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Category Breakdown
Sales & Marketing rated B
Costs & Contract rated A
Complaints & Service rated A
BBB Rating rated A

Overall Rating

A- Credit Card Processor Rating


GoEmerchant (goemerchant.com) is a small merchant account provider based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with a founding year of 1995. The company got its start by developing e-commerce solutions and then expanded into various other electronic payment solutions. Despite its long time in business, GoEmerchant reports that it manages only about 20,000 merchant accounts. The company’s small size should not be considered as a strike against it because it seems to have served it well in keeping its merchant customers satisfied over the years.

There is some evidence indicating that GoEmerchant is a subsidiary of First American Payment Systems, a company with a very high number of complaints filed against it. Although GoEmerchant does not appear to be showing anywhere close to the number of negative reviews received by its parent company, merchants should be aware of this relationship. Gary Dvorkin is listed as the CEO of GoEmerchant, which is a registered ISO/MSP of Fifth Third Bank, Cincinnati, Ohio.

GoEmerchant Products and Services Industries Served
  • Debit and credit card processing
  • Online payment gateway
  • iPad-based and traditional POS systems
  • Mobile phone processing
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Online shopping cart
  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • E-commerce
  • Non-profit

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Sales & Marketing | B

Key Points – Sales & Marketing
Uses independent resellers? Yes
Promotes deceptive rate quotes? Yes
Discloses all important terms? No

GoEmerchant advertises misleading rates on several of its online application pages, quoting an “Internet Rate” and “Retail Rate” “as low as 0.89%” per transaction. These quotes are misleading because they do not include the Mid-Qualified and Non-Qualified surcharges that a high percentage of transactions experience, or the fact that such a rate would only be experienced with a minuscule percentage of a merchant’s transactions. The company also hires independent resellers, which would normally be a strike against it, but GoEmerchant’s compensation program does not appear to encourage price gouging like many others do in this industry. GoEmerchant is currently showing a handful of negative reviews online regarding its sales tactics, specifically concerning nondisclosure of monthly fees. Overall, the company appears to be neither exceptionally transparent nor exceptionally deceptive. GoEmerchant could improve its rating in this section by removing the misleading rate quotes from its website.

GoEmerchant Marketing Example

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Costs & Contract | A

Key Points – Costs & Contract Terms
Swiped rate: Variable
Keyed-in rate: Variable
Termination fee: $495 or none
PCI compliance fee: Variable
Equipment lease: Variable

GoEmerchant appears to use First American Payment Systems (FAPS) as its processor, and FAPS’s standard agreement has a three-year service agreement with a $495 early cancellation penalty; however, GoEmerchant appears to have the freedom to waive these requirements for its merchants. Therefore, merchants who apply to GoEmerchant may have month-to-month agreements with no cancellation fee. If you choose to sign up with GoEmerchant, be sure to read your merchant account agreement to make sure this applies to you. GoEmerchant’s other pricing and fees will vary depending on the services the merchant requires. As of this review, it is unclear if GoEmerchant charges a PCI Compliance fee. If you have any information regarding this, please leave it in the comment section below.

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Complaints & Service | A

Key Points – Complaints & Service
Total complaints: <10
Live customer support: Yes
Most common complaint: N/A

We have found approximately five GoEmerchant negative reviews online, and none of these complaints specifically accuse the company of being a scam. Common complaints include hidden fees, difficulty cancelling service, and withholding of funds. This is a low complaint total for a company of GoEmerchant’s size and time in business, but it is possible that additional GoEmerchant complaints may have been mistakenly filed against FAPS instead of GoEmerchant. There is no solid evidence at this time that this is occurring, so we will assign the company an “A” rating in this category. GoEmerchant offers a phone number for customer support on its website.

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BBB Report | A*

Key Points – BBB Report
Product/service: 0
Billing/collection: 1
Advertising/sales: 0
Guarantee/warranty: 0
Delivery: 0

GoEmerchant has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2001. As of this review, the BBB is reporting an “A+” rating with only one complaint filed in the last 36 months. This complaint was related to a billing or collection dispute and either was resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final response from the merchant. We believe “A+” ratings should be reserved for companies with zero public complaints and have accordingly adjusted GoEmerchant’s rating in this section to an “A” for the purposes of this review.

* Denotes CPO-adjusted BBB score

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GoEmerchant Bottom Line

GoEmerchant Review

Rated 4.3 out of 5 Stars
Reviewed by Phillip Parker
Reviewed on 2016-01-08

Even though GoEmerchant is small provider, the company seems to be a solid performer with a long track record of few public complaints. Since GoEmerchant uses FAPS as its processor, merchants would be wise to fully read and understand the company’s merchant account agreement before signing it. It should also be noted that “GoEmerchant.com” could be confused with “Gotmerchant.com,” a different company, in search results.

This review was originally published on 12/28/12 and was last updated on 1/8/16.

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Phillip Parker is a former merchant services agent turned small business advocate and the author of "Fee Sweep," which teaches merchants how to dramatically lower their processing rates, eliminate junk fees, and avoid fine-print scams. He founded CardPaymentOptions.com to help merchants enact positive change in the credit card processing industry. Schedule a Consultation with Phillip

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  1. We didn’t have to sign a contract, I was told it was month to month and cancelable at any time. Our sales person said I was signing only for the equipment and the signing was done on a smart phone. Fees are much higher than quoted; the actual process accounting/batching process is performed at the GoE website after negiotiating several pages online and the site will time-out if not used regularly so the entire log-in (and several pages) is required several times a day; receipts are printed on your own printer so be prepared for additional printer ink and paper costs. It’s cumbersome. After a day we knew it wouldn’t work well in our office setting but they refused to cancel without a $495 cancellation fee. WATCH OUT.

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