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UPDATED: 1/23/2019 – Merchant Express appears to have been completely absorbed into the TransFirst brand name and is no longer an active brand.

Established in 1998 and based in Nashua, New Hampshire, Merchant Express LLC ( is owned by TransFirst, a transaction processor based in Hauppauge, New York. Merchant Express, also known as Merchant Accounts Express, provides a variety of merchant services to most business types and sizes including store front, e-commerce and mail order/telephone order businesses. They also have agreements with and Transaction Central to provide payment gateways.

Merchant Express is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, California with corporate headquarters located at 20 Trafalgar Square Suite 466 Nashua, New Hampshire 03063.

At the time of the last update of this review, Merchant Express has 13 complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) which is up from 12 since the previous update.  Of the total, seven are due to problems with products and services, four with billing and collection, and two with advertising or sales issues.  The BBB is stating that it is  no longer updating the local report and that inquiries should be sent to the Denver, Colorado-based BBB; however, no report could be located for Merchant Express on the Denver BBB website.  Currently, theres is no rating for Merchant Express with the BBB but our previous review of the company showed an “A+” rating.

There are a handful other complaints on various complaint boards outside of the BBB.  Most of the complaints report surprise over a cancellation fee of over $400, or other fees that merchants believed to be excessive.  It also appears that Merchant Express is being confused with another company called “Merchants Express” (with an “s”) which is a money transfer service and has numerous complaints regarding Craigslist scams. There doesn’t appear to be and connection between these two companies.

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  1. Purchasing Elite says:

    DO NOT USED MERCHANT EXPRESS. They are the biggest con artists around. They will instantly approve you for an account, the second you start taking transactions, they will never deposit the funds into your bank account. Despite all the paperwork you send over, they will send someone to your place of business and they sniff through everything asking all types of questions that are none of their business. Even though the inspector says everything looks good and gives you high marks, these thieves have no intentions of handing over money to you. Regardless of whether your not you shipped products out. The first day I started processing, my general rule is that by law Im not paid for an item until the funds are in my bank account and never more. 3 days go buy and I start getting suspicious. Kept on calling and kept on getting the run around. Mayko, the queen bitch of them all penny barber. Got one fraud chargeback in 200 transactions is what they so called caused it all. I was well within my tolerances for chargebacks when they already knew what we were seling. Signed proof of delivery to the credit cards billable address wasnt good enough for them $100 being held then $500. The second they stopped depositing funds into my bank account was the second i stopped shipping. All types of threats they made, until I said prove that you deposited the funds into my bank account to legalize it. They kept on making threats saying even though I wasnt paid, I was still responsible for completing the transaction. Like I was going to believe their BS to protect their own interests. So after 3 weeks of this game, my lawyers physically went to their shack of a headquarters and served them with a seize and desist saying clearly “here’s a federal junction saying any more harrassment and your xx are going to get sued.

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