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Updated 1/30/2019: The IRN Payment Systems website appears to have been inactive since May 2016, and it seems likely that the IRN Payment Systems brand is no longer active. There is some evidence that the company's owners have founded a new credit card processing company named ePayment Services, but we are unable to locate any information about ePayment Services at this time. If you have any knowledge of the current status of IRN Payment Systems (including any DBAs or rebrandings), please share that information in the comment section below this review.

IRN Payment Systems ( is a small merchant account provider located in Westbury, New York, that claims to have been in business since 1988. Merchant reports commonly link “IRN Payment Systems” or “IRN Payments” with a company called “National Bureau of Merchant Services” (NBMS). On April 9, 2014, we were contacted by Jennifer Portillo, a representative of a company called Internal Resource Network. She stated that Internal Resource Network and the National Bureau of Merchant Services are two separate companies, that Internal Resource Network is not owned by Michael or Suzanne Salman (the owners of NBMS), and that Internal Resource Network is based in New York. It is possible that the IRN Payment Systems described in this review is a different company than the Internal Resource Network represented by Jennifer Portillo, but both companies are based in New York and have been linked to NBMS in merchant complaints.

In any case, numerous online complaints and other consumer protection websites posit some kind of link between NBMS and Internal Resource Network, so the exact relationship between the two companies remains unclear at this time. It is also unclear whether and to what extent Internal Resource Network and IRN Payment Systems are related. A representative of NBMS has posted in the comment section of this review stating that NBMS formerly had a business relationship with “IRN Payments,” but since there are no payment processing companies by the name of IRN Payments, it's hard to know which company this representative was referring to. In general, it has been exceedingly difficult to obtain any clear explanation of the relationships that may or may not exist between these entities. This review has therefore been written under the assumption that IRN Payment Systems is not the same company as Internal Resource Network, but that both IRN Payment Systems and Internal Resource Network are presently or formerly affiliated with NBMS.

In June 2014, IRN Payment Systems settled with the Federal Trade Commission for more than $1 million following charges that the company knowingly assisted a credit card interest rate reduction scam that ripped off consumers for more than $10 million.

IRN Payment Systems appears to be an ISO/MSP of either First California Bank of Westlake Village, California, or Bancorp Bank of Wilmington, Delaware. Amedeo Sgueglia is listed as the president of IRN Payment Systems.

IRN Payment Systems Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 40 Plus
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

There are currently over 40 IRN Payment Systems complaints online, and another 30 name both IRN and NBMS. IRN Payment Systems earns a low grade in this section not because of the number of complaints but because of the content of the complaints, most of which can be found in the comment section below. Nearly all of the complaints we located were posted in 2011 or later. There are almost no complaints filed publicly before 2011. Several of the complaints report cancellation fees that cost $1,000 or more. One merchant reported that he was told that if he retracted his complaint and announced that IRN is refunding his cancellation fee that they would refund it. The merchant then retracted the complaint and a few months later reported that IRN still had not refunded the fee.

The company’s executive vice president of operations claims that these are isolated incidents and that IRN rarely enforces such high cancellation fees. It should be noted IRN’s contract gives its agents the ability to enforce a Liquidated Damages claim if they choose to do so, which is a large factor lowering the company’s score in the contract section of this review. We consider a Liquidated Damages cancellation clause to be a deceptive “fine print” marketing tactic because it is easily missed by both seasoned and inexperienced merchants, and allows providers to charge exorbitant cancellation fees.

Several merchants also reported that an IRN representative quoted much lower fees to get them to switch, only to find that their fees were much higher than their original provider once they began processing. Additionally, others claimed to be charged high monthly fees for equipment. In nearly all reviews, merchants reported poor customer support that was difficult to reach.

We will continue to monitor IRN’s complaints and policy changes and update this review accordingly.

IRN Payment Systems Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 8
Billing & Collection Complaints 12
Advertising & Sales Complaints 2
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

IRN Payments Systems is not accredited with the Better Business Bureau. As of this review, the BBB is reporting an “F” rating with 22 complaints filed in the last 36 months. Of these complaints, all but two are regarding service or billing issues, and only four were satisfactorily resolved. Four complaints received no response whatsoever from IRN. The company also has one negative review posted to its BBB profile, although it should be noted that these reviews are not subject to verification by the BBB.

The BBB has also included a notice regarding a June 2014 FTC settlement in which IRN Payment Systems forfeited $1.1 million for “knowingly assist[ing] and facilitat[ing] a credit card interest rate reduction scam that bilked tens of thousands of consumers out of a total of nearly $10 million.” IRN did not conduct the telemarketing scam in this settlement, but it did process payments for the scammers. Based on IRN’s complaint count, resolution ratio, and FTC proceedings, we agree with the BBB’s rating.

IRN Payment Systems Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee $295 Plus
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

A few dissatisfied merchants have reported that IRN Payment Systems has a 4-year auto-renewing contract with a cancellation fee of around $1000; however, we were contacted by James Marchese (IRN’s Executive Vice President) who stated that the agreement is a one year auto-renewing term with a Liquidated Damages cancellation fee. Marchese also claimed that the company rarely enforces the full cancellation fee and that terms are negotiable prior to account setup. Other merchant reviews have reported early termination fees ranging from $400 to over $2,000 that are automatically deducted from a merchant’s attached checking account. If you have experienced a cancellation fee with IRN, please leave a review in the comment section below letting us know how much you were charged.

Aside from the cancellation fee, a few merchants reported receiving higher-than-quoted processing rates and monthly fees, as well as broken promises that another provider’s cancellation fee would be reimbursed if the merchant switched to IRN. It is undetermined whether the company charges an annual or monthly PCI Compliance Fee. Please let us know if you have experienced such a fee.

IRN Payment Systems Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

The IRN Payment Systems website does not appear to use any misleading advertising; however, the National Bureau of Merchant Services is currently operating one of the most deceptive websites in the industry. NBMS, which also refers to itself as the Merchant Services Bureau, is an organization that appears to present itself as some kind of consumer protection agency, going so far as to offer a seal of approval to “qualified” merchant services providers and use a “.org” domain. Interestingly, the only website we have located with the NBMS seal of approval is the Internal Resource Network website ( NBMS’s claim that it is not a merchant services provider is directly contradicted by merchant complaints, and IRN Payment System’s apparent association with the company is greatly responsible for its low grade in this category.

Setting aside the NBMS connection, however, there are dozens of negative reviews in the comment section below that cite deceptive sales tactics by IRN Payment Systems sales agents. It appears that the company hires independently contracted agents, a strategy that often leads to merchant grievances. Merchants specifically cite nondisclosure of the company’s cancellation fee and deceptively quoted rates.

Our IRN Payment Systems Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

IRN Payment Systems rates very poorly as a merchant services provider due to its sales practices, contract terms, and possible affiliation with the National Bureau of Merchant Services. IRN Payment Systems can greatly improve its overall rating in this review by removing the automatic renewal and Liquidated Damages clauses from its merchant account agreement as well as by removing any cancellation fees that may take its place. Additionally, reduction or elimination of future merchant complaints will also help the company’s rating. Merchants are advised to carefully read IRN’s merchant account agreement prior to signing up with the company.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did IRN Payment Systems Treat You?

50 User Reviews

  • John Street

    Terrible, just terrible. I have used them for about 4 years or so. I do my transactions via touch-tone – I’m a “mobile” business and it’s just easier than toting a terminal.

    Here are the most recent transgressions that have now lead me to go elsewhere:

    1. The last 3 years I’ve been assessed a $79 annual “terminal fee” even though I have no terminal. The last 2 years I had to call them to get this returned. THIS year I set myself a reminder of the problem and call them a month in advance. I was assured it wouldn’t happen. Guess what, it still happened.
    2. When I noted the above I called. It takes them ten days – TEN DAYS – to process that return and get it back in my account. But when they charge my monthly fees, it’s within the first 3 days of the month; THAT doesn’t seem to take TEN DAYS.
    3. Routine transactions take SEVEN DAYS to arrive in my account.
    4. Their on-line report system from time to time comes out inaccurate, not showing the individual fees per transaction which leads to the “Net deposit” not matching what is actually deposited and showing on my bank statement for reconciliation. When this happens I have to call and request a corrected email copy. I have now been waiting a week for the corrected copy. Call to customer service indicates they have had an on-gong problem with reports for at least TWO MONTHS. At this point I am going to have to resort to guesswork to reconcile my accounts.
    5. On my THIRD call to try to get the corrected copy (I wasn’t told about the 2 month problem until my 4th call) I requested to talk to a supervisor. One was not available. I requested a callback. Didn’t happen.


    1. Processing times are unforgivably long.
    2. Customer service is abysmal.
    3. Monthly reports are useless.

  • Annie Michels

    I haven’t been a member for a year now and they keep taking 27 bucks out of my account every month even though I have emailed an called them multiple times to have them stop. So I wouldn’t recommend them unless you want to get ripped off

  • mike brower

    using them for years, don’t pay much attention but my machine died and so I called them. Told em about the terminal, and that I was using a Square in the meantime. They got flustered and promised to call me back…no call yet. Not even close to the kind of customer service I expect. We’ll see what next week holds. I had no idea of all these bad reviews! Now I’m scared.

    • Mike Brower

      they just took $82 from my account without having any transactions processed. Their machine quit working over a year ago. They no longer have a phone number. They are a criminal gang, and need federal prosecution bcuz interstate commerce/fraud. what can an honest business do?

  • Donald Schwartz

    Don’t do business with them they they are a very dishonest company I finally got out of their contract and they reported me not turning back the equipment that they leave me out me on my credit report do not do any business with this company

  • Rich Powers

    In October to be chip compliant we had to switch our credit processing to our bank and upgrade to a POS machine that accepted the chip cards. ( I had no idea that i was suckered into a 4 year contract with IRN) After we did that then and only then did IRN contact us regarding upgrading the the machine…. a little too late on their end. When I told them i would need to cancel the service it was then i found out I had a few months more on our current processor. ThinkingI would only have to pay the minimum processing fees of about $25 I figured it best to just pay those and submit the cancellation request for the end of my term. I 1 month after we cancelled IRN called me today and demanded early cancellation penalty of almost $1200. They reminded me had a 4 year contract with them. I had thought it was only 2 and I was past that. I was beyond angry. I negotiated a payment of just over $600 and i feel totally ripped off. I was under the understanding that i would have to pay a minimum payment of $25 for processing fees and that was all. which they did take out of my bank. then they hit me with the Huge bill after we fulfilled our term. Deceptive practices seems to be their motto. Threatened with collection services. Avoid this company like the plague!

  • steve

    they never told me about $1000 cancellation fee and auto renewal , they tried to deduct $1000 but i had it reversed by my bank as i caught it right away . They then proceeded to add a negative to my credit report . They are bad people as no one ever said anything about this as i had 4 months remaining on my account and could have just kept it open and paid minimum monthly fee to end of contract which would at best cost me $100 so where do these sum bags get off with trying to collect $1000 in damages any one using them should change right away

  • L. Tran

    After 6+ years of having service with IRN, was charged $295 upon cancellation (today). After reading some rebuttals from actual credit processing co. owners, I can understand having to charge a nominal fee should someone cancel within the 4 year period but to make it an automatic renewal with the same $$ penalty lacks complete integrity. I see the potential for a class action lawsuit here.

  • Paul Mottola

    I contracted with IRN Payment Systems in 2009 to provide merchant services (credit card processing). After completing my first transaction I noticed the fees were higher than what i contracted. When I contact IRN I was told that because the transaction involved a “federal government” credit card the fees were higher. I paid the fees and then immediately cancelled my account. I was then charged an $830 cancellation fee! When I called to inquire why I was being charged a cancellation fee when there was no mention of a cancellation fee in my contract, the customer service person said it was on page five. My contract only had four pages! This fraudulent “collection” remains on my credit report to this day. When I called IRN back and requested to speak to a supervisor, the supervisor yelled at me for cancelling the account. When I told him I was not going to pay the cancellation fee, he cursed at me! I filed a complaint with the State Attorney General. I would caution anyone from doing business with this company.

  • zeb

    I was promised that this company was the best out here (IRN Payments) and I was going to use it for both of my businesses well the one business was suppose to have my price sheet sent to it.. That didn’t happen and my cost to have them would be way less then what I was paying that didn’t happen. I was with IRN for 5 yrs I have been unsatisfied for as long as I been with them. I called in 3 yrs ago to ask when my contract is up they told me Nov of 2011 so I waited.. On Christmas the last 2 year I noticed that my funds was not hitting my account right so I called them to ask when is my contact up again this time they told me Feb 2015. I was so happy to be done. I went to my bank to make sure they didn’t take any money out my account well come to find out they did $32 … When I went back to the bank I seen that they had taking $295 out of account. I immediately called and ask why that amount was taking out they said I had 10 months left I said how is that when I called in to see when my contract was up they told me Feb 2015 and all I have to do is send a letter in and it was be taking care of the woman I spoke with told me that was not right and I need to get the person I talked to cause no one there would not tell me that cause I needed to put 60 days in before they would cancel me. I gave her the man’s name and she trasfered me to his desk where I left a message that’s was Fri 4th of April now it’s the 7th of April sill no one has called me back… this company will go down cause you can’t keep doing wrong to people and it don’t come back to bit thanks for everything IRN I’ll see you on the other side of our money!

  • Amy

    I was with IRN for 12 years. I closed my account in January. I closed my bank account the same day. They already withdrew the annual fee. They are still trying to withdraw funds from my closed account. Now they have turned me over to a collection agency for payment of the cancellation fee. They said that I ignored their requests for payment, they never tried to contact me, they just tried to withdraw funds electronically. For me when you don’t use something, you should not have to pay for it. They already took the annual fee, I guess that was not enough for these bloodsuckers! Reading some of the other comments, this is their common practice. This company IRN is a criminal organization, the goverment should investigate them. IRN stands for International Rip-off Network.

  • Peter

    This is the most unprofessional organization I have encountered in 60 yrs. of business.They continue to withdraw funds on closed accounts and when confronted you are put on hold for a half an hour only to be told one excuse after another to justify themselves.In my case it was handled in a totally unprofessional manner.When I asked them to call their service department to confirm receipt of their equipment they refused citing that I needed to provide proof when a simple phone call on their behalf to a sector in their company could have resolved the issue. The business community needs to be aware of the PREDATORS that take advantage of honest business’s.They need to be shut down and put in their places.I will never recommend this company to any of my business associates.Beware you have been warned.Move on.Sincerely Peter

  • Pamela

    This company was terrible!!! They overcharge for their services and when you stop service from them early they auto deduct from your checking account and outrageous fee. I used them for 2 years then went back to my own bank for credit card processing for about half of what they were charging. After I notified them I was dropping their service (I truly thought my contract with them was up), they informed me that I owned them $553.50. I complained and they said they would reduce this fee to $450 (we will see when my bank statement shows up). My own bank did not charge me anything to switch back and I even received a new credit card machine since my was very old. IRN didn’t give me a machine, I had been using the one that the bank gave me several years ago.

    Looking at others reviews of this company I see no one has been happy! So please learn from others lessons and avoid this company!!!

  • (NBMS Public Relations)

    To: Whom It May Concern,

    We want to apologize first of all for all the issues that Merchants have had in reference to the cancellation fees. Anyone in the Merchant Service industry will tell you that it costs a lot of time and money to acquire business. Just like in any business time is money. NBMS had a business relationship with IRN PAYMENTS. IRN PAYMENTS was paid to bill, process and service the clients of NBMS. NBMS never asked businesses for any upfront costs, fees or such. It takes NBMS over 2 years to recoup the money spent on acquiring a merchant. This is due to the low rates we provide our merchants on our Interchange plus programs. A client is then asked to sign a 48 month agreement. This will allow NBMS to recoup monies and stay in business for the future. NBMS alone provides the free equipment, pays ETF fees and other up front costs and does not get help from IRN or it’s other partners. When a client cancels prior to the 48 months there is a cancellation fee and the business then becomes responsible for the set-ups and such. The cancellation fee started by IRN at $1000 and then dropped to $495 and are now $395. We applaud IRN PAYMENTS for decreasing such but the problem occurs when IRN does not inform a cancelling businesses that there are other fees by NBMS that they may be liable for. IRN PAYMENTS have been contacted by us and our attorneys a couple of times informing them that it is a duty and obligation to disclose this information to the clients. When a Business is not informed of the full fees and costs, there is nothing but disputes and bad reviews. We have never had a problem adjusting rates, providing equipment or making sure a client stays happy. We serve 1000’s of merchants who are very happy with our services. Again the problem occurs when there is no disclosure. While we have other partners this issue with cancellation is ONLY FOUND with IRN PAYMENTS. Our attorneys in Arizona and New York are in the process of working with IRN PAYMENTS to help avoid this problem. We are more than positive that both companies will be able to solve this issue. Thank you for your time.

    • Steve

      In response to your apology I would like to say that just doing business with IRN makes you guilty by association. Why don’t you just cut all ties with a company that is fraudulently getting customers to sign up based on false promises and then charging them for cancelling when those promises aren’t met. I know it costs money to run a business and as a businessman I understand that those costs need to be covered but not at the expense of the people trying to use your services based on what was promised. There are many companies out there that will not charge for early termination or make you sign a 48 month agreement or any term agreement , and will give you the terminals for free which IRN charges $300.00 each for. Unfortunately I learned the hard way by trusting that IRN would do business correctly as many other people have also learned. So as far as I am concerned an apology is not enough to satisfy me. You are guilty by association of doing business with these people. If you would like to correct the problem, stop doing business with them and taking working peoples’ hard earned money.

  • Greg Nelson

    I switched cc processing services to IRN after IRN compared a statement from my previous provider and promised a savings of approximately 50 dollars per month over my current provider. The area of savings was on bank card purchases which were about 75 percent of my average monthly transaction of 10,000 dollars. I was averaging fees from my old processor totaling about 2.5% of sales, so I expected IRN to come in around 2% of sales monthly. They also told me I could use my existing terminal. I was quite disappointed with IRN. After I signed up I had to purchase a new terminal for 300 dollars after I was told I would not have to. Over the 3 months I used services, I never achieved the 2% level for their fees I was promised. It was actually probably more than my previous provider. Also, after serviced started, I was shocked when my deposits into my bank account occur after 2 days and not on a next day basis as i was used to with my previous provider. January 1st, I switched back to my old provider. I sent IRN a discontinue of services request at that time. Today, a VERY rude man called and informed me of a 948.50 fee that will debit from my account for early termination. I told him he did not save me money as promised so he broke his side of the deal. Of course this comment fell on deaf ears. I feel they hit you with several other undisclosed fees. The rude man did give me the exact amount to be debited and with this info I called my bank in hopes of a stop payment. (must have exact amount for a stop payment). I am sure this won’t be the last time I have to deal with these rude people. I wish I had reviewed this site before I signed on with them. Anyways, IRN Bad. I’d say scammers. They shouldn’t be able to get away with this and take money from business bank accounts. Greg

  • Marti Settle

    I am sick and tired of making trips to the bank to stop this company from drafting money out of my account. I sold my business June 1, 2013. I also cancelled my IRN merchant banking service. First they tried to hit me with a $400 early cancellation fee. I found my countract and found where the sales rep had put an addendum to my account that their would be now early cancellation fee if I sold my business. Trouble is the sales rep did not give the final draft of our contract. When I faxed it to them they agreed to cancel my account with no cancellation fee. However, now comes some unknown company called NMBS trying to take 131.12 out of my remaing balance every month. Twice I have had to drive to the bank to have this amount reversed and the overcharge charges removed. Tomorrow I will have to go back to the bank. This time I will have to close the account. I had hoped to keep the account open until all final taxes and any payments were made. I am 70. My sister is dying and this is my Christmas gift from these criminals.

  • Dissatisfied

    Early termination NOT part of the contract. In addition, the fees on the signed contract are different than they charge. Extra fees not in the contract are also billed. Promises of refunds arent met until a dozen phone calls and a run around for months. Most people probably give up by then. I know others who used IRN as well and ALL have the same story. Honestly, they need to be sued.

  • Sharon Shediack

    IRN cleaned out my bank account on termination in the amount of $495.00. They told me they would refund the money if I provided proof the company was closed. I did. They didn’t. Call them a couple times and week and they are still “working” on it ten months later. Anyone know if there is any recourse?

  • Saralynn Turner

    I have been sent 3 different faulty credit card processing machines. I just paid $495 penalty to cancel 20JUN13 on a contract that expires May 2014. I have been charged $51.50 monthly for the last 2.5 years during which I was unable to use their service due to so many equipment problems. As a small business owner, I simply do not have the time to deal with such a time consuming and ineffective company.

  • The Muscle Factory

    The people at IRN are quick to make promises (they said they would cover the cancellation fee from our prior service, but did not) and even quicker to forget them (Three years later still not reimbursed for the fee), they are also adept at guiding you away from information that may make you think twice until after you have signed. When my wife signed up she was unaware of the long term contract, she was told we could cancel at anytime but never informed that cancellation came with a $1000 fee. She was also not told that it had to be submitted in writing or that your cancellation request has to be in a 30 window prior to the renewal date or it auto renews (tried to cancel 90 days out and they wouldn’t accept because it was to early). We considered using another company and just waiting for our contract to come due and cancel, but if you don’t process any charges through them they still hit you with all the fees as well as a $25 fee for not processing enough charges. They get you coming and going.

  • Linda Martin

    I cancelled with IRN a over a year ago and now National Bureau of Merchant Services is taking money out of my account for their set up fees. They are calling me at home threatening to turn me in to a collection agency. I will continue to fight them, I work hard for my money and using IRN has already been a very costly experience.. My advice to anyone considering them as a processor BEWARE!

  • Ron Boyer

    I cancelled my account with IRN after 12 years. They charged me an early termination fee of $495. I called to find out why. Basically they said that it does not matter when you cancel your going to get charged. I’m going to my bank and see if I can contest it though.
    Ron Boyer

  • Steve

    Adding to my previous post dated November 19th, 2012. There is only one way to deal with IRN Payment Systems and National Bureau of Merchant Services if you would like to cancel your service. Your best bet is to close your bank account before you cancel their service. Once you have changed accounts then call and cancel and let them sue you for the fee. They won’t do it because of the way they practice business. If you keep the same account, they will take your hard earned money for doing nothing.
    According to my bank representative you can not stop them from taking it. You can only stop a certain dollar amount from being taken. They will just change the amount and take your money from you anyway. Their goal is to get your money. I know it sounds like a pain but please learn from my experience of losing $1000.00 to these companies.
    If you don’t believe me also search the web and see how their board members are being indicted with charges of fraud ,theft, forgery, and perjury in a case of collecting medical benefits they weren’t entitled to. Medical benefits meant for the poor. To make it worse he is also a pastor. Obviously this company was set up based on the morals of its board members.

  • Peter VonStetina

    When I attempted to cancel my service I was told my contract automatically renewed and I would have to pay a $400 cancellation fee. I asked for a copy of the contract and was told by the representative that it would be mailed to me. That was three weeks ago and I have yet to receive a copy of my contract.

  • Sharon Tugman

    IRN Payment Services just charged our small business $495. We have been contracted with them for over 10 years and just recently canceled our service. We phoned in to cancel our service and even then provided no warning of this cancellation fee and waited about a month since our cancellation to charge this fee. They take this fee out of nowhere and completely blindside you. When you contact them about this exorbitant fee, customer service tells you how lucky you are that it isn’t higher. IRN Payment Services does not care about their customers and only cares about their bottom line.

  • CHartmann

    We changed our credit card payment provider and were charged $315 for cancellation per IRN. We disputed the fees, but Ray Thomas explained we were notified of the fees when I called prior to cancellation….but we were NOT. A phone call was to be returned, but not received as of 1-9-13. I reviewed my original contract from11-6-2007. Terms are for 1 year, with renewal each year. No mention of cancellation fees.

  • Steve

    I signed with IRN a year and a half ago. They cold called us and promised to lower our rates and give us a savings guarantee from our previous processor. They faxed us a comparison and showed a savings of over $200.00 a month. They also sold us 2 processing machines @ $299.00 each.

    After they started processing our credit cards and I got the monthly bill for a couple of months I noticed that their charges were about $300.00 more than the previous processor. I made several calls with messages to speak with the sales representative that sold us the service and she never called us back ever. Finally after calling relentlessly on a daily basis I was given the personal cell phone number of a regional manager by a person working there. The regional manager was not happy that this number was given out and asked me to call him on his other number. He actually helped lower the rate after several more phone calls to his personal number after I never received calls back about the situation.
    The monthly fees were still higher than what I had paid previously and all they kept telling me was that it was the interchange fees that made it higher. I kept them for about a year and finally changed processors again to a company that actually did what they promised. I called to cancel their service and was told that there would be a cancellation fee of $495.00. I argued that they promised to lower my fees and offered a savings guarantee which never happened which got me nowhere. I left messages afterwards which never got returned. So I called one last time to the regional manager on his personal cell phone number and he promised to look into it and negotiate the cancellation fee down. He gave me his email address to send the information to him to look into. Well after the phone call I immediately tried to send the email and guess what, invalid email address. The end result was them taking $495.00 out of my checking account with no written notice to me.

    This company does not know what customer service is. They have been one of the worst to deal with since I have been in business. If anyone cold calls you with the name IRN Payment Services or National Bureau of Merchant Services and claims they can save you money on your credit card processing services, please learn from my experience and hang up the phone immediately. There are many other reputable companies out there that will earn their money honestly and give you a fair deal.

    • Steve

      To add to my review of IRN Payment Systems, I was balancing my checkbook and saw a withdrawal with a check number 9999 for $553.50. No other information given on the withdrawal. So I went to the bank to find out what it was for and low and behold it was National Bureau of Merchant Services. They debited my account with no written notice to me whatsoever. When I called them to find out what the charge was for they explained that it was for the setup fees that they had waived initially because I didn’t complete my 4 year contract.
      Now remember that IRN and National Bureau of Merchant Services work together to get you signed up for your credit card processing. They do this to get more money out of you when you cancel your contract. So officially I am out $1048.50 because of them not fulfilling their saving guarantee and their lack of customer service and their inability to remedy the problem without me spending days on the phone harassing them to do what they promised.
      Other companies set up and program your machines for free. Other companies also WILL save you money and sign you up with no contract terms. And other companies WILL NOT charge you a cancellation fee for cancelling your processing with that company.

  • RT

    I have been using IRN for over 5 years without any issues. A year or 2 ago I got an estimate of charges from another provider and IRN beat their fee’s for me to stay with them. They told me if I ever get a lower rate offer to tell them and they will match it.
    I had a customer refuse to pay once last year and IRN paid me even though they didnt have to, just to keep my business. Thats very good service.
    Overall they have done a good job.

      • RT

        Just came across a review I left in 2012 and see you want verification. Everything I wrote is true and is still true today. I get excellent, timely service from this company. The tech support is outstanding.
        My company is Arteez Enterprises Inc in the Tampa, FL area.
        I’m curious Phillip Parker, do you ask those who left a negative review for the same verification you requested from me?

  • Elaine Megrew

    This took place in 2009. Sadly I am still affected by how easily I was taken by a good salesman and feel I should share my experience with others. Back then there were two addresses Phoenix and Westbury, NY.

    I contracted with IRN Payment System and only had 4 months left to my 4 year contract which was to hold my rate for 4 years. I notified them I was switching Merchant Services and they offered that I could pay $25 a month to keep my contract going while I was using another merchant service and I agreed. My business is seasonal and I was a few months behind on balancing my check book…I was shocked to find a $1000 fee taken out of my account. I re-read my contract and could not find this fee any where. My bank told me I was to late to fight it through them and IRN said their hands were tied due to me mailing my letter to more than one address stating I was switching services. The letter I sent was due to all the original phone numbers were not being answered! Be careful they have access to your checking account.

  • LW

    I signed on with this company after meeting the former ballplayer at an event. The former Met is legendary Met Ed Kranepool. I got 2 machines and we started to use them in one office for a few months and then we switched offices and had trouble hooking up the machine. We did not use the machines for a few months, but we were still charged the monthly service fee. Then we get a few calls for Mr Ed and then a followup call from his partner Mike Rievzio, who claims to be an ex New York Islander. He harasses and threatens my secretary and that we stole his machines, had some other company come in and reporgram them and he’s coming over in 10 minutes “to rip them out of them walls”. I caled and left mr Kranepool a nice message withiun an hour and that they can come pick up the machines. The next day they just decide to withdraw $2000 from my account. Pure crooks!!!!! No class.

  • Chris McManus

    Please do not use this company. I unwittingly changed from a perfectly good processing company to this company because one of their representatives, a former ball player, helped out a friend with a softball tournament.. Their processing at the terminal was alarmingly slow..I own a restaurant and charges must be closed out with tips added. The company for the first 2 weeks continually closed out the charges at 3 am every night . Therefore I was unable to add the tips to the charges because they were already closed. I had to manually put the tips in as an additional charge. By the time I got the account numbers I was too embarrassed to charge my good customers, 2-3 weeks later, for the tips they left and i’m sure a lot of them would have questioned this charge. I was with the company for over 2 years and when I finally left them last year they deducted $1000.00 from my bank account. Terrible service,. slow machines and nasty representatives on the phone. Please stay away!

  • Don Bloebaum

    I signed up with IRN May of 2011, before I switch our termial over I decided to google them found all these bad reviews on them. I cancelled right away. Never did use there service, They charged me a 117.00 one time fee, so they said. May 2012 they charged my account again 117.00. Put a stop payment. Got a call from some guy named Robert Tomas he left a message wanting to talk to me. Haven ‘t had a chance to talk to him. Does anybody know if there is any class action suite agaist this company? I had a contract with them maybe 10 days. By law should have been able to back out without any charges.

  • Linda Martin

    I had a terrible experience with this processor. I was told they would be cheaper and then was charged a considerable amount more. The phone number I was given to discuss this matter was always answered with voice mail and no one would ever return my messages. Last week I finally recieved a call back, almost four weeks after I left the last message. However it was the first time someone did return a call. The lady that gave me the bid and the supervisor handling the contract were extremely nice and helpful, then after I signed the contract it all changed. I would certainly not recommend IRN. Even though it cost me a lot for early cancellation, I’m still better off since they were charging so much more than I’m paying now.

  • Over It

    IRN debited my account and extra $225 this month, I called the number on my monthly statement and it brought me to global something or other, so the number on their statements is wrong right off the bat. After a lot of aggravation and digging on my own for another number, I finally got in touch with the correct “customer service”, and I was told it was an equipment charge. I said I didnt order any equipment. They said it shipped last month and it was delivered. I said I dont care what it says, I never ordered any equipment, and I never received any equipment, YOU made a mistake, fix it. They refused to remove the charge from my account and said they will call me back when they have more information and hung up. Are you kidding me?? These fools have 20 mins or I’m filing complaints up the a$$ and contacting the attorney general too. I’m sick of there games.

  • M. Powell

    IRN. Does not honor their part of their part of the contract yet they quote the contract often when they have to issue a refund of any type. They increased fees, and since the service require automatic debits they withdraw the funds and the merchant has no options in the matter. There customer care reps are rude and the supevisor speaks to merchants as though we are children and when I told her that we cannot both speak at the same time and I insisted on been able to speak some how the the call was dropped.

    Another fraudulent practice I experience was, early every year I was hit with a 55.00 annual account fee, this started after a couple of years with the service, that fee was not on my contract yet every year is happened and I would have to call and have to convince them that it was not on my contract, it usually took them a couple of months to give me a refund.

    My contract only addional fee other than my transaction fee and percentage of the transaction was a 5.00 statement fee, which increased over the years to 16.00 a month, and recently to over 20.00 every three months. None of those fees are on my contract yet IRN debit these fees to my bank account. Today I called to cancel the contract and they are charging for the whole month although I called prior to the date that the account is debited and they refuse to issue a credit or refund for a month of service that will not be rendered. M. Powell

  • Geoffrey Boutros

    My name is Geoffrey Boutros. I am the president and co-owner of GR Purchasing LLC in Florida. I have been using IRN for credit card processing for 18 months. Most of my clients pay us via wire transfer or check. Once every 6 weeks, a client will ask me to charge the purchase to a credit card. Every time I pass a credit card, it gets approved, then it goes to risk assessment and I have to fight with risk assessment to get paid. They even call my clients to verify the purchase. I lost a client because IRN called them, was very rude, and harassed them about the credit card purchase they made with my company. Last week a client came to my warehouse. He made a purchase for $5433.50. He gave me his credit card. I followed the instructions that IRN gave me (key in the credit card and do not swipe it because my account is not set up for swiping). The credit card was approved on the machine. We made the delivery. Then we get a call that risk assessment is again reviewing the transaction and that they were freezing the payment again. They asked me for a copy of the invoice and all documents pertaining to the client and the transaction. I sent everything in. Then I get a call that IRN was going to keep my money for the next 6 months before they pay me. They indirectly accused me of being a thief. They told me that my company is not allowed to sell computers and because I sold computers to my client that they would not pay me. She was rude and accusatory. She was indirectly accusing me of Credit Card fraud. My client has told me that his bank has charged him for the transaction. He even paid the bill. IRN got paid by the client’s bank. But they will not pay me. When I told her that that I should have an attorney or someone of power review their practices, she told me to go ahead. She did not care because the fine print in their contract allows them to do this. She said that they have collected the money and will not pay me for 6 months. When I set up the account with IRN, they asked me about my business on the phone. I told them toys and office equipment. The lady told me that she wanted more specific than office equipment. I told her chairs, printers, ink, computers etc…. She only put chairs in the application. Now they are telling me that they have determined that my company is not allowed to sell computers and will not pay me because of this. I was very shocked. My company, GR Purchasing, is a licensed and recognized selling partner for Dell Computers, Lenovo Computers, and Cisco systems. She told me that they have determined that they will not pay me because their description of my company is just for office equipment. I told her that the computers we sell are office computers. She told me that IRN did not care and that they will not pay me. As I mentioned before she was very accusatory. When I asked if I had other options, she told me that they can credit back the client’s card but they will not pay me. I told her that the client already shipped the merchandise out. It would violate the trust that the client has in my company if I were to ask him to resubmit the payment in another way. She told me that IRN does not care. If I do not want to risk the reputation of my company by asking my client to resubmit the payment another way, then I should accept that they will not pay me for at least 6 months. In the mean time they have charged me a transaction fee and interest for the transaction that they will not pay me. They deducted the money directly from my account. They will take my money but they will not provide the service I pay them for. In short they will not pay me. My company is a small company. We have bills and and expenses. I have to pay my suppliers for the merchandise that I sold to my customer. IRN in the mean time has (for lack of a better word) has kidnapped my money. I need help.

  • Robert Brohaugh

    I signed with Orlando Sanchez in December 2009 for processing with IRN. I was approached this January by Kevin Johnson for federated payment systems processing. I was told I had to be upgraded to be PC compliant. I I told Kevin I would likely have to pay a fee to change. He responded saying he would cover any fees I incurred. I just got my bank statement not only did I get charged $1000 for canceling my last two transactions $134.50 never got credited to my account. Kevin suggested I call IRN and try to reactivate my contract with them. I now worry they have my $1000 and no incentive to help me. Also how much is Federated going to charge to leave them after 2 months?
    This is a SCAM plain & simple and all the processors are doing it. Do not change processors for any reason unless you block your account from who you leave.

  • Nick

    I began processing with IRN systems in may 2011. I began seeing unfamiliar chargs on Oct and Nov statements and questioned customer service by phone and by letter. I did not receive satisfactory explanation over phone and request to respond in writing was ignored. I had the distinct feeling this relationship would only get worst. I feel IRN vioated the terms of the agreement, and terminated my processing with them. Within a few days my account was debited for 1000.00. FRAUD!!!. I contacted my bank and put stop payment on all IRN transactions. Wish I had put StopPayment prior to terminating! I intend to file complaints with State Attorney General and US Security and Exchange Commision.

  • Rachel Davis

    As of Feb 9 2012 IRN Does charge $1000 to cancel their services. I had to cancel my service after 5 1/2 years. I asked if their was any way this fee could be reduced, that I understood that yes I cancelled their services 6 months prior to the end of my contract. I was told I was lucky that the charge was only $1000 and they were cutting me a break.I signed my contract prior tp purchasing my business and had no idea what I was getting into. I just found this charge on my bank statement today. I will have to cut my employee’s hours to make up for my mistake of trusting IRN. A small business can not take a hit like this.

  • Brian

    The largest scam company Ive ever dealt with. Signed a contract. From day one was billed a higher percentage and per transaction fee than we signed for. Also at the end of the month they hit me for huge fees on top of those which I knew nothing about contractually. Then the standard monthly fees tripled for no reason. Supposedly I am in a long term contract. Didnt know this. Cancelled my account and was charged $350 thru my bank. Had 4 months remaining supposedly on my contract and would have just paid the $12 per month instead but they never tell you anything about that. I will be filing a legal complaint against them as they are certainly not reputable

  • Flavius

    When I signed Ashley promised me, via email, that they would reimburse my $135 technical support fee, which I had to pay to my POS vendor to switch over. Twenty-something emails and one year later, no reimbursement. I called them to tell them i’m leaving for this reason and Ashley says that I must pay $1000 cancellation fee. She told me that I am unwilling to work with them.

    They will tell you anything to sign. They will not deliver. Then they will not let you go.

  • Micah

    IRN Payment systems has been telemarketing my home to try and sell me their services. They leave a message every day and mess up my name in every message. Not sure why they are telemarketing their services to my home instead of my business. They must buy really bad lists.

  • David Samples

    Their additional fees were much larger and not told by the salesman. Sure there base rates were competitive but the final bill was much larger. In contacting the business no one to talk to and no returned calls.

    They automatically deduct from your account and once they are in you can not stop them from doing so. Their bill makes no since, have stopped using their services yet my monthly deduction goes from $34.95 a month to $61.90 a month with out any usage.

    Told by the company they would stop yet they continue. My bank will not stop payment and am at wits end on what to do.

  • steven malmberg

    I spoke with an IRN customer today. He noticed that one month he did no transactions and was only charged a $10 statement fee for that month. Perhaps, rather than get hit with a $1,000 cancellation fee, merchants could just discontinue use during the automatic yearly contract extension and only have the $10 removed from their account each month for the reamining term.

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