Review & Rebuttal Policy

If you would like to challenge or rebuttal something in the review about your company, please follow the instructions below.

Factual Errors

If you have discovered a factual error in the content of your review (not including user reviews), contact us stating the error and providing a correction. Please note that any factual corrections must be verifiable and based in actual irrefutable evidence. Be sure to supply evidence to support your correction.

User Reviews

We moderate every user review posted on the website, of which about 60% ever become posted.  We avoid posting user reviews that are unhelpful to other merchants, promotional, or suspicious in nature. Additionally, user reviews are re-examined upon each update of a review  and we remove any that no longer seem relevant or no longer pass our ever-stricter guidelines.  See our full Comment Policy for more information.

We never remove user reviews at the request of a merchant account provider. The best course of action to rebuttal negative user reviews is to respond to them by clicking “reply” next to the review in the comment section. Not only does this demonstrate that you are willing to take corrective action, but can improve your ratings in future updates of the review. It also allows you to publicly correct inaccuracies that the user may have stated in his/her review.

If you believe a user review is fake, you can challenge its validity by following these steps:

  1. Respond to the review by clicking “reply” the review. We recommend offering to resolve the complaint, and or asking the commentor to contact you to reach resolution.
  2. We will publish your reply.
  3. Wait one week for a response from the reviewer.
  4. If the reviewer fails to respond to your reply, contact us requesting further verification.
  5. We will contact the reviewer. If the reviewer reaffirms his/her statements, the review will be left intact. If the reviewer fails to respond, we will remove the review.


We will not share the reviewer's contact information with you. Please note that we are fully aware of the laws regarding user reviews. Particularly, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Difference of Opinion

We understand that your opinion of your company and services may differ from that of the content of our review; however, our reviews are based primarily on merchant satisfaction and a provider's policies regarding fees, cancellation, marketing & sales tactics, service, and dispute resolution. Using various research methods, we aggregate the available information about a provider and summarize it in a review.  If your company is scoring well in our review, it is because it is scoring well elsewhere. If it is scoring poorly in our review, it is because it is scoring poorly elsewhere and receiving numerous or severely negative user reviews online and in our comment section.

We consider the size of a company versus its complaint ratio, but this is secondary to the types of complaints being filed. Keep in mind that blaming sub-ISOs and independent agents for poor reviews of your company does not help to improve your score. This is because your company forms the policies, contracts, and procedures by which these other entities may sell your services and your company ultimately enforces the contracts that merchants sign.

We often do not agree with the Better Business Bureau's rating of a company. Not only have we found the grading of merchant account providers to be vastly inconsistent, various sources have proven that the BBB has raised ratings after receiving payment for its “accreditation” program. Whether or not this practice is still used by the BBB, it casts doubt over its rating system with us. For this reason, we focus on the number and category of complaints filed and then adjust the rating according to what our criteria would rate it. If we adjust a rating, we mention it in the review.

Correction and Rebuttal Process

Upon receiving any factual corrections, we will take action to correct the error if proper evidence is supplied. Any other feedback or information will be taken into consideration for the next update of the review.  If you post a rebuttal to a user review in the comment section, we will publish it.

Threats, Bribes, and Intimidation Attempts

We never remove our reviews on the demand or request of any person, organization, or firm. This includes attempts with bribes, threats of lawsuit, or other intimidation tactics. Any attempt to manipulate your review under such methods will be prominently noted in your review. We are well aware of the laws and our rights regarding online reviews and comply with them fully.

Phone Calls

We do not accept phone calls regarding the content of reviews. Any and all correspondence regarding these matters should be sent using our contact form.