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Crescent Processing Company Overview

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Updated 2/12/19: Google lists Crescent Processing as permanently closed, and it appears that the company has redirected its efforts into a newly created DBA, Merchant Processing Company. Its website ( formerly redirected to a website for “Merchant Processing Company,” which shares similar branding with Crescent Processing. The company is also likely in operation as Talus Payments, which was originally created as a DBA of one of Crescent’s affiliated companies, Future Payment Systems. Talus Payments is headquartered at Crescent Processing Company’s old address. See our Merchant Processing Company review and our Talus Payments review for up-to-date information about this company.

Founded in 2006, Crescent Processing Company ( is a merchant account provider located in Dallas, Texas. The company uses TSYS for its card processing network but appears to handle the customer service of its merchant accounts directly. Aside from providing credit card processing services, Crescent also supplies PIN debit processing, check services, gift card processing, electronic signature capture, and merchant cash advances.

Crescent Processing Company is also affiliated with two newer providers called Park Central Company and Future Payment Technologies. The evidence suggests that both Park Central and Future Payment Technologies are DBAs or wholly owned subsidiaries of Crescent. Crescent Processing Company is a registered ISO/MSP of Synovus Bank, Columbus, Georgia.

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Crescent Processing Company Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee $495
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Months, Non-Cancellable

Pricing and contract terms seem to vary based on the merchant and the agent setting up the account. However, Crescent’s standard contract appears to be a four-year automatically renewing contract with a $495 Early Termination Fee (ETF). It is unclear at the time of this update if the company also charges an annual or monthly PCI Compliance Fee. Merchants are encouraged to carefully read and understand their contracts before signing with with the company.

Crescent sales agents also appear to receive additional commissions for selling credit card terminal leases that may come with additional and expensive contracts. This reviewer advises to never lease processing hardware because it is the most expensive way to obtain it. Buy your equipment and shop around before purchasing it.

If you have any additional information about Crescent Processing’s fees or contract, please leave it in the comment section of this review.

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Crescent Processing Company Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 90+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

For a provider of its size and time in business, Crescent Processing Company has a high number of complaints. In particular, there are many complaints about the company posted by former sales agents on Ripoff Report. The common themes among the merchant complaints are claims of higher-than-quoted processing fees and other unexpected/undisclosed fees, and that agents failed to disclose a $495 cancellation fee in connection with a three- to four-year auto-renewing contract. Several merchants have also reported that Crescent continued to debit fees even after the account was cancelled.

A few reviews also indicated a poor level of customer service and long wait times when attempting to resolve problems. Most of the problems appear to be traced back to the sales agent as the source of the problems due to non-disclosure of terms and fees; however, Crescent’s business practices seem to allow for these types of problems to occur.

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Crescent Processing Company BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 137
Billing & Collection Complaints 86
Advertising & Sales Complaints 64
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 1

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

As of this review, Crescent Processing Company is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has had its profile relabeled under the name Future Payment Technologies. Additionally, the BBB is reporting 288 complaints filed in the last 36 months against the company (down slightly from 311 as of our last update). Yet, inexplicably, the BBB is awarding Crescent an “A“ rating. Of the 311 complaints, 137 are regarding service problems, 86 with billing and collection disputes, and 64 with advertising and sales issues. Of the total, 48 were not resolved to the merchant’s satisfaction, and four were not resolved at all. Based on the amount of complaints and the fact that some have gone completely unresolved, we are adjusting the rating to a “F” for the purposes of this review. You can learn more about why we adjust BBB ratings in our rating criteria.

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Crescent Processing Company appears to rely heavily upon hiring independent outside agents and resellers to market and sell its services. Based on reports from numerous merchants, it appears that the company is doing a poor job of controlling deceptive sales tactics that some of these agents occasionally use and that Crescent’s underwriting policies allow for. Not only that, but the company’s sales program seems to encourage agents to sell expensive, long-term merchant account contracts in exchange for high commissions. It appears that Crescent agents are either poorly trained on the details of the contracts they sell, or are encouraged to avoid discussing them with potential merchant customers.

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Our Opinion of Crescent Processing Company

Crescent Processing Company has received a low rating in this review because of its heavy use of independent resellers, unfavorable underwriting policies, and high complaint count. The company can improve its rating by implementing business practices that do not allow agents to deceive merchants, reducing or eliminating its cancellation fee and service agreement length, and reducing or eliminating future complaints.

We rely on your feedback about Crescent Processing Company to keep this review accurate and up-to-date. Please take a minute to tell us about your experience. We and the small business owners of this world thank you!

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60 Reviews Leave Your Review for Crescent Processing Company Below

  1. Tom says:

    What a expensive company. Our business for a couple of years got charged the 1.5% (approx.) per transaction. We only accepted MC & Visa cards. Then, at the beginning of the month we were charged a monthly fee plus. When we got done, it was an avg. of 5 – 7% fees overall. We just terminated our service with them, and then they took $495.00 from our banking account to discontinue the service, because we weren’t with them for 4 years. BE very careful with this company. They are expensive and untrustworthly.

  2. I have been with crescent a couple of years now and I recently noticed a $25 minimum balance fee under the details section of their website. I called Crescent Processing aka Future Payment Technologies from my work phone. At first I was put on a musical hold for approximately 10 minutes after pressing all the correct buttons to get to the right department. Then someone picked up and hung up the phone to disconnect the call. I tried a second time and they did the same thing. While on their musical hold a third time, I picked up my cell phone and placed a call, was on hold for about 10 minutes and then I was connected to a live person. All this while still on hold on my landline work phone. Hmmmm. I inquired about this fee which I could only see going back 1 year and they said that you need to charge a minimum balance of $1500 per month. I explained to them that I do meet the requirement except for a few months a year due to the seasonality of the business. He went back 2 years and noticed the fee each month and agreed with me that I was wrongfully charged. I received a refund of $133.22 out of at least $400.00. When asked about this I was told on page 10 of my contract, it states that they only have to refund up to 3 months. I am a bookkeeper by trade and I referred a client of mine. I reviewed his account just recently and found the exact same charge! I filed a complaint with the BBB and am waiting to hear. I am going to file a complaint with the Ripoff Report too. and will go further if necessary.

  3. Betsy says:

    Crescent would not let me cancel contract as sales agent promised for the first month of contract and he didn’t tell me the contract was for 4 years. then when I closed business it was time consumming to getthem to close my contract and they kept charging me monthly fees after my account was closed andI had to keep called them and sending bsuiness licensed cancellation. They still made up reasons where I still had to pay after all that for this or that reason. They are out for every penny they can get out of you.

  4. Paul Keith says:

    Worst company ever! it took over a year to get account cancelled and then after finally getting it cancelled they stole close to $1000.00 out of my account through unauthorized ach service, and refused to return money. I am now having to sue for return of funds.

    1. DOC says:

      This company is a total rip off,I cancelled and sent the eqip back in 2012 and just noticed I’ve been paying $25.40 2018

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  5. Robert says:

    Do not hire this company for credit card services or any other service. They are a bunch of trained liars, scammers. Horrible company they deserve no respect They said I had a 2yr contract so when my 2yrs were up I called to cancel and they told me I had a 4yr contract. SCAM SACM SCAM

  6. Rodney Gibson says:

    Crescent is my third credit card processing company. The fee structure is deceptive and the customer service folks clearly lack math skills appropriate for reviewing a statement with you. My 1.79% rate is actually 2.2% which is higher than American Express for God’s sake.

    My biggest problem is that deposits on credit and debit cards are held for 2 – 3 business days before they show up in our bank account.

    One of the problems is their unwillingness to give you a copy of the contract to review. They claim they can’t give you one until you sign up with them. I think this is illegal in most states. Got one from a friend and read it. It is as bad as the other two processors I used except their other guys customer service was much better.

    Recommendation: Don’t expect these guys to be a better deal than anyone else. They are all bad and too expensive. Take cash and checks when you can.

  7. nat says:

    This company is soooo bad that they have now changed their name to Future Paytech..They charge you one rate and then double it and then triple it….BAD BAD BAD

    1. Rosemary says:

      Wow, so this dreadful company has now changed its name to further thwart future unsuspecting new businesses into getting signed up.
      I recently sold my business but I experienced similar unscrupulous dealings with them.
      What a nightmare that was!
      Rosemary DeHart

    2. nat says:

      Does anyone has the answer on how to get out of this mess???

      1. rich says:

        Nat – I recently signed with Future Payment Technologies (FPT). Before signing I spoke to Justin Holden (some sort of manager) and made it clear that I would agree to only 2 yrs. After receiving the so called 22 page agreement I was in a 4 yr agreement. Justin emailed me a correction for a 2 yr term with a free cc terminal. About 40 days later boy was I shocked to see that the “SNAKE” Northern Leasing Systems had debited my acct for $88. Now the “SNAKE” said I am locked into a 4 yr non-cancelable contact and is trying to collect equipment lease fees for equipment I do not have nor ever agreed to. FPT either gave or sold my personal information to this DEMONIC company.

        This is what I have done since that took place on 2 Dec 2013. I filed a report with my local sheriffs office, filed a complaint with the Idaho, New York & Texas BBB’s, filed a complaint with the Idaho, New York & Texas Attorney Generals, filed a complaint with the FBI, IC3 Division and filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. I have also retained an attorney in New York where the “SNAKE” company does business. If your up to it log into and complain so others hear your story. Lets collectively put these LEACHES out of business. United we can make a difference!

  8. kim says:

    The sales rep told us we would have a 2 year contract, but we were having problems with extra fees on our statements and its taking around 5 days to get our deposits instead of next day like we were promised, so we were going to switch companies but found out we were going to be charged $495.( and we had a 4 year contract..) Shame on us for signing a contract with this sales guy who will not return calls. But he was a smooth talker and lied to us. The company is no help, they take forever to get back to you and when they say there going to take care of the extra fees they charge you, you end up finding them on your statement again and again. Supposed to be around $25.00 a month and they are ending up around 70.00 a month. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! .

    1. Bob says:

      We had a very similar experience. I skeptically went through the process of complaining to the Better Business Bureau. Surprisingly, They were able to get Crescent to credit charges and cancel the contract. Worth a shot!

  9. S says:

    We had 2 salesmen speak with the owner of our company. Although our company has been officially banned/blacklisted from using any type of credit card processing machine due to Citibank not doing their background research on stolen credit cards from Ghana and the Netherlands.
    These 2 salesmen promised our boss that he would have no problem at all using Crescent’s credit card machine.
    Of course the very first time our boss attempted to use it he was told his transaction was invalid and he has never been able to use the machine.
    That was almost 2 years ago. He signed some ridiculous contract with Crescent that the 2 slimy salesmen provided him with. Now every month our bank account has $30.50 deducted to pay Crescent and a machine that had never been used.

  10. Terrible service!! Got transfered to four different people then got an answer machine.. This happened four 4 days straight! They held a large charge up for over a week with no explaination.

  11. Tara Kidd says:

    The worst company EVER!! They steal your money!! Jail is where this company should be!! We closed our account with crescent in march and it is August and still they are taking money out of bank account!! Unauthorized!!! When asked to give money back they refused!! Now I am suing!!!!!!

  12. Stephen says:

    I was reading this review as our company was contacted by Crescent. In doing more digging, their BBB is an A, not an F as you stated. Also, you say a high number of complaints. How is that analyzed. Do you know how many customers they have verses the number of complaints. If you had that number then maybe a better picture could be generated. BBB must disagree as they probably got the customer numbers and as such gave them an A rating?

    Could you clairify this please?

    1. Phillip Parker says:

      Hi Stephen,

      Please see our Rating Criteria for answers to your questions.

  13. nancy says:

    DO NOT USE THEM THEY COST ME MONEY TIME AND ALMOST MY BUSINESS. THEY ARE A SCAM AND A FRAUD AND I WILL REPORT THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUR. I was happy with my processor, they came and told me how much I could save. I decided to change, I told them exactly what kind of business I was, the type of transactions I do the amount of my average transaction and they said that was all fine. I did my first transaction and did not receive my monies, I had to call them to find out what the problem was, and was told that I was way over my average charge which for this co. is only 250.00 my average is 1,000.00-15,0000.00 which was okd by the sales manager, but not by the processing company. If I had cancelled my existing processing company, I would be out of business. THESE COMPANIES PUSH HARD TO GET YOU TO CHANGE, but then put businesses in jepordy by not being 100% up front. Be carefull because they tell you anything to get your signature, but watch out.

  14. Denise Maurer says:

    This company is a scam. Their business tactics are not honorable. I wrote to this company January 2010 requesting to terminate my merchant account with them. They sent a call tag to collect the modem but did not cancel the account. They continued to assess monthly charges of nearly $40 per month. In Dec. of 2012, I was finally able to get the monthly charge reduced to $7.50 and was told I would be eligible for non-penalty cancellation June 2013. June 2013, my $7.50 charge increased to $32.50 “because I was not processing at least $1,500 a month.” Was told the OWNER made that change and no one has authority to credit amounts. I asked for the name of the owner and was directed to their website. I asked why she (name given was Melissa) and was told she would get in trouble.

    Today (6/11/2013) was advised to write letter requesting termination and fax it to a number they gave me. I was also instructed to call 10 minutes after to be sure they received the fax. I called and they confirmed they got the fax. I asked if my account was now officially closed and “they weren’t authorized to give out that information.” I asked her to check with Melissa and was then advised my fax was received but the account will not be closed until July 1st and I will still be charged another $32.50 for the month of June.

    How this company remains in business is hard to understand. Their ratings reflect their performance. How deceitful!!!

  15. No Problem Liquor Store says:

    I hate to spend more time complaining about this terrible company. To reiterate previous posts:
    1) Salesperson lied to gain our business
    2) Quoted lower rates than actual charges
    3) Lied about termination and term
    4) We stopped using the terminal and paid $8.50/month account management fee at the recommendation of Crescent. They just added a $25/month fee for not using the terminal enough
    5) Crescent threatened me and said they were doing the business a favor for not reporting us for using 2 merchant services.
    I have to cancel officially in December to avoid $495 fee. I am quite worried about the cancellation process.
    I cannot believe that this stuff is legal and the feeling of helplessness stinks.

  16. Randy S says:

    This company should be avoided at all costs – you will regret it, big time if you go with them. Their salesman said they would save me money based on the statement from my then current processor. Said nothing about a monthly minimum and a 2 year contract in what the salesman wrote up. It was buried in fine print of their contract, so essentially a bait & switch. When their statements started coming, they were not only higher, but they would take money out prior to it hitting your account. I am sure most people don’t factor that in when calculating to figure the cost with Crescent, I know I didn’t at first. When I had my bank give me a quote, they didn’t even take this into account until I pointed it out. So Crescent has found a very sneaky way to bury a portion of what they are actually taking – and charging you. So the true cost is probably even higher than you are thinking it is. Many companies that are continuing to do business with Crescent are either not realizing this and may not have taken it into account if they shopped around to compare. When I switched I realized a 40% savings over their cost! They are a very underhanded and low-life operation.

  17. Juleah says:

    I had a high pressures sales man come into my store a few weeks ago. He would continually find ways to stay in my store and ended up staying there for few hours. He finally wore me down and gave me all kinds of promises about this company. I got the equipment in the next week and it was junk. It was all plastic and did not look to be up for daily use. I sent back the equipment the next day and sent them their own letter of termination. The sales man gave me a copy of Arkansas law that companies can not charge more than $50 to cancel an account. But this company seems to think it applies to everyone but them and wanted to charge me $495 to cancel. They also charged me a monthly charge for a service I did not activate or set up. Luckily, I notified my bank and paid a small fee for them to block all charges made by this company. This company is rude and does not know their product or reasons for charges and fees. They are a bloodsucking leaches to small businesses..

  18. View this review as a warning. Crescent Processing does deliver what they promise. The problem is that they only do for the first thirty days. After thirty days it will cost you $500.00 to cancel. In the 13 years we have been in business our monthly average cost for processing was 2.35%. Never more than 2.45%. The first month with Crescent our cost was 2%. A considerable savings. The second month jumped to 2.4%. The following four months averaged 3.3%. At that point we payed the $500.00 to get out. They are not to be trusted!
    Yours Truly, Steven J. Marks- owner of Spindleshanks Inc.

    1. Brain says:

      Who do you trust? 2.35% is great! I have switched more times than I can count. EVERY time I get the same thing. Low rates promised, high rates delivered. I now pay around 2.99%. Not bad but not great. FYI I am a restaurant with 50 50 credit to Debit cards.

  19. marcos porras says:

    This company has been debeting my account for a year 30.50 a month. A have been processing with another company. And the refuse to reimburse me back! never renderd service . chargeed from 2/6/13 to 3/29/13.

  20. Julia Carver says:

    I cannot state strongly enough that this company is bad, bad, BAD! We were told several things before signing on that have since proven untrue. The equipment is totally unsatisfactory. We have had to replace one mobile unit twice, and NONE have them have worked consistently. We do not have the time to reconfigure these mobile units each time we try to use them, which is what we have to do.

    In our industry, we work in all kinds of weather, so were concerned about equipment liability. We were told the day of signing that unless it was negligence on our part, we would not have to pay the replacement cost. We recently had one of our vehicles broken into, and one of the items stolen was a mobile unit. Upon trying to report this to Crescent, we were told that we would be responsible for the cost of the unit. Someone breaking into a secured vehicle and stealing it is hardly within our control. In fact, they went back to some recorded conversation and said they didn’t find where we had been told that. We were by not only the rep we met with but his agent at Sales Services.

    We were also not informed of a “early termination fee”. In fact, we were told this was not a “term” contract and we could cancel at any time. I could go on and on.

    We’ve only had this service for a MONTH, and we experienced problems from the get go. This company needs to be shut down.

  21. David Lauderdale says:

    I am joining voice to the many other on this page, and will go to BBB and more sites to proclaim loudly what deceitful practices are by this company. Even though I returned the equipment in December 2012, and hadn’t run a card since November, they keep charging $80 + per month in fees. And getting something in writing? Forget it! I finally had to almost threaten a Supervisor to provide me an e-mail confirming that my account had actually been closed. I asked for a refund of charges, in the interest of Customer Service. I quote the supervisor – “It is not that it isn’t in my authority (to provide a refund or credit) but you cancelled in the middle of the month” and we will charge you every nickel we can for as long as we can….. The last bit is my commentary, not a quote. PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. Save your sanity and bank account from assault.

  22. Monica Romero says:

    We closed our account twice since Aug. 2012 and since then this company keeps charging our bank account. We received a charge in the amount of $350.00 this month along with other charges and have no positive response from this company on why they keep charging us. Everyone we speak to has been rude and not helpful at all. We have contacted a lawyer because we have proof that this account was closed in Aug and again in Jan. I will do whatever I can to dispute the charges and have this company refund us. They are stealing from us and this should be against the law. People will know just who they are dealing with.

  23. David says:

    I have been using crescent processing for many years, until I looked at some of the charges which I feel are overpriced. I also found a billing company to handle my billing for me. I contacted them to cancel in June of last year and they told me that I missed my cancellation anniversary in April and would have to wait another year or they would charge me a crazy cancellation fee. So I waited until January 2013 and called them to cancel. I asked them what was the exact protocol I needed to follow so I would not receive any more fees and make sure my account was actually closed. I was told that my cancellation should be in April but she would accept my cancellation letter that day. I wrote an e-mail stating that I wanted to cancel as I was instructed, sent back my equipment, and asked her would I get any other fees, charges for anything and she said no. Guess what, I then looked at my February bank statement and found they charged me almost $25. I called the company to find out why I was being charged and they told me my Anniversary was not until April so they were going to charge me until then. When I explained that I had a conversation to the contrary, they replayed the phone conversation and it said on the recording just what I had said. Even with that, she said that she was not going to honor that, that I misunderstood what she had said and that I can either accept it and wait until April or she would charge me the crazy cancellation fee. So I will get an extra $75 or so in fees when I do not have any of their equipment and I am not using their services. Run away and never use this company.

  24. Dan Heins says:

    I am just reticently signed up with Crescent and surprised to read there poor review. I pay zero for my hyper-com and pin through debit machine. They had to bend over backwards to make my system fit as I run my invoices trough Mac via. Light Speed. They were not able to keep to there first estimate witch had a monthly min 10 under MW, a transaction fee of .10 vs MW at .15. a discount rate lower by 1 point on teer one , 2 points on teer 2 and they don’t have a tier 3. MW who I had respectfully informed I was shopping, in case the were smart enough to give a more aggressive rate, had lowered there rate to there compared to levels, They never even bothered to offer me pin through debit . Until I went shopping they did not bother to offer me any favorable rate adjustments nor service enhancements whatsoever, Due to an overestamation of inneret and a underestamation of in person sales our rate was jacked up way higher than it should be . Then when informed of my plan to shop and confirmed that there was no contract and they would turn my account off on a moments notice (24hr)The modest rate reduction was just a move from jacked up high risk rate to a only slightly jacjed up lower risk rating. Cresent beat them left right and sideways. In the end they were not able to fully keep to there estamite because they could not use there own porthole. It means a $15.00 fee to some port hole or gate way provider. So from where I sit CP is king and Merchant Warehouse is the one with the hand in the cookie jar. The review makes me think some hidden charge will sneak up out of nowhere. Now about Merchant Warehouse you #1 choice. Just because our results differ does not have me disbelieving your conclusions. How does one go about getting a better shake from MW, to the point that they get #1 status, and secondly how can you make them process pin through.


    Caribbean Mixx
    9001-B Pembroke Road
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33025
    February, 4 2013
    Re: Cresent Processing Company
    12700 Park Central DR, Ste 1100
    Dallas, TX 75251

    Crescent Processing Company
    12700 Park Central Drive
    Suite 1100, Dallas TX. 75251

    Main: 1.877.233.3376
    Fax: 1.877.778.9222
    To Whom It May Concern
    My Name is Angela Ridore Owner of Caribbean Mixx. I would like to bring to your attention the services received by Cresent Processing, for merchant services. I had service with this company a few months ago. I had to cancel services due to the fact that they promised to pay my termination fee with my first Merchant service if I cancelled and obtain service with them. Once I obtained my termination fee this company failed to honor the promised, this forced me to cancel. The company at no time gave me instructions where to mail back their equipment to. They went ahead without authorization and debited my business account with three separate debits for $233, causing my account to be overdrawn three times. Which My Bank charges me $35 overdrawn for each of those charges? This should be unlawful for accompany to debit an account three times for just one payment.
    I was told upon return of equipment I will need to wait 5-7 business days for a refund. Now I’m stuck with the bank fees that are total $105. Since the Machine is return I would like my full refund of 233.33 X 4= 933.32 plus overdraft fees $35.00 X 3=105= 1038.32
    Please Understand the machine they charge only cost $233.33 so I don’t understand why they debit my account three times. When I call them I ask them why? They told me it’s they policy to make sure they get paid.

  26. Dick Hanna says:

    When you cancel your services the burden of follow through on detail is critical. You will be required to send, by fax, a cancellation letter. While not a problem on the surface, this can become a night mare. We were given an
    “incorrect” fax number. The number belongs to Crescent Processing, but is not the “cancellation department”, so it is not “official” and your account will not be cancelled. After you cancel and send your fax be sure to call and confirm it has been received. Keep your fax record. You will probably need it. Your equipment needs to be returned. Be sure to ship it with a ” signed confirmation ” of delivery. The burden of proof, once again is on you.
    It is unfortunate that this company practices with a policy that once they have your business you feel like you are only taken advantage of.
    RECOMMENDATION Today’s technology offers better alternatives for a small business, by more reputable companies.

  27. H J Bowers says:

    I just spoke to a CRESCENT PROCESSING customer service rep and was advised I had to call back Monday-Friday between 8 – 4. I do not have the time to contact them until after 4:30 each day. I wanted to know how to cancell thier service as soon as possible. I sent a letter last year and did not receive any reply back from them. CRESCENT PROCESSING has cost me a great deal of money and time and I have found another credit card processing company that had better rates and have been a lot more helpful any time I needed help. The CRESCENT PROCESSING sales person lied about just everything I was told and could never contact him again. Later I found out that he was either fired or he quit. I have a very small business and to be treated the way I have been treated by CRESCENT PROCESSING is not professional at all. They have charged fees that to this day have never been explained.

  28. Artworks says:

    Fell for the low rates and fancy machine 4 years ago. I signed up with a better company earlier this year, where I got the same low rates and deposits the next day. Waited out the contract period end (Nov.) only to find out that the $495 termination fee still applies because they want a WRITTEN cancellation notification from you 30 DAYS before the end cancellation month!!! And that Im automatically enrolled for another year as of November!!! A total scam, they will probably keep drawing money out even if I do cancel and pay them the extortion amount.

    You’re expected to remember all the fine print 4 years after the fact that you have to WRITE them a letter 30 days in advance. They probably will say it was formatted wrong or you sent it to the wrong office, person, department, etc.


  29. Colette Gomez says:

    I would like to start a class action suit agains Crescent Processing company. I hired a new company to do my processing due to the high fees and the auto debits with out notice. And Cresent denighs recieving any notice or cancelation of my account. They made me pay to have monthly billing sent to me by mail after being locked out of my account on line. Taking absornant fees for what they say are service charges with out notice or spicific reasons listed on the bill, and the latest they just debited my account again for 90.77 they say is an annual fee, this was after I canceled the account on Oct.4th 2012.
    I spoke with an agent about it and they refuse to take off the annual charge, quote ” why should I take off the charge when you cancling any way” un quote. I am tired of rolling over for these thieves! if anyone is interested and what to help please contact me, something has to be done to stop this company from stealing from the small business man. I tried to call the rep on several occassions and she doesn’t return calls.
    Today I faxed over a cancelation notice and I was told they are taking another 499.00 for early termination. These people are bad and must be stopped. We small business people need to stand together and do something.

    1. I never received money they took unauthorized from my three accounts.
      I do agree Crescent Processing Company should be prosecuted. Once Crescent Processing has the account number(s) it is obvious this company continues to withdraw unauthorized funds from many businesses as clearly stated by others.

      My story in more detail: For much of September 2011 the machine did not even operate. When I reviewed my September bank statements I saw the $12.50 fee agreed upon for each of three terminals were instead $15.38, $14.27 and $14.27 respectively and that excluded the inflated transaction fees. I was uneasy since I had not been given a written contract, only verbal with the salesman, and verbal over the telephone with Crescent Company.
      When I had asked for a written contract the sales man sent me an attachment in an email with the standard Crescent contact many pages long and that did not include our specific agreement negotiations including the waiving of the $495.00 early cancellation fee.
      I contacted the salesman in early October after reviewing these bank statements fees, and since the machine had not worked much of the time I no longer wished to do business with his company
      I had made only one transaction involving Crescent the month of October.
      I returned the machine to him reminding him our verbal agreement on the various fees involved.
      I also contacted the company by phone reiterating the same.
      Later that month the salesman said I should also fax his company a formal revocation letter even though they had received their machine back.
      I faxed the revocation letter on October 25th. It is ironical that Crescent makes contracts verbally over the phone (only they have access to), yet does not honor the reverse.

      Early November 2011, I received October bank statements, Crescent Processing had inflated the three terminal fees ( of $12.50 each) to the amounts of $35.20, $35.05 and $37.82 respectively in addition to the inflated transaction fee for the one transaction I had that month for one account. I was also charged the $495.00 cancellation fee.
      I had given my bank a copy of the faxed Crescent revocation letter the end of October with details of the oral agreement backed by the salesman.
      Due to the fax, the bank intervened and had the $495.00 reversed. The inflated terminal fees were not reversed though since the bank told me there was only a 24 hour window to dispute these unauthorized debits done before the official revocation letter. I never dreamed such a short time of 24 hours was legal so as not to be able to challenge these disputes.
      Apparently it is and perhaps Crescent is aware of this? I was therefore “out” the inflated October terminal fees and the overage of the one transaction fee.

      The bank then checked the three accounts and saw they also reflected early November withdrawals by Crescent of terminal fees for $49.65, $48.51, $48.76
      These were reversed due to the revocation letter but were “shorted” several dollars each.

      Crescent Processing is obviously aware most businesses are unable to immediately close their accounts to prevent Crescent from making further unauthorized withdrawals.
      Accounts are kept open for checks not yet cashed by vendors etc to clear.

      A class action suit would appear to be the only way to go.

      Rosemary Tall DeHart
      London Dance Academy

  30. Sam C. says:


    They billed me $315.00 for not sending me a machine, that they claimed to have send me much after I already cancelled my service. I never used their service and we never started. But the charged me 315.00 bucks for it. I asked them to give me the tracking number for the machine that they sent to me, since I never received it. They don’t have a tracking #, they sent it by US mail. So they have nothing to show me that it was sent to me, but they CLAIM that I have received and I am being fraudulent by calling them about it and asking to refund the money.

  31. Jodie Patterson says:

    I called to cancel my services 2 months ago, because I had closed my store. Sent the machine back, noticed money had bern drawn frim my account. Called asked why for the cost of the machine. When I told them I had sent it back they said yes I did. Told them I wanted that money back. They said they would credit me, they did, but not the full amount. As of last month they were still eithdrawing money from my acvount. Even though I’m no longer in business and canceled my service . FLAT OUT THIEVES!!!

  32. Mike Miller says:

    Terminated my contract, paid the undisclosed $495 cancellation fee. They then took another $22 last week. Called them out on that, promised to refund the amount. Checked account today. Guess what, they put only $8 back in. If you don’t keep an eye on them they will screw you to the wall. Even with my limited edumication I know that 8 does not equal 22. The worst possible company to work with…I wouldn’t even send my competition to them.

  33. Gregg says:

    Unbelievable. Horrible experience with these absolute crooks. My bank is backing me up and reversing the $500 charge from them. I have had this nightmare for over a year (regarding another issue, not the new $500 charge). I have called them so many times, with always the promise they would get back to me–never did they ever get back to me. I finally sent them a strongly worded letter stating I would begin an Internet campaign against them (this is the beginning of that), and they sacked me with a $500 charge! insult to injury. Unbelievable. I cannot stress to you strongly enough to stay away from these crooks. My email is listed, and you can email me to find out that I am a real person with a real complaint. This is only the 2nd online compliant that I have made in the past 5 years, so I am not a complainer. I would strongly advise any other processing company–no matter how bad they are, they couldn’t be less honest than these guys.

  34. SYED I.NAQVI says:

    Deceptive Trade Practices,poor customer service,hidden fees,lie to customers,this is what Crescent Processing stands and known for.Three months into the business with them my rating is “NEGETIVE”……”ZERO”…..and I flag them as CHEATERS.Athorities need to probe into the business practices like that.

  35. polly says:

    I was also decieved by the sales rep byron fuller .Every thing he tol me was a lie .I was getting a better price from the other processer and also free paper he had told me his was free you dont get anything free from them not even a monthley statment

  36. Darren Hines says:

    I worked for them for a period of about 8 months. Made fantastic money and then…..all of a sudden I had merchants blowing up my cell phone because they had problems or concerns and customer service would not do anything to resolve their issues!! I went to my supervisor about this. His name is SCOTT JENSEN. He nearly fired me for taking up for my merchants. He told me that my job is to sell, not to worry about the customers afterward. I quit immediately. But I averaged neary $1100 per week. Good pay plan for the rep. Bad plan all the way around 100% for the merchant. I like to sleep at night and could not continue to work for a company with such poor business ethics. Any questions: call me. [redacted – contact information violation]. Later!

  37. Rod Stambaugh says:

    crescent processing does not terminate their service even when term of contract is over.they “have no record ” of my notice of termination or even the letter from the company i now use.their charges are higher and more frequent than any other i’ve used.they will not give any notification when taking large sums of money from your account.when you complain,then talk to supervisor who will do nothing.when asking the supervisor to talk to boss,they hag up on you. i wish i had checked before making the mistake of signing up with crescent process.

    1. Edward Sims says:

      You should call and ask for me directly. I am a manager of customer service at Crescent.

      1. I called and ask they told me the wrong date. When I let them know they told me the wrong date the said to bad. ” We are not responsible for your business mamme. So we made a mistake, people make mistakes” So for their mistake I had to pay for a year of service that I was not using. Then when I called back a year later they said you have to send us a fax to terminate service. I did.but they kept helping themselves to monthly fees from my account. As well as a yearly fee for services again for the next year which had already been cancelled. I will be sending formal complaints to the Texas Attorney General and the BBB. Along with blogging as much as I can to let everyone know about this unscrupulous business.

  38. Leslie says:

    I met with a representative of the company today to go over their services and review our rates. It was all going good, their rates seemed good and their products seemed good…until I told him I wanted to think about it over the weekend (that is a lot of trust and money to hand over to a stranger)/ I wanted to some research before I committed to anything. All of the sudden he started accusing me of being a liar and rolling his eyes at me and even tried to intimidate me into going with their company! He was being very insulting all of the sudden. I quickly got fed up with his belittling and intimidation tactics and asked him to leave very firmly yet politely and he wouldn’t leave! We had to threaten to call the police to get him to leave! It was crazy!!! After he left, I looked online and saw all the stuff about hidden fees etc. No wonder he got all weird! Never meeting with a merchant processing rep again…

  39. Erin L. says:

    DO NOT USE THEM!!!! I wanted to think about using them and some guy Tyler told me to sign up that day and if i changed my mind i could cancel and send the machine back. What he didn’t say was that if you canceled they charge you $400!!! They are liars. And the “sales rep” was here for 2 1/2 freaking hours….I should have gone with my gut and said i’m not interested. And i told this Tyler guy later that after i searched for them on the internet i didnt want their services and he said most of those people were former people that worked for them….Just avoid these people like the plague!!
    BTW I own a small hair salon, I have not worked for Crescent.

  40. Akeem says:

    They go by MANY MANY NAMES. I started working for Summit Merchant (different name same crap). Last Friday and quit the same day, thanks to reading bad testimonies. It didn’t bother me so much that former employees were complaining. What bothered me the most is that no client could attest that this processing company was good for anything! I cannot consciously sell something that would cause pain a grief to people.

    It would be truly nice to sell for a legit company, not any of these cronies.

  41. John Dolby says:

    FYI – I contacted Crescent Processing about a sales position and simply asked to talk to one of their successful reps in my area or region, before I signed up and invested money. The person I spoke to was concerned that I was a competitor and wanted to steal one of their reps. I offered a simple and safe solution by offering him the opportunity to be on the call at the same time, and if I (in any way) attempted to recruit his rep he could simply hangup and end the conversation immediately.

    Needless to say . . . my request was turned down and Crescent Processing immediately lost credibility and validated some of the comments/concerns on this thread that I’ve read.

    Please draw your own conclusions from my experience.

    JD/Wisconsin -6/5/12

  42. janie Melton says:

    This company is a scam. Please do not hire them for your credit card processing. I completed my contract with them and I’m still being charged for services not rendered. I stopped using them im March of 2012 and I was still charged in april, may, and june. I sent them a cancellation notice after my contract was over in Jan of 2012 and they still continue to charge me. One charge after the fact was a “corporate fee” for $95 in which I was no longer a customer. Im having a hard time getting these guys out of my bank account. I’m sick of them. I’ve submitted a complaint with the BBB in hopes I’ll get some resolve but from seeing the BBB records it looks like Crescent gets a lot of complaints but there is never a resolve. This company is a scam stay away from them.

    1. Erin L. says:

      I actually changed my account number, i am not being charged for a cancelation fee when i havent even used the product. It might be more difficult for some people to change their account number. Good luck, I hope they leave you alone

  43. Guilliana V. says:

    I have applied for a job as an independent rep for Crescent. They are asking for a lot of financial documents from me, which I thought was odd. So I decided to research the company. Can anyone tell me what the reps really do? They told me that I just show a video from the laptop, and the business office speaks with the client. The equipments are free, from what I was told. I don’t want to be involved in a scam that will piss of business owners who are my friends either. Please inform me.

  44. Silvia says:

    They are a greedy bunch of liars. Their sales people are representing some thing else and contract says some thing else.
    Avoid them as best as you can or Read the termination clauses. Do not take sales rep word for any thing.

  45. London Dance Academy says:

    I read the testimonials of the above former clients of Crescent Processing Company.
    I also fell victim to this company last fall 2011. What a scam company!

    To anyone reading this and considering using this company, please do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT hire them!

    Like other unhappy clients, I also did not receive a hard copy of what was agreed upon with the sales rep and Crescent Processing Company although I specifically asked for one. Once the rep sent the agreement electronically he said he did not have a copy either.

    The rep did email me a very long list of Crescent processing rules. This was ridiculous since the rep and company had agreed over a verbal contract to waive many of the rules including the $495.00 cancellation penalty.
    I smelled a rat and should have cancelled immediately. From what I have read of testomony from past clients I would still have had problems.

    The first month the processing machine worked less than half of the time. I had three terminals linked to the one machine each with its own monthly service fee.
    When the machine did not operate it also caused loss of new clientel.

    When I received my first month of bank statements from signing up with Crescent Processing, automatic withdrawals by Crescent on all three accounts were higher than agreed on.
    I attempted to contact the CEO by e mail and phone to discuss this. There was no response.
    The salesman also tried to help to no avail.

    Since there was no response I cancelled the contract by phone and also in writing by fax.
    I also notified the bank and gave them a copy of the fax.
    When I received the 2nd month of statements there were more automatic withdrawals before and after I had cancelled and also no longer had the machine!
    With three different terminals it was shocking to see phony charges for usage. There had only been one transaction the 2nd month prior to cancellation.

    I disputed these unauthorised withdrawals. The bank had some of the charges reversed although not in full. (Charge back fees for withdrawals never agreed to?)

    For the record, my bank said they was unable to have some of the automatic withdrawals refunded stating there was only 24 hours to dispute them. (I have never heard of that)

    Due to Merchant Processing unethical practises the salesman left the company.

    Rosemary DeHart

  46. Shannon Cauthen says:

    On Feb 16, I fell for their line of crap. But as soon as the rep was gone I decided to investigate them. Saw what a shady deal they where and immediately that day advised them to cancel service I was not interested. The contact the left me with was not the one we verbal went over on the phone. The book I was handed the information was out outrageous and not what I was told my fees would be. (The federal law that allows you to change your mind on ANY contract with in three days. ) I sent two certified letters. I had the name and the fax number the kid that was here peddling the deal and was able to track down the number via the company directory. I advised him of my intent and rights to quit the contract. I ended up hanging up on him. The equipment arrived and I refused it (un opened,) . Now they have made charges to my account for WHAT? I don’t have anything of there’s I cancelled the contact as is my federal right to do and yet now they are in my account even though they were told they were not allowed to. Now I am going to court and have changed my bank about these guys are MAJOR looser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Tammy Olsen says:

    Crescent Company is affiliated with the word SCAM. I was NOT aware of a $495.00 cancellation fee. All of these extra hidden fees of $130.00 in February and $114.58 in january, and $200.00 in October. Ive called NUMEROUS times stating their sales rep is a liar and my reply from the company ” we don’t have sales reps we hire independent contractors.”I explained to them he brought a lap top “but because i wasnt wireless he couldnt print my contract”. but would email it to me and it looked like he really did.. WRONG nothing but a thank yoou on email.. I am in the WESTERN NEW YORK area. DO NOT GIVE DAVID TRAINA from Crescent (he will introduce himself as if he is the company )>>…. the time of day. I,,,, He and there company are SCAMS> I can say NOTHING good about this company.. I regret changing credit card companies BIG TIME>> P.S I am a retail store..

  48. POO POO ON YOU!!!! says:

    This company sucks!!!! A sales rep who I was later told was an independent sales rep and not affiliated provided me with the wrong information to discontinue my service. Even though the equipment came with return labels. I was told to return equipment with a letter to cancel services. They said equipment was received but not the cancellation letter. Still charging my account, I sent a cancellation by fax. They said they didn’t receive that! Still charging my account…..2 months later.

  49. Yvette Holloway says:


    “I am providing your company with more than 30-days’ notice that we will NOT be renewing our contract with your company for merchant processing effective immediately. After May 22, 2012, we will not be requiring your company’s services. We are appalled at the service we DID NOT receive from your company in that we were 1) not notified by anyone that there was a large chargeback on our account; 2) even though I provided our correct address to your company many times, our merchant statements were sent to the wrong address, thus we never received any documentation your company states they sent to us regarding the chargeback; and the “mother” of them all; 3) “it’s not our job to inform you” is what I was told by two of your managers; if you want their names, your Contract Department can look that up in their notes, if they took them. That is not customer service and I will make sure everyone on Facebook, BBB, Yellowpages, etc. knows what your company told us.”

    The transaction date was 1/16/2011; the posting date was 11/17/2011; Received date was 01/20/2012; the resolved date was 01/24/2012 (which we knew NOTHING about because we never received any notification letters or phone calls to let us know there was a chargeback on our account). My secretary was reviewing our merchant statement when she saw a $10 retrieval charge and called them to find out what that was for and they told her it was for a chargeback. We had no idea there was such a chargeback and when asked why they did not notify our company, they said they did, which they really didn’t. I asked them if they sent letters or called and they said they sent letters to 2420 Irving Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75207. That was our previous address and I informed them that we moved last August to 2460 Irving Blvd. They said that even though their system reflected our correct address when I asked them to provide me with what they had down as our present address, they still had us down at 2420 according to their letter, to which I replied that was not our fault they did not have their act together. Christine or Cindy (cannot remember her name) said that they sent letters twice and twice they were returned. I then asked why didn’t they just call and inform us about what was going on if they received two returned letters; she did not have an answer. They processed the charge for $2,508.69, took the fees in connection with the charge, and then applied a chargeback. I had my secretary call them on 01.27.12 to request a copy of the letter to which we received, complied with their request for proof such as the signed credit card receipt for goods and a copy of the invoice, which is what they wanted all before 02.05.12 which was our given deadline. After all of that, the client STILL kept the money, Crescent STILL kept our processing fees for doing nothing but giving the customer his money back, then Christine or Cindy’s boss came on the phone and threatened to keep the rest of the credit card charges unrelated to this client in suspense. They said the reason for giving the client his money back was because we were not compliant with the request for proof, I told them I complied with what they wanted and then they said we were scammed. I am disgusted with Crescent. Please help!

    I want the charge reversed and back into my account, I would like to get my money back for processing fees and I would like out of my contract.

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