business account canceled with Bank of America. Do you not do business with this company? They were absolutely ridiculous. They don’t listen to you for a newer merchant company. Need to be listening to your businesses like mine so thank you very much you were one of the greatest reasons why my business did not take off. Shame on you Clarissa shame on you .

  • Tiwana Jones

    Lovingit Salon

    I wish it was a zero!! This company is bad news, when it comes to business. First when signing up for the pos manchine they charged me for two months after I just sign up two weeks ago and did’t tell me that’s was going to happen. Next I started seeing differnt charges coming out my account for service I didn’t have no knowledge of. I just started my business and through the reseach that was did was accurate. Merchant One came up as “number one for a pos manchine wrong. Clover is a scam, they charge all types of fees and when you try to get out of it, and send them there manchine to close the account, be careful becase they are charging you for a third party app that you don’t have no ideal about. Also they are still charging my account for the service that I am not using. These people are scammers, and taking advantage of people and act like they don’t know there job. Everytime I call they are switching me to someone else. I have been going through this for almost a month now and they still charging me for service I’m not using.

  • Haircolourstudio

    This is the absolute worst company. Zero customer service training is not efficient in handling complaints. It’s exhausting and I am so frustrated after calling for two weeks for a refund for an equipment that’s been CONFIRMED is in the ware house and I was still charged for it. CLOVER!!! What can you do without Clients?? Training, training, Training!

  • Roger Brown

    The Renaissance Gypsy

    We started using clover in 2021. We purchased our equipment but after about 5 months clover shut it down. They claimed it was due to water damage. We are retail, we don’t sell beverages of any kind. Clover demanded we purchase new equipment, at which point we closed the account and found a new service. However, I recently found out clover has been charging a monthly $16 fee along with a monthly $157.79. I called yesterday and they claimed the account was still open. I filled out more paperwork to close the account and called today to see about these charges. Now they say the account is still open and they are charging me because I did not return the equipment. I purchased it outright. To date I’m looking at roughly $3000 they have charged with no resolution.

  • R S

    Next Level

    There isn’t a company out there with worse customer service. I pulled clover from every business I possibly could so that I would never have to utilize their support ever again.



    Clover has no competent people working for them
    They take their percentage out of your money whether the cards they cash are good or bad
    My experience is they should have proper security in place to reject a credit and that is no good.
    They approved several of my customers credit cards only for the credit to be reversed after the service was over.
    They then while my reversed charges were challenged and case pending, they put me in to collections and charged me 150 and the case was undecided.

    When you call them each dept keeps referring you to the other dept. No body wants to be responsible. Btw they hung up on me 3 times in 30 min,
    Use anyone but them

  • gaurav sharma

    venus auto repair

    worst experience ever
    they just do scam to the people
    nobody told me about the hidden feeses
    its just a fraud
    once you got into contract nobody will help you out

  • Vandna

    Gs auti

    Hy how did you get out of this becz they did contract with me now i want to just cancel it

  • Clover is really really a corporate thief. They literally started deducting an extra $22.90 ontop of $44.30 monthly payments, tagging it to be “access fees for app mkt” . I was shocked and anxiety kicked in on me, as I have been charged from July till date without noticing. No prior notice of this SUDDEN CHANGE, and this was NOT on my contract. I reached out to clover, waiting 23mins to get to somebody, when I finally was able to get a hold of someone she said the fees are not adjustable and cannot be removed from my account. I never signed to iT but they literally imposed it on me. They now said for it to be removed, I will have to accept a higher processing fees of 3.5% from 2.99. I was totally a small struggling business, I have to close the account, as I can’t afford a total of $70 monthly just because I have a merchant account processing credit cards. They are not professionals, and I highly suggest business owners not to use this company as you will keep having issues with hidden fees or unexpected fees imposed on you.

  • Mason

    J&M Works

    Clover is not a legitimate company. They engage in deceptive business practices, and do not have ethics. Their customer service is very difficult to get ahold of.

    If you are trying to figure out where that “MERCHANT BANKCD” fee is coming from, well its Clover. They sent you an invoice, but you have to look in the spam folder. It is locked, so if you have the guts to click on an attachment in an email in your spam folder you also have to figure out what the password is. If you want to call customer service, make sure your afternoon is wide open.

  • Glenn B

    S N T T V B


    I will not bother elaborating on details since so many others have so eloquently described the same or similar situation… in summation, let’s not overlook the mandatory insurance fees on the equipment even after demanding a personal guarantee..


  • I do not recommend the Clover Pos System…The customer service dept. just keeps transferring you to the next representative and so on until you get frustrated on hold and just give up. Also do not buy their product….I purchased a card reader and my business was taken over by my son in law. When he went to activate it under his name, he was told that I did not purchase it through them so he would have to purchase or lease a new one???? I have a receipt but do you think I can talk to anyone to resolve it”No” so I told him to go through a different company and not to even use Clover. What a joke…if they say I didn’t purchase it through them, than they should at least give me my money back that they took. Can’t even ask for my money back because nobody knows what they are doing anyhow or where to even put a complaint in at. They refer you to an automated system that doesn’t even recognize your merchant number. Such a sad excuse for customer service !

  • Brian

    AW Organics

    They lied to me about there fees. Was told there would be only $10/month in fees plus buying the POS device for $800 and interchange plus. Get the device and it doesn’t even have POS software on it, find out to get the software it’s another $10/month fee. Stupidly I paid that to get a functionable device and then find out the software doesn’t even have all the features at that cost which would cost an additional monthly charge to get those simple features. Found out the online sales that I was told I could do through my website also has an additional fee I was not told about to get set up. Then I’m told if I cancel because of their shady fee structure they want to charge me $500… Stay away from this company at all costs.

  • Angelo Cervantes

    Tacos El Trompo

    Don’t deal with Clover. I have had this system for only 3 months and I have had customers complain about being double charged, what’s shocking one customer was charge one $15 and another $35!!!! On the same day. Another customer paid 8.81 and she show me her bank account transactions and apparently she was charged $10 this is ridiculous!! I’m losing customers and Clover is getting money this sounds like a scam. I called Clover and none of the employees know what they’re doing and when I tell them to call me back they don’t call back. The agent that helps us is useless he don’t have time to help us and one time we ran out of paper receipt rolls twice the first a week the second time 2 weeks. What’s the point of having an agent to help you if he’s not gonna have time. So far this company has been the worse ever since we opened!!!!!

  • Kathy Landry

    imagine that tees and more

    When you go to virtual Terminal to do an invoice
    where you type in your customers order no way to proof it before you send it.
    You should be able to proof it before you send it! PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK! The one before this new one you could.

    • Jessica Renee Smith

      Reiki Relaxation Station Llc

      IM AN UPSET BUSINESS OWNER CONSUMER. Clover Merchant Services at 1855-853-8340 has stolen my deposits. They keep providing me on “RECORDED CALLS” that they are going to deposit my business funds into my account and “IT NEVER HAPPENS!” I feel like Clover Merchant Services is scamming me. Everyday when I call into Clover. I always get a different scenario or a set promise of receiving my $14,000.00. I have spoken with numerous staff at Clover and yet NO RESOLUTION. On Clover recorded calls I have spoken with Account Soecialist Stacy Ann, Ms. Unique the level 2 supervisor, Raashed Hill, Supervisor Nicky Hines & many more. And yet “NO RESOLUTION!” When I ask to speak to higher authorities, Clover claims that their in a meeting & cannot tend to the phone. When I ask for Regional Managers or even the number to Headquarters, They never can provide that information as well. My business is beginning to drown due to Clover Merchant Services-Bank negligence. Minister Jessica smith [phone number redacted]

  • albert


    CLOVER has really bad services . they just waste your time . I told the sales I will doing health business which is I need accept HSA or FSA. the sales tell me no worries , they will set up .
    but when I purchase the hardware and call the customer services to set up HSA , NO ONE know what is HSA . I calling 5 times and no one know that . Finally I want to cancel the services . They start to transfer you to higher services department . Some one said I know but you have to apply by some website which is third party . I decided to cancel the order and use the other company they only spend me 10 mins to set up everything and I can use same day. And then when I want to return the hardware back to clover , I keep calling 2 months ,no kidding until today no one give me return label . they always said I will call manger and give you call back . no one call me , even no one give me a email to update . 2 months 10 calls and still no return label

  • Yong Lin

    Stylish Swimwear Inc

    Clover as a company is a joke. Do not do business with them. Their support team have no idea what they doing when it comes with tech issues with the systems. I spend 3 hour today on the phone with them and nothing has been resolved. This is the whole story and why I do not recommend using Clover as your merchant system for your business. I had a dispute and charge back from my bank for my business which I used clover to accepted the credit card. The credit card company ruled in favor of the customer because they customer said he been fraud and they not the one who used the card. After providing customer ID address and other information to credit card company still ruled in favor of the customer. So I called Clover and ask them going forward what can I do to prevent this from happening again. They told me to use the phone app and that allow me to enter customer address and zip code for a extra layer of protection against fraud. So I test this app they told me and as a test I enter they address and zip wrong for testing but they app still accepted the card and payment went through. So I called their tech support and ask them why this happened but they have no answer for it so they transfer me to fraud department and this lady straight out said there is nothing they can do or I can do to protect my self or business from fraud. She said this is not Clover fault or duty to help they merchant to prevent fraud. What a shocking answer from a multi million dollar company. Is not their responsibility to help merchant that they are charging thousands of dollar every month for credit card transaction fee and system fee. I can not believe that is the type of answer they will give to their merchant. My Advise to new merchant please take your business elsewhere this is not the type of company you want to deal with. 0 for support rating and 0 for responsibility as a company.

  • Absolutely horrible customer service, don’t respond to tickets filed from their website, don’t make callbacks or return calls as promised, every interaction for the simplest questions/requests involves multiple call transfers, dropped calls, no manager available, “not my department, call this number”.

    • Taurino Vargas

      absolute AC

      has this been resolved?
      i am having same issues.
      im concerned at this point reading the reviews.

    • Totally agree. After over an hour on hold. I tried the callback option. I’m a customer who could not get the perks code to work. Kept saying it was invalid. I did get a callback and was told they only service the merchant and could not help. Said she had no idea what the perks program was. Had no contact info for the customer. I told her it was a scam and terrible way to run a business and she agreed!! Shocking !!

  • Jasmine Leblanc

    No way to CANCEL, they will ask you to return the equipment and they will keep charging you a monthly fee for renting the equipment! It becomes the worst nightmare once you ask for cancellation, no service and no deal. So if you have a seasonal business go look for a different pos otherwise you will be stuck with them for 4 years and they will keep charging you even if your business has shutdown and they will lease your machines to a different business while you still paying a monthly equipment rental fee. Last warning : lease very long and complicated and better to consult a lawyer before signing anything. CAREFUL!!

  • Clover is the worse. They also strong arm companies very overpriced equipment.

  • Leona Marino

    Sassy N Sauce Catering

    Ended up going to the BBB and hoping this gets resolved. Only a few of my transactions went to my bank account. The people’s credit cards were charged but I didn’t get the money.
    I’ve called three times to try to cancel I’m not even on a contract and all they keep saying is we need to see if we can help you we need to see if we can help you and will not let me cancel. I called again the day before yesterday on hold for 2 hours trying to talk to someone I’m over it I did contact the better Business bureau.

  • Elaine Matthews


    Amazing with so many poor received why they received average from you. Definitely puts your ratings in question. Our own experience with Clover has been truly awful. Just getting the courage it takes to try to disconnect from them, and stop the madness. Apparently, that’s just as difficult as trying to get started.

  • Curtis Pieratt

    Peoples coffees

    This is the worst company ever they have scam so much money from me it’s unbelievable. Please do not sign up with this company it is a complete rip off. From the moment they came in I’ve had problems they continue to steal money from me

  • Daphne Apoleon

    H&R Event Planning

    Please do not use this company. They are the worst. I spoke to 16 different reps. And I still never got my money. My next stop is legal action.

  • Eva Beaule

    About Face

    I have never worked with such a poor setup. For example, for authentication a number is texted to my cell phone. No problem with that. However, when I my cell phone number changed, no one knew how to put a new number in. They suggested I get a new email or sign in as the owner.

  • Fatih Celik


    They lie until they make you work with them. After they start working, they talk differently and you lose 1 hour each time you call. Unprofessional and lying company.

  • Esther

    Qsisters event planners

    *****FRAUD ******
    They are fraud and take your money when you use clover they are fake and do fraud do. It use them

  • daniel belanger

    ex costumer

    your can of solid tuna is top by flake tuna and sold as solid. This is dishonest and i will look for a brand that as solid tuna only inside

  • Andre L De Moraes

    Today is 09/25/2021 and since 09/16/2021 I’ve been trying to have the money from a transaction released into my bank account and so far no success, they said that the transaction was too big of a transaction and “for my security” they’re holding the money. As soon as they transfer the money that belongs to me into my bank account I’ll break this stupid machine in pieces and never use clover again. Worst company ever 🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • The Joy Luck Club

    The Joy Luck Club

    Decided to give Clover a try last year when I opened my restaurant; as they were offering some trial specials and wanted to compare Clover to the Square I had already signed up for. After month, decided I enjoyed using Square more and reached out to the Clover representative to cancel the trial. Funds for usage of the debit terminal continued to be deduced from my bank account, despite numerous requests that I had cancelled the service. When I called the 1-8– Clover support number in Feb, I was told they could not help me and I had to deal with the rep who signed me up ????. The funds eventually (May) stopped being deducted from my bank account, however, the funds were that actually deducted have not, and still have not been refunded!!. Completely not acceptable !! I continue to email the rep asking for my refund, with no resolution !.

  • Clover is a scam and a POS. And no, not POS as in point of sale. Took three weeks just to have it installed since during the 1st installation, we found our menu and table service option were not setup on the machine. 2nd installation after our agent promised to have it ready to go and functional, more mistakes. Absolutely not ready to go by any means. Still no table service option – we are a full service sit down restaurant, and our menu was in complete disarray with absolutely no organization. Just our entire menu jumbled onto one screen. We even had our employees come for training and no trainee was present. We paid for our employees time for nothing. Mind you, during 2nd installation our agent was not even present due to a medical emergency. We spoke to our agent on that day about all the problems, and after that day we have not been able to get ahold of him since. No text, no call, nothing. He has blocked my number and any number associated with the restaurant. Took us weeks to get copies of our contracts and documents because we want to throw this damn POS into a fire and out of our restaurant. Spent our free time trying to get the menu into some sort of usable and efficient layout only to find that subcategories don’t exist. I mean, what POS doesn’t allow you to create a subcategory?! Also found there are many functions not available that makes Clover a not so efficient system, at least in my restaurant. I’ll take the fault for that since I did not do enough research and perhaps did not ask enough questions. Customer/technical support was friendly enough and did the best they could do, however, since we were wanting to return the system and receive compensation/reimbursement for at least some of the money we paid, which FYI, if paying out to your agent and not the clover company doesn’t smell like scam I don’t know what does, we were told all that has to be handled by the agent. We wanted to cancel, “has to go through the agent” they said. What do we do when our agent is an actual coward who has no sense of responsibility? The apparent owner is of no help either and was condescending. He seemed willing to help at some point, but now we have not been able to get in touch. Just getting the run around while they keep charging us monthly service fees and we haven’t even used it once! By some miracle had some people from corporate from another POS system come by our restaurant and they said they would be able to help with our predicament. They listened and looked over our paperwork, and like I suspected, they told us this company is dirty. They looked over our system, and told us it was an older model from 2012 which they were branding as the latest and greatest. The nightmare just gets worse. At least we are now seeing a little light at the end of the tunnel and hope to be done with mess. Moral of the story, do your research, don’t let weasly agents smooth talk you with empty promises and “low costs”, DON’T GET A CLOVER, RUN FAR, FAR AWAY!

  • Okema Brooks


    My experience with Clover as a Small Buisness owner has been a Total nightmare from the handling of My Device to them Taking unauthorized Amounts of Money out of my accounts to Not getting any Response in regards to why they are going in my Bank accounts at there leisure and removing unauthorized amounts of money. I have called numerous of times have spoken to numerous of agents who all direct me back to my sales agent, who is not answering his phone calls to no Resolution I am beyond disappointed in Clover merchant services for how they are handling my accounts as well as my Money. Removed hundreds of dollars from my account unauthorized then I was told they have to get an approval to Place my Money they took unauthorized back into my accounts and that it’s going to take 5 to 7 Buisness days to place it back In there! Because of there unauthorized removal of funds from account I have to pay late fees on bills that was do that I was unable to pay because they are linked to said account for set dates authorized to withdraw, I am still waiting on my Money to be put back into my account that Said I Am very disappointed in the service that I have and is receiving From clover merchant services😏😏😏😏

  • Carla Ann Parra

    Lifely wellness


  • Laura Bastos

    One of the worst choices I made for my business. The machine always breaks, and we had a lot of problems with the software. I decided to lease it because they said if I had any problem with the machine they would replace it the next day if necessary and no extra cost. Not true, you have to have several problems for them to replace it and every time the costs of replacement were higher.
    I was losing sales and they were charging me a lot to replace the machine so I decided to finish my lease and send back the machine. To my surprise, I have to pay for a broken machine for an extra 6 months.

  • Trey Emerson

    Sawyer River Knife

    I was skeptical at first, but my 2 other business partners talked me into it. After 8 months and an open mind I decided it was one of the better decisions made. Everything has it’s price and not everyone is willing to pay. This system has made all of our lives easier. No one has all the answers, so be happy when you get the ones you do.

  • Christina Kemp

    Please do not sign up with this company, they make you sign a 4 year term and if you want to cancel it will cost you $500 dollars. You also have to pay a monthly fee for the machine which you will not even own at the end.

  • Mike


    After several years of problems with fees and Non compliance fees, poor customer service Im dumping Clover. Just continue to loose money and fees get bigger and more often.

  • Clover is the most expensive company on the market when it comes to fees. They explain it to you one way but neglect to tell you all of the fees that are deducted from the payment your company receives. HORRIBLE COMPANY. PLEASE RUN!!!

  • Cathleen Calderon

    I have lived in hell for 2 years with Clover. I was contacted by their sales group and got on board. When my equipment arrived I had been shipped 2x the product we discussed and some items we didn’t even talk about! We are a food delivery service, cloud based company. We were sent POS items for brick and mortar stores. Tried several times to get a RA for return and never came, tried to talk to anyone and NO ONE WOULD TALK. I had signed a contract and was told I had to abide by it or I would be sued. I have paid $289 monthly for 2 years, over $6000. For equipment I didn’t order. It is impossible to get ANYONE to listen or help. I went back to my previous processor, Elevon, now just stuck with a bunch of Clover crap, that I never used but paid monthly! This is the most dishonest company I have EVER dealt with.
    I am going to file a complaint with the FCC and see if I get response.
    They SUCK and have taken $ from my company for something I NEVER ORDERED! IF Clover CEO’S read this DO THE RIGHT THING AND CONTACT ME TO RIGHT THIS SISTUATION.

  • Allison Hubbard

    Cannot say enough terrible things about clover. They are a scam and the customer service is non existent. I called, emailed, sent by carrier pigeon. When I finally got ahold of someone to cancel
    My account the man said “sure! I’ll just email you to confirm” In the email it stated that I owed a $595 cancellation fee because I was still under contract. I called for two months to get a new system and they never responded till I wanted to cancel. I also never got an answer back when I said I wasn’t under contract and that they defiantly did not keep up their end of the contract anyway. But they still charged me. Never ever use them.

  • The WORST thing you can get for your business! This machine may look nice and user friendly but the headache you are going to go through when getting charged random fees and then trying to get refunded for those fees is going to be worse than having your teeth pulled out. Clover’s customer service is a joke and you will probably end up waiting on hold 3 to 4 times for a single issue, not to mention being passed around from one agent to the next. Also, if you are owed a refund for some idiotic charge, you have to wait TWO billing cycles (60 days) for a refund. My recommendation- Don’t bother with this system. Not worth it.

  • Josh Bradley

    Clover is one of the WORST CREDIT PROCESSORS out there as I switched over to Clover because of there ability to Rapid Deposit etc… Nope upon signing up Joanna which is their VP of Business messed up the Account and now cannot fix it. Security Department decided to freeze and hold funds for no reason and then lost them no way to call Security Department. Further the Security Department removed Rapid Deposit again for No Reason (We have 0 Chargebacks/Disputes) then when we try to update our Bank Account information it won’t let us telling us we need to contact them. Of which when we did they want to review OUR BANK Information to see if it satisfies their Requirements which I am totally baffled as it is a BUSINESS BANK ACCOUNT from Firstier Bank a FDIC Bank. This Company has shown within 3wks how much they are a SOCIALIST COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP COMPANY who main GOAL IS TO SCREW WITH THEIR CLIENTS AND TREAT THEM HORRIBLE. Don’t believe me well just ask because we have all their emails and documentation that states otherwise.

  • Clover is the worst they are so rude and disrespectful please do not do business with this POS

  • Idara F. Abasi

    So I am a new business owner and got clover because it was the only one I knew at the time that would partner with my business. SO I purchased it in August of 2020 and didn’t get it charged for it till 3-4 months later. Another thing is I tried to log in and it instead had to create another account which means another device got shipped. So instead of them not shipping it, I had to wait till it got delivered to return it to them. after I canceled my account. I just got charged for that device today Feb 2021. Thirdly, I couldn’t afford monthly bills as I hadn’t gotten any clients yet, so I canceled my account and asked if I could get a refund for the device and charges, they said no as all charges and fees are nonrefundable. the last thing, so as I said earlier I just got charged for the account I was forced to create, although I had canceled and returned the device. So I called them and asked why I got charged? they said for the device, I told them I already returned it after what seemed like 10 minutes of being on hold low and behold they did receive and I will get my refund within 5- 7 business days. If your business won’t immediately make money don’t use clover

  • Terrible service. High fees. Customer service sucks.

  • Lenora Williams

    Scam scam scam i paid for the mini and the complete POS system cash ,money was taken from my account for months to pay off what I’d already paid for, cou,could, never talk to person that made sale to me , money continued to be taken from account for things I didn’t know why , worst company I’ve ever done business with, don’t do it

  • Andy Hawker

    We opened a craft beer tap house 6 months ago with Clover as our POS. We used the pre-authorizations feature on the register app to create a tab for customers. The feature associated their name and credit card with their order and allowed us to quickly add drinks to their order. Suddenly this feature was removed two weeks ago and we have no quick way to associate a customer’s name to a bar tab, instead having to type in their name one the initial order, which is time consuming. We had to call Clover support 5 times as we would get cut off and they would not call us back, even though they ask for your phone number to call you back in case you are cut off. They proceeded to tell us we never had the pre-authorization feature with our system, even though the set up shows the option is selected. They asked if we can prove we had it with a screen shot of the pre-authorization option showing. Why would I have had to take screen shots to prove what I had when it was simply part of the system? Do they typically gas light their customers? I was then told I need to buy a new system and a more expensive pay app, Clover Dining if I wanted to use their product in this most basic manner, as we have been for over 5 months. This is blatant bait-and-switch sales.

    Very dissatisfied with their tactics, product, customer service and incompetent support!

  • Scam company, claim to be cheaper but are MUCH more expensive than others, my business shut down due to covid and all other companies agreed to not charge me but clover keeps charging HUGE sum of money every month, plus app fees 45$, plus extra fees fees fees etc…
    They do not agree to return debit ( they say the only option is to buy them for 10,000 and not possible to return.

    They are the reason i cannot get out of debt since im being charged 300 on a dead business and there is NOONE to talk to… Bad service , rude ppl, unwilling to help


  • Tracy burrell

    We lost our business during covid and clover treated us like garbage
    Tried to return equipment and they said I needed a label to return it. Left me on hold 5 times in 2 days to find out they don’t use return labels.
    Put me on hold and their office was already closed for the day

    They made losing my business feel like vinegar in a fresh wound.
    Shame on you Clover

  • I own 4 Mini Clover for my business. My main issue with the Clover is the service and maintenance
    of the device. Is is a shame that you have replace the machine for a minor printing issues or
    unexplained Malfunction. For $700 each Clover, they need have the machine under 5 years warranty at lease. I have been in Business for 35 years and I have used all kind of processing devices. This Clover was twice as expensive than any other machine I owned.
    They need to repair or replace the machine with no question ask.

  • Get 20 to 30 phone calls a week from the clover people, told them Over 100 times not to call me anymore and they continue to call. When they call they ask for somebody else and other businesses that are not associated with my businesses. Talked to supervisors and still the calls keep coming in.

  • Wow, normally you see mixed reviews on items. But when all the reviews are negative, you tend to pay more attention. I was leaning on leasing the Clover Mini, but I will keep researching for more POS. Thank you all for the reviews.

  • One of the worst POS system you can think about. In addition to their nasty customer service, the system lacks to basic features that any POS system should have. The way that they advertise their ability to track inventory is misleading and I would say completely lay. If you are using Clover to keep track of you inventory, you will lose time working with the tedious tasks that cost way more than you would loss someone was shoplifting you daily.
    And you have to buy their tablet for around $1,500.00 or you need to be locked to 3 years contract that you can’t get around it. and also you need to pay for external app in order to get any feature you may think about. Even the basic services that are built in with clover, are not free ; like creating coupon discount.
    I don’t recommend clover to any small bushiness owner.

  • Ran a transaction that was over $4000, and the security team sent me an email to verify the transaction, no big deal alright, but sent over the invoice and customer info to contact them did they contact the customer to confirm the sale, NO, did they contact me for any further information,NO, did i leave them a number of voicemails and emails, Yes i did, and still they kept the money for whatever reason without any call back or email what so ever and canceled my account, and this was only the second transaction, and still dont know what is going on with the money because clover cant even get a hold of their own security people, wow thats awesome, I told clover that if you cant get a hold of them how would I be able to, you guys have a really flawed system over there, I will be sure to let the BBB know what is going on and will never get any business from me of any kind, if im at a coffee shop and see they have clover, Ill pay cash

  • Ran a transaction that was over $4000, and the security team sent me an email to verify the transaction, no big deal alright, but sent over the invoice and customer info to contact them did they contact the customer to confirm the sale, NO, did they contact me for any further information,NO, did i leave them a number of voicemails and emails, Yes i did, and still they kept the money for whatever reason without any call back or email what so ever and canceled my account, and this was only the second transaction, and still dont know what is going on with the money because clover cant even get a hold of their own security people, wow thats awesome, I told clover that if you cant get a hold of them how would I be able to, you guys have a really flawed system over there, I will be sure to let the BBB know what is going on and will never get any business from me of any kind, if im at a coffee shop and see they have clover, Ill pay cash

  • Ereida Lopez

    Clover Is HORRIBLE They Are Saying We Are At Risk For Fraud We Sent Them Our Invoice Name number address tracking number with signature required the products where deliver within the same week and their keeping OUR Money because we are in investigation Yet The percentage They Charge Yeah that’s ok to take from our account put we can’t have our funds available

  • Bonnie I Hannum

    Customer service is awful, frequently get the run around and stuck in the middle with zero support!

  • Loren Jackson

    I have had the worst experience with Clover Merchant. I wasn’t informed of additional fees, and when I went to cancel my account, the person I signed up with GHOSTED me. After spending an hour on the phone, with 50 minutes of that on hold, my account is supposedly canceled, and I have little hope of the money Clover took from my account to be refunded. I’d stay clear of this company.

  • Long story short I was promised these devices would accept a particular gift card which my restaurant used in the past which they were never able to get working despite that promise. I was told the range of the devices were great which within our small restaurant they kept dropping. One device also wouldn’t charge and when I called the support line was placed on hold for an hour and a half to which was then disconnected and no call back was made despite have my number, this is just a couple a issues we had in the one shift they were used, the list could go on and on. We used these devices literally once and since have been trying to return them. It’s been 7weeks and I can’t seem to get anyone to take the machines back from clover from paylidify or first data I’ve reached out to as many outlets as humanly possible. They are a leased device so I’ve been charged to have them sitting and collecting dust. I’ve sent 17email 27phone calls to the 1888 number 14 calls to the rep who signed us up 8 text messages with that person as well. I’ve now spoken with 11 different people giving me 11 different answers on returning them as to which I’ve jumped thru every hoop and have done all that was asked and still have the units. I’ve been promised 6 times boxes were coming for me to return them which still have yet to come. So currently still have the units which have been used once! Customer support is beyond terrible in fact arguably the worst I have ever experienced in my life! Was promised I would not be charged for the units and cancelation fees would be waved but have yet to see this happen.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Katharine Carroll

    Only one of the three reps I spoke to was a professional in handling the situation for tech support. The others need proper training. I asked for a supervisor since she wasn’t able to further help. I was put on hold & I finally hung up after I realized she wasn’t going to help. When I called back this advanced tech thought it would be fun to tell me to pull the power cord out for ten times since that was the magic number he decided. When I asked him about it, he hung up. – I’m working to take care of my customers & dealing with such poor tech service when I need help is beyond disappointing.

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  • Pawee Sae-chua

    1. Nice looking
    2. Easy to use

    1 accounting is a machine
    2 when speaking to someone in accounting they don’t know what they are doing
    3 not restaurant user friendly
    4 the category and modifier setting on the pos don’t go hand in had
    5 have to pay extra for payment buttons and discount buttons
    6 if credit card reader break they don’t replace it if a lease the collect 200$ for the new one
    7 if you buy out clover it don’t cover the card reader or the system
    8 if you lease it and find a better system there is no one to answer the call, the answer machine just tells you what to do and then clover will try to charge 2000$ to break the lease.
    9 just don’t buy it !!

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  • This company is a complete joke please stay away from this we never post reviews but all what you read before this is complete true. They will hold your funds make promises and customer service are just terrible!!! Save yourself a headache and go somewhere else right now they holding $5700 of our funds at their risk department and no one is available to help out we would never recommend this company to any one bad bad experience! Hopefully we would not have to go farther and open a law case under this business. Save yourself a big headache!

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


    • Tim


      Did you ever get your money back? I am in the same situation right now. They are holding my money without giving any reason. I’m confused devastated and don’t know what to do

      • Dan Holkema


        Hi Tim
        Yes I did finally get reimbursed, but it was only because of the review I left here. The Presidential Unit of Clover forced them to pay me everything back except for $500 to cancel 2 contracts. I have not received the refund for the app charges yet, but have been reassured that they will be reimbursed. My contract was with Clover Canada.

  • Maria Gomez

    It’s ridiculous yours waiting time in the phone. once you want our business you are there in seconds. but when we decide to cancel our service with it takes hours for someone to take our call. once it happens you just simply hang out our call and nothing gets resolve.

    This post will help: Best Restaurant Merchant Accounts

    – Phillip

  • Rebecca Landis

    I am just starting to use a Clover Flex for SNAP EBT tokens at a farmers’ market. It appears that First Data won’t allow manual entry of cards with bad mag stripes. And we could not use the machine to clear offline food vouchers. Most farmers’ markets have just one wireless card reading machine. When it dies, we authorize over the phone on laborious forms, that have to be cleared one by one on the new equipment. This is part of offering SNAP EBT, and First Data is shirking that responsibility.

    This post will help: Best EBT Payment Processors

  • Jeanine Maczko

    Clover is not the system for you if you are a retail business/store. Clover is tailored to the restaurant atmosphere. My sales rep told me everything I wanted to hear and answered all my “can I do this on the system” questions with a yes…when in reality the answer was no. If you want to do anything more than a basic sale, plan on spending money on an app. You have to purchase an app for every single thing you want to do. Even something as simple as inventory management requires an app. Why would I want a system for my retail store that doesn’t help me keep track of my inventory? Want price stickers for your product? Well, plan on paying for that too. Such a huge disappointment for my brand new business that is going to take me forever to pay for in addition to the monthly fees. The salesman had no clue what he was answering yes to but I am the one who will now suffer. The help desk is clueless as well.

    From The Editor
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  • Stacey Mobley

    So, I finally rid myself of Clover / First Data. From the beginning I have been extremely unhappy with them. The biggest thing to me was the lack of full disclosure. When they were selling me on Clover they gave only partial info, especially when dealing with First Data rates. They sold me a on the “great % rates”, but fail to mention ALL the fees, the REWARD Fees, not to mention they took several times, PCI fees more than once a month. First Data was hard to deal with. This was the biggest thing for me. Today echoed the same frustration when closing my account. They are never committing to anything, just “ok I understand”, or just by ignoring what you’re saying. For me Clover software/platform may have been updated since 2015, but its not worth the First Data interactions. Also, their App Store has many startups that have ZERO support. I have used 2 & immediately canceled during my time using Clover. Talk about frustration. Bottom line, if you go with Clover, make sure you get ALL the facts about your contract. Keep In mind you pay Clover subscription fee & then you pay another fee for basically the same thru First Data. Reward Fees were never disclosed to me when giving me such a “great % rate” for my transaction charges. then be on the look out for PCI charges (I was doubled charged quite a bit), then there are the Annual, Semi-Annual, or monthly Credit Card company fees (Visa, Amex,etc.) Also, First Data does not really give rate reductions on evaluations of your account. They are in the business of making money, so why would they. Also, the portal to access your First Data is aggravating. the site is not laid out well , you have to change your password every 90 days, & you cannot set your own user id. You also have to reset Clover access every 90 days. Buyer beware…. All I’m gonna say. I am now using Square and being CHARGED WAY less than with CLOVER/First Data. People can say this is false all they want, but I am not paying Rewards Fees, PCI fees, Square Subscription Fee = Clover Subscription Fee,. I say you compare your rates & then you will see your paying quite above their 1.29% – whatever they are charging now (starting off %—-not including the rest). I pay 2.5% plus $.10 per trans on SQUARE REGISTER & then I pay 2.75% on Square POS (iPad). All in one access – not on 2 sites like Clover/First Data.

    From The Editor
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  • Roberto Tolentino

    First off DO NOT BUY. Clover POS is a nice device but everything behind it is a mess . They don’t deposit on time , they hold your funds for no reason , they turn their backs on customers . They have NO customer service. The device turns on and off on its own meaning it always malfunctions . So overall please look for a different POS system . Thank me Later

    From The Editor
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  • We used Clover for our business a couple of years ago. We had to pay them over $3,000.00 in 3 yrs and after 3 years we had to pay an additional $400.00 just to be able to keep it! They won’t let you out of contracts and will drain you of every penny you have! These guys are scam artists!! Never again will I use their product!!!

    From The Editor
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  • I run a corporate thrift store. We have these devices. When they malfunction, we are told to call the elevated services line for help. Normally the experience is wonderful! This time, however, not so much. The stores we run sometimes have 1 or 2 registers and they malfunction during business hours. We cannot always pull a cable from 1 to use on another when the only other device is being used to assist customers! I had 1 device down, offline, and the young lady I spoke with (no name was given) spoke to me like I was an idiot. I’m no techie, but I’m not dumb either. I simply asked for her to describe the cord I was to be looking for, as I had at least 6 different ones in front of me, all leading to different things! When I found it, she asked me to plug it into another port. I simply advised that the only other port was the one my phone was connected to so I could not do that. She snapped at me and asked me what my phone had to do with anything!! She asked me for the device number, which I did not have so I asked her where I would find that (mind you, I have this info in my office, however I was not in my office and knew it could be accessed on the device, I was just not sure where). She scoffed through the phone like I had asked a stupid question and it seemed as if it was too much of me to be asking her where to locate this info. Turned out, I could not locate the info because it was not where she said it was, which in turn made her even more rude. I call this service for help, not to be talked down to and treated like a child. We were given this number because we can’t always wait on hold and go through a call tree until we get someone to help us because we have a business to run and customers don’t always understand why they have to wait! This was not efficient. This was not helpful. Being as I’ve had better experiences int he past, I am hoping this is a one time incident. With the way the devices seem to go through “moods”, i guarantee I will be calling again! And let’s not even start on how our Rep has yet to send us the rolls of printer paper we were promised a month ago, when they were installed! We have 18 stores and 3 of us have not received printer paper. I have had to purchase some outside of Clover just to get us through because we don’t want to be charged twice when we finally receive what is said to be “on the way”. Not the least bit convenient.

    From The Editor
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  • They hold our $30k over 2 weeks, we’ve never seen the money. They wanted us to cancel the transaction, we did, 2 days later they have withdrawn $ 30738. Hard to get customer service, if you want to terminate their service it’s another $485. We’ve never told we’re signing the contract. Please DON’T get Clover

  • The only reason it get a 1 star is because there is no lower ranking. Terrible customer service. I was bamboozled in the beginning as I didn’t know much about running a restaurant yet and contracted with Clover and First Data. I called today to get a payoff on my equipment (Countertop POS, Two minis, a countertop printer and a kitchen printer), after paying on it for almost two years and I still owe over $4000!!!!! I had done the lease but I guess at some point I was so desperate to get a system set up that I missed that it costed over $8000!! I was focused on the lease price. Stay away! Then I was then raked over the coals with with First Data for over a year and a half where they were over charging my percentage. I fought for over a year and finally got refunded over $5000 of wrongful billing because “a decimal ha d been moved when entering the rates” yet I called time and time again yelling about it and they couldn’t find it but all of a sudden did. I know they owe me more but what can I do about it. It took me a year to get that back. Stay away if your smart – see all the bad reviews. There are much cheaper POS systems out there that have more functionality. You’ve been warned.

  • SCAM!! … We “rented” the Clover for a trial period, under the guise that we could switch our website over, and do more TO it using Clover… That wasn’t true, this system allows us to do less than our current web host. Not the end of the world, it just isn’t a good fit… The problem is that Clover is refusing to cancel our account now, and continues to take endless unexplained hidden fees straight from our bank account! … The rep says she cancelled it, Clover says there is no cancellation in the system, and round and round we go. Clover reps themselves tell us that they “don’t know what the fees are for” that they are (seemingly) randomly taking from our bank account. We actually never even swiped one transaction with it, or published a website (we realized within the first couple of entries that the web hosting couldn’t do what we are currently doing), nor did we add any features. THIS CAN’T BE LEGAL! But they still refuse to cancel our “service” and continue to take unauthorized fees from our bank account, and are whistling all the way to their bank with OUR MONEY! With all due respect, these people should be shut down.

  • Please stay away from this company unless you prefer to pay outarages fees for card processing. While at the bank (BOA) opening a new business account I was told if I accepted card payments I should consider Clover as they had better rates than the other card processing provider i was using. They had me sit in another room with a Clover representative. The lying Clover employee promised I will be paying just a flat rate that was about half of what I was currently paying. It turns out there is fee after fee after fee on top of my supposed flat rate processing fee. I went from paying 2.9 % fee with the other company to paying 3.5 % plus $30 monthly maintenence fee, $10 mobile payment monthly fee, random (random as in the percentage varied from month to month) batch settlement fees, random AVS Wats fees, random Visa network fees, random assessment fees and new fees. Not too mention if your customer uses a rewards or perks credit card you get charged an extra 1% or more depending on the card!!!! So there is no way for you to know exactly how much a transaction is actually costing you. Every transaction will total up to a different fee. So your supposed “Flat Rate” only applies to certain basic credit cards with no perks or rewards. Which there in no way for you to know which kind of card your customer is paying with. The Clover representatives are purposely lying and deceiving customers to get you to sign up. They are scammers and will cost you a ton of time and money in the long run. I’m out hundreds of dollars becuase I was unaware of all these hidden fees which are tacked on to my supposed “Flat Rate”! Go with a company who will not lie to get your business and steal money directly from your bank account. And to make it worse, if you cancel they will still charge you the remainder of the months “Maintenance, Monthly & Random ” fees!

    • The first issue is you went thru your bank and not Clover directly. I’ve come to learn that the bank has an arrangement to sell Clover and their terms, fees, and rates are determined by your bank. Clover being the support is controlled by what the contract written by your bank. Clover cannot adjust or make any changes not agreed to by your bank. It is your bank at fault.

  • Worst system ever. Extra they are a scam. I’m now dealing with the same thing with my business. Extra charges, unreliable service and I get to spend the day being transferred or on hold dealing with all the issues. If it says says clover. Hang up.

  • Dan Nguyen

    Clover is NOT a reliable system and partner. constantly run into system problems and their customer support is clueless and disaster. Stay away from Clover!

    • Hey Dan. The individual you have discussed with should have asked more questions to fully understand your business and what you need. This clearly sounds like someone who wanted to sell you something and not really interested in providing you with a solution that fits your needs. In this industry you need to have a knowledgeable person.

    • Frank Miller

      Your absolutely right. Clover SUCKS and they bounce you from person to person for over 90 minutes every time I have called the last 30 days. They say a supervisor will call you within 2; hours and they never do, Anyone interested in filing a class action lawsuit against them,

  • We own a boutique where we also offer screen printing and embroidery. The clover system was sold to us as full POS system. Not the case at all. We were all excited to get started with it. It looked modern, cool, and expectations were high. When we tried to ring up our first printing order of more than 100 pieces we found our first issue. The system will not allow sales of items with a quantity of more than 100. Not a good thing when we routinely sale t-shirt orders of more than 100 shirts. We either had to make up multiple skus, which made a receipt look terribly unprofessional or make an invoice on word. Then I wanted to run a report on inventory value. Not possible. You can export a report to excel but good luck with that. My wife and I have both called customer support. We were both told that when enough people complained about the same issue, they may look into a fix. Until then, nothing would change. This was after going through multiple customer service reps who didn’t even understand what I was asking for help with. When asked if we could return the 2 POS systems we bought we were literally told “they’re yours, you bought them, do what you want with them, you could try selling them on ebay”. Needless to say, at this point, POS and Clover have a whole new meaning for us. Definitely not “Point of Sale” or “Lucky Clover”. We’re currently looking for another option, over $2000 and a lot of frustration later.

    • You only need a standalone terminal to process payments. POS systems are basically a huge expensive tool you don’t need!
      I have terminals next to Clover stations all over the place. Eventually it will be a paper weight…

      • Hi, Please could you explain what you mean by Standalion payment process. I am starting a new business and all these rates are scary.. thanks

        • They’re talking about just getting a regular credit card terminal such as a Verifone VX 520 or Ingenico ICT220. With the Clover Mini you can use it as a standalone terminal without paying the monthly Service fees. You will be able to accept chip cards and NFC (Near Field Communcation) transactions such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet. If you’re needing something to manage your inventory, business, and more features. Clover is a good solution for small business with small inventory and quick service restaurants. The monthly fee and cost of unit will vary depending on who sets up your account.

    • Hi,

      I see your post and I understand you before the devices even arrived. I’m going to have the same issues as you described above. Clueless customer support and the sales you into something they have no idea if it will fit your needs. I wish we can talk and you can guide me with further options.

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