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Company Overview

Founded in 2008, ShopKeep is a cloud-based POS system for iPad. ShopKeep is designed for businesses in the service and small retail industries, although it is by no means limited to these business types. ShopKeep offers a bundled merchant account service called ShopKeep Payments, but its POS software can also be integrated with most other credit card processors without issue.

Powered By Lightspeed

In late 2020 the multichannel cloud commerce platform, Lightspeed, acquired ShopKeep for $440 million dollars. It appears that the ShopKeep name will continue to function as a distinct brand for the immediate future.

Location & Ownership

ShopKeep is headquartered at 460 Park Avenue South, 7th Floor New York, New York 10016. Michael DeSimone is listed as the president and CEO of ShopKeep. Dax Dasilva is the current CEO and director of Lightspeed.

Table of Contents

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  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than…
  • BBB Rating: Has an “A+” rating and has received 80 complaints and 25 reviews in the past three years. The company has been…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not appear to hire independent sales representatives and has…

ShopKeep Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Item Result
Total Online Complaints 50+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Limited Features

Moderate Complaint Total

There are currently over 50 negative ShopKeep reviews to be found on this and other consumer protection forums, but none of these complaints describe the service as a scam or a ripoff. The iPad app has a 2.9 out of 5 star rating overall on the iTunes App Store based on 81 ratings. By far the most common issue cited is a lack of necessary features, followed closely by software and hardware glitches. As of this review, ShopKeep does not support multiple sales tax rates, online store integration, product exchanges, or detailed sales reports by item, all of which are cited by some merchants as necessary functions. In addition, some complainants report malfunctioning hardware and unreliable software.

ShopKeep Lawsuits

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against ShopKeep. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

ShopKeep Customer Support Options

There has also been a rash of recent complaints about slow response times and a lack of resolution through the company’s customer support channels. ShopKeep claims to offer 24/7/365 support, but its support page strongly emphasizes email support tickets, live chat, and live text message support and does not seem to provide a dedicated phone number. The addition of a dedicated support number could potentially qualify ShopKeep as a top-rated processor for customer service.

ShopKeep Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Item Result
Product & Service Complaints 52
Billing & Collection Complaints 23
Advertising & Sales Complaints 2
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 2
Delivery Complaints 1

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 60 Complaints

Accredited since 2011, ShopKeep currently maintains an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau based on 80 complaints filed in the past 36 months. The company has been accredited with the BBB since 2011, when the BBB first created its profile for ShopKeep. 52 of the total complaints are related to product or service problems, 23 are due to billing or collection disputes, 1 was due to a delivery issue, 2 were related to an advertising or sales issue, and the final 2 were warranty complaints. 36 of the 80 complaints were resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant, while the other 44 either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final evaluation from the merchant.

What Merchants Say

In addition to the 80 complaints filed on the company’s BBB profile, ShopKeep has also been given 25 informal reviews. All 25 of these reviews are negative in tone. The most recent review is from a merchant who dealt with a multitude of issues from aggressive sales tactics to dysfunctional equipment:

Shopkeep is not service or user friendly when selling third party services or equipment. 1. They control outside business transactions, such as getting gift cards made thru a vendor who ALREADY has all their mag stripe info, so I have to use them & they can charge me more. 2. I added an additional IPad register, and bought a “lightening credit card swiper” shown on their shop for $99. to my suprise, when I tried to use it, I found out that it only processes cards WITHOUT A CHIP. Must work somewhere in the world, but I rarely see one of those! To top it off, I was waiting for my tech to come help, just after having a baby, and when he told me this, it was past their 30 day return window. 3. When you call for advice, the person you speak with will tell you what they know, so you have to keep researching their support info blog to truly get all the answers. like If I don’t buy off of your website a new credit card reader, which ones are compatible. the answer was found here: **************************************************************** – I you call them, they will only sell you what they have on their site. Shopkeep is definitely out to get the most and highest price out of you possible. So do your own research, and wait till you get all the information you are needing to make a good choice.

Merchants looking for comprehensive POS solutions can struggle with malfunctioning equipment and software. This makes reviewing the best options for a POS system imperative to optimizing your payment processing experience.

A “B” Performance Overall

In light of these figures, especially considering the lack of any positive reviews, we have slightly adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “B.”

ShopKeep Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Item Result
Swiped Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Keyed-in Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Basic Plan Fee $69 Per Month (Per Register)
Essential Plan Fee $99 Per Month (Per Register)
Advanced Plan Fee $199 Per Month (Unlimited Registers)
Early Termination Fee Undisclosed
PCI Compliance Fee Undisclosed

Three Plans to Choose From

At this time, ShopKeep has done away with its flat-rate pricing in favor of a quote system. Costs for merchants, therefore, are likely to vary. ShopKeep currently offers 3 plans, the Basic Plan, Essential Plan, and Advanced Plan. The Basic Plan costs $69 per month for each register equipped with the POS solution. The Essential Plan costs $99 per month for each register. Lastly, the Advanced Plan costs $199 per month but provides merchants with the software on an unlimited amount of registers without an additional monthly fee.

Additional costs for merchants may include the early termination fees, PCI compliance fees, transaction fees, and monthly minimums enforced by their chosen credit card processors (or by ShopKeep Payments), and there could be hardware costs for merchants who require compatible barcode scanners, cash drawers, receipt printers, card swipers, or iPad stands. Merchants should consider opting for a transparently-priced cheap merchant account to pair with ShopKeep’s service.

Share Your Contracts

Though ShopKeep has transitioned away from transparent pricing, merchant reviews do not seem to indicate that its rates are particularly more expensive than its initial $69 per month price point. There are very few specifics available regarding its payment processing service, but it does not seem like an area of concern among most reviewers. If you have had any experience with the standard ShopKeep contract, please share it in the comment section below.

ShopKeep Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Item Result
Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Some Transparent Pricing

ShopKeep does not appear to utilize independently contracted sales agents to market its services. The company no longer advertises monthly per-register pricing for its iPad-based register, but rather relies on a quote system. ShopKeep does not actively advertise rates for its bundled credit card processing service (ShopKeep Payments), but its website has previously stated that all merchants will receive a customized interchange-plus rate. Merchants should also note that there are other costs like per-transaction fees and monthly fees that will be associated with accepting credit cards through the service. This will be the case whether a merchant uses the company’s own ShopKeep Payments service or an integrated third-party payment processor.

Recent Sales Complaints

Some recent ShopKeep complaints have stated that the company’s in-house sales team either failed to disclose the cost of one of the product’s add-on features or misrepresented how well-suited the product would be for the merchant’s business type. This does not seem to indicate a pattern of outright deception, but it does suggest that ShopKeep’s sales team may not describe their product as thoroughly as they should. Merchants should therefore be sure to ask very clear questions about the add-on features they will need and the charges they will see on their bill, and to resist any upsell attempts or rushed sales pitches. Additionally, if you suspect that ShopKeep’s sales team has added undisclosed fees to your contract, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to eliminate hidden charges.

Our ShopKeep Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

A Good POS Option for Small Businesses

ShopKeep rates as a reliable point-of-sale solution for small businesses. The system appears to be an affordable option for merchants who do not require online store integration or multiple sales tax rates, and its customer service has received mostly praise from reviewers. ShopKeep POS may not be a good choice for merchants who require more robust feature offerings or very unique point of sale needs, so merchants should be sure to research the full host of features provided by ShopKeep and take advantage of the free trial. For more information, visit Shopkeep’s website.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did ShopKeep Treat You?

57 Responses

  • Thew apps for Shopkeep it is the worst and horribly dated. Additionally, there are so many downtimes or issues with processing card payments. Customer Service is a nightmare most of the time you have to do a chat and someone has to call you back. And to cancel this POS service is a complete nightmare. Try anything else.

  • Doojin kwon


    I signed contract and got pos but it was not what i expected and they do not help me about customer service and i never get training system. so i ask them to cancel the contract right away
    it is really hard to contact them took like 20 times call. finnally they answered and said we can not refund you because of contract you use it or not we wont give money back. so i paid 189 dollor every month for nothing more than year. before contract ended when is almost ended i call them please do not charge me and cancel it. they said they will and it wont be charged anymore.
    they they are still charging me. again again again i am still calling them to cancel what should i do it is totally scam for new people about to use it please DO NOT USE THIS

  • Cathy Berden

    Harbor Outlet LLC

    I am so angry with shopkeep. I literally spent 13 hours trying to get labels to print today. After three techs walked me through deleting and installing over and over and over again they left me dead in the water! I basically no longer have a store. My Grand reopening is Friday and I have no labels for my stock. Price keep going up and service is going down. I no longer can recommend shopkeep. Three days before my Grand reopening, I have to go shop for a new system.

  • Diane

    La Muse d'Or

    Stay away from ShopKeep, they will hurt your business. ShopKeep employees provided misleading information; it took much longer to receive our device (which also keeps breaking). They took no accountability for their mistake and refused to offer a refund for the expedited shipping we paid for that was not expedited. Apparently 2-day shipping to them means a week. This is the 2nd time we’ve had to purchase a new device from them within 1 year of use. Terrible products, terrible service.

  • Talia ohayon

    Sweet spot mackinaw city

    Don’t not get this system, it will the useless system you ever try !
    Representatives are train to do nothing for you!
    Their card readers are useless ! We’ve been begging a replacement card reader for 3 month alredy.
    This is the worst thing in the world

  • This company would not release my february and march 2020 pos reports because I had past due balance for months they billed me for, even though I told them that my business was temporarily closed due to covid-19. I paid my subscription fees for the months that I am asking for. This company is absolutely disgusting. I have given them thousands and thousands of dollars over the years. There is no compassion, no understanding, no partnership, and has no consideration for loyalty or in doing what is right. I wish I never would have given them a dime. Do yourself a favor and go with someone else, even if you have to pay a bit more for it. YOU WILL PAY IT ONE WAY OR ANOTHER – AT LEAST YOU WILL BE VALUED AND TAKEN CARE OF.

  • Don’t use shopkeep they are horrible! Will take your money and then want to charge you to cancel or keep you in a contract when they didn’t give you what they said they could provide. Fraudulent ..

    • John Warner

      Same. Had Comcast come out several times to test our connection because the Shopkeep tech assured me the problem was with our internet provider. I had Comcast check so many times they have threatened to charge for the next service call.
      The reader either failed to work or, even worse, multiple times it charged a customer twice. I finally had enough and left Shopkeep. If course they still charged me for this month even though I canceled earlier. Customer service needs an overhaul.

  • Jennifer Dwyer

    Recently purchased the ingenico link 2500 credit card reader and it has been a nightmare from the moment we tried to use it. Hours and hours, day after day on the phone trying to get it to work and being refused a refund for the product. Tried to convince the customer “support” operator – a different person for each of the multiple times we called – that the device was faulty just to be told to try “one more time” = 12+ attempts. Not interested in the device any longer, but not able to return for a credit or a hardware swap credit on future hardware purchase. Every attempt to link the card reader to the ipads resulted in some new glitch with the software. Ready to leave Shopkeep for a new POS system over a $400+/- credit request – REALLY – someone needs to go back to business school – or come out to the real world and learn how to treat your customers like they matter. Anyone have contact info for any of the execs in NY????

    • Yeah the link ingenico credit card reader really sucks. Have had similar ongoing problems. Shopkeep keeps saying its our internet, Had Comcast take us to the next speed level twelve months ago. Router is ten feet from registers. 150mbs down, 21mbs up. Still got problems.

  • Mark A Trowbridge

    I ordered Shopkeep for my Cafe in New Mexico 3 weeks ago, I wanted to have a setup where servers could enter in their orders and our hostess could take care of payments and customer service so I know who is handling my money. So I purchased the highest level account which was $200 a month and gave me access to unlimited kiosks and “prioirty support” When I contacted customer support and talked to them about what I wanted they said that I had to turn on Serverless Sync I asked them if this would cause any issues and they said no so I went ahead and did it. I opened one week ago and this was an unmitigated disaster I had servers accessing other server tickets and stealing tips and changing information in the orders. So I decided to go down to a single kiosk and the servers can enter their information there. In order to save my cafe some money I called to see if I could downgrade my account to the next level down which was $100 this would have saved my $100 a month. I had the account for 3 weeks and my cafe was only opened for 1 week. First off the “priority support” was anything but I was on the phone for what seemed like forever and when I was finally able to get in contact with a support person the answer was No I would not be able to go down to a lower lever account I had to remain at 200 dollars a month for my service. This is absolutely ridiculous I will never recommend Shopkeep to any one ever again and as soon as my contract is up I will be leaving Shopkeep and I will never return to their service again. This company is a buyer beware situation don’t buy. this company.

  • Do not contact these people!!! They will never leave you alone. Constant emails from different addresses. They never stop. Day after day after day. Block one the next day it is a new email address.

  • Monika Blanchard

    I use ShopKeep for 3 y now and they keep raising the price
    Sadly Customer Support is hardly
    Aviable by the phone when problems occur
    Sometimes you must hold 30 min to an hour to talk to the person

  • Terrible system. They have no problem holding you hostage in a contract when you are unable to use there software for your business. This system was not a good fit for me and my employees and I was told I’m out of luck. Will Be contacting the better business bureau immediately. Stay clear everyone. BAD COMPANY !!

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  • kirkland graham

    Please Beware! We have had the system for about a year now. They have yet to get us live because of technical issues with their card swipers integrating with our new ipads that they had us purchase. They have been charging us $1500.00 a year, even though we have not put through one transaction. They have repeatedly told me that they HAVE to charge us that.. and they have no choice. They certainly have a choice here, and they chose the bad choice.

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    • John Warner

      My store opened two months late due to Covid shutdowns, and during those two months Shopkeep charged for service. Not only didn’t we run a single transaction, we didn’t even have the hardware yet! They told up it didn’t matter and they still needed to charge us because they “do important things on the back end.” What things? There wasn’t even an operating store yet!

  • David Palmer

    Shopkeep is a company that I can only describe as sleazy, and I do not use that word lightly. They claim that the rate they take from each transaction is .35%, if you talk to their sales person they will tell you their is not additional fee on top of this. In reality they take the same 2.4-3% that other companies take. When selling me they straight lied about this, leading me to choose them over other brands. They then claim that the other 2.1% they take for each transaction is a processing fee and out of their control. The login to find out about their fees and when you will be disbursed the money they take in is seperate from the main dashboard. Their is a 2 day lag on when they pay out and it is incredibly difficult to find out how much they will be paying you and on what date and what exact percentage you are being charged of each transaction. They also charge a 9.99 a month “statement fee” which they make no mention of when selling you. I have not dealt with a sleazier company in my 8 years running a business and could not recommend going with any other company more.

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  • I have been a customer for 7 years now they also processe my credit card payment and if I can give you any advice DO NOT USE THEM.
    They don’t stand behind they products the fees to process the Cc are high and they customer service is terrible.
    Had a problem with my credit card machine yesterday and the answer I had from them was “ if you want us to help you and replace your machine for free you need to upgrade your service and pay 2 time more than what you are paying every months” They don’t appreciate loyal customers who have supported them from the beginning and supported them when they just started. I have 3 accounts with them and I am in a process of switching with another company. USE SOMEONE ELSE.

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  • Joshua Johnson

    Different problem every week… thought it was great at first until there were time zone issues with reporting because the calls are taken in the UK… so I couldn’t narrow down what day the inventory went off and then had to wait until Monday for the engineers to address it… So my inventory went way off during the weekend and employees became aware of issues… I have issues here and there and can be overlooked but when my end of shift report is different than my summary report how am I supposed to know that my register is correct at the end of the day? I don’t know which number to use and the amount in the register if off from both numbers… I call in and they say let it sit overnight to complete the update? The register says 0 items pending in the qeue so it’s all been accounted for in the back office… now my employees know the inventory system doesn’t work right and is being consistently shorted 20 to 60 dollars and the inventory is off by big numbers… so I cancelled the service and am completely screwed because I have to use an excel spreadsheet and count everything by hand every night until I can find a new system that doesn’t have problems and I can trust… on top of all that I call in frustrated and these people on the phone take it personal like I am upset at them… obviously I am frustrated because now I get to spend even less time with my family because I have to figure out what I’m going to… do yourself a favor and use a different system…

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  • Jamie Kramer

    I wish I would have read the reviews before I went with these jokes. Not only is the customer service so atrocious it’s pathetic. Our representative was great in the beginning. Eventually when we started having problems, he didn’t even return our call. They said they could get their processing machine set up by May 1st and that was not the case. Now my business is losing thousands of dollars. They claimed they put us on a urgent list but then we found out today that also wasn’t the case. In fact it was going to be longer than expected. What a joke. It’s sad because they claim they’re so awesome and efficient which is NOT the truth. I’m so annoyed. I asked what they were going to do for us and they claimed all they and do is apologize. How pathetic! DO NOT GO WITH THEM. Save your time and go with someone else who’s customer service makes you a priority.

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  • Do Not come use shopkeep. I am in the national guard and was activated for military duty, I had to close my food truck business down. I ask them to pause my account they refuse at first, after they still take money out of my account during my military duty time. Also their card reader is a joke. The chip reader broke twice with in a year and also always disconnected during operation; like 5-6 times a day. I am using full bar LTE data so it’s not my problem. Don’t do it. Use clover or square. Not this company

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  • Kevin Heck

    ABSOLUTELY THE WORST EVER!!! Issue after Issue. Tons of $ per the annual fee and every update = a new issue. App crashes consistently. Had to buy new routers for CC reader to work. Still goes offline bi weekly. Boots my Apple music playlist with EVERY transaction! Doesn’t update inventory properly. Had to buy new ipads to support APP. $$$$$$$$. Call customer service and you will just receive excuse after excuse. LOL, they said that you should ONLY run the shopkeep app on the ipad and no other apps, playlists or anything! WOW ….OH and Now they charge you an additonal $15 a month fee cause we switched to another CC processing as Shopkeep’s fees are crazy!!!!!SCAM. HORRIBLE. WORST PRODUCT EVER!!!!

    From The Editor
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  • During the process of signing up, they were having a promotion for $500 off hardware. Great! I needed the whole package. Then the sales rep said as a separate service, they have their own credit card processor and they would beat my credit card processing rate if I switched to them. Sent them my last statement and he said no, they can’t beat it afterall. Okay… so he overpromised. I could overlook that but starting to feel wary of his word. I went to proceed with the setup and suddenly the sales rep said I don’t qualify for the $500 discount because I’m not switching to their credit card processor. The deal suddenly had a catch. What a liar. Trust gone. This company is so dishonest. Taking my business elsewhere.

  • Shopkeep’s claim of no cancellation fee is a bold faced lie. There is a $500 cancellation fee. The front end of their POS is adequate. The back end is the worst. It takes me hours each week to balance my transactions. It has been a nightmare,

  • ShopKeep deliberately mislead my business on two major features. First they told me it was Quickbooks integrated. I was never told until after I purchased that Quickbooks integration was an additional monthly charge. Even for that monthly charge the only thing ShopKeep does is send Quickbooks a journal entry with daily sales and how much the drawer was short. This takes around 1 minute to do manually. Second I was told that ShopKeep has the ability to enter in purchase orders and track inventory. It does not. When you get an order the only way to add the inventory is one line at a time without the ability to show a total for an invoice or look back at a later date to see was received and how much. I honestly do not understand how ShopKeep could work for any retail establishment. In the end with these major complaints ShopKeep would not refund one penny for my pre-paid annual subscription that I will not use. ShopKeeo cost me over $3,500 in usable hardware, yearly subscription and labor.

    • Joshua Wilken-Simon

      ShopKeep has since fully taken care of my issues with the highest level of customer service.

      They refunded my full year subscription.

  • Worst system ever credit card machine constantly becomes disconnected we have been entering card manually for months with no help from shop keep what a rip off why di they not have on site techs

  • I’ve used shopkeep for almost two years without serious issues. I can verify almost everything the other reviews say. The wireless credit card reader will die within 30 minutes of not being plugged in. The inventory will be randomly off sometimes. The customer service staff isn’t very helpful and the app is missing some basic functionality that most other POS systems have. I haven’t had issues with credit card processing and actually think that part of them works well. But now they are raising the monthly fee from $49 to $69 a month. They are offering a prepayment for a min of two years to lock in the $49 rate. But they can’t tell me for sure if the other integrations will or will not go up in price. I need to know this before locking myself in and paying over a $1000 up front. I also want to know what happens if they go out of business or are acquired. Is it spelled out in a contract? Aside from this I have had the BigCommerce integration for over a month and it hasn’t worked. They have supposedly expedited this issue to their to QA team over 30 days ago but have yet to resolve the issue or let me know what is going on in any substantial way. I’ve requested a Manager call me back and they just send an email making it not possible to answer my other questions. All I want is to talk to someone knowledgable on the phone for 30 min to resolve all my issues so I can make an informed decision about doing business with this company for another 2 years.

  • I have recorded the call from one of your reps and told her about this. I wish I could upload somewhere. These people are very good liars. I had asked for a temporary access to my account as I needed to download the reports. The Rep said ” Sure you shall have temporary access for 72 hrs. I downloaded the reports and after 4 months I see my bank statements and they have been charging me $69 every month. I Called them and they said This is our policy that if you don’t call us in 72 hours We start charging. Who the hell keeps the payment records once you have canceled the account permanently.
    These fraudulent business practices are never going to help you grow. Stop this fraud.

  • melanie mcwhorter

    We switched from square to shopkeep, because the backoffice of shopkeep was supposed to be better and our business is growing to multiple locations. Unfortunately, we will be going back to square. Shopkeeps customer services has been awful. They are taking over 4% in processing fees and will not let me talk to someone because I refuse to pay for a premium account just to get the issue resolved. I thought shopkeep was known for their great customer service, but switching from square was an absolute nightmare. Wasted $600 in hardware to try it out.

  • Marie York

    We were with a different payment processor that we were satisfied with. The ShopKeep sales person tried to convince me that ShopKeep’s payment processing would cost less by undercutting our current processor’s fees, but that I had the option to continue using my own processor. I said I’d opt for deciding after I received my card swipe attachment then. I understood we weren’t to be billed for anything we didn’t use and would still have the option to begin the service. Although we hadn’t even set up the equipment, and continued with our own payment processor, ShopKeep began to charge us monthly for the service. When I told them to stop and offered to buy out the contract in full because we were closing the business 5 months into it, they refused and said I had to make payments for the remaining 12 months according to the contract. This means we are getting charged far more for nothing than what our previous processor charged us, and this was definitely not at all what the salesperson claimed.

  • Michelle Kruse

    I have been a successful business owner for more than 10 years. After adding a new line of business I decided to go with a POS system and chose Shopkeep. Their sales team was responsive and professional. I purchased the software and accessories. All was well until it came to use it. After experiencing a few technical issues I tried contacting customer support to resolve them. Thats where it fell apart. I called the support line a dozen times only to hear a voice mail stating they were closed for the day (a weekday at 11am) or the wait would be 30 to 45 minutes. Several times I waited for 45 minutes with no answer. I emailed the support team with no return email or phone call. At this point I don’t believe they even have a support team. DO NOT purchase this product!!!

  • I have two stores and i am using shopkeep for 6 months now
    In both of them.
    It toke me 2 months to finish my stores inventory and entering it into shopkeep.
    One day the synchronization between the ipad and backoffice stopped, there was transactions on queue.
    I called the support, he guided me to keep pressing on force update button.
    It didn’t work, then he asked me to uninstall the app and install it back again.
    I did that, the queue is empty,
    Because the transactions was deleted !!!!
    The support replied oooops
    We shouldn’t do that.
    Now i have incorrect inventory on shopkeep.
    I have to recount all items one more time and enter it into shopkeep.
    Shopkeep doesn’t respond to my emails or my calls.
    Every time i call the support, somebody says one of our supervisors will call back.
    And never happens.

  • The worst company ever! From the very beginning we had issues with CC reader working and had to buy (2) separate routers to allow the wireless CC reader to connect and to process cards. Seriously?? I was advised from SHOPKEEP from the very beginning (during on boarding process) that I was going to be charged $29 a month for monthly maintenance….WRONG… it was for the ability to process gift cards?!!? Really??? Finally, my inventory in the back office is consistently off and today I was advised that I must be imagining this as its impossible and not happening….interesting I must be hallucinating. The managers are rude and take NO accountability for what is going on. Some of the customer care reps are rude and demeaning. Yes I pay SHOPKEEP $ so the staff can talk to me rudely and/or ignore emails. If you want a company that will cause you CONSTANT issues and $ then SHOPKEEP is you POS system!!

  • Shopkeep will not work correctly in a large restaurant environment of 18 ipads, even though they sold it to us anyway stating it would. I am still battling the issue of Shopkeep billing me even after I cancelled in July of 2016, they still owe me $4,065 and are stating it’s my fault that they continued to bill after I sent a registered letter stating that I cancelled. I know the product works very well in smaller settings, just make sure you are aware that they have big problems resolving any billing issues that affect them should they arise.

  • They will fail to tell you during the sales presentation that the automatic Quickbooks integration is an additional $30/mo. When you complain about them failing to mention this to you, they will recommend manually exporting the data to CSV and importing it to Quickbooks. However, this data can not be imported into Quickbooks – this was verified with Quickbooks phone support. When you tell Shopkeep support that “manual integration” doesn’t work either, they will tell you that some of their customers find it easier to manually enter sales line by line. False advertising and horrible support, I will be looking for a new product.

  • Shopkeep has HORRIBLE customer service. I cancelled my gift card service with them which I did not want from th beginning. I regret letting the pushy sales person really bother me into taking it. I knew I didn’t need it. So I cancelled before being card the monthly service fee. Of course it was not cancelled properly on their end so they kept charging me. I’m still after almost a month fighting to get me refund on the fees charged for this service. I love their system but God forbid you n ed service to resolve a concern good lick!

  • Keely Butler

    I am a new small business that wanted to get a system in place to help me out. DO NOT USE THIS POS!!! POS will not stand for point of sale with this system.
    The use of the product is decent enough, definitely lacking some common sense applications (no export of payroll, clock in not required to start tickets, tickets open doesn’t prevent reporting, etc).
    The customer service is a joke. They say that they have 24/7, yet you have to wait at least 12 hours for an email response.
    The system itself doesn’t track all the tickets, but that is no concern of “customer service”, hey it isn’t their money that is lost.

  • Benjamin Murphy


    If anybody is buying SHOPKEEP for any type of retail environment please know that it is literally impossible to run a successful business with this software. The following are functions SHOPKEEP does not have: -NO record of receiving vouchers….cannot receive inventory, you can only add quantities in the system. -NO way to create Return Authorizations or credits -NO PO’S “PURCHASE ORDERS”. What retail shop can operate without keeping track of purchasing? -NO WAY TO DO EXCHANGES…..YEP, you cannot do the basic task of exchanging an item for another. This has to be done on multiple receipts……..please tell me what retail shop can operate like this. -NO way to have basic reports of size, color, style, vendor, etc. Very limited reports. -NO way to have commission on individual items for employees. I am so fed up with this company as a whole because of the way they have handled my situation. My Shopkeep expert assigned to me has not gotten back to my emails, and totally misrepresented the software in order to make a sale. This wouldn’t be a big deal if I could get my money and move on, but SHOPKEEP stated this is not an option. FYI I have had the system for only 10 days, but paid a year in advance.

  • Customer service is a joke. We are unable to process credit cards because Shopkeep is too ignorant to change one code on their end. All they can do is blame someone else.

  • renee thomas

    Horrible set up issues. After you pay for shopkeep, $590 per register, it takes forever to get customer service. Wish I would have found another company to get my POS system from. Totally not worth it. Wasted money & wasted time. HATE Shopkeep.

  • Brittaney

    While getting setup with shopkeep I informed the sales person the size of my warehouse that I planned to used this system. I explained the square footage and the fact that I will be opening a bigger warehouse with retail space. I was told that shopkeep will work with my setup with no issues. I had to run out and get an iPad to use as the register. I had to also purchase very expensive scanners (socket brand) that was shopkeep’s recommended and supported device. After doing my research on the scanners I discovered that I would need the scanner model that had over 300ft Bluetooth range (7Di). I purchased two and started counting and getting my inventory going only after a month of starting the service. I started noticing that the scanners weren’t scanning every item that I had counted (at this time only 15 items out of 2000) I had to recount these items for the next week because inventory was off. I called shopkeep’s customer service line a few times asking them what the issue could be. I was told it was my labels first that because I didn’t have specific dymo brand labels my scanner would have issues because of the way the barcodes were printed. I told the customer service rep that they didn’t work one day and then would work the next. I was then told that the scanners I had were not supported nor could they be guaranteed compatible with shopkeep’s interface and that they were unable to help me since I did not have a supported scanner. This is when I started to get frustrated because there are a lot of Bluetooth scanners out there, some much cheaper than socket, and with more range than the socket brand but I decided to try and stay with a brand they support to have the best experience with shopkeep. To prove my point I went out and got one of their recommended scanner models. When I started shopkeep and was told that I would have no issues with my size warehouse or future size warehouse I decided to pay for the full year March 2016-March 2017. Of course there was a small discount because I paid it all in full. Now I’m being told that because I paid ahead of time that shopkeep will NOT be able to refund me or cancel my account until March of next year. I feel this is unacceptable. This system hasn’t worked for me since day one constantly not scanning items out. Today I took my own time to scan the items (with the model that is supported by shopkeep) that have been counted when I could have been doing something else with my time and 20 out of 63 items were not accounted for. As a business owner myself, I’m appalled at how this company is taking care of this matter. It’s never been a fault on their end, they always point the finger at me.

    • Joe Menaldi

      just bought shopkeep for 3 stores and i can tell u it’s the worst decision i have ever made, I have all the same problems and is a nightmare if your business doesn’t run exactly how their software is setup. THey set me up with wrong equipment and made me pay for equipment again while waiting on the right equipment and for credit. There
      to big and no one cares they have support that has no follow through or solution.
      I would compare it to dealing with the government it’s their way or tuff shit.
      i would give u a star rating if i thought they deserved one but if i had to then a scratch off one star and thats being kind.

      save your money vegas is a better investment then shopkeep.

  • ABSOLUTE WORST customer service EVER. I called because my card swiper was malfunctioning and I was told that the card swiper I had chosen wasn’t very good and that if I wanted a reliable one, I should upgrade to another unit.
    Also, when I initially set up my account, I chose Shopkeep because I already had several iPads from my old POS system. I ordered the equipment, notifying my rep that I used Ipad 2s. He sent equipment for IPad Air and when I called, I was told that I would have to upgrade my iPads because they no longer accommodate old technology. When I asked about changing my service level to a single register license because I wouldn’t be buying SEVERAL new iPads, I was told that I had signed a contract for multiple registers and there was nothing I could do to get out of it. You do not want to do business with a company this inflexible. I HIGHLY discourage doing business with them!

  • Nishal Nandwani

    Like with someone else on the reviews, Shopkeep pretty much deceived me. They’re very nice and polite, which makes you trust them. I asked the Shopkeep rep Henry Rossof to sign me up. He said there is an annual option and a monthly option. I specifically said I wanted to pay per month. He understood this as pay per month on an annual contract! Now I’m stuck with Shopkeep for a year. They did send me a contract to sign, but being at my place of business on a very busy day, I didn’t take the time to read it. (That’s my mistake) But he didn’t even mention that there’s an option for monthly payment on an annual contract vs the plain monthly payment option. I made the assumption, trusting his politeness. I’m giving everyone a warning to watch out with this company.

    After talking to a manager, she simply wouldn’t consider the misunderstanding, basically saying live with it, even though I said the app is completely useless for my business needs. They keep mentioning “legally binding” but of course, if they’re willing, they can opt to cancel the contract as agreed by both parties. Didn’t happen! That’s customer service for these folks.

    The only good thing is their competitive price, but for this service, pay a little higher for honestly much better service and definitely a much more useful POS. Theirs don’t have matrix inventory, no automatic promotions. Basic retail stuff. I might as well create an excel sheet to do that, but I’m stuck with this for 1 year! They said they’ll be adding matrix inventory, but couldn’t even give me a timeframe.

    Basically, check all avenues prior to signing up to Shopkeep, and be utterly careful with what they say vs. what actually comes out in writing.

  • Garden Store

    I purchased and set up ShopKeep for my store about a year ago. There were some initial hick ups but our advisor helped to clear up our initial issues. What we were not told however was that the adviser only lasted 2 weeks(the length of their free trial). This was upsetting because their 24/7 on call support team, seemingly consisted of a group of teenagers to early twenty year olds who had never used the program before. I had the IT Manager for my store calling and working with them every other day and he was answering more of their questions than they could answer of his. Each phone call ended with a “well try this and maybe it’ll work. If not just call us back”. What I don’t think they understand is that each time we have to call them, there is a 15 minute wait(minimum) and then another 15+ minutes of giving our account information and re-explaining the issue that is occurring. It doesn’t appear that they take notes over calls or if they do, not detailed ones. The option to upload Excel spreadsheets to enter your inventory and to make changes was a very appealing feature for us. The downside of that feature being that there is a 1/100 success rate. Very rarely would the spreadsheet succeed in uploading and then when it did, it would take 7/564 items(Our last upload attempt), leaving us to manually enter a vast majority of our stock individually. To top it all off, every month ShopKeep was sending out notices about their “EMV Promise” and Newsletters about how the EMV Chips were coming and how ShopKeep “Has us covered”. As I am writing this post (5/19/2016) they still do not have compatibility for EMV chips or the ability to read them. About 2 months ago, we had an issue with an EMV card chargeback. The card read as correct and a few days after the transaction we received emails from our payment processor and bank, stating that the transaction didn’t go through and we got hit with a $5000 loss of inventory from that transaction. Our bank refused to reimburse due to the card being EMV chip enabled and not being processed using an EMV chip reader. So, we contacted ShopKeep to let them know of the situation and so that we could be re-imbursed(As their EMV Promise stated). They then informed us that they will not be fulfilling their end of the EMV Promise because the transaction was over $500 and because we didn’t use the EMV Reader to read the card(keep in mind that their software is not compatible with EMV Readers yet). Everything with this company is a gimmick. I haven’t even touched on how buggy the POS interface is or how god awful back office is. BackOffice is constantly crashing or will slow to a halt while you’re in the middle of using it. I have had to re-enter countless items and re-do several forms because of their buggy website.

    • Chip reader rip-off

      Ditto on the Shopkeep EMV promise and chip-reader which they STILL cannot support months after I bought it with the promise that it would work and WAS supported. Meantime, I’m stuck with chargebacks. I feel cheated by this bunch.

    • Bakery & Retail Operation

      Approaching 2nd year with ShopKeep. I believe the rating ShopKeep is getting from this service is Pay-To-Play, they do not deserve this rating. ShopKeep’s Ipad terminal is rather easy to use, but the back office capability is lagging behind the competition. Not the ideal choice if you have robust inventory demands. Currently no purchase order capability but in item setup it is linking to all the data fields you would assume could create purchase orders and receive the items much better than the current inventory option. Hardware integration has been a major issue with our single location. The ICMP Card reader had to be replaced and is very temperamental on a weekly basis. An earlier review mentioned the problems they encountered trying to enter inventory by bulk with an excel upload. We encountered the same issues with successful transfers forcing us to just set up items individually. To Shopkeep’s credit they did introduce an upgrade that allows you to set up items with variables to avoid having to individually set up each item of different size or color. This function is only good if your items have UPC codes, otherwise the dymo labelwriter will not print labels without having to go to Dymo site and become a programmer. You can look at earlier reviews that are spot on about the deterioration of customer service. They are quick to point finger at hardware manufacturer’s Apple, Ingenico, Socket, and Dymo, so you get bounced back and forth trying to correct your issues. Average call time for support to pick up is 20 minutes. Backoffice support directs you to a telephone number and then you receive a message for existing customers to call 929-371-3744. Will likely look for alternative POS.

      • Have you had any luck finding a new provider? I signed up w/ ShopKeep in Feb 2017. Like many features, but have had a horrible time with label printing. It is ridiculously inefficient. Took me 2 hours to print out labels for one order (35 skus/total of 198 pieces) b/c with variants you can’t print more than one sticker per sku. Have to create extra lines in an excel spreadsheet for the # of units , then upload, select individual lines, recreate the sticker. Also, with Dymo & variants, you can only print a 1 1/2″ inch by 1″ sticker (nothing smaller or jewelry labels). Very few of my skus are that large or require such a large sticker. I’ve been super busy in my first 2 months. Have given up completely printing labels and just writing them out by hand and using misc taxable to process customer sales. Pathetic! Customer Service blamed it on Dymo. Finally one guy at Shopkeep admitted that I was correct and that Shopkeep’s label printing sucks. Ugh! Furious and feeling taken advantage of.

  • While the product they offer is really intuitive and great for a small business use extreme caution when entering into a contract with shopkeep as they use very deceptive sales practice with. They will do and say whatever it takes to lock you into a contract and then not follow through with the terms or let you out of the contract based on those statements. I was quoted that they only charge interchange + .06 for a CC fee. I specifically asked about other fees that are not considered interchange by CC companies, but instead considered ‘in addition’ to. They informed me the only fees I will get charged are true interchange +.06.

    Upon receiving a bill with those additional NABU, APF fees, I contacted their support team. Only to be told by their rep the following (copied directly from email). This was following our phone call where he basically told me ‘it is what it is, deal with it’

    ‘The point is the fact that these fees are not in our control. They are charged by the card brands themselves and anything the the card brands charge are considered interchanges as its the wholesale rate of the card. Also note that it says these fees are across the board for all merchants.’

    He sent me an attachment which says the exact opposite, and states fee’s are in addition to, not considered part of.

    ‘There was plenty of negative publicity surrounding the NABU and APF fees when they were first implemented, since this money is in addition to the interchange fees you’re are already being assessed by the issuer’s bank and the card brand network for the part they play in processing your credit card transactions. These fees are the same across the board for all merchants, and they will appear on your monthly credit card processing statement, usually as a separate line item. You may see them listed as NABU, APF, Network Access Fee, or VS APF-CR indicating the charge was made with a Visa credit card, or VS APF-DB for a Visa debit card.’

    After a couple more emails expressing my displeasure of the deceptive marketing, and then not being let out of my contract (The fee’s not being part of it, was the only reason I signed the contract to begin with). I received a call from Mike Rosenbloom, their VP of Channel. While apologetic, he chalks it up to a ‘training issue’. That is not acceptable to take an issue of deceptive marketing and call it a training issue. At the very least they should have offered the opportunity to end the year long contract, but all they offered was a $20 statement credit, which was not the point. I wasn’t looking for a freebie, which may placate some customers. What makes the issue right is allowing the opportunity to get out of a contract that you only signed based on the information the sales rep pushed you.

    I would not use their product in the future after my contract ends, and would strongly urge you to find another option as well. At the end of the day, shopkeep is not what they claim, and are just another company taking advantage of a small business by offering one thing and delivering another.

  • CAUTION!!! If you are a merchant services provider and you offer shopkeep as a solution, you may want to pay attention. They have been stealing business from other processors for the past few months!They have just flat out stolen one of my accounts after refering him to shopkeep. It works like this, you talk to a merchant, go to shopkeep website to fill out the referral, then shopkeep calls the merchant and sells them on their own processor! This is dirty dirty business. Please avoid selling their product.

    • Can you tell me more about this. I just started referring my merchant to use them through their referral program.

      Jay Jones

      [REDACTED – personal contact information]

  • they are bunch of crooks, when you cancel the account they don’t refund you at all, go ahead if you want these people to get all your hard-earned money. also their serverless option is not user-friendly at all, always end up with ghost check and discrepancy with sales that haunted you day and night.

    Are you with ShopKeep? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I give zero start and -1, I used shopkeep and was their customer but I must say that Shopkeep people are crook, their hardware is expensive, their support people are ignorant and they don’t keep their words, I also referred someone to shopekeep signed them up and they promised give me $150 gift card and apple pay card reader but I got nothing..

    I would never recommend this type of service to anyone.

    Are you with ShopKeep? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I wish i could give a 0. By far one of the worst systems and even worse customer service and support. Fist and foremost if you are using this for a restaurant find a different system. Shopkeep doesn’t have the simplest function being a dine in or take out button. RIDICULOUS! second the receipt printers never function correctly and are always wasting paper and printing out of order receipts. Also their sales team will insist you buy this IGENICO hand held device for credit card swiping for $250.00. DO NOT BUY!!! THEY WILL TELL YOU IN OCTOBER ALL CARDS ARE GOING TO CHIP CARDS AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROCESS UNLESS YOU HAVE THIS DEVICE. NOT TRUE!!! all cards will still have a magnetic strip and you can always manually enter it. They will also tell you this IGENICO is handheld and wireless also a lie the thing dies within 30 min on a full charge . BAD BAD BUY and when i tried to return they told me company policy is no returns after 30 days. WHICH IS SOME BS! what if i bought the POS system and had some difficulties with permits and so forth with getting my store open and fell outside of the 30 day window????? ALL In all just a $1500 cosmetic change from my old pos system plus a monthly fee really REALLYBAD bad idea. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh not to start with THEO the supervisor/manager/team leader/minion lol well keep that for a diffrent day

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