Bluefin Payment Systems Review

Category Breakdown
Sales & Marketing rated A
Costs & Contract rated A
Complaints & Service rated A
BBB Rating rated A

Overall Rating

"A" Credit Card Processor Rating


Bluefin Payment Systems ( is a merchant account provider headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company was launched in 2007 and formerly operated under the name Capital Payments, but has grown rapidly under its new Bluefin name since mid-2012. The company offers a proprietary payment gateway called PayConex. Bluefin Payment Systems is a registered ISO/MSP of Deutsche Bank AG in New York and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., in Walnut Creek, California. John Perry is listed as the CEO of Bluefin.

Bluefin Products and Services Industries Served
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Restaurant
  • Healthcare
  • Enterprise

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Sales & Marketing | A

Key Points – Sales & Marketing
Uses independent resellers? No
Promotes deceptive rate quotes? No
Discloses all important terms? No

Bluefin’s website is easy to navigate and generally much more informative than the average industry website. The company markets its proprietary PayConex gateway and clearly explains the terms of PCI compliance, which it offers to its clients for free. Bluefin does not appear to use independent sales agents or practice deceptive marketing strategies, and there are currently no complaints that accuse the company’s sales team of nondisclosure or misrepresentation of costs. We have accordingly given the company an “A” rating in this category.

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Costs & Contract | A

Key Points – Costs & Contract Terms
Swiped rate: Variable
Keyed-in rate: Variable
Termination fee: Variable
PCI compliance fee: Variable
Equipment lease: Variable

Bluefin doesn’t appear to have any publicly listed complaints about its contract terms, but we were able to locate one complaint filed under the Capital Payments name regarding unauthorized fees. Since it has been some time since Capital Payments completed its rebranding, this older complaint will not negatively impact Bluefin’s score in this category. Aside from this lone complaint, there is very little publicly available information regarding the specifics of Bluefin’s contract terms. The company’s program guide through First Data is available below, but it does not outline any specific costs or terms except for the fact that the contract lasts for three years and includes an undisclosed termination fee. Given the absence of complaints about this company, Bluefin will be awarded an “A” rating. See the Bluefin Program Guide.

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Complaints & Service | A

Key Points – Complaints & Service
Total complaints: <10
Live customer support: Yes
Most common complaint: N/A

We have located only two negative Bluefin reviews, both of which can be found in the comment section of this review. Both complainants cite delayed payouts, unreachable customer service, and difficulties with delays or fees upon cancelling service. These complaints have both been filed in the past six months, which indicates a negative recent trend, but we are inclined to regard them as isolated incidents until other similar complaints appear. Bluefin’s website does not appear to offer a direct customer support line, instead providing an email template, live chat, and an 800 number for general inquiries.

BBB Rating | A*

Key Points – BBB Report
Product/service: 0
Billing/collection: 1
Advertising/sales: 0
Guarantee/warranty: 0
Delivery: 0

The Better Business Bureau report for Bluefin appears to be filed under a different address than the company’s Atlanta, Georgia, headquarters. The BBB awards Bluefin BBB accreditation and an “A+” rating for its Melville, New York, location, citing one complaint filed in the last 36 months. This lone complaint was related to a billing or collection dispute and either was resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final assessment from the merchant. Since it is our policy to reserve “A+” ratings for companies with zero complaints, we have slightly adjusted the BBB’s rating to an “A.”

* Denotes CPO-adjusted BBB score

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Bottom Line

Bluefin Payment Systems Review

Rated 4.5 out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2015-06-04

Bluefin Payment Systems appears to have carried over a low complaint record from its time as Capital Payments. The company’s straightforward website and lack of publicly listed complaints have resulted in a high overall grade. As always, merchants are encouraged to carefully read all contract terms, even when dealing with an “A” rated provider.

This review was originally published on 2/28/13 and was last updated on 6/4/2015.

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  1. I closed my account 2 years ago and continued being charged for services not rendered. I personally closed this account and opened with another company. I faxed a closure form in and as of today, they will not reimburse me for the months that they charged me for no order processing. FRAUD! I am in the process of contacting the BBB, Federal Trade Commision, my Attorney General, and John Perry (CEO of This less than above board company). Sad I have to waste my valuable time with this circus because of their greed. Just reimburse me and all would have been well and good. If you are willing to give me 3 months back, why not the entire time that there have been no processes? Admittance of guilt…

    1. Chris, I am thinking of cancelling my Blue Fin. Thanks for this feedback. What is the process to cancel with them? Is there a cancellation charge?

  2. Signed up with Bluefin for there integration with repair q, Paid $200 fee and I received the card reader in the mail and followed the instructions on setting up the device however it is not integrating with repair q, so I called them up and explained the situation, the customer service rep could do absolutely nothing for me other than take down my info and “have someone call me back” at an unkown time and date, let me remind you that I am trying to open a business and everything is on hold because of Bluefin right now, I have waited several days and have received no phone calls or emails from them, so I call back again, and I am told once again someone will contact me at an unspecified time and date, I asked when? a day? a week? but they could not tell me, right now I am so livid, they seem like they give absolutely zero fucks about their customers and I will make it known on facebook to all business that are looking to use repair q to steer clear because the payment integration company they use( Bluefin) is complete garbage.

  3. Bluefin was one of the worst processor i have ever had the displeasure of doing business with.They do not process funds in a timely manner.I might process $100 one day. three days later i would $ day $ day $18.00.the excuse i got was different credit cards different payment processing time.Getting anybody on the phone was nonexistent.they want you to leave a message so they can never call you back.I have been trying to close my account with them since august 2014.They have a new excuse for what I didnt do correctly to close form.They said mail it in.I did.three times. account still open.DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO HOLD YOU HOSTAGE. DO NOT TRUST THEM THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.

  4. After 5 years of using Bluefin we have to say, Bluefin has gone rogue. Yes, they have always had some strange downsides such as only processing USD and no other currencies, or their buggy interfaces with some elementary security features missing in the way the interfaces are programmed, but they have at least collected and paid reliably over a 5 year period.

    However, in September they suddenly stopped passing on collected payments for a period of 2 weeks during which we tried to contact them and find out what the issue might be. The answers were sketchy and the included reasons such as “missing business information”. They never asked us for any updates to the business information they have on file. After all we had been a client since 5 years. They never inquired on anything, but suddenly decided to stop passing on collected funds and claimed they had no email addresses on file to contact us (while our accounting department and our tech support emails them every other month due to malfunctions of interfaces or other questions related to their software and services).

    We instantly sent them everything they wanted. They released the funds again. A few weeks later we started to receiving emails without signatures and from different addresses with a link to a URL and service we had never heard of (“cardconex”). The emails looked like phishing emails and our staff was reluctant to register at the linked site and submit additional business information. With phone calls we were able to finally verify the validity of these emails and the trustworthyness of the link, created an account with cardconex and filled out the online form as well.

    Then we received another email claiming that we also needed to send back the signed “Program Guide” which is nothing else but a 40+ page fine print of new Terms and Conditions. The email clearly stated that “in order to continue to fund our account we also had to sign and return this additional document”. Once received and reviewed we discovered that this document granted Bluefin unlimited rights to suspend and withhold funds for no specified reason and indicated that we would be locked into a new 3 year contract with penalties for early termination. Upon asking for further details on these two items in the 40+ page terms document, we received no answers. The questions were entirely evaded and our account was frozen again. It ended up being a blackmailing situation, as we had no choice but to sign the new questionable terms in order to protect our business, our staff and our clients. We sent the signed document without having received any answers to our questions and have to this very day not received the funds. Bluefin is unreachable and does not respond to emails any longer. They are now holding over 60,000 USD which is a lot of money for us. We don’t know what to do and will have to contact our lawyer today in order to probably take Bluefin to court.

    This is our experience with Bluefin.

    Andreas Kisslinger
    CEO, Cross Media /

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