Poynt POS Review: Fees, Comparisons, Complaints & Lawsuits

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The “World’s First Smart Payment Terminal”

Originally created to sell the “world’s first smart payment terminal,” Poynt is a POS provider that offers credit card processing software and hardware for merchants. Poynt was launched in late 2014 by the former head of Google Wallet to promote a single piece of hardware with pre-installed POS software as well as a built-in register, scanner, and printer.

Poynt Point of Sale

Poynt sells its own proprietary POS system that uses its own software. These POS systems come in both mobile and tabletop options and feature EMV reading, NFC, mag stripe swiping, gift card reading, EBT, a cash option, PIN on glass, and accept all major debit and credit cards. They have PCI compliance built-in and can also accept MOTO and virtual terminal purchases. Poynt also sells a variety of accessories, including USB and wireless printers, paper rolls, cash drawers, and USB/HID barcode scanners. Poynt is compatible with all major credit card processors, so merchants will not need to switch processors to use the product

Poynt Location & Ownership

The company started shipping its first orders in September 2015 and has since expanded its service offering to include a proprietary operating system, business management tools, and an app marketplace. Osama Bedier is the founder and CEO of Poynt, which is headquartered at 4151 Middlefield Rd Floor 1, Palo Alto, California 94303.

Expected to be Acquired by GoDaddy

In December, 2020, GoDaddy announced its intention to acquire Poynt for $320 million cash at closing, with an additional $45 million in deferred cash payments due over the next three years. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2021. GoDaddy plans to integrate Poynt payment systems into its existing hosting platform.

Video Summary

Poynt Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Price and contract terms will vary depending on…
  • Complaints & Service: Has received more than 20 public complaints about its…
  • BBB Rating: Currently has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau but has received 3 complaints and 1 review in regards to…
  • Sales & Marketing: Does not market directly to merchants and has not received any complaints about its…
Poynt point of sale

Poynt sells its own point-of-sale hardware and software combo

Should You Trust Poynt?

Lawsuits, Reviews & Complaints

Here's Who We Trust.

Complaint Summary

Total Online Complaints
Live Customer Support
Most Common Complaint
Product Malfunctions

Product Malfunctions

We are currently able to locate over 30 negative Poynt reviews across various consumer protection websites, though none outright accuse the company of being a ripoff or a scam. Common complaints include persistent software and hardware malfunctions, poor customer service, and difficulty setting up the system. A consistent theme in these Poynt complaints seems to be frustration with constantly glitching devices that often load slowly or malfunction within the first few months of use.

Poynt Lawsuits

We have not found any outstanding class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints filed against Poynt. In 2016, the company was sued by Verifone for trademark infringement following its acquisition of the company Point International AB. However, Verifone’s lawsuit was unsuccessful when a federal judge ruled against them, and this lawsuit was not in regard to any of Poynt’s merchant services. Dissatisfied merchants who wish to pursue a non-litigious course of action against the company should consider reporting it to the relevant supervisory organizations.

Poynt Customer Support Support Options

Poynt generally refers merchants to the processor or agent who sold them the terminal for customer support, but it does offer technical support via a contact form and live chat feature on its website as well as a new phone number. The company’s FAQ page and dedicated “Help Center” section also provide information about the product. The company does appear to attempt to remedy complaints, particularly those that come through on its Facebook page. Although Poynt has a relatively low complaint total for a company that has been in business since 2014, many of the complaints are recent enough and echo severe enough issues to negatively impact Poynt’s score in this category.

Poynt customer support

Poynt offers a customer support form, a website chat, and a phone number

Is the BBB Rating for Poynt Accurate?

Better Business Bureau Profile

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BBB Summary

Product & Service Complaints
Billing & Collection Complaints
Advertising & Sales Complaints
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints
Delivery Complaints

Under 5 Complaints

Poynt currently has a “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau and does not receive BBB accreditation. The company has received 3 complaints, all of which related to a product or service. Only 1 of these 3 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 2 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Merchants Say

Poynt has also received 1 informal review, which is negative in tone. It should be noted that these reviews are not subject to authentication by the BBB. The review describes unexpected fees and a poor response from customer service:

Quick-talking salesman lied about the products offered. The rates we were charged on our sales through the Poynt system were higher than promised. We were assured by the salesman that there were no monthly fees of any kind. Within a few months we were paying TWO separate monthly fees. A year or so ago they took money from our linked account with no statement of why or what it was going to. I emailed them about it and they never responded to explain or reverse the charges. A few months ago I called and asked to cancel my account. They assured me that would be no problem. They stopped one of my two monthly charges, but the other still persists. I would avoid this company at all costs. They are nothing short of criminals.

Merchants should review the best providers for customer service before entering into any contract as well as the reputation of a company’s sales tactics.

An “A” Overall

In light of the company’s low complaint total,  we agree with the BBB’s rating of an “A.” Merchants should note, however, that there are reasons to be skeptical of the BBB’s rating system.

How Expensive is Poynt Service?

Rates, Fees, and Contract Terms

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Cost Summary

Swiped Rate
1.00% - 4.99%
Keyed-in Rate
1.00% - 4.99%
Early Termination Fee
PCI Compliance Fee
Equipment Purchase Cost
Set By Reseller

No Contract Terms

Poynt can be purchased at a variable cost from a merchant’s current provider and does not come with a linked merchant account. This means that Poynt does not charge any per-transaction fees, monthly fees, or cancellation fees, and there are no contract terms associated with its use. Poynt is simply a piece of equipment that connects to a merchant’s chosen credit card processor or existing POS system. Any additional fees that a merchant pays on a per-transaction or monthly basis will be charged by that merchant’s processor.

Avoid Equipment Leases

Like other smart terminals, it is likely that Poynt will be priced higher than conventional credit card swipers. However, the versatility of the product will likely justify any one-time purchase cost. If merchants are presented with an option to lease Poynt, then they are advised to scrutinize the terms of the lease carefully. Traditionally, equipment leases are occasions for providers to lock merchants into long-term contracts that end up costing much more than the equipment is actually worth. Although a Poynt terminal is worth more than a conventional terminal, it still isn’t worth paying thousands of dollars over the course of several years just to have one. In fact, most credit card terminals can be purchased for under $500.

Does Poynt Use Deceptive Marketing?

Advertising & Sales Strategy

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Key Points

Employs Independent Resellers
Advertises Deceptive Rates
Discloses All Important Terms

Removed From Sales Process

Poynt does not market directly to merchants. Instead, merchants can purchase Poynt through one of its partner processors if they wish. This means that Poynt is generally removed from the sales process. We therefore will assign the company a rating of “A” unless information emerges to suggest that the company is complicit in deceptive sales tactics.

Does Poynt Deserve Your Business?

Review Summary & Our Thoughts

A Solid POS Option

Poynt rates as a quality point-of-sale system according to all available information, but it has received some complaints related to its setup process, regular device malfunctions, and poor customer service. Merchants should be sure to determine whether they are likely to make use of the product’s versatility before paying its higher-than-average purchase cost.

Customer & Employee Reviews

What Others Are Saying About Poynt

16 Responses

  • JoeDes

    Absolutely the WORST decision I made when opening my business. I got caught up in the “GoDaddy” name and regret not understanding enough about possible issues. AMAZING how limited is the reporting! Updating the terminal doesn’t take. You have to delete an item and reenter rather than just trying to edit the one that already exists. YOU CAN’T RUN A REPORT TO EXPORT CLIENTS TO A LIST! The lack of a cohesive report to show products sold is ridiculous! You can’t run a report to show SKU’s sold! AVOID THIS PRODUCT LIKE THE PLAGUE!

  • Timothy Hughes

    I do not recommend poynt, I overlooked the bad reviews, due to the good ratings for equipment. This company has been nothing short of a nightmare. They are quick to take the customer’s money but very slow on returning funds.

  • Brian Heavens

    I’ve been dealing with poynt for 2 months regarding a tax issue. My state and city retail taxes are set at 13.5. Poynt is not collecting the proper amount. This leads me to Paying the gap out of pocket. For every ten thousand dollars they fail to collect about 500 dollars. I’ve talked to poynt four separate times. Each time I get a ticket number and I’m told it’s been elevated to urgent, the engineers are working on it.. I’ve yet to hear from anyone. I’ve lost money and more time than I care to admit. This is absolutely crazy. It has taken their engineers 2 months to give me no answer. Avoid this company if you can.

  • Phet Bouaravong

    I have bought a poynt smart terminal last month. Since then I had nothing but problem with it. It will process payment only half the time. I talk to there support technician, they seem clueless. They keep saying it has poor wifi connection, even though i got fiber optic and full bars. I even connected straight using Ethernet wire and still the same. I took the poynt terminal home and try it at my house, still they say the same thing, poor connection. I spoken to 5 tech spend hours on the phone with them and all of them don’t know what else they can do. They send me another one to replace it, and the new one wont even process any card at all. Call there support team, again no help. They are sending me another one to replace the other two. haha…
    This will be my last try, if the 3rd one dont work, I will try to get my money back. Because what good is a poynt terminal, if it cant process payment.

  • George DuBois Jenkins

    We are apparently locked into a 4 year lease for the Poynt Terminal. We were never informed that it was indeed that long! Now that Quickbooks is able to process cards the next day, having the Poynt is an unnecessary expense for our business.

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  • Matt Automotive Kraus

    This system is Garbage! It fails constantly and does not come back up for hours or even days! Thank God we have a backup or we would be out of business! Avoid at all costs!

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    • Jaron Rice

      Who did you get it through? Whenever any of my clients had any issues with it, Elavon replaced it free of charge.

  • Jaron Rice

    FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m a Poynt reseller through Elavon. I have a number of them in the field and have seen some of them fail. The ones that have had issues thus far have been the 3G models. I’ve never had an issues with the WiFi models or the Poynt 5 handheld. I think the entire undertaking was ambitious and they probably launched a years sooner than they should have. That said, they recognized early on the issues they were having and have authorized Elavon to replace any failing units no questions asked. My clients were overnighted new devices. Elavon recently invested $100 million into Poynt and I’m confident that the investment will pay huge dividends. The best thing about the device in my opinion is the options you get. You can use it’s native register app, you can use eHopper POS, Lightning Register, Silver Fox POS, eThor, talech and a bunch of other POS softwares through this single device. Ultimately, it gives you freedom and flexibility unlike anything I’ve seen. I’m excited to see where it’s going.

  • Steve Rinehart

    If you value your time and sanity, plus your business and customers…. do not come near this company. I regret ever purchasing them and so will you! It does have an BBB rating…. FAILING!!!

    From The Editor
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  • Rebecca Sermon

    This is the worst device I’ve ever used. It can’t do the simple things it’s designed to do. Imagine buying a car and then finding out it comes with half a steering wheel. Then they tell you if you want to use it you have to spend hundreds of dollars per month to rent the other half from some third party developer. To make things worse the other half of the steering wheel has its own issues and never quite works correctly. I’m sorry to be so harsh but this company and its products are complete garbage. I have spent $1000s on multiple devices and none of them work. They will reboot randomly or simply crash while you are trying to make a charge. The worst is when an entire customer order doesn’t print in the kitchen and the staff looks around while the customer gets ready to walk out. I think I have spent more time fighting to keep customers while using this device than actually managing and running my business. There is also no customer support. I’m in the middle of getting a lawyer to null this contract and then go to Square Register as soon as possible. I would recommend you stay away from Poynt before you end up like all the rest of the reviews.

    From The Editor
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  • Karen

    I’ve had fairly good success with my terminal, and for a “small” merchant this system is a good option, although a bit pricey. My biggest complaint of the terminal is the customer facing pinpad screen. It does not resemble your typical pinpads with the associated letters on the numbered keypad – only numbers. I find many of my customers use a 4 letter word to remember their pin and are stumped when they don’t see the letters. I have sent the suggestion to Poynt several times and each time get the same scripted response saying “this would be a great improvement and will escalate my request to the appropriate team”. So far no improvement (7 months later).

    From The Editor
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  • Kerri Bauer

    I am sure the machine has potential but the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Horrible Service thru both Elavon and Poynt. I don’t believe it is ready to be launched. I am having the same problems as everyone else. It works, it doesn’t work, it takes cards it doesn’t take cards. Terribly disappointed in all of the companies involved. They all just pass the problems off to someone else. Nothing but stress.

  • Ty

    DO NOT BUY!! It is cute but it sucks. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. It says card error, I call customer service they say reboot the machine. Then it declines cards. Customer service advised me ,it only takes cards with chips. That’s news to me it has been taking cards without chips for over 5 months. Second customer service person,(slightly better English )” We repaired a glitch”. It will take chipless cards now. Numerous other problems like dropping prices, modifiers, changing taxes. Now my BIGGEST problem I just looked at my bank account. Poynt made no deposits into my account for 14 days. Nothing new, everything else was deposited for months. It just stopped! Then I am told by very nice people, it was a Poynt software problem. They its fixed “it will not happen again “. Can you do without 14 days of business, I can’t. That is the only thing they got right. It will not happen again! Dont walk away from Poynt, RUN!!!!

  • Julia Park

    Very bad service. We have been told incorrect information by the people at POYNT, and we have had to figure things out ourselves. There are many things we still are trying to figure out, and we have been given incorrect answers, or no answers. There are serious problems with the functions and the design of the machine, and the worst part is they themselves cannot give any help. And the sales people don’t know how to use the machine at all.

  • Susan

    This was honestly a disappointment. I have had this terminal for less than month, and it’s no longer working properly. I called customer service, and spent roughly an hour looking for the solution to this problem, but they were no help. I tried asking for a refund, and they also didn’t accept that. It was the biggest mistake to get this. Take this review as a warning to never get this.

  • Mindy

    This system is very limited in what kind kind of storefront it can serve.
    It doesn’t have unit pricing programming options unless you pay for one of their TERRIBLE 3rd party apps they partnered with.
    If there are any connection errors, the system stalls and makes the checkout process even longer because they are sourcing all of your products from their website, rather than the device itself.
    If you have a large inventory of product items in one category, it is not able to scroll through them on the register app.
    This device need more development! I would suggest looking into another POS system that has been on the market longer, unless you like paying to work out the kinks.

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