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UPDATE 3/4/2019: The website for Park Central Company ( is no longer active and it appears that both Crescent Processing and Park Central Company have been rebranded as Talus Payments. See our Talus Payments review for current information about this company.

Park Central Company ( appeared to be a sales arm of Crescent Processing Company that was started in late 2010 or early 2011. As of June 2014, Crescent Processing has also launched another DBA called Future Payment Technologies that has absorbed the other two companies. In all likelihood, Park Central was intended as a re-branding that allowed Crescent to continue marketing its services under a new, unsoiled Better Business Bureau profile and online reputation. Future Payment Technologies may fulfill that role now. All of these companies have the same address in Dallas, Texas, and both Crescent and Park Central formerly used mid-level celebrities on their homepage as a marketing tactic. Do not confuse the use of celebrities as a mark of credibility.

Since Park Central Company is essentially the same company as Future Payment Technologies, Park Central will share the same rating as Future Payment Technologies until new evidence suggests that it operates completely separately. Chad Smith is listed as the president and CEO of Future Payment Technologies. Please see the Future Payment Technologies review for more details.

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Park Central Company Rates, Fees, and Costs

This section is covered in the Future Payment Technologies review.


  • Standard contract appears to be a four-year contract that automatically renews for one year periods and includes a $495 Early Termination Penalty (ETF).
  • Agents appear to receive commissions for signing merchants up for equipment leases that can be very expensive and include long, non-cancellable lease terms.
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Park Central Company Complaints & Customer Reviews

Park Central seems to have more complaints from former resellers than Crescent does; however, the companies share many identical complaints. More information can be found in the Future Payment Technologies review.


  • Crescent has a high number of complaints.
  • Numerous complaints of hidden fees, higher-than-quoted processing fees, and non-disclosure of the ETF and auto-renewal clause of the contract.
  • Several merchants also reported receiving poor customer service.
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Park Central Company BBB Rating Summary

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Park Central Company no longer has a dedicated BBB profile, as the BBB appears to have combined Crescent, Park Central, and Future Payment Technologies in the same profile. As of this update, the company has 259 complaints filed against it in the past 36 months and is showing an “A-” rating overall. Given the complaint total vs. the company’s size, we have adjusted the company’s BBB rating to a “D.” A full breakdown of the company’s BBB report can be found in the Crescent Processing and Future Payment Technologies reviews.

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

This section is covered in the Future Payment Technologies review.


  • Heavy use of independently contracted sales agents and resellers
  • Numerous merchant reports of deceptive sales and marketing tactics
  • Agents appear to receive higher commissions for setting up more expensive merchant accounts
  • Agents appear to be poorly trained over details of the merchant account agreement and possibly encouraged to avoid discussing certain terms and conditions of the contract
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Our Opinion of Park Central Company

Park Central Company appears to be nothing more than a DBA of Future Payment Technologies. As a result, we have assigned it the same grades as Future Payment Technologies. The company’s score suffers from its deceptive sales tactics, costly contracts, and poor BBB performance. A full assessment is available in our Future Payment Technologies review.

We rely on your feedback about Park Central Company to keep this review accurate and up-to-date. Please take a minute to tell us about your experience. We and the small business owners of this world thank you!

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12 Reviews Leave Your Review for Park Central Company Below

  1. Remi says:

    I called Park central processing sometimes in 2015 after the expiration of my 4 year lease contract with them to end my contract, I was told to call back in may, 2016 otherwise I was going to be charged $495.00 cancel fee. I waited until this month May, 2016 while my account is being charged unnecessarily every month only to find out that their main number is not active anymore and that it’s a company set up to rip small businesses off their money. The owner/owners of this company need to be slapped with a class action law suit ASAP!!! because I need my money back.

  2. Jared says:

    LIARS!!!!!!!!!! All these reviews are 100% percent accurate! This company should be put out of business!!!!! Overdrew my bank account with bogus charges of nearly $2000.00 !! Did refund my money but was a huge fight, and would not cover overdraft fees and returned check fees that cost me $944.00.

  3. Wayne says:

    I’ve found out that the sale preson are not on the same page with the company cause the sale person said I could cancel at anytime and not be charged for cancelation but he lied are they lied to the sale person are something , just a lot ove lies this company is crooked

  4. april says:

    A lady called me at 740-667-9719 and informed me that I could receive a credit card and check machine for my business for free after I spoke in person with a representative that she would send over on 4/16/2012. Mr. Michael Adkins did in fact come on 4/16/12. He explained his products on a laptop computer and I asked questions. Of these questions was: Do I need another telephone line? Total monthly charges if I never use the machines? If I use the machines? Is there a contract? Authorization fees? How long to deposit? After all my questions were answered, he telephoned a gentleman in Texas to confirm due to the fact that Mr. Adkins was new to his position. The gentleman he spoke with in Texas then again confirmed his responses such as; I had 30 days to cancel my contract, my deposits would be made in 48 hours, and that I could deposit all checks along with no long term contract. My deposits are not made within 48 hours; my contract does not match what I was told. The contract I was given, I was told that I only needed for the upper left hand corner numbers; which are V1012-PC. I was also informed that I could utilize the check machine for all checks. This company will not accept checks for over $1000.00. I run an auto body repair shop; of course our checks are over $1000.00. We receive checks weekly from various auto insurance companies for well over $1000.00. Mr. Adkins was informed of this at our face to face visit. When I telephoned Park Central Company on 5/15/2012 the company service representative was extremely rude. When I asked to speak with his supervisor, he transferred me to Shawn G. at ext. 8396. He was also extremely rude and would not listen to my side of the story and what I was told by Park Central employees. He informed me that I could not cancel my credit card and check machine. I am within my 30 days. We are a new small business and cannot wait 5-7 business days for a check to be deposited and this was a concern of mine. However; I was reassured by the gentleman on the teleophone on 4/16/12 that all checks would be deposited within 48 hours unless the check was NSF then $300 would be covered. I feel that there are several misleading statements that were given to me from the very beginning when the lady phoned and stated that it was a free service. I have ran $3489.88 worth of checks through the machine from 4/23/12 -5/11/12 and my checking account only shows deposits from this company totaling $2587.87 as of 5/15/12. This is a $902.01 discrepancy. I did not receive a copy of what I signed that day. He did not print me off a single piece of paper. As I stated above, he did give me a contract stating I would need the numbers on the cover page at a later date and that the rest of the contract was an example of the one that I would receive at a later date. I am still waiting for the contract. Examples from the contract that was given to me supposedly for the front page number purpose and what I was told are as follows: their contract states that the fee would be 1.55% and I was told my fee would be 1.35%, I could go on and on how my contract numbers differ from what I was told however I was also informed that this is just an example. This 22 page ‘example’ contract might as well be written in another language as the terms and language are confusing even for me who easily earned a Bachelor’s degree.
    Due to the fact that Park Central Company was extremely misleading, I want the check and credit card machine removed from my shop and the contract voided. I am within my 30 days therefore; there should not be a problem depositing the money from the checks that I have currently ran through the machine and returning the check and credit card machine with no additional charges.

  5. Debra says:

    Found this site after our own problems with Park Central. Have now discovered that the salesman was not truthful at the time we signed up. We had a REGULAR Canadian customer who used a Canadian credit card for a large purchase. Park decided a week later that they would not allow us to accept the Canadian credit card and they cancelled the transaction and refunded the amount to the customer’s Canadian credit card. We have now been charged the transaction fee [over $400.00]. They cancelled the sale however they are still charging us the fees as if the transaction when through. Looking for any help here.

  6. Jeff says:

    I asked all the right questions but the salesman lied to me. do not sign until you have read all the small print.
    Better yet do not use this scompany under any circumstances. Mine appears to be a 800.00 lesson. Their contract amounts to legalized theft. someone needs to stop them. It hurt my small business very much. Does sanyone know if there is a class action lawsuit against Park Central Company?

  7. Spectro says:

    I had an appt set with them this morning. The sales person did not show up nor did anyone call. I’m glad I found your comments as I already had the run around with Crescent Processing. I did not know they were one in the same.

    Do not sign up with Crescent and or Park Central Processing. It sounds like a report to the Better Business Bureau is in order.

  8. Wanda says:

    I have witnesses to the lies that were told when they signed me up. The only way I would sign with them was if there was not going to be a cancellation fee, They are trying to charge me anyway. I am not thru, I am probably going to the District Attorney with this one! Stay away from this company, I was to trusting and took their word for it, they lied!!!!

    1. Debra says:

      Any luck?

      1. lilian says:

        Me too Debra they told me to try it for 3 months , but when i try to cancell they said i got a contract for 3 years after that , i call once again and they said the contract is for 5 years . they take advantage of small business.

  9. The undisclosed fees, charges etc. from Park Central CC processing will kill your business. Watch out for this company, we recieved more undisclosed charges in the four months with this company than we could believe. Then when you cancell their service they delay cancellation to charge more fees, plus the 495.00 cancel fee.

  10. CAROLYN says:

    READ the fine print after recieving your terminal and having already signing up is to late! There is no contract but they do not tell you about early termination when they come out! It is not a good company to do business with. It takes days for the payment to be credited to you bank account! When you do terminate the service they automatically take a temination fee out of your checking accoynt!!! I do not reccommend using this company!!!!!

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