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Updated 1/9/19: The website for Cube POS ( is no longer active, and it appears that Cube is no longer an operational business. If you have any information regarding Cube’s current status (including any rebrandings or alternate business names), please share that information in the comment section below this review.

Launched in late 2012, Cube ( is a cloud-based point-of-sale system with an attached merchant account. The service is intended to function as a more complete back- and front-end solution for businesses than its mobile payments competitors like Square and GoPayment, but it does cover a lot of the same territory as these other popular services. Cube offers wireless payment processing designed to replace traditional terminals and registers, and it can be operated through an iPad using a card reader and a free app. The app does not appear to be available for Android devices at this time.

Standout Features

In addition to card acceptance, Cube includes back-of-house solutions like inventory management, labor tracking, analytics and reporting, and syncing across multiple locations. Cube has also added a Kitchen Display System that allows for order tracking and ticket syncing. This system benefits small businesses in the service industry by providing multiple display options and customizable settings, including color coding, warning times, and audio cues.


Cube Rates, Fees, and Costs

Cube offers two separate pricing plans. The first, a “Per Swipe” plan, is a month-to-month agreement with no monthly fees, no termination fees, a 2.5% fee on swiped transactions, a 3.5% fee on keyed-in transactions, and an attached merchant account. Merchants may not integrate their previous merchant account with this plan. This plan deducts 2.5% or 3.5% from each transaction before depositing it to the merchant’s bank account, resulting in a simpler process than end-of-month billing. The “Per Swipe” plan also includes a daily limit of $5,000 and a weekly limit of $30,000 for swiped transactions and a daily limit of $500 and a weekly limit of $3,000 for keyed-in transactions.

Cube also offers an “Enterprise Plan,” which is a custom pricing option for merchants who would like to retain their current merchant accounts. This plan is no longer advertised on the Cube pricing page, so it is possible that the company is phasing it out or has discontinued it. This plan appears to involve a monthly fee and includes variable per-transaction costs, but it also adds live support, multiple location support, customized hosting, and personalized setup. It also involves a merchant-specific processing limit established during setup. It should be noted that after signup, merchants can upgrade from the “Per Swipe” plan to the “Enterprise Plan,” but they may not convert their service from the “Enterprise Plan” to the “Per Swipe” plan.

Overall, these transaction rates, fees, and processing limits compare favorably to Square, but Cube is still a very new software that may not carry the same ease-of-use as its more established cloud-based competitors. The company does score points for its clear disclosure of processing limits and live customer support options, which many of its competitors lack.


Cube Complaints & Customer Reviews

We are currently able to locate a few Cube negative reviews online. The point-of-sale application is showing a three-star rating out of five on the iTunes app store based on 20 reviews, and two users have left comments. One user praises the functionality and mobility of the service, while the other commenter is hesitant to provide personal information up front just to see how it works. We also found an additional complaint citing glitchy software and poor customer support. Considering how new Cube is to the industry, it is to be expected that it would not have many reviews at this time. The company’s website advertises email and chat support for “Per Swipe” merchants, but “Enterprise” merchants also have access to phone support. Live chat and phone support are uncommon among many companies like Cube, so these communication channels have the potential to distinguish the company as it continues to grow.


Cube BBB Rating Summary

Cube does not currently have a profile with the Better Business Bureau. Given how new the company is, it is difficult to assign it an adjusted rating. We will therefore not take a BBB score into account when determining the company’s overall rating in this review.


Truth In Marketing & Advertising

Cube appears to primarily market its services through its website. The company advertises its rates and fees plainly on its “Pricing” page, and we are unable to locate any Cube reviews that dispute these figures. Cube does list the terms of service associated with its merchant account on its website, so customers who would like to review these terms are able to do so before initiating the application process.

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Our Opinion of Cube

Cube rates as a reliable and affordable POS system according to all available information. The company is still very young, so it has yet to attract a high volume of positive or negative reviews. In addition to the cloud-based payment processing model that its competitors offer, Cube has the potential to provide a broad array of point-of-sale and back-of-house services for small businesses.

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