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Company Overview

Not to be confused with Worldpay, World Payment Services is a merchant account provider that specializes in servicing small to mid-size businesses. The company has been operating since 1998 and provides services that allow merchants to process credit cards and other non-cash forms of payment. WPS claims to be “powered by First Data,” which indicates that the company resells First Data (now Fiserv) processing services in some capacity. The company also advertises its use of Clover POS systems.

Article Summary

Before we dive in, here’s a short summary of what we’ll cover:

  • World Payment Services’ various payment services.
  • World Payment Services has very few public complaints.
  • Contract includes some expensive fees.
  • Company has a full-disclosure policy that could offer major benefits.

World Payment Services Payment Processing

World Payment Services processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. Their services include EMV card readers and swipers, POS solutions, wireless payments, and more.

Location and Ownership

The company is an ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, California, as its acquiring bank. The company itself has its headquarters at 2329 Clark Avenue Raleigh, NC 27607. Jack Kimball is listed as the president and CEO of World Payment Services.

Table of Contents

World Payment Services Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Item Result
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A
Recent Lawsuits No

Clean Complaint Record

We are unable to locate any negative World Payment Services reviews. If you have a World Payment Services review to make yourself, please do so in the comments below.

Potentially Misdirected Complaints

Complaints intended for the credit card processor could also be misdirected to WorldPay, as the two companies share similar names. Regardless, the company appears as of this update to have an enviable complaint rate for its size and time in business, though its singular support line is not sufficient to qualify it as a top payment processor for customer service.

World Payment Services Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against World Payment Services. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

World Payment Services Customer Support Options

World Payment Services lists a dedicated support phone number on its website. It is possible that First Data (Fiserv) provides some customer support for World Payment Services’ clients, which would result in those complaints appearing under First Data’s online profiles rather than World Payment Services’.

World Payment Services Customer Service Number

  • (866) 783-8380 – Toll-Free Support

Other Support Options

World Payment Services Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Item Result
BBB Reports 1

No BBB Complaints

The Better Business Bureau currently gives an “A+” to World Payment Services. The company is not accredited by the BBB at this time. World Payment Services has 0 complaints filed against it in the last 36 months.

What Merchants Say

World Payment Systems has also received 1 informal review on its BBB profile. The one review describes poor service and inadequate customer support:

I am a small business owner and WorldPay FIS has “misplaced” over $20,000 of our credit card and *** bank transfers from our clients. They are charging for this service, but they will not help us to rectify their problem. Their customer service is horrible. We have been on the phone, holding and being transferred for over 7.5 hours yesterday and another 4.5 hours today and still they cannot fix their problem or even stay on the line to help us. They keep hanging up on us.

Businesses looking for the best in customer service should check out our list of top-rated merchant account providers.

An “A” Performance

Given World Payment Services’s clean complaint record, we agree with the BBB’s rating at this time.

World Payment Services Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Item Result
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates 1.00% - 4.99%
Equipment Leasing Yes

World Payment Services Pricing

According to a copy of the standard World Payment Services merchant application, the company charges an early termination fee of $295, an annual fee of $95, a monthly minimum fee of $25, and a monthly statement fee of $25. The company may also charge other fees, and it’s possible that the fees in this document can be altered by independent agents if necessary, making it either much more costly or approaching rates that can rival budget-friendly merchant account providers.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

In addition to its storefront payment processing services, World Payment Services also dedicates a portion of its website to advertising its virtual terminal and payment gateway. The company offers a virtual terminal through a portal it brands “Global Gateway Central” though pricing is not disclosed for this service. Additional rates and fees, including gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and additional transaction rates typically apply to these e-commerce services.

No Contract Complaints

A lack of World Payment Services complaints seems to indicate that the company does not charge excessive fees and clearly communicates the fees it does charge at the point of signing. There is no information at this time regarding the company’s equipment lease policy, but business owners are encouraged to purchase equipment upfront whenever possible.

We also encourage readers to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

World Payment Services Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Item Result
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Likely
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

Independent Sales Agents

World Payment Services appears to hire independent sales agents to sell its contracts. Although independent sales agents are often motivated to sign clients up for the most expensive terms possible, there are nearly zero publicly-listed World Payment Services complaints about the company’s sales tactics. The lone World Payment Services review we have ever seen about the company’s sales practices was filed with the Better Business Bureau, and in this instance, the company enforced the full early termination fee despite the client’s claim that the fee was not disclosed by a sales agent. This stance differs dramatically from the company’s response to a former BBB complaint in which it refunded the fee in full. In general, the risk of a massive World Payment Services fee for early termination does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Deceptive Marketing

Additionally, World Payment Services does not appear to use any deceptive marketing or sales tactics in its official materials. Overall, the company’s low complaint rate regarding its sales practices inclines us to award it an “A” in this category for the time being. That said, if you suspect that the company is adding hidden fees to your contract, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit.

Our World Payment Services Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

By all available metrics, World Payment Services appears to outperform many other credit card processing providers of its size who also use independent agents and rely on First Data (Fiserv) for their processing. There is some indication that the company’s very low complaint rate is the product of a corporate policy that emphasizes and enforces full disclosure. Therefore, the company’s rating is likely to improve as long as it maintains its clean complaint record. World Payment Services, by our judgment, is not a ripoff or scam operation and appears to have terms that offer similar value provided by top overall merchant account providers.

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