American Express Authorization Fee Definition

American Express Authorization Fee Explained:

What is an American Express Authorization Fee? An American Express Authorization Fee is an additional fee for charging an American Express Card through a merchant account and is separate from the transaction fee that American Express charges to the merchant. American Express is its own credit card provider and processor. Due to this fact, there is usually an added fee charged by your merchant account provider for routing AMEX transactions to American Express for processing.

For instance, when a business owner charges an American Express Card they usually experience two separate fees: an American Express transaction fee (usually between 3%-5% of the transaction) and an American Express Authorization Fee charged by the merchant account provider (usually 5 to 10 cents per transaction).

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  1. Beckerst says:

    A customer swiped and signed the receipt. Then when their statement came in they didn’t recognize the name on the statement because I am a sole proprieter. So the customer filed a fraud complaint. Now I have the receipt  and video recording of this customer standing in my business  but somehow Amex feels it is appropriate for me to work for free and refund the customer who says the charges are valid, all because I was unable to respond to their claim letter within ther allotted time. To bad it doesn’t work the same way. Anytime they are late on paying me I should receive some kind of bonus pay. I can not stand doing business with this company. It’s bad enough that we the merchant actually pay for reward points out of our pocket and now they steal from my account. Keep your hand in your own pocket Amex. ASAP I will be dropping this account. But in a very professional apologetic way. I learned from them how to be so cunning after spending so much of my time double checking their work. Calling when they got it wrong. Waiting to speak with someone who knows what they are doing. And now being denied a valid charge even myself and the customer agree are valid.

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