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Updated 12/31/2018: The Realex Payments website ( redirects to Global Payments, indicating that it has been fully absorbed into the Global Payments brand and will no longer conduct business as Realex Payments. We will therefore no longer update this review. For up-to-date information on the company, please see our Global Payments review.

Founded in 2000, Realex Payments ( is a UK-based division of Global Payments that specializes in providing online and mobile merchant accounts to business in the UK and Ireland. The company operated independently until 2015, when it was acquired by Global Payments for €115 million. Realex claims to process over €35 billion per year for over 14,000 clients and is headquartered at The Observatory, 7-11 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland. Gary Conroy is the managing director of Realex Payments.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: Realex does not engage in misleading sales tactics and has not received complaints about its sales team.
  • Costs & Contract: Realex offers fixed-rate pricing for small and mid-sized merchants and custom pricing for enterprise-level businesses.
  • Complaints & Service: We have found fewer than 10 public complaints about Realex.
  • BBB Rating: Realex does not have a profile with the Better Business Bureau at this time.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Realex Payments

Realex Payments Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint N/A

We are currently able to locate two negative Realex Payments reviews, neither of which accuses the company of being a ripoff or a scam. These reviews are the only two complaints visible on the company’s Trustpilot profile, and both are related to unreachable or ineffective customer service. Given Realex Payments’s large size and time in business, this is an impressively low complaint volume. Realex’s 2015 acquisition by Global Payments does not appear to have had a negative impact on its ability to offer capable customer service, as a significant number of neutral-to-positive reviews have been posted about the company in the past few years. Realex offers phone and email support to all of its users.

Realex Payments Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

The Better Business Bureau does not currently maintain a profile for Realex Payments. We therefore will not factor a BBB rating into this review.

Realex Payments Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate N/A
Keyed-in Rate 1.75% + £0.09
Early Termination Fee None
PCI Compliance Fee None
Equipment Lease Terms None

Realex Payments offers several different payment processing products, all of which are subject to different pricing disclosures on its website. Its most prominently advertised service is its online payment gateway, which costs €29 per month and can come with an attached merchant account that charges a fixed rate of 1.75% + 9p per transaction. This payment gateway can be custom-integrated into a merchant’s website, accessed via the company’s virtual terminal software, or integrated into a third-party shopping cart that a merchant already uses. Realex’s payment gateway is also available to merchants who already have their own merchant accounts. For the first 350 transactions per month, these merchants will simply pay the €29 monthly gateway fee plus the per-transaction fees their existing provider charges. After 350 transactions, Realex will add a per-transaction fee of 12p.

Realex Payments also offers custom products and pricing for very large merchants, and even its payment gateway pricing can be customized for high volume and enterprise-scale merchants. None of Realex’s standard e-commerce products come with a long-term contract or termination fee, but its enterprise-level services may require some kind of commitment. We can’t find any complaints that mention hidden or excessive fees charged by Realex, so we will assume for the time being that most of the company’s users are satisfied with their pricing.

Realex Payments Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Realex Payments appears to primarily market its services through referral partnerships, conventional advertising, and both outbound and in-house sales teams. Although outbound callers and outside sales agents can sometimes generate complaints from merchants, we are unable to locate any Realex Payments complaints that mention the company’s sales staff. This suggests that most of Realex’s outbound sales efforts are overseen by managers or carried out by well-trained agents. Realex advertises a few of its rates and fees on its website, but there is no evidence to suggest that these costs are misleadingly quoted. In general, we see no cause for concern with Realex’s sales approach.

Our Realex Payments Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Realex Payments rates as a reliable e-commerce merchant services provider for UK businesses. The company has a low complaint total compared to its large size and offers flexible, low-cost pricing to most merchant sizes and types. We will continue to monitor merchant feedback about the company and adjust our rating as warranted.

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