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Updated 1/18/2019: Ignite Payments is now CardConnect (cardconnect.com). Some preexisting sub-ISOs of Ignite Payments have retained the “Ignite Payments” brand, but they now belong to the First Data/CardConnect family of corporations. Please see our CardConnect review for up-to-date information about this company.

Ignite Payments (ignitepayments.com) is a wholly owned subsidiary of First Data devoted specifically to reselling First Data merchant accounts through independent sales channels. Established as the result of a rebranding effort in June 2013, Ignite Payments appears to be another iteration of the First Data Independent Sales brand, much like Cardservice International. In fact, it appears that some Ignite Payments offices may also do business as Cardservice International. Although most Ignite Payments websites appear to clearly disclose the company’s relationship to First Data, merchants should be aware that all Ignite Payments offices are simply independent resellers of First Data’s merchant services. As a result, Ignite Payments has multiple websites and locations in operation under its name. Here’s a partial list:

  • ignitepaymentsmiramar.com (San Diego, California)
  • ignitepaymentsassociates.com (Vermont)
  • ignitepaymentsucommerce.com (Ignite Payments Universal Commerce)
  • ignitepayusa.com (Camarillo, California)
  • instamerchant.com (Gilbert, Arizona)

All of these Ignite Payments locations (and, it is likely, all Ignite Payments locations in existence) are registered ISOs/MSPs of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, California. They are also all likely under different ownership.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: Ignite Payments hires independently contracted sales representatives and has received a moderate number of complaints about its sales team.
  • Costs & Contract: Ignite Payments offers variable contract terms through First Data that may include long-term equipment leases and early termination fees.
  • Complaints & Service: Ignite Payments and its various DBAs have received more than 100 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Ignite Payments (as First Data) has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 1,045 complaints in the past three years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Ignite Payments

Ignite Payments Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 100+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

We are currently able to locate over 100 Ignite Payments negative reviews filed outside of the Better Business Bureau, and some of these complaints outright accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. Common complaints include undisclosed fees, withheld funds, difficulty cancelling service, and poor customer support. The “Ignite Payments” brand is very new to the industry (launched in June 2013) and has not had a lot of time to amass either positive or negative reviews. However, the company’s alternate and former names of Cardservice International and First Data Independent Sales are currently showing over 100 complaints on various consumer protection websites, indicating that Ignite Payments might soon catch up in terms of complaint volume. Additionally, it is probable that complaints intended for Ignite Payments may be scattered among its numerous websites and locations or be redirected to the online profiles of First Data. Most Ignite Payments locations likely offer customer service through First Data.

Ignite Payments Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary

Product & Service Complaints 529
Billing & Collection Complaints 269
Advertising & Sales Complaints 214
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 1
Delivery Complaints 29

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

The BBB currently maintains more than a dozen profiles for various Ignite Payments locations across the country. A search for the company’s headquarters redirects visitors to the profile for First Data, and the BBB appears to have transferred all of its complaints for Ignite Payments’s headquarters to First Data’s profile. First Data currently has an “A+” rating and has received 1,045 complaints in the last three years.

At the time of an earlier review, Ignite Payments had received 152 complaints in the previous three years. The BBB’s decision to fold its Ignite Payments complaints into the BBB profile for First Data has made it difficult to determine how many BBB complaints should be attributed to Ignite Payments. Given First Data’s complaint total and the previous figures for Ignite Payments, we have adjusted its score to an average grade of “C” for the purposes of this review.

Ignite Payments Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Key Points

Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee Variable
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

The standard contract terms offered by Ignite Payments will vary greatly depending on the sales office or agent servicing the account as well as a merchant’s size, business type, and time in business. The only factor that is common to all Ignite Payments contracts is the the First Data processing network. According to merchant complaints, Ignite Payments fees can include an early termination fee calculated through Liquidated Damages or no fee at all. Similarly, merchants may experience very high monthly PCI Compliance fees or none whatsoever. Merchants are encouraged to read their merchant applications and program guides carefully before signing up for service.

Two major sources of complaints filed against Ignite Payments and its other DBAs appear to be its equipment leases and its cash reserve policies. It seems that most Ignite Payments locations resell First Data Global Leasing equipment leases, which are typically long-term, expensive, non-cancellable agreements, and some merchants report hardware malfunctions as well. Complaints regarding the company’s fund holds are likely related to high risk branches of Ignite Payments and may or may not be legitimate complaints. Overall, the significant degree of variability among Ignite Payments contract terms inclines us to give the company an average grade of “C” in this category.

Ignite Payments Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Ignite Payments functions as a network of independent sales offices with no central regulating body. Although all offices fall under the umbrella of Ignite Payments/First Data, each location has the freedom to customize its service package and its contract terms to a large extent. This is a common marketing structure for the credit card processing industry, but in this case, it is enacted on a very large scale. There are currently numerous Ignite Payments reviews online that describe nondisclosure or misrepresentation of rates and fees by the company’s sales agents, and there are even more under the names “First Data Independent Sales” and “Cardservice International.” Although these different names represent First Data’s independent sales unit during different phases of its existence, there is no indication that the company’s policies have changed significantly with each rebranding. As with so many other companies in the industry, merchants may receive transparent rate quotes with full disclosure of contract terms, or they may deal with a sales agent or office that obscures or misrepresents its rates and fees.

Our Ignite Payments Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Ignite Payments rates as an average merchant account provider according to our rating system. At this time, we have no reason to believe that the rebranding of First Data Independent Sales as Ignite Payments has led to a significant change in policy, and the company’s complaint rate is high for the amount of time that it has operated under its current name. Ignite’s grade may be subject to change as it continues to do business and establish a reputation for itself under its new name.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did Ignite Payments Treat You?

44 Responses

  • Horribly unethical company. Next time I see “first data” on a credit card terminal, I will walk out of the store because I wouldn’t give this company another cent of my hard earned money. Their deceptive sales reps should have legal action taken against them for lying to customers.

  • Disgusting. We had couple chargebacks and they denied our charge back reversal requests eventhough all fraud analysis was completely clean and they accused us for fraud!!!! Very rude people also. Just imagine someone files for chargeback after couple big transactions after couple months and he/she says they were not authorized!!!! and they say he/she was right!!! they are ruthless piece of narcissistic and rude people.

  • Ashkan Shirazi

    Horrible. We worked with them for 6 months and one of our customers has made 2 chargebacks and his/her first chargeback reversal was approved and we got the money back and after that the customer filed another chargeback with the same code and we filed even more accurate documents this time but unfortunately Ignite Payments does not approve our documents!!! What is the difference between these documents with previous ones eventhough these are more than the previous one and the charge back code is the same!!! They ripped us off like this.

    • Guess what!!! I have called the office and I have asked them to give me the email address so I can contact my rep and then I contacted the email address and they said we are coffeeshop!!! The email address was [email protected] and they gave me this email address, how can it be coffeeshop????!!!!! How can a coffeeshop be called merchantslane???????? look how they lie

  • I’m thoroughly disgusted with this service. DO NOT USE THEM! I started the app,cation for “ underwriting” 2 months ago and after a lengthy process was “ accepted” then started my store on my website. Money was taken but not processed through Carde Pointe or card collect or ignite or what ever shady name they used weekly. I was literally lied to each week with another excuse why it wasn’t working while a clients money was in First Data’s bank account.
    I was told a few months ago they had acquired a large co pant and since then I was dropped like a hot rock. Literally lying to me ever day u spoke to them. The last question was about my SS number! Really? Gee don’t you have that through all your underwriting? Then, it was a bad link with their code writing. Ok…done! Complete idiots. DON’T use these people. They are highly suspect.

  • I’m so upset and frustrated with this company!! Don’t work with them. The customer service is horrible they can’t help you and when you ask to speak to the supervisor they transfer back to the beginning so you could re-enter all of your verification info and speak to a different agent. Two hours later and I can’t get an answer to where my $347 dollars that day. They are scam artist!!!! Be aware!!! Learn from my mistake!!

  • Brad Kanzer

    Brad is very very knowledgeable on the processing process. I really enjoy working with him and have saved hundreds of dollars. He makes me feel confident and I do not have to worry about being charged any hidden fees like my last service provider.

    • Hi Brad,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  • Things was doing good in the beginning,,,two months later,,,they charge me $75 In processing fees,,,,then another month came,,,they charge $150…I was only making $400 a month,,,,I started feeling suicidal cause they taking my hard earn money,,,and putting me more in debt,,,,I had to cancel my account,,,,I will no longer deal with merchant banks they are scammers

  • So I’ve just recently started using Ignite payments- a first data company within the past two months or so of starting up my business. A month went by- no complaints. Just recently I received a call from a man named “Ted” who works in their security department. He informed me that they are reviewing my account and to send him all of my invoices for my prior transactions. I asked him if he needed anything else and he told me that nothing else was necessary. He informed me that this matter would be resolved within 48 hours. Well, long story short- I had to stay on the phone for days on end with customer support to talk to someone about my account as 48 hours had passed and no one had contacted me. After spending 2 hours on the phone- I was finally able to reach “Ted”. He notified me that they are terminating my account as he did not understand the invoices….. no questions asked – nothing. Just terminating my account. He notified me that my customers will be refunded within 5-7 business days. A few days went by and my vendor spent days on end trying to contact this man in the security department and was notified that I was misinformed and that this merchant company will be refunding ME my funds after 30/60 business days so they can make sure nothing gets disputed. (Mind you- nothing had even been disputed since I’ve been making transactions with them). Not only are they holding my funds- but this man “Ted” within the security department went ahead the first day he called me and tried taking out $12,000. (Every single transaction I had ever made on their machine). He ended up pulling out $1200 which I will not receive back until 30-60 business days. All of this led me to have to pay some serious insufficient fund fees from my bank.

    That’s not even the end of it.

    I have been told from “Ted” to outsource another merchant service since they didn’t feel comfortable with my account and terminated it. So, I did. After being accepted from a different merchant a week later- I was notified that they won’t be able to run my CC transactions as the previous merchant I was using (IGNITE PAYMENTS) had wrongfully submitted me on match just recently- a list for terminated accounts due to fraud.

    Are you kidding me???

    So now I have to wait for someone to “give a shit” and take me off the list from ignite payments, which I’ve had no luck with.
    My vendor has even spoke to the VP of this company and the VP HAS HAD NO LUCK GETTING THIS ISSUE RESOLVED.

    So long story short, don’t go through this merchant service unless you want to go through hell and back.

  • Jon Jennings

    This company is a scam. i was quoted low fees and got high fees. i called to cancel and got exorbitant fees after I canceled. Poor customer service, contradictory replies, awful communication. Stay away!

  • Kimberly Andre

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I was scammed out of $20,000+ due to customer fraud and the company did nothing to help me. They immediately closed my account although I processed over $130,000 with them in 3 months and they charged me outrageous fees EVERYDAY! They closed my account, and every time I would call in to speak to someone in their risk department they would get very rude, yell and hang up on me. Locked me out of my online accounts, and forced my customers to file charge backs against me even after holding thousands of dollars of my profits in reserves. Then they placed me on a MATCH list without notifying me. I have tried to call and remedy the situation, and they refuse to help me! Whoever wanted to start a class action lawsuit, feel free to contact me! They are scamming small business owners and its completely unfair!

    • Were you able to get taken off the match list? I’m going through the exact same thing.

  • How are they even allowed to be in business?? I have been trying to cancel my account since last year and now my representative won’t reply to any of my emails or messages. Their customer service is useless and they will charge you for a million things to trap you in. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • haffz mehsen

    this is very bad service if you haven’t sign
    do not be in the same trap i am in
    at least if did not believe me remember me when the drama start

  • Kyle Sasser

    The only redeeming quality about their company is their statements come in full color.

    We’ve been trying to cancel our account for three months now but still getting charged. No explanation, no direction, no customer service.

  • Georgia Vlanti

    I have been in the business for 25 years and over the years I had the chance to work with different Credit Card Processing Companies. When I was approached by Ignite Payments they represented a very nice program and convinced me that it would be for the benefit of my business to join them. I did so. And the drama started right away. The representatives were not knowledgeable, they could not connect the program, they had to order twice a credit card machine. Both times the program did not work. When I requested that I do not wish to do business with them, they still sent me another machine, and they charged me for a month that I was not doing any business with them. No professionalism, no knowledge and no delivery of promises. I give 0 to this company.

  • They (Cardservice International also known as Ignite Payments and First Data, Wells Fargo and a few more names) charge over $400+ per year in PCI compliance fees even to self employed one person merchants that sell under $30K per year and they charge other mysterious fees and charges that always come up as new and always bigger ones. Plus their “discount” rates always sneak up on you if you are not watching closely every single month, it can go over 5% very quickly if you’re asleep. Cardservice International charges $500 to open a merchant account and then, even a decade or two decades later they charge and ECF (Early Closure Fee) which is several hundred dollars as well. When asked to show itemized bill and proof where this is all described they ignore you. You may end up paying 20% of your gross sales in their fees and charges if you are not careful.

  • Watch out for this company. They will tell you what your processing fee will be and then other fees to it. I had 6 other fees that they were charging me that put my rate over 5%.

  • Douglas Meissner

    Customer did an inquiry on a $6000 charge and Igniite did a chargeback on my account. i talked with the customer and he said it was a mistake, he contacted his credit card company and told them the charge was correct. I waited 2 weeks for the chargeback to be reversed, I contacted Ignite and they told me that the chargeback was correct, so now I am convinced that the customer is lying to me. I file a police report for theft, the detective talks to the customer and sees the customers credit card statement that shows the $6000 charge..now I am confused! I call Ignite and they now tell me that yes the chargeback was reversed 2 weeks ago. I ask them where my money is and why it had not been recredited to my checking account. I am told that she is only in chargebacks and not refunds or credit and that I needed to talk to security. I informed her that I had talked to security and that they referred me to chargebacks as it is not security department to refund. I can’t find anyone that can refund my money, they all see it in their computers but they all say it is not their department. I don’t have my money, lost a customer and have waisted so much time on this crap.

  • Terrible service, dishonest company Ignite was very difficult to work with. They continued to charge “cancellation fee” they will hold your money for up to 180 days even if you on a 2 year contract they just don’t care! i’m going to fill a lawsuit

    • Hello i’m also having trouble with cancelling my account with them. For more than 15 years they have been overcharging me and i lost a lot of money, now i have a new processor but ignite keeps charging me monthly fees. I had a hard time finding them because the statements wouldn’t come with their name on there or anything. i would like to file a lawsuit as well and i was wondering how that went for you? thanks.

  • blaine ratliff

    ignite payment
    hidden fee
    statement fee $19.90
    customer service fee $7.95
    pci validation fee$34.95
    minimum level fee $34.95
    total $97.70 no service

  • Jean Sunderland

    Terrible service, Sales person was dishonest and Ignite was very difficult to work with. They continued to charge “cancellation fee” prior to us canceling the service. I was at my wits end. This was the worst financial fiasco I have ever had. There are abundant hidden fees that were not disclosed at the time of signing up. The sales person, Doug Olson, was deceptive and never gave me a contract. He also fraudulently charged us over $3000. DON’T USE THIS COMPANY!

    • Talking about Doug Olsen, he’s the prime suspect in an alleged online defamation case against a long time customer of his employer Cardservice International / Ignite Payments / FirstData.

  • Absolutely horrible. Account was closed two months ago after we found better terms at a more reputable provider. Closed the account in May and had to reclose in June. They still bill us and now are assessing collections charges. There are much better and more affordable merchant service providers out there.

  • Endless problems with ignite payments. As soon as we resolve one issue another one surfaces. They are not callable of getting the problems solved by them selves and require endless emails back and forth. I wish I would have done a little more homework but I was referred to them by a friend. They waste so much of my time and I’m not sure I’m getting paid correctly

  • Avoid ignite payments/Data, they withdrawal money out of your bank account, and when I tried to make a a claim with the bank the bank said nothing they can do. Ignite payments is the WORST Credit card payment merchant. The agent said over the phone there is no cancellation fee, and they still charged me cancellation fee of $400. This is corporate robbery.

    Avoid ignite payments/First Data.

  • Statement with unexplained charges. Cancellation costs quite a lot — unaware this was part of the agreement (can’t still locate it). Paying to get peace of mind, and not waste time in challenging this — and end up affecting credit scores. They count on all that, I think, and designed to exploit it.

    Probably best to stay away.

    Are you with Ignite Payments? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • sylvia menchaca

    Patrick Liu was my rep in Phoenix Arizona
    I found out that we were being charged fees400.00 a month even if we did not have any transactions. I want to file a class action lawsuit against ignite if anyone is interested please email me at [REDACTED – personal contact information]. This was never disclosed to us when we opened our account.

    Are you with Ignite Payments? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • This company is one of the most fraudulent companies I have ever dealt with. Michael Darrow with Ignite Payments in California took a week to approve my account when their website says same day or next day approvals. I was approved on a Tuesday, found the account was closed by security for unknown reasons on Friday then I am being charged monthly fees which they deny. I filed a BBB complaint on 08/03, 14 days later I get a response that they need my account number. I respond same day – after 14 days they respond that they have not taken any fees. I send them copies of two months bank statements that clearly show monthly fees of $25 and gateway fees of $8. Another 14 days has passed with no response. I am fully expecting an early termination fee or some other mess. I kept all emails for Michael Darrow showing no fees would be charged. The BBB complaint was filing with First Data in Atlanta but Ignite Payments is in California because thats what I was told to do. The BBB says they have until 9/14 on this response then depending on their response I have paperwork ready to file a class action suit or take a day trip to Atlanta to get some results in person. The person responsible is probably sitting on top of a camel in India somewhere.
    Needless to say Michael has stopped answering phone calls and emails related to this incident. Why approve an account only to close it down less than 5 days later – is it to get the fees?

  • m wagstaff

    This company is a scam and you cannot talk to anyone who wants to help they have an email for complaints but no one responds. I have had to cancel after 5 months of dealing with this company due to bad service and other unexpected fees added each month. I am now going to be charged a cancellation fee of $391.00 which is not good business practice if the service had have been as I was led to believe I would not be cancelling! My statements come from Florida and I signed up with Ignite in Arizona so have been talking to various people but basically they do not care about my situation and just want to scam me out of $391 bucks.. not a huge amount but it is the principle of the matter.

  • Gerry Cramer

    Worst company ever. Thieves. I called to cancel my account after over $2000 in charges for services I never used. I cancelled and they were to give me a refund. I received a refund in the amount of $39.95. I called back and they refused to refund me further. They should be brought up on criminal charges. I’ll be filing with BBB and doing a chargeback with my bank. Tons of time wasted with a company who is clearly out to rip you off.

  • Sean West

    5 days later and still no word at all from either company unless i initiate it and then only to be told they are going to call and see whats going on! and the dont reply back, so they can waste more time and keep your money much longer! So everyone who has had this problem first off needs to go to the FTC complaints website and add a formal complaint about both companies separately. When there are enough complaints it will build a pattern and the government will then step in and deal with them. If they owe you money. I would start a class action lawsuit. against both companies. and everyone can feel free to contact me to get it started. I can do the paper and foot work for it. Id love to put both businesses out. Or at least cost them a ton of money!

    • Raymond Madore

      I’m having the same problem with excessive fees. The sales person who contacted me said there would be not contract and I could lead at any time. During my second month with them their fees increased, and you asked them what the fees are the list goes on on. I’m a very small company and only process 4 to 8 transactions a month. I called to terminate my relationship with them and they told me I have a contractul obligation with them for 24 months. I would love to be a part of your class action suit.

  • this company is horrible and yes rips you off!! I inquired about a high risk account since i am a programmer and was told quickly yes and sent out an app and told id be processing the next day. It took them 8 days to get my account open and gave all kinds of excuses including their computer was broken!?? After them having me hold transactions for over a week they finally opened an account, and after processing the payments they put them all on hold!!!! Stating because they are out of the country transactions. I told them on sign up that i sell web scripts and usually sell more out of the US than inside, and they said that is fine. But yet held my funds and didnt even call me to let me know!! I found out today, three days after they were put on hold by calling myself to see what was up. and now they tell me the person I need to talk to isnt even there. Nor bothered to contact me to let me know what is going on. IS this within the visa and mastercard regulations? i would NOT use this company for anything. do NOT trust them at all. I came here and read the other reviews and they are plain out horrible! Look into authorize as your gateway but find a better processor than this company. They will only lock you into a 1-2 year agreement and then start treating you like crap and finding reasons to hold your money in their bank account.

  • Max Logan

    Our company has been trying to cancel the account for months. Every time we call, they come up with a different excuse. Our account is still being debited, months after we cancelled. So we had to instruct our bank to stop all debits from First Data/Ignite Payments. They are disgusting. Stay away.

  • I had such horrible experiences with this gangster company. I spent at least 60 hours on the phone, calling and calling and calling, while they were refusing to return 2,000.00 that they admitted needed to be returned. They transferred me from one line of liars to the next, all telling different tales and stories about why they were not returning the 2,000 to my bank. the bottom line was that I had stopped a payment from them on a charge they claimed was returned, when in fact it wasn’t. They refused to tell me who made the affidavit, when they finally told me, I called my client who said she had never ever stopped payment on anything. We went to her bank together and she told her bank about it, they apologized to her for not having paid the charge, they paid it automatically, and then ignite took it out again. They told me I could not do anything except sign a new contract that said that I would not stop payment on any of their withdrawals. It was horrid.
    I contacted my attorney general, the FBI, the Dept of Justice and no one would do anything because the amount was so low. It is my understanding that had they had a larger amount of money, such as 20,000 or more they would have investigated and charged them under RICO. Perhaps if all of us were to get together the aggregate amount of our complaints may be great enough that the department of justice would in fact go after them.

  • Ignite payments/First Data predatory business practices, fake fees, excessive billing. I was a customer for several years as I watched my merchant costs rise. However, if you have been in business long enough you know what a pain it is to switch. All of these companies are like scum middle men businesses and Ignite payments/ First Data is no different. After ongoing increases in rates and additional rising “processing” “access” and “service” fees I finally had had enough and switched to a different company. I closed out my account and was told I would have an additional $46.80 cancellation fee. My contract as sold to me was “no cancellation fee after two years”. So I asked for signed documentation by me provided that proves I agreed to these terms be sent to me (knowing there was no such agreement). I cancelled at the end of Jan. 2015 and Feb 2015 billing comes from this company showing they had charged and stole from bank account $283.73 in fees of which I had run ZERO transactions because I had already switched to a different provider. I put a stop payment on my bank account even though having already lost that money I figured that was the end of it. It was not. I received a letter in March 2015 Claiming I was in breech contract and that If I did not pay and additional $46.80 I would be sent to collections and that this would hurt my credit. I sent a letter back explaining that I had already lost $283.73 to their fake billing and that my statement clearly shows by the fact that I had Zero transactions, I was no longer doing business with them. April, 5 2015 I receive another billing statement for $46.80. I called customer service hoping to resolve the issue and they tell my that my account was not officially closed until Feb 15 and that I’m responsible for all the fees for Feb. On my statement it clearly shows that $46.80 in fees was assessed Feb 28, 13 days after they claim my account was officially closed. I try to explain this logic (that they are clearly trying to bill me after my account according to them had been closed 15 days prior) and they still insist that I owe them and that the fee will not be waived. Again I try to explain how their nonsensical logic cannot be applied. I severed the contract and business dealings ending in January and they are trying to extend the billing two months past the end of the contract. I pointed out again that by their own admission the contract was severed at least by Fed 15th and that their statement clearly shows they accessed the fees on FEB 28th which is 13 days AFTER the contract ended. Still they insist that I owe $46.80 and NOW I have been assessed an additional $30 late fee. Thankfully I had the stop payment service in force at my bank. It amazes me that a company does business this way. I strongly recommend that anyone and everyone stay far away from Ignite Payments and First Data. They are predatory and criminal.

  • I work for a Tier 1 credit card processor known for transparency and fairness in pricing. Ignite lied to one of my clients who does $80,000/mo in credit card processing and told them they were going to save them $250/mo in processing fees by reducing the markup on Interchange from .10% to .05% (same per transaction fee and monthly service fee). When I found out about this I sat down with the merchant and showed him that .05% on $80,000 is only a savings of $40 (which was negated by the fact that Ignite charged him $39/mo for a lease that he didn’t have when he was with me).

    Obviously the merchant wasn’t happy, but when he got the first statement from Ignite he found out that he was paying $400 more per month in processing fees than he had with me. We called Ignite’s office and were told that this was a clerical error and would be corrected the next month. We asked why the merchant was lied too about how much money they were going to save in processing fees. No plausible answer was given. The following month the discount rate was lowered but the $400 overpayment was never refunded. 3 months later and the merchant has still not been refunded. The merchant has been calling Ignite’s office about this, but basically they are blowing him off.

    • hey Bill, report this to the BBB and you will see some responses….also make sure to contact the head of the location you are working with as sometimes agents leave and you are calling the agent’s number and get nowhere!

  • Eli R One Stop

    Ignite Payment are filled with agents that are scammers. The agent Caio Rosa and his brother, Bruno Rosa had tricked me into signing their credit card processing agreement for 1 year. They promised me a flat rate of 1.9% for all card types and no monthly or hidden fees and I agreed to leave my merchant to go to them. We even put in writing on the contract that there would be no other fees and when I get my first bill I notice that I am being charged an effective rate of almost 2.8%!! I asked them why this is and they said it must be an error and they would fix it. Took almost a year and they still have not resolved the issue. Now here comes the best part, I find a new merchant to move to as I have been ripped off the entire year and First Data is telling me that they received an agreement showing 3 years and not 1 year. The 2 sales reps above will not answer their phone and their purposely doing it so that they find a reason to charge me a $500 cancellation penalty even though my contract states that I can cancel anytime. I call their customer service line and they revert me right back to the sales agents that are not answering. This company sounds to me like scam artists and it seems like once they got you cornered in they will do whatever necessary to steal from you.

  • Deborah Bonner

    Thank for posting the information. It is the only site that I have found to help me figure out how to handle (hopefully) this issues that I am having with ingnite first data. I found a charge back had been made when I opened my bank account last Thursday. The charge back caused my account to go into the negative and I have incurred all sorts of overdraft fees. That same day after I saw the charge back, I called them to ask why they didn’t notify me prior to taking the money out and what was the debit for. That’s when I learned it was a charge back. They would not provide me with any information about who made the charge back, who submitted it, or why it was being made. They only gave me the credit card number, so I had to search though all of my transactions to find the number and identify the client. I called the client and she said she never ever made a complaint that the charge wasn’t authorized. She even went to her bank and let me talk to the teller who advised that her account was open. I called back and asked that First data/ignite contact the bank while my client and I were confrenced in. They refused. They said i had to fill out a dispute form. They faxed it to me and I filled it out immediately and provided them with an affidavit from my client that the transaction had been authorized, and withdrawn and paid from her account. I filled it out and returned it to them that afternoon. It included proof that the sale was authorized, and and affidavit from my client that the she had authorized the sale and a number of the preson to call at the issuing bank. I demanded that the return the money to my account immediately. I heard nothing from them and called back at least 15 times to try to get someone who would do something to rectify the situation. I talked to supervisors and at least 8 or 9 different people, all of whom did nothing but insist that it would take 10 days to investigate and if they found in my favor, another 2-3 days to return the money to my account. So I have to wonder how it is that they can take the money out in a hot minute, but cannot manage to return the money in less time that 2 weeks. I asked why, since they already had the affidavit, the phone number for the issuing bank and all the proof that the charge was authorized from my end, it would take them so long and why they couldn’t just call the issuing bank with me and my client in a conference call to get this matter resolved. They claimed they couldn’t do anything because they had not even received my dispute form. I advised that I had faxed it and they said that it takes 2-3 days to even receive the fax. Can you imagine that? Who does business that way. I can just imagine trying to tell my clients or other attorneys that they were welcome to fax something but it would take 3 days for me to receive it. Then they claimed that the fax center was in Maryland and they were in Nebraska. I still didn’t get it. The document was being faxed not walked over to them from Maryland to Nebraska. They continued to tell me that my client was lying to me. That she had in fact claimed that the transaction was not authorized. I told them that she had already told me that it was, and she admitted it on the phone while she was in her bank. Then they said, well the account was closed. So first it was that it wasn’t authorized, then when they were put on the spot with proof that it was authorized, that the issuing bank was prepared to advise them of that at the phone number I gave them, they changed their tune to tell me that the account was closed. Well, I already knew from talking to the bank manager that the account was open, was never closed and that the issuing bank had in fact alread taken the money out and paid the charge. So while they authorized a charge back without any proof or documentation that it was valid, they would not return it upon being provided with more than enough documentation to demonstrate that it was a valid charge. I admit, that at that point I was furious and desperate. I didn’t have any money. I had employees that needed to be paid, and I was being told by ignite first data that there was nothing they could do to help. Meanwhile, the issuing bank said that they would make sure that the money was returned to my account. And the next morning the money was in my account. Two days later, on Saturday, 5/10 I saw another debit to my account in the amount of 780, not 750. I called my bank and told them that I did not know what the charge was and that I had not authorized it. There was no information, there was no name of who had withdrawn the money, and there was no phone number to contact. My bank stopped payment on the debit and returned the money to my account on Tuesday or Wednesday 5/13 or 5/14. Meanwhile on May 12, 2014 I ran a charge from another client for 2000.00. On May 14, 2014, Ignite First Data had finished it’s investigation of the 750 charge back and reversed it. The 2000 charge that processed and batched on May 12, 2014, had still not been deposited into my account however, and all my deposits are always in my account within two day after the batch is approved. So I called ignite first data and was routed to a collection department in Houston TX. They claimed I owed 780.00 (750 for the charge back and 30 for the fees associated with the charge back. It was at this time that I learned that the charge back had been reversed. Collections reviewed the events with me and said that they would document that the account was not in collections and return me to whatever department was responsible for depositing the 2000.00. I was told that my bank had put a hold my account and Ignite/First Date was not able to deposit or withdraw from my account. So, according to them, I had to go to my bank and have my bank issue a letter saying the First Data could deposit and withdraw from my account, signed by the bank on their letterhead with my signature also.
    My bank told me that they can’t issue those kinds of letters once they have put a corporate hold on teh account. So I returned to my office and called First Data Ignite again. Again I am routed to collections. I talk with the same guy, Don, who tells me that this whole issue is ridiculous and that the money should have simply been deposited into my account and that the department he transferred me to did not do what he had told them to do. So he transferred me again and stayed on the line to explain what had happened and assured me that the person I was talking to would help me. This person told me that I simply needed to update my deposit bank information to provide them with a new account. However, I only the only other accounts I have are personal. At any rate, even if I could have, again, they tell me it is going to be a 4-6 day wait before the money is deposited into my account because, once again, the 2-4 day fax rule –2-4 days to get my fax with the information and 2-3 more days to actually review it and then deposit the funds. So I call my banks claims department to see why they have put a corporate block on the account. And guess what? My bank was not blocking anything. They advised me that if Ignite/First data made a deposit or withdrawal they would honor it. They were not blocking it from doing either thing. So I call Ignite/First Data. I again explain this exhaustive history to yet someone else new, who doesn’t get it at first but when it becomes clear to them (this is still the collections department because I cannot get through to anyone else. The minute they got my merchant number I was routed to collections) they exclaim that this is ridiculous. I don’t owe them any money and the 2000 needs to be deposited immediately. So they transfer me back to customer service I guess and they explain and assure me that they will take care of now. Customer service then tells me that they are going to transfer me to their RM department (Retention Management). Which I now understand is just a sales department…. Anyway I talk to a Tammy who apologizes up and down for the problems that I have been experiencing. She assures me that she will fix the problem. She then proceeds to tell me that I just have to get a letter from my bank saying that Ignite/First Data can credit and debit my account. AGGGGGGG?????!!!! This was where I started at 10:30 this morning. It is now 4:00 and I have been trying to do this all day, and she tells me the very first thing that I was told at 10:30 in the morning and it is the very thing that won’t work because there is no hold and my bank will accept the credits and debits. They will not issue a letter because there is nothing to release. No corporate hold on my account. So Tammy continues to tell me that my bank is lying to me. So I say, let’s call them together. Here’s the number. We call the number. We are on hold for a while and she asks for the number to my branch were I bank, instead of the claims department. We call the branch. The branch tells her we cannot issue a letter. I called Legal and they said that we cannot. my bank branch gives us another number to call. It is the wrong number, it is a number for reporting credit card fraud, not business account claims. So I again ask her to call the number I gave her and then it appears that we get transfered by my branch bank to the wrong department. I get cut off, I hear music and then Tammy calls back and says that she is on the phone with someon named brandon and that he says that my branch bank will issue the letter I just have to go back in and ask them to write a letter. I told her it was too late to go to the bank and that they were not going to issue the letter. They already told me that. Then Tammy tells me that if they do not issue the letter, I need to threaten to move my accounts to a new bank. Then they will do what I want them to do. I told her that I wasn’t not going to change banks, I didn’t have the desire to do that and my bank wasn’t doing anything wrong. I never ever got to talk to Brandon because I was cut off shortly after I was transferred to him by Tammy. Tammy had to get off the line because Brandon Claimed that he would not talk to me if the conversation was being recorded, by Tammy. When Tammy hung up, I was disconnected from Brandon. I did not hvae his number and I couldn’t call him back. I called Tammy to get his number. She didn’t have it. She couldn’t tell me how to get in touch with him or what department he was with. So I tell Tammy that I will go to the bank tomorrow and ask for the letter but they are not going to give it to me and I am not going to switch banks. I then tell her that I would prefer it if they just send me a check for the 2000 because I cannot tolerate the song and dance I am getting. I spent 9 hours on this today. ( hours of running back and forth to my bank, calling my bank, calling ignite and first data and still nothing. The only thing that I got our of anyone today was this. There is no hold on my bank. Even Tammy admitted that if Ignite/First Data desosited the 2000 it would not be blocked or rejected. She also admitted that if Ignite /First Data debited by account, it too would be honored by my bank. And, finally, Tammy admitted that it was Ignite/First Data that had issued the hold and blocked any more transactions from being processed, but they had to because it was against the law for them to deposit or withdraw any money from my account at this point.
    I asked what law, she said the contract and I said what contract, and she said my contract. She claimed “they” were required to follow the law between my bank and First Data. I asked who they were, she said it was the contract. How a contract is a they I don’t know. So I said to her, after she made all sorts of offers to return service fees, cut my current rates in 1/2 and everything else but put the dam money into my account, the only reason that the money isn’t being deposited into my account is that Ignite/First Data won’t do it. Right? She agreed. And when I asked her why, she explained that she needed a letter to lift the hold that Ignite/First Data had put on my account. I asked her why, she said it was to protect them from my bank coming after them for continuing to make transactions with my account after I had claimed one of them was unauthorized. Even though, she knew, the bank knew and I knew and I had admiited 1000 times why I had ordered a stop payment on the 780.00 , and the had reversed the charge back anyway, so we were even, she would not deposit the money. And every time that I said well then just send me a check, she would start to make other offers and ways to fix it, except putting the 2000 into my account. I personally feel that they are doing this intentionally because I had to audacity to circumvent their 10 day long dispute resolution process and go directly to the source to get my money back. Then I did it again, by not letting them take it out when they submitted a debit for more than the amount of the charge back without even and number of name of who was taking the money out. And I figure that they want the letter from the bank so that if the want to debit my account in the future they can just take out any damn amount they want without me being able to claim that it was unauthorized. Austensibly, if my bank did issue that letter, Ignite/First Data could put the 2000 in and then immediately debit my account for 50,000 and I wouldn’t be able to stop it or object to it. Ignite First Data would have unlimited and unfettered discretion to take anything they wanted to, whether it was correct or proper, and I could do nothing to stop them, except file a complaint and go through protracted litigation over the matter. So, at this point, if the money isn’t in my account by noon tomorrow, I will be asking for a criminal investigation because I believe that they have wrongfully converted money that was mine and are refusing to return it to me. I hope that the Feds file a RICO charge against them as well. Given the stealth at which they tell stories and give a great song and dance, I suspect that this isn’t the first time that they have done this. In fact Tammy admitted that they get letters from other banks all the time and that my bank is lying to me when they tell me that they cannot issue that type of letter. Oh, the other song and dance that Tammy gave me was that she was going to make sure that the money was in my account tommorrow and if she couldn’t do it she would talk to the original saleperson who set me up with the account and he could pull some clout and make it happen. So I googled that guy and he hasn’t even worked for Ignite First Data for over 2 years. He works for Oracle now. This is truly ciminal in my opinion.

    • I am going now on day five of the research department telling me that I have to go through this archaic process to get my money back. They put my batch of $11,000 into a defunct account and acknowledge that they made a mistake and that they’re working hard to give me my money back and explain to them that I have no money to pay employees buy groceries etc. etc.
      And all they keep telling me is the same thing and to call back the next day and here I am on the five. Is there a legal department or is there something that I can do or have my attorney call? I’m at my wits end.

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