Durbin Amendment Simplified (Infographic)

The Durbin Amendment debit card fee restriction took effect on Saturday, October 1st, but what does it mean for merchants?  Check out the infographic below issued by Merchant Warehouse to get an easy to understand explanation.  Be sure to ask your processor if it is passing the savings onto you since the legislation only affects the banks' wholesale Interchange rate.

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Dubin Amendment Inforgraphic
Dubin Amendment Explained

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  • Candie

    But what you have failed to notice is that Visa / MC no longer have discounts for the small ticket sales under $10. My fees have gone up 15 to 20 a month since Oct.1

    So they are breaking the coffee shops and any other places people use their cards for under $10. think about how many times a day and how many swipes are for under !0.00 , billions I’s bet and the banks are taking more of my money.

    When reporting on a subject like this , find out all the facts first.

    article in NYtimes from a coffee shop owner about this problem we are having, it’s hard to decide what to do, not taking cards for under $10.00, charging everyone more, or just shutting the doors, selling gift card for 3-4 drinks or $10 then swiping/
    You tell us, you all seem to be the smart f.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Candie,

      Thank you for the comment. I suggest you take a few minutes to browse my other posts about the Durbin Amendment as it is apparent that you do not have the whole picture:

      Retailers Challenge Durbin Amendment in Lawsuit
      The Durbin Amendment: Processors’ Dirty Little Secret

      Also my ebook covers the exact problem you are experiencing:

      Fee Sweep

      Best of luck to you!

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