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Company Overview

Charge Anywhere is a payment processing software provider that specializes in mobile and e-commerce payment solutions to merchant accounts. It's important to understand that the company only supplies an online payment gateway, POS machines, and a smartphone app that makes accepting mobile payments possible on Android, iPhone, and some Blackberry devices. The company does not actually process payments or supply a merchant account. Merchants who wish to use Charge Anywhere's products will need to establish a separate merchant account with an actual processor. The company's software is compatible with virtually every major credit card processor and merchants can select a merchant services provider of their choice.

In 2022, Charge Anywhere partnered with gift card and loyalty solutions provider Factor4, LLC.

Malware Issues

In September 2014, Charge Anywhere identified malware on its internal network that may have compromised cardholder information between November 5, 2009, and September 14, 2014. The company provided a searchable list of merchants who may have been affected by the incident and has since shut down the attack. A statement from the company regarding this incident is available in part here.

Location & Ownership

Charge Anywhere, LLC. was established in 2004 and is headquartered at 4041 Hadley Rd, South Plainfield, NJ 07080. Paul Sabella is listed as the president and CEO of Charge Anywhere.

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Charge Anywhere Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A
Recent Lawsuits No

Low Complaint Total

We have located only a few negative Charge Anywhere reviews. The one Charge Anywhere review filed on Ripoff Report does not seem to apply to Charge Anywhere’s service, and the three complaints beneath this review mostly refer to poor customer service, product malfunctions, and fund holds. Overall, these appear to be isolated incidents. If you have your own Charge Anywhere review to make, please do so in the comments below

Charge Anywhere Lawsuits and Fines

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Charge Anywhere. Dissatisfied clients who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

Charge Anywhere Customer Support Options

The company supplies a dedicated toll-free customer support line, email support, live chat, and a customer support form to all of its merchants. This is consistent with our expectations for great payment processing customer support.

Charge Anywhere Customer Service Number

  • (800) 211-1256 – Toll-Free Support

Other Support Options

Charge Anywhere Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Charge Anywhere BBB

The Better Business Bureau does not have a report for Charge Anywhere as of this review. The company’s BBB report will therefore not be factored into the company’s overall rating.

Charge Anywhere Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties No
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates 1.00% - 4.99%
Equipment Leasing Yes

Charge Anywhere Pricing

Charge Anywhere fees include only one required fee of $9.99 per month as the gateway fee for using the app. Other than that, the only other costs come in the form of optional card-swiping hardware. The card readers range from $49 for simple readers to $249 for readers that include receipt printers.

Choose a Cheap Credit Card Processor

Aside from the monthly service fee and hardware costs, the app has no service length commitment and no cancellation fees or other hidden fees. Keep in mind that your processor will have its own set of fees that are separate from Charge Anywhere’s and may have other important contract terms that you need to understand.

We also encourage readers to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

Charge Anywhere Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing No
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

Partnerships and Traditional Advertising

Charge Anywhere does not utilize any deceptive marketing or price quoting tactics that are immediately apparent. The company appears to rely primarily on advertising and partnerships to market its service.

This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Since the company does not set any credit card processing rates or fees of its own, it is highly unlikely that businesses will encounter misleading rate quotes or hidden contract terms through Charge Anywhere. When selecting a merchant account provider to use with Charge Anywhere, we encourage business owners to ask an independent party to look for any unnecessary fees in their statements.

Our Charge Anywhere Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Charge Anywhere appears to be a reliable credit card processing application for smartphones and computers as well as offering POS machines. Unlike Square, GoPayment, and Pay Anywhere, Charge Anywhere offers a wide range of flexibility when it comes to processing hardware and merchant account provider choices. Because of this, clients can better customize Charge Anywhere to suit their business’ processing needs over many of its competitors. Readers will just need to be careful when selecting processors since they will have their own sets of fees and agreements; we recommend pairing Charge Anywhere’s service with a top-rated overall payment processor.

As of this review, the Charge Anywhere app is compatible with all iPhones/iPads, all Android Devices, Blackberry 4.1 or higher, Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher, most versions of J2ME/Java phones, and any web-enabled phone with a browser.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Charge Anywhere Treat You?

4 User Reviews

  • Catrice Allen

    I can’t believe that there are no complaints filed for Charge Anywhere. We have had nothing but problems since installing the software. We were using Intuit as we have QuickBooks but, we signed with a new merchant service provider and they sold us on Charge Anywhere. We have issues with duplicate payments as the Payment Application does not populate QB’s and it looks like the payment didn’t go through so we run the card again. The software will not allow us to process multiple invoices and/or email receipts. Charge Anywhere actually said that there is a fix to the duplicate payment problem that we should have asked for when we signed up with our merchant service provider. I don’t know how we would have known about the, “fix,” when we hadn’t experienced the issue until we switched to Charge Anywhere. They also indicated that our firewall might be responsible for the problem and my reply was that doesn’t every business have a firewall? Also, the only variable that changed was Charge Anywhere, we have the same firewall, internet provider and system. The problem is that we are charged processing fees by merchant services for refunding our client for the duplicate payment. Charge Anywhere refuses to accept any responsibility in their software failing and, of course, Merchant Services blames Charge Anywhere. Oh, and the agent I spoke with also indicated that processing payments remotely might be causing the software to fail which is confusing as one of the selling points for the software is mobile payment functionality. I don’t know where blaming the client and every variable but your product is good customer service.

  • Jennifer Dhillon

    My name is Jennifer Dhillon and I work for a dumpster company. Let me just start of by saying this company is hands down one of the worst credit card processors I have ever worked with. When I first had a meeting with their agent I was most concerned with any risk hold policies their company might have, and their chargeback customer service. They assured me they dont have any risk holds and with their portal it would be very hard for customers who we can document proof to chargeback. 1- They put more than a $70,000 hold on the funds charged without any notice. 2-No one sent us a single chargeback notification and when I called their “chargeback specialist” she had no idea what she was talking about or even how to answer the simplest questions.
    Before signing with them I asked about all their horrible reviews and they assured me it was their competition. So I am here to tell you my name is Jennifer, you can reach me at [REDACTED – personal contact information] and I was a client of Chargeanywhere and I want to save others the trouble of dealing with such a mess of a company.

  • Mark Evans

    Apparently due to the recent hurricane I was not able to connect to Charge Anywhere processor on Nov 3, 2012 and Nov 4, 2012. I have a business to run so swiped my transactions in offline mode. When there system was back up and running I uploaded all my transactions and batched them out. Charge Anywhere says they never received the majority of these transactions and refuses to pay me. They say to go back into my machine and retrieve the transactions and re-batch them. Well, there are no transactions in my machine becasue they were already uploaded and batched and I have copies of all these. They tell me I am out of luck. Has anyone else had this problem? I certainly cannot be the only merchant in the world who is having this problem with Charge Anywhere. Please help!

    • Jason Jimenz

      This company has no integrity! They call you for your business, send a rep who will be in your area and would like to meet with you for a short meeting. I was very adamant about not having another business expense. That was the main reason I was with square. I use it when I need and no monthly fee, no equipment fee or loan fee. No minimum monthly charges unlike charge anywhere/ quicksale. Me and the rep discussed this, she called her sales manager and he approved, no monthly equipment charge, no monthly processing, no app usage fee. Only a small processing fee and .21 per transaction. First 3 months was good, then BOOM! $65 a month charges came in. I called they corrected the first 2 months but why should I have to call to correct our agreement?! Live by your word or your contract that we signed!! I let it slide for 5 months as they took $65 a month, of course my fault! I own that but I get tired of call to correct their mistakes as if I dealing with a child mentality. This year I have been dealing with a growth of walkin clients as I’m setup for wholesale accounts. So I did get side tracked, no excuse I should’ve called every 1st of month to correct their mistake. It’s sad that if I can give my word and consistancy to my clients why can’t this corporation? It’s because it’s of no interest! People will get tired of calling so they keep the money, like crooks! N e ways, you got that little money when we could’ve grown for years like my diamond vendors for over 50 yrs!

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