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UPDATE 2/18/19: Capital Processing Network has been completely rebranded to Nuvei. We therefore will no longer update this review. See our Nuvei review for up-to-date information about this company.

Capital Processing Network ( is a merchant account provider located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The company entered the credit card processing industry in 2006. Capital Processing Network is a small operator among the numerous merchant account providers out there, but it does have a very professional website which adds to the company’s credibility. Pivotal Payments acquired Capital Processing Network in 2014. Capital Processing Network, LLC is a registered ISO/MSP of Merrick Bank, South Jordan, Utah; Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, California; and BMO Harris Bank, N.A., Chicago, Illinois. Jeff Stephan is the company's CEO.

It's worth noting that a 2012 news story by CBS 5 in Arizona outlined Capital Processing Network's employment practices of hiring convicted felons, some with a history of fraud and identity theft. The full story can be found on the CBS 5 website, with a follow-up story here. A video of the report can be seen below:

CPN News Report Video

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: Capital Processing Network appears to hire independent sales agents and has received a moderate number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Costs & Contract: Capital Processing Network appears to offer a three-year contract with an early termination fee of up to $495.
  • Complaints & Service: Capital Processing Network has received more than 60 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: Capital Processing Network has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 18 complaints in the past three years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With Capital Processing Network

Capital Processing Network Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 60+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Sales Tactics

We are currently able to locate more than 60 negative Capital Processing Network reviews. The comment section below this review contains the highest concentration of publicly available complaints filed against the company, with most of those complaints reporting trouble with equipment leases or aggressive, misleading sales tactics. The company’s owner and CEO responded to many of these complaints with varying degrees of success up through December 2012.

On other consumer protection websites, there appears to have been an increase in the rate of posted complaints over the last year, which suggests that the company may be growing more rapidly under Pivotal’s ownership. In one complaint from a former employee (which has been removed since the last update of this review), Capital Processing Network responded by threatening to sue the individual if he did not remove his complaint. Unprofessional rebuttals like these are hopefully not representative of the culture at Capital Processing Network. The company’s website offers an email template and 24/7 phone support.

Capital Processing Network Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 6
Billing & Collection Complaints 4
Advertising & Sales Complaints 7
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 1

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

As of this review, Capital Processing Network is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an “A+” rating with 18 complaints filed in the last 36 months. Six of these complaints are related to problems with the product or service, seven have to do with advertising or sales issues, four are related to billing problems, and one is a delivery error. Eleven complaints have been resolved to the merchants’ satisfaction, while the remaining seven either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final response from the merchant. CPN also has 12 negative informal reviews filed against it alongside one positive review.

The company’s accreditation was pulled and its rating was lowered from an “A” immediately following the publication of the 2012 CBS 5 news story, but the BBB‘s current page makes no mention of why these changes were made. Because of this unexplained alteration, and in light of the other information on the page, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “B.”

Capital Processing Network Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee $495
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Months, Non-Cancellable

The standard Capital Processing Network contract (available below) outlines a three-year agreement with a variable early termination fee, although merchants have consistently reported that this fee is $495. Other reported fees include a $139.80 annual PCI compliance fee and a $25 monthly minimum fee. Many merchants complain of being lured into expensive, 48-month equipment leases but only 36-month merchant account agreements. This puts merchants in the awkward position of being forced to keep one more year of service with Capital Processing Network in order to fulfill the First Data Global Leasing equipment lease. Not only does this upset merchants, but the leases cost merchants thousands of dollars for machines that could be bought for as little as $150. See the CPN Program Guide.

Capital Processing Network Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers No
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

Capital Processing Network uses telemarketing to set appointments for agents to visit the merchant. Several merchants complain of constant phone calls even after they specifically requested to be removed from Capital Processing Network’s calling list. Apparently, the calls were so frequent that these merchants felt the need to publicly complain about it. We have also found a number of complaints in the comment section below this review that mention nondisclosure of contract terms or equipment lease terms. To CPN’s credit, the company’s website does not appear to provide any misleading quotes or offers, and it offers a fairly informative blog and some testimonials.

Our Capital Processing Network Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Capital Processing Network appears to be an average to below-average credit card processor. The company’s complaint total has held steady since the last update of this article, but it’s still plagued by concerns over its hiring practices and contract terms. The company can raise its rating by working to decrease its public complaints and putting the alarming reports of its hiring practices behind it.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Capital Processing Network Treat You?

58 User Reviews

  • Rick Smith

    I’ve been using CPN for over 10 years now and they deposit credit card purchase money in my bank the day after it’s processed through our machine. I like getting my money fast like that… I have had few problems with disputes and other problems because my Customers are required to give all the information necessary to insure (most of the time) that we get things right the first time. We use high security settings and procedures to alleviate fraudulent purchases and proud to say our Customers are of a good reputation and return to make many purchases. I’m currently in the process of having a new website built and intend to use CPN to process cards from our shopping cart program. I’m one of the few here when I say I appreciate CPN and intend to keep them for years to come. Just enjoy getting funds the next day instead of waiting a week like most other processors tend to do. We add about 6% to cover all processing fees and it averages out quite well month to month. The worst thing I can say about CPN is the difficulty finding a phone number to them if you don’t happen to have it with you at the time. lol

  • Stacy

    These people keep calling. Today’s was the worst. When informed to send info by email or snail mail- the telemarketer became very beligerant. “IS this a bad time?” well, yes it is- I have customers to attend to. “Are you too busy right now?” Well, yes…I am too busy for your baloney phone call. Smh

  • Jack Stoner

    Snake oil salesmen – took the bate on their lies – was One of the worst business decisions of my 30 years in business, can’t believe I was this gullible. Comparing statements was told i would save big time, but after getting statements, I ended up paying way more than before. After many complaints, I got the fees down to competitive rates, only to find out as time when on, fees were constantly raised without notification. Luckily I am now out of agreement and can move on to a trustworthy company.

  • laila

    without using the meanest word I can think of… we’ll just say they are blatant liars.

    when speaking with the sales people i had 2 requirements, that’s right… only 2!
    1: flat fee. I don’t want to be nickle & dimed in fees. if the fee is 2.7%, I expect to calculate my total at the end of the month and come up with 2.7%
    2: no contract.

    well……………………… the only one they came through on was the no contract. lucky for me because we’re canceling after just 2 statements… our “2.7%” rate is actually closer to 5% after all their flippin fees i was promised didn’t exist.

    YOU’RE FIRED ~ the Donald

  • Patrick Wong

    New sign up be aware; just tried to terminate my account. Found out the “free” equipment comes with a 48-month lease; the merchant contract was only 3 years. Still have to pay off the equipment lease and return the machine.
    Totally suck experience, don’t go there!!!

    • Paula Starnes

      Well at least you have a machine that is hooked up. CPN came to our place of business April of 2016 and never came back. First Data started debiting our account on May the 2oth of last year and are still doing it and the credit card machine is still in the box because no one ever came back to hook it up. We have called numerous times with no success. In fact some person named Tara of CPN called me on February 23 wanting to resolve this problem and she would call me back, but I’m still waiting. I am stuck with a machine and a 48 month lease for a brand new machine that is still in the box and a $64.35 bill debited the 20th of every month by First Data(FDGL). Stay away from this company!!!

      • Paula D. Starnes

        This is April 11, 2017 and Tara, I am still waiting for your lying promises to help me. As of May 20th next month, First Data is still debiting my account for the new lease lease equipment still in the box that you never hooked up. You are in breach of contract, but since CPN cancelled my contract without my permission last July and we both called you until late October before you even told me my contract was cancelled, then I guess I’m stuck with the First Data Lease at $64.35 plus an annual fee of over $50.00 that I just got debited for, I guess that lets you off the hook. This is the sorriest excuse for a business I’ve ever dealt with in my lifetime and I’m almost 66 years old, but I don’t have enough energy to fight you since my Vietnam Veteran husband now has stage four cancer from agent orange and I cannot deal with you people anymore. May God have MERCY on your souls. Paula Starnes signing off.

    • winnie wong

      wish to see your post earlier, The sales told us that is month to month and now they still charge us early termination fee even and said the contract did not say month to month. I argued that contract did not say 3 months either and they said the contract ask you to refer to website.This is dishonest merchant services and do not go there !!!!!!

  • Nate

    Before you sign up with CPN, you might want to review the merchant agreement it can be found on their application under CONTINUING PERSONAL GUARANTY PROVISION / PERSONAL GUARANTOR. It’s important to understand that the fee’s they have on their application do not include the fees included on the merchant agreement but YOU ARE STILL AGREEING TO THESE TERMS.

    This is a link to the merchant agreement for CPN USA.

    Section 5.7 (fees)
    – $139.80 PCI compliance (yearly)
    – $69.00 shipping/handling
    – $25 monthly minimum fee (applies if you don’t process enough volume)
    – $5 to reach help desk (customer service calls)

    Hope this helps you in your decision making.

  • robert

    much worse than these reviews make it appear. Salesman arrived, made numerous promises that seemed unlikely but gave him a chance – said send me the quote and if it is true you have a deal. He then left with the originals of my merchant statements. I called to have them returned which he did and I told him these were confidential and shouldn’t be removed from the company location. He responded by saying he makes copies anyway and keeps everyone’s confidential information. At least he was honest about being dishonest. He should have asked if it was OK to remove and keep confidential information to which I would have said absolutely not. How do you trust someone like this with anything to do with your business, Then it got better – the offer he gave all of a sudden couldn’t be written and sent to me. supposedly the “boss” was going to write it up and sent it but changed his mind because it was too low to put in writing. When I started asking more questions, everything got a little fuzzy as far as details. I told the salesman he lost the deal because the whole experience was dishonest. said he would get back to me with a quote. guess what no quote and he still has my company data? Your best bet – don’t let these people in the door – these people are the reason they make “no soliciation” signs

  • Daniel D.

    I received a call from CPN. I asked them to remove my name and phone number from their list. They explained that they didn’t have a list. I requested to have them remove my phone number from the database or any other form in which they received my phone number. They said they couldn’t do that. I asked them to not call again then hung up.

    I received a call from the “supervisor” minutes later asking to explain that they are not a telemarketer and they are not selling something. They only want to share information with me. However, after explaining that I was not interested in sharing information, she said she didn’t want information… “we just want to confirm the amount you spend per month”. I explained that I was not interested. The woman persisted. I asked her to remove my name and phone number from their list. She explained that she didn’t have a list. I requested to have them remove my phone number form the database or any other form in which they received my phone number. They said they couldn’t do that.

    I explained that there are consumer protection laws against this type of ongoing harassment after requesting to be removed from a list. She insisted that shew was not selling me anything and just wanted to improve my ability to receive lower rates or something.

    It seemed unethical that they refused to comply with consumer protection laws. Hopefully, they will not call again.

  • Jennifer DeSart

    BEWARE!! The salesman will tell you they can save you money it will look good the first few months THEN you start getting hit with HIDDEN FEES. When you call in asking what they are for you are told they are mandated fees. Fees they have no control over, that they cannot refund. You can argue all you want it will do no good!!! Don’t be fooled!!

  • Nickolas

    CPN is a crooked company. The company would not let me cancel my service despite that I was not in contract. They finally after months of calls “allowed” me to cancel, and have continued to bill me $73.94 per month for over four months since then. They have not refunded the monies and cancelled the account even though they have agreed to do so. I have filed BBB complaints and they have not bothered to respond. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY>.

    Are you with Capital Processing Network? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Ana

    I do not know where to start. They solicited my business for over a year and when I finally decided to gave them a try, their customer service was horrible every time I called to get help on the terminal that would not work. I got to the point that after two weeks of trying them, decided to cancel my account. Despite my numerous calls and emails to the sales rep, there was never a note on my file for cancellation. I was finally able to get the message across that I want my account cancelled. Then the money that was processed through them in August was never deposited into my account. I was told by the sales rep that the money would be sent in the form a check. I still have not received a check. The sales rep does not respond to my emails. His voice mail is full. The customer service rep in Philippine has no idea what I am talking about. There is no supervisor to talk to. Next step I am taking is, calling the News station to schedule an interview with them. Maybe they can get to the bottom of this and at least other business owners do not get trapped.

  • Margaret L.Smith

    OMG! the worst processsing company that I have used. They will answer the phone but once you are transferred by prompts to the correct department they don’t answer. They tell you they have to call you back. So you sit all day waiting for calls that never come. I wasted a whole day. I work outside and lost a day of work as a result. I also having a problem with their compliance department in regards to the PCI questionnaire. Even though they have a department for this they told me after waiting for their call for 8 hours that they can’t help me with it. They also work with a company that totally ripped me off on a credit card processing terminal. I am paying $26.00 a month for 4 years for a terminal that will be obsolete in a few months that I can buy for under $200.00. This company that ripped me off with CPN’s knowledge is First Data Global leasing. I am really angry with both of them. I also was never given a total copy of my contract. I was told after I signed the contract presented to that I could see the rest of the contract online. By then it was too late and I did not even know there was more to my contract. Quite simply they ripped me off.

  • MaryAnn Barry

    My husband switched to CPN. HUGE MISTAKE!
    Perfectly legitimate sales were not processed, meaning money did not go into my husband’s business account!
    Today April 2, 2015, CPN CLosedMY HUSBANDS ACCOUNT!!!!
    Claim they don’t do business with vapor companies!
    No notice given at all

  • Jim Manziel

    I feel like I’ve changed processors more than I change the oil in my car. Despite some of the negative reviews I’ve read about their overly persistent sales tactics this is the first company that I have enjoyed doing business with.
    They have fair rates, removed all of the randoms fees I had before switching to CPN- FINALLY. Great company, glad they called me. – JM

  • June

    I just got a call from this company. They say it is not a sales call and will lower me to the lower risk category. Supposely I am with the high to medium risk. Then the associate told me, she will need to evaluate my account so she can get me to the lower risk tier. I kept telling her, I am not interested and I would rather pay the higher processing fee to keep what I have currently as I am happy and it works, her reply was, we are not selling anything. I told her to stop wasting my time and requested not to be contacted again. She called back saying the same thing..,, I checked the CPN website and that is how I got to this website. I know I am right. They are trying to sell something that is quite shady.

  • Embarrased that I used to work there

    I too was a victim of CPN….as an employee. I was excited when I first went to work there as a suppory tech, building files, downloading machines, and shipping to customers. I was not new to this industry, as Ihad worked at other cc processors also. I was excited to be working for a Christian company with values….or so I thought. Within the first few weeks, I saw what this compan was truly about….scamming, lying to customers, sending out old refurbished machines as new, etc. The company is basically Jeff Stphan, his family members and friends, and convicted felons. I was told by my boss when I first started working there who to “not piss off” because they are family/friends of Jeff and you will get fired. I kept my nose clean, came to work on time every day (unlike some of my alcoholic. felonious co-workers (who my boss would go drinking with on work nights) and often was doing the job of 2-3 people as one of “experienced techs” was Jeff Stephans personal mechanic who worked on his cars.
    I have a wife and kids so I couldn’t just up and quit, but it was really starting to way on me. One day I was accused of doing something to mess up a customers shipment of “new credit card machine” when I had left early (1/2 day for doctor’s appointment) and the shipment was actually screwed up by another manager’s son. Well, I was written up by my boss and asked if I was currently looking for a job, on a Friday. When I replied no, I was told that I may want to. I asked what he meant by that and he replied, “Think about it”. I requested a “confidential” meeting with HR on Monday and was given one on Tuesday. This “confidential meeting” took place right after my manager had left HR’s office and I was called in….with Jeff Stephan sitting across from me. I proceeded to tell my side of story and Jeff replied with, ‘ Well you are fired.” When I asked what for, I was told for repeated tardiness, missed days, and poor work performacnce. Ironic really, that I hadn’t missed a day of work, had recieved perfect attendance recognition for every month I had been there and….in 15 months of employment had never had a review, recieved a raise, or been written up before now.
    As devastating as it was, it was for the better in the long run. Take it from someone who has been in the heart of the operation….it isn’t anything like they portray. Don’t be fooled and do yourself a favor….FIND ANOTHER PROCESSOR!!!

  • Doug Shultz

    I would never recommend signing with Capital Processing to anyone. Benji Stemple came in and looked at our account with our previous credit card processing company. He told me he could give us better rates and save us money. Although he did give us better rates, he did not tell me there would be Non-Qualified Interchange Fees. With these NQIF, we are now paying a lot more than we ever did with our previous credit card processor. Benji also told me that if we run a credit card before it batches out each day, our money would be in our account the next morning. That is also not true, it takes 2-3 business days before it gets into our account.

  • C M

    Jeff I was promised a rate lower that my existing rates . I explained everything to the rep and he went over my current statements. He than promised me savings and that is still yet to be proven. The office girls after a little proding gave me a rate for government transactions that was higher than what I am paying now. I did not cancel the other services yet . I was told to wait a month and get the results and I will. If you can not deliver what your salesman promised and I was told he may not have known the situation and he should . I will pay your cancelation fee and move on. however I will be a headache. I hope your company can deliver it would make me very happy !
    Time will tell the story !

  • Francisco

    I was called ,multiple times even after stating clearly that I was not interested. Being that I am in sales, I actually appreciated their efforts and decided to give them some time. The sales rep who was assigned to us was Ari. After he reviewed our previous processor’s statement he informed me that they where “thieves” that they had a bunch of unnecessary fees. Based on what he was able to offer, our fees would be about half of what we were paying (avg. $480) I explained to him that our current processor gave us a free machine rather than leasing one and they provided the paper rolls. He assured me that he would do the same. He would lower the rates even further to offset the machine rental fee and stop by every 2 weeks to provide us with free paper rolls. It has been 4 months and not only has he not dropped off a single roll, but I haven’t even received a follow up call from him after I’ve called to complain. It has been 4 months now. Our rates have been almost double what they used to be and they are charging us the rental fee on the machine. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE! They are liars. After
    I complained they said: “oh, it looks like we did overcharge you” they offered me $150 dollar credit and to lower my fees even further. At this point I have declined their offer. Next stop: BBB and the Arizona and San Diego district attorney. Currently shopping for an ethical credit card processing company.

  • Isabella Wierzchos

    I have never been so ripped off by any credit card companies like by the Captial Processing Network and First Data. They had promised me a low rate in exchange for signing a lease on their credit card terminal. The salesman took my terminal (which I owned totally free and clear). He basically stole it from me. I asked him why he was taking it and he said you would not need it any more. I later found out that the lease was signed (in a small print) for 4 years with no termination clause. I had been promised by the sales rep that I could terminate the lease at any point. He told me that I would not want to do that since I will be saving so much on a lower rate. The rate was not lower and I ended up paying $ in lease fees. I have just returned the terminal and got a bill for $ 500.88 (another year left on the lease). I wish there was a way to sue them for misrepresentation and ripping small businesses off. If there was ever a class action suit, please keep us in mind. I am very upset over this business practice and the fact that they can get away with lies and thef.

  • Janice CampbelL

    DO NOT go with this company. I have had them ONE week and got a letter from a leasing company that says I am leasing the equipment, that I am paying almost $3,000 for and then if I don’t BUY the equipment at that time that I will continue to lease at $60 a month. NOT me!!! I am plugging my old machine back in tomorrow, so glad I did not cancel with them and will continue to use them. They will not save you money, they are out to get it. I called their corporate office today and got a stuttering CSR who says the leasing company is a back door company but its all the same company. She said after LEASING the equipment for 4 years, we return it and then they send us a brand new machine that now we own and no more leasing. I am not buying any of this, they are liars. They won’t get anymore of money then they already got and I am afraid to see what they didn’t save me!! It to me is fraud. When someone tells you that they have a back door company leasing you the equipment, but you are getting the equipment from them and then you return the equipment in 4 years and get new equipment that is yours from the SAME company, doesn’t add up in my books. I am done and will change my bank account if I have to, to keep them from taking my money. They can take me to court or whatever they have to do. DON’T GO WITH THEM!!!

  • Evelyn

    I am sad to say I used to work for CPN, I had no idea any of those things were happening. Alot of things about the job were questionable. I was only there about 6 weeks before I was fired, but I never felt right at that job. The bonuses that you could possible get are outrageous but almost impossible to get. Some of the individuals listed accused of criminal activity were either people who trained me or Ive seen or spoke to. I am glad that I got out of there when I did. This is definitely not a job that I was proud to have, everything that seemed to good about the job was.

  • Janet Brotherton

    I recently changed my long time processor to this company and I am so very disappointed in the undisclosed add on costs. The rep was Benji Semple – nothing was ever disclosed about mandated equipment insurance or mandated security verfication. Neither of which was in the contractual agreement only in the merchant service booklet which was stuck inside the folder and never reviewed by this rep. I have just now requested through the rep that he forward my request for waiver of termination fee to Jeff Stephen. I conduct my business with honesty and integrity, and expect my vendors to do the same.
    Small businesses, or any business for that matter, should be very leery of this company and this rep. As
    business owners, it is always good practice to follow up your contacts, sales, clients, – is it a wonder that not another word was heard from the agent as to connection, tech support and even a “thank you for your business” – that should have been the first clue. I truly hope the BBB rates this company based on failure to disclose hidden add ons. I certainly can’t add on costs to my clients with out disclosing them, can you?

  • Michal Blaszczyk

    On April 3rd, 2012, my company (REMOVED) signed a contract with Capital Processing Network for 36 months. The agent, REMOVED, made claims about his company that proved to be false. Two examples of false statements were that 1) all debit card transactions would cost $0.20 per transaction with no additional fees of any kind, and 2) the total cost for a credit card transaction would cost 1.75% including all total fees. When specifically asked if all “reward card” fees and such would be included in the 1.75%, he responded without hesitation, “Yes.” The contract also required the business to sign an agreement with First Data to rent equipment at a monthly rate of $89. When asked why the lease was so high, the response was that the company made its money on the monthly fee because they kept their rates so low, which makes sense. As with all other credit card processing companies, Mr. REMOVED requested the last few statements from our previous processor which he put into his computer and gave us a chart showing how much money we would save (over $1,000 per year, INCLUDING all equipment rental and maintenance fees). A contract was signed and within the first two months, we noticed that the transactions were substantially higher than we were promised. Upon calling Capital Processing Network, all customer service agents told us the information I had told them was incorrect. I asked why my sales agent would have told me this information if it was wrong and everyone’s response was, “I do not know.” Upon closer examination and doing a little bit of research on the company, a number of complaints have been filed (not just through this web site, but many others as well as the BBB) very similar to what my concerns are. I would have no problem paying the high lease agreement, if CPN actually saved us as much money as the sales agent claimed they would, but currently, we are paying at least as much as our previous processor AND we are paying a high rate for equipment rental (when our equipment had been previously already paid off). It appears that this company purposely tells their sales representatives to give potential customers false information and denies the representatives claims when they are threatened.

    • Jeff Stephan

      Dear Janet Brotherton,
      We researched your issue on the account tied to Lindsey Lane Bridal in Rantoul, IL. It is unfortunate that you did not tell the whole story. When you met with your account representative you were processing your credit card transactions through a non compliant terminal, the Verifone Tranz 330. The software file builds were retired and became “end of life” in 2009 for credit card processing platforms, if not earlier. PCI compliance is a requirement for all business who accept credit cards.
      All of the fees are clearly disclosed on the agreements. We value all of our clients and we do employ best practices at all levels. In regards to following up with you as a valued client, we have executed that at every possible level. We sent you a thank you card on 9/21/2012 by US mail. You have phoned into our service center 5 times in the past month and all calls were fielded and answered.
      –Capital Processing Network Customer Support

  • Norm Cowie

    I received a phone call from a solicitor who said we were ‘eligible’ for a rate review. I’m kind of sick of this particular approach, so I asked her what she meant by eligible. She kind of faltered and said there are no records of charge backs or fraud with us and our current credit card processing company. I asked how she could have knowledge of this kind of proprietary information – she faltered again and said our line was breaking up (it wasn’t). I asked her not to call again. About five minutes later, ‘Sean’ left a message for me, saying that they were calling about our present credit card processing company (they weren’t our current processing company, so this was just a ploy).

    Then I Googled around, found this page and a CBS report that said a lot of their employees are ex-cons, some with threat identity theft backgrounds .

    Mr. Jeff Stephan, who seems to respond to this thread, refused to talk to CBS.

  • Rebecca King

    Do not process with this company, I’ve gone from Bad to worse. Closed business and I cannot get out of contract on terminal lease, bad decision on my part! They promise better rates and do not deliver. They have some of the highest compliance fees on top of an annual fee! Now that my contract for processing isover they want to deal, sure another 3 years of increases, no thanks!

    • Jeff Stephan

      Dear Rebecca,

      Capital Processing Network has serviced your account effectively and faithfully since you opened up an account with CPN in 2009. During this time period you have called in 27 times with questions or other maintenance requests. We have handled every call with professionalism and a dedication to you the customer to have a pleasant experience with our company.

      On one of your recent phone calls to us you mentioned that you even work for a credit card processor. Just an FYI, Square does not even have a customer service phone number and only work by email for voicemails only at this point. With the high level of demands that you have of a processor I don’t think you will be happy with their solution. In any event, we wish you the best and we try to make everyone happy. Unfortunately it is not possible in this instance.

      –Capital Processing Network Customer Support

  • Laura

    Please update this information to as a F rating BBB. Look for yourself

    Capital Processing Network, LLC

    Phone: (480) 285-2000 Fax: (800) 804-1752 5410 E. High Street #350, Phoenix, AZ 85054 View Additional Web Addresses

    BBB® F Rating

    On a scale of A+ to F Reason for Rating BBB Ratings System Overview

  • Dan

    I am embarrassed to say I signed with this company.

    My salesperson also was Benji Stemple. He mentioned to me his brother is the president of the place.

    I knew the lease was exorbitant but signed it because when combined with the savings Benji presented it seemed like a good deal. Fast forward to our first statement. Guess what, not what he led me to believe.

    • Jeff Stephan

      Dear Dan,

      We are very confident that our solutions are excellent deals and offer great value to our clients. If you have a question on your merchant statement I would encourage you to call customer service immediately so we can resolve any questions you may have. There are many factors involved in rate reviews and we would love to understand your feedback to make sure you are happy.–Jeff Stephan, Owner

  • Paul

    I just finished a meeting with the Capital Processing Network sales rep. I felt very slimy after the meeting. After numerous requests for a documented list of monthly fees based on both a mythical sample transaction and average monthly transactions with our current processor the rep became agitated and stated company policy was to not leave an untendered offer. The rep then began the hardsell push to call our currrent provider and ask if there were any early termination penalties so that I could signup with CPN right there and then. I told the rep I always ‘review the numbers’ before I make a decision and I never decide on a first visit. Needless to say the rep wasn’t too happy when he left.
    I also did not care for the high incidient of telemarketing calls but figured I’d be able to make them stop if I just met with the rep.
    There wasn’t any pressure to lease a processing machine since we currently only conduct B2B transactions using a web based terminal.

  • tai pham

    A Stern Warning:
    Do not sign up with Capital Processing Network Co.
    And if you do, either have your Attorney read it or just watch how the Rep smooth you to sign all he wants you to sign your life away, especialy the ” Personal Guarantee part “

      • tai pham

        I was told by the Capital Processing Network representative that in order to sign up with CPN and save on the average $200/mo over my existing service provider, I must sign an equipment lease agreement with CPN and when I was pondering the thought he quickly added the fact that my own T7plus terminal will not work with CPN system.

        Now, did I really save on the average $200/mo ? NO ! Is it true that T7plus will not work with CPN system ? NO !
        It would work just fine, just like any other terminal all it needs is just a simple download from any Service Provider.

        Now I’m stuck with a fraudulent lease of = $4,224 ( $88/mo x 48 mos ), when my paid for T7plus terminal only cost me $300.

        • Julie

          I feel your pain. I did the same thing but the lease was only $39 a month. I hope to get out of it. I didn’t realize I was signing a personal guarantee or a no break lease. Next time I’ll have an attorney review.
          They are only in the business to lease machines that are overpriced. I changed back to [redacted – solicitation] for processing as they are considerably less than Capital and have excellent customer service.
          Plus I don’t want to reward Capital..

          • Jeff Stephan

            Hi Julie, if you could please provide me with your DBA company name or other information I would love to research your issue and find a resolution for you. Personal guarantees are on all merchant processing agreements are are clearly written on our contracts. Many clients have a sense of buyers remorse if they hear that there is a better deal elsewhere, especially when it comes to equipment pricing. Terminals can be purchased on ebay for $50.00 and leased as high as $109/mth of 60 months. So consumers are very confused as to what is fair or not fair when it comes to equipment pricing. What CPN does is offer the very best value solution we can, while combining very fair credit card processing fees with new terminals and a pin pad to maximize your uptime and ease of integration. There is much more to this but I do not want to explain here. We have excellent customer service and tech support so I do not understand why you felt differently and am eager to hear your feedback so I can learn any possible weaknesses I am not aware of.

        • Jeff Stephan

          Dear Tai Pham,

          Can you please provide me with your DBA name of your company and I can look into your issues? Our customer service team is excellent in researching and resolving statement questions, interchange classifications, etc. I would love to help you in any way I can.—Jeff Stephan, owner of CPN

  • Lesa

    This company deserves a D for a score! From their relationship with First Data Global Leasing, to their sales tactics to their early termination fee to their lack of customer service access/support, they take advantage at every opportunity. Knowing what I now know I would tell anyone to run away as fast as possible if a salesperson from Capital approaches you. They started out very heavy handed and it should have been a clue! The lease agreement has no way out (yeah, I know that was dumb on our part) and my only comment about the extremely unethical $495 termination fee is that I am so glad to be rid of this company I will chalk it up to an expensive lesson learned.

    • Julie

      I wish I found this before I signed the agreement. I can’t even find anyone to talk to. If I can get out of this for $495 I too will chalk it up to the school of hard knocks.
      There rate is considerably higher than my last company and the service is F-.

      As the others stated do not set up an appt. do not sign until your attn’y looks it over.

      • Sueann

        Julie you and everyone that has voiced there frustrations on Jeff and Benji are true.. I was also told what great saving I would get and that to get these great savings i had to purchase the lease agreement . I had a perfectly fine machine. Me and Benji went for an hour and half – I wish i would have just throne him out but he bullied me – He refused to leave till i sign his contracts- At the time my husband was not here- I wish I would have stood my ground with him. He just wanted that $1,000 commission which First Data told me when they I did my purchase buyout. Just keep spreading the word – no lease agreements.

    • Jeff Stephan

      Dear Lesa, as my prior comments stated above I would love to hear why you have publicized such a negative perception of our company to the public. I highly disagree with your comments about sales tactics, customer support/access and taking advantage of customers. We have sub 60 second hold times in our service ques and multiple ways of getting a hold of staff to assist. Credit Card processing is a highly competitive business. We have cancellation fees in our agreements for many reasons. One of them is the amount of time and energy that we invest in creating a great solution for companies like yours. Since our rates are very competitive and we take lower profit margins than others, the cancellation fee helps absorb future profits that the company was expecting based on the delivered value proposition. Charging a cancellation fee is NOT unethical at all, and most processors have one. We can review and evaluate one off instances and waive cancellation fees if it is appropriate. Please forward your concerns and I would be happy to examine your account and see if I can help in any way. Our phone number is 1-877-456-9747. If I am not in, please leave a VM and I will return your call. Jeff Stephan, Owner

  • Ken Tobias

    I can only echo the complaints above! They promise reduced processing rates that look good for the first month until you see the lease payment fees! Then in reality, you’re paying more than your previous processor. If you’re in the Chicago area, watch out for their representative, Benji Stemple. He’ll smooth talk you into believing that their rates are better but you’ll get a rude awakening when the lease payments hit. Don’t let that guy in the door!

  • Wendi

    We also have a small business, and this seems to be a common theme with credit card processors. We had Intuit (QuickBooks) and they did similar shady sales tactics. We asked questions as when they faxed over the lease for the equipment, it stated it was non-cancellable and was for 36 months. Our credit card machine ended up costing us three times what it was worth and to add insult to injury, it ended up being an outdated machine! My advise- don’t sign anything until you are satisfied and have it in writing and inform yourself!
    We are currently with Elavon and are satisfied as they were able to use our outdated machine and their statements are easy to reconsile and I have found their rates are competetive.

      • Jeff Stephan

        Hello, the URL Christi posted was a news release of a deal CPN signed with Elavon. Our relationship with Elavon will allow CPN to offer solutions on the Elavon proprietary authorization network giving our clients a wider variety of platform options. The deal also helps CPN offer other value added software products combined with international processing capabilities.

        Jeff Stephan-Owner

  • Budget Pool Supply

    My husband talked to a capital processing representative by phone and signed a faxed contract. After reviewing the contract the same day we realized they signed us up for 48 months of leasing a processing machine at $88.00 a month. The next day I called and canceled telling them that I was not going to pay 4.000.00 for leasing a machine. They said they could put it down to $44.00 a month and I told them we were not paying them $2000.00 for a machine. Since then they have taken 37.00 a month since Sept. then 186.00 for we don’t know what on Mar31. In April $37.00, May and June 56.95 a month and July 88.93. In all $555.94 for processing nothing. We signed up with Bank of America and are not happy with them either.

    • Jeff Stephan

      Dear Customer ( I believe your name is Renee Jensen). Back on 9/23/2010 your husband (Gary) spoke with 2 of our employees panicking because a storm caused an electrical surge to your credit card equipment and you could not accept credit cards in your store. Our staff responded quickly as your husband had asked. CPN staff swiftly created a merchant account for you. We overnighted equipment to you along with a commercial grade battery powered backup system. The backup system had built in surge protection for the machine and up to 7 other devices. It would also surge protect your phone line and any inline cable systems you may have had. This was engineered to prevent situations like that to occur again in the future. On 10:38AM on 8/24/2010 your husband requested us to send over the merchant service contract for him to sign. At 10:57AM the same day (only 19 minutes later) the paperwork was filled out and signed, then faxed in by your husband. We moved mountains to get you approved asap and next day air the equipment. Very few companies could have met this response and set-up time frame. 2 days later at 7:43AM your husband called in and said that YOU were not happy that he signed with CPN. He said a BofA rep came in and said he could offer a much better price on equipment. Of course a competitor is going to always try to offer an incentive to try to “steal” a deal from someone else and that’s what happened. However, you never gave us a chance to explain the value of our solution over BofA’s. The contracts your husband signed were in full force and effect. You have an open live contract with CPN because your husband opened one. Now you are not happy with BofA either when they convinced you to terminate services with us? We worked extremely hard to meet critical deadlines for you and your husband and give you an excellent solution. I hope other viewers will respect how hard we worked for you and how hard we work for future and existing clients that value our services. Best regards, Jeff Stephan-Owner

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