BigCommerce Overview

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BigCommerce Location and Ownership

BigCommerce, also referred to as “Big Commerce” and, formerly, “InterSpire,” is an Austin, Texas-based merchant account provider specializing in e-commerce solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Like Shopify, BigCommerce offers merchants debit and credit card processing through an online shopping cart, web store creation and customization, sales analytics, marketing and SEO assistance, and inventory management. Brent Bellm is the CEO of BigCommerce, which is headquartered at 11305 Four Points Dr #300, Austin, Texas.

Integrate With Any Online Payment Gateway

The company’s preferred payments partner is Braintree/PayPal, but merchants can integrate their BigCommerce stores with payment gateways from a wide variety of other highly rated third-party processors including Apple Pay, Adyen, Amazon Pay, among others. BigCommerce can also be integrated with Square and ShopKeep for users who require point-of-sale options. The company does not offer a POS app for retail merchants at this time, making it exclusively an e-commerce solution.

BigCommerce Standout Features

Like its competitors, BigCommerce offers a huge array of website themes and an app store with numerous add-ons and plugins available. One notable feature of the company’s service is the fact that it charges no transaction fees on top of those charged through third-party processors like Authorize.Net, meaning that merchants will not pay extra if they choose not to use a Braintree/PayPal account. The company’s e-commerce features include single-page checkout, Apple Pay integration, real-time shipping quotes, and an abandoned cart saver tool. BigCommerce also prominently advertises its SEO and marketing services, which include promotions and coupons, email marketing, SEO tools, social media marketing, and multi-channel marketing.

BigCommerce Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: BigCommerce offers various monthly packages that can be paired with multiple processors and do not charge early termination fees.
  • Complaints & Service: BigCommerce has received more than 50 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: BigCommerce has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 36 complaints and 2 reviews in the last 3 years.
  • Sales & Marketing: BigCommerce does not appear to hire independent sales agents and has received very few complaints about its sales practices.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With BigCommerce
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Products & Services Offered

  • Online shopping cart
  • Online payment gateway
  • Online store builder
  • Sales analytics
  • Social media integration
  • Custom coupons and discounts

Types of Businesses Served

  • E-commerce

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BigCommerce Rates, Fees, and Costs

Key Points

Standard Plan Rate 2.90% + $0.30
Plus Plan Rate 2.50% + $0.30
Pro Plan Rate 2.20% + $0.30
Enterprise Plan Rate 2.20% + $0.30
Standard Plan $29.95 Per Month
Plus Plan $79.95 Per Month
Pro Plan $249.95 Per Month
Early Termination Fee None
PCI Compliance Fee Undisclosed
Equipment Lease Terms None

BigCommerce Monthly Pricing Plans

BigCommerce offers four service packages at varying prices. Merchants can pay $29.95/month (Standard), $79.95/month (Plus), $249.95/month (Pro), or a custom amount for merchants under the Enterprise pricing plan. Merchants can save 10% on all plans by paying for a year of service up front.

BigCommerce Pricing

BigCommerce actively promotes its merchant account pricing through Braintree and PayPal. Rates offered by Braintree are different for each respective plan like PayPal charges a flat rate of 2.90% plus $0.30 for any transaction, regardless of the plan. As for the Braintree rates, the Standard Plan charges a rate of 2.90% plus $0.30, the Plus Plan charges 2.50% plus $0.30, and the Pro Plan and Enterprise Plan each charge 2.20% plus $0.30. However, merchants are free to negotiate separate pricing through cheaper payment processors and then integrate their merchant accounts with BigCommerce. In our opinion, the increase in monthly cost from package to package is reasonably correlated with the addition of extra features. The company’s services are offered on a month-to-month basis with no cancellation fees or setup fees.

Price Increase Reports

We have located a couple of complaints posted in the past two years that state that BigCommerce has dramatically increased some merchants’ monthly fees without warning. It is unclear whether these sudden increases represent overage costs charged to specific merchants following a busy holiday season, or whether the company is tweaking its pricing for all merchants. Despite these reports, the overall merchant feedback about BigCommerce’s pricing seems to indicate that most users are satisfied with the rates and fees they pay.

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Response from BigCommerce

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BigCommerce Complaints & Customer Reviews

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 50+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Poor Service

Low-to-Moderate Complaint Total

We are currently able to find over 50 BigCommerce negative reviews online, a few of which describe the company as a ripoff or a scam. These complaints include issues with the software, sudden fee increases, poorly developed websites, unavailable or unhelpful customer service, and less SEO benefit than is advertised by the company. The complaints that specifically refer to customer service issues have been posted by merchants who found it difficult to reach a live person at BigCommerce support or receive a prompt resolution to their problems. The software and SEO complaints are evenly split between merchants and professional reviewers.

BigCommerce Lawsuits

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against BigCommerce. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

BigCommerce Support Options

BigCommerce offers phone support, email support, a community forum, and an FAQ section. BigCommerce’s customer service representatives are not active on various consumer protection websites, but they do participate in social media to a certain degree. In general, the company’s support tools outpace its e-commerce competitors but come up short of the top-rated overall merchant accounts for great customer service. Merchants who are considering BigCommerce are encouraged to take advantage of the company’s free 15-day trial and put the product through its paces to avoid customer service headaches down the road.

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Response from BigCommerce

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BigCommerce BBB Rating Summary

Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 12
Billing & Collection Complaints 19
Advertising & Sales Complaints 3
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 2

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 30 Complaints

BigCommerce has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2010 and is currently showing a grade of “A+” based on 36 complaints in the last 36 months. 12 of these complaints were related to the product or service, 19 had to do with billing and collection, 3 were due to advertising or sales issues, and 2 were due to delivery issues. BigCommerce resolved 6 complaints to the satisfaction of the merchant, while the remaining 30 were answered but have not received a final response from the merchant.

What Merchants Say

BigCommerce has also received 2 negative informal reviews to its profile. The most recent review describes difficulty giving feedback on their experience:

I tried to post a review on BigCommerce website regarding a certified developer we found at their site who turn to be a con artist who runs away with our money without working on the site as agreed. BigCommerce promised on their site to post the review in a few days, however, BigCommerce did not post it yet after 3 weeks about this so-called certified developer advertised at their site. BigCommerce told us that they are trying to contact the developer to no avail. My honest review is important for everyone to know what is going so this developer doesn’t repeat the same behavior to hard working people. Very disappointed.

Merchants who are concerned about the credibility of those servicing their account should review options for top-rated e-commerce platforms.

A “B” Performance

Given the company’s complaint totals and resolution ratio, we have slightly adjusted the BBB‘s rating to a “B.”

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Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

In-House Sales Team

BigCommerce appears to primarily market its services through its website, through an affiliate program, and through strategic partnerships with other businesses. The company does not appear to employ in-person or outbound sales staff, and there is currently only one negative BigCommerce review online that describes merchant issues with the company’s advertising tactics. In this case, a customer was initially contacted through a cold call and was unhappy with the service ultimately provided.

No Deceptive Quotes

The company lists a large number of rates and fees on its website, and there is no evidence at this time that these rates are deceptively quoted. It should be noted that the company’s claim of “no transaction fees” only refers to the fact that it does not charge an additional markup above third-party payment gateways or merchant accounts. Merchants will still have to pay transaction fees, either through Braintree/PayPal or a third-party payment processor. If you suspect that BigCommerce is slipping hidden fees into your contract, you can double-check your monthly bill with a third-party statement audit.

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BigCommerce Marketing Example

BigCommerce Logo

Our Opinion of BigCommerce

A Competitive Option for E-Commerce Businesses

BigCommerce rates as a reliable e-commerce option for small and mid-size businesses. The company doesn’t quite offer the array of services boasted by its competitor Shopify, but it has a low-to-moderate complaint rate and multiple pricing tiers to allow for merchant customization. BigCommerce can improve its overall rating in this review by minimizing the number of complaints about its customer service. Merchants might obtain the best possible deal by linking their BigCommerce account to a top-rated merchant account provider.

We rely on your feedback about BigCommerce to keep this review accurate and up-to-date. Please take a minute to tell us about your experience. We and the small business owners of this world thank you!

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10 Reviews Leave Your Review for BigCommerce Below

  1. On April 2nd, 2019, Big Commerce promised me that for $2500, they would build an e-commerce web site and migrate all products, shopper groups, attributes, and past orders from a client’s existing web site to a new site on their platform. After speaking with Meredith (the person who was my account rep at Big Commerce) and explaining my needs, she assured me that everything would be done and ready to go live in about a month. They took my PayPal debit card information to charge me $79.95 for the first month of hosting and they got started.

    On April 26th, I called and told Meredith that I was unhappy with the progress and layout of the site and that although MOST of the products were there, the special pricing, shopper groups, and previous orders were not, making the new site useless. She said that they were still working on the migration and that if I wanted a better template, I could purchase one…so I did for $225.

    Big Commerce NEVER DID finish the migration.

    On May 2nd, they hit my PayPal card again for $79.95 for an additional month of hosting. It was at this point that I started to get really upset. Meredith stopped answering the phone. I eventually called her from another number and she answered and told me that she no longer worked for Big Commerce and that if I wanted a refund, I would have to contact Daniel Fertig, the company director. I called their corporate office 5 or 6 times asking for Daniel and was told he would call me back. He never did.

    I then had to hire another company to get the job done because Big Commerce stopped communicating with me (other than to tell my son, who got through on their tech support line that it would cost extra money to finish the job)

    On May 11th, Big Commerce STOLE $2500 from me. I say STOLE because I did NOT give them permission to charge my card (which they already had). They know they are wrong and refuse to take or return my calls. Instead of telling me that they couldn’t do the job, they just took my money anyway. I am currently in dispute with my card company to get the money back. They are thieves.

    This post will help: Best E-Commerce Payment Platforms


  2. Glenn says:

    Loved them for more than 14 years, now their customer service does not listen to you, closed an account over a simple misunderstanding that was reasonable, an employee answered our phone, thought they were a marketer and told them not to call my number, they closed the account and would not discuss the issue. Don’t trust them anymore, after running hundreds of thousands through PayPal I will never use thhem or ebay again.. sucks and I feel a bit abused…

  3. I’ve been using BigCommerce for about a year and a half now. I had been using VPASP shopping cart for about 12 years and when we switched over to BigCommerce we were really impressed with how easy it worked, how easy it was to get our store (4500 products) up and running, and the dozens and dozens of features we loved.

    It is more expensive than the cart we had previously been using. In order to use our domain name we had to use the $200/mo version, but I wanted a shopping cart that would be preferable to Google. IE, I searched through the Google Merchant Services website and found their list of recommended shopping carts. The list had one name on it: BigCommerce.

    I’d had enough problems with Google and was looking to improve my rankings with them. We have had very few problems with this cart and the customers seem to like it.

  4. Terri Glover says:

    Made a purchase through a BigCimmerce vendor and the online store disappeared as soon as they took my payment for the merchandise. I will never make a purchase with them again and I am going to file complaints with the BBB and FCC.

  5. Attacking our company and clients
    I would not recommend BigCommerce ( , they are immoral people who are attacking our company and our clients. For a better priced and better product please consider Shopify and/or Volusion.

  6. Bob Lynn says:

    Going to BigCommerce’s website on 26 December 2016 I see that their integrated payment solution has become Square. Considering the reviews here about Square, that pretty much kills BigCommerce in its tracks.

    Or did I miss something?

  7. Patti says:

    I feel as if I was treated very bad by the customer service. The lady was very rude and would not listen to my points. She just ed talked over me.

  8. John Stalls says:

    Bigcommerce rip off by changing rates dramatically at any time. Been a customer for years at the $39 a month and now get a notice that my plan will change under the new structure to $199 per month after 4 years of loyalty. Don’t bother calling to discuss, they know they have you over a barrell since you have spent the time to build your site and that it would be very time consuming to move somewhere else. Horrible, there just taking advantage of customers who have been loyal for years!

    Are you with Bigcommerce? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  9. Ariolander says:

    I don’t like BigCommerce after their most recent pricing changes.

    Their old tiers used to be limited by products with no transaction fees:
    Bronze $25 (100 Products) | Silver $40 (500 Products) | Gold $80 (1000 Products) | Platinum $150 (Unlimited Products)

    Under their new tiers there are only 2 tiers, all unlimited
    Silver $35 (+2% Transaction Fee) | Gold $80 (No Transaction Fee)

    While this is great for their higher tier customers getting more products, features, and maintaining no transaction fees they really short changed their lower tier customers. While before it would be economical to run a low product specialty store on BigCommerce and only expect to pay $25/mo, now your costs are MUCH more, and assuming you make ~$2k in sales you are better off going Gold, paying the flat $80/mo than worrying about transaction fees.

  10. shivam says:

    Bigcommerce charging rates are strange…
    if you see silver package plan below, they charge unlimited products and 2 % transaction fees and in gold also unlimited products no fees

    i asked them if we do not have any payment GW and only cash on delivery service we have in our business, on what basis they are charging transaction fees??
    they said its their policy and if I dont have to pay 2%, switch it to Gold plan which is almost Double…
    since we are already giving whats their hosting package on what basis they are charging 2%!

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