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Company Overview

Cash App (formerly known as Square Cash) is a cash transfer service launched by Square (and parent company Block) in October 2013. Like Venmo, Cash App allows individuals to send cash amounts or Bitcoin to each other using a dedicated mobile phone application or via email from a linked debit card. It also enables businesses to get paid through the app for Square’s usual price of 2.75% per transaction paid by the recipient of the transaction. In 2021, Square acquired buy-now-pay-later service Afterpay.

Cash App Data Breach 2022

In April 2022 it was announced that Cash App had experienced a major data breach, allegedly exposing over 8 million users’ names and brokerage account numbers, in addition to other information. Breaches like this frequently lead to legal actions, but as of the writing of this review nothing has surfaced yet.

Is Cash App Holding Your Funds Right Now?

Thousands of users have had their payments frozen by Cash App. If you’re one of them, then you might find these resources helpful:

Cash App Payment Processing – Send Money to Your Friends

The process for making payments is simple: download the company’s Cash App from the iTunes or Android app store, create an account, enter the amount you want to send or request, select a recipient or payer, and hit send. Square will send a message to the recipient’s email address immediately, notifying them of the payment, and the transaction will process within two days. All personal transfers through Cash App are processed for free.

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Cash App Payment Processing- Businesses Can Use It, Too

Square Cash’s solution for businesses requires merchants to set up a dedicated “cashtag,” which is a landing page where customers can enter their card details and pay the business directly. Cashtags are intended to be easily shared payment methods that would work best for the personal services industry, non-profits, and short-term fundraisers. Each payment accepted via a Square cashtag costs 2.75% of the payment amount to process, which is roughly on par with most mobile payment processing services. In 2022, it was announced that the IRS would require reporting of transfers of over $600 on Cash App and other peer-to-peer payment apps, which will heavily affect the taxes of those using the app for large transactions.

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Cash app lets users buy stock and bitcoin

Cash App allows users to purchase stocks and Bitcoin through the app.

Square Cash Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Key Points

Total Online Complaints 390+
Live Customer Support Active Users Only
Most Common Complaint Fund Holds

Major Customer Support Issues

We have located nearly 400 negative Cash App complaints in the comment section of this review alone, some of which accuse the company of being a scam. The Cash App complaints overwhelmingly fall into two categories: sudden, unexpected fund-holds and slow or nonexistent customer support. Both issues are hallmarks of all of Square’s products, but Cash App is especially vulnerable to such complaints due to the fact that it is available to the general public. If you have a Cash App complaint, please let us know in the comments below.

Cash App Scams and Hacking on the Rise

It has been widely reported as of 2020 that scams and hacking related to Cash App accounts are on the rise. While the scamming and hacking do not come from Square or Cash App themselves, the nature of the accounts makes them highly susceptible to such practices, which should be noted by potential merchants. Additionally, it appears that many people find Cash App and Square to be less than responsive to inquiries about fixing such issues and recovering funds, so much so that the FTC has had to look into the company. Many of these such issues arise from fake customer support numbers listed online, so it is highly advised that users of Cash App only contact the company through their official website and app.

Cash App Lawsuits and Fines

A lawsuit was filed against Square in October 2020, alleging a violation of the federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA) by Square, particularly calling into question the Cash App part of the company. This lawsuit is connected with the above-mentioned scams, claiming that Cash App and Square purposefully make it difficult to impossible to recover funds lost in scams and hacking. Additional lawsuits have been brought against parent company Square, most of which deal with its holding of funds. Another here deals with allegedly mistransferred funds. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

The aforementioned 2022 Cash App data breach will possibly lead to legal action.

Cash App Customer Service Options

Complainants state that Square freezes transactions without warning if the company suspects that a payment may be illegal or fraudulent. This issue is compounded by the fact that Square almost exclusively provides e-mail support to deactivated users, which offers a slow response time and minimal assistance. Some users who can still obtain a customer code can get a representative on the phone, but many people report that this method is only marginally more helpful.

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It’s Only As Secure As You Are

Square Cash currently has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars in the Google Play Store and a 4.7 star rating in the iTunes App Store. Most of the negative reviews on these forums describe fund-holds and malfunctions, but another major concern throughout most Square Cash reviews is the potential security hazard posed by the service. Someone who obtains access to a user’s Square Cash-linked account can easily send themselves money, although this amount will be limited to either $250 or $2,500. This risk can be mitigated by users who change their account settings to require entry of the card’s CVV code.

A Confusing and Potentially Risky Approach to Fraud

Considering the company’s quickness to freeze charges it thinks are fraudulent but its alleged unwillingness to recover funds from actual instances of fraud, we recommend that merchants consider carefully whether they are willing to risk their funds with Cash App. It is reasonable to assume that Square’s liability is likely limited when it comes to fraudulent transactions, and a savvy hacker would probably be able to reroute funds before Square could reverse them.

No Savings Over Normal Square Processing

In 2015, Square launched a feature called Cash Pro for business owners who wish to collect payments through Square Cash (now Cash App). Cash Pro enables merchants to send customers to a payment page using a “cashtag,” which is linked to the merchant’s dedicated Square Cash profile. Customers can pay at this page using a debit card regardless of whether they have a Square Cash account. Cash Pro costs 2.75% per transaction, which is identical to Square’s standard pricing and comparable to most mobile payment options.

Some personal users who process large payments regularly through Square Cash have reported that Square will sometimes attempt to reclassify their accounts as “Cash Pro” accounts if the company believes that users are conducting business transactions through the app. This increase in cost seems to put both parties in a difficult position. Users insist that they should be entitled to the free service, while Square unilaterally imposes a 2.75% fee on transactions that were previously free.

Hard To Reach Anyone

The primary concern with the service, however, is the fact that Square provides virtually no live customer support. In the event of a fraudulent payment, it is unlikely that a Cash App user will be able to reach an account representative in time to reverse the payment (see How to Contact Square). Since Cash App collects sensitive personal information, including a user’s debit card number and bank information, users may be wary to hand this information over to an entity without live support. In fact, nearly all negative reviews of the service cite concerns over security or privacy.

Square Cash Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary

Product & Service Complaints 5,260
Billing & Collection Complaints 991
Advertising & Sales Complaints 268
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 42
Delivery Complaints 99

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Over 6,600 Complaints

As of this update, the Better Business Bureau is reporting a “B” rating for Cash App despite 6,660 complaints filed in the last 36 months. This is a  rise of more than 1000 complaints from the total at the time of our last review, which itself is more than 1,000 more than the review before that. This massive uptick seems to be attributable to the rise in scams and hacking mentioned earlier in this review and to the huge use of the app in the COVID-19 crisis. 5,260 of these complaints were due to a problem with a product or service, 991 were billing or collections issues, 268 were due to advertising or sales problems, 99 were issues with delivery, and 42 concerned a guarantee or warranty. The BBB has also added a note stating that it has reached out to Square regarding Cash App and unemployment benefits, regarding scammers fraudulently obtaining unemployment benefits and transferring those funds into Cash App accounts. The company responded that Cash App experienced multiple technical issues that disrupted services, including funds availability. Cash App maintains a status page at, which the company updates when a widespread issue is identified and where customers can view updates on ongoing or recent disruptions to service.

The BBB reports that Square has resolved 3,536. However, closer inspection reveals that many of these “resolved” complaints have simply received a copy-and-pasted standard response from the company claiming that the customer was contacted by Square already. Many users have submitted replies to these “resolutions” saying that they are still having the same issue.

What Merchants Say

Cash App has also received 503 informal reviews on its BBB profile, all but 7 of which are negative in tone. Unsurprisingly, considering what we have discovered about the company’s fraud policies, a huge number of these reviews concern scams and fraudulent charges. The most recent review cites poor customer support:

Was selling something online and buyer wanted to pay with cash app.I have used in the past so had no issues.They took $300 of my money then wanted me to send $700 more to upgrade to a business account even though I had no restrictions on my account.Still getting bot e-mails asking for $700.Don’t use I stopped for sure.

Merchants and users will be better off with top merchant service providers with great customer service to avoid poor customer support in an emergency.

An Adjusted Rating

Given the company’s complaint total, resolution ratio, and BBB notice, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C.”

Square Cash Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Key Points

Personal Rate Free
Business Rate 2.75%
Instant Cash Out Fee 1.00% - 1.50%
Early Termination Fee $0
PCI Compliance Fee $0
Equipment Lease Terms $0

Free and Easy for Personal Users

Cash App is incredibly easy to use and costs nothing for personal users. Anyone with an email address and debit card can sign up for it and begin sending money to friends quickly. The service advertises that it takes only seconds to make a deposit, but users should plan on a one to two-day deposit window just to be safe. Instant deposits are also available but have a fee of 1.00% to 1.50% attached to them. Any device that sends emails can use Cash App, making it widely accessible for all users. Square initially holds users to a processing limit of $250 per week, but users can increase this amount to $2,500 by providing additional personal information to Square and linking to a Facebook account. For personal users, Cash App’s pricing, setup, and payment delivery are very competitive when compared to other mobile apps for sending money. Still, we always encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

Business Owners: Beware the Square

Business users can take advantage of Cash App’s convenience and simplicity, but the service’s 2.75% charge on debit card transactions far exceeds the typical interchange fees charged to process debit cards. As a result, Cash App for business is not competitive with a traditional merchant account in terms of pricing or scalability. In addition, a common Cash App complaint for personal users and business users is unexpected fund-holds and account freezes from Square, which is a direct result of the company’s unwillingness to properly vet users during the sign-up process. Most businesses should not consider Cash App a reliable or cheap option.

Cash App services

Cash App’s main use is for personal, smaller payments as opposed to those for businesses

Square Cash Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms Yes

No Hidden Fees…

Cash App is a subsidiary service of Square and is marketed as a free service primarily for personal users. The product’s pricing model and sales approach make it unlikely that Square can mislead users about its costs, and there are no public Cash App complaints that allege deceptive sales practices from Square.

…But Watch Out For Holds

A large number of users’ funds have been unexpectedly held, but Square’s terms of use (visible on the company’s website here) clearly outline Square’s policies regarding fund-holds. It is therefore unlikely that the company is intentionally deceiving users in order to hold their funds. Fund-holds are a frustrating practice within the payment processing industry, but there are ways to avoid fund-holds with Square. While it is clear that Square could do a better job of explaining its fund-holding policies, the company does not appear to engage in intentional misrepresentation or nondisclosure. This compares favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Our Square Cash Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Fine for Casual Use, Trouble for Serious Business

Cash App offers a simple, free peer-to-peer cash transfer service that is a worthy competitor to apps like Venmo. The service’s ease of use may have come at a slight cost, however, since there is very little in the way of customer service for users. Personal and business users should weigh the convenience of Cash App against its potential risks and consider all of their options for sending money.

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Your Comments & Reviews

How Did Square Cash Treat You?

405 Responses

  • Gennyfer Coss

    CashApp closed my account without warning stating that I violated their terms of use. However, they have been completely unwilling to explain which of my absolutely typical transactions was a supposed violation. They offer me no explanation and no way to resolve the issue. They keep telling me that someone in their review department will contact me by email, but I have been waiting for almost 6 months for that email and it has never come. I have reached out through the app chat and by phone multiple times and I keep getting the same total BS response. This has been such a major inconvenience, as I have children away at college and other family members with whom I send and receive money. Now I have to use Zelle for everything. I personally got all of my family and friends to use this ridiculous app (regrets) and now I cannot even use it! I am telling everyone I can that they should absolutely steer clear of CashApp! Apologies to all those to whom I ever recommended it.

  • Tammy Little

    My account was closed and I still have no idea why. I have been trying to get ANY KIND of support on the app for 5 days now and not one response. I’ve called the support phone line 4 times and they just tell me to go back on the chat support on the app. I have money that is on my account and bills that I need to pay. yet no one at cash app seems to care at all. you would think that anything important to their customers would be important to them as well, but obviously they could care less. If I don’t get a response soon I’m going to be contacting my lawyer and see what she has to say about it. This is completely ridiculous that you don’t even care about your customers, and could care less if they loose their house or can’t pay bills, just because you are to busy to help them. Maybe if you would have a support phone number that can actually help instead of just telling you the problem with the account and then pushing it off to the chat bot on the app. Or maybe you should hire more people to respond to the emails that are sent! You are messing with peoples lives and don’t even care, it’s pathetic!!!

  • John

    Just Drywall

    Garbage serivice

  • Hi everyone i am Sarah from California, i’m a single mother having financial issues but right now i got a solution to that issues. i found a legit and reliable group called on website i checked them up and saw great reviews about them so i tried them out and it was shocking and amazing how they made me $10,000 from their service without delays it’s feels like a miracle i get to pay all my debt and i can afford all my bills still looking forward in doing more business with them


    self employed private care giver

    it’s wrong I’m in tears I feel so violated too they call and activist if they were supports carrying my f&^%&#@ account and I fell for it it’s like money that I worked for that I need for rent I cannot stand this freaking out it’s awful they’re so impersonal holy s#@! they need to warn people as soon as you open the app about these things taking place or they don’t have respect for their costumers ls they don’t care they’re s%$#@! on people why is it not first thing to prevent further fraud . they are claiming to be cash app support helping you. I have phone number to guy” Eric Dane ” scammer who stole my money and Bitcoin right in front of my face

  • Randy Ruebush

    Triple r welding

    I recently was told that this gentleman if you want to call him that I’d like to call him other things. One is from Facebook his name is Albert, and he was going to help me get my Facebook back because it was stolen from somebody posing as someone from Cash App. He said we had to buy codes to get rid of the hackers on my account. Well he hacked my account through Cash App for $10,834. I have tried to reach out to Cash App you can never ever get a representative on cash app on any of their phone numbers. I have got the FBI local authorities and we’re investigating this, Cash App is nothing but a crooked outfit. And this Albert guy if you are reading this I really wish you’d come and find me. Me myself do not recommend using Cash App at all

  • tonyio afagbegee

    My Maryland Unemployment Direct Deposit was rejected by Cashapp on 08/19/2020. I called Customer service and was told the money will be reflected back on the senders bank account in 1 to 3 business days. It’s been 4 business days, i called the Maryland Department of Labor and they are telling me the payment cleared and was not sent back. The amount involved in almost $13,000 and this is money me and my family really depend on. This is very stressful, Cashapp is not trying to do anything to answer my questions. I just need the money back because my family depends on it.

  • All I needed was a prove to show the judges I married a Cheat! So I could get a divorce . I tried hard but my ex wife is good at keeping things. I finally found this hacker (Support @ hacker4wise. com) he hacked into his phone in less than 2 hours. And I got all the prove I needed . Contact him today. he keeps his prices low and works in a unique way. you will thank me later he is the best out here

  • Money was stolen out of my account they claim I sent I was hacked. About 300 was stolen from me. They won’t return it. Don’t ever use this app. I closed my account I’ll never use this crappy website again. The worst app to send money on

  • I’m tired of corrupt, dishonest people who say they have your back but drag you through the mud instead! I’m out 1200.00, and I want my money. How do you trust another application to send money across the world? I’ve contacted CashApp Support and have received responses but I don’t know if I can trust them. Thank goodness I saved all my conversations with them. I support anyone that can get a class action lawsuit against CashApp/Square!!

  • CashAPP is horrible. Why are they even allowed to process payments since there is 0 protections for people and if you do make a complaint, there is no one to hear you…..

    horrible No-Good Rip Off Company! They provide 0 protection for their customers.


  • Aside from there being hundreds of complaints against square, I should point out that there are over 1000 complaints against cash app. I’ve been trying to start a class-action against them for the longest time now.

  • Trying to find out if someone sending me money I don’t know is a scam?

  • I misspelled the name of someone I was sending money to. It went to the wrong person. I received a call from the correct recipient stating they had not received the payment. When I looked back at the funds sent, I realized I had misspelled the correct recipient’s name. I immediately emailed support and called the Cash App number only to be told there were no live representatives and that I would have a response within 24 hours. I received a response today from Cash app stating they could not help me retrieve the funds and they threw out there their “terms of service.” Where is the help for situations like this. I explained that I could not just lose $590.00. I am so frustrated and very disappointed with their lack of assistance and no true protection for their customers.

    • Sameer Shrestha

      Guys guys guys!!!! Please do not trust cash app. They are simply scammers and fraud.
      There are couple of reasons for it:
      a)The first thing is they do not have the proper help support system. They have one automated number, [REDACTED FOR CONSUMER SAFETY] which is not helpful. We cannot talk to the customer service for agents for help.
      b)The communication is only through their email address which is [REDACTED – FALSE SUPPORT EMAIL] which is not that effective.

      C)My friends had send me 3500 dollars through cash app it was 10 days back. They told me to pay thr clearance fee of 155 and will all the money back. I paid the clearance fee and they again told me to pay this. This went on until I paid the amount of 1060 till yesterday. They are asking me to pay 350 dollar more to get the money released.
      Can you believe it, it has been 10 days and I have paid 1060 dollars but I still have not received the money yet.

      So, they comes with different excuses to lure you to pay more and more making you broke at the end.

  • Zero ☆ is appropriate

    I would do ZERO stars if I could, dont use cash app for any significant amount of money. You won’t get any type of assistance from them, their customer service is non-existent. I can guarantee that you will be blown off & get the “run around” If by chance, you are able to have an actual person respond to your messages. A complete waste of time. I’ve been trying to get someone to explain to me why I’m unable to get a cash card since March 2019. Nobody knows why & nobody can do a damn thing about it. Total BS, obviously it doesn’t take much to get hired here, just a bunch of morons re-typing the same script the previous moron sent you. You won’t be able to get one on the phone, I doubt they even speak English, which is probably why there isn’t even an 800 # listed anywhere.

  • Taneshia Wright

    Cashapp f***** sucks a**! They took 1640.00 from my mother that I sent her to pay her rent she then called the fake 1800 number not knowing you can’t speak to anyone because she was having issues cashing out and the scammer rerouted the funds and took the money and when I reported it to my bank Chase reversed the transaction for fraud. After they so called looked into the case they then took 1640.00 out of my bank account saying they were able to contact someone from cashapp to verify that the funds went where they were supposed to. I’ve sent in bank statements, screenshots everything I could to get my money back showing where the scammers changed the account number to reroute the funds and NOTHING!!! Then they have this fake 1800 number listed for people who don’t know that cashapp doesn’t have people you can actually talk to so it’s like they are all in with the scammers because this company will not do anything to help you AT ALL!!! It’s ridiculous.

  • Cash App is S*** of an app. Everytime a request or I send funds it is refunded “for my protection” but takes days to go back to my bank account. This is even after I have verified my account. An account that I have had for over 3 years. This is the 4th time in 2 weeks. The amount is not even a reason. When you contact support no one responses back to emails. After 4 days money is in account again. As soon as my funds are refunded BACK TO MY BANK Im going to “for my protection” GET RID OF YOUR S****** A** APP…

  • Terrible, fraudulent company. Do not give them your banking info!

  • Sherri L Jordan

    Looks like many are dealing with the same problem I have, withholding funds and no live communication. Still waiting since 9/16/19 for Cash App to return 200.00 to the person I paid on 8/2/19. I initially filed a claim to my bank because I thought the wrong person was paid but immediately canceled the claim when I realized it was correct. When requesting the 200.00, I receive a standard email stating that I am no longer allowed to use the app. That’s fine with me but the money still needs to be refunded. Not being able to talk with someone is very frustrating!


    Worst service ever, thieves!!!!
    I had an account and after changing phones was not able to access my old account, they will not merge the accounts and kept $300 I had on my old account, be careful people do not trust this app.


  • Michael Jones

    Cash app sucks they denied me from receiving $7. Saying because of security. Even though the sender is my brother. They told me to try and send a lesser amount.

  • Tiara Brown-Prescod

    My account was closed for no reason at all WITHOUT EXPLANATION in July! I’ve emailed several times without getting a response! I cannot open up a new one either! I relied on cash app like thousands of others for Peer 2 peer transactions. Their customer service is GRADE A TRASH!

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash App Support Scams

  • Tyeisha Jenkins

    I am a customer with Cash App. I had no problems until they overdraft my account and forge the account activities to make it look like money wasn’t in my account when I made purchases. The app on my phone shows everything but negative activities. But They say on their end they see negative activities. HOW!?! DON’T GET THIS APP. They wait until your guard is down to take money. It’s good at first but it turn south in the middle!!!!

    This post will help: Beware These Cash App Support Scams


  • Lisa Baker

    Direct deposit ayroll was processed on August 1. My paycheck is still pendingvtoday on August 9. NOT impressed with Squa, and this is only the 3rd time it’s been used.

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • Aishia McQuillan

    I have 2 payments of $15 that is lost. No one is willing to provide the customer service necessary to get this resolved. I contacted my bank and they said there were no transactions from cash app on the day in question. I asked Cash App if they can 3- easy the call to my bank, the rep said they can’t because they communicate by email only. I emailed the CEO for a resolution after being passed on to 5 different reps and here I am almost a week later and he still hasn’t responded. No wonder ther reps act like that. No one cares when your money is lost. They ignore emails and they keep your money.

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • I got 1500 stolen from my bank account and I never had a cash app but my funds some how we t to them?

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • Kathryn Samel

    There is no security with this app or with the cash card. I recieved a notification that I had been charged for a purchase at a fast food chain restaurant in another state. I contacted square immediately but could do nothing more than email someone because there’s absolutely no support. I tried to flag it as an unauthorized payment and was told in the app I could report the card stolen. The app, and the computer-generated email I received said I had to deal with the merchant directly? So….I’m going to try calling a Sonic restaurant 12 states away? And hope they fix it? What a joke. I took all my money back that was left. As of now I’m going to seek a different platform with my business also. Square is a joke. It’s not good for consumers, one hiccup- you’re screwed without any resources to recoup your funds.

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • I posted an item for sale on letgo and a gentleman responded and asked me to set up cashapp and that is how I would get the money, he swore he has used the cashapp many times before and never had an issue. I received emails from cashapp when the guy supposedly sent the money and was told I should see it in a couple of days, well a couple of days went by and then I get another email from cashapp stating they were experiencing server issues and where having to upgrade the servers and it would be another 2 days. Then on Monday I get another email from them stating that the $ amount of the item that I sold was over the $ amount for personal use and and that I would have to change my account to a business account and then the money would be deposited. Then I get an message from the buyer stating that he had to add an additional $800 to my cashapp account and that once I refunded him back the $800 then I would see the money in my cashapp account, and cashapp even sent an email stating that and that until I sent confirmation that I sent the $800 back (through a Walmart card, to a completely different person in a different state) I would not see any of my money.I did not send the $800 back because this all seems fishy to me and they expected me to send the $800 out of my own pocket. I should not have to come out of my own pocket in order to get my money for an item I sold through letgo. Cashapp has been extremely difficult to deal with and I will never use them again! So basically what they told me is that until I send confirmation of refunding the $800 my money is just going to sit there. Which is extremely wrong of them to do!! So again this purchase was done last Monday and as of today there has been no resolution.

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash App Scams

  • CathyPruitt

    Tried a 2nd time because I need something to use. Going to cancel again if I don’t get results in the next few minutes! No customer service!

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • Mark Hunt

    SCAM SCAM SCAM! I sent money to a friend on CashApp and it turns out the phone number is not enforced to be linked with the actual person (like you would find with a Facebook or Google verification).

    $25 gone in a snap. Then I go to send it to the right account and they block me, ask me for all my info, then at the last step, their system has an error and won’t even allow me to send the money.

    So I “Cash Out” and they charge me a fee for sending the money back to my original form of funding. I contact support and they just shove their terms of service in my face instead of focusing on helping me! Still blocked, cost me $27 and got no help! They didn’t block the first payment to the wrong person, but they blocked the payment to the right one. Just amazing! It figures a company owned by Square would be shit.

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash App Support Scams

  • Cash app blanket closes accounts even after verifying because they can and all they give you is a terms of service email which is generic at best. Contacting square or cash app Twitter account doesn’t do much better. We send them dob, ss, id, and bank account info for them just to be able to say oh well we don’t like you your account is close and it’s final. I feel there needs to be a higher level of accountability or decision making. I believe they use a computer to make these decisions cause the closed account email comes too quick. I wish the BBB or some federal agency would look into the practices. This is terrible the more I think on it. We give them our personal info and we don’t even know what happens to it after they close the accounts. Cash app and square have to do better. I followed all their verification steps to only have my account close and no reason given… Ridiculous

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    cross your fingers if you use the cash app. If anything goes wrong, Cash App will not help. They are happy to take your money but you can not get any out.

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money


  • I’ve been hit three times. July 17th, 18th and the 19th. I check my account just about every day, and the transfers didn’t show until today. Total of $50.

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • They debited my account 7 times in one day for a total of $475. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income, I cannot afford this. They used my husbands debit card number, he does not carry his card or ever used it. Why are they still operating?

    This post will help: Watch Out For These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • Myrlin Young

    My ordeal started on July 5 when someone sent me 1000 dollars. I didn’t need the money, so I hit refund….WHY did I do that. Today is July 19 and the person still has had the money credited back. Not only did they not credit back the money, they have tried to withdraw a 1000 dollars 14 times… thank god my bank flagged it as fraud… No number to call… SIGH…. We have contact support so many times it is ridiculous. i WILL NEVER USE CASH APP AGAIN AND WILL TELL EVERYONE i KNOW TO NEVER US THEM… AND I AM REPORTING THEM TO FOLLOWING AGENCY
    BBB, (FDIC), (NCUA), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), (OTS), and the Board of Governors of the Federal. IN ADDITION, I WILL INCLUDE SQUARE SINCE THEY ARE THE PARENT COMPANY AND OFFER NO ASSISTANCE

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  • Kimberly Hermanns

    You have my daughters money and you need to give it back now. You said you would put in a reversal and we would get the $2800 back in our account.Never got it and now you won’t even respond at all so that leads me to believe that you have now stolen the $2800. Why are you hiding just give us our money back it’s not yours it’s ours. That was the last payment for a medical internship and your ruining it for her. Just give it back now please. I beg of you to just send it back so she can pay it off.

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • Thomas Mills

    “We are sorry to hear this”, “we understand your concern”….blah, blah. The Run Around. This app used to be a legitimate way to transfer $. Don’t Do It!! Transferred $1k of child support the ex never received despite it coming out of my account. Called shady foreign “customer service” Jerry Parker who spoke broken English and delayed, delayed, pretended as if he was being helpful. Each customer service rep was more useless than the next. Corrupt! Advice: Do NOT wait call debit card immediately and dispute the charge!

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money


  • Rokeisha Boyer

    Cash app has unethical business practices!There’s no structure or customer service. They have taken money and dont seem to care that its gone and will only respond through automated texts and emails. There’s no number for a live person and when you are dealing with other people’s money, you should have a better system in place to handle disputes. I’ve contacted my bank, states Attorney General and the BBB in California regarding my money. I work HARD for my money and for someone to auto text me a message with no real answers, doesn’t sit right with me and I’m not having it. If I would have read the reviews before using this app I WOULDN’T HAVE DOWNLOADED THIS RIP OFF PIECE OF CRAP!! So I’d advise everyone to not use or be careful. Im taking whatever actions necessary to get my money back and I dont care who doesn’t approve. I feel like someone stole money out my purse and just walked away like I didn’t see them do it!

    This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


    • Cynthia Curtis

      They closed my account for No apparent reason I was asking how to get verified for bitcoin for weeks sent them documents numerous times then they emailed yesterday saying they closed my account Don’t deal with them no reasons from them bad service

      This post will help: 5 Reasons Why Your Application Was Denied


  • Cathy Pruitt

    Thought this was pretty good until today. Had unauthorized charges and attempts on my account. Thank God I didn’t have much money in it. Apparently someone is making duplicate cards because someone actually had a card with my number. My card was not lost or stolen and I’ve never been to Milwaukee. Really bad that they don’t have a phone number that you can call to actually talk to a person to resolve an issue and there are not enough options to choose all problems. Only communication is through text or email.

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money


  • Kee Tompkins

    Pay attention to Cash App & which account they are choosing to send your money. I opted to cash out & send it to my credit union. I have 1 account that I’m the owner & another account I’m labeled joint on. Cash App only asks you to “login” to your account & after that, you get a pop up message stating it was successful & they reveal the ending numbers on the checking account. Since I only owned 1 account, I didn’t pay attention & didn’t notice they had the last digits of the account I was “joint” on. I deleted the account off Cash App & tried again thinking I did something wrong. This time I noticed the digits to the account number & realized it’s the app not me. When cash app has a choice of multiple accounts, cash app doesn’t ask which one the customer wants, Cash App decides for you, where YOUR money will go. This app should be sued. It was none of the other persons business on the other account I’m joint on, how much money I received. I’m surprised this app hasn’t been shut down yet

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Penny Bishop

    Cash app allows people to get by with stealing money from consumers and don’t have to be accountable for their business. This is a horrible business and hopefully wil not continue to exist. When you make a purchase and the person doesn’t provide the item you paid for and they block you and change their name that is a scam. Them your company doesn’t think you should be accountable to protecting the consumer but instead want to pass it off to the bank to handle. You don’t deserve to be in business.

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash App Customer Support Scams

  • Rhonda Lee

    I’m completely disappointed with this company and it’s cash app. I was scammed out of 90$ for a purchase that I never received. So cash app just let people get on there app to steal your money. Your banks can’t dispute your payment because your sending payment to someone one personal account. So think this is unfair and the app needs to explain on the app to not send or use there app unless you know the person! How are the Coustmers on the app to know that . So anyone can contact you talk you into buying something you like and going through a legitimate app is what your thinking and it’s SO NOT!! Scammers!!!

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money


  • Was ok at first till my daughter needed money for school, Tried to use C.C. which they take. After giving ok to C.C. company they approved the transaction.But when cash app. wanted to verify me, it was crazy. They wanted info.
    I don’t give to anyone. Bank sign in info, picture of C.C. this after my C.C. okayed everything. Stay away from this site, to much info. not worth it on safety level alone

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • david fynn

    i got this number 1877 960 7666 on google search is this right number ? i have problem in my cash app account then i google toll free number for cash app and i got this number 1877 960 7666 , and they solve my problem as well but i confused

    You may have been scammed: Watch Out For These Square Cash Support Scams

  • Marlon Brantley

    I opened a Cash App account and for some reason which was never explained to me, the company closed my account. I still had money in the account. I tried contacting the company via their 800 number for a week straight, no answers the phone a recording comes on and tells you to submit a claim through the app. I went on twitter and sent a message, I went on FB and left a message with Jack Dorsey the CEO. I received 5 auto replies telling me the steps to receive my money, it still doesn’t work. I have money sitting in an account that I can not access, no one will return my call or email. Trying to actually speak with someone is impossible. Cash App will close your account and will not let you access your funds.

    This post will help: Watch Out for These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • Dave halver

    Worst company ever
    Complete scam
    The will take your money & close your app
    No customer support
    100% scam

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • My account was frozen and I didn’t know why so I called the number the number they have listed. I talked to a Mike who claimed he was a cash app support but he claims I will get my money back but he deactivated my account and had me to download the quick support app that gives him access into my cash app. I have not received my payment back k can. See him going into other people account and now I have no money nor cash app anymore.

    This post will help: Watch Out For These Square Cash App Support Scams

  • Mai Smith

    I do not have a Cash App account but paid a trusted friend through a link that he provided for a service. After I paid him using only my debit card, my daughter and I started getting hit with random, small charges on both of our bank accounts (which are linked because she is a minor). I had both of our cards canceled, and now it is happening again. The only other thing that I am told I can do is to close both bank accounts and open new ones which is going to be a huge pain! I cannot get in touch with anyone, because I don’t actually have the app – and certainly am not setting up an account with them now. The names on the transactions that hit the bank are Reid Lineberger, Zack Radke, Tim, and Corey Wills.

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

    • The same thing is happening to me keep getting these random withdrawal from someone who has a cash app that somehow has access to my bank account, what can I do.

      This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • Larry Selzler

    Square Cash. Someone created an account using my name and credit card number.

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • Elisa Lopez

    They are thieves! Stay away from this app. They stole $500+ from my best friend and $130 from me. I have emailed their “support team” and they do not reply. The only information on the app says to contact your bank and we did it and they don’t have any transaction. Please stop using their services, they will still from you at some point.

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • I have 1802.44 in my cash app account. My checks from my job we’re getting deposited into my account and cash app closed my account without warning. They canceled my card so I can’t use it. I’ve been trying to get access to my money for over a month now. There is no customer support. I keep getting the same generic response every time I reach out to them. I linked a bank account and it will not let me cash out. I tried to link my debit card from the same bank account and it will not even let me add it. I have seen so many bad reviews about cash app. I think they are scammers and are taking people money. I have reached out to the bbb to try to get this issue resolved. That’s too much money to just let them have.

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • Landi Rojas

    I don’t recommend it! In case if you need help, nobody does it! It’s hard to contact them, I’ve been waiting 5 days for a transfer that did not reach my account and nobody can help me !!please take care !!!

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • Donna Kaibel

    Do not use this app lots of fraud I had both my bank accounts emptied out from this app when I sent in 4 requests for response never received one. I will be contacting my local police department. To file a report. My bank says they see alot of fraud from this app. Never again I lost $2000
    Do not use this app ever

    This post will help: Watch Out For This Square Cash App Customer Support Scam

  • I was scammed for 2400$ and my bank just washed there hands and asking me to pay back them money,I hope cash app team can help me with this nightmare

    This post will help: Watch Out For These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • Lake Murphy

    BEWARE as they will not fight if you have been the victim of a fraudulent user/merchant. They’re just the middle man is the card they play, but you are their custom as well. Joke of customer service, that’s why they hide behind email.

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • I repeat do not use this app they stole $550 from me today I was a dummy and went and bought google cards because they said that was the only way that they could re- plumish my account
    Nothing but thieves

    This post will help: Beware This Square Cash Google Play Card Scam

  • Dave Fuehring

    Stay Away – their security and customer service is terrible. We just started using this app as a way to receive a security deposit and when we tried to move the cash to our bank account we found that someone else’s account had been fraudulently added to our profile and our money was sent to someone else’s account. We have no idea where our money went and Cash App support will not tell us anything. So frustrating.. We’ve used PayPal for years with no problems and will stay with them in the future.

    This post will help: Beware This Square Cash Customer Support Scam

  • Mitchell Hagood

    Support is the worse I have seen, they will terminate your account saying TOS violation but will not tell you what the Violation is and tell you that they will not. I find that a very poor business model.

    This post will help: Top-Rated Merchant Accounts

  • Betty Chase

    Someone was able to create a fake SQC account using my debit card. Now they keep trying to withdraw money from my bank account. Luckily my bank, Bank of America, denied the many money transfers. My concern is the lack of security with this app and how easy this was for someone to do this.

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • So far 60+ fraudulent scams. Seems every time I use my debit card there’s several square cash fraudulent charges

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Service Scams

  • I do not recommend anyone to use this app. I really had to file a fraud claim because cash app had stolen a little over a 1,000 dollars in increments over $20 to $15 over the course of 2 1/2 months. I have only used that app three in case of family emergencies. I have never used that app since. I recently deleted my account and the app and still continued stealing an additional 60 bucks from me today. I had to cancel my debit card and I have file an additional claim as well. Not to mention I also decided to look back at my statements and noticed that they have been doing this since I’ve downloaded the app over six months ago. Best believe I’m going to try and see if my bank will reimburse me from transactions that were made farther back. I’ve tried getting in contact with cash app and no one is any help at all. I have told everyone I know what has happened to me and to delete the app and to get a new debit card. At this point I am strongly considering filing a lawsuit, but I don’t know if I would even make a difference

    This post will help: Beware This Square Cash App Support Scam

  • I absolutely hate square cash app it fails repeatedly they never ever return emails i fuckn haye this appdont use sqaure cash

    This post will help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money to People

  • Michael B DePue

    Cannot leave less than 0.
    Worst customer service ever.
    Total run around on every help issue I inquired about.
    They have 330.00 of funds I sent to a daughter
    that she cannot withdraw!!!
    they will not answer several emails to say where the funds are!!!

    This post will help: How to Contact Square

  • Square Cash allows people to download their APP so that money can be stolen out of other people’s bank accounts w/o any attempt to require a vaild authorization. Squarecash WILL NOT provide people a method to contact SquareCash without first SIGNING UP and giving them your BANK CARD NUMBER! why the hell would anybody give SQUARE CASH their bank card information when they’ve already had money stolen through Square Cash?!

    This post will help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • Esa aplicacion es un robo se robaron mi cell y se yevaron 110 dll y les mande correo electronico y nada y ni un telefono para yamarles la bajen es puro robo y ni caso le hacen a uno pero voy air con la policia para reportarlos

    Translation via Google Translate: That application is a robbery my cell was stolen and they went 110 dll and send them an email and nothing and not a phone to yamarles .. do not download it is pure robbery and no case they do to one but I go air with the police to report them

  • Let me just say that I already received an email detailing that I would be paid via the app and still haven’t received it. Now they are saying that I don’t have the money after I was informed that I do.

    This guy hasn’t paid me for 3 weeks for 9 hours of work moving his storage unit and this is the best they can come up with. I have a screenshot stating:

    “Your pay will be available in your cash app on Wednesday.”

    It is now Thursday and the only response I have gotten from the Cash App support team is that I need to contact the person who is paying me. I am not on speaking terms with him as he has paid me 3 weeks late for 9 hours of work. This is useless to me and doesn’t explain why they would tell me the funds are available if they are not.

    The sender refuses to pay me now and the app refuses to do anything about it. Apparently it is my responsibility to reach out to him even though we are not on speaking terms due to his late payment.

    This is disturbing and unhelpful. This app is a disgrace and nobody should ever use it as they basically will do nothing to ensure you get paid for services rendered.

    I have freelanced for many years and never have I encountered a payment service with this level of unprofessional behavior.

    This post will help: Best Merchant Accounts for Freelancers

  • Thankfully my bank caught them,but attempts to transfer money from my bank account were made in the middle of the night using this app. I have no idea how my debit card was compromised, but hate knowing someone tried to use it. Seems like this app doesn’t have my security in mind-too easy to get ripped off.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Watch Out For This Square Cash Customer Support Scam

  • Loyal Customer

    Cash app is bad!!! It’s a hard to trust a company that you can’t call or live chat with if there’s a issue

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Contact Square

  • Tiara Anderson

    I wish i could give this app a 00.00. Ive been using cash app for about a year until recently i recieved an email on Christmas December 25 stating they took 150 dollars out of my account to refund back to the sender. The transaction in question took place on November 7 which was over a month ago. I sent them screen shots explained that this wasnt fraud and she even had tried 2 times later in the day to sebd other amounts of money knowingly and yet they still said they couldn’t do anything. I am truely pi**ed that this app didnt do anything about it. They dont even have a customer service number so dont try to call if you have a problem. You will just have to wait a few days even when you send multiple emails to them to get a response. I just pray my bank will refund my my money so i can delete that stupid app. I wouldnt recommend any one using it if the own company cant even help. 👎👎

    From The Editor
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  • Roseann Gaito

    its takes my bank information good but says the debit card to that account is invalid. That is my main account where my checks go into..its valid. I can get money but not send. :(

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • I do not use Square Cash and I have never applied to them to do so. I always monitor my account online and discovered several SPC* withdrawals (9) from my business account! ($131) 11/23/18 I reported it immediately to my bank (CHASE) and they cancelled my debit card and said the money would be refunded to my account within 12 hours! I was lucky! The money was refunded and I went to the bank to withdraw cash to use until I received a new ATM card for several days. I also gave the teller my ATM card and she cut it up in front of me. It had never left my possession.
    It inconvenienced me for a week or so until I received a new card. But I still have no idea how this was done to me because I never signed up for a Square Cash account?
    The withdrawals were taken in small multiple increments of $14 and $15 in order not to raise suspicion I presume…
    The person(s) the cash was withdrawn by is:
    BEWARE of one of these names appearing on your accounts!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Beware This Square Cash Customer Support Scam

  • Sensendo Adam

    People don’t use cash app, the steal my money and it’s very hard to contact them

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Beware of square cash they took $399.47 when my account had only $.53. It took more time and than a month to straighten up hat out their customer service is horrible you have to send 5 or 6 email just to initiate a claim. The took $121.00 this time. I’m so done with them. PayPal might cost more bu the service is worth it

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Nicholas Papadakis

    Worst app I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised they are still in business. Customer service is non-existent. The app asks you for your email or your phone number. If you enter your phone number one time and your email the next time, it creates 2 separate accounts. Then if you try to consolidate them it give you an error. Try to contact support to fix the issue and the app crashes. Try to do it online and it gives you an error to log into the app. There are a ton of better options out there, don’t waste your time or effort with this.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Bobby Mihoc

    Square Cash is fraud. I changed my phone number recently, and received some money via the old phone number (which I no longer have access to). The money was sent to my name, and through my email address. They would not recognize my name and email address. They only give you the money if they verify you through an old, non-existing phone number, which is impossible to do, obviously. So I lost that money. They kept it. This is theft.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • Don t trust that cash appt they will keep r money if u have no proof it’s been 30 days they have my money the account I send to return the money to them had they are giving a hard time

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Beware of this company!! They have allowed someone to fraudulently empty my account and it is impossible to contact an agent because I do not have an access code or sign up with their company. I never heard of their company. They are obviously not doing adequate safety checks because it’s all over the internet that they are depleting entire accounts fraudulently, basically stealing for a thief. I have had to cancel my card and we’ll have to redo all of my valid bill pay accounts. I am just lucky that my bank caught it, others were not so fortunate

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Contact Square

  • Ana-Maria Mardini

    CASH APP IS TERRIBLE!!!! I got signed out of my account and when i called the support line, they kept asking me to buy Google Play cards to “activate a new account” and then supposedly refund me the money i spent in google play cards. They robbed me! Every time i would call they would keep asking for another google play card. Needless to say i spent $100 and didn’t get it back. Not only did i lose the money i had in my cash app account but i also lost those $100.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Beware This Square Cash App Customer Support Scam

  • Andrew mullen

    Cash app Block chain technology doesn’t work so well from a customer service angle. It’s 6 days now and I can’t get $75 paid by a focus group I’ve sent emails to the support email and via the in app support.

    The problem in my case is because I had a cas app acct from a year ago. But I have new phone numbers and bank accts so they can’t combine the accounts. The new one I set up last week. And the old cash be I forgot about. Therefore cashapp is dogshit

    From The Editor
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  • Terrible money app! They say it is protected but it is not! My phone was stolen and they were able to hack in and transfer money out of my account into theirs! What does cash app do??? They told me to contact the recipient and get it back from them! I made a police report regarding the fraud and they were unwilling to corporate with the police! Would never recommend this app to anyone!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Joshua Woodall

    I had $4000 dollars stolen out of my cash app. There is no customer support for cash app. Beware!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: How to Contact Square

  • DO NOT USE THIS APP!!! I have been having transaction coming thru that I didnt make.. and they will not refund my money even tho I have proof. Im standing with my landlord in her yard and some made a purchase thru my account..mind u my card is on me… I have another where I’m driving to the movies and someone in NY is making purchases. I cant get ahold of a human to help me nothing. They can care less it’s not there money. And I have no way of getting a refund.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Ja'Keria Simpson

    They need a better support team I still haven’t had my issue resolved yet

    • The lack of prompt customer support has made this service unacceptable for me. Someone took money fraudulently and I contacted the app immediately, within minutes of the time that the transaction transpired. This is the moment that I discovered that there is no phone number to contact them. It was several days before I received a response and then it was too late to reverse the funds, which could have been stopped if they had responded promptly. I will be looking for another method for transferring cash in the future. Customer service is an important feature of any business and there just isn’t any with this company.

      From The Editor
      This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Cash App took $78.99 for a transaction that cost $21.01. I called the fake # and kept speaking to the same person using a new name. He kept hanging up on me when I refused to resolve the issue by putting an ADDITIONAL $400 onto my cash app account. Why would I do that when THEY owe ME? Found out thru research that there are THOUSANDS of people they have scammed for VERY large amounts (mine doesn’t even compare to those poor people)

  • Do not use this app. They are s scam. Their is no customer service. I am out 800 and have no recourse .

  • cash app stole 21 dollar from me over 3 Months using a Xbox logo. they said it would be refunded to me if i bought a google card for $100.00. i refused then transferred the remaining amount of the 200 which was now 190 to my bank account. when i checked my account the money was not there. cash app put another card on my account and stole the money

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • Vickey carter

    Bought 10 in gas got charged 88.99 store couldn’t do anything…i called what i thought was customer service…immediately all funds were gone they drained while i was on the phone… then started draining our bank account. .. how is it fair they steal our money with no consequences or retributions

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Beware These Square Cash Customer Support Scams

  • Daniel Hicks

    A friend told me about this to send money to them in a hurry, so I downloaded this Cash App, to try it out. The first red flag was the Cash App telling me that I have entered the incorrect zip code. I was able to skip that step and I came back to it later. Still says Invalid zip and I’m looking at my address in my bank account while getting the same response. I instantly deleted it and I don’t trust that it’s legitimate. Also, the Cash App states that if you refer a friend, they will get $5.00, however since I had already downloaded the app and put in a code, the (Refer a Friend) is no longer valid because I am/was using it already, even within the first 5 minutes. Thank you, Have a nice Day!

    From The Editor
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  • I lost $50 trying to send money to my daughter. Do not use this.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Terrible. Don’t even sign up. This is a total scam

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • kristan cole

    Be Ware of the $Cash App
    I tried to send money to my sons account. He didn’t receive it. $500. After being on hold for 32 minutes I called again and they said Andrew the guy I had been talking to was in the bathroom and was sick. I so ik, but you can help me right? Peter Nelson said he could. Then he told me that they were having technical issue and wouldn’t be able to reverse the charges until Monday. Then they said well the issue is I sent to much money and for my own security they were rejecting the money but it wouldn’t be sent back to me until Monday. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he hung up on me. I called back and this same Peter Nelson hung up on me 6 times. I called Chase bank Fraud Department and they are now going to handle this. Be ware of this app is a scam. Also this app customer service is foreign,which make it hard to get anything done. I am now going to blow them up on social media so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Watch Out For These Square Cash App Customer Support Scams

  • If you want to keep your money, do not use this app. It double sends money. Somehow money gets sent without you sending it even if you have a pin in place to send. You do not get your refunds and A there is not a person you can speak to for a resolution.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Best Mobile Apps for Sending Money

  • Teresa Walker

    I don’t understand how a company would allow people to use there services and then don’t or will refuse to help their customer receive the best experience in resolving there issue.

    Well lets talk about Cash App!!
    I would never recommend this App to anyone and if I could I would have the App banned from all use.
    I had an experience with tow customer service people today which by the way took me two days to find a 1 800 number to contact them in the first place. Well the issue I was having was that my son opened an account with them( 1. he is a minor 2. he does not have a banking account.) which I am not in support of because I don’t trust things I can not see. But he is young so moving on… He had an relative to send him money to this account which my relative does use this app as well but again that is no concern of mine. So now my son wants to use the funds that was sent to him and he cant. Well for one he is a minor!!! which you don’t find that out until you have signed up for the account, plus he didn’t read all that he needed to. He is a kid!! ok fine let me see if I can help my son as a parent should.
    1.Where can you locate THE 1 800 ?

    SO I FOUND IT 1-877-529-5137 GREAT

    LAUNGUAGE BARRIER but I’m ok that is not really a big issue. Until he said that you only have access to the funds for 5 days and once the 5 days is up you loose access to said funds, NO IT WILL NOT BE SENT BACK TO THE SENDER. IT IS TURNED TO A FEE AND CASH APP KEEPS IT. WOW REALLY!!!
    Please transfer me to a manager or supervisor please because I don’t understand.( question?? is this illegal ?? I have never heard of this. )
    Please go buy a google card worth the same amount call us back with the information and then we can send the funds back to you. thank you lol
    WAIT!! can you send the funds back to the sender? Its only day two, that is what this company does right? no we cant do that! why? because your son is a minor! wait !!! but you put the funds in the minors account correct? yes. ok is there another option? can I provide you with my banking information to transfer the funds to ? No
    ok so I don’t have access to $170.00 right now to buy a google card.
    well ma’am I cant help the your family sent your son this money we are a company have you never held an office position.
    ma’am your account is blocked and you now have no access to it
    and that lead me to here.
    Mr. Phillip Parker you should retrain all persons how work for you. You should as well review your own polices.

    From The Editor

    We are not Square Cash. We are an independent review website that has no affiliation with Square. The person you contacted may have been a scammer.

    This Post Might Help: Watch Out For These Square Cash App Customer Support Scams

  • Terry Smith

    I sent a friend $250 on August 10,2018 over the CASH APP. A hr later my friend send me back a refunded of the $250. I then received a text message on my cell phone which informed me that the money $250 would be available Tuesday August 14th. On August 14th i found myself speaking with a Cash app agent after not receiving my money when i was told i would. i was informed by the agent that i would have my money back in my account by 6pm that night. On August 15th 2018 I once again called the Cash app agent who this time informed me that i would have to spend $100 of my money to purchase a Google Play car valued at $100. The agent stated that by me buy the goggle play card he would be able to refund me the $250 i’m owed and a extra $200 for the google play card and inconvenience fee for my troubles. I did just that brought a goggle play card gave the agent the code on the back and was told that i would be called back in a hr to ensure money was transferred. After not receiving a call back form the agent i decided to call back when i finally got an answer i was told the agent Romeo was gone for the day and would return tomorrow. Today is August 17 2018 i called this morning only to hear that Mr. Romeo is busy and would call me back a 1pm. After not receiving a call from CASH app agent Romeo i decided to call back to see if i had been forgotten. When i got a agent on the line and began to inform them of my issue they cut me off in mid convo and stated that Romeo has my file and there’s nothing they can do and hung up the phone on me . I have experienced a great deal of disrespect over the last few days as a customer of CASH app. The professionalism and lack of communication and support shown to myself as a costumer has put me in a state of shock totally. At this point i have no other option but to continue to call to get my money back I hope no one else is treated this way by this company it’s a disgrace.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Watch Out For These Square Cash App Customer Support Scams

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