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Updated 12/19/18: PayPros (DBA Accelerated Payment Technologies) is now OpenEdge, the integrated technologies division of Global Payments. The company’s transition to the OpenEdge brand appears to be ongoing, so merchants may still receive service under the PayPros name or the OpenEdge name. See our OpenEdge review for up-to-date information about this company.

PayPros ( is a merchant account provider that specializes in payment software integration for merchants. The company also operates under the names Payment Processing, Inc., and OpenEdge. PayPros does not appear to advertise its payment processing to the same degree that it promotes its software solutions, but it does offer credit card processing in addition to payment technology. Launched in 1995, PayPros claims to provide services and technology to more than 55,000 merchants. Payment Processing, Inc. is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. in Walnut Creek, California; HSBC Bank USA, National Association in Buffalo, New York; and National Bank of Canada in Montreal, Quebec. The company is located at 8200 Central Ave, Newark, California 94560-3448. Chuck Smith is listed as the founder and CEO of PayPros.

PayPros Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Key Points

Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A

We are currently able to locate only a handful of PayPros complaints outside of the BBB, none of which accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. These complainants cite frozen funds, unexpected fees, and rude or unhelpful customer service as their main issues. Overall, there does not appear to be a concrete trend of deceptive practices or poor customer service by the company, and these complaints may simply be the results of run-ins with bad sales agents or confusion about fraud prevention policies. For a company that has existed since 1994, this is a very low complaint volume. The PayPros website lists dedicated support numbers and provides a contact form.

PayPros Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary

Product & Service Complaints 7
Billing & Collection Complaints 5
Advertising & Sales Complaints 1
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

PayPros has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 1996. As of this review, the company has an “A+” rating with the BBB and has had 13 complaints filed against it in the last 36 months. Of the total complaints, five were filed in regards to billing or collections issues, seven stemmed from problems with PayPros’ products or services, and one was an advertising or sales issue. Ten of these complaints were successfully resolved, while three customers reported being dissatisfied with the company’s response. In light of this information, we have slightly adjusted the BBB‘s rating to an “A-.”

PayPros Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Key Points

Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee $300
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

The PayPros Program Guide (available below) outlines a three-year agreement through First Data with a $300 early termination fee and a variable monthly minimum fee. Some complaints filed against the company describe higher-than-expected costs, so merchants should be sure to research any and all potential charges they may encounter. We have also found two complaints that mention frozen accounts or holds placed on payments. This indicates that the company’s cash reserve and fraud prevention policies could possibly benefit from additional explanation upon account setup. Without knowing the specifics of these policies, though, we are inclined to regard these complaints as outliers. If you have any knowledge of the standard PayPros contract, please leave that information in the comment section of this review. See the PayPros Program Guide.

PayPros Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

PayPros appears to hire independently contracted sales agents to market its services. Generally speaking, this practice usually generates merchant complaints as a result of poor agent training and supervision. In this case, we have found a handful of negative PayPros reviews that accuse the company’s sales team of rate misrepresentation and nondisclosure of fees. To its credit, PayPros does not appear to engage in any deceptive advertising in its official materials. We will therefore assign the company an “A-” rating in this category.

Our PayPros Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

PayPros rates as a reliable merchant account provider according to our criteria. The company is showing very few complaints for its size and time in business, but its contract terms appear to be fairly average for the industry. Even when dealing with a highly rated merchant services provider, merchants are encouraged to strongly negotiate all contract terms.

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26 Responses

  • Kathy Higginson

    We have been a customer of PayPros for many years. The rates they charge have recently skyrocketed! Our last statement included a charge of $299 for account maintenance. There is nothing in our contract about this and we’ve never been charged this before. The per item fee has risen from $.08 to $.23! I’ve gotten no notices regarding these charges, just a very unwelcome surprise when I reconcile my statement.
    I contacted my local representative. He explained he no longer has any control and PayPros will not let him make adjustments to customer statements. There is no phone number to contact PayPros directly, so I’m closing my account and moving on.
    My first phone call to Costco revealed their processing would’ve saved me $499 compared to PayPros on my last statement. Costco never charges account maintenance and their fees would’ve been $200 less.
    This is definitely not how a company should treat a customer! This customer has had enough.

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  • The only way we were able to stop paypros from stealing money from our company was to close our 44 year old business checking account & open a new one. Paypros even kept trying to get money from the closed account 2 months after we canceled our account & there were no credit card transactions going to paypros. Can’t get us now, you criminals. Can anyone say: CLASS ACTION SUIT!

  • DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM PAYPROS!!!! They duplicated three refunds in error, amounting to over $1K out of my bank account, and have the audacity to tell me I need to call the people who received double refunds to collect my money from them. Unbelievable that this is allowed. I am filing a grievance with the FTC and BBB, but best advice to anyone out there shopping for a merchant account is to stay as far away from this company as possible. They have access to your bank account and apparently aren’t accountable for errors like this????? What the hell is going on here. You should never be able to refund more than what has been collected – that is merchant account 101. But apparently these guys have no clue. Just stay away from them and keep your hard earned money!!!

  • Like other reviewers here I was supposed to have an account with no monthly charges. It was sold to me as a flat percentage fee per transaction.

    That didn’t last and I kept getting money taken out of my account unexpectedly. $15 here and $10 there. Hard to keep track of.

    I’d call and they would agree the charges were in error. Most of them I still haven’t received a credit for. I sent the forms to cancel the accounts on 6/2/17 and they are still charging me over 2 months later.

    I’m nearly at my wits end. Today I was told the account was still open which is why I was charged again. I had been told twice before that it had been closed already.

    The only thing I can think of doing is to close or move my bank accounts. My bank keeps allowing the charges to come out even though they were supposed to block them.

    The credit card processor blamed it on the fact they have been sold and instead of being closed it was migrated to the new system which automatically means account fees are taken out.

    I’ve called over 6 times on the same issue and been given case numbers, told it is or will be fixed shortly but still nothing – except they keep taking money out of my account.

  • Terrible company. We agreed to a particular fee arrangment, which the company never followed through with. I was constantly getting billed for things for which I should not have been billed. They did refund some costs, and the account was extremely difficult to close. I did succeed in finally closing the account in January, 2016. Then, 17 months later, my account was debited and I received a bill for a minimum billing charge.

  • michael mitchel

    I’ve been using them since 2010 for a rental property that I have listed on VRBO. When I do need to call, yes, it takes FOREVERRRRRR to get someone on the phone. I need to close out my account because we sold the property, but NO where on their website is paperwork to close the account, I search the help function and there isn’t even a listing for Closing the account. While on hold, I tried the feature of them calling me back. But customer support never called me back. Tech support says that only customer service can do that. Sales says the same thing. I’m considering filing a BBB compliant.

  • WORST customer service ever. Our credit card machine went done on July 9 – Been calling their 800 customer service number daily, been on hold 3 – 5 hours per day and have yet to take to a human being!!
    Looking for a new credit card processor.

  • Christopher Newman

    This company is a “get your money and to hell with the customer support” entity. I have sat on hold on the phone for customer service support many times over 30 minutes. This company simply doesn’t care. When I tried to cancel service, they continued charging me and required me to email support for the cancellation request. This is an unprofessional operation.

  • I enjoyed working with PayPros. OpenEdge is HORRIBLE. I processed a transaction with my card reader, got a transaction AND approval number and they can not find the transaction. They tell me it didn’t happen! I sent 2 emails, 1 voicemail, waited on hold a total of 75 minutes (2 calls) in order to talk to someone about this issue. Trust me! There are better solutions! Now let’s see how long it takes them to process a cancellation. FRUSTRATING!

  • Megan Hegde

    This company is very hard to work with. They do not return calls and whenever I need help with something it takes at least an hour to get an actual person on the phone. There machines decline almost all cards that come into my store with chips even after being updated several times. I am forced to type the customers card in and it finally approves however I have to pay a higher rate to do so. I am also being charged for equipment I never ordered and after calling 4 times I still have not gotten this issue taken care of. Not to mention there hidden rate charges are thru the roof. When I had a comparison done with another processing company I was paying almost 200 dollars a month more with open edge.

  • Stay Away!!! This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They could not provide us with the new hardware for the new EMV cards. So we need to change processors. They tried to charge me a $499 fee to get MY tokens transferred. I took that to a legal process and won. But now they are refusing to transfer in a timely manner. They removed my CC card info from my account April 27 and we are still unable to run any autopays on our customers. I never receive call backs and they transfer between departments because no one is able to assist, then the become very belligerent. My tokens are sitting in an employees email who sent me an automated email informing me she was on vacation for a week. I have already sent a letter releasing them from any liability but now my customers cards are sitting outside the vault. When I tried to let them know as long as they left them sitting they would be liable, they told me that just because I said that didn’t mean that they would be. Peter, supposedly a manager, said that I had one minute to talk and then he continued to talk the entire time and told his agents working under him to get on with other calls. They know they are in the wrong. I have contacted the BBB and our Attorney Generals office and Wells Fargo who is listed as an LLC of this company. Don’t fall for the kind words upon signing because any problems are handled very poorly.

  • Jim Gorring

    took $22,000 in credit card processing with out evena single phone call. Will be a year to get the money back that they get to hang onto as a tax free loan.

    • 1.2 million in gross sales turned into bankruptcy because of PAYPRO’s AKA OPEN EDGE AKA Global Payments. I hired PayPros in December 2014 for my new business and May 2015 added a 2nd account for another new store. I have two accounts with OPEN EDGE and never had any issues till I received a email in a email account that was inactive for over a year in March 2016 saying that my first business I opened in 2014 had what they said was a TIN mismatch and to contact them before they take 28% of deposits. Its took two weeks to finally get a hold of this office to learn that $25,000 has been taken away from my business since December 2015. The issue was I used my SS# in place of a federal tax ID number and their employee started the TIN claim that allows them to hold my money till 2017 as a tax free loan. Our business at the time was growing and because of the amount taken it has caused us to close 50% of what was 7 months ago. I have all about lost everything because of them and they couldn’t even call me to say my application with PayPros in 2014 they felt was wrong to use a SS# and IRS employee badge number XXXXXXX said that I was never in mismatch and if they took money they need to make it right. I have emailed and called more times then I can count and their employees will not talk to me on anything any more and respond with your attorney needs to call. Well unfortunately Im now bankrupt and looking for legal help to make sure my rights have not been violated. RUN RUN RUN


    I’ve tried to cancel the service with this company via phone, email, fax, carrier pigeon and any other means I can think of. They still are taking merchant fees out of our accounts. Does anyone have any legitimate contact information with anyone at this company? I so frustrated I could scream.

    Are you with PayPros? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I am a small business, beyond frustrated by all the added fees slammed in my statement since the OpenEdge merger and the patronizing runaround I get every time I call in–customer service, or tech support..

    First, a new $40 minimum monthly fee (which minimum does not include the growing list of random monthly fees) set at $40/month, which combined with all the other nontransaction monthly fees adds up to a base minimum of $76/year–aka, $900/year before ANY transaction fees are incurred. Steep compared to pre-OpenEdge where fees were minimal in off-season moths.

    And now, $29/mo plus $95/year for “PCI noncompliance” on my PCI-compliant merchant website run by Volusion. All calls to tech support and customer service results in total runaround. No employee understands PCI….. The scam is they are not seeking PCI compliance, they’re running a PCI profit center–a $95/yr additional fee to manage and train you to ‘become’ PCI-compliant – even if you are already. Should be sued for unethical practices.

    For a thinking person, extreme frustration is inevitable.

    Are you with OpenEdge? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I am so glad to see these reviews because I was starting to think this was just happening to me. We started out so good with Pay Pros, and then once Open Edge took over, it has been nothing but problems. They started hitting us with Non-Compliance fees at $18 and $29 per month, but our signed contract clearly states that we do not pay for those fees. It has a big zero listed in the amount for Non-Compliance fees on the contract.
    And customer service? What a joke they are. If you are lucky to get someone to answer your call, nine out of ten times, they have no idea what they are doing and have no idea how to help you. I really like my service rep when we first started with Pay Pros and now he has become non-existent. He does not return calls and he is impossible to get in touch with. I think it is time to look elsewhere for us.
    Please do yourself a favor and stay away from this company. Very unprofessional and some of the worst service you will receive.

    Are you with OpenEdge? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • I have been with them for 3 years and until they merge with Openedge everything went downhill. Right now, their business practice is unethical. We signed a contract with them clearly stating interchange rate + .15% and 4 cents per transaction. We got a sticker shock when we receive our state and the rate went up to .50% and 34 cents per transaction. I called the company and asked to talk to the supervisor. He said that since merging with openedge they have to increase the rate to cover the cost of business. Going from .15 to .50 and 4 cents to 34 cents is outrageous. I told him that the company is ripping off the consumers. He said that the company did notice it in the statement 2 months ago. I told him thats not what is on the contract. He said the contract is subject to change. If that is the case, what is the point of signing the contract. I asked for the refund and they said they can not refund and sent me to another sales rep to reduce the rate. This is a shady business practice. I wonder how I can take them to a small claim court to get the money back. Stay away from this company at all cost. Greedy management.

    • I believe that you can cancel your contract if you do not agree to accept the increase in rates. The rate is part of the contract and it is a material term of the contract so if they want to raise the rates, you have to notify them that you do not accept the terms. They can either keep your rates at the same as they were before or they have to let you out of the contract.

  • Jason Creel

    Salesperson did not disclose fees. I signed up due to a cheaper processing fee. I was charged a $18 fee for not filling out a form that I did not know I was supposed to fill out. I have been using another credit card process built into my software so I have decided to cancel and was hit with a $300 early termination fee which also is in fine print but was certainly not disclosed by the salesperson. I am paying the $300 and moving on. I will make others aware of this fee that they seem unwilling to let people know about themselves. Very disappointed. If I don’t cancel then there is a $95 per year fee for 3 years so they have me either way.

  • Rhonda Powell

    This company showed rigid rules about helping us during a time when we experienced fraud. I sent proven documentation that the couple stayed here with photos, phone call receipts, etc. We were ripped off and it’s obvious. The money was returned to our account, only to be charged back once again today. We’ve been told that the couple who pulled this stunt has a right to refute the charges up to 5 times and Open Edge refuse to help us, saying that unfortunately there is nothing they can do. Well, there’s something I can do…take my business elsewhere!

  • Jason buchanan

    paypros, now openedge, is a scam as they hide a fee call non-pci compliance for $18.00 per month refusing to remove it until they mysteriously find your compliance with trustwave. Nicke and dime their customers. Terrible and rude customer service.

  • Hi, I want to mention to the businesses whom is currently doing business with Paypros or researching an about to choose a merchant company for there business.

    I choose Paypros because of they offer to me. Things where going quite well until months later we start getting large monthly fees being drafted out of our account which we are setup on an account not to ever encounter monthly fees ever. The first fee was $40.00. I called and asked them what this fee was in reference to, and they stated a letter was mailed out with the monthly statements of all clients to complete a business confirmation form that was needed. This form was needing completed, if not, they will start charging $40.00 towards your account each month, and this is a government regulatory form that must be done. At this point, I told them we didn’t get it which we didn’t an I’m requesting a refund, an she(rep) stated that wasn’t going to happen so I immediately requested for my account to cancelled. Note: (We have two other merchant accounts and neither one of them ever heard of this). I completed the form she sent immediately to cancel my account and returned it, got a confirmation email stating my request was granted. One month later looking at our account, we now have a fee of $113.00 pending stating merchant fee. We stopped using this account so there shouldn’t be any fees being billed to us. I called and got technical support and they see everything I mentioned but had to forward this issue to customer service which was not open.

    Beware of things occurring like this from this company and if you choose to use them or any other Merchant, pay close attention to your fees being charge to you each month.

    Have a good day!

  • STAY AWAY!!! You have been warned. We are experiencing an absolute train wreck of a launch with PayPros. Our company has unable to process orders for several days due to outright incompetence at both technical support and customer service levels with PayPros. We are losing money as I write this. I thought I had seen the worst in dealing with companies like AT&T and Comcast but this company is a nightmare. Our account manager is a complete idiot. The technical support team cannot make the simplest of changes without screwing something up. I wish I could share the email threads and conversations from the last few days as it would make your jaw drop at their stupidity. I am sure they will try to raise our rates and fees once we have completed the cut-over. I wish we had stayed with our previous card processor.

  • Cancel paypros and they ignored the request and continue to charge my account. theses people are rip offs!

    • I’m about to cancel them once I have the new processor setup. Did you email the request in and follow up to make sure they are canceling the account? Did you get them to stop charging you? Any information would help. I’m trying to avoid any charges from them.

      Thank you in advance.

  • Paypros increased my rate twice during the past 2.5 years from interchange+, .10% to a whopping interchange+, .21%.

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