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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Transparent policies. Account maintenance fee.
No early termination fees. Varied contract terms.
High client retention rate. Equipment lease lock-in (48 months).
Dedicated account managers. Potentially high swipe rates.
Offers a range of services. Non-disclosed PCI compliance fee.

An Elavon Reseller

Founded in 2001, Strategic Merchant Solutions is a merchant account provider that offers a full suite of payment options. Information on the company's website suggests that it is a reseller of Elavon merchant accounts. Its solutions range from ATMs and merchant cash advances to non-profit focused merchant accounts,  solutions, and more. According to the company's website, it serves over 100,000 merchants worldwide. It also states that it provides services to high-risk merchants.

Strategic Merchant Solutions Payment Processing

Strategic Merchant Solutions processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. Their services include POS systems, ATM machines, ACH and check processing, cash advances, EBT, gift and loyalty programs, payroll, wireless solutions, and e-commerce payments.

Strategic Merchant Solutions Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints <10
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Rates

Low Complaint Volume

Only a limited number of Strategic Merchant Solutions reviews have been identified. There is one report of a Strategic Merchant Solutions complaint concerning inconsistent fees that exceeded the rates initially presented during the merchant’s pricing consultation. Another complaint cites inadequate customer service and issues with equipment. However, there are no allegations of the company being involved in scams or fraudulent activities. If you have a Strategic Merchant Solutions review to share, we encourage you to contribute in the comments section below.

Strategic Merchant Solutions Lawsuits and Fines

We have not discovered any major class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints against Strategic Merchant Solutions. Merchants seeking non-litigious resolutions with the company are advised to consider reporting their concerns to appropriate regulatory bodies.

Strategic Merchant Solutions Customer Service Options

Strategic Merchant Solutions offers various customer support channels, including telephone support, a dedicated email address, and an automated response form. These services align with those provided by some of the top-rated merchant accounts for customer service.

Multiple Strategic Merchant Solutions customer service phone numbers are available:

(888) 614-6300 – Toll-Free Customer Support
(805) 244-9266 – Fax Line

Additionally, Strategic Merchant Solutions provides customer service through email at [email protected] and sales inquiries at [email protected]

Strategic Merchant Solutions Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 0
Billing & Collection Complaints 0
Advertising & Sales Complaints 0
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Clean Complaint Record

Strategic Merchant Solutions is not currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau. As of this review, the company has no rating with the BBB and has had 0 complaints filed against it in the last 36 months. The company does not have any informal reviews on its BBB profile either.

An “A” Performance Overall

We agree with the BBB’s rating at this time given Strategic Merchant Solution’s clean complaint record. Merchants should be aware, however, that there are reasons to be skeptical of the BBB’s reviews.

Strategic Merchant Solutions Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swipe Rate 1.00% - 4.99%
Keyed-in Rate 1.99% - 4/99%
Virtual Terminal Rate 2.05% - 4.99%
Level III Processing Rate 1.40% - 4.99%
Payment Gateway Fee Up To $25 Per Month
Payment Gateway License Up To $99
Early Termination Fee $0
PCI Compliance Fee Undisclosed
Account Maintenance Fee $20 Per Occurence
Annual Membership Fee $15
Statement Fee $10 Per Month
Equipment Lease Term 48 Month (locked)

Contract Terms Will Vary

Detailed information on Strategic Merchant Solutions’ rates or pricing structure is limited. The company, a reseller for Total Merchant Services, might adjust its rates based on the offerings from North American Bancard, Harbortouch, and Authorize.Net. For different industries, it provides varied qualified rates, as seen in the pricing schedule on its website. The specifics of transaction fees for these rates are not explicitly listed, and merchants may be subject to mid-qualified or non-qualified rates if they do not meet the criteria for qualified rates.

Since Strategic Merchant Solutions partners with Elavon, reviewing Elavon’s pricing models, which include a swipe rate of 2.65% + $0.19 and a keyed rate of 3.50% + $0.19, may offer insights into potential costs. Strategic Merchant Solutions may modify Elavon’s contract terms, potentially offering rates more favorable than Elavon’s standard charges.

The absence of early termination fees by Strategic Merchant Solutions differentiates it from Elavon, which has received criticism for such fees. However, the company does charge a $10 monthly statement fee, a $15 annual membership fee, and a $20 account maintenance fee per instance. It remains ambiguous if a PCI compliance fee is part of their contract.

Long-Term Equipment Leases From Ladco

Strategic Merchant Solutions engages Ladco Global Leasing Solutions for its equipment leases, which are typically expensive, 48-month agreements that could cost significantly more than the equipment’s value.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

Strategic Merchant Solutions provides virtual terminal and payment gateway services, starting its e-commerce transaction rates at 2.05%. The website mentions a payment gateway license fee of up to $99 and a monthly gateway fee of up to $25. Other fees, such as technical support, batch fees, and additional transaction charges, may also apply to their e-commerce solutions.

Level 2 and Level 3 Processing Services

Strategic Merchant Solutions offers Level 2 and Level 3 processing services for B2B and B2G transactions, which require more advanced payment processing technology to handle the additional data needed for these types of transactions.

An “A” Overall

Without disclosing its mid and non-qualified rates, Strategic Merchant Solutions provides a pricing schedule that offers some insight into potential contract costs. The company’s policy against early termination fees and its relatively open pricing policy contribute to an “A” rating in this category.

For more options, merchants are advised to explore our selection of the top merchant account providers.

Strategic Merchant Solutions Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Strategic Merchant Solutions Sales Tactics

Strategic Merchant Solutions hires independently contracted sales agents to market its services. This is evident from the dedicated email address the company discloses for reseller/agent inquiries. While we’ve found a Strategic Merchant Solutions review that refers to a problem with inaccurate rates in line with what was promised by a sales agent, it is unclear if that representative was an independent reseller or part of an in-house sales team. There are no other Strategic Merchant Solutions complaints that mention the company’s sales practices despite it running an affiliate program.

This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

No Misleading Quotes

To its credit, Strategic Merchant Solutions does not appear to list deceptive rate quotes in its official materials. While the company only discloses its qualified transaction rates which may not apply to all merchants, it clearly describes them as such.

Given its transparent rate structure and lack of issues with sales practices, we award Strategic Merchant Solutions an “A” in this category.

Our Strategic Merchant Solutions Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Elavon has a significant presence as a merchant account provider, widely recognized for its comprehensive services and extensive reach. However, one of the major issues merchants frequently encounter with Elavon is its costly early termination fee, which can be a significant financial burden for those who need to exit their contracts prematurely.

Strategic Merchant Solutions, as a reseller of Elavon’s services, offers a notable advantage by having the flexibility to modify Elavon’s standard terms and conditions. This is particularly beneficial as Strategic Merchant Solutions has chosen to forego the early termination fee, addressing one of the most common merchant grievances associated with Elavon. Coupled with its extensive range of services catering to various industries, this makes Strategic Merchant Solutions an attractive option for merchants. By opting for Strategic Merchant Solutions, merchants can access the robust offerings of Elavon without the risk of incurring a hefty early termination fee, thus ensuring both comprehensive service and financial peace of mind.

Location and Ownership

Strategic Merchant Solutions is located at 2985 E. Hillcrest Dr., Suite 204, Westlake Village, CA. Strategic Merchant Solutions is an ISO of Elavon which is part of U.S. Bancorp’s payment services division. Matt Litberg is listed as the owner of Strategic Merchant Solutions.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Strategic Merchant Solutions Treat You?

1 User Reviews

  • Felix Katie

    I couldn’t be happier with my experience partnering with Strategic Merchant Solutions! Their exceptional services have truly transformed my business. The seamless integration of their payment processing solutions into our operations has streamlined our transactions and significantly boosted our revenue.

    From day one, their team displayed unparalleled professionalism and expertise. They took the time to understand our unique needs and provided tailored solutions that perfectly fit our business model. What impressed me most was their commitment to ongoing support and assistance; whenever we had questions or needed help, they were just a phone call away.

    Without a doubt, Strategic Merchant Solutions has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. I highly recommend them to any business looking for top-notch payment processing solutions and dedicated customer service. They are the real deal, and I can’t imagine running my business without them!

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