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Note: As of 2022, it appears that the OpenEdge brand has been almost entirely absorbed into its parent company Global Payments. As OpenEdge now appears to be a product within Global Payments, we will be shifting our updates to the Global Payments profile.

A Division of Global Payments

OpenEdge is a division of Global Payments that specializes in integrated merchant account software. In other words, OpenEdge enables merchants to add third-party and custom software to their existing payment systems. OpenEdge was created following Global Payments' acquisition of PayPros and XCharge. OpenEdge should not be confused with an identically named business software solution from Progress Software, as the two brands are unrelated.

OpenEdge Payment Processing

OpenEdge processes payments for credit and debit cards for most business types. It boasts cloud-based/SAS solutions, mobile payments, APIs, a client server accessed from a desktop application, e-commerce solutions, solutions for unattended environments, deployed applications for API integration, and a semi-integrated unified commerce solution.

OpenEdge Location and Ownership

OpenEdge is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, California; a registered ISO of BMO Harris Bank N.A., Chicago, Illinois; and a registered ISO/MSP of Synovus Bank, Columbus, Georgia. Robert Cortopassi is the senior vice president of OpenEdge which is headquartered at 2578 W 600 N Lindon, UT 84042-1227.

OpenEdge Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: OpenEdge appears to offer a multi-year contract through Global Payments with an early termination fee of $300.
  • Complaints & Service: OpenEdge has received more than 50 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: OpenEdge currently has an “A+” rating and has received 16 complaints and 10 reviews n the last 3 years. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2012.
  • Sales & Marketing: OpenEdge does not appear to hire independent sales representatives but has received a few complaints about its sales practices.

OpenEdge Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 50+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

Moderate Complaint Total

We are currently able to locate more than 50 negative OpenEdge reviews, some of which accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. Issues cited by complainants include unexpected fees, poor customer service, difficulty canceling service, and fund holds. Some of the available complaints go out of their way to state that they were satisfied with their service through PayPros but have been disappointed with the pricing and support offered after the acquisition and rebranding to OpenEdge. This is a clearly negative trend that appears to be worsening rather than improving over the past two years.

OpenEdge Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against OpenEdge. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

OpenEdge Customer Service Options

OpenEdge offers live phone and email customer support channels. These options appear to do an average job of resolving complaints in-house, which has excluded OpenEdge from appearing in our list of top-rated merchant services providers for great customer service. We have assigned OpenEdge a “C” rating in this section due to its growing number of complaints.

OpenEdge Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 8
Billing & Collection Complaints 8
Advertising & Sales Complaints 0
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Nearly 20 Complaints

OpenEdge has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2012 and currently has an “A+” rating. The company has received 16 complaints in the past 36 months. 8 of the complaints were due to a problem with a product or service and 8 were billing or collections issues. Only 1 of these 16 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 15 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Merchants Say

In addition to those 16 complaints, OpenEdge has also received 10 informal reviews to its profile, 1 of which is positive and the rest negative. The most recent review mentions bad customer service and unexpected fees:

Do everything you can to avoid this company. Terrible customer service, hidden fees, every bad review you read is likely true.

Merchant agreements can include terms and conditions that impose fee increases. Knowing which contract terms to avoid can help merchants avoid situations like this.

A “B” Performance

In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB‘s rating to a “B” at this time.

OpenEdge Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Keyed-in Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Infrastructure Upgrade Fee $200
Monthly Minimum Fee $40
Early Termination Fee Up To $300
PCI Compliance Fee $24.75 Per Quarter
PCI Non-Compliance Fee $18 - $29 Per Month
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Month (locked)

Multi-Year Contract

According to merchant complaints, the standard OpenEdge merchant account is a multiyear agreement with an early termination fee of up to $300, a monthly minimum fee of $40, a $24.75 quarterly PCI compliance fee, a monthly PCI non-compliance fee of $18 or $29, a $200 “infrastructure upgrade fee” that is somehow related to EMV compliance, and either tiered or interchange-plus pricing.

Some of these fees may be legacy costs from PayPros, but the consensus among complainants seems to be that a number of new fees have been added since the company was acquired and rebranded as OpenEdge. One merchant in the comment section of our PayPros review states that his per-transaction rates more than tripled after OpenEdge took over and that a company representative cited the acquisition as the main factor raising his rates.

Industry-Standard Pricing

Although the costs cited by merchants vary to some degree, they are generally average for the industry. OpenEdge has only been operating under its current name for a couple of years, so it may take some time to get an accurate sense of the company’s pricing structure. Given the available information, however, merchants are likely to obtain a better deal by working with a budget-friendly payment processor. If you have any specific knowledge of the standard OpenEdge contract, please share that information in the comment section below this review.

We also encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

OpenEdge Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Inside Sales Team

OpenEdge appears to market its services primarily via an inside sales team and the existing marketing channels available to Global Payments. OpenEdge does not list any deceptive rate quotes or unrealistic guarantees on its website, but we have found a few OpenEdge complaints that accuse the company’s sales team of nondisclosure of fees. In particular, an unexpected monthly PCI non-compliance fee of $18 has been cited as a source of frustration for many merchants, as has the company’s $300 early termination fee.

This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Major Issues

OpenEdge’s sales issues do not appear to be especially widespread, but they have been mentioned with increasing frequency in recent years. If you suspect that OpenEdge is applying undisclosed fees to your account, you can double-check your monthly bill with a third-party statement audit.

Our OpenEdge Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

An Average Option for Standard-Risk Businesses

OpenEdge appears to be an average merchant services provider according to our rating criteria. The company has seen an increase in complaints under its new name and may be struggling as a result of its acquisition by Global Payments, but its overall complaint total remains low-to-moderate. Merchants are encouraged to request and review all contract terms before signing up, and to compare those terms to top-rated credit card processors.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did OpenEdge Treat You?

92 User Reviews

  • Thomas muncy

    Muncy family chiropractic

    They have so many hidden fees it really costs 7.9 % on average to do business with them. Very unhappy with their service. Tried to get them to a more competitive rate with other processors with no luck. Even showed them what the other companies were offering

  • Dave


    Their customer service is nonexistent. I spent 2 hours on hold yesterday and am now on 3 hours today without ever talking to a live person. They charge noncompliance fees even when you are compliant. stay away from this company worst ever and I intend to report this so other don’t get taken by this company. trust me any legal avenues I can take at this point I will.

  • Erin Lachine

    King George Truck & Tire Center LLC

    One best merchant we have worked with so far. Easy to use, easy access for help, friendly and quick help, and match all competitor rates. We use them through RO Writer system which is even more seamless. This integrated system allows us to reconcile credit payments and to tackle quickly any credit card disputes.

  • Greg Harkins

    The Rental Party

    WE have had very good success with Global, customer service is always good and helpful, and our rates have been rated to be competitive or better than anyone else we have dealt with

  • David Hallin

    Sunset House

    I am in the short term rental business. Frequently, guests want to use a credit card instead of sending a check or other means of payment. Some years ago I learned of ProPay… I think through the booking agent at the time. Since my business is seasonal, I may go for a few months without using the service and have to reset my password. This has been done with minimal hassle and by a polite person at the other end. Processing a payment is quit fast and I receive an email confirmation which I pass to my guest with a paid in full invoice. I have been very satisfied. Thanks OpenEdge

  • Amber Mims

    Dermatology & Laser Medicine of Setx

    Global Payments Integrated has helped our practice tremendously. We are now much more streamlined and our revenue has increased since onboarding. The text payment system is a gem, the QR Code for easy patient payments is a life saver, and the support team is always available which is a huge plus in a very busy Dermatology Practice. I highly recommend them.

  • Thomas H

    ICD Group, Inc

    There should be a class action lawsuit against openedge. I would join. They have been creeping up fees on long term customers for years. We process about $700K per year through them. We started at less than 3% about 15 years ago. 2019 they charged us about 4.5%. 2021 about 5.5%. I received my January 2022 bill and it was 8.2%. I am canceling my account and switching to staxpayments this week.

    Did I mention the broken phone systems when you try to call them? And the 1 hour wait time when you finally get through? They are a criminal organization owned by GlobalPayments. Run, don’t walk away from these people.

    • Ralph Donovan

      Auto Check First Colony

      Yes! I agree. I was overcharged $600 in December and $2300 in January. I was just cursed and called names by an idiot named Brian in technical because I told him I was frustrated that no one at Openedge could get my newest account location set up for overnight deposits like my existing location.
      I’m firing OpenEdge and found a replacement company that is saving me $1500 a month. Any small business owner should run away from Open Edge as fast as possible.

  • Karen

    Holy Hill Self Storage LLC

    Our company has been a client since 2011. We found their rates to be the lowest and they had even matched another processor’s rates in 2019 to keep us as a customer. No bad experiences ever encountered.

  • Jane Beauregard

    Our organization couldn’t be more pleased with Open Edge, the fees were very competitive and the technical people were spot on when we had any questions or concerns. We are never on hold always able to talk with someone who knows what they are doing.

  • Alice Phinizy

    OpenEdge has been very easy to use and very responsive when I have had problems or needed to make changes. Their fees are competitive with previous companies we have worked with. They are integrated with our practice management software and it is very easy to record payments, check transactions, void payments and run reports. I would recommend them for business payments.

  • Tammy Sims

    We have used OpenEdge for almost 2 years now as it is incorporated into the EMR that we use and have been extremely happy with them. It is very easy to process payments both through our EMR and through the website. It is also a quick click to void payments, look up payments and payment history, run reports, etc. The fees are comparable or lower than other platforms we have used. I would highly recommend OpenEdge for your business payment center.

  • Wendy

    OpenEdge Global Processing is double charging credit card service bank fees with every transaction performed through my water company. This undisclosed hidden (junk) fee enables the customer’s bank account to show a negative balance in many instances until the extra fee drops off. For many individuals who calculate their bank statements down to the penny and USE that last penny, this undisclosed hidden (junk) fee makes them show a negative bank balance. This triggers a negative bank balance fee for many customers. A negative bank balance incurs overdraft charges to their customers.

  • Ryan Hall

    BEWARE!!!!!! Predatory company. As a new business i was looking for a simple solution to process cards and every thing they told me sounded great. I was very specific I wanted a month to month services. they stated that was no problem. Now i have found a better solution for processing they are wanting charge me for 3 years of service. After reviewing my contract it does not state any term. They sent me a terms and conditions form that is not included in the initial contract that states a 3 years term. Just be advised that if you choose open edge you are bound to 3 years no matter what anyone tells you!!!!

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Jay Roseo

    They charged us a “PCI noncompliance fee” without notifying us that my PCI compliance needed to be renewed quarterly. After setting up renewal notifications and after we renewed our PCI compliance, we were still charged the PCI noncompliance fee for 2 months. They refunded the charges but kept a 1 month charge. This is after many phone calls and long wait times.

    Now they instated, without notification, a program they’re calling “CE Suite” and automatically enrolled everyone onto it for $45/month. Upon calling them to opt out of this program, they said the refund will need to be “submitted for approval” and may take 1 to 2 billing cycles to show on my statement.

    We basically need to pay very close attention to our monthly statements when dealing with Open Edge, which ads unnecessary stress to running a business. Of all the entities you deal with, Open Edge is not on your side. They definitely fall into the demons-you-need-to-watch-for category.

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees In Your Monthly Bill


  • Howard A Beck

    Open edge has never told us we need to take a PCI compliance test within a certain time period. We did take one that Hartland the owner of Global who own Open Edge. We were not aware of this monthly fee over $30 per month until we had another merchant provider stop in our gym. Once we were shown the actual fees we called Open Edge and was told it was not there issue to notify us to take a PCI test. We are a small gym and have been paying this fee since March 2019 -current. We use Hearltand for our pawn business and they did send us an e-mail prior to charging us . We kinda figured this would work for Open Edge since they are all the same company .Wrong answer instead Open Edge said it’s our issue to take the test. Open Edge never had told us who or where to take a PCI test until this past was very frustrating to speak to Open Edge as they didn’t care that we were being charged just a little over 10% in fees for all our transactions within a month. We want to leave them but our software company Clu Sentry uses them and it’s difficult to switch out every gym member to a new provider.We tried to ask for a manager and as usual we were told it could take 48 hours for a manager to reply …. 10% in fees per month for a small gym is crazy

    This post will help: PCI Compliance Explained


  • Justin

    OpenEdge borders on criminal! Aside from fees that turn a 2% take into nearly a 3.5% take when all is said and done, we were charged $120/month for a non-pci compliance fee when we were in compliance. We didn’t catch these fees ($40 for each location) for nearly a year- and during an audit caught the fees added to our statement.

    OpenEdge would only refund one months worth of fees. If that wasn’t bad enough, after that first year we scrutinized our statements each month – suddenly we started getting charged nearly $200 for some analysis tool – this was caught the first month – our initial request for a refund was declined.

    When we threatened to sue them for again adding what amounted to fraudulent items to our account, they refunded the fees.

    Their tech support is virtually useless in any environment more complicated than the most basic POS environment. Virtually every issue we’ve had to spend hours resolving on our own.

    They are the only option for our software vendors integration at this time…. we hope at some point there is a class action suit or criminal investigation into the company for their shoddy business practices.

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees From Your Monthly Bill


  • Leo Brown

    This company took over Payment Pros.I have been using them for 5 years. I had a situation where I had to close my bank account.

    I now am on day 4 with no money coming in while they give me excuses as to why they cant change my bank account number.

    Then when I overcome there issues they tell me it take up to 5 days to change the information.

    If your a small business using these people to process your credit cards they don’t care if you need the money that you are processing with them. I guess they take there time to draw interest on your money.

    I called American Express and they changed the information in 3 minutes.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service


  • Doug F.

    Open Edge is way too expensive! Fees crept up to the point of being ridiculous. Customer Service is non-existent. Got the run around when I finally tried to close our account. PayPros/Open Edge must think customer service is optional – I can’t wait on hold for 30 minutes to talk with them. Before Paypros/Open Edge our previous merchant processor reached out quarterly to us (yes, they called us!) to discuss fee reduction..

    This post will help: Find and Eliminate Hidden Fees in Your Monthly Bill


    • Kim Erlich

      As an update to my previously stated frustrations and my negative review of Open Edge, I was contacted by a customer service rep (Brea G.), who agreed to refund me two months worth of charges. Brea G. was great in this process. While this does not completely negate the fact that their charges are confusing and seem excessive, I was pleased that they were willing to reach out and try to make amends. Perhaps they are listening to their customers concerns? This could mode well for their future.

  • ashley

    Was forced to sign up with open edge through my EHR medical company for billing. I have been in business for 17 years and have never had any issues with any merchant company. The installation took nearly a month to get scheduled which was a month after we started using our new EHR system. Therefore we were not able to process any payments through open edge for nearly a month. Our system was finally installed via phone a week and a half ago. Today March 26, 2019 we received a certified letter in the mail stating that our account was terminated. The reasoning was due to sales patterns, refunded patterns, services rendered etc. The letter was dated 3/21/2019 which was the same day as installation. Clearly this was an error because how could this company do an evaluation of our account before we could use it? I attempted to call Open Edge and was given the run around for 45 minutes only to be told that no one could assist me. They acknowledge there is an error as the letter doesn’t make sense yet refuse to send me to someone who could look into this further. Instead of was advised to email their legal department and someone would get in touch with me. I am very frustrated and after being forced to work with this company.

    This post will help: Best Healthcare Merchant Accounts


  • Trent L Taylor

    We have been working with OpenEdge for 5 years or so now and this has been, by far, the best partnership that we have entered into in a long time. They have a great product and their service is impeccable. Anytime that we’ve had an issue, then have been right there beside us making sure that things are taken care of and that our customers are up and running. I wish all partnerships could be this successful!

  • Ashley K

    By far the worst customer service I have ever had the pleasure of working with.. I should have known from the very start. I would recommend NOT using this group or the company that they are owned by Global Payment Systems as they were the ones who held funds to the account hostage for 48+ hours. I would advise anyone considering this company to do their research.

    This post will help: Top-Rated Merchant Accounts for Great Customer Service

    – Phillip

  • bill

    I own 2 businesses and this has to be the worst credit card processing company there is. To start with, I had a different company processing my cards for 9 years and then overnight OpenEdge takes over my account and everything changes. OpenEdge needs to get caught up with the times and move to next day deposits like every other company in the year 2018. They also decided to put my account on hold and not deposit 3 days worth of sales when they decided to try and take their monthly processing fee and there wasn’t enough in the account. Holding 10k from a small business account is a recipe for disaster and this company doesn’t care. OpenEdge has horrible customer service and is in the stone ages when it comes to processing credit cards. Do yourself a favor and skip these guys or move on like I did

    From The Editor
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  • Seth Friedman

    I upgraded my business software a year ago and the upgrade locked me into Open Edge. They agreed to meet the rates I had before. In July they hiked the rates by 300%. .05 discount rate and 5 cents a transaction to .15 discount rate and 15 cents a transaction. I called and complained so they did a re-evaluation and put the rates back to where they were originally but told me it would take 2 to 3 months to return the rates back to my original agreement. They refuse to reimburse me for the exhorbitant rate increase they imposed but then decided was not correct…..

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Let Professionals Monitor Your Monthly Statements for New Fees

  • Darrin Barton

    We no longer use OpenEdge’s services and have not since May. Due to a personnel issue we were never made aware that a ‘request to end service’ letter was require and not sent. This company has continued to bill us and bill us and bill us. When we finally did send the letter, you sent us another bill. I find their business practices and over all policies anti-customer and borderline criminal. I would NEVER recommend OpenEdge or their parent company, Global.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Get Out of a Merchant Account Contract

  • Brenda Trammel

    I called to inquire if a charge had gone thru that did not complete on my Eaglesoft. The representative was indeed able to show me that it had gone thru and even helped me set up an online portal so I can look things like this up for myself in the future. Thank you.

  • Kris Moulton

    The best merchant we have worked with so far. Easy to use, easy access for help, friendly and quick help, and match all competitor rates. We use them through ChiroFusion which is even more seamless.

  • Cristina Carreno

    I’m very pleased with Open Edge with the exception of very long hold times for technical assistance. This is a hardship for our small business as it ties up one of our phone lines in addition to the employee down time.

  • Crystal Cary

    I am an OpenEdge Client, which means the software company I work has an integration with OpenEdge. They have improved their customer service, product, and delivery over the past two years, and I’ve personally seen the difference especially in this past year. The mutual customers we have that I’ve spoken with, are thrilled with OpenEdge. I am proud to recommend their service to our customers, and do so with confidence.

  • brian roeder

    OE was a great provider for our business over several happy years. Then last year they were acquired by Global. Global has increased our fees by 40% without explanation, without communication. In fact, they have been non-responsive to all our eforts to understand their invoicing and billing. Global simply is stealing our hard earned small business credit card fees. We are leaving OE as soon as our specialized POS software provider can migrate us. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

  • Orin Sowers

    We have a POS system in a restaurant using OpenEdge and we liked OpenEdge because we would receive a free backup processing terminal. We need this and have used it from time to time. Sometimes the POS might have updates, processing issues or licensing issues. Sometimes the POS cannot read a card that the backup terminal can read. During those times we have to have the backup terminal. OpenEdge just decides one day to turn off our FirstData terminal and go with Global because they want everything in house. They did this with no phone call or notification to us. Claimed they sent email, where did it go? Email only are your serious!? No phone call, no customer service, just turn it off. So they turn this off and then when we need the terminal we find out….. Then a call to them says you will have to talk to sales, and by the way, they are not here until Monday. So if I turned off their electricity and said wait until Monday they would be happy? Oh we sent you an email regarding your electric meter that we would be changing it out and you did not call…..really? So you can turn off the terminal without talking to us and switch to another brand name (because you own that company now and want $$/business through that company) and do all this without talking to us but YOU WANT US TO CONTACT YOU TO GET ANOTHER ONE!? What kind of customer service is that? Wouldn’t you want to see to it that any transition is smooth and customers have no glitch if you are making changes without talking to them? These corporations get so big they lose all sense of customer service.

  • Danielle

    Do not use OpenEdge! They charge outrageous fees! We recently were charged $125 in fees for $233 in credit card payments. We closed our account and then they proceeded to “push” through two transactions the next month so they could charge us all of these fees. I don’t know how they are still in business. It’s crazy how poor their customer service is.

  • Jeff Llewellyn

    First of all Openedge’s bill has 8 lines of fees that make no sense. I thought I closed my account but found out 600.00 later that I didn’t fill out an on line cancellation which they never sent me. I called and complained and they gave me a case # but never sent me the cancellation notice to fill out or contact me but sent me another bill. The records show that Openedge did not provide me any services for 5 months but continued to bill me. I was told that they would not give me a refund. Very unethical in my book.

  • Wilnerys

    Horrible customer service! Takes very long to just get any type of solution or answer. They have xcharge as a product which is useless since when checks are declined or account is not found it won’t communicate back to xcharge. When asked for an email report that would have the declined check but with a specific receipt # that xcharge generate, they can never do anything and only talk your ear off!

  • Carrie

    DO NOT use this company! They are fraudulent in charging bogus fees and doing so without advance knowledge. When you contact them about them, they only offer a 2-month credit. They charge a $300 early termination fee when this fee isn’t mentioned in any of my paperwork. It’s weeks later and I am still waiting for that refund. Listed to these reviewers….stay away from them! And if you use a program that requires using OpenEdge, contact their tech department and let them know you will not use OpenEdge and they need to offer another company!


    Save yourself a lot of misery and DO NOT go with Open Edge. They should re-name the company to Misery Edge. We were with Pay Pros and it wasn’t too bad, just a few small things here and there. Then as soon as our statements starting saying Open Edge, ouch!!! fees skyrocketed. Called in to discuss and on hold for over 30 minutes.

  • Jon

    While we haven’t had any problems with the service itself (downage, outages, etc), yesterday I looked over our bill closely and found several fees that were not disclosed to us, and added to bills that were set to autopay. I called and spoke to customer service and this is how they were explained:

    1) Infrastructure Upgrade Fee: $200 (per location)
    – “We needed to upgrade our infrastructure to handle the changing chip technologies” So you added $200 onto both of my bills without telling me?

    2) PCI NON COMPLIANCE FEE: $29.99 (per location)
    – This has been billed MONTHLY. “You are being charged this because whoever setup your account never filled out the online questionnaire to make you PCI compliant” (Lie; never informed of this)

    3) PCI PROGRAM FEE: $24.75 (per location; quarterly)
    -“This is a fee to use our online partner’s program to become PCI compliant. You can use any company to do this, but if you use our partner, its already billed and paid for by this fee.”

    I want anyone reading this to really understand what I just wrote. OpenEdge is charging me a monthly fee for being NON PCI COMPLIANT and a quarterly fee to be apart of a program that can make me PCI COMPLIANT, though I’m not.

    A fee so you can get compliant, a fee because you aren’t compliant and never being told anything about PCI Compliance…. This company has taken $1000’s from us in these fees in just over 2 years…


  • Jordan

    I originally contracted with PayPros for my card processing. They were great, but when they were purchased by OpenEdge/GlobalPayments, my fees began increasing dramatically. What’s worse, customer service has been abysmal. I have spent roughly 4 hours on the phone with 5 different people. They have been unable to tell me what various fees were for. They have told me they will research the fees and call back the same day, but they don’t call back. They told me I should expect their fees to be “about” 20-25% of my transactions. This is utterly unacceptable. This has been the worst merchant vendor experience I have had in my life, and the worst customer service experience I’ve had in my life. They are literally taking money without being able to explain why. I will be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and exploring a class action lawsuit against these companies, as I imagine this is happening with many of their clients.

  • barry gilbert

    OpenEdge is EXTREMELY deceptive when it comes to hidden fees. If you look at the their sign up form, NOWHERE does it tell you about their $300 cancelation fee. Something like that you would think they would make it very obvious. Evidently the found that not putting on the form would enable them to rip people off. Avoid these slime bags.

    • Jordan

      Mr. Gilbert:

      It appears we have had similar negative experiences with OpenEdge. Could you let me know if you found a different company with fewer problems? I’m looking to change vendors immediately. Thank you.


      • Gilbert

        Jordan, I’d suggest Cayan – (old Merchant Warehouse). They’re not the cheapest game in town, but they don’t try to screw you like the crooks at OpenEdge. Their customer service has been VERY good.

  • JoDee Hunt

    I strongly suggest researching this company fully before making a transition. I wish I had done additional research before transitioning to OpenEdge for our business. We converted over 16 months ago and have not yet received our credit card payments from patients. The amount totals over $20,000.00 and no one seems to be interested in rectifying this situation. I worked with several representatives and the last individual who was assigned to correct the situation is not returning my calls or emails. This has been an ongoing issue. We are frustrated and my current recourse is to leave negative reviews hoping I will get their attention.

  • Angela

    I have never dealt with worse customer service. I have been trying to close our account (of which we have not used since last July!) and every month I am assured it is closed and the next month, I am charged! I have applied for refunds and closures over and over again. Today, I waited on hold for 58 minutes, asked for a supervisor, was told one was not available and put into a voicemail. Horrible customer service!

    • James

      I understand your problems. Cancelled all of my accounts in 2015 via fax based on their request (2 accounts). No statements or debits for months, and then all of a sudden mid-2016 I start seeing debits and receiving statements. After calling them, I am told one account is still open. I fax in another request to close this account. Although the debited amounts were credited, I hear and see nothing from them until May 2017, when all of a sudden I see an account debit and receive a statement. They try to explain it away as there is still an open account. But, this charge is apparently a monthly minimum charge, which has not (mysteriously) been applied for months. I am writing the attorney general. Do not trust this business.

    • Jordan


      It appears we have had similar negative experiences with OpenEdge. Could you let me know if you found a different company with fewer problems? I’m looking to change vendors immediately. Thank you.


    • Kate Williams

      Open Edge is a terrible company. They fabricate fees to steal money from customers. Customer service is awful. They do not return calls and they make no attempt to resolve errors they create.

      I am filing a notice with the Attorney Generals office of my state because of their practices.

      • Paul

        I’m glad to see we are not alone! This company keeps inventing new fees and slipping them in to blend with the monthly statement…their latest is a $44.00 “infrastructure fee” that is on top of the $49 quarterly “Network Security & Compliance fee” that just started in February, which is in addition to the “$24.75 quarterly “PCI Program Fee” they started last year…unfortunately they are the only company integrates with my practice management software so I’m stuck with them. I wonder what kind of incentives Patterson Dental is reaping for giving this company exclusivity to Eaglesoftware!

        • Becky

          I completely agree with the Patterson statement (and don’t get me started with their fees). I have two doctors with two separate practices so each gets a statement and one has $29 Network & Sec Compliance fee and the other $49. It just went up to $39 and $59 in November. I dumped them in November. There was a “global atl” fee in 2016 that mysteriously started up and mysteriously disappeared 7 months later. If your practice isn’t so large that it’s prohibitive to run payments through Patterson after running through a credit card terminal that’s the way to go. It takes an extra 5 seconds per transaction.

  • Sunn Wee

    STAY AWAY AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!! Signed up with OpenEdge/Global in January 2017. I purchased a VeriFone terminal from Global. When I received it the people at Global made a mistake by inputting the wrong date January 2016 instead of 2017. Global and OpenEdge claimed that there might have been fraud and took out 300 debits in the sum of $7000.00! When I saw the 300 debits I immediately called and asked what is going on. They said our account might have been compromised because of the wrong inputted date and upper management is taking care of it. I asked about the 300 debits and they said there is nothing they can do. Our bank charges $35.00 for each chargeback which would have come out to $10,500 in NSF FEES!!! So I immediately took out a loan out with some crazy high interest which now I AM responsible for. After 3 grueling months I get my $7000.00 which of course they didn’t give me the full amount it was $3.00 short. Finally found another merchant service provider. PLEASE STAY AWAY AN ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE!!!

  • Danielle

    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Beware! You will be on hold forever and then when they answer they don’t know how to answer the question. Trying to make a simple change on your account is a nightmare and will take weeks. We have used several different credit card processors and they are the absolute worst by far! Their rates are not good either.

  • John Piccirlli

    Absolute worst merchant services company we have ever used.

    Customer service representatives are rude and inconsiderate. Business practices are shady at best.

    Definitely telling businesses to steer clear of this company. If I could give it less than a zero, I would.

  • What a Joke

    Their (lack of) customer service is pathetic. HOURS of being on hold, then when you get someone on the line they sit in silence while they attempt to figure out how to fix THEIR problem. I only knew that the line had not been disconnected by saying “hello, hello?” and someone finally saying “what” back to me! I have never experienced a merchant processing co. as bad as O.E. Oh, and good luck if you dream of wanting to speak to a supervisor. I have been told all of the following: no one can talk to you, I have tried to make you happy, I don’t know what to tell you, Someone can call you back in 3-5 business days, and I have been hung up on (they claimed disconnected) twice. This has been beyond frustrating

  • Robert Smith

    OpenEdge is the worst. I found their service to be horrible, and then when you cancel – it’s too late they steal $300 from you for the hidden early termination fee. I can’t believe these guys can sleep at night. If your dumb enough to sign up for their service watch out of the extraneous fees that they don’t tell you about.

  • Larry Tapp

    These guys are crooks. We had a similar experience as others. Months and months of extraneous fees. Even after we left they continued to charge huge monthly fees. When we jumped though their final hoop to officially close our account they assessed anot early termination fee of $300. When we called we were informed that the early termination clause was in the contract we signed. Pulled out the original contract and sent it to them as well. Absolutely nothing about early termination. Please stay away from this company.

  • Debra Spurgeon

    I used this service that was recommended by Corporate Housing By Owner to allow my one renter to charge his rent. This company is unprofessional and lacks competent people in customer service. I closed my account after they stole money from my account stating I did not do some compliance paperwork that I never received. They couldn’t even get my address right. I quickly closed my account got in writing from then that my account was completely closed and that I owed no fees. Yesterday I got an invoice that I owe them 300 dollars. I will be making a better business complaint and will see what legal action I can take. Beware of hidden fees and termination fees. I have made hours of phone calls and spoke to several agents thinking my issues were resolved…… what a joke.

  • Martha

    Do your research- We opened an account to give our clients an online payment option. Since June we have had a total of $81.00 as our deposits (mind you we haven’t received any deposits into our account thus far) and a total of $173.82 in merchant service fees. Ummmm, what is wrong with this picture?!?!? Steer clear of this company!!

  • Howard Paskow

    After using this company for several years I found that they not only don’t disclose hidden costs but after I no longer needed their services in writing per their protocol, they still took service charges for three months after. They opened a case up and did not proactively follow up on it. I finally realized what had happened and had to call them back. They had no interest in refunding me funds they were not supposed to receive. ( I was obviously not using their services any longer). While it was only around $150 I am sure that anyone reading this will understand that this is not a game and will go unnoticed. I will be sure to let anyone that I can how this company treats people that want to part business ties with Open Edge. Apparently they believe they have a license to steal. Good luck to anyone who attempts to engage their “so called” services.

  • Jim Gorring

    1.2 million in gross sales turned into bankruptcy because of PAYPRO’s AKA OPEN EDGE AKA Global Payments. I hired PayPros in December 2014 for my new business and May 2015 added a 2nd account for another new store. I have two accounts with OPEN EDGE and never had any issues till I received a email in a email account that was inactive for over a year in March 2016 saying that my first business I opened in 2014 had what they said was a TIN mismatch and to contact them before they take 28% of deposits. Its took two weeks to finally get a hold of this office to learn that $25,000 has been taken away from my business since December 2015. The issue was I used my SS# in place of a federal tax ID number and their employee started the TIN claim that allows them to hold my money till 2017 as a tax free loan. Our business at the time was growing and because of the amount taken it has caused us to close 50% of what was 7 months ago. I have all about lost everything because of them and they couldn’t even call me to say my application with PayPros in 2014 they felt was wrong to use a SS# and IRS employee badge number XXXXXXX said that I was never in mismatch and if they took money they need to make it right. I have emailed and called more times then I can count and their employees will not talk to me on anything any more and respond with your attorney needs to call. Well unfortunately Im now bankrupt and looking for legal help to make sure my rights have not been violated. RUN RUN RUN

  • Ruth P

    OpenEdge’s monthly non-compliance fee has jumped from $18 to $75. I canceled service with OpenEdge 5 months ago, and am still getting charged monthly non-compliance fees and minimum processing fees($25) and an annual technology fee($75), and an annual membership fee($55), as well as monthly statement fees($6). I finally had to instruct my bank to Stop Payment to them. The issue is still not resolved as they will not return my phone calls. Also, they never reached out to me about PCI compliance, as my new company did. I was happy with PayPros for many years, but in hind sight, my PPs rep never once talked to me about PCI compliance either. $18 per month for 12 years? I don’t know if I can bear finding out the truth.

  • Very Frustrated

    POOR customer service. Phone calls not returned. Took months to set up account and now when we are having trouble (our money isn’t being deposited into our account) CANNOT get ahold of ANYONE! Would not recommend to an enemy.

  • Noel

    Be careful dealing with Open Edge! We had been a very satisfied user with PayPros but with the change we decided to recompete our business and in the process learned that Open Edge’s business practices are quite different than PayPros and disadvantageous: they now require businesses to engage with lower tier sales personnel who are incapable of providing package pricing (to include equipment and terms) and would only give a rate-only quote upon submission of a competing bid. Open Edge also took unfair advantage in changing their policy without notice requiring a $499 fee to convert our tokens — and even though we only submitted one token file for conversion, they charged us that fee twice because we had two merchant accounts with them. After their Director of Customer Service James Parrall did not return my 5 calls over a two week period, I finally got a call back from one of his lower tier supervisors Adrian who insisted that they could not refund the second $499 charge even while acknowledging that they only converted one file. Be very careful in that Open Edge is not Pay Pros and they are not interested in the long term success of their company in this market.

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