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Ironwood Payments ( is a recently created merchant account provider that appears to be a new entity created by, or at least closely connected to, the founders of ElitePay Global and the executive team behind One For Merchants. We have obtained irrefutable evidence that Ironwood Payments and ElitePay Global are essentially operating as one and the same. Regardless of whether or not they may have established themselves as separate legal entities, they appear to share employees, facilities, and marketing materials. We are withholding some of the evidence that we have obtained at this time due to pending litigation.

Given the fact that ElitePay Global’s website is now inactive, it is possible that ElitePay Global’s executive ownership may be looking to transition to a new brand name. In our view, Ironwood’s existing ties to ElitePay Global make it a strong candidate for this transition. Ironwood may also operate under the name of “Ironwood Financial.” The limited information that is currently available about Ironwood Payments suggests that it primarily sells its products via telephone calls and preset appointments for independent sales agents.

The relationship between ElitePay Global and Ironwood Payments is supported by at least the following information:

  • As of this review’s previous update, ElitePay Global and Ironwood Payments both displayed the following identical copy on the “About Us” pages on their websites:

    (Company Name) is a very forward minded company which is and always will be ahead of the curve in innovation and technology.

    Customer service is one of our highest priorities. We would not be able to continue to be so successful without our loyal customers. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to assist so many businesses in reducing their overall costs of doing business and allow them to be more successful as well.

  • A number of LinkedIn profiles list both ElitePay Global and Ironwood Payments as a recent or current employer, including profiles for Clarissa Snyder (“Company Website” links to ElitePay Global’s website), Jennifer Markin, and Rob Camarata. Jarrod Boshell’s Indeed resume lists him as a national sales manager at ElitePay Global, but his LinkedIn profile lists him as a national sales manager at Ironwood Payments.
  • In August and September of 2015, a large number of job listings went up on ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn for sales positions at Ironwood Payments. These job listings either displayed branding from both Ironwood Payments and ElitePay Global, or they mentioned both ElitePay Global and Ironwood Payments as though they were interchangeable. An example from ZipRecruiter can be seen here, and an example from Indeed can be seen here.
  • On October 14, 2016, International Payment Services (the parent company of ElitePay Global) filed a complaint against Ironwood Payments in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. The complaint states that, following the sale of substantially all of International Payment Services’s assets to Ironwood in July 2015, Ironwood was to pay International Payment Services an initial closing payment followed by two later payments contingent upon the continued successful operation of the business. According to the complaint, Ironwood refused to make the second contingent payment of approximately $4 million in September 2016. More pertinent to this review, however, is the fact that the complaint also states that “until recently the parties enjoyed a positive and cooperative working relationship. For example, Ironwood retained two of IPS’s principals as employees and consultants following the [purchase agreement]. Although it limited their operational role, until early 2016 it regularly provided them with updates and sought their input on various issues, and the parties worked well together.” The complaint goes on to say that “In March 2016, around the time it ceased regularly communicating with IPS, Ironwood abruptly stopped providing customer service on the entire portfolio of accounts it had agreed to service until May 2016, including its own accounts.” In our opinion, the information contained in this complaint confirms ongoing collaboration between the principals of ElitePay Global and the owners of Ironwood until at least early 2016 and indicates that a financial relationship persisted between the two companies after the initial sale of assets in July 2015. It also reveals that Ironwood simply stopped providing customer service to a portion of its portfolio in March 2016, which is now reflected in its overall rating in this review.

In July 2016, a class action lawsuit was filed in the state of Illinois on behalf of California business owners against Ironwood Financial and Vantiv. The lawsuit claims that Ironwood sales representatives recorded sales calls regarding sensitive financial information without merchants’ permission. According to the October action brought against Ironwood by International Payment Services, this complaint was voluntarily dismissed in early September and not refiled.

However, in December 2016, another class action lawsuit was filed against Ironwood Financial in Illinois Northern District Court. Like the previous lawsuit, this complaint accuses Ironwood of secretly recording phone calls in which merchants disclosed sensitive financial information, and it also names Andy Bentley, Brian Bentley, Adam Bentley, Fifth Third Bank, First Data, Vantiv, Wells Fargo, and International Payment Services as defendants. The plaintiffs are seeking $5,000 per violation plus attorney fees. The lawsuit’s case number is 1:16-cv-11223, and it can also be found under searches for “Wang et al v. Wells Fargo, NA et al.”

Ironwood Financial, LLC, is registered in Illinois and in Mississippi, with its active name in Illinois listed as Ironwood Payments. The principal office listed for Ironwood Financial in the Illinois business registry is located at 525 West 465 North, #130, Providence, Utah 84332, which appears to be the address of the ElitePay Global office mentioned in this recent news article. Ironwood Financial’s registering agent, Incorp Services Inc., appears to be headquartered at 2360 Corporate Circle, Suite 400, Henderson, Nevada 89074-7739, while ElitePay Global is headquartered at 2850 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Ste 200, Henderson, Nevada 89052-4395. The Ironwood Payments website states that the company is headquartered at 2150 South 1300 East, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106.

Where to File Complaints

If you believe that you have been a victim of “bait-and-switch” rate quotes, nondisclosure of fees, unlawful contract alteration, unauthorized debits, or predatory sales tactics at the hands of Ironwood Payments or one of its business partners, you may be able to obtain some relief by engaging in the following actions:

  • Leave a detailed comment describing your experience in the comment section below this review. Be specific, provide as much factual information as you can, and, if possible, publicly authenticate your comment by including a link to your business’s website. This review and its comment section will contain the most current information regarding Ironwood Payments’ sales practices and merchant complaint record.
  • File a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General, Mississippi Attorney General, and the Utah Attorney General.
  • File a complaint with your state’s attorney general (directory available here).
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.
  • If you believe your agent knowingly defrauded you, consider filing a police report and a lawsuit against him/her in small claims court for your losses.
  • File a complaint with Ironwood Payments’ Processor:
  • File a complaint with the District Attorney of your county.
  • File a complaint with Ironwood Payments’ acquiring bank, which will be named in your contract..

For other solutions, see our article on How to Report Bad Credit Card Processors.

Ironwood Payments Products and Services

  • Countertop terminals
  • Point-of-sale systems
  • Mobile payments
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Tablets and tablet-based POS systems


  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • E-commerce

Sales & Marketing

Key Points - Sales & Marketing

Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

Like ElitePay Global, Ironwood Payments appears to employ a large team of independently contracted sales agents and telephone appointment setters. We have found numerous Ironwood Payments complaints from merchants who describe misrepresentation of rates and nondisclosure of leasing terms through Northern Leasing Systems. One former sales representative of the company posted the following in the comment section below:

Their training of new hires was decent and they did hammer to be ethical and up front with merchants the first day of training. However, by day two, trainees were being told to merely gloss over contracts with potential customers, don’t get into contract details with the client and never contact the client after the sale. This put up a few flags for me, but I decided to press on.


The final straw was when a general manager told a collection of sales people come out of a sales pitch with a deal or come out in hand cuffs!!


When potential customers raise questions about Ironwood vs. Elite, sales reps are encouraged to either deflect the issue or say hey, we may have over 100 complaints, but we have thousands of satisfied customers. Of course, when asked for references to back that claim up, we’re left staring at the floor.

Ironwood Payments appears to be teaching its sales agents to use the same sales pitch that ElitePay Global was known for, in which a sales agent promises merchants that they will pay 0% on PIN debit transactions, 1% on qualified credit card transactions, and 2.99% on non-qualified credit card transactions. However, most merchants report that very few (if any) transactions actually qualify for 0% or 1% fees, and that the 2.99% non-qualified fee is actually a downgrade fee that is added to a 1% mid-qualified fee and the original qualified fee for a total of 4.99% on most transactions. As a condition of receiving this rate structure, agents often require that merchants sign a long-term equipment lease, which means that merchants are trapped in a four-year agreement with rates much higher than they were anticipating. These factors warrant an “F” rating in our opinion.


Costs & Contract

Key Points - Costs & Contract

Swiped Rate 1% (Credit) / 0% (PIN Debit)
Keyed-in Rate 2.99%
Early Termination Fee Variable
PCI Compliance Fee Variable
Equipment Lease Terms 48 Months, Non-Cancellable

The standard Ironwood Payments contract appears to be nearly identical to the standard ElitePay Global contract, which is a three-year agreement through either First Data or Vantiv with automatic renewal, tiered pricing, and variable monthly minimum fees, PCI compliance fees, and early termination fees. As mentioned above, it is very common for merchants to report that they were also signed into four-year equipment through Northern Leasing by Ironwood sales agents. Given the reports of higher-than-expected rates, expensive monthly and cancellation fees, and long-term equipment leases, we have assigned Ironwood Payments the same “F” grade that ElitePay Global received. If you have any specific knowledge of the standard Ironwood Payments contract, please share that information in the comment section below this review.


Complaints & Service

Key Points - Complaints & Service

Total Online Complaints 45+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Equipment Lease

We are currently able to locate over 45 negative Ironwood Payments reviews, many of which also mention ElitePay Global and its employees. Merchants cite expensive contract terms, misrepresentation of rates, long-term equipment leases, and nonexistent customer support as their main issues, while current and former employees describe an unprofessional work environment that improperly trains its agents and does not pay what it originally claims. Multiple sales agents have stated that sales agents are encouraged to cut off all contact with merchants after making the sale and leave all customer support to the support department. We can see no reason for this policy except to isolate agents from trying to assist their dissatisfied merchants. The company’s complaint total is very high for the amount of time that Ironwood Payments has been in business, and the content of the complaints has lowered the company’s score to an “F.”



Key Points - BBB

Product & Service Complaints 23
Billing & Collection Complaints 5
Advertising & Sales Complaints 1
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 1
Delivery Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Ironwood Payments currently has an “A-” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 30 complaints since the company’s profile was opened in September 2015. Twenty-three complaints have been filed in relation to product or service issues, five have to do with billing or collection disputes, one is related to an advertising or sales problem, and one has to do with a guarantee or warranty issue. Ironwood Payments has successfully resolved nine of the total complaints, while the remaining 21 either were resolved to the merchant’s dissatisfaction or did not receive a final response from the merchant. Given Ironwood’s affiliation with ElitePay Global and the fact that the company has amassed 30 complaints in under a year, we have adjusted the BBB‘s rating to a “D.”

Ironwood Payments Logo

Ironwood Payments Bottom Line

We have assigned Ironwood Payments an “F” rating at this time due to its close ties to ElitePay Global, which appear to include shared employees, assets, and facilities.

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75 Reviews Leave Your Review Below

  1. I signed up with Ironwood and they did nothing good. After several failed attempts to get adequate customer service and managers involved I called my attorney. Ironwood took me only for $800 and a $1200 attorney fee along with hours on the phone and frustration. DON’T use them they are unethical and liars!
    I will research more before I ever make a move from my current processor.

    Ironwood Payments Response:
    “Thank you for your feedback. We would like to be of assistance to you and help you resolve your issue. We would encourage you to call the Ironwood Customer Service Department at 844-449-7687 and ask to speak with a manager. We look forward to helping you.”

    Ironwood attempted to resolve the complaint above but the merchant declined to participate.

  2. My son and I were wooed in to Ironwood’s great deal. At the same time they set us up with the POS. The POS comes with an IPad, cash drawer pin pad and receipt machine. The POS Is provided by Northern Leasing Systems. We were naive and agreed to pay $200/mo to get the great offer from Ironwood. What they didn’t tell us was that the software provided by Vantiv/Shopkeep can not figure out how to put a debit button with a usable keypad on the system. This means that the 0% debit card transactions never happen as stated in the contract, I truly regret that we ever encountered Ironwood. The clincher is that we can not get out of the $8000 lease! We could have bought this same set up for $800!! I could go on, but you get the idea.

  3. Started service with this company 4/2016, it was suppose to be a no contract agreement and we were buying into a “pool” to get the best rates, Long story short the “pool” is a lease contract for 48 months for the terminal that you cannot cancel with Northern Leasing! and if you read the entire contract they put the term of the contract under other occurances! and the termination fees under check acceptance agreement (of which we do not accept checks)/ I am so tired of crooked processors! I am not paying less in processing I’m actually paying almost double! I’m an auto mechanic not a lawyer! For me to read the fine print & understand it would be like you reading an ECU wiring diagram and understand it!

  4. Federal class action lawsuit filed against Ironwood Financial d/b/a Ironwood Payments, on behalf of plaintiffs in the state of California who were illegally contacted by Ironwood on behalf of Fifth Third Bank and Vantiv Corporation with their phone calls recorded without the knowledge and consent of the business owners being called, in violation of California State Law.

    Ironwood conspired with Fifth Third Bank and Vantiv Corporation to record these phone calls, and kept said calls without the business owner’s knowledge.

    The owners of Ironwood Financial d/b/a Ironwood Payments, John Lewis and Dewitt ‘Dee’ Lovelace, have had prior legal troubles conducting similar illegal activity, settling an FTC lawsuit in 2012 for over $700,000 for a different company they operated for violating telephone communication laws.

    The case can be found at the US District Court, Northern District of Illinois, case 1:2016cv08531

    1. This is far from over. There are other states that have similar laws and these guys violated those recording laws also.

      Businesses in several other states are being contacted to launch additional class actions against them. I hear the FTC has been contacted and are also looking into Ironwood.

    2. i have been contacted by a law firm in chicago about a class action for this very same thing but i live in florida they have a few people in florida who are going to launch a florida class action against these scammers. they have a whistleblower who is helping the ftc go after ironwood and their owners you would think they would pay to shut this guy up but thank god they didn’t because he is going to help all of us who were screwed over by these scammers i bought from them when they were global elite and they locked me into a lease that i cant get out of now. total scam. i never knew i was bing recorded when they called me. looking forward to having my day in court against these bums

  5. The agent that wrote the company is making some good changes had to be asked to do so by someone at Ironwood. I would believe this if agents of Ironwood were to never to go to this website. Their reasoning is the more hits on the page the higher it will remain on the Google search. Instead of giving merchants the rates they were told, or handling client complaints the owners have decided to spend money by retaining a firm to push this web page lower on Google’s search page. Just push it down the page hopefully merchants won’t see it that way. I was hired by ElitePay Global, and about two or three weeks later the company suddenly changed names to Ironwood Payments. If we mentioned ElitePay Global we were reprimanded, and it was as if we were suppose to act like it never changed or we had no idea about the company that hired us. We didn’t know if it was just a name existed or if the company was purchased. I know now the company was purchased and the name was changed because of that. Other then the ownership and the name change nothing else changed in what was offered to merchants. The company appears to be in complete disoray with absolutely no identity. The positive changes a agent said were happening is ever changing and are just different gimmicks to get merchants to suckered in to process with them. The rates and the program is exactly the same. No one knows if agents are currently working there still or not. My manager who I thought I was close too has only called me one time since the company quit setting appointments. He asked if I had any deals I wanted to put in because hardly any are being put in. I took the job because they offered travel, but after appointments stopped the travel stopped as well. Over night we were told there are no more appointments, and no more travel now let’s go write some deals! Good luck! There has been a lot of changes in the company none of which seem positive. This is why I felt the need to reply to the agent that said they were making some positive changes. The companies statement seems to be with every new change “We are cleaning up the company, and this will be the reason merchants will sign to process with us. There are new gimmicks that almost any merchant can see through. The biggest scam with Ironwood is the rates. Agents are told to show potential merchant one rate and they end up getting completely different rates. None of the managers, or agents actually have control of the rates that merchants are given. The savings analysis that we do as a rate comparrison with you against your current processor is not even close to accurate. As far as how much change has happened in the last three months alone. The company has fired or they haven chosen to move on is both call centers one in Salt Lake City, and the other in Chicago, the General Manager, both General Sales Managers, 7-9 of the top managers, and countless agents. The few remaining agents that decided to take this ride with the company have been bounced around from manager to manager like trading cards. In hopes that a manager can get abagent to be able to work together to trick a potential merchant to process with us. I rarely hear of agents closing many deals anymore it is always announced on required Sunday calls. I don’t know who replaced the former GM or if there is a current GM if there is one he/she stays in the background. No GM means any issues that come there is no one to turn too. Both of the previous General Sales Managers have been replaced with managers that were under them, and are a couple of 50 something year old ladies. Don’t quote me on that I believe they are both woman but not positive. I never really talked to one of them. Kim Hightower who is my managers GSM and I have had the “honor” to work with for a couple days does not have any ability to give direction or help. Asking her for either one is something few humans would choose to do more then once. She now conducts a lot of the conference calls that we are required to be on. All of the calls are almost exactly the same with her telling everyone how great she was in the field and as a manager. Followed up by her acting like a cheerleader with nothing to say. It is obvious that her entitlement is off the charts. She speaks about her precious job at Bed Bath and Beyond or somewhere like that as if she was the one who founded the store note a retail employee of theirs. She apparently worked there just a year and a half ago. The same job your 16 year old kid has and does not express how great they are doing at it. I know that she did have success at Ironwood though. The previous GSM she replaced she was a agent and manager under him. He would bring her successes up on almost all the required conference calls he would conduct as GSM. As the leader of the “team” now it appears she has either forgotten or can not explain our program to anyone intelligently, or how she could close deals in the past. The company was never a great company to work for but at least they were consistent. If this company is more than willing to change everything the agents, their employees signed up for such as the travel, appointments, pay structure, and all over nigh. Can you just imagine what they are willing to change if you are a merchant of theirs.

    1. The reason Kimberly Hightower was able to sell any deals previously was because of her manager Blake Heugel. She put him on the phone and he sold the deals for her. They would lie through their teeth to merchants to get them to sign up. Just about every deal she sold wanted to cancel and had issues. That is why she is worthless now because she does not know anything and is clueless about everything. Making her a GSM was another dumb mistake by the owners.

  6. I have to say, I am actually seeing this company being cleaned up. When I joined I heard plenty of stories about the previous owner and his unethical behavior. Reminded me of “wolfs on wall street”. But I am witnessing some changes occur in this company that are actually very good. As a sales rep in this industry, a lot of the merchant industry is complete trash and out to rip people off. I have to say so far, I am seeing some active changes to the way we sell, what we sell, and how we build a continued relationship with the merchant. I’m not including my name on this review because I’m not sure we’re allowed to comment on these things or not. And that’s why I’m not going into the specifics of what is changing. I believe the company will roll those changes out to the public soon enough. However if the owner of the site wants to verify I am a sales rep for them and not someone writing some fake testimonial he has my email and I will be more than happy to prove it to him. I will continue to update periodically and would definately say if I saw anything sketchy. I hope this company will get a chance because it seems like the new owners are very serious about cleaning it up.

    1. You must be new to the company, because the owners always tell agents and managers that they are making changes in hopes to keep them around a bit longer. I hate to inform you though the “changes” that they are speaking of never actually materialize. The owner via the managers have asked all agents to start a Linked in page where they will dictate to you what your job description is, so that when anyone looks up Ironwood it will make it looks as if you care about your job and the merchant. I am sorry someone else dictating to me my job description on my linked in page you’re asking me to create and I don’t even have a salary is shady. As a long time employee, and current one (now on my way out because I am tired of unfulfilled promises) I can assure you they do nothing to ever help the merchant, or agents. The rates still are not even close to what they show you in fact much of the time they are double what you see. As well Ironwood will never pay off a early termination fee or any type of termination fee for a previous processors and for sure never a lease NO MATTER WHAT THE AGENT OR MANAGEF SAYS. The fun fact about this is if you do ask for it to be paid it does get deducted out of the agents and managers commission, but the company just keeps it. They have to appear to the agent they are actually doing it. Agents will say they are there to present and it doesn’t matter if you sign up or not because they get paid either way. This is not true either. This doesn’t happen as much anymore because there are no more preset appointments. For the agent to get paid they have sign you up. Actually for them to make a dollar they have to sign you up this is a 1099 sales position, and are willing to say or do anything to do so. The leases that they use to put the merchants in are not as high as they use to be (not by Ironwoods choosing) but since that is the only way we actually made money there is no money to be made anymore. The retention of employees at Ironwood is next to nothing for agents abd managers. The agents get tired of merchants calling them freaking out about how high their statement is and all agents eventually quit because of that. Along with there not being really any benefit for the merchant to be happy to the agent. Once you install your equipment the agent is paid it doesn’t matter to us if you stay with Ironwood or go to another processor. Ironwood was able to keep agents getting yelled at by merchants some wheb there were appointments being set. Now that they can no longer afford it or for whatever reason they decided not to do this anynore. Merchants now will want the agents cell number because all deals are now self generated deal. Agents, managers, merchants, or potential merchants of Ironwood here is the truth.
      To the agents, there is no benefit for a agent to work at Ironwood at this point. The rates are some of the highest in the industry, they end up making a liar of you because of this, there are no more appointments, the compensation is the worst in the industry. Any merchant processing company will hire you within 24 hours of applying for the position (I just found this out because I applied for 6 different sales positions with different processing companies, and all of them tried to hire me,) so you should go apply anywhere else. I start Monday by the way, so if you don’t see anymore deals from me that is why.
      To the merchants and potential merchants. The percent of merchants that Ironwood retains within a year of them signing the contract is less then 30%. Just think about that 70% quit processing with Ironwood after a year of signing the contract. The other 30% are threatned to have to keep processing or they will end up in litigation (over merchant processing how pathetic) or have to pay exorbitant early termination fees to stop.
      Make absolutely no mistake about this the agents and (the managers as well) are trained not in merchant processing, because in fact until merchants actually get their statements we actually believe the rates we present to be true. We are trained in how to manipulate and trick a merchant. If your agent is calling their manager to ask for a favor to try and get you a wholesale rate as a favor, because you for some reason don’t exactly qualify for it. You might as well start to laugh. This is the same “game” we play with every single merchant to make them think they are getting a special deal and need to sign up right away. Everyone gets the same terrible rates no matter if you have been in business for a year or 20, or if you process 100/month or 1,000,000/month. Do not get mad at your agent for doing this please. We are just trying to make a living. The agent probably doesnt know any better about the rates anyways (they are probably new.). We as sales agents signed up for a sales job, and ended up getting a acting job instead. Everyone’s rates are the same and they are dispicable.
      It doesn’t matter what the name of the company currently is ElitePay Global or now Ironwood do not let the new owners fool you it’s the same company, and the same scam as before.
      Sorry for busting your bubble.

    2. It is very interesting to see these I am a Sales Rep postings for this company, and to support and defend this company. Notice how, once again as someone else pointed out on this thread, there is no name for this person. The only thing this company continues to do is HIDE.

      My name is Joaquin Gonzalez, and I own two tattoo parlors in and around LA. I just gave you my name.

      Notice how anyone responding for the company is going to give you THEIR name – and the reason is simple – they are trying to hide.

      And you cannot blame them – they don’t want their name out on this site because then everyone will know they work for these thieves. I say thieves because that is what they are.

      The fact the guy(s) who own this site know your email address is not relevant. If you are truly a representative of the company, then have some balls, be an adult and tell us who you are. Then, we can either listen to you and give you a chance to defend the company, or hold you accountable for your BS.

      I believe the testimonial is fake – because you offered in your testimonial that it isn’t fake. You volunteered you were innocent before anyone accused you of being guilty; only guilty people do that.

      I’ve shared my name (if you are in LA, I can hook you up and sleeve you out very nice). I am prepared to defend myself like a man.

      Anyone from this company willing to do the same? Of course not.

  7. This is another example of a company that is here today, gone tomorrow, and only out for the quick buck. The owners have their hands in multiple payment processing companies, shifting from one company to another to avoid being sued.

    They can’t run much longer.

    They treat their employees and contractors like garbage. It isn’t easy to run a direct sales organization in the payment processing industry, but what makes it even harder is when you treat those who are doing all the heavy lifting for you like they are cattle.

    This company had some very talented and motivated people on their team, and the majority of them really had the best interests of the customer in mind. But you would never know it, because after the sale, the company took over and that’s when the merchant really got the whammy.

    Notice how on their website there isn’t a single indicator of who runs the company – no names of the owners, the management team, anything. Their address is a mail drop, they won’t even tell you the actual location of where they are. The phone number is a toll free line that you have to pull teeth just to get them to tell you that, yes, they are Ironwood Payments. These are classic signs of a company run by someone (or multiple someones) who are trying to hide – and the only reason they would hide is so the customers they mislead cannot easily go after them.

    Meanwhile, when you visit the websites of other companies, there is the owner (even sometimes with a video message!) and pictures of their team (or at least names). Honest companies tell you who you are buying from.

    But with Ironwood, you have to be Indiana Jones to dig up who owns it. That is a common sense red flag.

    How a company treats it’s own people is a very good indicator of how they are going to treat those who do business with them. As you read the reviews on this page about how employees and contractors were treated by this company, imagine how they are going to treat someone who buys from them.

    Caveat Emptor

  8. I was misled by sales representative of Ironwood Payments, name Courtney Fightmaster. I was misrepresentation of rates and nondisclosure of leasing terms through Northern Leasing Systems. She promised me that I could save money on credit card processing fees by switching to her merchant service company, Ironwood payment. She compared the number of processing fees and the cost of the leasing equipment combined will less than I usually paid about $200-300 a month. She promised me that they offered the “whole sale rate for a small business owner like me which I will pay 0% on PIN debit transactions, 1% on credit card transactions. The Ironwood Payments also will pay for buyout my old equipment since I still under the contract with my old processing company.
    I informed her that I want to retire soon by planning to sell my business or just quit after 17 years in business. I asked her about the cancellation option because I do not want to be bound with another leasing equipment contract. She said that I can terminate their services and leasing agreement anytime without any early cancellation fees and we do not bind to the contracts.
    Courtney Fightmaster promised me that she will handle the cancellation process which my previous processing company which was Bank of America but she has not done anything. Once I give the letter to show how much I owe from my previous Data processing company about early termination fee and amount to pay off for leasing equipment. Ironwood Payments will pay for early termination fees and pay off the leasing equipment. Ironwood Payments will provide free gift cards to use in our business which it has never happened.
    There are only 3 reasons that make me decided to switch to Ironwood Payments based on Courtney Fightmaster’s offered which included saving money, no binding to any contracts either the leasing equipment or credit card processing company and be able to use the new update equipments(EMV). Courtney Fightmaster asked me to sign electronically on her iPad and promised to give me a hard copy of the detailed contract but she never did. I got both the credit card and Pinpad (debit card) machines two days later. I set up the equipments myself. The customer support did not give me much instruction at all just told me that “Just plugged it in”. I got the credit card machine to work, but not with the Pinpad machine. I did get the replacement Pinpad machine and the same problem happened again without any help from customer support, the Pinpad machine was still not working. We were not satisfied with the way they talked to us, with the rudeness and unwilling to help us. So I decided to remove and cancell the Debit card (Pinpad) service and returned them both Pinpad machines.
    I have never gotten any copy of detailed contract from Ironwood Payments company, except the leasing contract from Northern leasing company, that have copy of my signature agreed with 4 years contract , non cancelation, with “personal guarantee”. There are 3 pages of detailed contract which I never have any chance to read them through before I signed. Courtney told me that the total cost of leasing equipment rental will be $180.00 a month which it actually costs $200 a month.
    The last fine print section on the lease equipment contract said, “You may negotiate certain terms and conditions of this lease with us, you are not required to accept the terms and conditions as they currently appear in this lease. If you wish to exercise this option, you must notify us in writing via certified mail within 7 days of the date you sign this lease.” However, this is impossible for me to have any chance to exercise this option, because I signed electronically contract on her iPad on 5/3/16, received the equipment on the 5/5/16, and started to use the machine on Saturday, 5/7/16. The leasing contract letter was sent out from their company on 5/10/16 so it came to me sometimes after 5/10/16. I also mentioned to Courtney that my family had already planned to close the business for 17 days for family’s vacation from 5/10-5/27/16.
    Right after I came back from my vacation, I have tried to contact her multiple times via phone calls, text messages and emails. The Ironwood Payments still not pay for the buyout of my previous leased equipment which costs $463.16. I send her a copy of the letter, and she eventually responded back and said that, she got it and will take care of it. She never did. She texted me back and said that she got into a very bad accident and she will forward my case to her boss, and he will call me and take care everything, gave me his name, phone number, and email. Still nothing happened his name is Chris Ligan, he never call me, never pick up phones or respond any messages. Later she told me that he had just left the company, and now she is with the new boss. Until now they have not paid the buyout amount, and never respond anything back to me. I do not save any money and end up paid the fees even at higher rate, plus I have to pay about $200 more each month for leasing equipment. I experienced very bad customer supports or services. I did not get any free gift cards from them as she promised. I have never received any credit card processing statements that itemized breakdown their fees for both months.

  9. I was approached by Coutney Fightmaster on March 17, 2016 at my restaurant business. I always been approached by different companies offering their services but I listened to her sales pitch. She was offering a terminal that you can go up to tables and have customers sign on the spot and that were supporting the chip integration. Then she proceeded to tell me how they have flat rates for the credit card processing fees and proceeded to compare my current credit card processor and her prices. Her claim after she did calculations was that I would be paying about $1000 less that my current processor. I thought it would be a good deal since a lot of my transactions are credit cards so I went ahead and gave her my information and I asked her if I wasn’t happy with it after a month I could cancel and she said yes. She made a mistake in the application since she used my middle name instead of my first name so she had me sign another contract which I thought was the same. A couple of days later I received the equipment and then I received a letter on the mail saying that my contract was non-cancellable. My heart sank and I immediately thought I had made a HUGE mistake. I immediately called her and got no response, I called customer service and they told me I was basically stuck because I should have read the contract since it clearly said it was non cancelable. I then thought about the second contract she sent me that I thought it was to correct my name issue. The lady over the phone was super rude to me and told that there is no way out of this. Then I proceeded to sent Courtney some texts asking her what was going on and how come no one had told me or called me on what to do next. I got no response from her so I called customer service again. They told me that everything was fine but by that time I had already gotten two charges for the rentals of two terminals which are chip integrated but are hard to use. I told them I needed to integrate them to my POS to which they responded they had been trying to get in contact with. After I called Squirrel Systems which is the company that runs my POS they told me that they hadn’t gotten a call from them. So they have me bouncing around from person to person, and Courtney finally calls back and says she’s been out sick. I tell her that I want out and she tells me she is going to make it work and get everything fixed, that my POS is the one not cooperating. After several email and calls and texts, and six weeks after they change my POS system but the chip machines are still not compatible with it so it means that I got them for nothing. There is no way that I can reconcile my payments with the POS and the card machine so i’m basically stuck with two useless machines. Even the people that work at Squirrel systems say it can’t be done. My POS has their credit card that cost me over $300 a month. My POS is integrated with their software but are still not chip compliant. I wait to see how much my charge is going to be and to my surprise it is over $5000. which is $2000 over what I was paying before. I am extremely unhappy with their customer service and the way they have handled the whole process. I feel like a complete idiot for even giving them the time of day to hear their sales pitch. I believe they are taking advantage of small businesses and they should not be allowed to do business. I have tried to talk to Chris Ligan a supervisor, but he never responds to my voicemails or emails. They are a horrible company and I have constant anxiety for getting suckered into anything with them.

  10. Ironwood apparently is now taking action to close it’s sales operations – not really, but in a way that people think they are so they can hide assets; the owners John and Dee are trying to hide their money (like most people crooks tend to do) by telling people they are ‘going in a different direction’, which is latin for ‘we know we are about to be sued and are trying to hide our money so we can keep it’. Guess what – here in CA, where class actions are already getting underway against them, both John and Dee are in for a very rude awakening.

  11. Here is an interesting fact that many business owners reading this page may be interested to know: John Lewis, who is one of the co-owners of Ironwood Payments (aka Ironwood Financial) was sued by the Federal Trade Commission for deceiving consumers nationwide through their illegal methods of collecting bad/bounced checks (this was not as Ironwood – it was one of his other companies, Security Credit Services LLC).

    Here is the link to see the FTC press release of the settlement paid by Security Credit Services LLC (aka John Lewis, Ironwood Payments co-owner):

    Just because John Lewis was accused of some nefarious business practices by the FTC a few years ago does not mean by default that Ironwood is doing something similar. However, since there is zero mention of this man (or any names of the other owner or any of the management, for that fact) anywhere on their website, it can only be assumed he is attempting to hide the fact he owns Ironwood Payments. Why would he do this? You decide.

    1. The owners are John Lewis and Dee Lovelace; they own multiple companies (Security Holdings LLC, Security Card Services LLC, Security Check LLC – that was the one that got blasted by the FTC); Dee works at Tranzlogic as well as their CFO (might not be there anymore, not sure). I strongly recommend anyone who has claims against Ironwood to contact their state attorney general’s offices, and the FTC.

  12. I am a former employee of Elite Pay Global and Ironwood Payments. This company is a compete scam. From aspect of it operations. They sign people up for what they called tier 1 processing giving you a flat fixed rate on all cards around the board not informing employees on the hidden fees and unbreakable unjust 4 year contract. They will give you a flat payment on a monthly bases which they say is for machine rental. The way that they get you is that they send you multiple machines and charge you that monthly fee for all machines. Example they give you a monthly fee of $200.00. They will sign you up for 2 machines even though you only requested one and charge you for both systems monthly totaling $400.00. And hold the fine print in the contract against you stating you’ve signed this and are respondsible for the fees or you will go to the companies collections and they receive a settlement for breech of contract. It is impossible to read all of the information in the contract everything is done on a Ipad thus leaving with no hard paperwork for review. They inform there call center to state that they are corporate processors and that they are performing audits thus giving business owners the impression that they are link to their current company to get their foot in the door. I approached the company about there bad business tactics and they seemed uncomfortable about answering my questions. I worked for this company for 3 years and was terminated the next day for being a bad fit after the committed time and dedication I provided. This company is being operated by drug addicts and felons they switch ownership in October 2015 from Elite Pay Global to Ironwood Payments. The only thing that changed was the company name operations remained the same. The actual address is 200 South 57 West Suite 200 Salt Lake City, Ut 84102 and Contact to direct management is(801)639-0205 or (801)639-0206 The secretary for the companies name is Gregg Saibara he is a registered sex offender in the state of Utah who is left unattended with the call center manager Alicia Hall’s 2 year old child on a daily basis. Employees were threat their jobs if we were to speak of his past (google the name) We were in a situation and position of being involved with a dishonest company with business practices that are down right SCAM!!! The Utah office has recently had a walk out thus causing the company to lose 90% of employees. They also have a Chicago office open as well which is operating the Setting appointments. There is a Class Action Lawsuit in the process me and several employees would be more then happy to provide document, statements, or any other information necessary what this company does to small business owners is down right wrong and if legally investigated discoveries would be found of corruption within emails and contracts and shipments please leave emails if you would like for me to provided hard information proving my facts ……

  13. This company is the absolute worst, dishonest and downright evil group of people I have ever dealt with…

    They called me multiple times asking to come in, promising they could save me money. I told them I was under contract and they said that was not a problem, they would buy it out.

    I reluctantly agreed to an appointment, the agent came in and told me he could save me over $500 a month in banking fees and they would buy out my current contract. A month after I signed up, I am still getting charges from my other processor, they said no one has bought out my contract and I am still under contract. Not only that, by my new cost are 20% higher than my old processor. I have called multiple times asking to cancel my contract but I was told that can not happen, and if I don’t pay they will send me to legal…

    I am calling the AG for Utah and Mississippi to file a complaint. Run, don’t walk from anything related to Ironwood. They are crooks with no integrity or honor…

  14. Same here salesmen from ironwood told me 1% charge per transection it’s never happened.Its been 3 months I been fighting with them nothing has change. It’s worst then I had before. Ironwood charging me almost 3% pulse equipment lease fee every month. I never recommend anybody this company. Worst company. You never able to get customer service, it’s long holding time.

  15. Ironwood sales person promised that we would be saving money with their processing service. When I signed up and received my terminal not only it didn’t work but it needed to be reprogrammed. I spent hours on the phone trying to get the terminal programmed. The salesmen explained to me that it would come ready to use. Months go by and I notice that when I select debit with an emv chip card it converts the purchase to credit. Having signed up for low processing rates for debit I have been trying to take mostly debit cards. The transaction goes through as credit even when selecting debit. I have been getting billed for months on credit card transactions only. I called customer service 5 times and either got placed on hold or had to leave a message to never have my call returned. Once I got the direct line with technical support they explained to me that the company that I process through has set up the terminal to convert all emv chips with higher amounts. Typical bait and switch from a less than upstanding company. I should have known that since they are actually Vantiv. If you have this service call and tell them to do the partial download to take the debit cards asap. I have an ingenico ict250 terninal. UPDATE: JUST RAN THE FIRST DEBIT AFTER THE UPDATE AND IT IS STILL CONVERTING ALL EMV CARDS TO CREDIT. I’M NOT HAPPY.

    1. I’m approached by an ironwood representative offering a very low rate, which is hard to believe. The rate they offered, if it’s true, is hard to refuse. Even if it’s in your case when emv debit were converted to credit, the rate is still good. My concerns are whether they actually charge as the way they promised, how they can do business with charges lower than interchange plus that of course is the most transparent way, and will the rate change later on. The complaints here strengthened my concerns.

  16. Ironwood Payments sales person Edison #T1162R000 pulled a classic bait and switch on our small business. In January 2016 we were told by switching to Ironwood that they would pay the remaining lease from our last CC leasing company First Data. At the time $2100 was owed. It is now May and the amount is now down to $1600. After filing a formal complaint against their employee, 10 documented phone calls and numerous e-mails and faxes, Ironwood agreed to pay $500 of the remaining balance. Their customer service is about the worst in the business. After every call they promise a response within 48 hours and that is never followed through with. No supervisor contact info is given out including e-mails, so you continually deal with the same customer service person-who’s name was listed in an above complaint. I have filed a complaint with the Utah State Attorney and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau as well.

  17. I also have a bad experience from misleading by the sale rep who try to set up the account. So far I only use the card machine for two week, so I’m still don’t know about the rate, but I am totally not satisfied with their service at all. First they try to get me out from a first data since I am been using the clover pos for almost a years, and I have some money that I own for that machine. The sale rep come up with a word that ironwood company will take care of it. Yesterday, I got a call from my merchant that I need to pay the money that I own, but remember the sale rep said their com will take care of it. Then she said she is going to talk will her boss. I wait for almost a whole day, then I text her back at 5pm first text is 10am. You can see have fast they work. Be aware of the fast working of this company. Then at 5pm she ask me to call customer service. I’m so mad because how could the coustomer service will help about what we deal. It does not make sense at all. Finally she call me back around 7pm and said she and her boss will take care of it first thing on next Monday. I still have to see if she can keep her word.

    And even that they do offer a shopkeep Pos, and she said it was even better software. I wait for shopkeep for almost 3week to get it. What I find out is shopkeep is not suitable for a full service restaurant.

    Restaurant owner business must be aware. It don’t have a table lay out and the software is not quite easy to set up a menu. And at the beginning the sale rep said they will set up all the menu, but it end up that I have to do set up menu myself.

    I am still waiting for them to figure this out if they can find another pos system for me, or I will return every single piece of them. And I don’t care if I have to go to court because I got mislead and I’m not satisfied with their slow and careless service at all.

    Stay away with this company. Use your local who have a sale rep that can help you by the way. Not a phone helping and throwing you around like stupid.


  18. My Wife and i own a store in Marion Iowa. and the salesman for this company Ironwood out and out right LIED about every aspect of this company,
    from hidden fees and service charges and processing fees that were NOT disclosed. and when we tried to cancel they stopped delivery of the equipment but a month after the cancellation they charged our bank account $144.00.. and the reason they gave was they charged us in the” HOPES” of doing business with us.. out and out SCAM and when speaking with a customer service rep today to lodges my displeasure with the company i said you are associated with Global and elitepay, they said in no way are they, associated with the other companies. another out and out lie.! we have since blocked them from charging our account with any more fees that they may charge just because they feel like it.! Not only did the sales

    DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. We are filing a complaint with the BBB also and are going to contact the Attorney general for the state of Iowa. and also lodge a complaint with that office. And we have contacted other owners within our business community and have warned them also about the salesman..

  19. The Vince Perretta (agent) came and had me sign the pad saying there was no obligations. He stated fees that in the end were a lot more than what he stated. A lot of promises were made that were not fulfilled. The machine was sent to my store and I returned it to the company. The company then stole 3 months of fees out of my account. They have lied to me and cannot be trusted. I would never recommend them to anyone.

    1. Been in business for 19 years and this is by far the worst Processing company out there. Not just did they get me to sign up with them and promise me that they would save me an average of 1800.00 per month they use a leasing company called Northern leasing for the Verifone stand a lone terminal. So now I’m fighting 2 company’s, one to break the lease agreement and the other to break the 4 year agreement. What a bunch of B.S, Both of these companies should be out of business. If anyone is experiencing these same types of issues and know a good Attorney please let me know, Thanks

      1. I also was mislead by ironwood I have now discovered the processor they sent me does process debit cards with emv chip which now believe should be a breach of contract let me know if we have something to use against them

        1. I need help with this also, The same exact thing is happening with me. I called several times and I’m treated rudely and they will not admit any fault

        2. I was told by a friend that I could send the equipment back to the northern leasing put a permanent ACH stop on his bank account and paid a $375 early termination fee to Ironwood that sounds worth it to get away from these crooks anybody have any thoughts on that ?

          1. I read elsewhere that they will come after you because it says on the first page (in bold) that the lease cannot be canceled. As in they will sue you! I don’t know where I saw that but it does say that in bold on the top of the front page. Then you sign your name and boom! You are stuck in that contract!

      2. We are in the same exact spot. Fighting both Ironwood and Northern Leasing, but getting nowhere. We cannot even use the equipment we are being charged to lease because it is not compatible with our Back-of-House system and will not track inventory-as promised. The only person they (Ironwood Customer Service) points us to speak with is Chanel, who is always on the phone and no help whatsoever- horrible, just like the company. What a shameful, misleading business. I can only hope karma will come around and knock them all down. We tracked down our sales rep who stated that he no longer works there either because of their bad practices. We are a new small, business and now we are screwed. If you find an attorney, we will definitely have your back. We already filed complaints with the BBB and Consumer Affairs.

  20. Worst credit card processing company we have ever dealt with. They were misleading and flat out lied about what their rates were, the equipment they used and everything else. We were given the runaround for months and are still waiting around for Chanel to return our calls. Businesses beware!! DO NOT use this horrible company for anything!! There are way better companies out there!!!

  21. Ironwood got me to I totally got scammed I now have another company that tells me the can get me out of contract is that even possible I’ve been with ironwood for 1 month and totally sick about it

  22. This is Tom. I want to talk to CEO OF this IRONWOOD COMPANY.. It’s disgrace for this company that they can’t solve problem. I want my refunds and they can’t do it. …They give me this lady, Danielle couldn’t solve the problem. I want someone who can actually solve the problem. …I NEED HELP…CONTACT NOW.

    1. This is Tom again. Is this site ever read by the company itself. ?? I don’t think it cares for its reputattion. It’s a disgrace. Its service is terrible. No one cares to serve you when you contact customer. They are protecting each others. They don’t give me numbers of their corporation headquarter to complaint or talk to someone who cares. ….IT’S TERRIBLE.

    2. We have been fighting with Ironwood for almost 3 months. After contacting the BBB, Ironwood set up an appointment with us and their legal team. They missed the first appointment and we had to call an reschedule, then they were 1.5 hours late contacting us for the second appointment. The person that contacted us (Danielle) was not anything near a legal professional. A secretary at best, which could offer no help whatsoever. This company is beyond horrible and needs to be shut down. We are now filing complaints with the Attorney General, FTC and anyone else we can possibly reach out to.
      Lacey and Taryn

    1. Hi Andy,

      Please reply to this comment with your business name and location in order to authenticate your testimonial. Thanks!

  23. Unfortunately I didn’t do look at these reviews before signed on with Ironwood. I’ve been in business for a long time and never experienced such a fraudulent company! The saleswoman lied about every aspect of what she offered from the rate to the equipment to all the hidden fees that she said didn’t exist. Now I’m stuck in a 4 year contract with them and a separate equipment leasing company. I have an appointment to see a lawyer and plan to sue so if anyone has any info that can help me please share. But to everyone else stay clear of Ironwood it’s a scam!

    1. I am currently dealing with the ohio att. Generals office and a lawyer. I encourage all that have been decieved by Ironwood to contact your state A.G. and the State of Utah, where they are based, A.G. office and the BBB. Please. We need to all stick together to stop them. [REDACTED – personal contact information]

  24. My father and I both switched over from a company we were very happy with, all to save $ every month. We were completely swindled. The customer support is horrible, they do not care that we are unhappy. They have no way of getting in touch with the sales rep that fed us a bunch of lies. We are now locked in for 5 years, with major cancellation fees if we walk. Thinking about getting in touch with a lawyer to fight this company. But also want to do whatever I can to prevent people from making the mistakes we made. I am exhausted from calling the company, complaining, asking why we are paying more money every month than less.

  25. I applaud this website and the efforts of all who have researched and contributed. It has saved one of my clients (and I’ll be letting others know about Ironwood and ElitePay Global as well) much headache. My client was approached similarly to those discussed above and on the ElitePay page. The rep’s email detailing the proposal is all watch the 1% hand while I dip my other in your pocket for over 23k in equipment rental fees. Heck her math on her savings doesn’t even ring true: by her own admission, most of my client’s transactions are American Express. If completed, my client’s costs would have quadrupled. Rep took a picture of the merchant stmt, but client signed nothing and their bank has been alerted about Ironwood and ElitePay. We’ll be monitoring the account. Also I called her number at the bottom of the email: “Not in service at this time.” Who in sales has a phone that does that?

    I do hope states’ Attorneys General and Federal Trade Commission will do something soonest to stop these people.

      OUT TO screw your company with his credit card machine. The machine is full of viruses.

  26. Gee I think there’s a trend starting to emerge with former employees…

    I left the company three months ago and I’m *still* getting clients calling me about the problems they are having with Ironwood.

    This company exists simply to rip off customers. They train sales reps to lie, mislead and discourage clients from reading the contract they sign. Customers are led to believe they are getting the deal of the century when in reality they’re being set up to be robbed.

    Oh, I too was told to never give out my contact information to customers. Never leave even a business card.

    How they have avoided being shut down by the feds or state government is beyond my comprehension.

  27. Like a few other previous comments, I previously worked at Elitepayglobal and I called the number I have for them as I was confirming some information for tax purposes. That number I have always had is now answering as Ironwood Payment’s.
    So yes, they are the same. Bullshit company, lots of complaints, they hire anyone, its okay to lie to customers for an appointment and basically pull the wool over their eyes. Stand clear, or it will cost you!!! I’ve taken hundreds of calls from disgruntled customers and it gets pretty ugly!j

    Good luck,

    Mike W.

  28. A friend had recommended that I switch over but as soon as I did I almost got messed over for $200 plus a month , but I knew it was a ripoff so I cut it down to under $100 but the equipment came in on time for me. In my eyes they’re a scam company or just greedy but reviews like this one make it seem like they are all perfect and such. Kind of deceptive , don’t you think?

  29. Curt Ingram the sales rep came to my store and I had all the intentions to change merchant services. The equiment came to the store and we tried really hard to connect in different ways while talking to the girl that helps to connect. That same day Curt and the girl and my manager Marcos all knew that the equipment wasn’t going to work with our computers. Curt and the girl all reassured me that the equipment would be picked up the next day but that never happened. Now I am getting charged from this company being taken out of my checking account and when I call them noone will let me talk to a manager and they just tell me I need to talk to legal. So instead of them picking up the equipment I am sending it back myself which is costing me money now. Seriously, I have just spent 2 hours of my time this morning with the biggest scam I have ever dealt with. Noone and I mean noone do business with this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Run, do not hide, from these people!! I was, for a very brief period of time, an independent contractor with Ironwood. I walked after this week. First, they are telling new sales reps Ironwood “purchased” Elite in August because of Elite’s questionable practices and slumping sales. However, they are unable to provide any documentation or proof that a sale took place. Interestingly enough, the sales app Ironwood uses has Elite Global Pay all over it.

    Their training of new hires was decent and they did hammer to be ethical and up front with merchants the first day of training. However, by day two, trainees were being told to merely gloss over contracts with potential customers, don’t get into contract details with the client and never contact the client after the sale. This put up a few flags for me, but I decided to press on.

    Their customer support is atrocious. One of my clients was having problems with her equipment. I called customer support on her behalf. I was bluntly told do not ever call us again, do not contact us. Huh? Big flag number 2.

    The final straw was when a general manager told a collection of sales people come out of a sales pitch with a deal or come out in hand cuffs!!

    New hires are treated very poorly while a mysterious “Alex Kline” is treated like some god. Most Sunday sales meetings are spent praising this guy and his 9 deals per week. Of course, Ironwood sent me to the same territory he scoured two weeks earlier.

    When potential customers raise questions about Ironwood vs. Elite, sales reps are encouraged to either deflect the issue or say hey, we may have over 100 complaints, but we have thousands of satisfied customers. Of course, when asked for references to back that claim up, we’re left staring at the floor.

    Bonuses are rarely given out. I earned two $150 gas cards from sales. I’ve yet to see them.

    Again, run, do not hide from these guys. I think its only a matter of time before some Attorney General wises up to these guys.

    1. You are full of crap, I have been with them over 45 days and have received 3 gas cards. I went through 3 days of training and it was very good and informative. You say they don’t want sales people to go back to client well sales sell don’t install. They have customer service for that. Not one time has a sales manager or general manager have ever said anything negative in any conference call.

      I think you were a poor sale an and can’t accept your shortcomings.

      1. Isn’t this cute. The fact that you try to attack me rather than address the issues tells everyone here how weak your argument is. What do you want me to post first….the emails from customer service saying do not contact them about client issues or screenshots from the sales app saying they’re still Elite Global Pay? Or maybe you’d like me to name the sales managers who told us to come back with a deal or come back in cuffs? Or maybe I’ll mention the sales manager who said we’re all replaceable. A good sales person maintains a relationship with their client so that they continue to be a client. The fact that my clients have spent WEEKS trying to get issues resolved tells me much about Ironwood’s customer service program. Tell me….do you even give your cell number and contact info to your clients or do you follow the traditional hit and run approach?

        1. Mr. Watson,

          Ironwood Payments is a excellent company to work with as a independent contractor. From your disdain you are not sales material and hence you were terminated. Also you take what others say as literal instead of encouragement to motivate you to perform.

          Moreover, from the date of your contradictory statement you posted, I actually sold more than 9 deals, that week I think it was 14 but that doesn’t truly matter now does it? “No” I was praised on a call I may or may have not been on is truly irrelevant. The conference calls are for you to learn and ask questions.

          Seriously, you should not slander a company because there are repercussions possible based on the agreement you signed.

          Futhermore, in order to get a fuel card you have meet the minimum deal count of 3. There is way more incentives and bonuses that you forgot or just didn’t know about or just forgot to mention. Due to your inability to produce you wouldn’t know about them.

          Customer service works very hard to meet the demands and provide the best possible customer service to our clients. Setup doesn’t always go smoothly but everything always gets resolved in the appropriate time allotted.

          Finally, yes I provide my number to the majority of my clients.

          Hopefully this addresses your complaint.


          Alex Kline
          Executive Sales Agent

          1. Isn’t it cute how you attack me instead of addressing your company problems?

            You said: “Customer service works very hard to meet the demands and provide the best possible customer service to our clients”.

            You sure you want to stand by that? Because I spoke to a former Ironwood customers yesterday (2/15/2016) when she called looking for help and to complain about your organization. She not only says your customer service sucks, it tried to bully her into paying over $1000 in hidden fees.

            But hey, no worries, she’s indicated she and a few other customers in her state have reported Ironwood to the Consumer Protection Unit of her Attorney General’s Office.

            Oh and slander? Truth is a defense nitwit.

          2. Oh and to update, apparently quite a few pissed off former Ironwood clients have filed complaints with the AG’s Office. One of my former customers from Ironwood contacted me today (2/22/16)….apparently they’re meeting with the Consumer Protection Unit of the Massachusetts AG’s Office next week.

            Looking forward to Mr. Kline explaining their quality customer service to the AG’s Office.

    2. Let me inform you that their training policies are to be transparent with customers and be very detailed when explaining fees. There is proof of getting paid gas cards at all times, just ask me and I can provide them. Bonuses are also paid on time every month.




    NOW THEY CAN NOT TAKE THIS SYSTEM BACK ……….AND CHARGING ME…..$$$$$$2,750.OO>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>FOR E/T /FEE..


  32. We schedule an appointment with an sale agent from Ironwood payments because we’ve received a phone call from them and decided to give them a chance to explain what it is. Unfortunately, an emergency happened, and the owner didn’t have time to chat with the sales agent. We told the agent that, he said that he flew all the way from houston to chat with us. His attitude was great when we met him but when we told him that the owner was busy and couldn’t meet with him, his attitude changed. We asked him to leave some information down so we can look over and contact him when the owner is available; he said he could not leave any information with us because it really depends “if we are qualified or not”. He left the place saying that “Well, I’m done with this place”. We thought that was rude so even if there is a chance of working with them, well, not anymore. The thing I don’t understand is that why would a company based in Utah with agents all around the countries send someone from Houtston to Minnesota just to talk to small businesses especially when the person who call us said that the agent is just down the road?

    1. You are so lucky that you didn’t end up with this company. We have had only problems with them and the whole POS/Merchant system. We were provided with a POS that won’t take debit cards and one of the features that drew us to this company was the fact that they charged 0% for debit cards. We were promised by Ironwoood that when we sent back our old POS, that they would “buy out our contract” on our previous system. They never reimbursed us. So frustrated with the whole situation. These are just two issues that we are having with them. They fixed us up with Northern Leasing system. They have “no cancellation on lease” in the contract, so we are bound to them at $200/mo. for four years for a product that we could have bought for $800. Our shop, Vapor Trails LLC is in Georgia, so there is no class action suit going on here. This was probably the worst business decision we have made!

  33. As a merchant that processed with Elite Pay and now Ironwood I have been highly disappointed in regards to the fee schedule. They have a rep come into show me their “value add” which includes 0% debit and 1% credit and a lease of equipment. At first they wanted to charge me $300+/mo in a lease and eventually dwindled it down to $99/mo. Now I’ve heard they don’t even require a lease. My statements have never been lower as was told by the rep who signed us up mainly due the fact most of our cards we take are mid-non qual cards. Our effective rate is currently over 4% without the lease which is nowhere close to the 1.80% we were originally promised. This company even required their rep to play the old school dealer game going back and forth on the phone with a “regional manager.” It was an interesting exeperience. I’m no longer with Elite Pay and would never return.

    1. I have to disagree with the previous comment. I have had great experiences as a client of Ironwood. My agent is great. My statement is even better. I’m paying much less now then I did with my previous processor The Bank! That was charging me almost 5% luckily my rep saved me. And I am happy with my service. Also my agent checks up on me. Makes sure I understand everything. You might have had a bad experience. But I had a wonderful experience.

        1. He can’t prove the validity of his testimony because this is most likely one of the founders or affiliates.

          First off, Ironwood Payment is associated with Tranzlogic. I have verified this through their online customer service. Anthony Aker who is the co-founder of Tranzlogic makes cold calls using the company name Ironwood Payment and a spoofed or temp number fitting to the state and city. Tranzlogic is Co-founded by CEO Dewitt Lovelace who is also the registrar for the Ironwood Payment website domain IWPMTS.COM. They seem to create temporary here-today-gone-tomorrow companies in order to operate with least amount of brand and reputation damage as they can always fall back on Tranzlogic.

          The following is public information:

          IronWood Payments
          Domain Name: IWPMTS.COM
          Registrar URL:
          Registrant Name: Dewitt Lovelace
          Registrant Organization:
          Name Server: NS61.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
          Name Server: NS62.DOMAINCONTROL.COM
          DNSSEC: unsigned

          Name: Dewitt Lovelace
          Mailing Address: ************
          Phone: ************
          Fax Ext:
          Email: [email protected]


          Dewitt “Dee” Lovelace
          Jackson, Mississippi Financial Services
          Tranzlogic, Coker and Palmer Investment Securities, Inc.
          Security Holdings, LLC, Carlisle Corporation, Dunlap & Kyle Co., Inc
          University of Mississippi


          Anthony Aker
          Co-Founder — Tranzlogic
          Greater Los Angeles AreaFinancial Services
          Radius Payments, NPBS
          California Lutheran University School of Management

        1. They could never get a solution that worked with our equipment. They send equipment that we could never use which we are paying a lease for. We are out $3000 and I have had to block the payments from my bank accounts, and am now trying to cancel the leasing contract for equipment I never could use directly with the leasing company. . Unethical and incompetent, avoid at all costs.

      1. I am a former agent with Ironwood Payments. Joe Marshal was one of my sales managers there.

        You’re a liar Joe.

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