Merchant Account Cost Comparison Calculator

Are You Overpaying for Credit Card Processing? Find Out.

This calculator can help you understand if you could be overpaying for your merchant account. The calculations are based on the average Interchange fees and average processor markups. When you enter your total fees, please include the total in fees including monthly fees and processing fees. This total should be included in your statement as one line item; however, some statements may require that you sum the total by hand.

Please note that the result is an estimation only and does reflect all business types. This calculator will be most accurate for traditional businesses such as retail, restaurant, and professional services. It will over estimate savings for “high-risk” industries and those that primarily operate in B2B sales.

What the Results Mean

Result: You are Overpaying

This result indicates a high likelihood that you are overpaying for processing services. The higher the number, the more likely that it is an accurate estimation.

What You Can Do

If you have a traditional business with a low risk of chargebacks or fraud, we recommend contacting the Helcim and CDG Commerce to obtain quotes. Both offer extremely low pricing and industry leading technology and support

If you have a “high-risk” business, we recommend contacting PaymentCloud, Host Merchant Services, and eMerchantBroker to obtain quotes. All offer competitive high-risk pricing and take top ratings for service and support.

Result: You are not Overpaying

Congratulations! This means that you are very likely paying less than even the most competitive credit card processors in the industry. Job well done!

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  • Ellery C Steward

    Steward Nursery and Garden Center

    We have been in the retail Nursery garden center business for over thirty-five years with no issues with credit card processing. We use the Verifone VX520 over a seasonal land line phone. We are open and processing card cards from March to July only. In August our seasonal phone and processor are disconnected until the following year. Dharma Merchant Services are difficult to contact and I having difficulty accessing my account on line plus they charge a monthly fee for the seven months when we are totally unable to process credit cards. We are considering changing merchant services due to these issues.

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