Appstar Financial FAQ

What services does AppStar Financial provide?

AppStar Financial is a U.S.-based merchant account provider that offers credit card processing services primarily to small and mid-sized businesses. These services enable businesses to accept card payments from customers.

What services does AppStar Financial provide?

AppStar Financial provides a range of payment acceptance services, including credit and debit card payments, EBT, check services, and gift cards. They also offer e-commerce solutions, mobile payment solutions, and a cash advance program. Additionally, they have a cash discount program that allows businesses to pass the cost of accepting credit cards on to their customers.

Are there any complaints against AppStar Financial??

Yes, there are over 100 negative AppStar Financial reviews and complaints online. Common complaints include deceptive sales tactics, constant telemarketing calls, undisclosed fees, and holding of client funds. Some former agents have also reported being sent to bogus appointments with business owners.

Has AppStar Financial faced any lawsuits?

In December 2016, AppStar Financial was named as a defendant in a class-action lawsuit accusing them of multiple violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991. In March 2017, another lawsuit was brought against them concerning the alleged misclassification of former workers as independent contractors.

What are the contract terms for AppStar Financial?

While specific terms can vary, some reports suggest that AppStar Financial locks clients into a three-year contract with high cancellation fees.

How does AppStar Financial's pricing compare to industry standards?

Based on available reviews and feedback, some clients have reported that AppStar Financial's pricing might be on the higher side compared to industry standards.

Are there any hidden fees associated with AppStar Financial?

Some clients have reported undisclosed fees and charges, including an ETF and PCI compliance fee. It's essential to thoroughly review the contract and clarify all terms before signing up.

How does AppStar Financial handle customer service?

There have been complaints about AppStar Financial's customer service, including issues with telemarketing calls and challenges in resolving disputes.

What should potential clients be aware of before signing up with AppStar Financial?

Potential clients should be aware of the concerns raised by existing or past clients, especially regarding sales tactics, contract terms, and fees. It's recommended to review all documentation and seek clarity on all terms before entering into an agreement.

Where is AppStar Financial located?

AppStar Financial's corporate headquarters is located in San Diego, California.

Appstar Financial Summary

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AppStar Financial is a San Diego-based merchant account provider catering primarily to small and mid-sized businesses. They offer a range of payment solutions, including credit card processing, e-commerce, and mobile payments. However, the company has faced criticism for alleged deceptive sales tactics, undisclosed fees, and aggressive telemarketing. Some clients have also reported high cancellation fees tied to three-year contracts. Potential clients are advised to thoroughly review contract terms before engagement.

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