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Updated 2/11/19: This review will no longer be updated because Fifth Third Processing Solutions has changed its name to Vantiv, which is now Worldpay. See our Worldpay review for future updates.

Fifth Third Processing Solutions is a division of Fifth Third Bank as part of a joint venture with Advent International. The company entered the credit card processing industry in 1991 under the name of Midwest Payment Systems and then changed the name to Fifth Third Processing Solutions in 2003. In 2008, Fifth Third Processing Solutions was ranked as the 4th largest bankcard acquirer in the United States. Since its inception the company has acquired several other credit card processors and ISOs, including ACI Merchant Services, Card Management Corporation (CMC), TNB Card Services and National Processing Company (NPC). At the time of this review, the company has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of an “A+” with nine complaints filed in the last 36 months. Fifth Third Processing Solutions offer a broad range of merchant processing services and equipment.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Fifth Third Processing Solutions Treat You?

26 User Reviews

  • Alex Escobar

    Fifth Third is the WORST credit card processor that ever existed! Horrible customer service. When you call they can never find you or your account and don’t give a rats ass about inconveniencing you or your business. MANY MANY PROBLEMS. They charge obnoxious fees and actually stole money from us by not depositing our funds into our account. They have taken over $6,000 from us in the past year and refuse to solve the issue after many many attempts from us to try to resolve this. Stay very far away if you are considering them as a credit card processor.

  • dave tuxbury

    i cancelled this service after using them for 5 years,
    Way out of contract date.
    After canceling which took 3 phone calls and 3 months, they still took a $338. Fee out of my checking account for next years services.
    That has been 9 months ago now.
    Ive tried to get them to reinstall my money, and even have 2 different ref# requesting this. Still they only tell me, it shouldnt have came out of my account because my accounts are closed.
    My return money is still” pending “on those ref#’s
    And still do not have the $338. Back in my account.

    I tell everyone about this SCAM and do not sign up with these crooks.
    Dave tuxbury



      My name is Tatiana Mojanovski and I have a big problem with your company. I’ve been trying to contact you guys for the last 2 weeks and no answers/help from no one. I need my issues to be solved, I’d like to understand why there’s no Support for costumers and No resolutions of my case. Please I need resolution for this case!! I’ve called over and over, opened many cases and so far no answers or any help. I feel so BETRAYED by your company and frustraded.

      On March 28, 2019 I called Fifth Thrird Bank Processing Solutions @1866-792.0010 and spoke with the sales rep CHRISTOPHER SHELTON ([email protected]). I needed to open an account under my sole proprietorship business “Moj Retail” for only a month to use on the trade shows I attend, until my new EIN for the new business Rio Retail Inc was being issued. Christopher told me I could open an account and start using immediatly until the new EIN for the corporation was being issued, and then he would tranfer everyting over, so we did that. On 04/03/2019 I’ve received the notification that the account was opened under merchant #4445031736184 and I started using. On 05/15/2019 I contacted Christopher to switch the business name and EIN. He recommended to create two differents accounts because I was using the same account for the trade shows, as well as for the temporary business in Brainerd, MN. The trade show account was set to be long term, while the business in Brainerd was set for 3 months. On 05/20/2019 I’ve receive a new merchant account #4445031765548 under Rio Retail Inc and He told me that was the replacement for the Moj Retail account cited above. On 05/22/2019 a second merchant account #4445031765670 was sent to me. I also had sent him a copy of the check with the Rio Retail bank account information for deposits.
      The week of May 15 until 23, I switched back and forth between those 3 accounts on my ROAMPAY app to keep all acounts active as he told me so. He also said, that it was important to have charges on all accounts to make sure they were correctly set up.

      That’s when my problems started:

      1- The merchant #4445031736184 Moj Retail was NEVER closed or switched to Rio Retail, he just opened two more and never closed this one;
      2- The bank account information was never switched and I kept receiving my deposits under my personal bank account number;
      3- The account #4445031765670 on Brainerd, MN was set up with the wrong address and wrong zip code and every time I call is a problem to get me thru;
      4- On May 17 I had 3 sales on charge: $161.81 – $134.84 – $107.88 – It only got deposited $296.65 – Missing $107.88
      5- On May 20 the charges was $161.81 – $107.88 – $86.30 – $134.84 – The total batch of $490.83 was never deposited on my account and all the charges were and still are not showing up on the RomPay system.
      6- On May 29 the sales was $161.81 – $269.69 – $134.84 – I’ve received only $431.50 and on the system it showed the charge of $134.84 was declined by the end of the day, however it was approved, signed and the costumer took the merchandise, in that instant.
      7- On May 31 the sales was $129.45 – $323.62 – $134.84 – $161.81 and I received $426.10. The charge of $323.62, was approved, signed and the costumer took the merchandise but by the end of the day this sale was showing as declined.
      8- The batch of June 5 $3063.67 – June 6 $1000.21 – June 7 $490.83 – June 8 $1192.02 was never deposited, and is still missing.
      9- Even though all this money is missing on June 11 I had 3 whithdraws from my bank account $138.89 – $139.03 – $171.90 and I’d like to know why.


      I have called Fifth Thrird Bank Processing Solutions, Vantiv, Ingenico, RoamPay, World Pay, risk department and many other numbers and NONE of them were able to help me with these issues. Risk department does not even exist, they gave me this number 1866-676-5353 that I have to leave a message and I left over 5 messages every day and NEVER got a call back.

      I have many case numbers (#09397579, #09401043, #09419720, #09420610, #09421337, #09421339, and many more) and spent many hours each day on the phone trying to figure out what is going on and still have absolutely no solustion for none of the issues listed above.

      All in all, I’m in desperate need of help to find exactly where all this money has gone!

      Tatiana Mojanovski
      [REDACTED – personal contact information]

      This post will help: How to Make Your Payment Processor Release Your Money


  • Herb

    Since changing to 5/3 from Heartland in October 2015, we have had a variety of issues with processing. Most of the issues are related to the new EMV security requirements. When we reach out for help, 5/3-Vantiv responds with “that’s just the way it is going to be”. Our customers are confused and frustrated, as are we. We were given no warning as what to expect with the changes. We were set up for failure. It has been very very frustrating. I highly recommend you look into support before making any changes. We were quite happy with Heartland, but were wooed by the promise of cost savings…which have turned into lost customers

    Are you with Fifth Third? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Arie Vandenberg

    Vantiv sucks! Here are 4 reasons why: 1) What other company would charge an annual service fee of $99 for no other reason than to boost holiday bonuses for themselves AND charge you high fees to process credit cards on a regular basis. 2) I’ve had many companies through 5/3, and when a 5/3 rep solicited me to change processors, I said, OK, I’ll have a listen. BAD MOVE on my part. I setup one company and they screwed up the name, so I called them and asked them to correct the name. Instead, they created a totally new processor account and charged me double for 3-4 months before I finally got them to refund the mis-charges. The guy I spoke with told me he would have to “talk to his boss” before I could get my money back. LOL. And I spent HOURS of my own time fixing their mess. 3) I wanted to cancel because I wasn’t happy and they told me that I would have to BUY myself out of the contract! That’s right, YOU must PAY them to get out of the contract based on what money you would normally charge and pay them what they would normally make! 4) They are NOT part of 5/3rd bank as I was led to believe. They are a separate company with separate management. AWFUL company who I would NEVER to business with if I had to make the same choice again.

  • Jeff Roe

    Vantiv sucks! Here are 4 reasons why: 1) What other company would charge an annual service fee of $99 for no other reason than to boost holiday bonuses for themselves AND charge you high fees to process credit cards on a regular basis. 2) I’ve had many companies through 5/3, and when a 5/3 rep solicited me to change processors, I said, OK, I’ll have a listen. BAD MOVE on my part. I setup one company and they screwed up the name, so I called them and asked them to correct the name. Instead, they created a totally new processor account and charged me double for 3-4 months before I finally got them to refund the mis-charges. The guy I spoke with told me he would have to “talk to his boss” before I could get my money back. LOL. And I spent HOURS of my own time fixing their mess. 3) I wanted to cancel because I wasn’t happy and they told me that I would have to BUY myself out of the contract! That’s right, YOU must PAY them to get out of the contract based on what money you would normally charge and pay them what they would normally make! 4) They are NOT part of 5/3rd bank as I was led to believe. They are a separate company with separate management. AWFUL company who I would NEVER to business with if I had to make the same choice again.

  • Becky

    I have been using Fifth Third processing for over 2 years now. Their rates are extremely competitive, they have been very responsive and their software has saved many hours of poring over receipts to find a descrepancy. Our Fifth Third processing account manager meets with me once a year and we review the rates. If I find a lower rate somewhere else, we negotiate a better rate. And for all of you who think that I can’t read the fees….bottom line….we pay 1.7% total merchant fees for MasterCard, Visa and Discover. That includes swiped cards, hand entered cards, reward cards, debit cards and a couple of “expensive” ones where employees did not follow protocol and did not enter information entirely. The rates are based on usage and higher volume does equate to smaller rates. It is hard to negotiate these rates because they are broken up and the merchant account vendors all talk to you in a language all of their own.

    When we first changed over to Fifth Third they sent 2 people out to help us set up/install the equipment and software and train employees.

    They also contacted the American Express account representative (who knew we had one?). She came over and lowered our rate as well as explained to us how to keep their fees low.

    Couldn’t be happier!

      • Frankie

        This is totally not real. My restaurant processes with Vantiv, a fifth third processing company. They offered me at a flat rate of 2%. When I got my first statement, they are charging at a rate that is more than what they offered to me. I called them, they said it is MC and Visa that charges this. Months later, few credit card sales rep came to my restaurant and offered me a rate that is much low than what vantiv offered. I tried to call Vantiv to cancel, they said i have to pay $295 for early termination plus what is called a liquidated damage, which makes few thousands of dollars if i want to cancel with them. Those are things that they never told me about and they lied to me.
        I called again for rate review, they said i have to stay with them for at least 12 months in order to get a rate review, I am totally pissed at them. I guess i just have to stick with them till my contract up.
        I been banking with fifth third for 10 years, and i liked about fifth third bank. But i was totally screwed by Vantiv, don’t do business with Vantiv.

        • Debra Malmos

          This is the first time I’ve seen this from the company side of the table – have worked in the payments industry on the banking side for 30+ years.

          Interchange rates are made public by every card issuer (visa, mastercard, etc.). If the rates are padded on your statement (higher than the published rate), then it is fraud, pure and simple.

          I’d recommend having your banker, accountant help you audit your statement and if they are mis-stating wholesale rates, you should have some legal leverage. They purposefully make those statements confusing so most people will just blow it off.

  • Bryan

    I agree with everyone else on here. 5/3rd merchant processing is a joke. The customer service is non-existent. My rep said they would waive the 10 monthly fee, mentioned nothing about other fees or cancellation fees. I have spent over $600 in fees and never once used the product! That’s right. I have a small business and explained to my rep that I needed the ability to accept credit cards to be competitive, but would try not to use it. She sold me she would waive the 10 monthly fee. I was never told about the monthly fees the card companies charge. I was ok with the 2.96% fee for usage…but wow…..what have I received for all the money they have taken out? Nothing. No emails, no return calls, just a bunch of money sucked out of my account. Stay away from 5/3 merchant services!

  • Cory Root

    I’ve been dealing with Fifth Third, now Vantiv for 3 years. We recently switched to another processor because they accidentally started charging us the incorrect rates. I called them out on their error and they said there was nothing they could do and that they wouldn’t refund us for the overcharge. I went to our corporate office and had them talk to Fifth Third and miraculously Fifth Third was able to figure out how much they owed us. However Fifth Third wasn’t able to send us a check for the refund ($2600.00+). The only way to get the refund was to have any active account. Of course I had switched the accounts due to the overcharge. So no refund was given, even though Fifth Third admitted their mistake.

    Now lets start on customer service. Expect to wait 30 min to an hour on the phone to get a copy of a statement. I know statements are very difficult to produce, so an hour makes sense. You may also be hung up on multiple times while asking for copies. Don’t take it personally, that’s just how Fifth Third rolls. Don’t bother looking up information that is more than 1 month old online….it’s not going to be there.

    I didn’t have a problem with Fifth Third until they started raising our rates for no reason. Once this started then the nightmare of trying to get it fixed began. I’m going to be blunt here, don’t ever for any reason use Fifth Third as your credit card processor. Hopefully this will deter future businesses from the “fun” I’ve endured.

  • Christine Hall

    Never Never Never will we ever use or recommend 5/3 to my worst enemy!! We have been in business for over 10 years and switched to this company on a friends request in November. We have had problems almost from the beginning. Deposits don’t match and some are missing. For a small business owner who does an average of 75% charges that can add up. We have had no customer service help!! And of course we tried to get a copy of our contract which they wanted to charge us $7 to fax 2 weeks ago has yet to arrive!! We will never give up fighting this company until we get our monies owed to us! And the 3rd paryt contract for the leasing the terminals from is also a big joke and a ripoff.

  • Nicholas Henkels

    I have been trying to get an update as to what is going on with my two businesses accounts that are being reviewed by Fifth Third Bank, in which we have not gotten a response from anyone within your division or company as to what is going on with them and when they will be reactivated and the funds being held would be released. We have provided all the requested information as of a week ago immediately after I had conversated with the Fifth Third representative. I recieved read receipts and I see that the emails requesting an update have been received, but yet go unanswered which is not only concerning but frustrating as well.

    We cannot run the business without being able to process our customer’s orders and receive the funds for those orders to be able to continue with product orders, marketing, operating expenses, etc. I am sure you can imagine how difficult it is to be able to continue operating a business that its sole operations revolve around and depend on the sales of our products to our customers and the business receiving the revenue from those sales to continue its operations.

    If we cannot get this resolved immediately we will be forced to explore different options for processing as well as receiving our funds that are being held with no justified reason that has been explained. All of our sales and marketing efforts have been halted at this point until we hear as to the status of our account and we will need to start looking into additional options today as well if we do not hear back from them. As it is coming on a week shortly with no response or answers to our questions or concerns.

    I sent my final email today requesting that they respond so we can get a resolution in place today without causing any additional financial strain on the company or its owners. It is now 11:00 PM and I still only have my read receipt from them and no response. This is extremely bad service especially considering the fact that its not a small amoount that is being held, its more than 50,000.00.

    I highly recommend checking into other companys before considering Fifth Third. If I don’t get a response from them by Friday, then I’m going to make sure everyone knows not to choose such a company who does not care about the welfare of their clients companies.

    I’m curious too know if anyone else has experienced this kind of situation with Fifth Third, I would like to know what the end result was and response turn time. Please feel free to share your story with me.

    • Christine Hall

      We started using 5/3 in the beginning of November from a recommendation of a friend. We have been in business for over 10 years with the same processing company with no problems prior. We started seeing a lot of problems with deposits not matching. We actually believe we are missing multiple deposits too. We have spent countless hours trying to make calls to no avail. Nobody can help us and of course we have no sales people to come out and explain this. Now we have another processing company taking over but of course 5/3 unethically has frozen one of our “leased” terminals they don’t even own. I cannot even begin to tell you how upset we are and the loss of time we have spent on this and we are not even close to resolving this. We have now hired an attorney to help us with these problems. Your are more than welcome to contact us if you have any suggestions!!

  • Chad

    I went with fifth third because as a new business they were the only ones who would give me a chance.

    My business grew, and after 6 months I had a high number of transactions, no chargebacks, and very few refunds. I felt that it was time for the high rate I was being charged to be reviewed, but they refused.

    So I found another provider, got a quote, and then went back to 5/3 and explained that I had been offered a better rate, if they didn’t review my account they would cancel.

    They refused to review my account. So I canceled.

    I’m reminded of this quote “You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied.” 5/3 should take a lesson from that.

  • Stephani Harris

    A complete nightmare..Please do the background checking on any credit card processing companies. Regardless if the name appears to be a financial institution.
    I am learning the hard way. Please stay away from this company. A plus rating with BBB? I doubt this is true.

  • Marilyn Koehler

    My store closed June of 2010. I tried to close my accout with the MC/Visa but was told I would have to pay a early cancelation fee. I was told my contract was till 11/11 so I paid the minimum of $20 till November 2011. At that point I asked to close and the agent said fine and I sent the request. On 12/8/2011 I got a debit of $394 from my checking account. I called and it was a Sat and explained the situation. The customer service person said the $99 was the yearly fee and the $295 was early termination. I explained I was told I was within my time frame to cancel. She said she would request a refund for the $295 but could not refund the $99. Even though I felt the $99 should not have been deducted since I was not advised of this at time of cancelation I said I would pay that. She said allow 24-48 hours for the $295 to be refunded. Well it is over 48 hr and I called again the the rep said IF the decided to refund allow 3-5 days. I asked for a supervisior. I got voice mail of course and I left a message to call by the end of business TODAY. His voice mail never even stated his name. I doubt if he is even a supervisor. Of course he never called back. From day one this has been a night mare with fifth third. No return calls. Un authorized charges with the explanation of this is the way it is. Do not I repeat do not use them for your MC/Visa charge card service. They are very expensive with no explanation of their charges and now they have almost $400 of my money without so much as a courtesy return phone call. They need to be banned. When I open my next store I will never use Fifth Third for the service. no matter what. Can you imagine as a small business owner having $400 suddenly taken from your account. We need every penny.

  • Les

    Fifth Third Processing has done a wonderful job for my business..the rates were very competitve with my former processor and the sales guy was quite informative. I guess in regards to these comments left by other posters, maybe it all depends on the rep you get. I havent had any troubles and the rates on my bill are just as he said it would be.


  • J allison

    This place is a joke, You cannot ever get a hold of anyone, their rates are horrible and you are stuck with them until your “Contract” is up.

    It is impossible to get any information or help, What a JOKE!

    Took me 2 hours on the phone just to get through to somebody to cancel my account and then I am being charged $295 to close it out!

    Stay FAR Away from them, I am very scared of what may still be coming when trying to close this out.

  • atlas

    aware aware aware of …..5/3 processing ruined my business, i am in the process to file a suit for all damages, and hardship they have caused us, they will pay for their mistakes, no one is bigger then the law , I am sure they have done the same thing to other but it is time for them to pay.

    be aware they will take your money and not even look back.

  • gary shapiro

    Fifth Third Data Processing has raised our interchange rate for mastercard/visa non qualifying cards by 50-400% over the previous 6 month period.
    When we tried to leave we were threatened with liquidated damages of the balance of our contract (14 months) at a rate of the highest previous 3 month period of payments to them over the life of the contract, which was an extension contract as they had tried to raise the discount rate on us two years ago. So this liquidated damages fee works out to about $96,000 that they will sue us for if we now cancel our contract and find a more reasonable processor. The original “termination fee” of $295 is in the contract but this liquidation fee is in fine print. Be careful. The upcharges we just got equal about 90 basis points on about 3 million in charge sales and is a an increase of 27,000 dollars for the year..what a hit..and they care little for the fact that the salesperson did not even clue us in. And we had to beg to get a copy of the contract. Before signing up with Fifth Third Bank be careful and ask questions and read the 14 page addendum to the agreement.

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