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Last Updated: June 24, 2014

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e-onlinedata Overview

e-onlinedata Logo

e-onlinedata Logo

e-onlinedata (e-onlinedata.com) is a merchant account provider and wholly owned subsidiary of PowerPay, another merchant account services company. Although the company is considered to be a brand of PowerPay and a subsidiary of EVO Merchant Services, for the purposes of this review we are going to treat e-onlinedata as a separate company and grade it as such. The company’s name is also often misspelled as “e-online data,” “eonline data,” and “e online data.”

Founded in 2001, e-onlinedata is based out of Portland, Maine. The company boasts that it is the largest reseller of Authorize.net’s payment gateway. e-onlinedata focuses only on providing credit card processing services and appears to be able to supply just about any processing need. The company uses third-party processors to handle the actual card processing, with Global Payments as the primary processor. Although e-onlinedata uses third party processors it appears to handle the customer service of its accounts directly. e-onlinedata is a registered MSP/ISO of Deutsche Bank AG, National Association, New York.

e-onlinedata Sales & Marketing Tactics | A-

Key Points – Sales & Marketing 
Uses independent resellers? Yes
Promotes deceptive rate quotes? No
Discloses all important terms? No

e-onlinedata does not use any misleading marketing or sales tactics that are apparent to this reviewer. The company does, however, appear to rely heavily on strategic partnerships and independent resellers. The use of independent resellers is typically tied to elevated complaint rates for a provider, as independent entities tend to receive less oversight and training than in-house sales agents. In this case, we have located a handful of recent merchant reviews that allege nondisclosure or misrepresentation of fees by an e-onlinedata sales rep. We have therefore slightly lowered the company’s grade in this section.

e-onlinedata Costs & Contract Terms| B-

Key Points – Costs & Contract Terms
Swiped rate: Variable
Keyed-in rate: Variable
Termination fee: $250-$350
PCI compliance fee: $129 per month
Equipment lease: Variable

Pricing with e-onlinedata appears to vary slightly based upon a merchant’s processing volumes and needs, and the agent setting up the account. With that said, evidence suggests that the company offers the standard PowerPay rates and fees. These include a $250-$350 early termination fee, a $129 PCI Compliance fee, and a tiered pricing structure that may or may not be clearly explained by a sales agent. In addition, e-onlinedata offers equipment leases that could be multiyear agreements.

There is some indication that e-onlinedata resellers are permitted to waive certain fees under specific circumstances. Merchants are encouraged to negotiate for the best possible rates and fees through this provider whenever possible (see: “Fee Sweep“).

e-onlinedata Complaints & Service | B+

Key Points – Complaints & Service
Total complaints: <10
Live customer support: Yes
Most common complaint: Hidden fees

For the most part, e-onlinedata has no recent legitimate complaints filed online in the usual forums. There was a rash of complaints filed in 2003 in one forum from merchants complaining that e-onlinedata quoted that it had no gateway fees and failed to mention that Authorize.net would charge a gateway fee. A few posters also complained of receiving poor customer service. Since then, it looks like e-onlinedata has corrected the issue. Other than that, there are only a handful of minor complaints, three of which were filed in the last six months beneath this review.

e-onlinedata BBB Report | B- (CPO Adjusted)

Key Points – BBB Report
Product/service: 19
Billing/collection: 24
Advertising/sales: 3
Guarantee/warranty: 2
Delivery: 0

e-onlinedata shares its Better Business Bureau (BBB) report with PowerPay. As of this review, the BBB is assigning no rating based on 48 complaints filed in the last 36 months. The BBB does not separate complaints for e-onlinedata, but out of the total, 24 are due to billing and collection disputes, 19 with product and service issues, three with advertising or sales issues, and two regarding delivery issues. The report states that 23 of the complaints have been fully resolved while 25 merchants reported they were not satisfied with the company’s response. In addition, the company has had 11 negative user reviews filed against its BBB profile.

Bottom Line

Overall, e-onlinedata appears to be a solid but not spectacular merchant services provider. The company is showing a low-to-moderate complaint rate; however, based on a theme found in a few complaints, e-onlinedata may have some issues with its customer service and sales practices. Merchants are encouraged to fully read and understand the terms of the company’s merchant account agreement before signing.

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  1. Jordanna

    I’ve also felt screwed over by this company. I had a long conversation with an account representative when I first opened my account and they insisted there were no extra or hidden fees. I walked away feeling very clear about what I was to be charged every month, only to find random chunks of money taken out of my account each month thereafter. When I called to inquire about the fees they were very rude and defensive, and insistent that I was informed of the fees before I signed. I’m now feeling stuck paying far more each month for than I would have ever agreed to.

    1. latoya lundy

      Okay my Account is closed and we have 39 clients with outstanding orders. Since all the funds are frozen, I think its best that I refund the clients. I was then advised by B Peterson that I COULD NOT REFUND THE CLIENTS. Instead I had to contact each client and have them process a chargeback with their bank…. This is so wrong on so many levels, I then said well chargebacks I will incur a $25 fee per (39 customer) the lost prevention analyst supervisor Peterson then told me they “Would not charge me the full fee for the chargebacks” Ofcourse, I hit the roof. So, how will my account be reviewed and funds released if I do not have any charge backs BUT you are telling me to direct my customers to initiate chargebacks with their banks.

      A small synopsis of what’s going on with me. Yes they advised me the only option I had was to have each of my customers call their banks and place a chargeback to get their funds. Stay away at all costs especially (Unfortunately, I hate to bring this up but It seems the department has a problem with the color of my skin, my youth and or gender as it relates to the amount of money I make monthly, as all questions were always geared to “Whats” and “How’s” instead of facts.

      1. Jordanna

        The one person I had any success with remedying all of their crap was named Joe Libby. I don’t have his direct line anymore, but here’s his email – [email protected]

        Assuming he’s still there, I’d recommend for anyone who’s made the mistake of entering into an agreement with this company to contact him to get things resolved.

  2. joe

    The worst of the worst. Considering a lawsuit.

    Their customer support is trained to lie and deceive as are the managers.

    They dont send paper statements and erase electronic statements after 3 months.

    They will start taking a reserve from your deposits without informing you or documenting what they are taking out on your statement.

    They will raise rates and assessments without telling you. Or they will tell you on your statement a rate or fee is raising .02% and raise it 2%. then leave it up to you to detect it.

    Criminals that should be class action sued.


  3. Bryce

    Please, please stay away from this company. That is, unless you want to pay out the nose for what should be a reasonably priced service and have small print thrown in your face. I’m quite sure E-OnlineData instructs its employees to hide information from their customers so they can collect additional fees. I was close to filing a small claims lawsuit against E-OnlineData, but decided to eat the loss because couldn’t stand one more exchange.

    Try Braintree if you want a decent product for a decent price and don’t want to deal with a company that operates with borderline criminality.

      1. Bryce

        The most blatant example of hidden or poorly disclosed fees is the $250 cancellation fee. While this is documented in contract, I felt customer services representatives intentionally hid it while I discussed leaving the service over multiple emails. Overall, their fee structure is confusing and seemingly intentionally obfuscated. I much prefer paying a flat rate + percentage per transaction as I do now, rather than paying for a half dozen fees, percentages, and minimums.

        Also, did you know they delete your monthly statements from their online merchant control panel every 3 months? Why not give your customers proper access to historical statements?

  4. Chris

    This company is easily the worst I have ever dealt with. When a product we produced went viral and started selling like crazy they suddenly demanded a 20% reserve! Needless to say that completely crippled our small company and it took 3 months for us to switch to a new provider, who sees no reason for a reserve. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY.

  5. Justin

    My ecommerce business of 10 years closed January 1, 2012 and I closed my account with e-OnlineData. After waiting for about 90 days to make sure no additional fees or chargebacks might come through, I also closed the business checking account. On April 2 I rec’d a phone call from the bank manager telling me I had a debit come through for $129 from e-onlinedata for “PCI COMPLIANCE FEE.” I contacted e-onlinedata and was told this was a routine charge and there was nothing they could do about it even though it was charged on a CLOSED ACCOUNT! So my checking account was re-opened and I was also charged a $35 NSF fee by the bank. I looked back through years of records and never once was I ever charged such a fee. Not once! Begrudgingly I paid the bank $164 to get the account to zero and closed once again. Now today, May 4 2012, I have a new charge from e-onlinedata for $350 called a “CANCEL FEE” on my account. I was told over the phone that this is standard, even though I had an account with them for 10 yrs and paid them many tens of thousands of dollars in account fees and commissions. I just called the bank manager and she said this time she is going to fhelp me file charges with the authorities claiming it’s a fraudulent transaction and also recommended that I see if there are any pending or potential class actions that I can get involved in.

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