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Note: As of 2022, the Lease Finance Group website is not operating and we can't find any recent activity from the company. In fact, we have found claims from customers that they are out of business. It appears that the company has pivoted to the car-leasing industry, so we will no longer be updating this profile.

Northern Leasing Systems Lawsuit Update 2021

In June 2020, the New York Attorney General won the 2016 lawsuit filed against Northern Leasing Systems, Inc, voiding thousands of fraudulently-induced credit card equipment leases. The ruling also vacates nearly 30,000 default judgments and bans Northern Leasing from engaging in equipment leasing, effectively dissolving the company. The Attorney General's victory will also force Northern Leasing and its related entities, Northern Leasing’s chief executive officer, and others who engaged in the fraudulent scheme to provide restitution to small business owners who were fraudulently induced into financing leases for credit card processing equipment from April 1, 2013, through the present. Northern Leasing is ordered to dissolve 60 days after providing relief. Restitution amounts are to be set by the court at a later date. Small business merchants are not required to take action at this time in order to receive restitution.

In February 2021, the Supreme Court denied the Northern respondents' motions for discovery and a trial or evidentiary hearing and denied the Attorney Respondents' motion for summary judgment dismissing the petition as against them, effectively upholding the 2020 decision.

Additionally, according to EINPresswire, in November 2020, the OAG brought forward another, separate proceeding after discovering that Northern Leasing’s owners and officers had created two new entities — NLS Equipment Finance and Leasing Expenses Company — to continue defrauding small businesses using the same scheme barred by the court in the prior litigation, as well as to continue collecting on leases rescinded by the June 2020 court order.

The companies found liable by this ruling — also issued by the New York County State Supreme Court — were operated by former Northern Leasing Chief Financial Officer Ariel Schachter and former Northern Leasing officer Sara Krieger and were owned by trusts that benefited the families of Northern Leasing’s owners, Jay Cohen and Leonard Mezei. The court found that these companies had “risen on [Northern Leasing's] ashes” in an earlier December ruling that granted a temporary restraining order barring them from collecting on any equipment leases. In February 2021, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a decision and order in February 2021 effectively shutting down Northern Leasing Systems' alleged attempt to continue to enforce illegal leases, including those voided in the 2020 decision. The parties named in this proceeding include Leasing Expenses Company LLC; NLS Equipment Finance LLC; Leonard Mezei; Ariel Schacter; Sara Krieger; Jay Cohen; a Jay Cohen Family Trust; Fieldston Capital LLC; and JS Ventures Holding LLC.

Despite the extensive and public legal action against the company, Northern Leasing Systems appears to be still operating at some level, as per a promotional article from March 18, 2021, celebrating the company's 30th anniversary penned by founder and president Jay Cohen posted to PRWeb, a promotional website. Additionally, some former customers report to the BBB that they continue to receive bills from Northern Leasing Systems, including for properties that the customers no longer own. According to some comments from customers, Northern Leasing Systems no longer answers communications, though they continue to list a phone number on their website.

Lease Finance Group Point of Sale

While it is not advised to work with them, the Lease Finance Group point-of-sale offerings are as follows according to their website: They offer equipment for processing credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, EBT, smart cards, and loyalty cards. They also offer check guarantee, check verification, and check authorization. They do not list what exact equipment they offer or any other services on their barebones website.

Part of the Northern Leasing Systems Network

Lease Finance Group is a merchant account equipment lease provider that goes by several alternate business names, including Northern Leasing Systems, MBF Leasing, Golden Eagle Leasing, and Lease Source-LSI, LLC. Lease Finance Group is not a merchant account provider; rather, it leases credit card processing equipment like terminals, printers, barcode scanners, and other point-of-sale technology. Lease Finance Group’s equipment leases are often packaged with the merchant accounts of payment processors, meaning that business owners are often unaware that they are signing up for service through multiple companies. The company is headquartered at 65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 510 Chicago, Illinois. Jay Cohen is the Chairman and CEO of Lease Finance Group's parent company Northern Leasing Systems.

For a full analysis of the primary company in this network, please see our Northern Leasing Systems review.

Lease Finance Group Review Table of Contents

  • Costs & Contract: Lease Finance Group offers 48-month, non-cancellable equipment leases that often cost many times the purchase price of the equipment.
  • Complaints & Service: Lease Finance Group complaints number more than 750 on public complaints forums.
  • BBB Rating: Lease Finance Group has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 13 complaints and 14 reviews in the last 3 years.
  • Sales & Marketing: Lease Finance Group allows independent sales agents to package its equipment leases with other merchant accounts and has received an extremely high number of merchant complaints about its sales practices.

Lease Finance Group Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 1000+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Non-Cancellable Lease

High Complaint Total

Lease Finance Group complaints number over 1000 online. Most cite many of the same issues identified in reviews of Northern Leasing Systems, namely long-term, non-cancellable leases, nondisclosure of full contract terms by sales agents, aggressive collections practices, and poor customer service. The standard Lease Finance Group contract is a non-cancellable 48-month agreement, meaning that merchants will be on the hook for all 48 months of the contract the second they sign it. To compound the issue, these contracts are often worth thousands of dollars—up to ten times the purchase cost of the actual equipment.

It is not difficult to find a Lease Finance Group complaint that calls the company a scam. A search for “Lease Finance Group” turns up an astounding 692 complaints on the consumer protection website Ripoff Report, and hundreds more can be found on other similar websites under the company’s various DBAs. There is even a dedicated Facebook group over 1,000 members strong that was created to assist others that feel scammed by Lease Finance Group.

Lease Finance Group Lawsuits and Fines

In March 2013, the New York Attorney General reached a multi-million dollar settlement with Northern Leasing and its affiliated companies over a scheme to drain nearly $11 million from the bank accounts of small business owners. The case alleged that Northern Leasing had created a shell company called SKS Associates LLC, through which Northern Leasing misled customers and began withdrawing lease payments from merchants’ bank accounts long after their leases had expired. Although this settlement concludes the Attorney General’s lawsuit and appears to be the end of SKS Associates, Northern Leasing and its related companies are still doing business and have grown into a very large equipment leasing network.

In April 2016, the New York Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Northern Leasing Systems, Lease Finance Group, and MBF Leasing “for their fraudulent and deceptive practices that trap small business owners across the country.” The lawsuit alleges that Northern Leasing Systems and its subsidiaries knowingly deceived thousands of business owners into buying overpriced equipment and then abused the judicial system by filing suit in New York to collect on overdue lease payments. The lawsuit seeks to vacate default judgments obtained by Northern Leasing against business owners, enjoin the company and its owners from further deceptive practices, obtain restitution for merchants, dissolve Northern Leasing, and force the company to notify all three major credit reporting agencies that the default judgments have been vacated. It was allowed to proceed in December 2017 and was resolved in June 2020 with a victory for the New York Attorney General, providing relief to thousands of small business owners. This marked the second action that the New York Attorney General took against Lease Finance Group. Merchants who have been harmed by Lease Finance Group are instructed to take no further action at this time. Restitution amounts will be set at a later date.

In 2021, the Supreme Court upheld the 2020 decision and the New York Attorney General made a further decision and order shutting down subsidiary companies that Northern Leasing Systems was allegedly using to attempt to continue to enforce their voided leases.

Lease Finance Group Customer Service Options

The company has a dedicated customer service phone number on its website, but this channel is not sufficient to qualify it as a top-rated provider for customer service.

Lease Finance Group Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 8
Billing & Collection Complaints 4
Advertising & Sales Complaints 0
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 1

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Nearly 20 Complaints

Unlike MBF Leasing, LLC and other affiliates of Northern Leasing Systems, Lease Finance Group has its own dedicated BBB profile. The Better Business Bureau currently assigns Lease Finance Group an “F” rating, though the company is not BBB-accredited. In a previous review, the BBB made mention of the New York AG’s lawsuit filed in 2016 and subsequent government action. At this time, Lease Finance Group is showing 13 complaints filed in the last 36 months. 8 of the complaints were related to the product or service, 4 were due to billing or collections issues, and 1 concerned delivery. Only 1 of these 13 complaints were resolved by the company to the satisfaction of the merchant. The remaining 12 were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or received no final response.

What Merchants Say

Lease Finance Group has also received 14 informal reviews to its profile, all negative in tone. One merchant review expresses frustration at difficulty reaching representatives to discuss their lease and missing equipment:

This predatory company scammed us out of over $10k in the past five years. Over that time, I have made NUMEROUS attempts to discuss the lease on equipment we didn’t EVEN USE and never got a response until I cancelled our payments. This company used a salesperson who lied straight to our faces, put an extra piece of equipment on our lease that we never RECEIVED and now we have to pay another $1,200 to end this. I asked to speak to this “customer service” person’s manager and they said they could get back to me in “5-10 business days.” ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? This is exactly why this industry has such a bad reputation, and anyone working for this absolute garbage company should be ashamed of themselves.

Merchants who have been victims of fraudulent activity should be sure to review all of their available options for legal recourse.

A Well-Deserved “F”

In light of the company’s complaint total and resolution ratio, the former BBB notice about the New York AG’s lawsuit, and its affiliation with Northern Leasing Systems, we agree with the BBB’s rating of an “F.”

Lease Finance Group Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate N/A
Keyed-in Rate N/A
Early Termination Fee Liquidated Damages
PCI Compliance Fee N/A
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Month (locked)

Lease Finance Group Contract Terms

The standard Lease Finance Group Lease Agreement is a non-cancellable 48-month agreement, which means that upon signing the lease, merchants are obligated to pay the full cost of the four-year lease whether they use the equipment or not. The full cost of a standard Lease Finance Group contract appears to be several thousand dollars, often up to ten times the cost of purchasing the leased equipment independently. It should be noted that most credit card terminals can be purchased for under $500. Non-cancellable, long-term leases mean a merchant can pay thousands for that same equipment making them a contract term to avoid. We encourage merchants to check out our list of the providers of the best merchant services.

Contract Termination Issues

To terminate the contract, merchants can either notify Lease Finance Group of their intent to terminate the contract, return the equipment, and pay the remaining balance; or they can purchase the equipment and pay the remaining balance. Either way, they will be on the hook for the remaining monthly payments. It appears to be standard Lease Finance Group fees policy to simply withdraw the amounts owed on delinquent accounts in monthly or lump sums, often without ever notifying the merchant. The vast majority of complaints online indicate widespread dissatisfaction with these contract terms, and we are inclined to agree with the merchants in this case. Lease Finance Group rates and policies are not competitive with the equipment rental terms offered by cheap merchant account providers.

Lease Finance Group Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Reselling with No Oversight

Lease Finance Group allows independent sales agents with any merchant account provider in the industry to resell its equipment leases as an addendum to his or her usual merchant account contracts. Lease Finance Group appears to exercise little-to-no oversight when it comes to how the agents sell its products, but it will typically enforce the full terms of the agreements that are signed. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Widespread Sales Issue

We have found hundreds of negative Lease Finance Group complaints filed against the company and its DBAs that allege that the sales agent did not fully disclose the conditions of the equipment lease. There are also numerous reports of aggressive collections efforts by Lease Finance Group, even when merchants state that they were completely duped into signing the agreement. In general, there is no positive information to be found about Lease Finance Group’s sales approach, and the company has earned an “F” in this category. We recommend seeking a third-party statement audit to renegotiate the terms of tricky equipment leases.

Our Lease Finance Group Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

An Extremely Poor Rating

In light of the information available, merchants are advised not to ever sign a Lease Finance Group contract, especially owing to its connection with Northern Leasing Systems. Both rate as the worst equipment leasing companies in the industry. It is highly likely that the lease provided through Lease Finance Group will be expensive, non-cancellable, and aggressively enforced. Please see our Northern Leasing Systems review for a more in-depth review of this company.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Lease Finance Group Treat You?

118 User Reviews

  • Wudman Adam


    They have been charging me lease fees for past two years My lease was for 3 years. I paid all equipment in full and still being billed lease fee. I’m going to file suit if I don’t get my refund past two years

  • mark beauchamp

    they scam me for over 10.000 my fault 12 years..close the account,,return the machine..said dint get it scum bags ..they call me every week ,,still trying to get moneyill never pay them,,dont no how they get away with it,just block i have fun with telling them off .

  • Scott

    DO NOT sign with Lease Finance Group. It’s a con, scam whatever you want to call it. Their contract is brutal. Getting out is near impossible. If someone wants you to use LFG, run. Run and don’t look back. They will screw you.

  • jacob

    Using this company was one of the very worst financial decisions I have ever made. I Have Paid over $8000.00 for equipment that I could have purchased for $450.00.
    Stay away from these guys at all costs.

  • Tracy Cromer

    This company is horrible. I sent back the equipment and they will not take it off the lease because it is not same machine that was originally on the lease. The original that was provided quit working they replaced it with a new one but because the new one is not on our lease they will not let us out unless we pay for the old one. There are no managers to talk to. What a scam! I cannot believe they are still in business

  • Jason D

    This company came in had cheaper rates to process credit card payments had me sign up with them. The merchant cancelled my service but wanted me to continue to pay to lease the useless equipment for 6 years .. told them no and returned it which they claim was send to the wrong address but did acknowledge receiving. I disputed the claim on my Experian credit report and they ran a hard inquire on my credit and called to tell me that if I don’t pay them basically they will continue to do whatever they can to lower my credit score. I am going to look into what legal action I can use against this company .

  • Heather

    I was also mislead by this company. I have been fighting with them for 4 plus years. I ended up paying over 8,000 canceling everything. They still said I owed them 4,500 dollars and attempted to sue me. I ended up settling with them and negotiated for 2500 in January of 2018. I just received a posy card from the New York court saying I had a civil case against me and I was to go to court in one week. I didn’t receive the post card until a few days before, so I missed the court date. I have no idea what to do. I’ve been calling them all day and they won’t return my calls.

  • Liz

    Lease financial group is a scam. I signed based on a rep pushing me into it. She told me i would get all these discounts and that i would not have to pay the full amount. Five minutes later i called lease financial group and told them that i did not want their service. They told me too late you now have to pay what you owe us. I did not even get the machine. I was able to cancel that because the machine comes from a different company. Since then they put a judgement against me.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • michael theil

    I too am a victim of LFG out of NY but I caved and agreed to fulfill my obligation by paying the cancellation fee plus all back lease payments they said I owed and returned the equipment as the contract stated. This cost me thousands but they still won’t let it go I still get bills and call daily. Three times I was told they reported it to “their supervisor” and nothing changed. What else can I do their not getting any more out of me.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • JoAnn Martinez

    The Rep for Lease finance Group brought me a transfer of lease ownership which was signed and turned in when my salon was sold. It was sold for cost because i was a victim of domestic violence, I has everything stolen, my retirement, All of my savings, and was evicted from my home. I had to move from a town i lived in for 30 years!! The harassment from LFG is just another form of abuse.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Laura Allred

    I have filed a complaint with the CFBP for LFG LLC’s violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They have contacted me using threating and harassing tactics to try to collect on a debt that is over 16 years old and belongs to my ex-husband. With all of the lawsuits and complaints I’m seeing about this company I’m not sure how they are allowed to continue to do business.

    This post will help: How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors


  • Debra Almaguer

    Having such a hard time trying to cancel my lease agreement, I am no longer under contact with LFG yet they want to charge me a cancelling fee plus my monthly fee plus equipment buy out. I’m no longer under a contract, The rep James that I spoke to today was so rude in attidute towards me and said it was my fault that I didn’t know my contract. He spoke down to me and said the only way he could help me was to give my a 24 month lease on another piece of equipment. Then said that’s all he could do to help. All I want is out of their grip…. help me

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee



    It seems like we are all in the same boat, signed a contract with a credit cart processing company back in 2013. Canceled my contract with them a year later and to my surprise i had a different contract for the equipment,(lease finance group). The sales rep never told me i was signing a two different leases and that one is a non-cancellable lease. He promised my monthly payment would be much lower than my current company which ended up to be much higher so i cancelled the processing company and now have to deal with this company. They go after small business who are struggling to make ends meet. They are all scammer, starting from the sales rep all the way up.
    I have a court date for July 30th, 19.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Vicki

    It seems like we are all in the same boat, signed a contract with a credit cart processing company back in 2013. Canceled my contract with them a year later and to my surprise i had a different contract for the equipment,(lease finance group). The sales rep never told me i was signing a two different leases and that one is a non-cancellable lease. He promised my monthly payment would be much lower than my current company which ended up to be much higher so i cancelled the processing company and now have to deal with this company. They go after small business who are struggling to make ends meet. They are all scammer, starting from the sales rep all the way up.
    I have a court date for July 30th, 19.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee


  • Salvatore Tornanbene

    First Data set us up with the machine and put wrong account number in loss about 12000.00 We cancelled with them and Lease finance group. They told us we couldn’t cancel the lease so paid over 2550.00 to them for a 300.00 machine. now they want 440.00 to cancel lease the non-cancelling lease. Strange how they flip flop back and forth to meet their needs. the woman on the phone said multpible time “if you were smart enough to read your lease you would know” very nasty disputation.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Connie

    Do not use this company I cancelled my machine in 6/18 and still being charged. My machine didn’t work and they never said I had to send back bad machine, I am still being charged my monthly fee.. Would have been nice if they would have told me I had to return bad machine. I have read all of the above complaints, mine are the same. I read all reviews and have yet to see a solution.

    This post will help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

    – Phillip

  • Joann

    This company is very much a legal scam company in my opinion who hires customer service reps with zero professionalism and experience. Their gig is telling you they upgraded equipment so they can extend the lease requirements. When you call to cancel you will owe hundreds of dollars. My advice is use another company for you credit card needs or better yet deal with a local bank much easier and way better service.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Catherine Erickson

    This is the type of company that gives merchant providers a bad name. My husband signed up with Retriever, and through that company also got sucked up in a 48 month equipment lease with Lease Financial Group at $59.77 a month for 48 months. I called about a year ago to cancel with Retriever and of course LFG would not cancel their contract. Paid out the lease and now I still have to make one final payment and send equipment back. I would not recommend either of these companies to my worst enemy. Beware of what you sign.

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Amy

    This company is uses highly unethical business practices. They charged me for 3 years after I cancelled in 2015 and here it is September 2018 and they still want me to pay for there services that we no longer use. Their equipment was returned to them in 2015 but yet the INCOMPETENCE of there entire staff goes way below any industry standards. Its almost like speaking with a kindergartner. So they now owe me $885.24 for charging my bank card every single month though we stopped the monthly contract years ago. If you ask to speak to someone in charge they get a bit offended. (snowflakes every single employee…. snowflakes)!

    From The Editor
    This Post Might Help: Cancelling a Merchant Account Without Paying a Fee

  • Marty

    This company is outright ripping people off. They have me, embarrassingly, for 5 years. I’ve terminated my agreement with them and now, after collecting thousands of dollars from me, are try to extort mor money for “Restocking Fees”…..
    If you do business with them, just know you are going to be taken advantage of….

  • Michele

    Beware small businesses, they are one of the most evil scam artists out there today. Check out their reviews and there are groups on Facebook about this company and dirtbag employees. There is also a class action lawsuit going on. STAY AWAY

    • Thao nguyen

      I have same problem.1 guy come to my nailshop offer use his company merchant service.i sign in 3ys with low rate but i dont know i have to lease equipment (credit card terminal cosr 200$) pay 160/month for 60 months.i just fill my information and sign,the number 60 the guy fill out later.after i use 2 years i didint pay nomore.and now they pensing file a lawsuite in NY aganst my business to pay over 10k for cancel contract and penalty.should i hire lawyer defend me or just inorge them or settlement as lowest as i can to pay them?any idea.thanks

      • Minh Nguyen

        Thao Nguyen, sorry about your loss. I went thru the same thing with Lease Finance Group. This is what I was told; LFG has their attorney in New York and this is where they depend on for back up with their scams. Unless your contract with them was signed in NY or your business located in NY or your business practices or sells products in NY, they cannot sue you thru NY court. They have to come down to your local court, which will never happen. Unless you receive actually document which was sent to you from NY court with government seals, this usually bring to your home or business by your local police officers. LFG only send you demands letters from their attorney to threaten you and your business. Talk to your local attorney (be sure you know the attorney well or he/she might scam you next).

  • Dave

    Without reiterating months of fighting with these thieves, let just say that these people belong in jail. So do the Chicago judges they shop their theft out to. That folks is where these bums make their money, is suing you if you wake up one day and realize just how they are ripping you off every month. Have not dealt with them? Stay away. I hear from the every couple months with a robo call threatening me for not paying their 2.5K judgement. Never will pay it either. I don’t pay thieves or recognize some low life judge in Chicago’s ruling.

  • Kathy Nelson

    I fell into the dark hole in June 2013, was approached by a salesman who claimed to be “local” talked me into signing up for a credit card terminal that would need to be leased but claimed it would have no timeframe to the contract because I expressed my desire to buy a Pos system, a few days he brought by a contract and had me sign ( I’m usually not gullable) but asked me to sign and said he would fill out the rest later. Approx six months later I called the company stating that I had purchased a Pos and wanted to return the credit card terminal, I was told that I had signed a 48 month contract, they even emailed me a copy and sure enough they had added the 48 months AFTER I signed it, I still sent the terminal back to them and continued the autopay for the entire 48 months actually 50. I then stopped payment on any future payments, now they keep billing me and want $700.00 from me to terminate the 48 month contract which ended 7 months ago. They claim they have never had any correspondence from me and still want the terminal that I sent back 4 years ago.

  • Hannah

    My story is not much different than everyone elses I’ve read. We switched merchants halfway through our contract, we continued to pay the monthly fee. Our lease was up 6 months ago and of course they kept banging our account. I mean who does that?? We kept our end of the deal and paid monthly payments until our lease was up and now you don’t have the balls and honesty to stop charges after our contract was up?? About a month ago I sent the equipment back along with $150 restocking fee (which is bullcrap…you charge me if i don’t return it and charge me when I do, what a crock). Today I was charged the monthly fee again, gave them a call, they said it takes 30 days to terminate the lease which is why I was charged again. No, that’s just a good reason for y’all to get another payment. I’m new to my company so wasn’t aware of all of this or I would have gotten on to them a lot sooner!!! I have no idea how MBF Leasing is still in business! Horrible.

  • Tim Adams

    Lease Finance Group appears to me to be without morals, as evidenced by their intimidation tactics and use of threats to get money from individuals and companies that long ago fulfilled their contracts. If you are a customer I urge you to file complaints and join as many of the groups and suits fighting these people as you can.

    • cheryl calvert

      i paid my machine in full prior to changing to a different company and somehow they have still succeeded in taking a monthly lease fee even though it has not been used. i have called and called multiple times and i have contacted them by phone as well as my bank to no avail. any ideas lease was fulfilled and paid in full and they are still charging

  • Valerie

    These people are the most rudest company I have ever done business with. The customer service representation hung up on me. How disrespectful is that!!! I simply asked her a question and she responded I will hang up on you!!! I would never use this company again or even recommend them to anyone!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    Retriever came to me within the first six months of having opened my business, and with a small chat and some basic math, showed me how they could plausibly lower my monthly payments. There was ostensibly no contract. I just had to change my terminal because the current one wasn’t going to work. When it came time to upgrade the terminal, I just had to sign one little contract. I didn’t read the contract. I signed it, nonetheless. It was the four year, uncancellable lease everyone here is familiar with.

    My lease terms became eligible to close October of 2016, so I went month to month for a few months till I could save for a new terminal. Now that that’s the case, I’ll be returning my old terminal, hopefully, tomorrow. I’m not going to lay blame for the four year contract. I was fooled, yes, but only because I was stupid. That’s why I begrudgingly completed my terms to the letter of the agreement, and to date, have given LFG no grief. I plan to call tomorrow and as amicably as possible, ask where I can send the old terminal back to.

    The reason I post this is so that, hopefully, everyone here can have a benchmark of what to expect if they honor the contract to the utmost, with nothing but amicable dialogue with phone reps to date. At one point, I had to call and ask for a copy of my contract, and they obliged – I said I wanted to honor my end of the bargain. I don’t think they’re used to that.

    I think though, that, once it’s returned, I’m going to close my bank account one month later, in case they’re entitled to one more month to month’s payment. I don’t like what I got myself into, but I hope that by taking responsibility for what I did sign, I can avoid the surprise 18,000.00 debits and other financial threats down the line. I’ll keep you all posted.

    I believe “noncancellable” leases should be illegal, but, if it took 3,500 in wasted money to teach me to read before I sign, maybe it was worth it in the end. Since then, I’ve successfully avoided making the same mistake on two separate occasions for other pieces of equipment. I guess it could’ve been a lot worse.

    • Matt

      Today, I called LFG and got in touch with an agent in about three minutes of holding. I was probably the brightest, cheeriest call the center ever had. I explained how I had absolutely no problems at all with their service, and was only canceling because I upgraded my terminal to chip compliance. The agent said I could have leased one through them, and I said I had no idea, but am not one to burn bridges. By the end of the call, I was given an address to mail the old terminal to, a number to fax my letter of cancellation to, my payments were ended and I believe we ended business on good terms. I will let you know if I fall prey to any of the post contract random withdrawals others mention. So far, showing deference and respect at every contact seems to have avoided making a bad situation worse. They treated me as fairly as to be expected.

  • Caroline S

    When the women called me I pleaded with her telling her I was a tiny small town business that could not remain open so I closed. The fees for there machine truly put me out of business. My contract was way to long for such a small new business that had not seen it’s 5th birthday. I already payed rent of over $3,800 dollars for the machine before I closed plus yearly fee of $138.00 for some kind of security check that I was told was included in the rent of the machine when I singed on. They surprised me with it later by removing the money from my account without me know and when I questioned it and told them it was to be included, They told me it was not. When I tried to make payment arrangements, They refused, Then called me back to except the payment arrangements that I offered and I refused. When I told them I was unemployed at the time they asked me how I pay my phone bill. Every time I get a letter from these people, The bill is always more and more. They now are charging me attorney fees. There contracts are shady and the sales men lie. Truly they are not the worst, When you open a business the sharks come in the door, They call on the phone. LFG are truly sharks. Poor service and will drain you business no matter how large or small you are.

  • Kerstin McElvain

    Horrible! Paramount, a side company told me it was easy to use and the answer to all my problems. Never used the equipment, due to the high standards to obtain credit with the company, not to mention the interest rate for my nursing assistant students. Closed my business, turned in the equipment, was told I would not have any rebuttals toward me and they are now suing me for 3,462.09. CLOSE these companies>>>

  • Peggy Ditto

    I packed up their equipment and sent it back with a note telling them how crooked their sales rep was. I informed my bank to no longer let them take payments out of my account. They tried everything to get more money out of me, but I watched my account everyday. My bank made sure they didn’t sneak money out of my account. They have called and threatened me for 4 years. They have spent more time and money harassing me. They are ruthless. Do not do business with them.

    • Patricia Doubleday

      I have been having the same problem. I sent it back wrote letters to them and did take one of there calls to reach out to them but, got a very nasty gentleman that threated me. They are the worst company that i have delt with.

    • Paula

      I too was taken in by a smooth talking, lying salesman back in 2015…I sent terminal back to LFG same year….I closed acct ….I was so frustrated with this company, that I was willing to risk negative impact on my credit report….but have found out that LFG are just a bunch of bullies sending Threats out to scare us in to sending them money& after reading lots of reviews, their scare tactics have worked…I’m amazed at how many people still tried to pay on their lease agreements , even after finding out they are Crooks…I am an honorable person& I pay my bills…but I Will NOT HAND MY MONEY OVER TO THIEVES, …I still receive my semi annual threats…but I believe they’re tied up in too much negative red tape, to follow through,!!!!

  • Nick Pamboukis

    Miserable service and they have taken more payments out of our account then they agreed to! We’ve tried to contact them and they give you the run around. NEVER USE THEM. There is 0 savings and do not believe they sales pitch that they will buy you out of your lease. It ends up costing you more in the end

    • Verna Shugart

      They told me the same thing. Due to there costs i had to close my business then it became even more agressive .the new york should stop giving them rulings. Jeanie shugart. St marys ga 2013. Still dealing w them

  • Charlie Dyer

    This company used a deceptive and lying sales rep from a 3rd party as in his own company to sell their products, mis respresent what they are and what they do and then signed us into 3 accounts for one business with 3 account draft fees along with two company names in which were not needed and is costing us hundreds of dollars over the past year and thousands over the past 2.5 years and now they want a buyout when we finally figured the whole thing out and what was going on with them. The buyout is for 1600.00 dollars. Fools. This Company is deceitful and downright immoral.

  • Stacey Lemons

    Stay away from these bloodsuckers.
    We were in a non cancellation lease for 60 months at $37.04 for a piece of equipment that costs less than $300- we paid $2222.40. The equipment was obsolete before the lease was up and stopped working. The merchant processing company we used (Retriever NCP) sent us an updated terminal that would accept chip cards. We mistakenly assumed the new machine was from the same company. The Retriever Rep told us the old machine was obsolete- had self destructed and to just throw the old machine away. I specifically asked would this affect our lease in anyway “No- you will not be charged after the lease is up.”
    Out lease expired in Feb 2016 – it is now July 2016 and they are still deducting $37.04 monthly for our account.
    I contacted Lease Finance to see what was going on. They said after the contract expired they charged month to month- what?! We were supposed to have owned the equipment. They said I could lower my monthly payment to $21.50 and get updated equipment- requiring a new lease. Are you kidding me?!! On top of that they will continue to charge $37.04 for the old equipment the other rep told me to throw away. These 2 companies are crooks- they know exactly how to take advantage of small business owners. Stay Away!!

    • KieuNguyen

      Hi everyone!! I’m Kieu Nguyen – I had same problems like your guys it happened in July 2014!! With the same reason ‘non cancelation equipment lease..They sent me a lot …a lot of notice judgment from Attorney General In New York they said they filed out me in this court …And so crazy this morning I checked my account they drawed $7728.21 estead I owe them $3801.00 for equipment lease 48months for never used and I returned back to them October/2014 after a month they didn’t do right like the contract I have been signed…I have been mad to got stress sick until now …if someone want to sue back them – let’s we do soothing get them out of business. Contact me: [REDACTED – personal contact information]

      • Doan Ngo

        Hi Kieu,

        I am currently in the same situation as you. Yesterday they took over $18,000.00 out of my bank account. I am looking to counter-sue the company for their deceptive business practices. Please contact me at (716)348-1714. My name is Doan Ngo.

  • aiman issa

    i have been used so bad , i have never signed contract with them , there sles man signed i guess , and i never knew they were taking money from my account , i have made this group on facebook so we can gather and sue them (against lgf)

  • jay

    This Is worst Company i have same story i had 5 yer contract with them as they told me law rate but was paying 3 times more that i was paying after 3 yers i sold my store only cost to cost inventory and i close my bank account and he send me latter to pay $9500 i did not reply after 6 month thy report to credit bureaus. now i don’t know how to get out any help? i’m from CA but now i move to other state if any one going to law suit let me know.

  • Ravi Johal

    I am a victim of Lease Finance Group, sued at Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinios. I have filed complaint against this company at
    If you are sued or harassed by them then call this number and file complaint at 217-782-1090
    1-800-243-0618 (Toll free in IL)
    Just on April 13, 2016 a serious action has been taken against this company. Read this article.

    If anybody has any questions then please feel free to contact me at [REDACTED – personal contact information]. or can call me [REDACTED – personal contact information].
    One last thing. Don’t just share your sad story but provide more info against this company, so that we all can use that information to go after LFG.

  • Mario

    This company is a complete scam! Don’t for one second consider them, they had a different company named Trans Tech sign me up with them. I was tolded many times I could cancel my lease at any time with no problem. Decided I didn’t wanna switch because I currently already had a merchant services and mailed back equipment couple days after I received it. They confirmed they had it but are still trying to charge me thousands for a equipment and services I don’t want! This people are horrible don’t ever consider doing business with them!

  • Craig McAllister

    I am going through same thing. Signed contract in 2006. Returned machine in November 2015 with cancellation letter. Now they say my account is still open and keep billing me. I blocked them from taking out money of my account but they keep sending me bills. Any help is appreciated. Would love to join class action suit.

    • Kathy D

      I was successful with filing a complaint with the Federal Reserve complaint against the ODFI (Originating Depository Financial Institution)– the bank that LFG used to make the ACH transactions with our bank was, First Premier Bank in Sioux Falls, SD.. (Find out who your ODFI is.. The Federal Reserve sent us a letter that they contacted LFG and asked if they received my cancellation letter and cease and desist,as well as , to stop sending invoices. (I supported complaint with dates and documentation and included the letter that was sent certified, return/receipt. LFG replied to the Federal Reserve that they did receive it and agreed to refund the money they had taken -from the point they received the letter $1000–… You can file the complaint online at the federal reserve.—Kathy

      • Ravi Johal

        I have a similar story. I live in Vienna Virginia and I can be reached at [REDACTED – personal contact information] and my email address is [REDACTED – personal contact information]. Please contact me so that we all can get together and fight against this company Lease Finance Group.
        Law suit is filed against me in County Cook Chicago and appearance date is May 25, 2016.
        I would like to join Class Action suit against them.

  • Truck Company

    I am Trucking Company, above. It has been interesting to follow the barrage of postings. As stated above, i did write to Signature Bank who was said to have purchased LFG. I received an email back from Signature bank stating that there are two different Lease Finance Group institutions. I wonder if this is the truth, however.

    I took our efforts one step higher. I changed our phone number to an unlisted one so now all they can do is send it to us in the mail. I have a special file for their mail. It is a round one and everything in it goes in the wood stove. I am also putting together a file of all our efforts with LFG and, compiling pages like this too. It is a file I will take to court if they ever take an effort to go any further. So far, I have found no information of them ever actually suing anyone. It appears they rely on their badgering of the parties they claim owe them money.

    We are senior citizens now, with a terminally ill husband. We really can not pay them. I think I will mail them a turnip with a note on it that says “Here’s your payment. I’d like to see you get any money from it. We are like this turnip. No money here to be had!” Of course, I’ll send it anonymously.

  • Cecelia Sanchez

    This Company is horrible do not lease anything from them! i leased a credit card machine for years alot of years then returned the machine and they had problems locating the machine and were adding interest and then they found the machine and did not credit me for what they had added on! this is highway robbery! pretty sad!!!!!!!!

  • Fredy

    Why is this company still in operation? There has been countless of complaints and lawsuits yet they are still out there scamming people with small businesses. I have tried to reason with whom ever I talked to which in itself is a nightmare. They don’t want the machine back and there is really no place to send it back either. It has been almost two years and the charges just kept pilling up, and there is no way I’m paying for over $6,000.00 for a credit card machine that hasn’t been used. They get you with “No Cancelation” but it can’t transferred because no body wants it and really I have no business anymore to use it. I have hired a lawyer but I still they keep coming, I have filed a complaint to BBB and the credit bureau regarding this matter. I have a very good credit history until these people came along and ruin it. I don’t know what else to do I have tried to settle with them for less and although they accept payment they would not write anything in contract to settle this account either. Unfortunately I cant trust the person I talked to over the phone.

    Are you with Lease Finance Group? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

      • Margaret Casey

        Several years ago a rep came in my business and asked me to try them and could cancel within the time frame. I did not like the service and did cancel. I was told that the rep would take care of the paper work to do the same with LFG . I sent the machine back. I was so busy I thanked him and forgot all about it till I got a call at work. I actually told them I did not owe them any money. Since then I closed the business due to illness. I have been on and off the phone with LFG since 2016. I am so upset I had my financial advisor, a family member who called and LFG said they would take off $1000.00 I am on SS and live on a limited income and cannot pay them I like to be able to eat. My husband passed away, lost my house. Talked to a lawyer and he said the contract did not get cancelled. Anyone have suggestions ?

  • Trucking Company

    My husband had a trucking company. He is nearing the advanced point in his Parkinson’s Disease and, has had a bad accident with a tree. He signed with LFG for a card machine several years after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which . I, his wife, received a call from LFG collections division, stating that all fees would be paid and the account paid if I got a letter from his Dr stating he could no longer work (done), returned the machines (done) and sent them a check for $271.52. This was done, and, all was sent to them. I specifically asked if this would close the whole account and was told YES, it would. Today, a month later, we received a bill again, for their monthly payment. I called… and was told that all that did was to reduce the amount due and collect a payment to bring us up to date. Beings I trusted and sent them a check, we are going into the bank to change our personal account to a different account. This will stop them from accessing our account. We are now on our SSI retirement, so, let them come after us. They can’t get blood out of a turnip. I also found that Signature bank bought them. I sent an email to the bank… maybe, just maybe, that will help, though I really doubt it.

    Are you with Lease Finance Group? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Steve Collier

    The salesman lied to us about the cost of the credit card processing machine. We thought we were signing up for a four-year agreement with Vantiv credit card processing company (the one, he said, used by Kroger’s, so you knew you could trust them!) and service with Vantiv would require us to get a new credit card terminal. When we said we didn’t want to pay for a new terminal, or if we had to, we would purchase one on E-Bay (we knew these types of terminals cost around $200 brand new) he said they would GIVE us the terminal for nothing. The contract form we signed had a blank space on it for “scheduled payments” at the time we signed it, and the salesman was careful to repeatedly point out the spaces on the contract form filled with zeros for signing costs, etc. He did not leave a copy of the signed form when he left our shop even when we asked for it, but stated the signed contract would be mailed to us as soon as his supervisor signed off on it. The copy of the signed contract we eventually received in the mail had the blank space (at the time I signed) for “scheduled payments” filled in with $34.95 per month. My bank information, given for purposes of credit card transaction processing with Vantiv, was used by LFG to start withdrawing $44.95 ($10 more than the fraudulent amount written in!). Once all this was discovered, the only way to stop them was by getting the bank to stop payment (at $20/month) until finally I closed that business account and opened another. What a pain! Lease Finance Group is a crooked company. Where can I join a class action suit against them?

    Are you with Lease Finance Group? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • paul

    This trainwreck of a company has the worst customer service I have ever come across. When trying to cancel, I was met with resistance at best, and corrupt incompetence at worst. I was charged unnecessarily for seven months after initially trying to cancel with this company of idiots. I was transferred dozens of times, and often hung up on. It seems this is a common practice for these fraudsters. To simply call their actions criminal is a gross understatement. I strongly recommend all to stay away from any business dealings with these scam artists. If it is too late for that, a class action lawsuit is worth researching. We would be happy to join the wave of litigation that is coming their way.

    Are you with Lease Finance Group? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Karen Underwood

    Are you still trying to put a lawsuit against this company. If so I would like to participate. Like many others i am being billed after sending my equipment back, a cancellation letter, and emailing the cancellation email at the end of my lease. I started with them through another scam artist company that made my bill go from 200.00 a month to 500.00, i got out of that contract because they actually misled through the contract. When I did this I also signed up with Lease Financial Group LLc. By the time I realized the other company was a fraud, it was too late to cancel with them. i completed the 4 year contract. I called them told them I was going to cancel. Sent them the equipment back before my lease was over. i have the email and the tracking information for sending the equipment back. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do.

    Thank you
    Karen Underwood
    [Contact information redacted]

    Are you with LFG? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • cecelia Sanchez

      Same thing with me , what should i do i sent the machine back and they told me they could not find it still charging me for it they found it and never gave me credit now they want 600 dollars or they want to sue me!

    • Doan Ngo

      Hi Huy,

      Even if you send the machine back, they will continue to harass you. I’ve sent the equipment back 4 years ago and yesterday they took over $18,000.00 out of my bank account. I am looking to counter-sue the company for their deceptive business practices. Please contact me at (716)348-1714. My name is Doan Ngo.

  • Anthony Pino

    I changed processors thinking my total cost of doing business was to be less than 1.5% witch included the 129.00 lease agreement which turned out to be $141.00,after fighting with them for months and three machines that did not work properly and charging me over 3 %,I stopped using them and continued to use my old processor.The processor they work with left me alone ,they continued to take $141.00 out of my account ,they broke the lease by not giving me a machine to work properly.I had to close my business account of 15 years to stop them.They continued to call me and demand money.I hired a attorney at a cost of$500.00 ,after my attorney talked to there representatives several times telling them I would not pay any thing I felt I no logger needed him because they had stopped harassing me,a few months went by then a phone call saying they wanted $8000.I told her they broke the lease agreement by not providing me with a good working machine,she was rude to me and said they would sue me . A Few months later two different privet attorneys from New York wanting to help me ,what a scam!!!Lease finance also claim to have nothing to do with 1 % processing fees promised at time of sale,Brian Fish was the sales person who lied to me.I would like to start a class action Law suit against them to stop cheating people,any attorneys to help out ? Merchant services calls you and says they only charge 1% and nothing on debits .they even called me after and tried the same scam!!!I asked the girl her name and told her I was I going to turn her in to the Federal Trade commission,she hung up on me !!Anthony [REDACTED – personal contact information]

    • Huy

      Hi Anthony,
      Thank you for sharing your experience with LFG. I am currently in the same situation as you was and thinking of closing my bank account to stop these monsters from using my bank account as their personal atm. Do you have the address where I can send their machine back. And also since I signed the non-cancellable contract with them, you think it will be ok to do that?
      Thank you and look forward to your response


      Are you with LFG? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Brad

    I have the same issues, I found that lease finance group was puling money from my business account, I tried contacting them about the deal and found that a formal employee had agreed to and signed the lease for a credit card machine I knew nothing about. That employee has not been with me in over a year. LFG will not even talk to me about the matter because my employee was stupid enough to do the lease agreement under his name and social security number but with my business name and bank account number. I have stopped payment on them but they claim this is still going against my business report when it was done under his social security number. How can I make it stop, I get billed every month and it just keeps growing. I DID NOT SIGN OR AGREE TO THIS, IT’S FRAUD. LFG needs put out of business, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

  • Steve Harris

    Same story. We were mislead by sales rep, we did however catch the 48 month contract and made him change it to 36 months to match the term of card processing company, but a lot of good that did, Lease Finance Group is claiming they have a 48 month lease with no changes on it and wants us to pay an additional year. We did put a stop payment on our bank account. After sending back the machine, they sent us a bill for $116, when I called them they knew nothing about the bill they had just sent, but want paid for an early termination fee. I told them I have a contract for 36 months which ended in May of 2015, they say they’re contract says 48 months. This is still early in the game so I don’t know how far they’re willing to push this, we’ll see. I did tell them I was not paying a dime more and would take this all the way legally, at this point just on principal and what’s right. Also, anyone who signed up with Eliot Management Group at the same time, Eliot and Lease Finance both claim to be independent companies, not so they are one and the same, Northern Leasing Systems is tied to Eliot, which Northern is tied to Lease Finance, so they are the same, very bad company (ies). Beware.

  • Richard B. Liles

    After numerous attempts to close out my machine lease over a two month span, I finally closed the business account to stop Lease Finance from taking fees on a machine that was out of use. All attempts to close by phone resulted in being put on hold or disconnected. I finally got an address to return the equipment after receiving a bill some four months after business had closed. The equipment was over 10 years old and my contract had been up for a long time according to my processor company representative. He informed me of all the complaints against Lease Finance and basically said they were a corrupt and fraudulent company. I would be interested in any class action law suit that could be brought against this criminal company. In my thirty five years in business, this was the worst company I ever dealt with in any area of business services. They need to be punished for all the harm they have brought to small businesses.

    • Kathy D

      I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We were approached by a ATM processor to install an ATM. The lease agreement was signed on 02/2008 for 60 months. The processor was ECS out of California. They are crooked as well. Switched processors by call sales rep, she told me they were crooks and she didn’t know it, signed on with her new company in 2011. Ends up they are liars and crooks too, (Multipoint Processesing Chicago,IL. )– after speaking with them recently, they said I had a seven year contract. Who would sign a seven year contract. They are also taking $15/mo from the surcharges they are to pay us. Said it was in the contract. It is not, and asked the VP Ashley Isalandberg to tell us in the faxed contract , we never saw or signed, where the $15/mo was,,, she just said it was there. We read the whole contract. Not there. Of course I could go on and on like many others…
      We signed paperwork with ECS, gave them a check for 2 months payment. (1st and last month). Received a letter from Lease Finance Group (a DBA of Northern Leasing) welcoming us to their company.
      In 2014, we began questioning when the lease agreement was up and realized it was, tried terminating by calling,, blah, blah..sent certified letter to cancel and cease and desist taken $ from our account, still continued to do so.
      They have taken from our account ($15,500) until recently closed the account.
      I am in the process of gathering all documents and writing the Attorney General’s in New York, Illinois and Wisconsin. I am also going to mail the letter to the US Attorney General. There was a class action suit in New York filed by the NY Attorney General, judgment made in Feb 2013 for $3.6 million. They had to repay all their customers that they were taking money from. (We now are helping pay all these customers back, because they continue to practice under other DBA’s. The Missouri Attorney General also brought a class action against the company in New York representing residents/customers in Missouri. They are also accused of racketeering.

      I am looking for every Federal Entity to file a complaint against them.

      1-File a dispute at your bank for unauthorized ACH transactions. Paperwork there. Needs to completed within 90 days of last transaction.

      ***I noticed on the month that our lease term was over that the lease company changed the account it was coming from they added an ‘A’ behind the #. (That will access the bank account if you stopped payment-they know what they are doing is wrong)

      2-I called NACHA in Virginia and spoke with Phyllis Schneider in charge of rules.
      703-561-3912. She told me that she hadn’t had a complaint against this company for a while, most of the companies were from credit card machines, not ATM’s. Please call and complain. Phyllis also is having Jeanette Fox in charge of risk management at NACHA. 703-561-3914. Phyllis told me that I should make her aware of this. I explained that they could look it up in the Internet and see all the complaints from all across the nation and into Canada.
      3-File a complaint with the Attorney General in Your State, Illinois and New York… (US Attorney).
      4-Northern Leasing is on the OFAC, it is the Office of Foreign Assets Control, they are a financial intelligence agency and enforcement agency of the US government. Businesses are put on this report to notify people of doing business with any one on the list globally.
      The risk management department of my bank questioned why the ACH transactions were authorized if they were on the list…? For us it is Lease Finance Group (associated with Northern Leasing Systems).. I have had to write certified letters to NLS in New York, had phone conversations as well…they are a part of them. So check with your bank to see if Northern Leasing is the company using the ACH transactions and if so ask your bank why they approved these transactions if they knew they were on OFAC.
      5-File a complaint with the FTC
      6- File a complaint with the BBB.

      I called the NY Attorney General’s office and the secretary said the lawsuit was against SKS Associates. I said the other companies are listed on the lawsuit as f/k/a..Lease Residual Holdings (OFC), LLC, Northern Leasing Systems, INC, Lease Finance Group LLC , MBF Leasing LLC, Golden Eagle Leasing LLC and Lease Source LSI LLC a/k/a Lease Source, Inc.

      I would like to go after all of the companies involved in their scam! I believe they solicit (on their website) independent processors to help in their fraudulent practices which target small business owners like ourselves. It’s criminal and needs to stop!! I am trying to contact as many ppl to bring a class action against them, but I believe the best way to go about it is either the States’ Attorney General’s represents the people from that state, until we can get the US Attorney General to represent the people of the United States.

      Feel free to contact me,
      Kathy D
      Email: [REDACTED – personal contact information]

      Sent from my iPad

      Are you with Lease Finance Group? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

      • Heather Garza

        Pretty much they scam all who are unfortunate enough to sign. They sent faulty equipment, changed what was what and refuse to discuss, only harass, threaten and call repeatedly. Their harassment will not stop. Please post contact info for class action if you get it going. They need to be stopped. Many would join class action against them. Thanks Heather

  • Britnee

    Terrible customer service. I was on hold for 15 minutes to speak to an actual person and after 15 minutes the auto lady said ” Your call will be disconnected, mailbox full, goodbye!” REALLY! No support from this company, no wonder why their rating is so horrible!

  • Susan

    We too were signed up for a 36 month contract with a card processing company. My lease with LEASE FINANCE GROUP was for 48 months- but I caught it at the time. The salesman crossed out the 48 and wroth 36 in it’s place. He initialed it and I initialed it. Our salesperson disappeared completely about ten days after this happened never to be heard of by anyone. When I sent the copy of the agreement to them they said it was a non=cancellable lease and I was obligated to pay for this for another year. I am going straight to the ATTORNEY GENERAL.

  • chatan master

    This is the by far the WORST company on the planet. They are filled with LAIRS,AND SCAMMERS. NEVER TRUST them. EVER. they take advantage of people, especially people who does not speak fluent English. they miss lead people to buy their services. they will tell you they are the cheapest, and told us our rate will never go up, but after the first month with them our rate literally tripped. now they are HARASSING US and will not let us cancel our contract. PLEASE LOOK AT ALL THE REVIEWS. PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND DO NOT TRUST THEM. if anyone sued them please let us know and help us out.

  • Robert Trimmer

    I have a lease with LFG. After five years they kept taking money from my account. I stopped payment and changed banks . Now they keep sending a bill. Every month they keep adding another months rent. Not sure what to do.

  • Michael Willis

    I have the exact same complaint.They signed us up for two years. With a credit card company. But a four year lease. When the gentleman came in. Told my wife and I. He could save us money. I told him we owned our machine. Told us we would have to use there’s. Didn’t tell us we would be paying $115 every month for four years. Said we signed a contract. I’ve written to the better business bureau. But they said company didn’t respond. How can they keep ripping people off.

  • Denise T

    this company LFG keeps harrassing me and calling all hours of the day and night and threatening me. A different person
    calls each time and they are so rude. i was told after leasing the machine for 48 mths , i would then own it, which was
    untrue. they continued to take $58 out of my account for years Now that i have closed my business, they keep calling
    me and saying i still owe money because it was a NON CANCELABLE LEASE what the heck is that.
    RIP OFF RIP OFF i think all 700 complainers need to file a class action suit against this company

  • mickey kazerooni

    I have all supportig ducumantation judgmet is against me .all documentation has been forwarded to atterny general of N.Y l need to clear this matter.I see that atterny general has sued north america an its affiliate (lease financial group) for $11 mil ineed help thanks

    • Tammy Wadel

      I also have a judgement against me from 2012 I believe. I signed with them based on the sales pitch but was also informed that I could cancel in 3 days. Machine was brought in and it didn’t work so I immediately called to cancel and a representative said no problem it was done. Somehow in 3 more days, a new machine arrived which is still new in the box never even opened and of course there is no record of me ever cancelling the contract…how convenient because I actually had canceled in the contracts time frame. At this point, they have ruined my credit rating and has a judgement hanging over my head. I have no understanding why no one can stop this scam and put this company out of business???

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