Qualification Requirements

We pride ourselves in only working with advertisers that best serve the needs of small businesses through fair business practices, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support. Advertising on is a privilege and exclusively available to ethical, upstanding providers. See our qualification requirements below:

Merchant Account Providers


  1. Company must be reviewed on
  2. Company must have scored an “A” rating in our review.

Advertising is not accepted for companies that have scored less than a “A” rating in our reviews.  We never raise ratings or allow our reviews to be influenced by advertising agreements, incentives, or bribes of any kind.  If you wish to advertise on but have not yet been reviewed, contact us to let us know.

Other Industries

Most other advertisers are welcome on provided that the business is well rated and within a well respected industry.

Advertising Opportunities

Referral & Affiliate

Our goal is to help merchants find the best credit card processing providers and services. If you have an referral program, or would like to explore referral opportunities with us, we would like to speak with you.


No affiliate program? No problem. Do you want to get in front of thousands of small business owners who are researching merchant accounts? Our PPC advertising program allows any top-rated provider to gain high quality exposure.

Contact us for more information.