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Pros: Cons:
Competitive Pricing Limited International Reach
Diverse Hardware Options Possible Hidden Fees
Reliable Customer Support Complex Pricing Models
Advanced Security Features Contract Termination Fees
Easy Integration Systems Specific Software Requirements


In this article, we provide a concise yet comprehensive overview of Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI), a growing merchant account provider in the U.S. We begin with an analysis of EPI's rates and fees, highlighting potential hidden charges and the overall cost-effectiveness of their services. Our discussion then turns to the specifics of contract terms, including duration and cancellation policies.

We evaluate common customer complaints and industry ratings to give a balanced perspective on EPI's market standing. Insights from employee reviews shed light on the company's work environment, while an exploration of marketing tactics and user reviews offers a real-world look at EPI's services and customer satisfaction.

Key features of EPI's offerings, such as their Exatouch® POS systems and technical support, are discussed to understand their suitability for various business types. We also touch upon EPI's risk management, underwriting services, and loyalty programs.

The article concludes with essential information on EPI's involvement in the Visa & MasterCard lawsuit settlement, providing guidance for businesses affected by this issue. This article aims to equip readers with crucial information to make informed choices about partnering with Electronic Payments Inc. for their payment processing needs.

About Electronic Payment Inc.

Electronic Payment Inc. is a Calverton, New York-based merchant account provider that was founded either in 1998 or 2000, depending upon the source. The company has been growing considerably in the last few years and claims to process over $3 billion in transactions for over 25,000 merchants across the U.S. There is some evidence that Electronic Payments Inc. uses First Data (now Fiserv) as its backend processor. In 2022, Valor PayTech announced integration with Electronic Payments Inc.

Electronic Payments Inc. Payment Processing

Electronic Payments Inc. processes all major debit and credit cards for most business types. Their services include EMV/NFC payments, mobile solutions, access to virtual terminals, e-commerce solutions including recurring billing and auto-invoicing, cash discounts, QuickBooks integration, and data reporting and analysis.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

The company offers Exatouch® Point of Sale systems that are tailored for different types of businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, and service businesses. These systems aim to streamline operations and improve customer experience.

Technical Support

Electronic Payments Inc. provides technical support to help businesses resolve issues quickly. They emphasize that their team of skilled professionals is available to provide next-level service.

Sales Partnerships

The company offers opportunities for ISOs and agencies to build their businesses on Electronic Payments Inc.'s platform. They provide various products, services, and support to help sales partners grow.

Risk Management and Underwriting

Electronic Payments Inc. has in-house risk and underwriting services. This means businesses have direct access to decision-makers for these aspects.

Gift and Loyalty Programs

The company also offers gift and loyalty card services. These services are designed to improve customer loyalty and extend a business's brand.

Electronic Payments Inc. payment processing
Electronic Payments Inc. offers a variety of payment processing services

Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI) Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 15+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits No

Insight into Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI) Reviews

An in-depth analysis has revealed approximately 15 negative reviews for Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI), where the company is accused of engaging in misleading practices. Given the extent of EPI’s market activity and its years in operation, the volume of such complaints remains modest. Predominant issues highlighted by customers include inaccurate billing, undisclosed termination fees, obstacles in service cancellation, and subpar customer support. Often, complaints regarding sales practices are attributed to external agents, yet there are instances where EPI enforces contract terms despite allegations of misrepresentation from clients. Your experiences and reviews of Electronic Payments Inc. are invaluable; please share them in the comments section below.

Electronic Payments Inc.’s Legal and Regulatory Standing

No major class-action lawsuits or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints against Electronic Payments Inc. have been identified through our research. Merchants looking for resolution without resorting to legal action are encouraged to report their concerns to relevant oversight organizations.

Electronic Payments Inc. Customer Support Efforts

The proactive engagement of Electronic Payments Inc.’s CEO with most posted complaints underscores the company’s dedication to its public reputation. Noteworthy is EPI’s establishment of an ombudsman email ([email protected]), expressly for gathering both commendations and criticisms from merchants—a practice not widely seen, even among top-ranked merchant service providers. This approach has notably enhanced EPI’s standing within the merchant community.

Reaching Electronic Payments Inc. for Support

  • (800) 966-5520 – Toll-Free Customer Support

Further Support Options

  • Accessible online customer support form via the company’s official website

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Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI) Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Rating N/A
Our Rating 2.8
Average Rating 2.8

BBB Rating Analysis for Electronic Payments

Electronic Payments is accredited by the BBB since 3/12/2010 and holds an “A+” rating. The company has been in business for 23 years. There are no customer reviews on the BBB website for Electronic Payments However, there are 2 customer complaints closed in the last 3 years, with none closed in the last 12 months.

Negative Feedback

Pam K***** represented herself as a representative of Electronic Payment Inc to us and offered us a POS system in February 2021. She promised us free hardware, free setup, and free training to our employee. She asked us to sign a Purchase/Supply order on her iPad. The company supplied the hardware but not the data file. We provided her inventory data for more than 5000 items. Then the company took more than six weeks to install our inventory data. Our employees spent more than 60 hours as per instructions of Pam K*****. She also visited several times to see if the POS can be set up to work, we returned the hardware as told by Pam now company wants us to pay $500. There is no invoice, debited money from bank account and now threatening to go to a collection agency to recover $500. The POS did not provide all the functionality Pam had promised. The company did not provide the service that was promised and needed by us. – Complaint from June 8, 2021

Positive Feedback

There are no positive reviews published about Electronic Payments, Inc. on the BBB website.
Source: BBB

Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI) Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates 1.00% - 4.99%
Equipment Leasing Yes

Three-Year Contract

Based on client reports and the company’s program guide, it appears that the standard EPI contract is 3 years with an early termination fee (ETF) of $250 or a liquidated damages-style termination fee that is calculated by multiplying $35 by the number of remaining months in the contract. The company also appears to charge a PCI non-compliance fee of $20 per month plus $150 per year, but it does not seem to charge compliant businesses a PCI compliance fee. The company’s program guide mentions a monthly minimum fee of $25, but this may be subject to variation. A company representative has confirmed that the ETF may not be applicable in some cases, specifically if a business allows EPI an opportunity to attempt to match a competitor’s quote before canceling.

Agents Can Adjust Pricing

Regardless of the company’s termination policy, the costs in its standard contract are potentially more expensive than industry averages. The Electronic Payments Inc. rates are certainly more expensive than those offered by budget-friendly merchant accounts. We have seen posts from the company’s former and current employees that suggest that EPI’s independent agents have a great deal of freedom to alter contract terms such as early termination fees as they see fit. If you have any experience with EPI’s fees, please share it in the comment section below this review. We also encourage business owners to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant accounts.

Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI) Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Likely
Misleading Marketing No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Outside Sales Team

EPI appears to rely almost entirely on hiring outside independent agents and resellers. This would normally lower a provider’s score significantly in this section; however, EPI is not suffering the proportionately high complaint volume usually found with most other providers that use this strategy. The company sells through dozens of sub-ISOs, which may use their own advertising and sales tactics. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors. For this reason, businesses are advised to thoroughly research any organization selling EPI merchant accounts, as decisions made by the reseller could affect the service experience.

Value-Added Service Provider

The company’s website dedicates a page to the value-added services it provides to clients. These solutions optimize merchant accounts beyond facilitating payment processing. Notably, Electronic Payments Inc. provides clients with cash advances, financing, and reporting tools. Additionally, the American Express OptBlue Program, ProCharge, and Vault Plugins are offered by the company. Those services facilitate processing AmEx payments as well as integrating payment processing software with QuickBooks tools.

No Misleading Quotes

EPI itself does not practice any deceptive tactics that are apparent to us. However, if you suspect that the company is slipping fees into your monthly statements, we recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to find and eliminate hidden fees.

Our Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI) Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

EPI generally performs adequately as a credit card processing provider, making it a viable option for many businesses. However, a significant caveat exists as the bulk of complaints regarding EPI stems from the nondisclosure of important fees and contract terms. Business owners considering EPI should meticulously review all contractual details before committing, ensuring they fully understand the financial and operational implications of the agreement.

To enhance its market standing and customer satisfaction, EPI could benefit from abolishing its Liquidated Damages cancellation fee, a change that would likely lead to a reduction in customer grievances and improve its reputation. Moreover, by continuing to work on decreasing its overall complaint rate, EPI can solidify its reliability as a merchant service provider. Businesses in the process of selecting a merchant account should also take the time to compare EPI’s pricing and contract terms with those of top-rated credit card processors to ensure they are receiving the most competitive offer.

Location & Ownership

EPI is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, Concord, CA, and Commercial Bank of California, Los Angeles, CA. EPI’s website lists its address as 7800 Congress Ave, Suite 108, Boca Raton, Florida 33487, which contradicts other sources placing the company at 1161 Scott Ave Calverton, New York. Michael Nardy is the company’s founder and CEO.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Electronic Payments Inc. (EPI) Treat You?

30 User Reviews

  • Dean Nordseth

    Aldavon, LLC

    I have worked with EPI as an ISO for approximately 15 years. I am not a very large sales organization but that makes no difference to all the support persons and staff at EPI. Since day one they have provided me with whatever help I needed when I needed it and it has only gotten better. I would never be able to give my customers the help and support they need if I didn’t get the help and support that EPI provides for me. I have a great relationship with my clients and I feel I have the same great relationship with EPI.


    This is to report that SANDY (SANGEETA ) RAM, sales representative of “electronic payments”, name of the credit card processing merchant service IN FRESNO, CA provided not only unclear information about their hidden charges and also did not mention that it was a 36 months contract and their will be fine for breaking it, but in stead she got my signature on an documents mentioning that it is an application to apply for the terminal and only upon approval you will get it. Sandy was very sweet & friendly, she did not show all pages to us, but only first page mentioning details about the terminals, our responsibilities etc etc and last page where there was a signature box. obviously we really believed in what we were told and presented and signed the paper. after a few days, she asked some docs like bank account statement, driving license no and address proof, from us saying she would need them to present in front of the bank to see if we are qualified for it or not. we submitted them through email, again with that trust. And in couple of days, we heard from our bank as well giving the competent rate, and we decided to go with our bank where we have all our checking accounts, so i called Sandy and told her immediately that we decided to go with our bank, so sorry that we are not going with you. on phone she was fine, ok no problem, but after month when we received an email saying your monthly statement is ready, which was from Sandy’s company, she we called her up, she pretended she did not know anything about it. so i called up the number in the email, and i found out, that Ms Sandy had requested Terminal at her own personal mailing address for us saying her company that we are her customer and we learnt that the document we signed was not any application for the terminal, but it was a 3 year contract. hence the company had opened up the account for us. and since she had the bank information, she had even withdrew the amount of 50.02 for the terminal, which she had at the time of applying told us no shipping or any charges for the terminal. also when we had spoken to the customer service, obviously they were with Sandy, saying they dont know how you have signed the document, but since your signature is there, we can not do any thing. we will have to pay penalty if we cancel the account. so you can see, how some selfish, inhuman and pushy sales people can manipulate you by giving incorrect information, and trap you to become the customer. Now we are paying even without having terminal at our address, it is still with Ms,Sandy. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL IN DEALING WITH VERY SWEET & FRIENDLY SALES REPRESENTATIVE, BECAUSE EVEN IF YOU SIGN THE DOCUMENT AFTER READING IT, HAS NO USE BECAUSE YOU ARE PRESENTED THE CORRECT PAPERS. AND SPEAKING WITH COMPANY HAS NO POINT, BECAUSE THEY DONT CARE HOW THE CUSTOMERS ARE TRAPPED, BUT JUST CARE FOR THEIR BUSINESS.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

    – Phillip

  • Mustafa

    Electronics payment helps the deceiving people. We don’t have any equipment and services from electronic payments but they are charging us for nothing.
    I tried to cancel several times but they made a way to grab money from people bank account.
    Don’t trust them. If you want to go with them, please read the all sentences and take the risk that you most probably face the bad customer service.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Get Out of a Merchant Account Contract

  • Scott Moore

    I’ve been in the industry for over 12 years. I use EPI and a small number of other processors to provide merchants with card processing services.

    EPI, while not perfect, has always proved great service to me and my merchants. Absolutely one of the best options avail bar none…

    Sacramento, CA

  • Garry Howard

    I’ve been an ISO for Electronic Payments, Inc. since July 9, 2010; after working previously with other Merchant Service Provider (MSP) for almost six years, or as early as 2004.

    Most companies in this industry try to blindside the sales agents, by not teaching them everything they should know, in order to intelligently sell the service that they’ll be providing, going forward, if a Merchant Agreement is signed. I quickly took offense to that with several previous companies and quit them, as soon a I discovered such. I know and do understand, for the most part that there are extremely dishonest sales representatives, out and about selling this service, like snake oil salesman and for the most part, I am embarrassed and upset by it. Perception in sales should be of paramount importance to any sales person, selling in all types of industries. How a merchant/customer perceives me, in any way, is extremely important to me. “ALL” of the merchants that are on my sales portfolio have either my personal cell number, LIne2, toll-free number and email. I do not hide from anyone. Most of the calls I receive from merchants are about simple matters, that I personally take care of. I do not rely on anyone to take care of issues that I believe that I can take care of, regardless of the fact that Electronic Payments, Inc. could have taken care of the issue, with as much heart and determination as I’d have. Regardless of what anyone says negatively about Electronic Payments, Inc., their industry rating is one of the highest.The Founder/CEO, Mike Nardy is one of the best…period.

  • Repeat After Me / Rowlands Beach House

    We have had EPI for six years with limited interactions. We had two stores with two accounts for six years.
    We contacted EPI to disconnect service as we had closed our businesses and were in process of starting a new business. They disconnected one account after we filled out many forms and they advised us to leave one machine active for the new business. We told them we were closing the business and the bank accounts. We gave them the new banking info in meantime. A couple of months go by and we start using our machine and wonder why we are not getting paid. We contact EPI AND THE LIES, STALLING, REDIRECTING, TRANSFERRING CALLS, BLAME SHIFTING.
    We are told that we need a new machine and whole new account. We already have given them the new information. Apparently the service professional at EPI was lacking in a few of the aforementioned qualities. This has been going on for more than one month. We have had no less than 20 communications with EPI.
    1. We were to receive a new machine within a few days or week.
    Took more than three weeks in which we missed using our machine or our mobile machine for a large show we were assured we would be able to use at. It directly cost us 900 in sales because we could not process two separate payments. Additionally, we did not have it for BLACK FRIDAY, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY. The following Monday we had to email for an update and we received tracking info on our new machine, at which time we asked for a supervisor to contact us and were told one would contact us soon. That never happened.
    2. The old machine we used to do business was used to process payments in the amount of 1650.00.
    We have not received our money yet.
    EPI told us we would have our money at least six different instances.
    We had a supervisor promise that she would pay us by the 6th of December. Then today we received an email that it could take at least two more weeks. She also insulted us by saying that she understands why business need their money no matter how small the amount. Does that mean that 1600.00 of my money is a small amount. I’m being insulted by someone who promised me they would pay me by December 6 and failed to follow through.
    3. Not only did we not get our money but we got a letter threatening us to send back a obsolete processing machine. So, if you call EPI to handle an issue with your account this is some of what you can expect.
    I feel this has been an experience I don’t care to repeat. Buyer beware. Brendan Rowland
    If you wish to discuss I can be reached at [email protected]

  • Phil

    We have been using Electronic Payments for a few years . In February I was able to start using our bank who did not charge any type of minimum fee as we do not do alot of transactions. When I contacted Electronic Payments in February, I was told there would be a cancellation fee of several hundred dollars. I asked her when our contract was up and she told me December. I called on December 1st and the lady who answered the phone told me our contract wasn’t us until the 6th and to call back then. I then called today and a lady informed me that in order to cancel today I’d need to pay a penalty since we didn’t use them over the past 10 months. Nevermind that I’ve been paying them monthly minimum charge or $25 plus a $5 monthly service charge. This is a horrible way to treat your customers and I assure you that I will never consider doing business with EP again if that is how they choose to treat their customers.

  • Amber Shaw

    Unfortunately, my brief and only experience with EPI has been stressful, demeaning and excessively burdensome financially. I am a 33 year old hair Stylist who worked for three months at a new salon after moving to a new city before realizing it was not a right fit. I was told I needed to sign an agreement for my clients payments to be transferred into my bank account. I signed the agreement and since then, I have been billed $1,906 for early termination and liquidated damages! An unfortunate reality of doing business with EPI… While I understand the need to protect a business with these types of provisions, it is morally defunct to do so on the backs on honest working people who are required to use your service as terms of employment. The worst part is that the Merchant’s business with EPI hasn’t changed! The only revenue lost was the time remaining on my agreement, a few thousand bucks over a few years is a drop in the bucket. They haven’t been put at risk in any way, but turn the tables and my family sure is! My hands quite literally now fund EPI lunch dates and business outings. Enjoy! Its a shame these kinds of businesses are more entitled to my modest earnings than I am under these circumstances. Michael if you read this, I would love to hear from you…

    Amber Shaw

  • Terry

    EPI is an awful company to do business with. We cancelled our account with them in November of 2015. We then called in February of 2016 to inquire about pricing for these service again for our business. We spoke with a rep who said that he would call us back with more information but never did. After 3 weeks we decided to go with a different company who did return our calls. Much to our surprise we were charged $35 by EPI in the month of March. When we called they said our account was re-activated even though we never gave them any of our banking information when we called in February just to inquire about pricing and potentially re-activate the account. However they chose to keep, and utilize our banking information after we cancelled in November of 2015. We called and had a lengthy conversation with a representative who gave no consideration to our situation or the simple fact that they fraudulently activated out account and took money from our bank account with receiving authorization or consent from us. We never gave consent to reactivate an account, there was no documentation on file consenting them to withdraw from our bank account in February 2016 or forward but they did have a document on file from November showing that we did cancel. However they refused to refund our money. We told the representative to cancel our account today as we do not wish to do business with them any longer. She said the account has been cancelled. Then low and behold we found today another charge from EPI showing our account was still active. We called again and spoke to an extremely rude representative who refused to give her name. She called my husband a liar and claimed that she sits next to the rep that we spoke with last month and she never said the account was closed. The woman we spoke with today said that a form must be turned in to cancel the account. How convenient that a second form needs to be sent in to stop taking money from our bank account but a new form didn’t need to be sent in to authorize them to begin taking money from our account last month and this month. They again refused to refund our money. I will also state the representative we spoke with last month never told us that we had to send in a form to cancel this account. I believe this was intentional on their part. We had to close our bank account so EPI could no longer steal money from us since they don’t discard personal banking information after an account is closed. The woman we spoke with today said it doesn’t matter if you close your account we will continue to charge you fees and ruin your credit so you can never do business with another credit card company again. She was extremely hateful and needs to have proper training on how do deal with customers. Even though she was too unprofessional to give her name she did state the employee that she sits next to who was the first representative we spoke with. I will not name names due to the Comment Policy here but I truly hope that someone at EPI will reach out us to make this situation right. If they do not I will assume it is their policy to do fraudulent business with customers. This situation did not have to escalate to level in which it has. I feel that legal action will have to be taken with your company due to its lack of integrity and fraudulent business practices.


      While we don’t agree with your assessment of “EPI being an awful company” or the use of this forum for a resolution, we’ve refunded you $70 billed for two months when your account was re-activated. Should any client have an issue, we have escalation procedures on all our departments as well as a Corporate Ombudsman ([email protected]) which is dedicated to helping merchants with any inquiry, positive or negative. We work exclusively through a network of independent agents and in this case, the agent was not contacted. As one of the largest non-bank merchant acquirers in the US, we service tens of thousands of clients. One client that is dissatisfied is too many and we work extra hard to preserve our stellar industry reputation, a feat that CPO keenly points out is difficult when working with external agents and sales partners.

      I will take a moment to respond to a few of your key points here:

      We received your cancellation form in November 2015 to close the account. We did so with no penalty or fee of any kind. In February, we received what we felt was a call from you to reactivate your account and we obtained terminal information for the machine you would be using. We advised the process would take 24-48 hours and someone would call you back. We failed to follow up with you once the account was reopened and to reprogram the machine you had.

      When you contacted us in March, there was an additional miscommunication regarding the status of your account and what you would need to do at that time. There were also internal miscommunications on the part of our staff. We have since changed our procedures so that your request to reactivate – or your call into our Customer Service department – would be unambiguous. If you were calling to turn your account back on, we should have requested a maintenance form for processing that request. That has since changed to eliminate any confusion as to whether you are asking about your account generically or asking to turn your account back on.

      The experience you had since February is not reflective of the customer service we strive to provide. I am embarrassed that any merchant of ours had such an experience, and as a result, we are reviewing our training procedures to ensure this does not happen again.

      Your account is now closed and we have refunded your account. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to discuss this matter further if you need.


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

      • Terry

        Thank you very much Michael for taking the time to address our issue and resolve this matter for us. We’re glad to know that while this experience was rather frustrating for us that it has found an area in which you all can work on to train to achieve the excellence EPI strives to provide. I am sorry and I do regret some of the things that I said on my initial post, that were emotionally driven. Unfortunately this site will not let me remove it. I would like to remove it because I believe that I most likely was a misunderstanding the EPI took great lengths to resolve this matter satisfactorily and in a timely fashion once the issue reached the management level. In fact they went above and beyond our expectations of resolution and we thank you for that, EPI. I rescind my previous statements and apologize for the harsh words the used on my previous post. I do believe it is the desire and goal for EPI to do and give exceptional service and provide thoughtful and satisfactory customer service to all who choose to work with them. Once again, thank you EPI for reaching out to us in resolving this matter most expediently and above and beyond what we could have asked.

        Best Regards,


  • Dennis Huffman

    I’d like to comment on the above section on cost and contracts. I’ve been an ISO with EPI for almost six years and have many satisfied clients. My retention rate is low as I fully explain all the fees upfront. I have been in the processing business totally for over ten years and I have always priced my merchants with interchange plus pricing (pass thru with no mark ups). There is flexibility in regards to this as some may use tiered pricing instead. There is complete flexibility in EPI’s pricing structure. As far as the PCI compliance fee is concerned, there is a PCI validation site the the merchants can log onto and complete the questionnaire, which takes usually 5-10 minutes, and they’re good for a year. I usually always walk the merchant through how to find it and validate their account. There is an email reminder that goes out before their anniversary as well as reminders on the first page of their monthly statements, to avoid any additional fees after their anniversary. I’m completely satisfied with the integrity, freedom and professionalism that EPI represents, including the extremely responsive customer service and 24/7 tech support. You’ll be hard pressed to find any other processor/ISO that can compete with their responsiveness, which is really what a merchant deserves and expects along with fair pricing!

  • Helena

    I was approached by a regional sales director yesterday (probably because someone else in my company inquired about services through them, but I am not sure about that) who gave me an actual bill from a customer (with sensitive information covered up) for the month ending 2/28/13. This is a notice written right on the front page about PCI compliance:

    “Merchants who have not validated their compliance prior to March 29, 2013 will be billed a non-receipt of PCI validation charge of $20 per month beginning April 1, 2012 if they have not completed the online PCI SAQ. You may be charged an assessment of $150 for failure to complete the SAQ for 12 consecutive months.”

    The online PCI SAQ that they are referring to is at http://www.pcicompliance.info, which is a site/service maintained by EPI. Oh, and it’s not a typo where it says 2012- that’s actually what it says on this bill. I hate it when companies seem to forget how to proofread.

    I can’t imagine paying $20 per month for something like that when they say that taking the SAQ is free. PLUS $150 if 12 consecutive months has gone by without the SAQ or other validation. Is there some reason they should get that much money out of a merchant just because we haven’t proven our PCI compliance? Will they get fined if we have not proven it? It’s a bit outrageous to pay that much for something like that.

    • Michael Nardy

      Thank you for your comment. Electronic Payments offers the website pcicompliance.info at no charge to our valued merchants to assist them in completing something commonly called the “Self Assessment Questionnaire” or SAQ. We do not charge any fee for PCI Non-Compliance (be it $20 or otherwise) if the merchant has completed the SAQ. If the website is not acceptable, our CS team will assist clients in completing the SAQ over the phone and at no charge, a process that takes about 3-5 minutes.

      Any client of ours that completes the SAQ at any time is not going to receive any fines or assessments from Electronic Payments for PCI Non-Compliance from that point forward. Any client that remains non-compliant does open processors such as EPI up to fines which can be passed to the merchant and should you ever have a breach of your POS or website, a company that has completed the SAQ is looked at much favorably than not when it comes to fines from the card brands. You are welcome to email me should you have further questions or comments about our company. We’re continually proud of our BBB rating as well as our steady growth and high levels of customer service over the past 10 years.


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

  • kyle reddy

    My company has been working with Electronic Payments for over 2 years, none of my merchants have left because their service is superior, from their 24/7 in-house technical support and the customer service department which has graciously handled any issues involving my merchants. Needless to say if you want to avoid a early termination fee, your best bet would me to contact the representative who signed you up to request this as they have the ability to get this waived, there are alot of processors I know of who wont waive it under any circumstances, I highly recommend EPI as a payment processor and they have tremendously increased my reputation with my merchants. A+++++ RATING ALL THE WAY, ALSO PLEASE CHECK THEIR BBB RATING=A+

    • Michael Nardy

      Thanks Kyle! We’re glad to have you on our team and appreciate the exceptional support and service you continually give to new and existing Electronic Payments merchants. We strive to ensure the sales process comes across as authentic and clear and we are very responsive to any complaints and comments we get. I’m glad EPI has had a positive effect on your business and we appreciate your positive impact to our company by operating in a professional manner with full disclosure of fees and terms, and in the way you continue to support your clients!


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

  • Eric Geoca


    I was totally scammed by this company. I notified them that I was cancelling their service due to their high costs. When I initiated service with them, I was told there would never be a cancellation fee. After cancellation, they kept taking money out of my bank account each month which added to a huge amount over a 9 month period. After notifiying them of my cancellation they sent me an email asking for a cancellation fee. I contacted them by phone and told them that I was told that fee wouldn’t apply and that it was waived by the sales person.

    After I contacted them about this, they claimed that even though I notified them that I was cancelling their service both on the phone and in writing, they didn’t cancel my service because of some paperwork that I needed to fill out. Even after making them aware of this and asking for my money back, they totally denied my every request. You should never do business with this company they are totally disreputable.

    • Michael Nardy

      Mr. Geoca,

      I’m sorry you had a negative experience with our company. Of course, we have many avenues to address these concerns, one of which is our Meet/Beat Guarantee. Often times, companies come in and say they can save clients money or offer pricing proposals that look great on paper. We simply ask to review that and discuss the proposal with the merchant and even the competing sales representative. More often than not, the sales rep was new or inexperienced and misquoted rates or they were trying to upsell special equipment or a lease which was not needed by the merchant. Through our analysis, many times are rates are already better.

      In our Terms and Conditions we reference our Meet/Beat Questionnaire to alert you that we don’t need to close accounts over rates – we are always willing to compare our program to another and make adjustments if/when a rate is lower.

      In order to cancel service with our company, we request a call into Customer Service to obtain a cancellation form. Unfortunately, we do not cancel accounts via letter or note or verbally, however, we only received your verbal request, no written letter. Nonetheless, we fax, email or mail this form which can be completed and returned for a no hassle cancellation. We just want to make sure we have the proper person cancelling the agreement so there are no surprises.

      On August 8th 2012, you requested a cancellation form and were provided one to your email address after speaking with Michelle. On August 14th you called asking for a copy of the Agreement and were provided one to that email address. In May 2013, you called after not returning the cancellation form or inquiring previously for 9 months if we had received it. Therefore, the account was open during that time.

      You were told by your sales representative there would be no cancellation fee and none was billed exactly as your sales agent requested. Unfortunately, in something as crucial as account cancellation, we must have our form signed off on and since no form was received, the account was open during those 9 months. I wish you called is after your August 14th call to confirm we received the form as we could have closed the account much sooner.

      I realize we will have different feelings on this matter and through this response and my earlier response to your BBB complaint, we’ve tried to address the concerns as best we can.


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

  • Rich Hays

    As an independent contractor for EPI I can tell you the info you have is a little off. The problem is they allow any independent contractor the ability to determine whether they charge an early termination fee or not. I personally waive the fee for all of my merchants and can attest to the fact that they honor it… EPI is an excellent company as their BBB status shows… as far as lease terms go al are non cancelable terms even Intuit or any other company that offers leased terminals through leasing companies? That is why I always advise buying the terminal outright and only lease if I have a merchant that insists on doing so and even then I make sure they know all the terms and conditions.

    As for the PCI compliance fee they have none as long as the merchant completes the PCI SAQ (Self Assessment Questionaire) once a year. If they fail to do that then they are charged $19 or something like that (I don’t know because I make sure all of my merchants do it) a month for a Non-compliance Fee!

    • Michael Nardy

      Thank you for your support Rich! As you know and point out, leases, no matter the company, are non-cancelable and we always recommend reading the full terms and conditions of any lease prior to acceptance. While leasing can be good for certain situations, it’s not always the best answer for a merchant’s needs. Like with PCI, an experienced payments professional — the kind we like to work with who represent themselves and EPI in top-notch fashion — are the best suited to help explain things clearly to the merchant and help them make an educated decision on the program of services they select. That can include rates, terms, equipment options, as well as completing the SAQ in a timely fashion. As you know, we don’t have any PCI Non-Compliance fees if/when the SAQ is completed.


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

  • Wayne Render

    I tried to cancel my service in Jan 2012 they told me my contract didn’t expire until 12/29/2012 , so I stopped using they’re service but continued paying a $35.00 per month fee. I called them today and said I would be canceling my service at the end of my contract in Dec.. They told me since my service has been inactive I would have to pay over $500.00 in cancellation fee, or use the service for an additional 16 months. EXTORTION!!!! (TOTAL DIRT BAGS NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY)

    • Michael Nardy

      Dear Mr. Render,

      I’m sorry you had a negative experience cancelling with Electronic Payments.

      While I understand commitments of any kind can be scary, we in turn offer our no hassle Meet/Beat guarantee, so if, while working with us, you are approached by a competitor, we will be given the ability to review their proposal and see if it’s a true apples to apples comparison. Often times, merchants are up sold unnecessary equipment or talked into rates that just aren’t accurate. If we can spare the hassle of signing a new agreement, reprogramming a terminal or buying equipment that doesn’t need to be purchased, or just have the ability to sharpen our pencil if need be, it’s a benefit. For every client with your experience, we have 10 others that called us and were saved from a rogue sales representative, proprietary equipment, a non PCI-Compliant company, or higher rates that were misquoted.

      When it comes to the service and rate programs we offer, we don’t want to be undersold. If there’s a rate issue, we relish the opportunity to address it and if there’s a service issue, we want to make it right. There’s not much rebuttal we can offer upon a reprogrammed terminal and the receipt of a cancellation form as it’s often too late. But given the chance and opportunity, we feel strongly in our product and the ability to correct issues that arise.

      When I reviewed your situation, I notice that you did call to cancel in December 2011 at which time we informed you of the agreement, our Meet/Beat Guarantee, the free-placement equipment we provided, etc. You called back several times for clarification. Ultimately, you did come back to honor the agreement after a period of inactivity and we in turn honored the agreement on our end and you were not billed any cancellation fee upon closure of your account and return of the equipment. I realize this might not have been the most favorable outcome for you, but it should be noted that we have no cancellation fees of any kind on any agreement that is fulfilled.


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

  • Arnold Bowman

    Rio Grande Sales Co., Inc.
    316 S. El Paso St.
    El Paso, TX 79901

    P.O. Box 1054
    El Paso, TX 79946

    (915) 532-3967
    Fax: (915) 532-1516

    October 14, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I want to warn anybody considering using a company called Electronic Payments, located at 1161 Scott Ave, in Calverton, NY 11933, to process their credit card transactions. This is why I issue this warning.
    We were approached by a company called Final Merchant Solutions, in April of this year, by their Rep James Plumlee. He ran an analysis of our processing fees for 3 prior months, which at the time, we were processing through Global Payments. Mr. Plumlee assured us that he could save us money on our processing fees. He also assured us that there would be no cancellation fees, if we decided to cancel at any time, as was the case with Global Payments.
    We started processing with Electronic Payments in April. After several conversations with Mr Plumlee, advising him that our fees were a higher percentage than what we had been charged with our previous processor, we decided to go back to our original processor on August 1st. We sent in our cancellation notice, along with their equipment, as per instructions of Johnna Torres, Senior Representative of Electronic Payments. In my telephone conversation with Ms Torres, she never mentioned any cancellation fees. She actually said, just to make sure we return the equipment, in order to avoid any fees. We did exactly as she advised.
    On August 15th, Electronic Payments transferred 2240.00 out of our checking account. This was posted to my account on August 16th. August 16th, I called Electronic Payments to find out what this 2240.00 was all about. I spoke to their representative, Lisa Marie, who advised me that these were cancellation fees. Needless to say, I was stunned by this. I told her that James Plumlee had assured us that there were no cancellation fees. She said that I needed to speak to Mr Plumlee to straighten this out. Upon trying to call Mr Plumlee, with Final Merchant Solutions, I come to find out they are out of business. Electronic Payments had to have known this. Needless to say, now I am very angry. I call Lisa Marie back, and explain to her that James Plumlee is out of business. She advises me that there is nothing further she can do for me.
    The next day, I call Lisa Marie again, and ask to talk to her supervisor. I spoke with Megan Best, who offers me a reduced cancellation fee of 500.00. I accepted this in order to save 1740.00.
    Please don’t anybody else be fooled by this shady company. I am fighting this through all channels available to me.

    Arnold Bowman

  • Matt Carbary

    I work for two different chambers of commerce that are currently using Electronic Payments. No complaints. I’ve used the support via online chat on two occansions and they were very responsive and helpful both times. Website is easy enough to navigate and processing credit information works every time.

    • Michael Nardy

      Mr. Carbary,

      We appreciate your business and loyalty to Electronic Payments. We pride ourselves in our technical support and CS departments, both with zero hold times and I’m glad you’ve been able to find support online via our websites as well.

      Chambers of Commerce are particularly important because they are the gateway to other businesses in the local community. For many local businesses, the Chamber is often the first stop for recommendations of preferred vendors and/or the right company to select. I’m happy and proud to be doing right by your organizations. If there’s anything you or your member merchants need, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

  • Chris Anderson

    I have used this company for 4-5 years with zero issues. They even will match a competitors rate if you are offered a better price from another company, just to keep your business. I rate them A+.

    • Michael Nardy

      Mr. Anderson,

      As of this date, you have been a valued customer since 2008! Thank you for your loyalty and support for Electronic Payments. Our goal is to keep merchants like your business happy for many years and we pride ourselves in low attrition and a very low churn rate.

      It’s difficult to be perfect and we certainly aren’t, but when confronted by challenges with service or rates or any other aspect of the business, we face the challenge head on and work through it. The best thing about this company is our merchants get to work with real people who can effect real change – we have no scripted call-center automatons here and our feet on the street agents are eager to help any client with local service and support at their place of business. It’s a model that has proven to work well for over 10 years now!

      Thank you again for your review and business. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need anything!


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

  • jennat3

    HORRIBLE PLACE! We had to deal with one of the seller Pete Chen who scammed us nearly 1000$ who said we signed a contract when we didn’t and wouldn’t pay us back. I would not recommend this company. Horrible service and people. Not reliable at all. Suggest ignoring anyone who mentions they are from this company.

    • Michael Nardy

      Dear jennat3,

      I’m sorry to read of your experience with one of our agents and the sales process. Please reach out to me and provide some more details so I can assist. I was unable to locate you in our database. We definitely want to make right any issues you had or have. I wouldn’t levy the criticism of “not reliable” and “horrible service and people” onto an entire company based upon one agent and before you give us an opportunity to address your concern directly at the home office. Please reach out to me at your convenience.


      Michael Nardy
      1-800-966-5520 Option 4
      [email protected]

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