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Last Updated: February 11, 2014
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Payment Logistics Overview

Payment Logistics Logo

Payment Logistics Logo

Founded in 2004, Payment Logistics LLC ( is a small-to-mid-sized direct processor based in San Diego, California. Though the company is a direct processor, it does use the First Data network for some processing purposes. Payment Logistics primarily focuses on providing merchant accounts, credit card processing hardware and software, and related data security services. Payment Logistics is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, California, with headquarters at 6265 Greenwich Dr #110, San Diego, California 92122.

Payment Logistics Sales & Marketing Tactics | A+

Payment Logistics appears to market its services primarily through inside sales agents, outside independent sales agents, sub-ISOs, payment technology providers, trade associations and community banks. Although the use of independent sales agents and sub-ISOs would normally lower a company’s rating in this section, it does not appear to have negatively affected Payment Logistics or caused any merchant complaints, which indicates favorable policies regarding its sales process. Additionally, the company does not appear to use misleading marketing or rate advertising.

Payment Logistics Costs & Contract Terms | B

Payment Logistics’ standard merchant account contract has a service agreement of three years with a $250 early cancellation fee, although this fee can be as much as $500. An agent of the company reported that the service agreement locks the processing rates and that the company cannot raise them without giving notice to the merchant. In the event that Payment Logistics wants to raise a merchant’s processing rates, the company will give the merchant 30 days to cancel service with no penalty. Additionally, Payment Logistics states that it offers a rate match guarantee and will match any serious quotes from other processors while the merchant is under contract with them. Aside from this, rates, fees, and contract terms may vary from one merchant to the next, so merchants are advised to fully read and understand the terms of the merchant account agreement prior to signing. It is uncertain at the time of this review if Payment Logistics charges a PCI Compliance fee. If you have information regarding any of the company’s pricing, please leave it in the comment section below.

Payment Logistics Service & Complaints | A+

We are currently able to locate only one Payment Logistics negative review, which was later recanted due to no fault on the part of the company. There are numerous complaints against a company that is apparently running a check scam and using the same business name as Payment Logistics. This company should not be confused with the Payment Logistics organization that is the subject of this review. The Payment Logistics website offers a dedicated phone number for customer support, although it’s unclear whether this line is serviced by Payment Logistics or First Data.

Payment Logistics BBB Report | A (CPO Adjusted)

As of this review, Payment Logistics is accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an “A+” rating. In the last 36 months, the BBB is reporting three complaints, two of which were related to problems with the product or service and one of which is attributed to a billing and collection issue. According to complaint details, two of these complaints are related to the company’s cancellation procedure, which cost these merchants $500 and placed some of their funds in reserve accounts for up to 10 months. The responses from Payment Logistics were professional in tone despite the fact that one merchant was dissatisfied with the ultimate resolution of his complaint.

Bottom Line

Although a smaller processor, Payment Logistics appears to be a solid performer and able to serve just about any business type. The terms of the Payment Logistics merchant account contract may vary by merchant, so be sure to read your contract thoroughly. The company can improve its rating slightly by removing the early termination fee from its agreement.

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  1. Dustin Niglio

    From Management:

    We do not assess an early termination fee when a merchant closes their doors. Unfortunately, we do not always learn why an account is closed at account closure. Once this was brought to our attention, we refunded this merchant right away. We regret the inconvenience this caused Teresa and wish her the best of luck in here future endeavors.

    Our early termination policy is designed to cover expenses associated with an account that we may not recoup should the account not live out the initial contract term. We also have a rate match guarantee so regardless whether the account is within the initial contract term or not, we will always match or beat a competitive rate. That way our clients never have to worry about being locked into a deal that is not competitive.

  2. Teresa

    I just closed my account with Payment Logistics since I had to close my retail store. I was slammed with a $500 fee even though when I signed on with them I told them that my lease wasn’t even as long as the contract and I wasn’t sure that I’d renew the lease. I was assured that I wouldn’t be charged the fee if I closed my shop, that it was just if I dropped them for another processor for my store. I also find it poor business practice if they charge the full $500 even if you are just barely short your contract term, but that’s beside the point. Anyway, a rep at the 1-800 number, along with my local rep’s boss, both told me they would reverse the fee, but I NEVER heard back from them, after numerous attempts. Although they initially claimed THEY were different and honest and fair, this company seems to be as sleazy as the rest of them!

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