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Pros & Cons
Pros: Cons:
Fast approval and settlement Equipment leasing costs
Supports high-risk accounts Contract cancellation penalties
Direct bank processing Monthly and annual fees
Accepts various payment types Variable processing rates
Mobile wallet compatibility Mixed online reputation
Overcharges Reported

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Probably not.
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In this review of BankCard USA, we'll provide an in-depth look at their payment processing services, which cater to various needs including credit and debit card transactions, mobile payments, and high-risk merchant support. We'll assess their security measures, contract terms, and fees, offering a balanced view of the pros and cons to give you a clear picture of their service quality. Additionally, we'll explore customer and employee feedback to gauge the company’s performance and customer satisfaction levels. Our analysis also includes a review of BankCard USA’s use of CyberSource for payment gateway services, highlighting its effectiveness and compatibility with different payment systems.

About BankCard USA

Established in 1993, BankCard USA is a merchant account provider that specializes in credit card processing and electronic payment services. The company is a reseller of First Data (now Fiserv) that shares past ties with Maverick Bankcard, a relationship that is covered in our Maverick Bankcard review. According to a BankCard USA representative, these two companies no longer have any relationship besides being located on different floors of the same building, and each operates independently of the other. BankCard USA was purchased in 2021 by Quisitive. BankCard USA claims to provide processing for 400-1,000 new merchants per month and to have serviced over 100,000 merchants since its creation.

BankCard USA Products and Services

Payment Gateway

BankCard USA utilizes the CyberSource payment gateway for virtual payments, which supports global payment acceptance in over 190 countries and territories. CyberSource features include over 300 fraud detectors, recurring billing, SDKs in six programming languages, CRM integration, and round-the-clock support.

Wide Range of Payment Processing Options

BankCard USA offers various payment processing options, such as credit and debit card processing, ACH and e-check transactions, mobile payments, and virtual terminals. These services cater to businesses with physical locations, e-commerce platforms, or a combination of both, providing a seamless payment experience for customers.

Point-of-Sale System Compatibility

BankCard USA integrates with numerous point-of-sale (POS) systems, allowing merchants to use their existing POS hardware and software with BankCard's payment processing services. This integration helps businesses streamline operations and maintain a consistent user experience at the point of sale.

Support for High-Risk Merchants

BankCard USA offers tailored payment processing solutions for high-risk merchants across various industries. This service helps these businesses maintain reliable payment processing and reduce chargebacks and fraud.

Robust Security and Fraud Prevention

Security is a key focus for BankCard USA, employing advanced encryption and tokenization technologies to protect customer data during transactions. They also provide sophisticated fraud prevention tools to help businesses detect and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring a secure payment environment for both merchants and customers.

Personalized Account Management

BankCard USA assigns a dedicated account manager to each merchant, assisting with the setup and ongoing management of their payment processing system. This personalized support ensures a smooth onboarding process and helps address any challenges that may arise.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Merchants with BankCard USA have access to detailed reporting and analytics tools, enabling them to monitor sales performance, track customer behavior, and optimize payment processing operations. These insights help merchants make informed decisions to support business growth.

Location & Ownership

BankCard USA began operating in 1993 and is located at 2625 Townsgate Rd #100, Westlake Village, California 91361. The company is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, California; Westamerica Bank, Santa Rosa, California; and Esquire Bank, Jericho, NY. The president and CEO is Shawn Skelton, with Scott Hardy serving as joint CEO.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with BankCard USA?
Probably not.
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BankCard USA Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 40+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees
Recent Lawsuits No

Moderate Complaint Total

Through this website and other consumer protection platforms, we have discovered over 40 negative reviews of BankCard USA within the last three years, with many customers labeling the company as a scam or engaging in ripoff practices. Clients primarily raised concerns about undisclosed fees, unauthorized debits, and challenges in contacting customer service representatives. A significant number of complaints highlighted frustrations with the company’s practice of placing holds on large transaction amounts deemed suspicious. While this holding policy is common to mitigate high-risk transactions, BankCard USA seems to lack effective communication with high-risk merchants regarding these policies prior to and throughout their service. If you have your own review of BankCard USA to share, kindly do so in the comments section below.

BankCard USA Legal Situation

No significant class-action lawsuits or FTC complaints have been identified against BankCard USA. Customers dissatisfied with the company and seeking non-litigious solutions are encouraged to consider reporting their concerns to the relevant supervisory organizations.

BankCard USA Customer Support Options

BankCard USA provides phone and email support, along with a form on their website. Businesses operating in high-risk industries are advised to explore partnerships with a top-rated high-risk specialist for specialized services.

BankCard USA Customer Service Information

  • (800) 589-8200 – General Contact
  • (818) 540-3712 – Fax

Other Support Options

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with BankCard USA?
Probably not.
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BankCard USA Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 6

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Under 10 Complaints

The Better Business Bureau has received 5 complaints regarding BankCard USA Merchant Services within the past 36 months. The company has an “A+” rating and has been accredited by the BBB since 2002.

What Merchants Say

In addition to the 6 complaints, BankCard USA has also received 1 informal review to its BBB  profile, describing aggressive sales tactics:

I was referred to BankCard USA by one of our banking partners to open a merchant account, however, I was unable to proceed due to John Curiale’s comment that made me feel uncomfortable in continuing the process. He asked for documents, which I was more than happy to provide, however, I mentioned I could not provide one as I had lost it and had requested a replacement. He instantly responded with “And I’m not processing this application until you call me directly at 818-XXX-XXXX. I’ve been doing this for 18 years so this isn’t my first rodeo. I know exactly what you are trying to do.” I asked him what he thought I was trying to do, which I was not quite sure what he was thinking. I have every document for both myself and my business. If I was trying to win some business, I would not assume things about people and jump to conclusions. I would not do business with them. He became very defensive with my reply.

Clients in this position are better off partnering with a top-rated merchant account provider.

A “B” Performance

In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, we have adjusted the BBB‘s rating to a “B.” This is in keeping with our philosophy that there are good reasons to be skeptical of the BBB’s rating system.

BankCard USA Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Yes
Monthly & Annual Fees Yes
Processing Rates 1.00% - 4.99%
Equipment Leasing Yes

Three-Year Agreement

Numerous public reviews of BankCard USA outline a standard contract duration of three years with an early termination fee ranging from $99 to $295. Additional reported charges include monthly minimum fees varying from $10 to $25, potentially contingent on business size and type. Multiple PCI compliance fees per annum are also cited, possibly totaling over $200. According to a company spokesperson, BankCard USA retains the right to withhold funds for risk assessment up to 180 days, a provision that has inconvenienced numerous high-risk merchants.

Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateway Pricing

Apart from its brick-and-mortar payment processing, BankCard USA promotes its virtual terminal and payment gateway services on its website without disclosing pricing. Such e-commerce services typically entail additional charges like gateway fees, technical support fees, batch fees, and extra transaction rates.

Agent Flexibility

A company representative clarified that BankCard USA no longer imposes a termination fee on all accounts. Instead, merchants incur a $99 fee only if they received free equipment upon account activation. This fee is waived upon returning the equipment or if the client remains with the company for over a year. While preferable to a long-term contract with a fixed termination fee, this policy appears to be a recent development. Additionally, BankCard USA allows independent agents to set their lease terms and rates, resulting in potential variations in contract terms depending on the agent and merchant specifics.

bankcard usa payment gateway BankCard USA uses its own payment gateway, CyberSource

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with BankCard USA?
Probably not.
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BankCard USA Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Yes
Misleading Marketing Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

Outside Sales Team

According to BankCard USA reviews found on this site and elsewhere, the company appears to hire independent as well as in-house sales agents to market its services. The use of independent sales agents or resellers is a common practice within the industry that often results in elevated complaint rates among merchants. In the case of BankCard USA, numerous publicly available complaints report aggressive in-person sales tactics and nondisclosure or misrepresentation of fees at the point of signing.

BankCard USA Rate Quotes

At the time of an earlier update, the company’s home page quoted “the lowest rates in the industry at 0.23%.” We consider this type of rate quoting to be deceptive since the 0.23% figure shown was much lower than the effective rate for almost all businesses. BankCard USA has since removed the quote from its homepage, but clients may still encounter it in the company’s promotional materials. If you suspect that your rates were misrepresented, you can double-check your monthly bill with a third-party statement audit.

bankcard usa advertisement
An ad from the BankCard USA website that does not give specifics.
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with BankCard USA?
Probably not.
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Our BankCard USA Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

BankCard USA holds a middle-of-the-road position in the realm of credit card processing providers. Given its scale of operations, the company exhibits a moderate level of complaints, a metric that informs part of its average ranking. Client feedback frequently highlights issues with the terms of service stipulated in contracts, aggressive sales tactics, and lackluster customer service, which collectively detract from the company’s overall reputation.

To enhance its standing in the competitive market of payment processing, BankCard USA could benefit significantly from addressing these recurrent criticisms. Reducing the number of client grievances and making strategic adjustments to its sales approach would likely lead to better customer satisfaction and potentially uplift its ratings.

Location & Ownership

The company began operating in 1993 and is located at 2625 Townsgate Rd #100, Westlake Village, California 91361. BankCard USA Merchant Services is a registered ISO/MSP of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, California; Westamerica Bank, Santa Rosa, California; and Esquire Bank, Jericho, NY. The president and CEO of BankCard USA is Shawn Skelton and the joint CEO is Scott Hardy.

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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with BankCard USA?
Probably not.
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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did BankCard USA Treat You?

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with BankCard USA?
Probably not.
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25 User Reviews

  • Hanna

    Fire Canyon Academy

    I became treasurer for a nonprofit organization and realized they had been receiving charges from this company for years. We assumed it was just a checking service fee from our bank until the amount started going way up. We have very limited funds as a nonprofit, so this is a really big deal to us. I called the bank to find out why the charges increased, learned it wasn’t the bank, researched and found this company, called them and was given the runaround that is sounds like they often give. “We have no record of you in our system. It can’t be us making the charges.” B.S.
    I put a stop payment on the charges through my bank, which worked for a number of months. Unfortunately, the charges have started up again. I’m disputing it with my bank, but I don’t want to have to change my account number just to get this company to stop charging!
    What a terrible company.

  • Taylor Sparks

    Morning Indigo (Organic Loven)

    Bank Card USA has been my merchant bank for just over one year. I started receiving excessive and unknown fees to my bank account in April along with periodic holds of deposits, with no notice, by Bank Card USA, causing a domino effect of a shortage of funds. With the periodic holds of deposits, there was a delay in paying the distributor which delayed shipments and ultimately became charge backs. On June 27th they began holding all deposits with no notice and kept withdrawing fees, ultimately over-drawing my account. When I called to find out what was happening, they stated that they had the right to hold my fees due to previous charge backs, although there were no charge backs currently due. I have been requesting the release of my deposits for 21 days to no avail. I am unable to ship orders because Bank Card USA has taken all deposits that clients paid me to ship their products to them. But without any monies in my account I cannot pay the distributors and the orders will not ship, therefore creating a domino effect of charge backs filed by the customer. I cannot refund the customers because Bank Card USA will not release the deposits.

  • Vica

    ODG, LLC

    I didn’t even sign up with them. Went right through my bank for merchant services. I had to dig and research on my own to figure out who it was taking my money. They got ahold of my account info and have stolen nearly $4,000.

  • Isabel

    I don’t know who’s there stilling people are they taking money out of my account For no reason
    I called and never find me they say it’s not them who I have to call I went to my bank and they gave me a number to call I don’t understand I need to resolve the situation

  • Marilyn

    I just checked my bank account and i have several charges from this company showing as BANKCARD MTOT DISC CCD. I contacted them because i wanted to know who they are and who they stand for. The lady said they could not find me in their system, she checked my name, business name, business phone and my cellphone..could not pull me up at all. The sad thing is i haven’t made any credit card swipes in months. The lady told me to call back tomorrow and maybe they can assist me better. The sad thing is this is my personal account and i do not have any credit card machine attached to it. Anyway, i went down a few statements and to my surprise i have 3 charges from them starting in 10/02/19 for $22.00, again on 11/4/19 for $31.95, then today 12/02/19 for $130.95. Somebody needs to do something about these people. I have never heard of them until now.

  • Justin Gagnon

    Bank Card USA Withdrew $150 (give or take a few dollars) for a settlement that never happened. I made one credit card transaction for $60.00 on 2/27/19 and the next day they pulled out $150, followed by another $33.04 on March 4th 2019 for the monthly fees. Im writing letters to Wells Fargo, BBB, The State Attorney General, The FTC and many more places as we speak. Bank Card USA had the nerve to tell me that it was not them that withdrew from my account even though I have 9 months of statements showing them withdrawing under the same discreption (BKCD PROCESSING SETTLEMENT CCD and BANKCARD MTOT DISC CCD)

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  • Silver Vapes

    The company is a joke. Signed us up for an account and month later closed the account and is now holding over $2500 worth of deposits. Angela in the risk department never answers calls or replies to emails. Sales reps are very good at convincing you that they do everything different from all the other merchants but BankCard USA is horrible once you have an account and actually need help.

  • Paper Town Books

    I used BankCard USA for three years. First, I was a new business start up, so I received a ton of offers for CC companies. I called about 4 or 5 of those companies. When I spoke with BCUSA, the sales rep did exactly as the above description in this article declares: they misled me on their fees (percentages of fees/use). Second, I was told that BCUSA percentages were between 5% to 10%. Without exception I was charged between 23% to 25% in fees every year. I was also charged if a customer had a points reward system on their CC – BCUSA never disclosed these fees would also be charged, unless it was buried in their 80 pages contract somewhere – which it may have been and I just overlooked it. However, they did advertise and promise a rate of 0.23% because I was a new business, along with a FREE CREDIT CARD TERMINAL – which is how they listed it – in all caps. I never received my wonderful low rate of 0.23%, nor did I receive my free terminal.

    I do not recommend this company at all! BE WARNED, they will find a way to gouge you. If you are a new business start up, try your best to avoid BCUSA if at all possible make them your last ditch effort to obtain a CC processing company. Take Paypal only, in the beginning, if you must. I’m no longer in business, they are partly to blame!

  • Chad

    What a terrible terrible company. The whole time, with a card reader, I was charged for “no card present”. After months of “We will give you the best rate” I finally reached out to a third party and realized how much money Bankcard was taking from me. UNREAL!!!
    I was told ” No contract” When I emailed a cancellation notice the company never replied. One year later, after they kept charging me, they said I had to send a signed form in to them to cancel. They never told me I had to do it and said I am owed zero money as refund. Somehow I let my company get screwed be the same company every month for about 2.5 years. RUN RUN RUN.

  • Carrie

    Please I repeat please stay away from Bank Card USA – I wish I had did my research before I trusted this company with my business. They almost destroyed my business. – They have stolen over $2,500 from me. I opened my account with them March of this year and here it is August and they still have not realased my money. They are liars and deceitful. I am disgusted and cannot understand how these money hungry sum bags are still in business. I am warning you please do not trust your business to these people.

  • Elena Portales

    The costumer service sucks, every time I call them seem like they are having a bad day. Technical support if is a women in the line for get it, they hung the call, with no helping me, so I need to call several times until a guy (men) help me, a few times I went out off service in my retail store per 1-2 hrs.

  • Sierra Kent

    This company is full of crap. They are in California which means for me being in Georgia it makes it very difficult to get anyone on the phone. Ryan in there risk department is one of the rudest CSR ever. They will hold your money without so much as an email as to why. When they do get you through to Ryan he gives very indirect answers and no reason for the hold up but his personal feelings. PLEASE STAY AWAY! I only ended up with this company through a mistake from my processing company Shopkeep. You can’t do any research on these people because they seem to be new. They hold your money in any account that gets interest for them so they continually make money off of you but can’t return a phone call.BEWARE OF BANKCARD USA AND THEIR RISK MANGER RYAN KUEHI. They have $700 of my money with no word on it being released. Left three messages for Todd Duplain with no return call in a week sine he is the person who opened this account incorrectly from what his manager says

  • Tamara Elizarraz

    I am beyond dissatisfied with Bank Card USA. The customer service has been terrible and it is extremely difficult to get a hold of the SUPERVISOR! He input my account number incorrectly and now ALL of my funds have been transferred and deposit into the WRONG account! It has been 2 weeks now that I have been out of all of the money I have made from work. I am a single mother with overdraft fees and bounced checks all because the supervisor input my account number incorrectly! How terrifying is that. I have called him at 5 times this week alone and called customer service 3 times. How is that okay? And no one can give me answers and just give me false promises. This is my livelihood, this is NOT joke and should not be taken lightly as it has been. I work in a salon with a group of girls and were planning to switch to another Merchant, this whole situation has been very eye opening.

  • Anthony Price

    I will try to be very brief. I experienced HORRIBLE customer service today (11/19/15) by Bank Card USA. After ten days of not hearing back from the representative who was handling my account at Bank Card USA I called their main office to find out whats going on. There I spoke to a lady with a PISS POOR attitude who worked in customer service named Alex. This lady was extremely unhelpful and couldn’t provide me with any information on why I haven’t heard from my representative at Bank Card USA. Then she rudely transferred me to my representatives voicemail in the middle of me asking her another question. I left a voicemail and called back and spoke to the supervisor in Customer Service named Corrie and this gentlemen seemed to no care one bit about my situation. He informed me that my account had been forwarded to another processor (in which no one had told me about at Bank Card USA) and made no mention of remorse in the way I was treated by the poor customer service rep named Alex. Needless to say as a business owner I hate “poor” customer service and I will never do business with Bank Card USA going forward. I highly recommend you look elsewhere as well. God Bless!

  • Laura Tomase

    These people have been calling our business for months with sneaky sales tactics. I would not do business with U.S. Bankcard no matter how great the up-front rates were (the people I have spoken with on the phone are enough to make me skeptical and then when you add in all the negative reviews and issues with the BBB, this only confirms my decision). We will be notifying the Attorney General if the phone calls continue. Steer clear of U.S. Bankcard!

  • Chuck

    Worse prepossessing company ever, They tell you all nice talk when they sign you up and they give you low rate but they hit you with falls charges, Hidden charges and when you call there customer service no one care and they all refer you to Cory, Cory never answer the phone never return calls,
    Be careful before you sign up with them..DO NOT LOCK YOUR SELF TO A LONG TERM CONTRACT.

    • John Doe

      Yep.. my wife own nail salon call pro top nail in Anaheim hill . Been with them for so long and finally I got family member also doing credit card machine so I decided to cancel but they come up with all kind of excuses and tried to told me a sale rep will contact me later .. All they do is annoying and trying to beg me for staying back and not cancel when I don’t want to stay with them anymore .. So annoying they keep calling when I already decided to cancel already. Just sent me the cancellation form so I can fill out already!! What a waste of my times keep calling !!

  • Saroj Thapa

    In March 17, 2014 my credit card terminal stopped to work. I complained about it and send a new set of terminal on 19th. Now I am waiting for a returning ticket or postal level with recipient address. Today I gave a call and trying to ask with the associate where and when you are sending the UPS to pick up the bad terminal?
    The associate answered me very rudely. He said he has already send 4 times now I have to send it by my self other wise I will be charged 300.00 dollars. I trying that person to send the shipping label to my next address but he denied and said he can’t change the address. It is very rude and unlawful also.
    This company is not trustworthy to get assistance when a customer have a trouble.
    I am trying to find out some other service provider and breakup the business soon with this service provider.

  • Pedro

    In March 17, 2014 my credit card terminal stopped to work. I complained about it and send a new set of terminal on 19th. Now I am waiting for a returning ticket or postal level with recipient address. Today I gave a call and trying to ask with the associate where and when you are sending the UPS to pick up the bad terminal?
    The associate answered me very rudely. He said he has already send 4 times now I have to send it by my self other wise I will be charged 300.00 dollars. I trying that person to send the shipping label to my next address but he denied and said he can’t change the address. It is very rude and unlawful also.
    This company is not trustworthy to get assistance when a customer have a trouble.
    I am trying to find out some other service provider and breakup the business soon with this service provider.

  • Joy

    I signed up for Bankcard USA Merchant account . I called them up to closed the account after a days my account has been activated, it has never been working by the way, because the credit card processor is not compatible with my website.

    One of rep send my a closing account form and did mentioned that $295.00 will be deduct from my account and it will be release back into my account in the couple days. Basically, that is for the terminal fees you supposed to pay after your account has been activated for 1 year. She replied she never says that. I was shocked for a bit to her response as a rep working at the bank.

    I called them back again one of the rep replied that she has to request the refund back into my account so now I am waiting.

    Again the terminal fees of $295.00 is paying after your account has been activated for 1 year. In my case is about 1-3 days during those days I was trying to set up the credit card processor so I can accept a credit cards on my website, but I was unable to do, so I have to canceled l, but they turn around and charge $295.00

    Be aware and stay way from “BankCard USA Merchant”!!!!!! I swear!!!!!!!

    • ellie

      Yes, this happened to me too. They use your routing number and withdraw the money. There’s no invoice or letter informing you of the same. In fact their customer service people swear that there will be no penalties for any early termination.

      I think this is very wrong and there has to be a change in law. I’m a small business owner too and I don’t charge for a service that I don’t provide neither do I penalize my clients for not continuing to do business with me. There should be some legislation passed so that these sort of companies are held accountable and not allowed to get away with this kind of fraud.

      I will never ever use this company again and will not advise anyone to do business with them either.

  • na na

    Despite the fact that we canceled our account over 8 months ago and even returned all of the equipment over 4 months ago, we continually receive bills from Bank Card USA. Our emails go unanswered and it seemingly is impossible to get a hold of these people over the phone. Last time i got a hold of one of the employees, I was treated in an unprofessional manner and the gentleman I was speaking to was very rude.

    This company is a scam and it is taking several months to simply cancel my account.

    Avoid this company like the black plague.

  • Eponym

    BankcardUSA intentionally masks actual costs for services rendered using don’t ask don’t tell policies. They turn a OTHERWISE 30 minutes due diligence effort into a 4 minute signup. ThEy further complicate their merchant agreements with deceptive, partial, truths, and separated application forms to formal agreement IN POST SIGNATORY conversion techniques.

    For example: if you are an internet based business, their form does not stipulate in plain English what your processing rates will be. Rather, they hide THESE VARIABLE rates by omitting them on the application forms or place them within muddied heading definitions to be debated later by you with them.

    Their customer support and technical support department consists of 2 qualified people and a hand full of telephone call routing clerks.

    Competitively compare carefully before you sign with them and understand what it is they require of you during processing periods.

    Few, if any, merchants ever qualify for next business day deposits due to the rating and/or risk place on each transaction. If you have perfect credit, low processing amounts per batch and batch the same day, you might receive a next day deposit, but with security amounts withheld. OF COURSE THE NEXT DAY deposit possibilities are only valid on certain types or low risk categories of actual transactions made as well.

    Separately, PCI security compliance alone can cost a merchant $240 (OR MORE) PER YEAR additional ! It varies based upon the type of merchant processing you are implementing

    You will pay MORE to BACKCARDUSA in aggregate fees, be treated disrespectfully when asking for assistance and be denied rationale resolution to concerning costs and operational issues to reasonable satisfaction.

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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with BankCard USA?
Probably not.
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