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UPDATE 1/22/2019: Capital Payments changed its business name to Bluefin Payment Systems in August of 2012.

Capital Payments, LLC ( is a relative newcomer to the electronic payments industry.  Founded in 2007 in Melville, New York, the company appears to be an upwardly moving company having already made its first acquisition, Applied Merchant Systems, in late 2009. Capital Payment serves businesses of most types and sizes, and offers a wide range of processing services and equipment including virtual terminals, online payment gateways, POS systems and tabletop terminals.  The Company's headquarters is located at 1050 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 720 Atlanta, Georgia 30338, and also has offices in New York and Chicago.

Capital Payments Customer Reviews

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This section will no longer be updated due to the fact that Capital Payments is now Bluefin.

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At the time of this review, Capital Payments has two Better Business Bureau profiles.  The first uses the address for the New York based office and has an ‘A’ rating with a total of three complaints filed in the last 36 months. Two of the complaints are regarding problems with products and services, and one with advertising or sales issues.  Only one was resolved to the merchants’ satisfaction leaving the other two unresolved, although the BBB believes that Capital Payments made a good faith effort.

The other BBB report is a little confusing because it uses the corporate headquarters address for the company, but says that is for “PayQuake and Capital Payments, LLC.”  This report give the company a “C” rating with only one complaint filed. The complaint, concerning billing and collection, was not resolved to the merchants satisfaction. The BBB report itself appears to be incomplete and also misclassifies the type of business in which Capital Payments engages.

As of this review, there is only one other complaint filed outside of the BBB regarding Capital Payments. In the report a merchant complained of a bad experience regarding a hold that was placed on one of his sales causing him incur fees even though he was forced to reverse the transaction.  Later he added another note stating that Capital Payments had promised to resolve the problem and refund the fees.

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This section will no longer be updated due to the fact that Capital Payments is now Bluefin.

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This section will no longer be updated due to the fact that Capital Payments is now Bluefin.

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This section will no longer be updated due to the fact that Capital Payments is now Bluefin.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Capital Payments Treat You?

6 User Reviews


    I am a Merchant, in business 32 years and the victim of major Stolen Credit Card Fraud.
    First Data is taking no responsibility and doing “chargebacks” to my Company’s Bank
    Account. It appears that this is a relatively new area of the Law and very few Attorney’s will represent the Merchant. Do you have any suggestions, referrals?

  • David

    Horrible customer service, the person I talked to on the phone couldn’t answer any questions without putting me on hold for 5 minutes. They didn’t seen to care about my situation and did give any warnings of penalties. We are now being charged over $1000 because they would not allow us to pull more than a certain amount from someone’s acct. at one time.

  • S

    Our company has originally signed up for merchant services with Applied Merchant Systems. That company was aquired by Capital Payments, and that’s when the nightmare began. Customer service was non-existant. It wouldn’t be an overstatement that chargebacks were a good 15-20% of all transactions (and virtually 0 before and after Capital Payments). Customer service is provided by a third party that doesn’t have a clue about the customers or the service. They were never able to tell who the chargeback was initiated by, etc etc.
    When we finally decided to change providers, it took a whole research to find out who to call. Each place we called gave us the phone number of yet another place that was handling cancellations. A few months after the cancellation we found out that the account was still active ! After another calling session, the company has sent me a form that needs to be filled out in order for the account to be cancelled. The form among other things states: Reason must be checked in order for the merchant account to be properly closed. However, being scam-artists is not provided as one of the options. A pity.

    Thank you.

  • Don Meredith

    I hate Capital Payments, as they have ripped me off. I did a search for small business start-up funding and
    they contacted me about a merchant acount loan. This is a ploy to get account info under the guise of
    needing the number to deposit money into and all they do is withdrawl their fee. This is even after you cancel as
    once you sign up for the merchant account, all the talk of lending you money is ignored. This is fraud. They
    claim to be a lending institution for vulnerable start-up companies, then rip you off for a merchant account
    that you can’t use without the funding in the first place. It’s all about greed for the rich. I wish they’d have to play fair like they expect us to do.

    • Director - Credit/Risk Management

      Capital Payments has a referral partnership with a company called Merchant Loans, whereby Merchant Loans refers their current clients and prospective clients to Capital Payments for payment processing services. Mr. Meredith was referred to us in March for a merchant account (credit card processing) . After being approved for a merchant account, Mr. Meredith wanted to get a business loan from Capital. We explained to him that Capital Payments does not lend money, we provided credit card processing.

      Mr. Meredith thought that both Capital Payments and Merchant Loans was one company. When he found out that Capital does not provide loans, he canceled his merchant account with us and we refunded his March merchant account fee.

      He was very clear that our account executive that helped him open his merchant account was honest and respectful. He also commented on our A rating with the Better Business Bureau and was very appreciated in our resolution of this matter.

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