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Updated 3/6/2019: The website for Tribul, LLC ( appears to no longer be an active website, and several recent complaints seem to suggest that nobody at the company is returning calls. At this time, Tribul appears to be a defunct organization. If you have any knowledge of Tribul’s status (whether it is still active, operating under another name, or no longer in business), please leave that information in the comment section below this review.

Tribul, LLC (, is a merchant account provider serving a wide range of industries, from sole proprietors to national retailers. Services include credit card authorization and settlement, debit processing, electronic benefits transfer (EBT), e-commerce, gift card program and point-of-sale terminals (POS).

Founded in 2005 in New York City, Tribul is not an accredited business of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and ranks with an “F” grade. A total of 24 complaints were made of which include two regarding issues with advertising and sales, 10 for billing and collection, and 12 with products and services. Of the 24 complaints, 19 were resolved with BBB assistance and Tribul failed to respond to five of the others.

Approximately five complaints have been registered on other consumer-protection websites and these issues include problems with unauthorized fees, difficulty cancelling accounts and former agents alleging stolen residual commissions. No representatives from Tribul have responded to any of the complaints at the time of this review.

Tribul Merchant Services, LLC registered ISO/MSP of BMO Harris, N.A., Chicago, Illinois.

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4 Responses

  • Katherine

    We are a physician’s office using Tribul Merchant Services, and they are no longer even sending us statements. I have tried repeatedly over the last year to get this corrected, to no avail. I agree with the post above about it sounding like a boiler room operation. When calling with my complaint, I was asked if I wanted to be contacted about loan services!! Speaking to a “supervisor” was as useless as the representatives that answer the phone. I do not recommend this company to anyone. In fact, I urge people to stay away!

  • scott matthews

    i have proof from bank statements of tribul and their partner cynergydata overcharged for many of my credit card transactions that they processed. in many cases it was as much as 6%! After repeated phone calls and conversations with reps and I use that term very loosely, nothing change except the noises in the background of an apparent boiler room type of operation. I have closed the account and have a new processor. Now I get a letter that they are turning me in to a collection agency because I owe them money. interestingly THEY always took their fees out first!
    scott Matthews
    mission, texas

  • scott matthews

    I’ve had it with tribul! in some cases they’ve charged up to 6% fees. you have to watch them very carefully. look at the sale amount and then look at how much they actually deposited in your account! i’m going to demand a complete audit of my account and demand a refund on the over charges

  • I was just informed by Tribul Merchant Services that my $99 annual fee will now be $299. Regardless of the amount on my contract. I was told that they can make any changes to my contract without my permission. Also when i switched from another company to use Tribul they told me my early termination fee from previous company would be paid off by them. Sounded great at the time but it took Tribul over a year to reimburse my $495 early termination fee. Not the 90 days it stated on the early termination reimbursement form. Countless messages left with customer service and supervisors. When I would actually speak with someone they always said they would immediately call back with an answer but never did. Quite obvious all they care about is making money no matter how. This is a line from Tribul’s mission statement ” Our focus is to continuously think about how to make a merchant’s life easier and more profitable”. Do they mean easier by ignoring me and more profitable by tripling my annual fee for no good reason except to gouge me for an extra $200 of my profits. I would never recommend Tribul to anyone.

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