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Charge Anywhere Overview

Charge Anywhere Logo

Charge Anywhere Logo

Although Charge Anywhere ( offers several electronic processing solutions, the focus of this review will be about its mobile processing app dubbed “Charge Anywhere Direct” (

It’s important to understand that Charge Anywhere Direct only supplies a smartphone app that makes accepting mobile payments possible on Android, iPhone, and some Blackberry devices. The company does not actually process payments or supply a merchant account. Merchants who wish to use the Charge Anywhere app will need to establish a separate merchant account with an actual processor. The app is compatible with virtually every major credit card processor and merchants can select a provider of their choice.

Charge Anywhere, LLC. was established in 2004 and is based in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

Charge Anywhere Sales & Marketing Tactics | A+

Charge Anywhere does not utilize any deceptive marketing or price quoting tactics that are immediately apparent. The company appears to rely primarily on advertising and partnerships to market its service.

Charge Anywhere Marketing Example

Charge Anywhere Costs & Contract Terms | A+

Charge Anywhere assesses only one required fee of $9.99 per month as the gateway fee for using the app. Other than that, the only other costs come in the form of optional card swiping hardware. The card readers range from $49 for simple readers to $249 for readers that include receipt printers.

Aside from the monthly service fee and hardware costs, the app has no service length commitment and no cancellation fees or other hidden fees. Keep in mind that your processor will have its own set of fees that are separate from Charge Anywhere’s and may have other important contract terms that you need to understand. Be sure to check out “Fee Sweep” to keep from getting scammed by a dubious processor or sales agent.

Charge Anywhere Complaints & Service | A+

Charge Anywhere does not have any complaints filed in the usual forums (the one complaint filed on Ripoff Report does not seem to apply to Charge Anywhere’s service). The company also supplies a dedicated toll-free customer support line (800-404-2014), email support, and live chat support.

Charge Anywhere BBB Report | N/A

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not have a report for Charge Anywhere as of this review, and since Charge Anywhere Direct is simply an app offered by Charge Anywhere, the company’s BBB report will not be factored into the company’s overall rating.

Bottom Line

Charge Anywhere appears to be a great processing application for smartphones. Unlike Square, GoPayment and Pay Anywhere, Charge Anywhere offers a wide range of flexibility when it come to processing hardware and merchant account provider choices. Because of this, merchants can better customize Charge Anywhere to suit their businesses processing needs over many of its competitors. Merchants will just need to be careful when selecting processors since they will have their own sets of fees and agreements.

As of this review, the Charge Anywhere app is compatible with all iPhones/iPads, all Android Devices, Blackberry 4.1 or higher, Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher, most versions of J2ME/Java phones and any web-enabled phone with a browser.

This review was originally published on 2/1/12 and was last updated on 7/15/14.

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  1. Mark Evans

    Apparently due to the recent hurricane I was not able to connect to Charge Anywhere processor on Nov 3, 2012 and Nov 4, 2012. I have a business to run so swiped my transactions in offline mode. When there system was back up and running I uploaded all my transactions and batched them out. Charge Anywhere says they never received the majority of these transactions and refuses to pay me. They say to go back into my machine and retrieve the transactions and re-batch them. Well, there are no transactions in my machine becasue they were already uploaded and batched and I have copies of all these. They tell me I am out of luck. Has anyone else had this problem? I certainly cannot be the only merchant in the world who is having this problem with Charge Anywhere. Please help!

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