CVV2 Code Definition

Merchant Account CVV2 Code Explained:

What is a Card Verification Code? Card Verification Codes, also known as “Card Verification Value Codes,” are three to four digit codes that are printed on the front, back, or signature line of a credit card as an added security feature designed to help prevent fraudulent credit card purchases. CVV2 codes are also sometimes referred to as a credit card security code, CVV code, CVV number, CVV2 number, signature panel code, MasterCard security code, credit card security number, or just the security code on a credit card.  Below are some of the different credit card security code types that are currently in use across the different credit card and charge card brands:

  • MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, Discover, and JCB credit and debit cards have a three digit code called the CVC2 (card validation code), CVV2 (card verification value), CVV, and CID (card identification number). The numbers are printed at the end of the signature panel on the right hand side of the credit card and are not embossed.
  • American Express prints a four digit code on the front side of the card just about the account number and is referred to as the CID code (Unique Card Code). It is also not embossed.

CVV2 Code Example

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CVV2 Code Example
Example of a CVV2 Code

CVV2 Video Explanation

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