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Update 7/29/15: Groupon Payments has been rebranded as Breadcrumb. Please see our Breadcrumb review for more information about this product.

Groupon Payments ( is a new service launched by the popular daily deal website,, which enables merchants to accept credit card payments via their smartphones. Like its predecessors, such as Square and GoPayment, Groupon Payments includes a free app and audio jack card reader, and doesn’t appear to have any other monthly fees or time commitments. Additionally, the company claims that it will beat any competitors’ fees if they offer the exact same service.

Groupon provides very little detail about the Terms & Conditions of Groupon Payments or its complete pricing schedule via its website. Some might even say that the rates quoted on the site are slightly deceptive. Groupon promotes a swipe rate of 1.8% plus $0.15 per transaction for VISA, MasterCard and Discover (2.3% + $0.15 for keyed sales) and 3% plus $0.15 for swiped AMEX transactions ( keyed: 3.25% + $0.15). According to other sources, these low rates are reserved only for merchants who run “Daily Deals” with Groupon. Otherwise, the swipe increases to 2.2% plus 15 cents per transaction for VISA, MasterCard and Discover. It is unclear as of this review how much the keyed and AMEX rate increases because Groupon does not publish this information, instead requiring merchants to enroll or call a customer service line.

It is too early to rate how well the service is performing with merchants, or if there are any common complaints. However, Groupon is providing a dedicated support team reachable by both phone and email seven days a week, which may be advantage over competitors like Square. The company, itself, currently holds an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been accredited since 2009. As of this review, the report states that 498 complaints have been filed within the last 36 months and that all but 62 have been resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. It should be noted that complaints against the company could be from merchants as well as consumers. Numerous complaint also exist outside of the BBB, most of which appear to be consumers reporting problems with merchants who ran a Groupon Daily Deal.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Groupon Treat You?

7 User Reviews

  • Earl Hines

    This has got to be the worst experience I have ever had dealing with a incompetent bunch of people .They should never be allowed to go near credit card processing .Out of no where they discontinue using a terminal that they had customers pay for and then offer you a sub standard service to replace it with . I may not have done a million dollars in credit card sales only about $30k a year , so for their stupidity they would rather lose a customer who did maybe 40k in total with them for the year Groupon combined for a lousy $150.00 . When you call in for technical support they tell you to leave your name and # and they will get back to you. “Really” I strongly recommend you go elsewhere .

  • Nguyet

    I have use Groupon on and off for about 1 year now. Up until now, no problems but since a transaction in December 2014, I am not happy at all. It has been so confusing dealing with them to try to get a straight answer as to why I have not been paid for 1 transaction that took place. Funny thing is they say I have a restriction on my account and they will hold my deposit for 30 days, yet they have no problems going in and taking money out of my account for either a refund or to collect their fee for a transaction I have yet to be paid on. Furthermore, their history of any transactions on my end is so hard to understand and so inconsistent with actually happens in real time. I can not get through to the “Internal Department” to talk to a live person, instead she can only communicate with me via email. Long story short, my customer has been double charged for 1 transaction and I am short 200.00.
    Do not use Groupon Payments.

  • Will

    My comments about Groupon Payments;
    At first it seemed like a good idea to use them. The price was right (free) for setup since I had Ipads and the 1.8% for credit cards was very low.
    Now I think it was a very bad idea. Although their customer service is always available, it is also very disjointed between the different areas of the business. The left hand has absolutely no idea what the right is doing.
    I was charged for using the credit card reader, which is supposed to be free for ‘Breadcrumb’ users but not for ‘Merchant’ users. I only use Breadcrumb. I complained and 3 people have ‘promised’ I would be refunded the fee. I have not been.
    I had my Credit Card deposits shut off supposedly due to inactivity. The strange things about this are first, they should also have shut off the credit card processing so that I Knew that the deposit side was shut off. I would never have known there was an issue at all if I had not called 2 days later to ask ‘Why did my deposits not go through?’ We received no calls or emails to indicate there was, in fact, an issue at all.
    During the next 3 days I received conflicting data from different support people. I also received insulting emails and told these were “standard” emails sent to customers. I do not believe this for a second. I still have not received my deposits for the transactions that were ‘held’.
    Next issue is after I was put in touch with the correct customer service people, I was informed of this:
    “A 60 day deposit delay for all card-not-present (keyed) transactions has also been put on your account. This means all card-not-present (keyed) transactions will be transferred to your account 60 days after the transaction date.”
    There are Many Huge issues with this, but the main problems are first, this was Never disclosed prior to this time. It was not in any documentation and I would likely Not have used Breadcrumb knowing this fact. I am supposed to wait 60 days to get funds for ‘manual’ transactions????? Seriously??? That is Insane! I cannot wait 60 days for my money. No business can wait that long and survive.
    Groupon is assuming that the card is ‘not present’. This is a lie in of itself. I do not have a business where the card would not be “in hand”. I have had to key in a few cards because the mag strip is worn out. That happens. Users of Groupon Merchant should be made aware of this unacceptable practice before deciding to use it. We were not or we would never had chosen to use Groupon.
    My own bank will process ‘manual’ transactions in 5 days for most cards, but that would mean using multiple services and going to the bank daily. I would rather not.

    Customer service is the other huge issue for me. I get different answers to the same questions from nearly every person I speak with. Their written responses are almost hard to believe in their content. They have managed to make me feel like some sort of criminal or something or perhaps their general lack of actually caring what they say and do has me at a loss of words.

    I will be switching off Breadcrumb/Groupon and I will also not be using Groupon deals as a means of promoting my business.
    So my advice is ‘Buyer Beware’. It is almost like ‘if it sounds too good to be true it likely is’…

  • Cathy

    I have been using Groupon Breadcrumb for about 6 months now. I have had no problems other than, when I initialized use of this company, there was a $2000 cap on transactions, After a quick phone call and the review of my past credit transactions, the cap was lifted. The whole scenario took 1 day to rectify.
    The fees are exactly as was stated. 1.8% for swiped transactions and $.15 per swipe. NO ADDITIONAL FEES no matter what kind of credit card is used. (Visa, MC & Discover)

    I am completely satisfied with this company, after being lied to, threatened and scammed by several previous companies.(EMS. Evolution) I was also able to use my separate established AMEX account for processing at a lower rate than offered by Groupon with no problem. Billing is done by AMEX but .Breadcrumb processes the AMEX transactions anyway.

    The only inconvenience with using Breadcrumb GoPayment is that there are no printable receipts for customers. They ARE able to have one e-mailed in place of a printed receipt though.

    All transactions are viewable online through the website in real time. Printable reports are also available online. I also love the fact that I can take credit processing OFF site for events without missing a beat.
    One can use GoPayment on their Iphone or Ipad and it works just fine.

    In conclusion, at the cost of a printable receipt, I think Groupon Breadcrumb has been the best find for me since peanut butter,

  • Colleen

    I just got my first taste of bad business with Groupon. So bad that I had to cancel them today and now I’m looking for things around my house and shed to sell on line to get out of this mess!

    If you would like to see what happened between my coffee house and Groupon, please click on the Web link I left. The people at Groupon lied to me about their practices of accessing my bank account.

    Merchants beware…you better make sure you don’t make a mistake when entering the amount because even though they have a convenient “refund” button, you are charged. They have no contract with we the merchants. You don’t know what their practices are until you’ve learned the hard way.

    Whatever your agreement is with them, GET IT IN WRITING!

  • Gayrat Akhmedov

    Hi everyone. My Limo business currently work with Groupon Payments and quite satisfied with both support and efficiency of the company. I wasnt aware that they charge $0.15 per swiped transaction in addition to 1.8% for Visa, Master and Discover (the rep told me that theres $0.15 only for keyed in transactions), but still they are the least expensive mobile processor. As of now we used Groupon only for 1 month, no complaints yet. Overall out of 10 rating, i would give 9.5, i did have a very minor login issue when the account was just setup (oh well things happen with any company. The support team is very courteous and professional. They give 1 free swiping terminal for your phone too, good deal! Other mobile merchant services processors charge per unit (not fair). I do recommend them, and take my word I did make my homework prior to sign up!

  • Joe Dieckman

    Groupon payment processing is a joke. I signed up with the company promised great customer service. Had the service for two months and after the two months they cancelled my account without notice or reason. I spent 8 hours many phone calls and emails to get my account working so I could accept payments. The customer service people very inept, nasty, not helpful. I was told the department that handles my situation can only be reached by email they don’t use phones. I was told by the representative when I told him I will keep calling until my situation is fixed that he will just hang up on me. They cancelled my account stating my company is a high risk, my company never changed since they signed me up and we are retail with a brick and mortar location for over 10 years. I have no problem with them not wanting me a as a customer but to just cancel my account without notice or at least give me time to replace them is ridiculous. I went into my store customer wanted to by a item and Groupon cancelled my account so yes I lost customers until I could replace Groupon service. Don’t sign up their service is terrible and they have no care for you as a customer. May be the worst customer service company in the world or a close second to Comcast.
    Take my advice don’t use Groupon payments unless you want a lot of aggregation….
    Good luck
    Joe Dieckman

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