Navigating the Payment Card Fee Settlement: A Guide for Business Owners

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Join The Class Action Settlement

A significant development in the world of commerce is unfolding, and it could impact your finances. The Payment Card Settlement, emerging from a class action lawsuit against Visa and Mastercard, addresses claims of excessive fees charged to merchants for card acceptance, potentially violating antitrust laws.

This lawsuit covers a broad period, from January 1, 2004, to January 25, 2019. If your business accepted Visa or Mastercard payments during this time, you might be part of this settlement class.

Get in Before The Deadline

The settlement offers a chance for affected businesses to file claims and possibly receive compensation. The deadline for submitting these claims is May 31, 2024, which emphasizes the urgency for businesses to understand and act upon this opportunity.

To participate, business owners need to verify their eligibility, understand the claim process, and gather the necessary documentation. This might involve reviewing past transaction records and assessing the fees paid during the specified period.

The nations largest retailers are participating in the settlement, which could mean the financial implications could be substantial for many businesses, offering a chance for recovery from potentially unjust charges. The more business that participate, the larger the settlement gets. So be sure to spread the word.

How to Participate

For detailed information, including the steps to participate and more about the financial aspects, it's crucial to visit the official Payment Card Settlement website. This resource provides comprehensive guidelines and essential documents related to the settlement.

Don't miss this opportunity to potentially recoup significant costs and stand up against unfair practices. Check your eligibility and consider participating in the Payment Card Settlement today. For more information, visit Payment Card Settlement.

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  • Brian Hale

    tia's nails

    I did my taxes and found I was being charged just under 10% I had asked about all costs charges and other fees, which they said there weren’t any. Supposed to be under 2%. They charged me for a machine they said would be free, I could buy new on ebay for about 100. They charged me 97$ a month. When I called them on it they said it didn’t matter what the salesman said, not since there has been pen and paper, I should have read the 72 pages of fine print wherein it said if our receipts were under a certain amount in my wife’s salon, which they were told how much she normally has in receipts, but fine print said we would be charged this heinous fee for a 100.00 machine. They were so honest about their dishonesty. Now I get a bill in which I will be charged personal property tax of 30 $ and 10 for them to process it on the used machine, now available for less than that on ebay. I am pretty sure they are not even paying the tax they are taking from my account. I think am notifying the sec and the Missouri state dept. revenue. They belong in jail but how do you jail a corporation in jail? Hopefully they will be fined 400 million. I don’t run my wifes business she is an immigrant who has been taken advantage over language, I asked all the questions for her I just spotted the lies when I was looking over her taxes. Better call me and if you want a 30 dollar machine back that she has paid you thousands for already you can send a box and pay the shipping. I will settle for you getting the return shipping box sent to me and the money you falsely said was for property tax on a item newer and all over ebay for 30 dollars in which there is that much in personal property tax owed. That is so outrageous, and 10 dollars to process it. I will let it go when you return that and send your own shipping box and forget all the other charges and lies. If not our next step will be to find out how many people are paying property tax of more than the machine is worth, plus 10

  • Rajvir Dhillon

    Dhillon Art Gallery

    They also scammed with me. The date contract was signed. I was off. I was on holidays. And i didn’t sign any contract at all. I told them and showed proof. But they were not agreed. And enforced to pay. I returned there payment machine. Still sending me letters for payment. My back account is closed too.
    Please advise me what i can do. Because i don’t want to pay penalty. Because i didn’t sign that contract.

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