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Western Union

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The Original Money Transfer Service

Western Union is a money transfer and communications company based in Meridian, Colorado. Founded in 1851, Western Union originally rose to power as a widely used telegraph service before adding its money transfer feature in 1871. In the late 1980s, Western Union shifted its primary focus from communications to financial services, eventually doing away with telegram delivery entirely. In 1995, the company was acquired by First Data (now Fiserv), another large, Colorado-based financial services company. First Data spun Western Union off into its own company in 2006, and Western Union now operates as an independent entity.

In 2022, Western Union finalized the sale of Western Union Business Solutions, which did most of its B2B payments, to Goldfinch Partners LLC and The Baupost Group, LLC. The resulting company is now known as Convera.

Western Union Payment Processing

As the inventor of the wire transfer, Western Union is primarily known for its bank transfer, money order, bill payment, and gift card services. However, the company launched a Business Solutions department in 2010 and has recently entered the mobile payments market through a self-branded app. Western Union now offers the ability for businesses to send and accept international ACH payments online through its WU EDGE service, and its app allows users to schedule wire transfers to most Western Union locations. It has also launched a sub-brand called “Speedpay” that offers various billing solutions for small businesses.

Western Union Location & Ownership

Western Union is headquartered at 7001 E. Belleview, Denver, CO 80237, although the BBB lists them at 7979 E Tufts Ave, Denver, CO 80237. Devin McGranahan is the CEO of Western Union.

Western Union Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Western Union offers variable transfer fees on a large number of transfer types with no long-term contracts.
  • Complaints & Service: Western Union complaints number over 1,000 on public complaints forums.
  • BBB Rating: Western Union has a “B” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 910 complaints and 111 reviews in the past 3 years.
  • Sales & Marketing: Western Union does not appear to employ independent sales representatives and has received a low number of complaints about its sales tactics.
Western Union money sending services

Western Union has modernized its money sending services to compete in today’s market

Should You Trust Western Union ?

Lawsuits, Reviews & Complaints

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint

High Complaint Total

There are thousands of negative Western Union reviews to be found online, and most of these complaints have been posted by people who were scammed through Western Union. However, given the nature of Western Union’s services and its large size and time in business, it is reasonable to expect a large complaint volume. If you have a Western Union review to make, please do so in the comment section below.

Seller Fraud

Some types of wire transfers sent through Western Union require very little in the way of identification by either the sender or the recipient. By far the most common type of fraud committed through Western Union occurs when a seller requests payment by Western Union, collects this payment at a Western Union location, and then never delivers the agreed-upon service. Since Western Union sometimes requires minimal identification (just the first and last names of both parties, a transaction number, and a security question in some cases), there is no way for the sender to recover his or her lost funds.

Western Union Warnings

Normally, this security flaw would severely damage a provider’s reputation, but Western Union fully discloses the potential hazards of sending an unsecured wire transfer through the company. The company even offers this page to help users protect themselves against fraud and provides support for these situations. For many users, Western Union is the only available option, and its loose transfer requirements can actually be a valuable feature for those who are underbanked.

Western Union Lawsuits and Fines

In January 2017, Western Union agreed to forfeit $586 million and enter into agreements with the Federal Trade Commission, the Justice Department, and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices of the Middle District of Pennsylvania, the Central District of California, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the Southern District of Florida. As part of the agreement, Western Union admitted to “criminal violations including willfully failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program and aiding and abetting wire fraud.” The FTC’s order “prohibits Western Union from transmitting a money transfer that it knows or reasonably should know is fraud-induced, and requires it to:

  • block money transfers sent to any person who is the subject of a fraud report;
  • provide clear and conspicuous consumer fraud warnings on its paper and electronic money transfer forms;
  • increase the availability of websites and telephone numbers that enable consumers to file fraud complaints; and
  • refund a fraudulently induced money transfer if the company failed to comply with its anti-fraud procedures in connection with that transaction.”

Western Union began its first distribution of this forfeiture in an amount of approximately $153 million to over 109,000 victims located in the U.S. and abroad. In September 2020, it began its second distribution of approximately $147 million in funds to 33,000 victims in the U.S and abroad.

Western Union has also been fined a number of times for economic sanction violations, consumer protection violations, and anti-money-laundering deficiencies.

Western Union Customer Service Options

As with other large money transfer services with overseas operations, Western Union has received some very severe complaints about its customer service. The company does appear to offer all-hours phone support to its users, but many complainants report difficulty reaching any kind of resolution without escalating their issues to management.

We have located multiple Western Union customer service numbers:

(800) 325-6000 – Toll-Free General Customer Service
(877) 989-3268 – Website Care
(800) 877-8973 – For TTY Users

Western Union also offers customer service chat on its website.

After considering the full breadth of available complaints about the company, we have awarded Western Union a “C” in this category.

Is the BBB Rating for Western Union Accurate?

Better Business Bureau Profile

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BBB Summary

Product & Service Complaints
Billing & Collection Complaints
Advertising & Sales Complaints
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints
Delivery Complaints

High Complaint Total

There are thousands of negative Western Union reviews to be found online, and most of these complaints have been posted by people who were scammed through Western Union. However, given the nature of Western Union’s services and its large size and time in business, it is reasonable to expect a large complaint volume. If you have a Western Union review to make, please do so in the comment section below.

Seller Fraud

Some types of wire transfers sent through Western Union require very little in the way of identification by either the sender or the recipient. By far the most common type of fraud committed through Western Union occurs when a seller requests payment by Western Union, collects this payment at a Western Union location, and then never delivers the agreed-upon service. Since Western Union sometimes requires minimal identification (just the first and last names of both parties, a transaction number, and a security question in some cases), there is no way for the sender to recover his or her lost funds.

Western Union Warnings

Normally, this security flaw would severely damage a provider’s reputation, but Western Union fully discloses the potential hazards of sending an unsecured wire transfer through the company. The company even offers this page to help users protect themselves against fraud and provides support for these situations. For many users, Western Union is the only available option, and its loose transfer requirements can actually be a valuable feature for those who are underbanked.

Western Union Lawsuits and Fines

In January 2017, Western Union agreed to forfeit $586 million and enter into agreements with the Federal Trade Commission, the Justice Department, and the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices of the Middle District of Pennsylvania, the Central District of California, the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the Southern District of Florida. As part of the agreement, Western Union admitted to “criminal violations including willfully failing to maintain an effective anti-money laundering program and aiding and abetting wire fraud.” The FTC’s order “prohibits Western Union from transmitting a money transfer that it knows or reasonably should know is fraud-induced, and requires it to:

  • block money transfers sent to any person who is the subject of a fraud report;
  • provide clear and conspicuous consumer fraud warnings on its paper and electronic money transfer forms;
  • increase the availability of websites and telephone numbers that enable consumers to file fraud complaints; and
  • refund a fraudulently induced money transfer if the company failed to comply with its anti-fraud procedures in connection with that transaction.”

Western Union began its first distribution of this forfeiture in an amount of approximately $153 million to over 109,000 victims located in the U.S. and abroad. In September 2020, it began its second distribution of approximately $147 million in funds to 33,000 victims in the U.S and abroad.

Western Union has also been fined a number of times for economic sanction violations, consumer protection violations, and anti-money-laundering deficiencies.

Western Union Customer Service Options

As with other large money transfer services with overseas operations, Western Union has received some very severe complaints about its customer service. The company does appear to offer all-hours phone support to its users, but many complainants report difficulty reaching any kind of resolution without escalating their issues to management.

We have located multiple Western Union customer service numbers:

(800) 325-6000 – Toll-Free General Customer Service
(877) 989-3268 – Website Care
(800) 877-8973 – For TTY Users

Western Union also offers customer service chat on its website.

After considering the full breadth of available complaints about the company, we have awarded Western Union a “C” in this category.

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 800 Complaints

Western Union currently has a “B” rating with the BBB and is not BBB-accredited. The company is showing a total of 911 complaints in the last 36 months. 725 are due to problems with the product or service, 65 related to delivery issues, 90 were due to billing or collection disputes, 21 were as a result of advertising or sales problems, and 10 related to guarantee or warranty issues. Only 299 of these 911 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 612 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Users Say

Western Union also has 111 informal reviews on its BBB profile, 109 of which are negative while only 2 are positive in tone. The most recent review describes difficulties with holds on funds and poor customer service:

This company is fraudulent and a scam. I have been sending money for over 12 years to my family overseas. It seems their policy has changed, as when I have sent money lately I have encountered many problems. This is left my family hungry for the last time, as I am the sole provider. I will cancel my account and I refuse to do business with this company. A loyal customer who has sent over $100,000 in the use of their service means nothing to them. You have to jump through loops just to get a real person on the phone and not an automated robot. If you do happen to get someone on the phone from customer service good luck trying to understand them.

Business owners can avoid situations like this by working with a top-rated merchant service provider. 

An “F” Performance

The BBB cites the 2017 FTC action against Western Union as the primary factor lowering its rating at this time. Taking into account the company’s high complaint volume, we have adjusted our rating to an “F.”

How Expensive is Western Union Service?

Rates, Fees, and Contract Terms

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Cost Summary

Transaction Fee
1% - 9%
Early Termination Fee
PCI Compliance Fee
Equipment Lease Terms

Variable Pricing

Western Union offers a wide variety of money transfer services for both business and personal use, and the fees associated with these services can vary depending on the type of transfer, the currency used, and the destination of the transfer. The company provides a price estimation tool that allows users to enter the details of a transaction and see the projected transaction fee, which is a useful resource before sending a payment.

Western Union Pricing Example

The Western Union fees for a sample transaction are shown below, but you should note that the prices below should not be considered representative of all possible money transfers. In addition, these rates may have changed since this review’s publication.

Western Union Fees for a Sample $500 Transfer to New York City

Payment Method Delivery Method Transfer time   Cost   Effective %
Credit/debit card, online In-person cash pickup Minutes $45 9%
Bank account, online In-person cash pickup 3 days $10 2%
Bank account through WU Pay online billing In-person cash pickup 3 days $10 2%
Bank account, online Bank account deposit 6 days $5 1%
Credit/debit card, online Bank account deposit 3 days $25 5%
Cash, in person (expedited service) In-person cash pickup Minutes $40 8%
Cash, in person (normal service) In-person cash pickup 1-3 days $28 5.6%
Cash, in person Bank account deposit 3 days $28 5.6%
Credit/debit card, mobile app In-person cash pickup Minutes $45 9%
Bank account, mobile app In-person cash pickup 3 days $10 2%
Bank account through WU Pay online billing In-person cash pickup 3 days $10 2%
Bank account, mobile app Bank account deposit 6 days $5 1%
Credit/debit card, mobile app Bank account deposit 3 days $25 5%
Credit/debit card, phone call In-person cash pickup Minutes $45 9%

According to the information above, the transaction fees enforced by Western Union can range from 1% to 9% depending on transfer type and destination.

Speedpay Rates

These fees may not apply to payments sent to or from businesses through Western Union’s Speedpay solution. Western Union’s business services are designed for merchants who process a large number of international transactions, and they will therefore fluctuate in price due to currency conversions and price differences within international supply chains. Western Union creates custom service packages for different business types, so merchants should be sure to understand all associated costs of processing international payments through Western Union and compare them to other digital invoice payment processors.

Slower and More Expensive Than Competitors

Although the Western Union contract terms are favorable in the sense that it does not enforce long-term contracts or hidden fees (such as early termination fees or PCI compliance fees), the service does not compare favorably to its competitors in the money transfer space. Some mobile apps like Venmo or Square Cash allow users to transmit funds within one business day for no fee whatsoever, which is both faster and cheaper than most of Western Union’s options. Even so, Western Union can be a good choice for people who need to make quick, guaranteed payments that can be picked up in the form of cash at a specified location. It is not an especially affordable solution, though, for digital money transfers. We encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

The Western Union process

A simplified depiction of the Western Union money transfer process

Does Western Union Use Deceptive Marketing?

Advertising & Sales Strategy

You Can Trust These Processors

We found the safe processors during our research. Protect your success with a top-rated processor

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers
Advertises Deceptive Rates
Discloses All Important Terms

An Established Brand

Western Union appears to rely primarily on its widespread name recognition and physical locations across the country to attract business. The company’s agent program allows its agents to establish their own Western Union locations in order to increase the company’s territorial foothold. We have seen some Western Union complaints that accuse the company of nondisclosure or misrepresentation, but these instances appear to be mostly due to user error rather than deceptive tactics by sales agents.

No Deceptive Quotes

There is no evidence at this time that Western Union engages in misleading promotional strategies in its official materials, and we therefore award it an “A” rating. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors. For a better understanding of how Western Union’s rates and fees compare to traditional credit card processors, we recommend reading “Fee Sweep“.

Does Western Union Deserve Your Business?

Review Summary & Our Thoughts

An Average Option for Money Transfers

Western Union rates as an average money transfer service according to our rating system. The company is a good option for underbanked or international users who need to arrange cash payments in a short amount of time, but it is also much more expensive than most peer-to-peer payment methods. Casual users who simply need to transfer funds online or via a mobile app will be better served by a top-rated mobile app for sending money. Our rating for Western Union is severely impacted by the recent FTC ruling against the company.


Customer & Employee Reviews

What Others Are Saying About Square

135 Responses

  • Eddie G.

    I’m looking to open a lawsuit against Western Union. My fiance is living in the Philippines, and ever since 2021 they have refused to send my transfers, and when I ask for a reason why they tell me they are “legally unable” to tell me? How is this a good customer service practice? And for some strange reason, it seems they’ve put out some kind of “alert” or red flag on my name because MoneyGram, Remitly and a slew of other companies are also refusing my transfer attempts. My fiance and our daughter are in need of help and WU has caused this blockage. So looking to open a lawsuit against them so that they can remove whatever block they have against me. And it sad because I’m a loyal and devoted customer, what gives them the right to not only block me but to cause other companies to block me as well? And me being a black man from the US, the stench of racism flows from their corporate offices, so they will have to answer for this in court. If anyone has any pointers or tips I’d greatly appreciate your advice!!!

    • Felicia P

      Iam dealing with the same issues I was blocked by western union reached out to them to see why I was block they can’t tell me they asked me to send in my information only to tell me I can never use their service again I would like to clear my name I want to start a lawsuit

    • Kl

      They did me same way

    • Kl

      The same happened to me I hope you get something done about this

  • M Torki

    They sent me a fraudulent check and never apologized!!!!!!!!
    They sent me a check as a refund for a lost money order, which took about 1.5 months to deliver, and yet the check was fraudulent!!!!!!!!!!!! After lots of hassle and calling back and forth, they issued another check without the driest apology, saying it would take another 2 to 3 weeks to deliver!!!!
    Bunch of cheating gangsters…

    • Angel Cotto

      On the 3rd of May I went got a $300 money order paid my electric $79 or so and I usually separate the ticket from the money order I lost the $300 money order they told me without a number they can’t do nothing so they can keep the money the president of the company that’s how he makes his money and the vice presidents and all the company staff and they make it seem like they’re the best of the best and they take food out of the mouth of people I don’t know how they can put a spoon to their mouth and eat while people are suffering because 30 40 50 days they’ve been transferring me back and forth and and told me that they can’t give me my money back you lost it I have like five names with their employee numbers I had to pay double my rent this month because I didn’t have it for last month I’ve 20 days ago they told me it hadn’t been cashed but because I couldn’t give him information that they wanted they couldn’t have stopped it then five more days and it was cashed Publix told me that they could keep your money and not give you anything that’s what Western Union is about I’ve used them for almost 3 4 years that president and all his staff and so-called vice presidents and secretaries you know they can wear their nice suits and everything knowing that they take money out of the people’s mouth to feed themselvesthemselves

  • Nelaine

    I am done using western union. Today I wanted to pay for something and yes have known this person 5 years. They blocked payment with NO explanation. When I called the 1888 number they had the nerve to say, send an email to the compliance office and wait 20 to 30 days for reply. I kid you not.

    Would never do business with them again.

    Removing my information from their system immediately.

    • Thomas G Choate

      The EXACT same thing haopened to me. I have been and Investigator since 1987, a current Certified Fraud Examiner and rum a team of human trafficking investigators in SEA. They are profiling us with a digitial profile that includes age race and sex. I am white but they assume guys sending money to the Phillipines is romance scam. I lived with girl for 4 years…not a scam haha. I will gladly join your suit if you need to show a pattern let me know!!

  • Jean James Guerrier

    Very frustrating, unimpressed and disappointed. Western union starts to micromanage my life now. After over 5 years using their services to send money abroad to help my family, now they want me to tell them in detail why do I send money? Who am I sending money to? Why do I use their services so often? They have the audacity to say that they are simply complying to a sort of international law.

  • Deepa S

    After reading tons of painful bad reviews on western union, I decided stay away from these thieves. good bye. no more western union

  • Tupa

    I WILL NEVER USE WU AGAIN I am sorry for the workers who are forced to lie in order not to lose their job, WESTERN UNION IS NOT RELIABLE AND WILL NEVER BE.


    All good day WU has poor no help customer service ,covid has been an interfencewith mail . i had send out 3 mo and it wasnevercash bcofcovid. now i been calling these idiots give a bs excuse and then charges us extra money to trace it but WHERE ISMY REUND YOUR THIEVES. WE BETTEER GETOUR MONEY WE WILL BLOCK YOU AND TELL THE NEWS THE SCAMS UR DOING AND KEEPINGOUR UNCASH MO . ITS BEEN A YEAR. RETURN OUR MONIES . IN GOOD FAITH. DOTHE RIGHT THING . OR WE WILL PROTEST IN FRONT OF CORP

  • sergiy sakarhov

    Bad service, NEVER AGAIN !!! Customer service just try to make you stupid, kicking you from one operator to another operator just to hold your money away from you as long as possible. Hard to get cancel transaction and get your money back to you. Takes almost 2 weeks to get my money back to me. I had to call in Trenton for complain to get same result. BE AWARE !!!!

  • Jesse Collins

    Wester Union is a terrible way to send money. I used Western Union for years to transfer money to Thailand. Suddenly without warning I was unable to send money. I tried for weeks to get their customer service to help to no avail. I will never use their service again. I now use Wise for all my international money transfers. They are cheaper than Western Union, more efficient and the transfer of funds take a fraction of the time. Avoid Western Union like the plague.

  • Thomas

    I have been useing WU for years. Answered a lot of questions, but that is ok. I am a 50s year old white male sending money to my wife and her family in the Phillipines. Recentlt i was banned. I filled out the GCR form. Sent bank records, pay statements, proved that I know my wife and my money was legal. The banned me. Would not tell me why. I know they use software that profiles for fraud. This software accounts for race and age. So I have been refused for service in part because I am an older white guy sending money to the Phillipines.

  • christian garcia

    western union is stealing our money plain and simple,the indian call center is nothing but a bunch of low life thieves acting like they customer service…….why hasnt justice dept. step in and put them out of business?

  • Anon

    Do NOT ever be a customer with Western Union. They will treat you like other reviews have said as a criminal. They will ask you personal questions online and in person if you want to send people. They will make it impossible for you to send any money to beloved people, professionals, and businesses even with an invoice. I wish Western Union can go out of business.

  • Wade Churchfield

    I have been using Western Union since back around 1984, doing fairly regular transfers to family and some friends. The last several money transfers through Western Union were placed on hold and I was required to call a number to provide information, which I did, they asked a lot of personal questions and they decided that for those transfers, that I was a potential victim of fraud, which was not the case, in those particular transfers, I used another service with no issues. This week, I tried to send some money to my brother, again they placed money on hold and required that I contact the fraud group, again, they started asking personal questions, I explained I was sending to my brother which I had sent to many times in the past, again they started with the personal questions, who I was sending to, how long have I known them, what is relationship, why am I sending money, ….. At this point, they became so annoying that I told them to forget it, they still wanted to go through their script on personal information. I gave them a few choice words, then contacted customer service to cancel and delete my account because I would no longer use their service, they asked why and gave me a bunch of b.s. saying they are sorry that I feel that way. I pushed and they said they would delete my account knowing that in the future that if I ever would want to renew my account it may not be possible. I asked them to cancel the HOLD transaction as it was still pending, they said that they could transfer me back to the fraud group for that action, I told them I was done talking to that group, as they have no interest in working with me, as to cancel the HOLD transaction, they still ask those same personal questions. Never again with Western Union. I lost all of the discount points from so many previous transactions through them. Not sure who gave them the power to make decisions on who I can send my money to.

  • Kate

    Western Union just refused to transfer money for me and refused to tell me why so that the situation could be rectified. They didn’t advise me that they weren’t going to approve the payment but left it until the recipients went to the agency to collect the funds. It felt to me that the assessment was on sexist and racist grounds. I am a white woman who chose to send a gift to some kids overseas in India. They have thrown the baby out with the bath water, the company seems to have gone from ignoring scammers, to treating everyone as a criminal. There was a sense of disbelief that I would send a gift to India. I chose to send a little gift to people overseas who I have communicated with for 9 years. Apparently an independent, financially stable woman with three university degrees is not qualified to make this decision on her own behalf. The arrogance of the ‘assessor’ and supervisor was belittling and reflected a lack of insight into the purpose of their assessment. So, poorly trained staff with a list of tick-a-box rules is not an intelligent way to run a business. Also, their failure to stay in and support the people of Afghanistan is just one more example of their lack of concern for actual people. I know it’s a very large business so arrogance comes with that; but I only hope the old adage comes to fruition, ‘pride comes before a fall’.

  • Crystal

    Ridiculous w u. Wanting to charge me 15 processing fee for a 10 money order refund. Wtf. Never again wil I ever deal with them. F em

  • Siraj Nathdwarawala

    There are far better money sending services that I would prefer to use than WU.

    So it started with me sending $2.5k dollars to India in mid June 2021. I went for in store transfer in Fred Myers as the website was not allowing me to schedule an amount of $2.5k online. For some reason, they said that they could not allow so much for cash pick up and told me that I would get a refund and it would take around 14 days to issue.

    After 14 days I called them as I could not see the refund, and they told me that they had not acknowledged the transfer, so my bank would have to issue a refund. So I called my bank and they told me to file a dispute and they will investigate it. I did that and after one month, the bank came back and told me that they could not issue me the credit as I had my money already debited.

    So I contacted WU again and they told me that the money was ready for the receiver to pick up. And I told them that I had already sent the receiver through some other means and immediately requested to issue me a refund. Since the money was not picked up by the receiver (which is so dangerous, as if the money would have already been picked, I would have lost all the money), they issued me a refund and gave me a new MTCN number which I can take to the store and collect the money. THIS IS SO HORRIBLE, that after assuring me a refund they still went ahead and processed my original request and made money available to the receiver but the story doesn’t end here

    So I went to the store with my new MTCN number and they told me that they cannot give cash to the tune of $2.5k. So I went to another WU store and they told me the same thing. Then I called the customer service again and the person called Kabir, spoke very rudely with me but still managed to give me the new store address which would be able to process my request. Then I went to that store and they gave me the same reply that they could not arrange for so much money. Luckily it was a safeway location and they had the money, so the nice lady did told that they can honor my request. But guess what, when she tried to take the money, WU website showed that I was being serviced at some other treminal. Now this is because the previous 2 stores that I inquired, some idiot WU employee there forgot to log me out and it was another 20 minutes call with their customer service. The safeway store employees then called the WU office from their store and they managed to shut the other location access and give me the refund finally!

    To see my own money, I had to go through so many loops which is unacceptable. The entire way in which they run their business is SHADY at best and there are so many loopholes where the customer can easily lose their money.

    If the money would have been picked up by the receiver (whom I had already sent them money before through other means because WU initially told me they could not honor the request) had picked up the money, I would have lost it. If the store employee would have hit the serviced button, I would have lost it. There are just too many loopholes in their process and I advice everyone not to use WU as you could easily lose your money. At best BEWARE!!

  • Angus Friday

    Do not give, or do not accept the Western Union Card as a form of payment or as a gift. They make it impossible to activate the card. After waiting an eternity on the phone to activate the card, they then announced that it was blocked; that took another 20 minutes to get an agent on the phone who then started making my life difficult. Thankfully, I don’t need the $100+ card, but for those who do, and who may have to use up mobile phone pre-paid credit to retrieve the money, this is an absolute hardship. Meanwhile they charge $5.95 per month for inactive accounts. So, I guess they get to keep that money. Frankly, with new forms of payment coming on stream such as digital cash, I can’t see a long future for this company with such an appalling and stressful service. If I were in the stock market, (which I am not…so please do not take my advice)…I would definitely short this stock. This company, in my opinion, has no future, unless it miraculously embraces new technology and a whole new attitude and culture. Meanwhile, I feel defrauded, but this too, will pass.

  • Sandreen Ferguson

    Very bad customer service and they do not solve your problem. Know one knows what is going on. I have been using them for many many years. For such a big company they need better customer service .

  • Kaegen Lau

    This business is a den of thieves and liars! They’ve repeatedly denied me a refund for my transaction, which their very own MTCN when tracked, proved my receiver never obtained the funds. They’ve told me the only way I can get proof from them is to issue them a subpoena for bank records, and the BBB, FTC, Wisconsin DATCP, and private attorneys I’ve consulted with are either unwilling, unable, and/or afraid to help me. This has been going on since 12/09/2020. There’s a special place you-know-where for WU’s leadership in the next life!!

  • maria castillo

    really bad ,not good a all , the worst customer service i am steel waiting on my refund since 01/28/2021

  • Habtamu F

    Worst customer service, I send the money for my friend who needed immediately but they keep black the money for him twice but they didn’t tell me the reason for me or him. It took me one week to get my money back. I called customer service did told me the reason, and also i even talk to the manager. He is ignorant I’m not recommended for anyone and I’m not using Western Union anymore

  • Hugh Sharkey

    The paper tapes used are illegible and difficult to copy and send to other parties without enhancing and enlarging the text. If you must use tapes, then the paper should be opaque (no color ads on the back making it difficult to copy) and the font larger and more bold. As it is I have to scan the tape – cut the scan in half – enlarge each half and then have the word processor enhance the contrast and remove the background. It shouldn’t have to be that hard.


    I have been dealing with western union literally hundreds of times over the past 20 years and now all of a sudden their customer service sucks. on the past 5 occasions I have tried to send money internationally once even to myself I have been denied with no explanation. my advise to everyone is save yourself the headache and go through an app called remitly where it’s more efficient, 10 times less expensive, and secure. plus their personal service if you have questions is much better than western union. I’m done with even trying western union. waste of my precious time.

  • Laura Torres

    Sadly I was a victim of a scam these people threatened me if I didn’t send the money I did so and now im blocked from ever using western union and they told me I wasn’t entitled to a refund very sad that a company doesn’t have any compassion for people ive been a loyal customer for many years one incident ruined it for me

  • Sandra B

    Western Union is the absolute worst. What they are doing is basically fraud. I have tried to send money and they canceled the transaction for no good reason. (You cannot understand the reason because the customer service rep. barely speak english) , yet they charged my account. I phoned customer service and I was told that they will reimburse the money in 5-7 days. They took the money for a service that was not provided and they are free to use it for 5-7 days. FRAUD that’s exactly the name of it. Absolutely horrendous customer service. I seriously don’t know why this company is still in business.

  • David Eugene

    Western union is bad business. Charge too much fees and got terrible customer service. Please use other services like money gram or k.a.m. no I’m not getting paid to write this I’m just a dissatisfied customer.

  • My business

    Tried to add money sent to THEIR card and they put a hold on the money at the store

  • Traci

    I also tried to send money to my spouse in West Africa! Same treatment, I was made to feel like a criminal. Never again WU, Never again! I urge everyone to find another way. I did and the rates and process was much better.

  • James lewis

    This app has become the worst app I’ve ever encountered. I’ve been sending money to Philippines since 2015. It was great to start. Now for over 16 months it
    Takes up to 15 minutes for the damn app
    To open. Just sits there & spins. I’ve complained more than once. I was told
    To uninstall & reinstall. It changes nothing.
    It’s impossible to click on the app and it
    Open right up as it should. I’m looking
    For other alternatives.


    western union of kuwait service is very bad, i remitted money through there app and they asked receiver’s ID so i did provided them, after all these they rejected the transaction and wasted my 3 days. it was really horrible experience with WU kuwait for registering account with WU app and then verify KYC by visiting there branch and then transactions are rejected.

  • Jose De. Mesen

    I just send $80 to my brother in Costa Rica and looking at the exchange rate he was supposed to receive 49,015.62 Costa Rican Colón but instead he only got 41,607.16 Costa Rican Colón
    I think this company is not only charging me for the money transfer but they are stealing money from my family member.
    I hope people stop using this company that on top of charging and stealing from us is not willing to pay in USD….. I can’t believe it

  • Irene grivas

    What legal statute or article that allow Western Union to charge monthly fees? What is the monthly service fee amount if a money order is not cashed within a year in the State of PA and why does it vary from state to state?

  • Beverly Alfeld

    I went to currency exchange in Crystal Lake,Il
    With cash to send money to a catholic church school in Zanzibar., Tanzania.. The rep accused me of being involved in fraud and refused to send money to the schools bank account at the cRDB bank. I am president of a 501c3 charity that gives scholarships to poor young girls in Zanzibar and to US students as well. The agent was rude and insulting beyond belief. I had all the necessary paperwork to prove who I was and my passport. He never looked at any of it. I also had our 501c3 paperwork. I would never go in there again.

  • Victoria Edwards

    They are absolutely and undoubtedly the worst. They do not stand by their word. Their customer service is seriously lacking. I purchased a money order that no business will accept not even western union. My only option is to request a refund that will take 30 days and I have to pay an additional fee. It didn’t take me 30 days to pay for it and I already paid a fee at time of purchase. You call customer service and your calls keep getting disconnected….come on. Ridiculous and unacceptable. Shouldn’t be allowed to have a business license.

  • Edward Williams

    I’m Edward Williams I don’t have my card is lost I call it in last night and early this morning I called at 8:07 emergency I’m a single father with my son and I had a job interview with a company I work hard to get and Western Union NEVER called me why text me nothing the bank tells me I’m they are saying NO on hold until everyone close . Now how can I feed my son

  • Raj

    On 20th of October I sent $3000 via Western Union for the treatment of my dad as he was quite unwell. Me and my family back home were struggling financially but I still arranged the money to be sent. They sent me an email saying that my money transfer has been cancelled and money will come back to my account in seven days. I called Western Union immediately as my family needed the money immediately to please refund the money as soon as possible. I cried on the phone as I was really worried about my dad. After pleading for half an hour the customer service person put me in contact with a senior who sent me an email saying that the transaction has been cancelled. This is all they could do. They can transfer money overseas within second but they could not refund my money. My father passed away on 21st with that money sitting in Western Union account. I got an email from Western Union yesterday that my money transfer was cancelled and I should try to send it again. Who do I send it for, my dad is gone and I will never forgive Western Union for that.

  • George

    Wu is the worst company ever no words other then need to close and change corp management need some serious hiring and firing something is completely wrong with the way this franchise is run from corporate office to the location to the so called operators no speaking english correctly if your smart run to another company pathetic pathetic

  • Ray

    Be aware and Stay away from Western Union! you will regret doing any kind of transactions with their incompetent service.

    • Hab

      Very True. 100% Agreed. Pathetic service I have ever used

    • Marybeth Waggonner

      I just sent money paid 25.50 to transmit in minutes , 31/2 hours later the money was there. I called customer service and on hold for 1 hour. They wanted to know if I knew who I sent the money to, our relationship and when I talked to her last and if recognized her voice, phone number and when I talked with her last. Then what was the money for , I had to give a reason for them to release the hold. After all that when I sent the money the. Middle name was. OPTIONAL, I LEFT blank, she went to receive the money and they would not let her have it without a middle name, her name is VERY unusual, not common.So I have to call customer service again to get corrected .what was to take a few minutes was hours. NEVER again will I use Western Union, I was not advised a hold would be placed on CASH money.And if they needed more information (which was personal) I should have been told or called at the time of the transaction.

    • Mrs Moore

      WU is worst business I ever used. The customer service reps sound like robots that are prerecorded, gave me nothing but a run around regarding a refund. I used this business to purchase a headlight for my vehicle ( nationwide auto, Mr. Shawn Miller/ Shabiha Sayer) pickup my money $307.00 from WU with identification on 10/09/2020 , I haven’t heard from him since. I called WU they told me wait 10 days, still nothing, called WU back on10/24/2020 for them to tell me notify my local law enforcement, the money has been picked up and I cannot receive a refund. The guy had to show identification can you give me some more information about this scammers, (since I’m doing all the leg work), and stop protecting this guy who I’m sure have scam lots of people before and after me. Can you all stop being Trained robots for a second, and have a little empathy for people. I am still in need of a headlight and $307.00 after utilizing your service for the first and last time.

  • Kristen

    Western Union took $1,000 from my bank account on 12-4-19. RIght after that, I learned that the money was not going to be available to the receiver for 8-9 days, even though they had said 1-4 business days when I did the transfer. I asked for a refund. They said they issued me a refund. Three weeks later, it is not back in my account. It appears Wesern Union has stolen my money.

  • Tasi Keener

    Western Union posted an exchange rate in sending Money, and they were a full point above all other exchanges ! We sent 300. to Samoa and the exchange rate was .02444. The rate for the last month or longer has been .037. This is theft, and I will join any lawsuit on what they are doing. They made over $60WS Tala on the exchange, enough to feed a family. Shame on them.

  • Michael Lunde

    I have NEVER BEFORE been treated so rudely nor had to deal with such incompetent people!

    Trying to send money to Colombia wasted 3 hours of my time and they couldn’t do anything but say it was their fault but wouldnt do anything about it.

    This WAS NOT FRAUD. Ive known the recipient for almost a year now. This was to help her get her car fixed. I saw the videos of what needed to be fixed and it was legit.

    Nothing but assholes and morons who csn’t hanfle a damn thing!

    We used to used to send money to Philippines. No more. Going to spread the word too so everyone else stops using WU.

    Enjoy losing business you jerks!!

  • Amber Cepela

    I use Western Union often because my boyfriend travels quite a bit and it’s necessary. Their whole purpose is to be a venue for people to receive money via instant transfer?? Instead, every few transactions he sends me there’s some sort of hold or “review” they claim to put on the transfer to prevent fraud. Now mind you, they do this for absolutely no reason whatsoever. He always sends cash, it’s always from the same sender, same receiver. I go to pick the money up and am told that the sender has to call them to release the hold. Sometimes he’s not able to call right away, and for however long it takes for him to call, I cannot pick up the money. If that weren’t inconvenient enough, most of the time when he calls, instead of lifting the hold, they outright cancel the entire transaction!! Then he has to start from scratch and do it all over again!! This is a huge and frustrating inconvenience to say the least and causes unimaginable complications plus several visits back and forth to the currency exchange. Someone needs to put a stop to these random holds for no reason, they have certainly caused me to hate having to deal with their bs when I have no other options. I honestly don’t even understand how they stay in business when they treat their customers so unprofessionally and carelessly. Especially when considering the ludicrous fees they charge for instant transfer!!

  • Liz

    I did the online sending to go to the store to pay. I chose the countries $$ for the person to receive, i called to change my transaction to US funds. They said ok done when i went to pay, was not changed the person in the store said she couldnt tell till we processed it. Because i asked if it was changed. It was not then she had to issue me a refund and the fee was double to send it through the western union at the store.
    I had to do it a lunch time spent 20 mins had to reverse the original one i said can it be the same fee she said unfortunately not. I ran out of time the person in the other county did not receive the money which was for medicine as they would have received much less …i ran out of time she said i could do it online again and come back later i said no will be too late. The person needed it when i was going to send. Why didnt the person when i called in change this as they said they did at Western Union because it was pending it would not let me set up another payment or cancel the first one. So i was stuck so i called in to make the change so it would be ready on my lunch it wasnt. Very disappointed with Western Union Customer Service i should have got the girls name but didnt think of it.

  • Todd Jones

    Western Union is a fraud organization. Always has been. They are not liable for anything. Can’t reach anyone in customer service. Anyone can pick up a credit card #, transfer money, pick it up. No questions asked. Sorry about your luck sir. I will get them one way or another.

  • Lisa Stanley

    I will not ever recommend western union to anyone!
    They have over charged me and will not give me my money that is owed to me. i have called, sent screenshots and pdf’s that they asked for and still will not re reimburse my money. i am not happy at all. Very disappointed.

  • Bryan Ambelang

    Absolutely the worst [explitive] I have ever imagined. I tried over and over. I had money sent to me and nobody will cash my money order that was given to me. Then I sent money and money was taken out of my account until I was negative . With no approved sender or name up the person picking up… over 10 grand

  • Hager

    The receiver can not get the money because they’re told they need the middle name( which is supposedly optional). I have been trying all day to fix it but can’t get a hold of a representative at all. Apparently there is “an amergency” and I keep getting disconnected. What about the emergency that my receiver is having, hence the money transfer?.

    • Ricardo Leitao

      yes, i had the same problem sending money online, from my bank account to me in thailand.and then i made another transfer putting my full name (i have six names) and the system doesnt send the middle name in the email that is sent to the receiver, so again i couldnt get the money. Fortunatlly the ladie undwrstood my problem and called the main office and gave me the money, otherwise i would be without any money in thailand. I jiust dont understand why they dont ask for a ID number wich would be more simple, because there’s people with the same name in the world, but id number is only one!!.. Also in thailand they ask for a lot of details(from sender and receiver) as address, job, job address, address where youre at the moment. In spain, ypu just show your passport and give the number of transaction and thats it… go figure….so much security that you migjt bot get your money when you need…

  • King Williams

    Don’t use them MoneyGram is only 3.99 from there app instead I was playing 14.99
    In they wouldn’t send two of my transaction in hold my money 💰 no WesternUnion do moneygram they was rude doing the review last told me I can go send my money else where come to find out it way cheaper Thur moneygram thank u for been a butt u save me money

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money


  • Yuriy Trubitsyn

    The worst web site I’ve ever seen. The worst customer support I’ve ever seen.
    Do they have any quality assurance at all? I doubt it.
    Example: I can’t send money for the last 2 days: “something wrong with your bank account” message. What account? Sender’s one? Receiver’s one? I tried several receivers – the same message. I used all of those accounts multiple times before.
    The previous time I tried to send money they did not like the receiver’s address. No reason was given, just “something wrong”. Customer support – useless. Guess what: I had to write city name instead of street name. Why? Nobody knows.
    And the usual thing with WU: you push “continue” button – nothing happens. Customer support – useless, no reply.
    Why I can’t save unfinished transaction? Yes, they have a message about unfinished transaction, but when you choose it, nothing happens.
    This site is for sending money, and in many cases I’m unable to send money for days. Sometimes it cures itself. As I already mentioned several times, support is good only in asking for feedback.
    I don’t mention here small issues like: sudden delay in transfers, useless (in many cases) history – often, there is no option to choose time interval, where does it go?
    When you choose any option, you can suddenly be redirected somethere else (still WU, but unrelated to the option you need).

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money to People


  • Kat S

    I have been trying to get a refund check from Western Union for roughly 7 months. This is money that I accidentally had a check written for the wrong person and just wanted the money returned to my account. For months they had me running in circles saying that I had to call this person or go to this place and do that. No one seems to really know anything. Every person they told me to go to told me to go to Western Union. Now that I went through all of their channels and FINALLY figured out a way to get a refund check, they keep on saying that the check is “on the way” or “should have arrived by now” or “wait another 24 hours or 10-15 days.” This has been an incredibly long and frustrating experience and 7 months later Western Union is still holding on to my money.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Kevin Hunt

    Using Western Union is a nightmare,
    Trying literally all day to transfer money
    Never again

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

    • Bulen

      I had the same experience today trying to send money to my daughter in another state. It was as you said a total nightmare and took an entire day to finally get it settled. I will NEVER again use Western Union. Worst experience with a business I have EVER had.

      This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money


      • Elena

        This is for tree month in row that the Western Union has a lower rate on in store overseas transaction than online transaction. Why they use different rate???? I don’t know and I don’t know if this is legally or not. I asked them about it and they said that this is their policy. I think every bank should have a certain rate per day. (online or in store transaction) You can not change the rate depend on the service. As a result a rude supervisor hung up on me. Good by rude supervisor and all Western Union…you looser!!!

        This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money to People



    We are Western Union agent for last 4 years. Their service to agent is simply pathetic. They asked for compliance and for last 6 months , despite sending the forms duly filled in for several times , they have neither responded nor activated the account. Then we are compelled to request for cancellation of agency which is not acted upon. As a result , although we are not a valid agent for last 6 months , our name still appear in their website. During this period we called them , sent out emails numerous times , but everything was in vain. Everyday , we are flooded with customers asking for WU services , that led us to a helpless situation.

  • Maria Cook

    They have $3600.00 of my money that I want back! I had received money orders from my renters and had put them away and forgot about them. When I found them I notice some were over a year old and I would be required to send them in with an affidavit / notarized, with a ton of information. I mailed them from USPS with insurance, signiture on delivery. After waiting for a couple of months,I called them and they had no information. so I got a copy of the signed delivery notice and called back, still no help. I tryed calling at least 20 more times and nothing. I have just found where to file a complaint on their website. I sent in all documentation and we will see it I get anywhere. My next step in an attorney.

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Norma

    Western Union is failing miserably. Just like yellow cabs ripped us off for years but now we have lyft, uber and juno.
    Please wipe WU off the map. I WALKED to a Cherry Hill, NJ walgreen and the WU terminal BOTH down. The morbid young male employees stated they have complained for TWO months. Terrible service. Hi moneygram. Thank God I have chase because I would never use WESTERN UNION AGAIN.
    504 Kings Hwy N, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money


  • Kelin Disla

    On February 23rd, 2019. three consecutive transactions were wired to a bank account in India, while I was sleeping, using my Western Union App and taking the money right out of my chase bank account that was saved in the WU app. hackers were able to get in and steal all my personal information stored in the app to freely execute the Transfers without any protection from WU. $2700.00 dollars, 3 transfers of $900.00 each, was wired to an account created with a name from my receivers history that I had sent money to in the dominican Republic.
    After many phone calls, emails to WU, no one was able to explain to me how this type of breach from their app happened, neither WU took any action to help me with the case, even after I got a local police report and sent it to them. all they had to say was that “the money was properly Paid”. I did not authorized any of those transactions and they were stopped after the 3rd one by Chase.
    It is very dissapointing that a big company like WU does not have any cyber protection or insurance to protect the customers in this types of scams.
    Be aware do not use WU APP to send money. personal information is open to anyone and they do not assume any responsibilities for your loss. I learned it the hard way.
    The worse Fraud protection customer service department!!!!
    I give them a 0 for rating
    I will not use their services ever again.

    This post will help: How to Report a Bad Credit Card Processor


  • Aleksandr

    Send 4600$ to Philippine as result waiting
    Refund for a week Absolutely unprofessionally company with very bad service. Want to try. Good Lack.

  • Tricia Keeley

    My son purchased a WU money order at a Denver CO 7 11 for his rent. 3 money orders and 15 minutes later he cannot find them. Long story short, he went back to the store, asked the same sales clerk that he just purchased them from what he could do, stop or freeze the orders, anything till he finds or rectified the situation. No. No help there, we called WU. the support was anything but supportive. I asked the young lady to speak to her Upper Management, she put me on hold. 10 15 20 minutes later I hung up, call again, go thru the same prompts on automated system, then they tell me the office is closed. Heres my issue. Having the paid for receipt, and she directs me to look on the WU site, to get help??? Why is she there, isn’t she the hired help. I u derstand the protocol, but how do you cease payment of the money orders till we provide the documents and fee, and thru snail mail. Thays enough time for the orders to be cashed. Wth. My son is 22, lives in Colorado his own place, im in NJ, hes working his ass off, nights, iron worker, school 2 nights a week. US tax Paying young man, and in this day and age with the self entitled lazy generation god bless him. Hes beside himself. Exhausted, not knowing what or where, how. Trying to retrace his every move, exhausted from working nights, Come on WU. just be present. Help us with our concerns and questions.

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money


  • Heather Craven

    I tried to arrange a payment for an account that was due by 2:00 pm through Western Union since 9:00 am in morning. First, I tried on line and kept getting a message that said “Oops, technical difficulties, try again later.” After 45 minutes I then went to a store location where the payment would have cost me $9.99. The store was unable to process the transaction and after waiting on hold for an extended period of time was told that WU would not process the transaction and I could ask for a re-evaluation. I left the store and since I had no other option I called WU and spoke with a Customer Service person who said that I could arrange for the transfer by phone but it would cost $64. A young lady arranged the transfer and told me it was approved and gave me a tracking number. I then got an email an hour later saying they needed more information and to call within 24 hours or the transfer would be cancelled. I called as instructed and was told that the compliance department was denying to process the transaction. I asked to speak with a supervisor and after again a long period on hold arranged for a call back.

    In the meantime I found another way to make the payment in time and made the arrangements. However, when I signed into my Bank Account I found that Western Union had already requested the funds. I called and spoke to another Western Union representative and was told it could be up to 3 business days before the funds would be refunded. I strongly objected and when I explained that it needed to be done immediately so that the intended party could have the funds by the deadline the representative hung up on me. I called back once more and finally got through to a supervisor who agreed to email the compliance department and have them expedite the refund. However, I am still waiting for confirmation that it has been done.

    This whole situation is untenable for the following reasons:
    1. The website message was inaccurate and misleading.
    2. Western Union has determined to deny me service without any explanation of the reason and without any reasonable opportunity to respond to concerns
    3. I was told the transaction could occur and was approved verbally but sent an email that there was a problem. However, when I followed the automated prompts the system kept saying it was under review.
    4. The use of email to communicate issues when my phone number was available and could have been used to clarify what was happening. If I had not happened to check my email I would not know even now that the transaction was not going through.
    5. The exorbitant inflation of the cost of the transfer from store to phone – a 6 fold increase!
    6. The fact that a refund could take up to 3 days when it took less than 2 hours for WU to withdraw the funds form my account even though they were not going to provide the service promised.

    As a result of WU’s actions, the payment may not be honored by the deadline. This could have a devastating financial impact on me and I still do not even know why this has happened. I will never again try to use Western Union and will make sure everyone I know understands what has happened.

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money to People


  • Pauli

    Awful and frustrating experience with western union. If I could give a zero or negative star rating like -1000, I would. They even tried to violate my privacy by asking me very personal questions simply because they’re sending $ on my behalf, which they’re getting paid for. The fee I’m paying them is their payment for the service they were providing.
    Money that was already processed to the same person I’ve always sent $ to via western union was placed on hold after the receipt with a control # was already provided to me.
    They absolutely inconvenienced my family member to whom I was sending the $ and myself.
    In order for them to clear the $ that they’ve already issued a control # for, they were asking series of very private questions instead of security questions relating to the account I’ve setup with them. They were asking questions such as “why are you sending $ to the person.”
    Plus they could clearly see that the $ came out of a CIBC canadian bank account.
    Since I refused to have my privacy violated, they wanted to refund my $ back to me in cash, meaning that I have to drive all the way back to the same place I sent the $, instead of them putting it back into the same bank account which the $ came out off. If I were to have sent the $ while visiting the province of Alberta and came back home to Toronto, I would have to fly back to Alberta to get my $ back, which I think is foolish.
    I’ll never use this company ever again!!!!!!!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money to People

  • Donald Holmes

    Western Union has gotten so bad it’s literally unusable. The website is non-functional and the in-store units are the same. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best I would give them a negative 20. There are too many other providers that work, stay away from WU and save yourself a lot of aggravation.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Bob Clements

    We wanted to help a family member out with a gift of some money and to give them the ability to obtain it in cash – they are overdrawn and it would have been swallowed up by the bank otherwise.

    After registering and completing all of the details requested, the system rejected my debit card payment (I’m well in credit) and so I tried again with a different debit card. Again, this was rejected and that account is also several thousands of GBP in credit.

    I called their technical support people who urged me to use a different browser or preferably, their app for my iPhone.

    I followed their instructions and both cards were rejected. I tried a credit card with almost GBP20k funds availability. Rejected.

    Two more calls to support with a request for help or to delete the incomplete transaction. All they offered was to escalate the problem.

    As my relative needed the money, I drove to a WU outlet. The charges for my transfer amount were GBP44.95. I didn’t send the money by them.

    I went home, collected my wife, went to the ATM, withdrew the money and drove to the home of the relative to give it to them. It was a 30 minute drive each way, I used about GBP6 of fuel.

    I used over two hours of my time trying to use WU. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I use them again.

  • Zhanyl

    Western Union blocked my money transaction with no explanation and I wasn’t able to talk to anybody reasonable and get any kind of answers. The customer service is worse than bad, the operators and respresentatives simply have no idea what they are doing, they are unable to provide any kind of information and always tell you “someone will contact you in two hours (which obviously doesn’t happen) and sorry I cannot give you that information right now”. One of the operators even asked me for ‘code of your transaction’ instead of ‘tracking number’, not to mention their thick accent, which is really hard to understand and very rude attitude. Simply unprofessional, never will use their services again.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Juston J Pilkington

    I have been doing bank transfers with western union every month for 3 years. Last month my transfers started being rejected due to i’m doing bank transfers from my bank account to myself while i’m in the Philippines. It’s how I have been sending myself my money. I have contacted western union in several different ways. I have called long distance to get someone on the phone that didn’t even know what a bank transfer was and that I needed to go into a western union location and send it…. I am sending money to myself. You can’t believe me when i say how hard it was to try to get them to understand this!! I got nowhere!! Many many emails were sent and mainly getting them to send the same copy and past of giving them information and I sent to get the same copy and past reply. Is this really how customer service is? Finally I talked with my bank and they said it is probably the IP address issue. Which it was, so now I had my sister log in and send it, it worked but wanted more information and to call in. I had her call in and they denied it and hung up…. great service….

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

    • glenn dyer

      The biggest collective bunch of idiots I have encountered. They claim I am unable to send due to something with the Patriot Act. My advice to anyone that ask, avoid western union at all cost. God forbid you are violating the Patriot Act when sending money overseas.

      This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

      – Phillip

  • David Mercado

    One Day I received a call from Ronald, Op ID #838 from Know Your Customer (KYC) Western Union P.O. Box 6036 Englewood, CO 80112 Phone: 1-800-325-6000
    Asked for information for people I frequently send money. After 4 Days They Just decided to Deny me as a customer. I am not a drug dealer or criminal, never been arrested. Make 120K++/Year Good Credit. I Used sent money to my mother and other Families. There Absolutely no reason why a customer like me Is been denied!!

    Here how my experience went when I called to complaint why was I being Denied. The Answer from the operator was that it was an internal decision and they can not undo the desition and I was not going to be able to use Western Union Anymore. Spoke with the supervisor of that department and also gave me answer like a recorded audio. They have no other answer. They did very poor judgment did not ask for income or any other information that may identify who I was they simply said No!

    Bellow is the email they sent me


    Como institución financiera, Western Union está obligada a cumplir con las normas legales y reglamentarias en los países donde opera. Parte de cumplir con estas normas implica realizar la debida diligencia para determinar como los clientes están utilizando los servicios, para asegurarse de que Western Union está cumpliendo con sus obligaciones bajo la ley financiera aplicable.

    Su tiempo y cooperación durante este proceso fue realmente apreciado; sin embargo, lamentamos informarle que después de revisar su historial transaccional, Western Union no puede continuar proporcionando servicios de transferencia de dinero a usted. Por lo tanto, Western Union se verá obligado a rechazar y reembolsar cualquier transacción que pueda intentar enviar o recibir en el futuro.

    Diego Zumbado Associate | Financial Crimes Compliance Operations cid:image003.jpg@01D21CF0.E5A54CB0 Western Union LAROC Costa Rica Centro Empresarial Forum 2, Santa Ana

    Basically Denied Services Without Reasons

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Patricio

    Very bad service with Latin American countries at least.
    1. The receiver was asked for requisites nos solicited here in the origin of the transfer
    2. No easy phone number to call for solving the issue
    3. When I communicate with W.U. they rejected any action until I call the from my house because this was the only phone number they recognize as valid
    4. They even negate the simple possibility to add the 2nd family name as required in the beneficiary country (and never asked in the origen country)
    5. W.U do not answer my email consultation at all.

    Burocratic, lack of information, bad customer service, incompatible systems, slow

    From The Editor
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  • Eugene (Evgeniy) Lavrov

    Sorry to tell you, but I had a horrible experience with sending small amount of money through Western Union!
    On August16-th I sent $100$ USD to Ukraine using Western Union money transfer through Cash 4 you located on 15531 Yonge Street in Aurora, Ontario, Canada. MTCN # 988-342-2962. I sent this money as a small donation to Animal Rescue Shelter “Droog” in Dnepr, Ukraine. Well, Shelter’s Manager was unable to receive this money as agent from local Western Union asked her who I am and from what city in Canada this money were sent. She, obviously, didn’t know the answers, and local Western Union refused to pay her assuming this is “money laundering” transfer!
    Really??? $100 USD – money laundering???
    So, long story short – money came back to me (MTCN # 813-752-7796), but I want to know what was the reason to ask these type of questions, how legal these questions were and why MTCN number and correct spelling of first and last name if receiver is not enough?
    Also how are you going to fix this situations as people from around the globe are trying to help this shelter and Western Union is placing a road blocks by refusing to pay off to receiver.
    I am shocked by this “service” and most likely will never use Western Union again!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Wayne R Cook

    Having used Western Union for nearly five years to help people here and abroad, my main complaint is the nebulous reasoning behind blocking transfers, especially out of country.

    I had one agent accuse my wife of flipping her loyalties to another man out of the US and refuse to send my support funds to her on the basis of her personal feelings. Everything about my order was legal. Source of funds, using an agent, properly filled out form. I was stunned at the blatant arrogance of an agent in Colorado whose attitude toward our family, without a shred of hard evidence.

    At present, I am blocked…and my receivers corroborated this…because each of the African nationals is black. I can send to an American in Nigeria, but not a native Nigerian. That is also the case with Monegram.

    I am amazed that the Central Bank of Nigeria has not sued both companies for their racism…This doesn’t happen in England, Russia, nor obviously here in the US…but it’s far easier for these companies to slide racism under the easy guise of scams…which are a big problem in Africa as a whole…

  • Impraim

    I have never seen such a terrible transfer company before in my life. one of my friend has sent me money from Turkey to UK which is 500 euros. Western Union asked 50 euros to send this money. It is too much for 500 euros but anyway he sends the money. In UK I wanted to get this money as euros but they said it is a policy you cant receive your money in euros in UK. I said ok I respect the policy. They wanted to give me the money as Sterling which makes 411 Sterling. So I have calculated we have already paid 50 euros to transfer the money and plus almost 50 euros more from currency exchange, because the Western union doesnt exchange the money like a regular bank they also exchange the money with a high rate there they can also make money by doing this. So instead they giving me 450 sterling they tried to give me 411 with the exchange. So in this case to send 500 euros from Turkey to UK you pay 100 euros. I said there is a big mistake here and I refused to get money in UK I wanted them to send me the money in Ireland where I could get 500 Euros exactly. I have called the western union asked them if the sender can change the country without paying any ADDITIONAL charge. The lady on the phone comfortably said that the sender can change the receiver`s country without any additional charge easily. I have asked this question two times and she said yes you can change without an extra payment. The sender went to the western union again to change the country while sending but they said that they cant change the country and they asked 50 euros more to change the country. I called western union again to explain this and remind them the previous call we had and I have asked them to listen the call again if they dont believe me. They have returned me after 10 days by email that says they have listened the call but no such thing has said or promised. Anyway I was very sure because I have asked the question two times. I have no tool to check or listen that call of course. They said that they have nothing to do with that and if we want to change the country we have to pay again transfer money 50 euros. I couldnt get my money almost 20 days because of their mistake and late answers. I didnt have another choice and I got the money in UK where I have received 411 Pounds. To sum up we have spent 100 euros to receive 500 from Turkey to UK. I can share all the details of mine or transaction if required.

  • Vinny

    I was disappointed that the person I was sending money to from Los Angeles, CA to Mobile Alabama did not get his cash the next day as promised. I sent him an msm of the confirmation # and he showed up with his ID as instructed. They kept haranguing him about the amount expected. I didn’t mention it to him becauseI wanted it to be a surprise. You spoiled it! What was the problem? All you had to do was give the man his money. If it was incorrect, we both have receipts! What? You don’t trust your employees to do the right thing?

  • pedro lins

    tried to send money to brazil using western union on winn Dixie store on hiwasse with raleig st in Orlando fl. the cashier who did the transaction wrote a totally different name on the senders name and the receiver coundt get the money out so I went for a refund they made me wait in line for like an hour and made me call western union,had stay on the line for like 30 mins for nothing to be resolved, then they told me to call back after an hour,after an hour I called back then they made me go back on store to do the same thing over again,so I stayed there for another hour then western union wanted the call to be made off of winn Dixie phone,so they did and after waiting for so long and they asking me security question they finally said they would send me the refund money via mail after 7-14 business day,i was my first and last experience with western union n ill never recommended either winn Dixie store and western union company for no one in this world,so be carefull with this companies all they care is about your money and they will do everything to keep it n never refund to u!

  • artur

    the Western Union company-the most not honest and not decent . not only do they not give information about your transfer, about your money ( although you pay them a Commission for services), but they can ban you for no reason. without even warning about blocking you. thereby disrupting your deal. and you can’t get anything out of them. scammers like ANDRÉA MARTINEZ and Co will simply ignore you. and to hide their guilt, they will intimidate you with ” disclosure responsibility.” unable to prove their dishonesty is documented, so the answer in my opinion. don’t trust Western Union

  • Harry Nuttzz

    Terrible service for online transfer to cash in africa. They charge crazy money to send from an debit or credit card, and from a bank account it takes days but they withdraw money immediately. What a horrible policy when they have money immediately and send in days that is an abuse of privilege. Will do in minutes for 4 times cost of in agent location, that ridiculous treatment of customers. Horrible telephone representative until I asked for a manager she was nice and helpful. But I realize this is not the service for me.🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓🖓

  • Gabriela

    Amigos, no pierdan su tiempo haciendo o recibiendo envíos por esta empresa, es malísima. En México dicen que puedes cobrar en Oxxo, lo que es una gran mentira ya que les llama y dicen que tienes una hora para ir a Oxxo y vas y no pasa la transacción. Luego te dicen el endereço de una sucursal y cuando vas está definitivamente cerrada debido a que no tienen su base de datos actualizada. Evítense un mal rato, hagan sus tranferencias por otras empresas más competentes: transnetwork, paypal, Moneygram, etc.

  • Ray

    I have no idea why I have to award 1 star. They don’t deserve it. Normal ID not acceptable to collect cash in an emergency. They said the photo ID was on their acceptable list but was not acceptable by any agents visited. I said can you ring the receivers phone and speak direct to her and someone at the branch. No. They can’t. it is not their policy. The receiver has to ring from the Philippines to Australia to be transferred back to the Philippines and she has a phone that can only receive calls. Do they think they are being sent cash because they are rich ?. Next stupid suggestion was to go and get a police clearance. That only takes time and money which is a problem when you need the cash for an emergency. Better to deal with money transferrers who use Cebuana LHuillier in Cebu or whichever company is in in the area EXCEPT western union. They are a scum company. Never again will I be fooled by them. They disgust me.

  • sean

    stay away from western union, terrible service, terrible customer service. will waste your time in the store and take money from a disabled individual for a service and then not provide the service and then tell the same individual that is disabled that they then have to go back to the same location across the city to pick up a refund. terrible awful incompetent useless, all words used to describe this company. poor business practice to take money from an individual for a service and then to not provide the service and waste more money of the customers by making them go back to store. fucking terrible. I’m not even one to leave reviews but western union has left me so disgusted this morning all I can think is fuck you western union. I hope your stock shares plummet and your company goes bankrupt.

  • Faheem

    Don’t trust western union now started problem when you send money it will go smoothly but receiver won’t get the money, it will take more than 10 working days so no longer fast service so best thing is stop using western union

  • Vito Tupai

    My name is Vito Tupai, I’m not happy for not using you brilliant services to send money to my family in samoa and new zealand. You text me I gave you wrong information which I don’t know what I did wrong and therefore I’m not allowed to use your service anymore. Now my daughter and her kids needs my help but i don’t know what to do. Please western union let me use your services again .
    My daughter in samoa address –
    Punipuao Maepu-

  • Marv Davidson

    Will never, ever, use this service again. First off
    they required a $32 00 Service charge, why
    because I was a first time customer, is that a
    logical reason?
    Purchased a $500.00 transfer for my son who
    was in Montreal at the time. Please note, he
    had been robbed of all his money and all his
    I.D. including passport, drivers license, and
    health card. was given a security question

    which was on my copy of the transfer
    but they neglected to include it when they
    emailed to Montreal. He tried 5 WU locations ,
    all refused to give him any money. even though
    he knew the security question.

    What a pathetic excuse for a international
    Company, inept, inefficient,and totally
    unprofessional. also refused to refund
    the $32.00 Stay away!!!

  • temi

    worst company ever don’t do business with them.
    they rip you off they don’t have qualified employees there always trying to get your money. Never ever try to find solution to their money in minutes. find other ways to send your money

  • Galia Sandres

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY to send money.
    If for one problem they do not give the money to the receiver they will never give you your money back.
    I sent $100 in September, 2016, they made it impossible for the person to receive it, and now after 9 months and 15 calls, I am still waiting for my money back.
    Is the most horrible customer service in the phone…. and if you are lucky after 15 minutes at least waiting and listening to a machine you speak with a very rude customer service representative.
    This company needs to learn what is Customer Service.

  • S CROW

    Western Union are thieves. I tried sending 50 pounds abroad and did everything as required, received an email confirmation from them saying that they have the funds and the money is now ready to be picked up by the receiver. The day after however I get an email stating that the transfer was cancelled. I expected to receive a full refund but that did not happen. So I emailed western union and they claimed that the transfer was cancelled because I did not transfer the funds within the given time frame. I replied that the funds were transferred on the same day and it was confirmed by them as well and sent them a screen shot of my online bank statement. It is not good enough however. They want a full paper bank statement now, which I do not receive from my bank. I do not see why they would need any proof at all having received the money and confirmed it. It is just a daylight robbery.

  • Colin Nusum

    Western Union Business Solutions charged my bank account twice for a us purchase transaction. First on March 20, 2017, then on March 24 2017,
    On March 23 they sent an email indicating that my bank account was inactive and the bank charge was rejected. Someone has committed fraud to issue that email, so that a secon charge could be made. Now no us funds has been deposited to my bank account as purchased. Proof was submitted to confirm the first charge. Proof was also submitted to confirm the second charge. All the company does is to state that it is being investigated.

  • Don V

    To explain everything that happened to try to send $100 to a friend so he could get to his dying grandfather would take more than the characters allowed in this forum.. Needless to say, the “Quick and Easy” WU took me 5 hours… yes-5!- to try to send him $. I started at 5:30 pm and was done by 10:30. I tried using the online send, the site told me I was locked out for security reasons THE FIRST TIME I TRIED TO LOG IN. Called CS more times than I can remember, each time trying to explain what happened. I was eventually sent all over town from 1 WU location to another… a kiosk that didn’t kept hanging up in mid transaction, then CS recommended a bank (at 7:30PM), then to a check cashing place that CS INSISTED was open but had closed 3 hours previous. After about 3 hours, I was promised a 50% refund, then 2 hours later a full refund of my fees. Instead of the refund, they just cancelled the entire transaction. When I asked why, I was a security risk because was a first time customer. This actual ordeal has much more drama, but to summarize, my friend never made it to see his grandpa before he died, WU now has $113 taken out of my account, and will refund it in 7-10 business days (for a co. that claims to send $ in minutes, they cant send $ in less than a week???) So… if WU does this to thousands of people, takes their $, holds it for 10 days and gets the interest on it, they really don’t need to have a legitimate business at all. WHAT A SCAM! I wish I could give them a negative “star” rating. Use MoneyGram, FedEx or snail mail, hell… drive the $ there yourself… you’ll be better off.

  • David Brayshaw v

    I am a British citizen living in Dpain and frequently transfer funds from my uk Sterling bank account into Euros to my Spanish bank account. I have experimented with numerous companies to find the most efficient and which gives the best exchange rate. Head and shoulders above all others is Western Union on both counts. Simone efficient system and great exchange rates.

  • Joshua Triplett


    I have used WU for over 6 years, and had a client to pay today. Not only did they refuse my transaction, but it is going to take 7 business days to get my money back and unfortunately I don’t have the money to pay another $375 until then.

    I am done with this business and will be using Bitcoin, Paypal, and Skrill.

    Even when I was using them, I have had countless delays, but they seemed to have been the only money transfer business.

    To any future customers out there, BEWARE and heed my warning, they are nothing but a hassle.

  • Cristina

    The worst experience ever with them…I looked online for locations where I could retrieve a transfer and when I was there they just told be they do not pay off in those sites.
    I contacted Customer Services to help me retrieve those money, story short..I was ignored..I had to travel to another city to retrieve them where more drama came up and after maybe 2 weeks someone replied regarding my complaint saying there is nothing to do. DO NOT USE THIS…honest recommendation!

  • Chris debowski

    I had $3000 given away to someone else in a city that I was no where near!! Forget the expensive charges and poor exchange rates, these people will give your money away! And then make it damn near impossible to get it back. Whoever picked up my money didn’t have a valid ID! Western union will not release the ID used, the video of the person picking up the money and after 2 months finally gave me a copy of the paper used to claim the money but with the signature whited out!! They completed two “investigations” which all they came back with was a paper saying that I was the one who picked up the money!!! I can prove I wasn’t even close to the city where it was picked up but they won’t hear any of it! The second investigation paper showed the date of my transfer December 30th 1899!! It was November 26th 2016! They can’t even get the year right within 100 years!!! It’s as they are just laughing at me. The money was for my business investment which has now put me back months while they have a multi million dollar company. They DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS!!! Every time I spoke with someone on the phone it was a fucking NIGHTMARE!!!! I’m convinced they train them like that on purpose so they can keep us running around and eventually give up! I have a case filed with local US police and they won’t even give them any information! I want the pick up location so I can file a report with the local police in the Philippines and they won’t even give me the pick up location. Stay away from them!!! Use other companies to transfer your money!! Because if they lose your money they will NOT take resposibility and you will not get it back. They won’t even treat you like a customer, no respect giving to me by any employee. I have been patient throughout the process, not getting angry and I’m a nice, respectful person and never write bad reviews but it has come to a point after 3 months that I have finally had enough. Perfect example of how not to run a business and treat people.

  • Navya

    Western Union Money Transfer–I couldn’t even complete one transaction. Because of bug the website has.
    1. It doesn’t allow the recipient last name to be less than 4 characters. I still tried the transaction after talking to customer service rep,(gave the full name instead of initial as last name) transaction failed. Not sure if it because the name of recipient didn’t match with account or any other issue.
    2. It was really stressful talking to customer representative after this, they wouldn’t give a solution to this issue.When I ask if i can talk to anyone up in the chain who would give a solution, they just keep asking who in particular i want to talk to.(I do not know how is your reporting structure!!!) I had to give up, calling it quits

    They need to understand, not everyone has a last name and people so have last name with less than 4 characters

  • Asifur Rahman

    Tried to send money to Bangladesh from Canada. They showed 1 minute to transfer but it was taking more than 2 hours. So I called them to make the transaction faster. They asked me a lot of questions with private data and said it’s approved. I asked my receiver to pick up the money but he couldn’t. They said the transaction is on hold. So I called WU back to know whats going on, they asked me to send an email containing a lot of data with a valid govt issued photo ID card. Ok fine, sent that too. Got an email in return says they will look at this in 2 hours! What! you guys fcuking said 1 minutes and now you are taking 4 hours!?
    Anyway, it’s been 1 hour and 30 mins and I am still waiting. Called them twice, they said I have to wait. I strongly recommend everyone not to use this shitty service. I will never ever use WU again.

  • Larry

    Had horrible experience with WU. Spent a lot of time on their online money transfer system, but it failed to go through over and over again. Called the customer services. They told me to go to local WU store. I went five times. The agents at the store put the required phone number but the online system still did not allow to go through. The agents at the store called WU customer services, and was told they didn’t know why and didn’t give any help. I was so so tired of the entire process. It took me a lot of time and trips! What a horrible experience! Finally, I gave up!!! I went to Wal-Mart using MoneyGram to transferred the money.

  • Min Potter

    It’s been 2 weeks exactly since I sent $,$$$ to buy products. I’ve called tens of times. I have sent my complaints. I just called and talked to two representative. No one could help. All they could say is the transaction is under review by the higher level for approval. How long can WU legally hold my money? I call everyday for refund the cash I sent at the local agency. The answer is no. A money transfer service takes your money, won’t give it to the receiver, won’t give it back to the sender? What kind of business is this?

  • Susan Dodge

    Western Union has given me nothing but lousy service. I don’t need their service often, but when I do it involves an international transfer. Today I had such a situation where I arranged the transfer online only to have an Indian phone and grill me with questions about why I was transferring the money and to whom. I was only trying to buy a dog from someone in Russia. My transaction was declined because this Indian decided he thought I was being scammed. I don’t want to have to work this hard to spend my hard earned money.

  • kathryn l.

    my bank sent me my money through western union and they refused to give it to me after i provided my tracking number as well as my id like they asked. The man who was helping me at the western union where i was picking up my money was great i had no problem there, but he called western union customer support and they gave them a number for me to call and verify my sender. I did that and they wanted my sender to call them. I had my sender on the phone and conferred called the number that was given to me and when the support employee was helping me she wouldn’t let my sender confirm that i was the one who was receiving the money. the customer support agent made me hang up and made my sender (bank) call them. When the employee from my bank called me back she was told to tell me to email a picture of my photo id for proof of identification. I did all of that i called western union back and they said that my sender never called them, which in fact she did because that is why she told me to send my id. They just kept tossing me in a circle and never tried to help me, i asked to speak to a manager and when the manger got on the phone she as well was even worse and trying to help the situation. Western union seems like they are disinterested at helping the customer. It went in to the next day and i still couldn’t get my money so i called my financial institution again and begged them to call western union again and confirm that they did in fact sent me my money. The rep at my bank conference called them and i was listening to everything they were telling her and they gave her a run around also. The rep at my bank told them that i had done everything they had asked and they still were holding my funds. The customer service agent then told my rep that i needed to provide additional information and she then asked why they didn’t tell her to relay that message to me so i can do what i needed to get my money. I then told the agent what they needed to know and he then released my funds. Western union has very bad customer service, they are disinterested in helping out and its like talking to a wall. they give both parties (sender and receiver) a hard time doing something that should be easy. I will NEVER again use western union and this was the first time i had and had a horrible experience.

  • David B

    I have read numerous bad reviews of Western Union. Several said they were overcharged and were given a bad exchange rate. I cannot understand this comment. Firstly both the exchange rate and the fee is visible BEFORE any transaction is confirmed. I have used WU three times to transfer approx sterling 2000 each time to a Spanish bank account. On every occasion their exchange rate has been significantly better than that offered by my own British bank. Secondly my bank say they would charge Stg 35 whereas WU charge £2.90. They say it will take three days to complete but each time its only taken two. So my experience with them has been excellent. Will certainly continue to use them in future.

  • hiram ruiz

    RI OFF WARNING: if you use your credit card to send cash quickly, western union treats it as cash advance and the credit card company will charge you DAILY interest on the amount until YOUR ENTIRE CREDIT CARD bill is paid off. WU does mention this in the fine print, but you have to look for it. If you have no idea this is possible, why would you look. You could wind up paying much more in interest to the credit card company than the amount you sent through western union.
    This may not be a scam, but it is ABUSIVE and I will NEVER use WU again,
    BE WARNED!!!!!

  • Ken

    Subject: Suspected Informants in Western Union With Third Party.

    I made a transaction with western union Sept 15, 2016 at about 15:31pm MDT to be precise, and shortly after the transaction i was made to understand that my transfer was put on hold. Spoke with an associate of western union concerning the transaction on the phone for around 45 minutes to confirm the reason for the transaction delay. i was already very angry considering how urgent the money was needed at that time before it was finally cleared and released to be cashed by my recipient.

    Unfortunately when my recipient went to collect the money in the bank, she was told that the MTCN number was not correct, and the transaction was not found in the system. Immediately i called Western union severally and they could not give me answer right away until after few days that the money was paid out somewhere in Nigeria i don’t even know existed
    HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Because it doesn’t make sense to have it released from a hold and then be claimed shortly by a person that isn’t the right ID in a completely wrong area. How did they get pass the need for IDENTIFICATION? Because the recent banking policy in Nigeria presently doesn’t allow any one to cash money from western union without having a bank account with that particular bank.
    Imagine calling today, only to be told that my case could not be found whereas i have be calling severally and speaking to customer service regarding this issue the past days. Right now i don’t have any money to send and what the money is intended for is to pay a surgery operation bill for a family member who is serious sick and can’t continue with the operation without part payment. It’s really frustrating and sad that the financial institution you think you trust is not safe any more. What a scam. I will continue this on all social media and if possible tell my experience others to keep people alert because Western Union system is seriously compromised. SAD AND REALLY REALLY ANGRY

  • Ram

    My email to Western Union and still haven’t got the reply, rest is self explanatory!


    If you don’t want my business or want bad reviews please let me know, I shall comply. Or, step up your customer service. Reasons for the email –

    1. Repeated declines with no explanation.
    2. Called the “provided” help number, after multiple holds no explanation given, just told “business decision”
    3. Can not talk to persons who take this “business decision” if “we” put efforts to get the explanation.
    4. No follow up for customer assistance.

    So, your service sucks as you can see and this is my last effort to continue with you guys.

    Please explain.


  • boby

    Worst money transfer institute..i don’t prefer this company to make money transfer to my country like india. They won’t provide detailed description about the extra charges. some times money couldn’t make success and this site created for their profit based one. They will provide details for their profit based way. so please don’t prefer this site…don’t prefer this site to transfer money…don’t..don’t go with western union….

  • Crissy

    Western Union is one of the worst company ever. I have spent over 72 hours dealing with them to release the money that was mine to my father. They called I did the interview they denied me in the interview and wanted bank statements to show there was money in my account and won’t ever return my calls and when I call them I talk to 8 different people whole you have to repeat your whole story again and every time I’m on hold it takes 15 to 40 Minutes for the next time someone pick up phone. My dad is in another country and he’s has been waiting for this money since Friday.

  • Kathryn Ripp

    I will never use western union again. I use to use the app to send money to my kids all the time until I had 2 fraudulent charges on my card disputed them only to have western union say the charges were not fraudulent. Lairs and cons that’s all they are. If you have to send money use money gram and/or never use you bank card

  • guru

    Guys, western union money transfer is fast and safe, but if any chance if you cancel the transaction it takes min 10 days to credit back to your account. cancellation takes very long time,

  • Rose. Wilson

    This is the third time I sent money to my husband in Nigeria and western union returned it,would not let him pick it up, then they tell me they are processng my money there is no processing to do just give me my money back they must be jealous cause no one sends money to them
    I will never deal with them again and tell everyone I know not to deal with them,

  • nancy moore

    I have usec western union for years now i will never use it again ..lost the number so husband can pick up the money sent and gone though hell no one can give me the number ..went to store talked on the phone with western union. And got no number if cant help when neec help i dont need to use western union. Anything. And will tell everyone i know not to use it

  • C Harper

    Western Union is horrible DO NOT use they do not fix or resolve any issues so frustrating!!!!

  • Joanne corbin

    There weeks ago i sent the back of my money order to western union still waiting for my money order to come back to me this number they gave me call this number 1800-999-9660 no customer service answer phone . well i ever speak to someone no they want to sell request forms for money but no refund lies more lies

  • Dorcas Delfyett

    Western Union made my disabled recently widowed sister & her 5 kids homeless. I put a Q&A protection on the money til I got the Fedx. Western Union gave the money away without the Q&A protection being provided. When I called the WU rep said I see you had a Q&A put me on & put me on hold then came back and denyed saying so and denyed there was a Q&A ever existed. Suggested I file complaint. I had to come up with more money but not enough. Just $150 for gas & food for a night thru paypal. I should have used paypal instead.

  • Dave

    Western union sucks. Had to take a customer to pick up money to pay me for a auto repair. They said oh it’s ready come get it. Got there the Trans had to be be verified then the 10 digit reference number had to be traded for 8 digit number. Took 1.5 hours. Ridiculous. People use Walmart money gram instead. It’s faster and cheaper. Wu is crooked.

  • Greg Grimer

    Absolutely terrible experience. Your money is transferred into a black hole. You’ll waste hours and hours chasing it with one department telling you to to call another. Even if it works it will take DAYS not hours. The idea of it being emergency funds is an utter joke.

    The recipient of the funds will be waiting for at least several days to get the money. Find a better alternative. This firm is totally useless.

  • A Mitchell

    I used the app on my phone and it was great, very convenient! There’s an £800 limit before you have to verify your id with them. So I attempted to do that and received an email just saying they would be in touch. So I phoned customer service next day and the guy told me where to email my id documents and what’s required. So I duly did that that afternoon. I was told it takes 48hrs on working days. 11 days later and several calls and emails to Western Union and I am still no closer to getting my id verified online to use my online account. All they tell me over the phone is the obvious, that I can use any Western Union agent nearby. I knew that already! Talk about stating the obvious! So no, their customer service and id verification unit are absolute rubbish! Use the online service if you just need to send occasional money, otherwise don’t bother. And I still have no idea when my id will be verified now after sending the right documents 3 times now! Utter rubbish!

  • Don Poussard

    I walked into a Publix in Melbourne Florida gave them an $1,086 in cash to send a net thousand dollars to a relative in Maine. the associate Indicated the money would be available in minutes as a matter of fact I paid extra so it was available in minutes. Around two hours later my relative and Maine showed up at a Western Union to receive the cash. The money was said to be on hold and they were some kind of an issue. My relative went to another Western Union across town and was told the same thing. I stopped what I was doing I called the 800 number on my receipt for Western union, after 16 minutes on the phone with the first representative, who asked me when the last time I saw my relative face-to-face and what my relative was planning on spending 1000 on, I asked to speak to a manager and was put on hold for another 12 minutes until I hung up because nobody answered. I had to call back wasted another 8 minutes on the phone waiting for somebody to pick up. Then I was told I could fill out an application to receive possibly my feedback for sending the money but it was not anything that would happen for certain. What a disaster this company is to do business with. They wasted 2 hours of my relatives time up in Maine going to and waiting at Western Union locations and over a half an hour of my time with the phone pressed to my ear listening to their hold music on how easy they make everything and how important customer service is to them. Never again will I give Western Union $1 of my money.

    • Pauline A

      My experience was very similar except it took me over 1/2 dozen calls and over 3 hours of time plus I had to call the store manager and have them contact Western Union as well. It was a huge headache; extremely inconvenient and I will never do this again.

  • V Quick

    I had a lost western union money order, I call and ask if the $15 fee could be taken out of the money order $ amount to be returned, the female I spoke to said yes, and to just write a letter giving permission, I do exactly that!!. Today I get a letter saying that they couldn’t process it because I didn’t send in the $15 money order processing fee. I am on here because I am LIVID!! I am so sick of speaking so someone young, who is as dumb as a damn rock!! Why tell me to do something if your’e just going to disregard it. The majority of these young people these days really shouldn’t exist (my opinion), I don’t see the point, just stop having, all of you idiots producing these brainless wonders!!. I am just so sick and tired of doing the right thing just to have a stupid brainless shit faced dumb fuck mess me up!!! GET SOME FUCKING BRAINS ALLFUCKINGREADY!!!!!!

  • Trevor

    I have just had the most horrendous experience using this company whilst trying to send money to my son in America.
    They have consistently lied about everything and are so poor at business,Gid knows how come they are still trading to this day,I will never ever use them again….I read the reviews and should have heeded the warnings…..do not go near this company or you will suffer the same fate as I did….I now have to wait 7 days for the money to be returned to my account despite giving them all the correct information …..the fact that they are based at run down shops with people who operate their system with virtually no training says it all…..I would rather pay twice as much and transfer in line with the normal bank who are properly governed by how they operate…yes I am fuming for wasting 48 hours with this shower of ……..who could not operate a p….. In a brewery……never again as long as I am alive….and I will now campaign to let everyone know how awful they are…..

  • Viollette

    I’ve encountered a very tactless, rude and lazy to speak Customer Service Online and one thing he’s kind of a racist as well. I send money to my family in a regular basis, but the next time sending I’m gonna make sure it”ll not be at Western Union. I’m very disappointed.

    Are you with Western Union? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Aahana Bernard

    Worst services by Western Union. Will recommend everyone not to use this. I’ve been trying to send money to India for my sister’s birthday. Every time I send it, it first says that the money is transferred and after 4 days, it says that the transaction failed and money is being refunded. I tried twice. Same thing happened both the times. I’m already 10 days late in sending money to my sister’s birthday. Now I have to try some other source to send the money. Very disappointed. Hopeless service.

    Are you with Western Union? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • JoeyMo

    After several months of bad service I complained to them because everytime I used their service I had to give them my info twice because when i used the automated fone call from a WU location after I was done an operator came on the fone and said Can I have your name please and then I had to give them all the info again.The last time I asked to speak with a supervisor so I could report this problem once again which I had done several times and they assured me that the problem would be resolved. The agent just put me on hold and never connected me to anyone, so I had to call again to complete the transaction and when I went to the counter and the clerk gave me the info to review it, Western Union had put Smalldick as my middle name. I then had to call the reciever and inform her that she would have to give the middle name of Smalldick in order to cllaim the money and there were children present that had to hear this. I called them and complained and they said they would investigate.The result was that they were going to give me 300 points.

  • Mark Arteto

    I will agree that Western Union charges high fees. Now I see it as emergency service for situations when money needs to be sent urgently no matter how much it costs. I used Western Union for a couple of times and both times the transaction went well. Also they have a huge number of agents all over the world, so it is very accessible. The only downside of this service, in my opinion, is the high fee. Usually I plan my international transfers in advance, so it is possible to use service like Paysera or Transferwise.

  • Remi Idowu

    I used WU for >7 years, they even made me a Gold Card Member until they started refusing my transactions. Then all of a sudden they asked me to fill a form to indicate the people I send money to. I send money to my ageing mother monthly. I filled the form and even pro-actively included my tax return form to let them know I legitimately earn enough as a science PhD to afford the money I sent wherever. But then I will attempt to send money and two days later I will find out WU has refused to complete the transaction, without the simple courtesy of letting me know they have refused to send the money. WU sucks. I belief they discriminate against some countries. Luckily, there are so many alternatives now. Hopefully, WU will continue to lose customers like me!

    • Viollette

      I so 100% agree with you, Remi. They’re racist and full of discrimination. I’ve been beat up big time and I looked like an empty-headed woman that know nothing and couldn’t apprehend the conversation that we had. A very inconsiderable way to assist a customer is making them feel stupid and it really hit me ’cause I’m well-educated individual. What a lousy Customer Service they have so far. Very disappointed.

      Are you with Western Union? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Habtamu f

      yep that what i did for me. im not using anymore western union. now days we got a lot options

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