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No misleading marketing strategies​ Complaints about customer service
Specializes in fleet card services​​. High termination fees​​.
Offers fuel analytics and GPS tracking​​. Non-competitive transaction fees​​.


In this review of Wex Inc., we will provide a detailed look at this provider of fleet card and business management services. We'll cover their rates, fees, contract terms, and common customer complaints. Additionally, we'll examine Wex Inc.'s industry ratings and reviews from both customers and employees to give a balanced view of the company's services and reputation.

We'll also discuss Wex Inc.'s offerings in fleet, travel, and healthcare payment solutions, as well as their marketing strategies and customer support efficiency. This review will include information on the company’s recent legal challenges, such as the Visa & MasterCard lawsuit settlement. Finally, we'll break down Wex Inc.'s online ratings, fees, rates, and contract details, providing a clear overview for businesses considering their services.

About Wex Inc.

Founded in 1983 as “Wright Express Corporation”, Wex Inc. is a merchant account provider that primarily offers fleet card and business management services for the transportation and logistics industries.

Wex has made many acquisitions, including eNett, Optal, and benefitexpress.

Wex Inc. homepage

Wex Inc. Products and Services

Payment Processing

Wex specializes in self-issued fleet cards for trucking companies and government fleets, allowing drivers to purchase fuel and other essentials at gas stations nationwide. Additionally, Wex provides point-of-sale payment solutions for gas stations and trucking companies, facilitating both in-person fleet card acceptance and virtual B2B Level III e-commerce transactions. This review examines Wex's merchant payment acceptance products.

Fleet Payment Solutions

Wex offers fleet payment solutions designed to help businesses manage fuel and vehicle-related expenses efficiently. Their fleet cards include customizable spending controls, real-time data, and reporting features, enabling businesses to monitor and manage expenses more effectively.

Travel Payment Solutions

Wex also serves the travel industry with payment solutions that simplify transactions between travel agencies, suppliers, and customers. Their virtual payment services help businesses process payments securely and efficiently, aiming to reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

Healthcare Payment Solutions

In the healthcare sector, Wex focuses on streamlining transactions between providers, insurers, and patients. Their services include healthcare benefits administration, electronic remittance advice, and electronic funds transfer, which assist businesses in managing financial operations and providing a seamless experience for patients.

Customizable Integration

Wex provides businesses with customizable APIs for integrating their payment processing services into existing platforms and software. This flexibility ensures a smooth transition and helps maintain a consistent user experience. Wex also offers technical support to assist businesses with the integration process.

Wex Inc. Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 20+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Poor Service
Recent Lawsuits Yes

Evaluation of Wex Inc. Reviews

Our review has identified over 20 negative Wex Inc. reviews, with none categorizing the company as a scam or ripoff. The complaints predominantly focus on Wex’s fleet card services rather than its payment processing solutions. After considering the relevance, complaints about payment processing highlight issues such as unsatisfactory customer service, unexpected fees, negative experiences with sales representatives, and delays in payouts. The diversity of these complaints does not indicate a widespread problem with Wex Inc.’s services or products. We invite you to share your personal experiences with Wex Inc. in the comments below.

Wex Inc. Legal Challenges

In 2020, Wex Inc. faced a class-action lawsuit related to its attempted acquisition of travel companies Optal and eNett International. The lawsuit arose after Wex Inc. sought to back out of the purchase due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact, leading to a settlement that included Wex Inc. completing the acquisition at a significantly reduced price and covering various associated costs. Additionally, Wex Inc. has incurred fines exceeding $35 million for violations concerning banking and investor protection in the US.

Wex Inc. Customer Support Analysis

Wex Inc. provides customer support through phone and email, aligning with what is expected from top-rated customer service processors. This commitment to accessible support channels demonstrates Wex Inc.’s effort to address client needs effectively.

Contact Information for Wex Inc. Support

  • (833) 225-5939 – Toll-Free Customer Support
  • (207) 773-8171 – Corporate Office

This content has been updated to offer a comprehensive review of Wex Inc., incorporating feedback from users, details of legal challenges, and information on customer support options. By including SEO-optimized terms related to “reviews,” “complaints,” “customer service,” and “customer support,” the revision aims to enhance discoverability and provide valuable insights for individuals and businesses considering Wex Inc.’s services.

Wex Inc. Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 393

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 100 Complaints

Wex Inc. has an “A-” rating with the Better Business Bureau and is currently not BBB accredited. The company has received 160 complaints in the past three years.

What Merchants Say

Wex has also received 233 informal reviews to its BBB profile, all but 3 of which are negative. The most recent review referencing their processing services describes unexpected account creation and inadequate customer support:

A d minus rating. What would it take to get an f rating. This company sends credit card statements to businesses after the due date . They then make the business go through a nightmare procedure to resolve the issue.

Clients can typically expect huge companies like Wex to have longer customer service wait times than smaller, top-rated merchant account providers.

An “A” Performance

Given the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we have slightly adjusted the BBB’s rating. Some of the company’s complaints are unrelated to its merchant processing services, but its overall complaint total indicates that its customer support department may lack the resources to resolve all issues in-house.

Wex Inc. Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Unclear
Processing Rates Variable
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

Wex Inc. Contract Terms

The standard Wex, Inc. Merchant rates agreement entails a 60-month contract with automatic renewal for 24-month terms unless canceled six months before the initial termination date. Merchants are subject to a 3.5% charge per swiped transaction, 3.5% plus $0.20 per keyed-in transaction, 3.5% plus $0.30 per phone transaction, and an early termination fee, the amount of which appears to be contingent on the remaining duration of the contract at the time of cancellation.

Level 2 and Level 3 Processing Services

Besides its conventional merchant services, Wex Inc. also offers Level 2 and Level 3 processing for B2B and B2G transactions. These processing tiers operate on distinct interchange rates compared to standard consumer credit transactions. Implementing these rates necessitates specialized payment processing technology from a merchant account provider to transmit the requisite data for these transactions.

Few Contract Complaints

While there are a limited number of complaints concerning Wex Inc.’s contract terms, businesses commonly cite unexpected incidental fees and high termination fees. Wex’s per-transaction fees are less competitive compared to those of the most cost-effective merchant accounts, and its protracted contract duration exceeds industry norms.

We also encourage business owners to review our compilation of the top merchant accounts.

Wex Inc. Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers No
Telemarketing Yes
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Inside/Outside Sales Team

Wex Inc. appears to rely on inside telesales and a W-2 outside sales team to market its services. There is no evidence at this time indicating that the company employs independent sales agents, but we have found some Wex Inc. reviews related to the company’s telemarketing team. Merchants specifically claim that they only expressed interest in learning about fleet cards over the phone, but they soon found out that they had been signed up for long-term contracts by their telesales agent.

This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors. To avoid this issue, we recommend asking for promotional information but not providing any information about your business name or location that could be used to bill you.

No Misleading Quotes

Wex Inc. does not appear to engage in any deceptive advertising strategies in its official materials. If you suspect that Wex Inc. is charging you undisclosed fees, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to eliminate hidden charges.

Our Wex Inc. Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Wex Inc. has established itself as the leading payment processing option for fleet card acceptance based on all available data. This dominance in the fleet card market is notable, although it’s worth mentioning that the company’s pricing may not be the most competitive in the broader payment processing landscape. Despite this, Wex Inc. has successfully maintained a relatively low rate of complaints considering its large scale of operations, suggesting a level of service that generally meets customer expectations.

For businesses, particularly those in sectors like transportation or logistics where fleet cards are commonly used, Wex Inc. often becomes the go-to provider. However, it is important for these businesses to realize that they are not necessarily confined to Wex for all payment processing needs. If the pricing feels prohibitive, business owners should consider exploring other options. Specifically, they could benefit from comparing services and rates offered by top-rated petroleum payment processors that also handle traditional merchant accounts.

Location & Ownership

Wex Inc. is headquartered at 1 Hancock St, Portland, Maine 04101. Melissa Smith is the president and CEO of Wex Inc.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Wex Inc. Treat You?

42 User Reviews

  • David L Milliron

    Fife Lake Area Emergency Services

    I am very unhappy with Wex’s information on billing information. Why are all their calls sent to call centers outside of the United States of America? The language is very difficult to understand and the telephone connection is so poor. I can never can talk to their reps in America. In the past I could call and usually get someone at WEX that worked in America.

  • Dana L Fos

    They changed my rates – a huge hike, especially for someone who is out of work and under the stresses of looking already – and didn’t notify me directly. They sent a “message” inside their own portal that I had to go fetch to find. Over $2k a month for an unemployed person.

    It’s bad enough to be in a situation needing cobra, but then to be preyed on and treated dismissively too?

  • Joni Silva

    This complaint is about what happened with our account at WEX.

    On November 9th 2023,

    1. A staff member whom we sent on an out of town project to Ohio, called to say his WEX card was being declined.
    2. It took me hours to finally get the information from WEX customer service that WEX was reviewing our application. The website doesn’t reflect that any of the cards or our account is suspended.
    3. I was given no prior notice of this review or that our cards would be suspended during this review.
    4. A review within a month of our initial application and approval by WEX seems outlandish since:
    a. We applied and were accepted on October 10 & 11,2023
    b. We received a credit limit of $13,322
    c. We were assigned an account number
    d. We were allowed to set up an online access account
    e. We were sent 5 WEX Fleet Fuel cards
    f. We used the cards and paid for them on or before any due date.

    5. After receiving the shocking news early in the morning while on my way to an appointment, I had to just help our staff member get fuel by other means and go to my appointment intending to call back when I returned to my office.

    6. I called back mid-afternoon to see what was going on and was told by a different customer service representative that the application review was sorted out and that all the cards were working fine. She helped me work out some details about the card profiles and we moved on thinking our account was in working order.

    7. Later that evening, another staff member called because his card was declining so I called back and sat on hold for over 30 minutes only to find that the reassurance from the customer service representative that the account was fine was incorrect and that NOTHING was worked out. This made me so angry because had I been properly informed when I called in the afternoon, I might have been able to get to the bottom of the situation and prevent another staff member from being stranded with no gas card. The customer service rep put me on hold, and when she came back she said there was nothing she could do, there was no department to transfer me to and no supervisor I could speak to. She also informed me that it could be next week before I had any communication from the Application Review Department (who knew this department even existed) because Friday was a holiday. I finally realized that I was talking myself blue in the face to try and understand what was happening to people that simply didn’t care.

    8. I was frustrated, confused and really angry. I had been trying to get to the bottom of this matter all day and it was now 9pm at night. This treatment of Wetlands Transportation, a new customer, that put our trust in WEX as our new fuel company was inexcusable. Our staff was put at risk. It placed our representative in danger of getting stuck in a small town, unable to get fuel and no way to get to his destination or back home.

    9. On November 10, 2023:

    10. First thing in the morning I called WEX again and again, the customer representative put me on hold to check on the situation and then came back in a very cold attitude told me that I had to wait to hear from the Bank. That was the first time I heard the word “bank”. I asked what bank? She replied, WEX Bank. She said I would get a letter when it was finished with the application review and that she could do nothing to help me further and that she had other customers to deal with. I tried to speak to her again and ask her to give me to a supervisor, but she hung up on me.

    I have responsibilities to WEX, to use the cards responsibly and to pay them for their services. WEX has a responsibility to provide the services we contracted with them to provide and to treat us, as a customer with respect and to communicate with us when there is a problem. This has certainly not happened and I think we have connected our business with a fraudulent

  • RG

    This has to be the most inept Company I have ever dealt with. My FSA card has bedn suspended countless times over the past few months for no reason. I can’t believe this company is still in business and why companies use them to manage their FSA programs. Where do I send my invoice for the wasted hours I’ve spent on the phone with your “customer service”?

  • James Shaw

    Ever since WEX took over from Esso-Mobil (Imperial Oil) Fleet fuel cards we have found there to be big issues in their system. As a third party bill processing company to Esso-Mobil Fleet accounts, they have no security to their online system, or their call-in procedures. We reticently have found over $10,000 in theft in fuel. They don’t have any accountability. Days later we have found more theft, Fake “drivers” added to the account. Someone pretending to be the owner of the company has phoned it adding drivers. There is no security checks. If you want a password on the account you have to fill out a form. No, one gets back to you in days. A form has been filed out regarding the theft and they don’t even acknowledge receipt the form. People on the phone don’t care, they don’t have any power to do anything or to help out. They can’t resolve the issue. They say fill out of form and we will get back to you. If more theft happens its on on WEX for now on.

    • Jimmy Lucky Luciano



  • Ruz

    I am having the same experience. Never had issues with receipts with my previous company, now they want receipts for any larger copays. They are COPAYS for crying out loud. Someone needs to take this company down. This is BS.

  • Patrick Newchok

    Opened new account
    One transaction for $164 at Sheetz fuel, made payment, said they didn’t receive it. Sent payment again by certified mail, they received it, but Charged $85 late fee twice
    Talked to their rep. he would settle account for $100, which we paid
    Still getting notified of late fees
    Called them about it, was put on hold for exactly 38 minutes, then they hung up ! This is why their CEO gets 9 million per year ! Worst company in my 50 years of being in business !

  • Dan

    Delta Rebar

    Would like to join in class action suit. Been paying late fees for 8 months and just noticed. They do not give time to make payments. finance charge has been 150% APR. All this has to be illegal. Anyone recommend an attorney? reply and I will get the message. This has to be huge fraud case.

  • Larry

    I had an Exxon/Mobil credit card for 30 years with no late payments, WEX takes over and for 3 months in a row, late fees and interest for $49.69 and interest of$8.86. The statement was dated 1/6/23 and I received it on 1/17/23 with a $10 charge for mail (paper deliver). The due date was 1/20/2023. I know the mail is slow, but it also makes a difference as to when they place the bill in the mail.
    I had this card for 30 years, had to cancel it out, was the worst thing exxon could have done selling out to a company like this.

  • Stefanelli

    Community Title Services

    1/6/23 got bill in mail due date of invoice is 1/6//23 ? crazy third time its going on. Then i get charged fees I got a private lawyer & CFPB is on notice and if your bills cannot be sent on time to be paid and you stop reimbursements to me for refunds, I will file suit contact Exxon mobile tell all my clients to stop using Exxon mobile due to fraud. Then Class action suit!

  • Lee

    Since they took over billing for ExxonMobil I had to cancel my account with ExxonMobil because they like to charge unwarranted late fees every month. I never paid a late fee with ExxonMobil for decades because I always paid the Invoice the exact day that I received it. Now since they took over there is not only a sudden $39.00 late fee every month but they had the audacity to charge me a late fee on a cancelled account that had no charges since I cut the cards months ago! Something seems very illegal about this and I’m certain ExxonMobil is going to see an exponential reduction in revenue because of this overly aggressive, profit driven harassment of card holders. Exxon Mobil should be aware of this. They lost a very long term customer over this.

  • Justin

    Ardent Mills

    I still can’t get Wex to just distribute my HSA to my new employer. I’m now on my 3rd time submitting the form to them.
    I’ve contacted customer service multiple times and spent long times on chat and hold both times.
    Just give me my money!

  • Ronald

    Integra Transport

    WEX would not approve our medically related expenses and kept over 1500 dollars of our HSA account. We have no recourse.
    We also used WEX fuel card for our small business fleet and we asked them to send the notifications to my email but this was not changed in their system by the customer service representative. We paid a bill of 234.00 5 days late and were charged a 75.00 minimum late fee

  • Becky

    I’ve had a FSA for many years and never have I ever experienced being denied a payment until our company switched over to WEX. I have no issues getting prescriptions. But any dental work or Vision appointments are denied. They claim they need a receipt. Which I upload. That’s not good enough and want explanation of benefits. I send that in and that’s not good enough. They now want a detailed receipt. Which I give them, but now I’m denied? I don’t know how to make it any more clear .. do you need an invitation to my appointments so that you can see I’m actually having dental work done? EVEN THOUGH ITS IN THE NAME OF THE BUSINESS? (Town name) Dental or Essential Eye? I know it’s confusing .. eye roll ..

  • CW


    WEX has frozen my account. They state that the co-payments to my oncologist, uroloigst and optometirst appear to be fraudulent. They want my medical records to prove the medical necessity. I am so furious as the HSA that my company sold me on assured me that it was “paperless” and as long as I was using the account for medical, vision, dental or pharmacy co-payments it would be covered. However, now that the claims are being denied and I cannot access my account my HR Department states they cannot get involved. However, they will continue to take my monthly contribution out of my paycheck.

  • Kay Vollmayer

    Bronco Environmental

    I thought this would be beneficial. No way to set up an auto pay. There are per card, per month fees, as well a paper billing fees (applied as a default). There were months I didn’t even PURCHASE GAS, and the $14 in fees triggered a late fee of $75. I purchased $1300 in gas and pad WEX $2280 in total over the course of 8 months. There is no detail on the bills whatsoever to identify annual fee, versus card fee versus late fee. No cares when I called to tell them a $75 late fee on a $card fee was atrocious.

    Don’t use them, spread the word not to use them, I will be posting on every review site. Big business pay attention and give your money to a better company.

  • LB


    Charged to my bank account, we do not own a card. I called to have the charge removed, they said I had to have the account number to do that. They will not help you at all, I had no account number as I had no account. NEVER let this company get your bank info.

  • LWoods

    Univ Const

    WEX is the worst! I made a payment on my due date of June 28, then paid off my full statement balance on July 6. I then received a late charge for my July 28 bill, because they said they applied my July 6 payment to the June bill (even though it had already been paid 8 days prior.) So, in addition to the approx $187 interest charge that had carried over after paying my account balance that they said was due July 28 (ignoring the fact I’d already made a second payment and had paid the entire balance), they charged me a $140+ late fee!! How does this make any sense whatsoever?? And how has this not already generated a class action lawsuit? This type of billing is unethical at the very least.

  • Phillip Goldstein

    Spring Branch Community Health Center

    The Problem is this Wex froze my credit card HSA account they want receipts. They are a credit card company never has an HSA ever asked me for receipts before ever. The purpose of the card is to be able to pay for medicines and Drs office visits. That’s exactly what I have been doing everything is from Drs because on the receipts it shows I went to Memorial Hermann or I went to Methodist and my Drs appointment. Why would you need to show a receipt from your dr that does not even make sense? If they want the information as to why I went to the dr they can investigate or ask the hospital for the receipts. I have never gotten a paper receipt ever in the last 10 years. It gets billed to the card. That’s the receipt this is ridiculous then they freeze your card what kind of HSA does that? This company is very very strange just like the company I worked for never have I ever heard of wex or what they are trying to do and it is plain wrong. I mean what do they think we are frauding by going to the dr or getting medication? Ridiculous I would like them to unfreeze my card till the end of the month when my insurance expires with the company and be able to use the benefits they are taking from my paycheck every week.

  • Vincent Y

    TYG Property Solutions, LLC

    I became a Wex customer in November 2021. In the beginning, the gas card seemed to be beneficial for my business. But shortly after my first few payments, I noticed an increase in fees and charges unrelated to my actual gas purchases. The discrepancy between my ACTUAL gas pump purchases to what was shown on my monthly invoices were unexplainably high!

    I’ve made several attempts to contact WEX to resolve these charges, but I was never able to reach a representative – which is completely unacceptable.

    Additionally, finance charges in the amount of $75 started to be charged to my account in January 2022 and every other month thereafter. Again, there was NO explanation or warning. Attempts to reach a representative for clarity were again unsuccessful.

    My monthly statements went from $155 to $914! As a small business owner, these unexpected shifts in expenses are a serious problem for me and I need this issue resolved. WEX’s unethical business practices have negatively impacting my credit as well. I’ve closed my account with this company due to these exorbitant, hidden charges to my gas purchases, but I need the issue corrected to bring my credit rating back to its previously good standing!

    I’m sharing this experience in an effort to resolve this issue and get this company to rectify its negligence in responsibilities to their customers.

  • LuCinda S Barfield

    Barfield Enterprises Corp

    WEX took nearly $4,000.00 from my business account. We had NEVER HEARD OF THEM. We have never had any association, account, conversation or any dealings with this company or their client Intrepid Potash until the money was taken via 2 ACH debits to my account. After 4 phone calls and 2 emails over the course of a week I was told to file a fraud complaint with my bank. It was my banker that advised me to contact them first. A fraud claim will require me to close my account and open another ( a couple of hours ) Purchase new checks ( more money ) advise my customers of new wire instructions ( more hours ), set up the bookkeeping files for the new account ( more time ) and monitor outstanding checks until they all clear ( more time ). In business, time is money. And while I do all that I can wait until the investigation is complete for my $4000.00 to come back.
    All this because WEX, a company we have never had any dealings with ( and never will!)
    made a mistake ( or is it FRAUD?) and won’t correct it.
    Unethical? You bet.
    Disreputable? Yup
    Fraudulent? Looking that way.

  • CNS Productions Inc

    CNS Productions Inc

    Description of Complaint:
    I am the bookkeeper for a company vexed be WEX. WEX Fleet Universal has opened
    an account in a name who is not associated with our company. This is a fraudulent account. I notified WEX that this was fraudulent and was told the account wasTerminated assured me closed many times I continue to see statements each month with new charges The phone number for WEX is 866-544-5796 The address is WEX BANK PO Box 4337
    Carol Stream IL 60197-4337 They continue to tell me the account was terminated, but it is not They continue to add charges 4/1/2022 spoke w Marianne first they hung up I called back spoke w Jonas They show an bus id #841425616 Again 4/29 another bill
    Spoke w Missy Fleet Manager assured me this would not affectour credit etc. & would be canceled 6/1/2022 Notice Acct is severely delinquent call 8884376004 Collections! Nicole
    apologized somehow back in system More promises will be corrected 7/7/2022 New balance 153.00 Referred for formal collection if payment not received immediately This is beyond
    annoying This is unacceptable I’m actually on hold with Wex as i type this complaint…After 41 min spoke w supervisor Stephanie I was told she would again send this to their fraud dept to stop the statements & we need to contact Experian to notify our info has
    been used fraudulently They should take responsibility & notify they made a mistake I’ve spent hours trying to get this handled They seem unwilling to do much Please help make this all stop Thank you Update As of today 8/4/2022 on the phone with WEX Statements keep coming…

  • Burke ONeal

    Full Spectrum Solar

    Worst gas card ever. In addition to making it nearly impossible to avoid late fees if you pay by check, they switched website interfaces and created a new account for us and left a small amount on the old account. They didn’t migrate that amount over to the new. They didn’t send or email a notice that amounts were due. They left a message one time, we called to enquire and they said that we didn’t owe anything (becuase their rep was apparently only aware of the new account!). A few months later an obnoxious debt collection company starts hounding us. Even after we paid their extortion money, WEX kept our account locked. They were completely unreasonable to deal with. Wex wouldn’t help at all, just lied and wasted our time.

    • Bess

      Dalia Trucking

      We are going through the same situation. Suspended our account for not paying 324 dollars for another contract we have never been notified that exist. Please please please read reviews and stay away of this company. They are nightmare if there is a problem. They WILL NOT fix it and they will leave your trucks on the road without fuel cards.

  • Ferdinand Hui

    Johns Hopkins hospital

    We are FSA account holders that are managed through WEX health. We find that their service and management algorithms are needlessly obstructive. Given that FSA accounts are derived from client funds, and that we’ve had very reasonable FSA experiences with other companies, we would comment that if you want complaints from your workers about your WEX health FSA management choice – WEX will get you complaints.

    1/5 stars

  • Maggie

    Bull Trucking INC

    We are former TCheck Customer, used it mostly for paying lumper fees. Since covid started and all fees were taken for internally between customers, we were not using it as much as previously, a balance was remaining in the account. EFS/WEx decided to debit our account and send us a check. It’s been months and we still do not have $$$. Spend hours on the phone to have this resolved, right now I am talking to the person that’s taking supervisor’s calls
    LOL. I am being told that all is done by email and there is nobody I can talk to over the phone.
    It would save all of us a LOT of time and money (I am getting paid for sitting on the phone) if someone at Tcheck used that Email and notified us about all of changes. I will be closing this account as soon as I get my funds. It is a shame, I was a client for about 20 years.

  • Erma Russell and Herbert Russell

    We Energies (Retiree)

    This company needs to be closed and accounts given to someone that knows SOMETHING, ANYTHING I have never seen such INCOMPETENCE in my lilfe. I have been trying to get my claim processed for a month now. I am constantly being told, “WE ARE UNDER A NEW SYSTEM” WHO CARES??? The company should have planned for this. The customer shouldn’t have to suffer because of their inability to go onto a new system and still do their job. I use my premium refunds to pay for the next months premium. This company and their employees SUCK. I have asked for a manager many times but no one has EVER called me back.

  • Christopher

    I just got my second invoice from WEX. My total purchases was $1364.84 for fuel and $18.43 for other stuff (drinks, oil, whatever).

    I got a $40.00 account setup fee, $8.00 fee for 3 cards, $10.00 paper delivery fee, $11.17 program fee, and $110.95 finance charge.

    I don’t see how paying an extra $178.12 over the cost of the fuel is saving me anything.

    Can you imagine what they are charging retailers to be able to take the card?

    I’m paying it off in a couple weeks and closing the account. WEX is complete rip-off.

    I’d rather just use my Spark card and get the cash back.

  • Phillip Denote

    Most horrible experience with fuel cards. The company doesn’t care and their customer service sucks as they treat you like you are trying to dodge a payment when in fact you are trying to make one my small business will find another fuel card and cancel wex never to return

  • Faith R

    Worse liar company. This company didnt send me any Cobra benefit and ignored my requests. They are trying to cover up their lies by sending some spam emails as well. Their email never has any attachment of my cobra benefit but next couple of months create one for their scam proof. Watch this corrupt company and don’t use them for your poor employees.

  • David A Carver


    Worst company managing my health care funds.
    Hard to get a hold of. Never received a reply for my numerous e-mails with receipts for reimbursement out of my own account. Deny most claims with no reasons.
    I am switching my health care plan just so I don’t have to deal with a company that really doesn’t put effort into letting you pay your bills with your money.
    Also, cant use funds from previous year for 3 months after the new year.

  • Michelle Helm

    REGION 8 Enviro, LLC

    My Company has been in the process of terminating our account and has taken 3 calls to customer service to do so. At the end of the day 3 months later WEX has not terminated the account and continue to pile on charges and send me statements.. I have no choice but to involve my attorney for CEASE and DESIST. Won’t return as a customer.

  • Larry Leffew

    Same thing just happened to JennI have 4 people out working and they are 100 to 400 miles away..Now I have to scramble to get them back home..Didnt tell me anything just cut off cards after a second review.Always paid on time and full amount.This is a crappy way to do buisness..But cannot call corp office because they never answer their phone.To busy doing everything else but there job.I will complain and tell everyone I can about how they test people.And I’m advertising on my truck about them also.Wrapped my truck with a complaint about their company..But wont do any good because we are small companys that they say they care about but don’t..

  • Danielle A Jones

    After submitting the same claim for dependent care reimbursement THREE times, I have gotten nowhere. Yes the customer service people are VERY NICE but do I ever see a cent to my bank account after getting electronic emails stating my reimbursement will be sent? NO. This company is either competent or fraudulent.


    This is our complaint on WEX, Inc.
    Corporate Office
    WEX, Inc.
    1 Hancock Street
    Portland, ME USA 04101

    WEX, Inc. is ran by idiots. Tried to use the cards they sent and they had a block on every 2nd purchase even though they lied and said there wasn’t. Then they lied again about how I would get an email from their fraud dept resolving this. I call up there and they say “we did a 2nd review and terminated your account.” So all the time our company spent getting these cards, setting them up and learning how to use them and they cancel the account. Right during our most busy time of the year. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. These self serving morons could have left my employees stranded without working fuel cards. They are doing this to many other businesses I found out. Hopefully they get banned from my state at least.

    Thank you for your help.


    Michael Smith/CEO
    Health Store Int’l Inc

    • MJD

      As part of a very successful multinational company with annual profit in the extremes of 88+M,
      I had the misfortune to come up against WEX for a collection of, wait for it,, $1,300 yes thirteen hundred dollars!! Our account was put on hold for late payment (this I understand) but, to get it reinstated… I have answered all their queries, jumped through all their hoops and then some… Do you think they will reinstate it?? NO, because they want me to jump through another 50000 hoops!!! I have dealt with many companies in my 20+ years with this multi national, and I have NEVER EVER dealt with a dreadful company like WEX, and hope I never do again!! RIDICULOUS!!

  • GMAB Trucking LLC

    I am highly dissatisfied with the hassle I am currently experiencing with closing the Wex Fleet account. I have been instructed a different way to close the account each time I call. None of which have been successful. Wex Fleet has left a very bad impression. Please cancel my account.

    • Dana Stitely

      Wex is currently charging is 83%apr. They never revealed that to us and what was noted was a 6.99% interest rate. After getting a charge of over $681 on a $3000 bill we called. We were then told that the 6.99% was the periodic rate rather than the APR. We never saw or signed a contract or any terms or conditions.We were told that by swiping the card we agreed to the 83% apr. Scammers!!! They know they are scammers and said that they have heard this all before and it is not loan sharking if agreed upon. Shady company Don’t ever deal with them!!!

  • christopher albrecht

    I am a new employee and while I enrolled in new benefits they enrolled me into an expired FSA plan for which I was uneligable and was not even an employee of the company for the year they enrolled me. I enrolled in 2019/2020 and they enrolled me in 2018/2019 and the garnished my wages after the plan expired and refused to allow me to make a claim or pay me back. They should lose their rights to offer benefits for lack of common sense and gross mismanagement of a persons hard earned money. Their final email to me was, yes it sucks but sorry. At least thank me for giving you $1,000 that was meant for my 5 year old’s education.

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