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UPDATE 8/11/2021: Payza has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that it “operated an Internet-based unlicensed money service business that processed more than $250 million in transactions.” Payza's U.S. website is inactive, and the company appears to no longer operate in the United States. Merchants are reporting that its European site is also not paying out money transfers. The US Department of Justice has requested that people damaged in the Payza event file for remission.

Payza ( is an online payment processor that functions in a manner similar to PayPal or Dwolla. There are a number of unusual features about the company and its service that make it a difficult provider to research and rate. For one thing, the company was formerly based in Canada and known as AlertPay before it was bought by MH Pillars, Ltd. in 2012. This “acquisition” appears to have been more of a rebranding, as there is not a great deal of information available online about MH Pillars, Ltd beyond the fact that it is a DBA of Payza.

To complicate matters further, the company appears to have offices all over the world. Payza is headquartered in London, has a regional office in New York City, uses an acquiring bank located in Moscow, and has made significant recent gains in the Bangladesh payments market. Part of this global success is likely attributable to the fact that the company actively promotes its ability to process remittances (the earnings that a foreign worker sends to his or her home country), which is a largely untapped market among payment processors.

In May 2016, the U.S. Department of Justice confirmed that it is conducting a criminal investigation of Payza and an India-based company called Obopay. The Department of Justice has not provided specific details about the investigation, and the investigation appears to be ongoing.

Payza appears to have only recently ventured into the U.S. market under the Payza name, but it does claim that it can process payments between U.S. users and businesses. Alastair Graham is listed as the CEO of Payza.

How Payza works

Payza operates by having its users send and receive money from dedicated Payza accounts. The company offers both personal and business accounts, and businesses can accept credit card payments from customers who do not have Payza accounts via “pay now” buttons on their websites. It's free for anyone to send money from their Payza account to someone else's Payza account, but a transaction fee is assessed for anyone who accepts money from another Payza user.

It seems that Payza users transfer funds through some sort of email authorization system like that used by Square Cash. The company allows users to fund their Payza accounts through ACH transfers, bank wires, cashier's checks, Bitcoin money orders, or credit and debit cards. Payza users can withdraw money from their accounts using ACH transfers or credit cards, or by loading a prepaid Visa card with their funds in countries where this service is available.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: Payza does not employ independent sales representatives but has received some merchant complaints about its sales practices.
  • Costs & Contract: Payza offers a month-to-month contract with variable transaction fees for personal and business users.
  • Complaints & Service: Payza has received more than 200 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Payza has a “D-” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 6 complaints in the last three years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Payza

Payza Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 200+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Fund Holds

Payza is currently showing over 200 complaints on various consumer protection websites, and many of these complaints accuse the company of being a fund-holding scam that signs new customers up for service with the intention of holding their funds and gathering interest on them. Some of these complaints have been filed against the company’s former name of AlertPay, and an equal amount have been filed in a forum specifically created to warn business owners against using Payza.

The story behind this forum,, is that the owner of a company called Themco felt that the company withheld $1.289 million from his business in order to fund its operations with the interest gathered on the amount. When legal recourse failed to obtain the disputed funds, Themco launched this forum to alert merchants to the risk of fund holds at Payza. The forum appears to be less frequently trafficked than it previously was, and it’s possible that many of its users are simply shareholders of the company. It’s difficult to determine the validity of Themco’s claim, since details about the organization are scarce. Regardless, the amount in dispute is an obscenely large hold amount and merits mention in this review on that basis alone.

There are also over 150 complaints filed against the company on this and other consumer protection websites, indicating that the fund hold issue is not limited to the former employees of Themco. Payza offers an FAQ section on its website, chat support, and a ticketing system.

In 2020, a long-time lawsuit was finalized against Payza. As mentioned at the top of this review, the company’s owners accepted a plea deal in a money-laundering case in which they are said to have knowingly passed $250 million in illegal payments through their system. Owners Ferhan Patel and Firoz Patel were sentenced to prison terms and forfeited $4.5 million.

Payza Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 5
Billing & Collection Complaints 1
Advertising & Sales Complaints 0
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Payza is not an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau at this time and is showing a “D-” rating based on 6 complaints filed in the last 3 years. Of these complaints, 5 are related to problems with the product or service and 1 had to do with billing or collection. Only 3 of these 6 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 3 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response. Considering the company’s complaint volume and resolution ratio, we see no reason to adjust the BBB’s rating.

Payza Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate N/A
Keyed-in Rate N/A
Early Termination Fee None
PCI Compliance Fee None
Equipment Lease Terms None

Payza does not charge setup fees, monthly fees, PCI Compliance fees, or cancellation fees. The company offers two tiers of service with different transaction rates, although there appears to be no difference between the rates paid by “Personal” users and “Business” users.

Personal and Business users may send funds for free at all times, but payments are assessed a fee of 2.9% plus $0.30 on any payments they receive. Some industries (likely high-risk business types) will be assessed a fee of 3.90% plus $0.59 per transaction, but it’s not clear which industries this applies to. The company’s “Fees” page also states that credit card payments will start with a receiving fee of 5.49% plus $0.65. Both account types can add funds to their Payza accounts via credit card for 3.50% per transaction, via a bank wire for $8.00, via a bank transfer for free (transactions over $200 USD) or $2.00 (transactions under $200 USD), or for free through Bitcoin. It also appears that customers are charged either $0.50 (for bank transfer), 2% (for Bitcoin), or a minimum of $8.00 (for credit cards) for each withdrawal from their Payza account. This withdrawal fee is a clear incentive for users to wait until their balances are very large before making a withdrawal.

Despite the company’s lack of long-term contracts and its mildly expensive transaction fees, its grade has been lowered to a “D” for what appears to be an aggressive and inconsistent fraud prevention policy. Public complaints abound regarding funds withheld from user-to-user payments, personal-to-business payments, refunds, and withdrawals, sometimes for no clear reason. For example, in early December 2013, it appears that the company abruptly sent out a notice to its users explaining that it was suddenly unable to process payments in the U.S., effectively freezing the accounts of any U.S. users until further notice. Payza appears to have since found a U.S.-based processing partner, but the possibility remains that the same situation could occur again. The reasons given by the company for holds and service interruptions are disturbingly vague in most cases, and they’re made more worrisome by language in the company’s official terms and conditions that threatens merchants with a fine if they contact Payza’s partner banks when investigating a hold. Simply put, there are much simpler ways to transfer money without having to worry about dedicated e-wallets, complicated fee structures, or withheld funds.

Payza Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Payza mostly markets its services through its website, and the company does not appear to employ a large outside sales team or utilize telemarketing. While these sales and hiring practices are favorable in our view, the company still has a long way to go when it comes to transparency.

It is difficult to understand the details of how Payza works by visiting its website. There appears to be some sort of email authorization that takes place between users who are sending payments, and the company seems to be oriented exclusively toward e-commerce rather than brick-and-mortar merchants. According to some merchant reviews, the company has a complicated fee transfer schedule depending on the type of transaction taking place and the type of account involved. Payza does not visibly list its rates on any of its product description pages, but its “Fees” page does appear to fully disclose its pricing.

For a brief period in August 2016, we received a large number of bogus positive Payza testimonials in the comment section of this review. When we placed a warning on this review that further attempts to post fake reviews would lower the company’s grade, the attempts ceased. Merchants are advised to use their best judgment when reading online reviews of Payza.

It’s tempting to simply attribute the company’s complicated payment system and rate structure to poor website design, but there may be more to the story. The vast majority of Payza negative reviews by merchants have been filed with regard to sudden, long-term fund holds and account freezes. Most of these merchants seem to have very little understanding of what exactly they did to cause Payza to hold their funds, and the public reasons given by the company both on its website and in its public responses to these complaints are numerous and inconsistent. Since the company reserves the right to place any funds withheld from merchants in an interest-bearing account, Payza does have some incentive to withhold funds. Given the company’s apparently aggressive hold policies, the lack of clear information on its website is a major cause for concern and has lowered the company’s score to a “C” in this section.

Our Payza Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Payza does not appear to be a functioning merchant account alternative for business owners at this time, due largely to the major lawsuit brought against the company. Either way, Payza’s pricing is not very competitive, and it’s not even clear which U.S. bank the company is partnered with at this time.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Payza Treat You?

112 User Reviews

  • Doug

    I’m a US citizen, so all of my Payza funds got frozen by the USDOJ in November of 2013. Yep, they are STILL frozen today, almost 6 years later. No word from the USDOJ. Forget leaving them any voice messages at their number. In the recording, they say they will reply to you in a few business days, but the last time they did was about 4 years ago, at least for me (which was a couple of months after I left them a voice message). They had nothing to tell me either.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Maddie

    They set up an .eu for people living in Europe when they got problems in the US, but that site isn’t paying either. Can’t even send money from me to me… Have tried to email them but it just bounces. Please, give me my money back.

  • Richard

    Requested $9100.00 weeks ago and every time I log in to find where my funds are, they just publish a new expected date a few more days into the future.

    They are basically theives and I will never get to see a single penny of my money because they are protected by the Limited Company rules here in the UK meaning I can’t sue them.

    Their Terms of service also say they think they have the right to confiscate all your funds if you try to take action against their own actions. They even call it a “Fine”.

    Scammers, Theiving Bastards, Criminals… It’s your choice what you call them as it makes no difference to them, your money is gone.

    Should be put up against a wall and shot several times as a lesson to others that think this kind of business ethics is acceptable.

  • mike

    I opened an account with Payza 8 months ago and all this time they have been holding my money hostage. I reported them to the BBB and their replies are always the same. They are not even close to being helpful and they are not even licensed. I am wondering how they are still in operation. I simply asked them to return my money to me and close my account but they refused. I already verified my identity to them but they claim my documents were not acceptable. They are criminals and they need to be shut down. I strongly advised consumers to go elsewhere.

  • Lonesa J Grant

    I still have money from payza from unique rewards cash out and i cant get it and can’t even sign in to the account.Its so frustration i worked hard for it then the money will be there.No good Payza i am regretting why did i cash out using payza.

  • Esther

    I agree Payza is a SCAM as far as I am concerned. This is the worst payment processor I have ever encountered.
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Payza customer services is terrible as far as I am concerned they send me lying emails and do nothing. It does not take four months to get my account verified so I can transact payments on my website. Just think I am advertising my website to make money and for four months Payza has not Verfied my account so I can receive my money.
    Nor does it take a month to place 2 micro-funds in my bank account for verification. I wrote several emails, they have not verified me to accept payments, and have not refunded my money sitting in my account.
    Do Not Get Involved With Payza.. You Have Been Warned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • santa

    This web site is thief of from numbered sites !
    if you dont want to lost money stay away ! they are legal scammer and U can not do nothing for your money..I lost too much money because of this thiefs..

  • Callum Roxburgh

    I have had the misfortune of having an account with Payza. They are the biggest collection of incompetents and clowns on the planet. 6 months I have been trying to get them to fix my account so it can receive money and for six months they have been telling me my account is fine while it rejects every transaction.

    Go deal with Paypal, SolidTrustPay, OKpay.. in fact anyone. There is not a single payment processor on the planet not matter how much they charge who are worse than these guys

  • Rebecca

    Just decided not to do business with Payza anymore. I started the account because some people I do business with use Payza, even though I read some bad reviews. I need whatever extra work I can find, so I gave Payza a chance. I sent them the verification selfie with ID that they wanted, and they let me make my first transfer to my bank account. Great. About an hour ago, I tried to make my second transfer to the same bank account, and Payza said that I had to resend them verification. I didn’t like the sound of that, since they should have everything they need already, and I remembered the bad reviews. Since I deleted the first selfie I sent them, I tried to send them another one, the exact same way, using the exact same camera and file, file size, whatever. They said they don’t accept photos with that file size, and they had a long list of specific information about file size, pixel intensity, etc. Maybe they just made some changes or something, because businesses do that, but they should really already have everything they need from me, and no business has ever treated me like this before. No other processor or major bank has ever asked for so much. It just feels like a runaround and I don’t want to put up with that when I can go somewhere else and be treated much better. I don’t want to send Payza any more of my personal information, which means they keep my money for themselves until a judge makes them send us all what they owe. I heard that Payza is under investigation, and if that’s the case, I’d rather wait for a judge to work things out than contact Payza and get the same runaround that everyone else has gotten from them.

  • Peggy

    Wish I could give these f**kers zero star. I created an account hoping to send money to a friend Payza account using my bank account. I fully verified my account using the require documents (DL + Selfie) After 10 days I received an email stating my account has been funded but I should sent document for verification. I resubmitted the same documents that got approved by their so-called verification team. Three days later they limited my account and said I should send Utility bill along with my passport or I won’t have access to the funds in my account. I submitted my passport and utility bill and got approved again the next day. I login and decided to buy bitcoin using the available funds because I had already use another means to send my friend the money. I was told the bitcoin withdraw will take 10 business days. After a week I was requested to send selfie with my passport. That was when I realized payza is a scam. Keeping my money hostage and keeping me in endless verification loop. I wrote them insisting to refund the money to my bank account and I wasn’t interested in using the service anymore. After 3 days they replied saying they couldn’t refund the money because my account is limited and nothing they could do unless I send the requested document. So I decided to send my passport with selfie. After another 5 days I was told selfie is not clear enough and they couldn’t read the information on the passport. If you don’t want to be scam please avoid Payza. They’re a total scam! Anyone giving positive feedback could be one of their worker. Please stay away!!!

  • tREVOR

    Having a problem with Credit Card set up.
    PAYZA “Customer Services” ABSOLUTELY HOPELESS!!

    I have had the exact same reply 3 TIMES allegedly from different people!!

    They haven’t even read my e mail.
    Waste of time!!

    • Anne Flint

      I started an account and deposited money with my credit card. They have never verified my bank account, even though I’ve repeatedly sent copies of it. All the info required is there if someone was looking at it. I’m stuck. Unable to get my money out.

  • Sahand

    Their support is really terrible and just one email per day as this is your dose of email. I know you have technical issues and just want to kill my time. I will review your website and try to find better alternative fast and responsive.
    I will invest my time and money to implament and develop Payza market. What a big deal!

  • humph

    Do not add funds to Payza with either you’re credit card or debit card. I did with my debit card backed by a bank checking account, and Payza considers that a credit card transaction. Notice there is no debit card option to add funds.None of the withdrawal options will allow you to withdraw your balance added with your credit card or debit card. I tried to withdraw with the Bitcoin withdrawal option, the bank transfer option, the prepaid card option, .and finally purchases online that were declined because the prepaid card could not be funded with the added credit or debit card funds. This technically makes your added funds by credit or debit card are permanently unavailable in Payza. You have no access to these specific funds with any Payza withdrawal methods. Payza support will not answer you directly, and have been avoiding the issues, and can not give a practical solution. The bottom line is Payza has your funds permanently and their claim in their policy is that a credit card constitutes a cash advance by any of the withdrawal options. Which translates into your funds being unavailable permanently. My argument is than why have the credit card option to add funds? I’m still in the process of resolving this issue with Paya support, but it does not look promising as they are unqualified!

  • Geoff

    Recently, I deposited funds using my credit card into my Payza wallet, only to discover additional hidden fees from an un-announced merchant processor they are now using, which they failed to disclose prior to the transaction. Payza is now using a merchant processing outfit out of China called XTDSafeservice, and what they fail to disclose is that if you are NOT based on out of China, expect your credit card company to convert to their currency, and then convert back to your country’s currency, and YOU absorb the extra fees.

    Not only are you paying Payza’s standard fees, but you will end up with a very shocking surprise when you find out that your credit card used in the loading(of your wallet) transaction just skyrocketed.

    So I contacted Payza about this and they told me that it was my credit card company’s doing, not theirs. Well, that is WRONG! It is their doing because they chose this merchant processor, who happens to be out of China, instead of choosing a local merchant processor in the country where I live. I am not given any choice in this matter, and why would I pay Payza an already $25 fee, and then another $48 fee due to currency conversions, which all could have been avoided.

    Besides, the transaction receipt from Payza showed one amount, but my credit card statement showed a much higher one.

    WATCH OUT FOR PAYZA! They do not respect your or your money. They’re only in it to make money, NO MATTER what it costs you. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!

  • Jeff

    It took 2.5 months to receive a withdrawal from my account. Customer service is horrible. My error? I made this a business account and they wanted to see a social security card with my business name… Could not get across to them that does not exist. When I finally got that past them, they denied my withdrawal 3 times because my ss# was not verified. When my withdrawal was finally approved, the 3-5 business days for the money to hit my account was 9 business days. The worst experience I have ever had with a payment processor.

  • Mambo

    Payza is a terrible payment processing company, they never respond on time and they never keep a promise. They are only interested in black mailing you to get them more subscribers.

    Don’t use them for your business, my account has been put on hold for a few months now. I was told it would be released on a particular date, and they never did. I’ve been hearing many stories like this on the internet, and I am shocked they are still operating.

    I wonder what happens to all the money they freeze, there actions feel borderline criminal.

    Stay away, there are better companies, who will treat you way better.

  • ahmed bakair

    payza scammed me !
    3 months ago i have sole some social services to 2 of my customers which pay with payza ,
    when i tried to use the funds in my payza account they put my account on hold , i have sent them several emails without any replays from them !

  • Moniq

    Good morning

    To withdraw money from PAYZA to btc is 3 to 9 days
    It never happens in 3 days. Always 9 days. It is really frustrating dealing with their support
    I would not recommend them at all adn would advise everyone to check the withdrawel times before you join any other online bankers
    Not happy

    • Em Brown

      Hi Everyone
      Why have these people not be shut down? They are scam artists who give you the runaround to hold onto your money. I used them only because they were the payment system of a company I trusted and so far they have held my money up for a month.

      This is a brand new world for people looking to separate you from your hard earned money. Do your homework and stick to the Coinbases, Gemini’s, Paypals of the world, especially if you are in the crypto space. There are no shortage of knaves, pirates and thieves in that space.

  • Iryna

    Hello everyone,

    thanks for such an usefull article, too bad I did not read it before I created and started to use my Payza account. I’m a freelancer and decided to get paid thru Payza, as I liked the ide of using their Prepaid card. My client sent me money, I withdrawed them to my local bank account. Payza emiled me saying max 12 bussiness days , but it has been 13 business days and they declined my transcation and the money are on hold now…I sent them 3 tickets , but got no reply. There is no telephone and I’m very desperate and dont know if I ever get my money back.
    Just want to warn everyone think 100 times before you use Payza!

    • Kulvinder Singh

      Payza is the worst..! Just keep on writing them until you receive a satisfactory reply…!
      as they don’t reply easily.! Only 1 out of 1000 people using payza is satisfied, I’ve stopped using payza after I want through the same harassment.

  • speakingup

    Payza is outrageously lousy! Lots of hidden fee charges. And why is payza not doing anything to allow direct money transfer to local bank – Malaysia? why the ‘selective’ countries instead of being open to all? ridiculous!!!!!!!

  • Tsvetomir Iliev

    Keeps declining the verification documents that I upload for validating my debit card!
    I send card transactions, they decline because the there is no logo of the bank, guess what ASK THE BANK WHY THEY DONT PUT LOGO
    Second time, I print the whole page with a plugin that displays the page as a picture so nothing is messed up.
    I print normally, where it messes the fields
    wtf, is the guy checking too stupid to connected the dots? The debit card’s transactions are all the same on all three documents that were declined, the first showed my name, the banks name, detailed info, second shows the logo and how it looks when i am inside website checking my transactions and third showing the url and still they persist.
    With PAYPAL it was so easy, withdraw 1 euro and after 3 days just input the code form the transaction and you are DONE.

  • Sunny

    Payza is a big thief and stealers, they stole my money of $189 dollars that was in the account balance. My money was only 189 but there are people complaining that they steal more than $3000 They are stealers stay away from them.


    This is absolutely the worst service scam company on the earth.
    They do not care about their customers and they lie and steal.
    They hold your money for 6 months.
    They charge huge fees.
    They have so many complaints that now there is no customer service phone to call!!
    When you want to withdrawal your money they forbid you to do so for no reason.
    When you transfer money it takes 6 months to be released.
    They DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU and your money or your business.

  • Kulvinder Singh

    payza is the worst ewallet I’ve ever used. They accept Indian currency but there’s no option to convert rupees to dollars. I added 710 ( almost 11 dolars) to payza to transfer the payment in my another account that accepts payments in US dollars. The money was added very easily to payza but when I tried to transfer it to my another account, payza shows zero balance & there is no Indian rupee option in currency list. Then why do they add Indian rupee to user account. And even more I’m not even able to transfer the money back to my bank account. Payza is the WORST WORST WORST…….. e wallet I’ve ever used..! Although paypal automatically converts the converts to your desired currency…!

  • Liam Reyes

    I’m using the payment gateway of Payza from over last 3 years now. And I’m really impressed with their excellent services. Due to my job, often I have to travel to various different countries. In places when all other online payment services failed, Payza turned out to be my rescuer for sending the money home. Even when I’m in my own city, I can easily transfer my money overseas with the help of Payza’s brilliant international money transfer services.

    Before becoming an active Payza member, I have only heard about Payza allowing transferring money in more than 100 countries. But, to be honest, I never really believed it. But now, after doing overseas money transfer in the most hassle-free way over the last few years, there’s no doubt that Payza is the best. And of course, the security measures that it provides during the online transactions are undoubtedly perfect. Thanks a ton and keep up with the good work.

  • IWM

    Absolutely crap company. Adding a new website for approval, after almost 2 months still no approval and support always replies with the same standard copy paste message

    “Your website is in queue … blablabla”

    Stay far far away from them , trust me !

  • Sally Thompson

    Very poor! I have now been trying to get my money out of payza since March this year! The problem is IBAN number is incorrect! Yet with same IBAN number I have received funds from another company into my bank account! Yet they could get money out of my account! I am truly pissed off

  • Markus Feldhofer

    This website is a scam. They will take you money and add crazy fees to transfer and withdraw and it takes days before you see the balance on the website. Then when you request a refund they require you to deposit a $500USD in order to refund the amount you originally requested for.

  • ibraheem

    I made a deposit on a Saturday, on my side the bank transfer went through instantly. I even confirmed it with my bank.
    After waiting the usual 3-5 working days, I contacted Payza and they sent me a copy-paste reply saying deposits can take up to 7 days!

    So I waited for the 7 days, contacted Payza again and this time they replied with, “please provide proof of deposit and upload it to so and so place”. I couldn’t upload it to so and so place, so I contacted them again!
    This time they did it right, so that I could upload my proof of deposit.. but guess what? it takes up to 7 business days for them to check my documentation!

    So here I am, it’s been over three weeks and still have not recieved my funds. Wanted to use my funds on Black Friday and cyber monday, NOPE SAID PAYZA.

    Tomorrow is the final day for the proof of documentation check… Let’s see what they do.

    note: i have confirmed with my bank, in person, that I did deposit the money into the correct bank account, and also double checked the reference.


    • Hussam Abusamra

      Same thing here . I transfered money from my bank account the money went out and it never showed in my Payza account .finally after lots of LIVE CHAT and uploading all the documents they requested , they sent me an email asking me to contact my bank and ask for the money to be recalled. My bank told me it can’t be done, i don’t know what on earth i can do!!!

  • Antonevich's LLC

    For a long time now my company has been trying to get a business account with Payza. Everytime that we supply them with all of the documentation that they’ve asked of us they kept asking for more or claim that they never received it. Recently we have removed all of our banking information from their site & have requested them to close our account. Our requests remain unanswered. We did a little probing.

    1.Their registrar of record for their website is GoDaddy who has been under investigation for several years now because of their business practices. Several states have banned them from operating or offering their services within their borders.

    2. GoDaddy is also responsible for any of your missing money for knowingly supplying web hosting service to a company who operates illegally or criminally. This is a rule set up by ICANN.

    3. Payza in the US is located at:
    1221 Avenue Of The Americas Fl 42, New York, NY 10020
    1 Maiden Lane, 5th Floor
    New York, NY 10038

    Their phone & Fax #’s are as follows:

    Phone: (917) 720-1220
    Fax: (514) 744-4420

    For the Ladys & Chaps in UK the company that you want to go after is:

    MH Pillar LTD
    2 London Wall Buildings
    London, EC2M 5UU
    United Kingdom

    or you can visit their fabulously fraudulent website at:

    The web address is real, the site is phony. The domain name is up for sale.

    So, just FYI, Payza & it’s mother company are both phonies. They are a very large scamming operation designed to steal your money. Beware of them at all costs. Oh, by the way, Payza is NOT a legally formed company anywhere in the U.S.

    We hope this information helps many of you out there. This information was obtained by ICAAN,, the BBB, and other documents from several states.

  • jan

    i have added funds to payza via my banking account as i did several times,after 10 days it was still not deposited to my payza account so i send them a few emails and the answer was always the same:our banking partners have not received the funds please contact your bank.
    wel i did contact my bank and my bank had contact with their bank(pacnet their bank confirmed via phone and via pega file that they did receive the money on the same day i had made the transfer!!
    so payza was lying!
    i send payza another email and they said i had to upload an document for proof,makes no sense because their bank already confirmed they had received it.
    wel i did upload the file and after a week of waiting for the document to be processed by them they said the same thing:
    our banking partners did not receive the funds please contact your bank and recall the money,well my bank cant recall the money because it was an online transfer so why doesnt their bank just send me the money back?
    it has been 2 months now and they wont respond anymore so i just lost 215 euro.
    i will never use payza again they are lying thieves!!
    really sad that these online money tranfers can do what they want.
    no wonder why they say on their payza site that if you contact their banking partners that you will be fined 25 euro.
    they dont want you to get your money back.
    anyone know how you contact their bank maybe?
    best regards,

  • J.H

    Worst experience ever with this company! They always return my withdrawal! I have already tried a few times. I’m withdrawing £1000 and they keep saying that my bank details is incorrect even if I don’t have any problem at all with other transactions, only with them!! The last attempt status shows that my withdrawal has been approved but only to find out that it’s back in my account!! I will find out how to escalate this problem.

  • payza client

    Payza is totally scam!!!
    I withdraw funds to my payza prepaid card.($450)
    Process is 2-4 business day. I waited 10 business days.
    I asked them when will credited the money on my card?
    Payza answered:”Although we are working resolve this issue, your funds will be credited at an undisclosed time.”
    They are thieves!!
    Don’t trust this company.
    Really SCAM!

    • Katie

      I have spoke with customer support of payza today and all i wanted is to know the is the company their bank is located so i can transfer money to my account and they kept answering we cant give much details all u want to know is written in the email we sent u

      If you go to their page and search for their address u find 3 to 4 adresses between uk and bagladesh ,india Oh god im.lost.

      They seem to not be honest at all they are loosing customers this way i probably just cancel my account.
      Im a bit skeptical abt their company to throw my money like that.

  • zulfiqar ali channa

    Payza holding my £1600. Payza keep on saying that they transferred the money. But I haven’t single penny.
    Payza customer service is the worst customer service I have ever seen.
    It has been 6 weeks now. Every time I email them they come with a different story, I have send them my recent bank statement and other documents but still no reply.
    Please advice me what should I do.
    Z A Channa

  • Sheraz Ali

    payza is totally fraud company, last days i bought funds from an old exchanger, after few days payza blocked seller’s account and stick my funds, i told them that i just bought from another person as usual, but they didnt heard me, now i dont know what was my mistake, they are bloody scammers only, don’t use payza ever, paypal is still fine, atleast u can withdraw after 180 days,

  • Fedup

    Waste of time. Was never able to load the wallet. They say you don’t need to verify your Credit Card to add funds to your wallet, yet when you try to do so, they will give you an error saying you must first verify your card: “Please complete the credit card validation process in order to use your card.” Another waste of time online wanna be business. When I want my identity stolen I’ll happily send my credit card statements via email to any wanna-be online business that says one thing and does another. Until that time, I’ll pass.

    Their FAQ:
    Q: If I don’t validate my credit card, can I still use it to deposit funds to my E-Wallet?
    You can still deposit funds to your E-Wallet if your credit card has not been validated.

  • Pat

    Payza seems to me like a company to be careful with as it doesn’t look like an ethical one. They held my funds after charging my credit card, asking me a bunch of questions and documents in the name of verifying my identity. That is something they could just easily have done prior to charging my card. Even so once I sent that info to them, they came back with more document requests and more questions. At which point when I asked them to cancel the transaction, they sidestep the request and parrot the same lines and ask new questions, more confidential info, and more documents. All the while you don’t have access to your funds, or provision to cancel the transaction, and their parroted emails won’t address the request. Later my credit card company showed it as a Chinese company registered as Women’s Accessory and Specialty Shop. Definitely something fishy and I’d not do business with again, or even hesitate to recommend it to someone.

  • Harry Lee

    PAYZA is a SCAM. Now the more I think about it, they might even be a terrorist organisation, terrorising their users by refusing to pay them what is rightfully theirs. I requested for my money four months ago, but each time they will find fault with my transaction. First it was incorrect IBAN, then followed my bank account number, then claiming the fund was transferred successfully but I need to check with my bank why the fund was not credited into my bank account. The onus is always on the user to prove we are not at fault.

    Just have to accept the fact that I’ll never see money. Good luck to whoever are still keen to be cheated by them.

  • Pawan Nagdev

    This company is a fraud.
    We worked with their payment wallet and they have blocked my payment despite customer satisfaction.
    I am not talking about $10-$100 i am talking about more than $1000. They charge double fees one to your account and one to your customers cards.
    They have no phone support
    They have no office location
    They don’t give you any reply on chat
    Even if you ask a question they give you stupid preset answers without understanding your question.
    If you raise a ticket they may or may not answer.
    If they do reply on a ticket they ask for your account security questions over email.
    My initial payment was on hold for some days but now its on hold for complete one year.
    I just got screwed for one grand.. please don’t trust these people.

  • Daniel Tanase

    Worst experience had in my life they holding 1700 pound for to months I contact every 2 days and replying with sili questions I canot withraw my money this company they should report to government to shut down

  • Renny

    I was stupid enough to sign up with a buisiness account with Payza but I tried it personal before I let them work with my company money. I made a transfer to Payza and my money is still on pending it did not show up in my wallet and the customer service aka live chat is a shame. They tell you every day something new and I assume my money is gone forever. Be aware to give them any kind of money it is a scam and they get nasty at their “Customer Live Chat” too. Never ever put your company money into their hands you will loose everything.

    • HM

      Payza has done it again!
      Payza is NOT transferring any of our monies to us. No credit card transfer, no debit card transfer. WORSE YET NONE of their suggestions have been working: No bank transfer, no bank wire, no bitcoin transfer, no payza card transfer.
      This has been going on for over a month now. They are just adding these suggestions to stall their inevitable closing and get as much money from its customers as possible!
      Many companies have many thousands of dollars in there. (as you might know they take an average of 21-25 days to put your money in the bank, first over 7 days to unfreeze (yes they freeze your earnings first) over 7 to confirm your withdrawal request and 7-10 days to put the money in your bank or credit card. So, this is how they are able to get a hold of so much of their customers’ money (which now they are holding for over a month)

  • Abdo

    Payza, is the worst payment processor that ever exist.reason below:
    1- Customer service is very poor.
    2- Count verification taking up to 4 weeks or more.
    3- Sending Funds & withdrawal taking up to 2 weeks or more.
    4- The most idiot thing is that your money is NOT SECURE while laying in your Payza account, since they can reverse your cash balance without a single notification and at any given time, and they can do this even after submitting your withdrawal request and getting Payza confirmation that transaction is under process, Then BOOM, you Money gone with a click” Stay away from Payza is a big SCAM

    • robin W arnold

      Payza is a scam….before using the site fully I transferred monies in from TRAFFIC MONSOON who recommend PAYZA (Maybe they are working together to de fraud) 3 sums of $190 . Three separate transactions. I have had the same result as mentioned in the review. Although showing as authorised,then pending for no reason No receipt of this small amount.
      They respond by apologising but do nothing about it……One should be very wary of using this none transparent company..You will lose your money……If ever I receive my money I will retract some of this review…but don’t hold your breath… As for lodging over $1 million with the company I would only say .you must be very naïve ,stupid or corrupt.

  • Dane

    Hi guys i have the same problem with payza i did a bank transfer for £189 pounds and its been 3 weeks its still prnding i tried live chat emails i get the same answer i send the translation prove my bank statement now they said they investigateing and they well get back to me they full of lies and scam ones they have your money you never see it again watch out dont use payza

    • Habzy

      Mate their office is in 26 red lion square london wc1r. Everyone in the uk should take it to FCA or financial ob dums so that these patel brothers can be stopped from scamming innocent people. I am their victim as well and i will write a final e mail to them. If not sorted then i will contact fca

      • Ellie

        Had my sister in the UK google that address in the UK address book and it literally says : did you know that there is 1 company registered at Finchley House, 707 High Road, London, N12OBT? This company is dissolved!

  • Mihai Ghiata

    Payza stolen my money and blocked my account, then ignored me on their LIVE CHAT like forever until I didn’t contacted them anymore. So they have my 1400 USD on my blocked account with no reason!

  • Leland B Scott

    Payza gets a big fat triple F from me. I tried to send money to a friend in the UK from the US. I started the transaction on Wednesday May 4, 2016 after waiting for over a week for them to “verify” my bank account. Then they finally released the money today, May 20th, 2016, 16 days later. That’s totally unacceptable and undefensible. Contacts to their support simply provided canned responses and refusal to explain themselves. There is NO reason in the world it should take 16 days of holding my money to release it to the payee other than collecting interest for the 16 days. Paypal can do this in a few minutes. There is absolutely NO reason in the world for anyone to trust this either criminal or incompetent outfit with their money.

  • Richard

    Payza have given me the runaround for 2 x weeks now. I did a bank transfer of £150.00. They have told me my funds would be subject to a clearance period of 2 t 4 working days. This was changed to 4 to 6 working days (via email), their website then changed to 3 to 5 working days. ( I Cancelled after 7 days )They have told me now to show proof of deposit, which I did, this was rejected by them as it was not stamped by the bank. I then gave them proof of the deposit to Payza stamped. They have asked for proof of bank statements, photo of front & back of card. They have also given me menu paths that do not work. My Iban number according to them is invalid, ( I’ve used this number for years with no issues ) , Also ( according to them ) my birthdate does not match my Payza profile.The onus is always on you to prove , I’ve had it, and I’m now going to take legal action via Gov.UK.

    • Daniel Tanase

      Hi didi you find a solution to ghet you money back i have the seame problem i have 1700 pound and they keep put me sili quection just to delay my witdraw allrady they keep my fund for 2 month

  • Lucia

    hey guys just to let you know,i have sent money to payza over 3 months ago and it is still in my account.payza claims that i have never initiated a fund transfer since it has been cancelled.but it was cancelled by them i did sent the money which i even have a proof of.i have been speaking with them ever since but no luck.last person called naveen told me she is gonna send me an email asking for more info and still nothing.another friend of mine has a problems getting his money out.its a big scam and i don’t know what to do sum wasn’t as big but its my money and nobody should be stealing it from me.

    • Richard

      Hi Lucia, I have the same problem, they will not release my funds. I showed proof of deposit, bank statements, photo’s of front and back of debit card. Instead they say things like, my birthdate does not match my payza profile, clearance date is changed for bank transfers from 2 to 4, 4 to 6 then 3 to 5 working days.So I went to and I’m busy with a claim against them. If I don’t come right, I’ll contact companies house, local mp then newspapers.
      Good luck.

  • John

    Its been 2 months since payza blocked my account. They said that i need to submit 2 proofs to verify my account. After 9 days, they responded with another email that images are not in high quality (even the pictures were in high quality). I resent them proofs again and they again responded after 10 days and said that you’ll need to submit one more proof apart from 2 proofs that i already submitted. I have sent them 3rd proof again. after 13 days, they said that now you’ll need to send your selfie with holding proof in your hand. f***???? Can’t they simply request all these in their first email which could save more than one month.

    But this is not the end. I have submitted my selfie with holding proof in my hand. Its been 14 days and i haven’t heard back from them. I still cannot access my account. I’m loosing my business just because of them. I do NOT recommend payza to anyone.

  • Paul Smith

    It’s almost like a legitimate scam! A lot of people are losing their money so why are they allowed to operate like this. The UK Financial Conduct Authority should ban these people and I believe they are a Canadian company – the Canadian government should not allow these guys to trade at all and maybe prosecute them as they are not providing a service which the organization says it will and stealing peoples money!

  • Essie

    Payza, you are losing customers by the day. Your customer service is so poor – 0%. I do not know why you operate like you don’t have competitors out there like STP, which it seems like i will be moving to at this rate. My money has not been transferred into my bank account since sat 13th feb and today is the 23rd of feb. Your live chat never seems to work, you reply a support ticket after two weeks and with the wrong answer. Please i NEED MY MONEY……

    Are you with Payza? Learn how to resolve this complaint.


    Dear Friends

    please note iam one of you and facing same issues for adding Funds, its been over 3 weeks when i put my request for adding funds and they said we cant locate every time they give me time frame 3-4 Business Days. which never ending.

    I would like to ask anyone who thinking to launch complain against them to FCA and Financial Ombudsman and Oxfam, please contact me.

    they are Cheaters and taking people money….

    Are you with Payza? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • jula

    its all most all 10 days gone after i withdraw money( amount $465) from payza through debit card. Their system says money will arrive within 2 business days or maximum 4 business days. But 10 days gone. Therefore I tried to contact them through chat and phone. But both are not working in India. Then I Submitted a support ticket 4 days before but no one from their side is replying. Their support system is too bad. Again I contacted them in their official facebook page. One guy from their official page said me to submit the bank proof . Then I gave them the proof what they were asking but no reply from their side last 2 days. This is my first experience with Payza.

    Are you with Payza? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • safeer raja

    i was using Paypal my friend referred Payza. this totally useless i have requested withdrawal 3-weeks ago. send them several reminders, emails and open tickets but still money not received into my account. i am receiving e.mails from customer services every week” your transaction processed and it takes 5days to reach to your account” but never transferred money to my account since i requested three weeks ago… totally useless service never recommend to anyone.

    Are you with PayPal? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • afzal aslam

    I tried to buy traffic monsoon ad pack through payza, but got message the as i am not verified so cannot buy at the moment.
    next day when check my account then they took $105 from pay account and put this money in their E wallet,
    no it is nearly three weeks they are holding my funds. they did not reply my email but i get succeed to speak one of their online Representative after waiting hour time. i asked them why they took money with out my consent. if i tried to buy some thing through and cannot get succeed due to their verification process, then what is the point to take it for their own use, i will wait one week more and if they not reply i will involve financial ombudsman
    as they have office in London as well. please stay away the are cheater.

    Are you with Payza? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Kamran Mahmood

    The worst experience I have ever come across. It has been over 2 weeks and I still haven’t received my withdrawal money. I have even tried to add funds and that is one week overdue.

    I used Payza as the website I was using no longer used PayPal…but never will I ever use Payza again.

    The customer service is non-existent. The have a FB page to which they don’t reply much to except ‘we are currently updating our systems we thank you for your patience’ and then when you challenge them asking how long it will be (roughly) they delete their comments.

    I have tried in boxing them on FB..they ‘see’ the message and don’t bother replying.
    I have sent many support tickets – Only received a reply from one…which was over 1.5 weeks after I sent the ticket.

    And I am not the only one 100’s of others at this website are having the same issues.

    Terrible is not the right word – I am utterly disgusted at this level of un-professionalism.
    Don’t even know if I will ever see my money…I needed that for rent.

    I can’t believe companies can be so bad at what they do.

    If you haven’t used Payza yet – DON’T BOTHER.
    You are better off posting cash in an envelope even considering all the risks with theft etc.

    Are you with Payza? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Ellie

      They took almost $5,000 from us back when they used to be AlertPay. They insisted that they were new owners under Payza and recruited us back (we believed them) now we have been waiting a month for $2,261 and nothing… a bunch of lies, like the money was deposited into our debit card already, yet when we didn’t see it there, they told us to contact our bank. Our bank said there was no transfer of money from them. When we tolf them that they said that they will investigate and make it a high priority. That was three days ago and now they do not even answer our tickets. Orther than sending the same canned message that they will investigate.

  • courtenay oconnell

    Why is PAYZA “reviewing” my $750 for – now alkmost 4 weeks? They keep saying they need more time: delay delay delay! When will I eer see my money released from the pending – review BS? I am disgusted with them. Their customer support is a big bust with me! How do I proceed to get my money out of the so called review process? Why would anyone use such a scam?

    Are you with Payza? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Amanda

    I recently signed up. Everything was going good but I was having an issue and went to talk to their online support and I got no response the 3 times I did it. It sent in emails to them and still haven’t received any emails back from them and that was 6-9 hrs ago. Than that all worked itself out I figured it out so I did a test amount to put on the account and that went thru perfect. Than I did a higher amount, it was taken out of my account but it’s not in the payza account. Tried to contact an online rep to help and nothing again. So sent in a email, 2 hours ago and I still haven’t heard anything at all. The email I sent in was of high priority. Very horrible customer service. And if you are going to offer online help they should have people there to answer your questions

    Are you with Payza? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Ibrahim

    For me payza has been one of the best payment processor of all times since day one, i have never had issues with payza, having over $50,000 in my account trading cashouts, btc cashouts, bank money cashouts always on time, i never had any delay receiving my funds into UK bank, Those who try to cheat the system will get effected, always use your real details, Paypal is the far worst payment processor ever, they have froze over 20k in GBP and then terminated my account without any warning,. For me payza is regarded one of the best payment processors. Many that complain are those who break payza rules and pay the price.

    • Renny

      Sorry but if that is a good payment processor you do not know what you are talking about. I am a buisiness owner since many years and working with real payment processors and payza is a scam – and it is not if you don’t follow their rules – I transfer money as an verified buisiness account member from a normal buisiness bank account and they don’t put the money in my account telling me they can not find the transaction and after I showed my bank statement they did not even answer anymore – they steal your money on purpose that is Payza ab big scam and nothing else

  • William

    Just another USA resident checking the internet for any updates on the Payza situation. I had $600 in my Alertpay account when the sent out the notice in 2013 that they were “temporarily” unable to process pay outs to residents of the USA. For a time, my $600 balance continued to show in my Alertpay/Payza account and one day when I logged into to check on the status of the the “temporary” situation, I noticed that my balance was $0.00. When I wrote to Payza to ask about this, they replied that the balances for USA residents were set to zero because Obopay and not Payza held all balances of USA residents. the Department of Justice is supposedly “doing something” but it has now been three years and Payza has apparently decided that they have no liability for God knows how many millions of dollars of USA residents have been misplaced. It is completely unbelievable to me that Payza has been able to get away with this. Not only get away with this, but to still be in business and having reviews done as possible payment processors for businesses. Are you kidding? Payza stole untold millions of dollars from people for God’s sake!

    Are you with Payza? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • William

      Right there with you! Same time frame, same issue, still the same questions with no answers! They got $3k of my money frozen up in never never land! I can not believe they are still in business how we all got screwed over!

  • lia

    PAYZA is horrible… kept declining my card and stating to contact customer service, only have e-mail service, sent in 2 tickets for help – DAY 4 absolutely no response from them…FYI used same card to get similar product and guess what transaction went through!!! MERCHANTS DO NOT USE PAYZA you will LOOSE customers.. The business I was patron and who used Payza lost me as a customer…

  • Terry

    U.S. Attorneys » District of Columbia »

    “The United States government, including Homeland Security Investigations and the Washington, D.C. FInancial Crimes Task Force, is currently conducting a criminal investigation. As part of that investigation, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia has requested a United States District Judge to pause current civil litigation relating to Payza and Obopay. The Judge has paused the litigation until January 22, 2016. Shortly after that date, additional information will be made available on this website about the status of this investigation.

    If you have questions or concerns about your Obopay or Payza account, please email [email protected] links icon or call 202-252-1903. Please include your name, email address, and contact information in your message. Someone will respond to your email or call within 3 business days.

    • Abba

      If you do not want to lose your money and drop to a complete helpless situation, you should not consider these guys as your money manager!
      Once your money is in account, you have lost it! Read more….
      These guys are a group of systematic fraud activities. I was pissed of when it was and now I gave a try with this They allowed depositing to account by bank transfer without any problem and Payza system worked like a charm. I received payments from our customers to Payza account.
      The problem started and Payza got disappointed when I tried to take my money, they declined :)
      I tried contacting online chat which was not answering to my questions but kept asking, “is there anything else I can help you?”. I kept asking question about the same issue without any result. Then the support person closed the chat window on my face :)
      I opened a support ticket. It really did take 5 days to contact me back as payza promises :).
      As I have mentioned before, that I do not upload funds to my Payza account but my customers pays to my payza account by bank transfer. Payza was asking me “Why do I upload money to payza account and withdraw back to the same bank account quickly”? It took a month I collected payments from customers to payza account before I did request for an withdraw from payza account, but Payza got disappointed. The emails sent to me were from “Payza fraud prevention analyst” :), who was lying that they have checked that I am uploading money to/from the same bank account, even I explained to them the uploads are from my customers and each of them are from different account.
      After above arguments, this “Payza fraud prevention analyst” kept me asking to send all the Bank account statements of my customers to them, even I tried to tell them that you cannot ask so and I cannot send my customer’s Bank Account statements!!
      I collect image copies of bank transfer payments from my customers and we hold right to use those copies with our payment processing partners. I offered the copies to “Payza fraud prevention analyst”, but he did not want them :), instead he wanted bank statement of my account. Once I sent it to him he just hide away and stopped answering to support emails.
      After several support request this guy answered to me that he does not accept this bank statement, needs more recent one. When he said more recent one, it meant I need to send a statement of current month. The problem was, banks here creates a bank statement after the month end, but Payza guy wants it in the middle of the current month.
      In above situation I just took a screen print of my bank statement of most recent transactions’ first page. After I did send this, this “fraud prevention guy” completely disappeared. I have sent many requests for an update but COMPLETELY NO RESPONSE!!

    • Lea

      Well. I have had $5000 (was about to buy bit coin atm) and I actually heard back from DOJ. They told me they were going to send me a claim form about 9 months ago, but they never sent it. Last call I made was March 2015 and still yet no reply.

      • Tony

        Payza is a scam they seem to collect money and steal it. It is impossible to get response from them. Every thing on their site is difficult to use. They also seem to be running a company call Dropshipecash That lores you to invest. You then cannot get your money back from them. It is all a scam

  • Doug

    I am a US account holder with Payza. My funds were frozen last November. $1870.00 was frozen by the US Attorney office. I am STILL waiting on my money. The US Attorney office has a number for you to call, but big deal, they never answer and they make you leave a message. But they NEVER return your calls. I have NO IDEA what is going on. Talk about a government scam here. Does anyone here know what the status of our funds is??????


  • Mike Smith

    Payza is now trying to do damage control. Here is my story and what I am doing about it: This is going out to about 200k people later today.

    Payza is going to be sued! Please read!
    I intend to start a class action lawsuit against Payza. They are now, once again, holding all USA funds because the same thing is happening again i.e. they claim someone else has the money. The did the same thing last year and I lost $600. Now I stand to lose another $1000. I have tried for OVER 2 MONTHS to get a few bank transfers done (Paypal always does these in 24-48 hours). In 2 months, here are the excuses and I have ALL of the copies of their emails, chats, and phone records:
    1.) Backlog
    2.) ACH technical problems
    3.) ACH backlog
    4.) ACH technical problems again
    5.) You should have it in 1-3 business days (7 weeks ago)
    6.) ACH backlog
    7.) (Today 2 Sept 2014) Their agent is holding the funds and they do not seem to know why – which is basically the same as last year. And they have no idea when, if ever, I will get my money.
    I have done some preliminary checking and they just do not have the funds. It appears that they have spent OUR money and that is why you can not get a bank withdrawal.
    Payza will tell you that they are okay and I am lying to you. Go ahead and request a bank transfer especially if you are in the USA. Can’t be done…screwed again…like last year. They obviously do not have the money and lie continuously to stall you until they do. It is Peter paying Paul – almost a Ponzi scheme.
    I have had enough of their scam and lies. If you have been cheated by Payza and want to join in a class action lawsuit then please email me at [REDACTED – contact information] with the details. Pass this on to anyone who uses Payza. If you are an attorney, or know of a good one, then please email me as well. If we do not sue them then we will NEVER get our money. You have been warned people. This is for real and not just someone mad at Payza for a little thing. I am out over $1600 myself now. Who else is being cheated?

    • Terry

      Join the club taking legal action as Payza is stealing money form people.

      Approximately three years ago in 2010, our shareholders started transferring small sums of money to the co-operative to fund its projects. These transfers were made via a payment processor based in Quebec, Canada – AlertPay Inc (AP) into an existing account with AP, upgraded and renamed Themco EKF.

      Themco EKF comprises 13,362 shareholders who subscribed funds to the projects and a similar number waiting to participate in the follow up projects.

      When the Co-Operative reached the stage that the account was approved and had met all compliance requirements of AP, including testing the Lawyer’ Escrow Account that would receive the funds collected in the ThemcoEKF account at AP, the funds flowed in very quickly until $1.5 million had accumulated in the account at AP.

      Google DOJ and Payza and you will find victims support number to DOJ to report them

  • Gregford

    There are a few things wrong with your argument:

    1. Paypal is a lot worse about holding funds and locking accounts than Payza.

    2. I think it’s odd that the BBB gave it an A+ and you changed that to a C.

    3. A lot of your info seems to have come from Terry Gilder, owner of the scam investment program Themco, who used Payza as a scapegoat after stealing all his investors’ money.

    You’re review seems very biased. I’ve had no problems with Payza in Australia.

    • CPO

      Hi Gregford,

      I’m happy to address your concern in the order you presented them:

      1. I don’t see how this is relevant since I never state in the review that PayPal’s holding policy is better or worse than Payza’s.
      2. It’s is clearly stated in the BBB section of the review that one should see our rating criteria to understand why we adjust BBB ratings.
      3. As the review states, I found over 150 complaints during the research process. The Themco complaint is just one of the more interesting ones that surfaced and seemed worth mentioning.

      I can assure you that there is no bias in this review. However, it seems that you have a deeper affiliation with Payza than you are disclosing since you were able to reveal the name of the person behind Themco and the alleged reason for the funding hold. Neither of these pieces of information were part of the review.

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