Mastercard Service Provider (MSP) Definition

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Merchant Account MSP Explained:

A MasterCard Service Provider facilitates the processing of payments between merchants, banks, and credit cardholders. These providers ensure that transactions are conducted smoothly and securely, adhering to established standards and protocols set by MasterCard. Their role encompasses the authorization and settlement of transactions as well as compliance monitoring and support for emerging payment technologies.

What are the Services Offered By Mastercard?

MasterCard Service Providers offer a variety of services including processing credit and debit card payments, managing merchant accounts, and providing detailed reporting and analytics on transaction data. MasterCard also offers tools for risk management and fraud prevention, which are critical for safeguarding against unauthorized transactions and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

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  • Thomas


    I have been researching entry into the payment processing industry. My company would like to be positioned as close as possible to the card industry networks. Although it is difficult to find clearly detailed information on the subject, it appears impossible to contract directly with MasterCard or Visa. It looks like you have to be sponsored by a financial institution. This confuses me. Outside of the card networks and the sponsor bank, what role does the ISO perform in payment processing besides providing the merchant with payment card equipment?

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