Audit Your Merchant Account Statement

audit your merchant account statement

Beware of Credit Card Processor Audits

The problem with most merchant account statement analyzes is that they are offered by a competing credit card processing company. The only goal is to show you a carefully manufactured side-by-side report demonstrating fees that are lower than your current processor's costs. They are not incentivized to show your true costs as it could affect their own margins. Processing companies thrive on the fact that rates and fees are difficult to understand, so you should never trust a statement audit done by a credit card processor.

Our Third-Party, Independent Analysis

We are an advocate for North American businesses and not a credit card processing company. Our analysis will reveal all of your processor's markups.

We identify all of the following:

  • All markups over Interchange.
  • All junk fees that can be eliminated.
  • All hidden costs and fees.

How You Will Benefit From Auditing Your Statement

Many processors assess fees on your merchant account so that it is intentionally complicated and confusing. The harder it is to understand, the easier it is to overcharge you. In fact, there are no uniform standards across providers when it comes to how fees have to be named, described, or listed in your statement. This means statements across providers, and even by the same provider, can be drastically different from one merchant account to the next. Add to this that there are roughly six common rate and pricing schemes, along with hundreds of varying fees based on the cards that are transacted, and it can seem next to impossible to understand. Our independent will show you exactly how much your credit card processor is profiting from your merchant account.

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How an Audit Will Save You Money

Our report is one of the most powerful tools you can use in your rate and fee negotiations. Take it to your current processor to demand lower fees or use it in your negotiations with new processors. Knowledge truly is power in credit card processing costs.

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Fill out the form below and upload your statement to have it audited by one of our knowledgeable merchant account analysts. Most reports are completed and emailed within one business day. Your information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be shared with processors or merchant service providers.

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