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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with National Processing Company (NPC)?
Probably not.
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UPDATE 2/11/2019: The National Processing Company website currently redirects to Vantiv, and it appears that the NPC brand has been fully absorbed into the Vantiv brand. We therefore will no longer update this review. See our Vantiv review for up-to-date information about this company.

National Processing Company (, a subsidiary of Vantiv, is one of the larger merchant account providers in the United States with over 240,000 merchants. The company is based in Louisville, Kentucky, and was originally formed in 1979 as a separate subsidiary of First National Bank. Due to a merger in 1988, the company then became a wholly owned subsidiary of National City Corporation. In 1996, National Processing Company spent a brief stint as a publicly traded company before being acquired by Bank of America for $1.4 billion. Only two years later Bank of America sold National Processing Company to Iron Triangle Payment Systems, a company which also at the same time bought Retriever Payment Systems. Iron Triangle Payment Systems then re-branded all of its merchant processing companies under both National Processing Company and Retriever Payment Systems, both of which were subsequently acquired by Vantiv (formerly known as Fifth Third Processing Solutions). Chris Williams is listed as the senior vice president of NPC.

Key Points

  • Sales & Marketing: National Processing Company hires independent sales agents and has received a moderate number of complaints about its sales practices.
  • Costs & Contract: National Processing Company typically offers a three-year contract with an early termination fee of $250 or more.
  • Complaints & Service: National Processing Company has received more than 150 public complaints.
  • BBB Rating: National Processing Company has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau and has received 171 complaints in the last three years.
  • Rates & Fees: How Merchants Got The Best Rates With National Processing Company
Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with National Processing Company (NPC)?
Probably not.
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National Processing Company (NPC) Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 150+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Hidden Fees

We are currently able to locate at least 150 National Processing Company negative reviews, many of which accuse the company of being a scam or a ripoff. This is a moderate-to-high amount of public complaints for the company’s size and time in business. The overwhelming themes among complainants include unexpected and hidden fees, nondisclosure of the service’s auto-renewal clause, and surprise over the cancellation fee, especially from merchants reporting several years of service beyond the three-year basic agreement. There are also several complaints of poor customer service and difficulty cancelling accounts.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with National Processing Company (NPC)?
Probably not.
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National Processing Company (NPC) Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
Product & Service Complaints 79
Billing & Collection Complaints 86
Advertising & Sales Complaints 6
Guarantee & Warranty Complaints 0
Delivery Complaints 0

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

As of this review, National Processing Company is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and has been so since May of 2009. The company currently holds an “A+” rating with the BBB despite 171 complaints in the last 36 months. Of the total complaints, 79 are attributed to problems with the service, 86 to billing and collection disputes, and six to advertising and sales issues. Forty-two complaints have been resolved to the satisfaction of the merchant, while the remaining 129 either were resolved to the dissatisfaction of the merchant or did not receive a final response from the merchant. In light of these figures, we have adjusted the BBB’s rating to a “C.”

National Processing Company (NPC) Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Swiped Rate Variable
Keyed-in Rate Variable
Early Termination Fee $250+
PCI Compliance Fee $20 Per Month
Equipment Lease Terms Variable

Processing fees with National Processing Company appear to vary from one merchant to the next based on business type, processing volume, and the agent setting up the account. The company’s standard merchant account contract (available in part below) includes a three-year service agreement that automatically renews for successive two-year terms and can only be cancelled within a small window of opportunity. Merchants who cancel service while under contract are subject to a variable cancellation fee (commonly $250 but potentially based on Liquidated Damages) that is automatically withdrawn from attached checking accounts. National Processing Company also appears to assess a monthly PCI Compliance fee of around $20, which may vary by merchant, and other additional fees including monthly minimum fees, statement fees, and “on file” fees. Overall, the company’s costs and contract terms do not appear to be especially competitive. See the NPC Merchant Agreement.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with National Processing Company (NPC)?
Probably not.
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National Processing Company (NPC) Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Employs Independent Resellers Yes
Advertises Deceptive Rates No
Discloses All Important Terms No

National Processing Company markets its services with three main strategies: telemarketing, outside sales agents, and partnerships with independent sales organizations. The most solid indication of deceptive sales tactics by National Processing Company comes from a large number of merchants reporting nondisclosure of important contract provisions and fees prior to account setup. Many of these complaints can be found in the comment section below. Aside from these reports, the company does not appear to engage in other common types of misleading marketing or advertising.

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with National Processing Company (NPC)?
Probably not.
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Our National Processing Company (NPC) Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

National Processing Company receives an average rating as a merchant services provider according to our standards. The primary factors lowering National Processing Company’s score in this review are its automatically renewing contract with a cancellation fee and numerous reports of agents failing to disclose important fees and service agreement provisions. The company can improve its rating by eliminating unfavorable conditions in its service agreement and solving merchant issues before they become public complaints.

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Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with National Processing Company (NPC)?
Probably not.
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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did National Processing Company (NPC) Treat You?

Overcharges Reported

Getting the lowest costs with National Processing Company (NPC)?
Probably not.
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114 User Reviews

  • JAMES roberts

    i have been noticing a charge come out of my checking account, thought it was my other company processing my credit cards but when i cancel that company and charges continue. so got bank to investigate that charge and they gave the phone number and it was merchant services npc vantiv. they have been taking money out of my account apparently since 2016. said that was the last time a credit card was processed . so they have been taking out money for nothing, and can not send me info on the original contract they said i signed . this company is very crooked

  • Rex

    I am a motel owner and have had NPC as my credit card processor for 13 years. In that time I have changed machines 4 times with the last change being in November of 2015. While attempting to change the checking account # where all debits and credits are made, it was pointed out to me that I had 2 active accounts. As it turns out, they told me that my old account was never cancelled when the new one was opened. This resulted in me having paid almost $3000 on an account that should have terminated at the time the new one was opened and has had no activity since that time. I have never before been held responsible for notifying NPC when starting up with a new processing machine. When I asked that they credit the $3000, I was told that they would not be able to do that. I feel totally ripped off of a whole lot of money.

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  • David Folland

    My credit card processing machine, leased through NPC, no longer works, because the AT&T network which they use no longer has decent service in my area. But I still have to pay for the so called “service” NPC is “providing” until my lease expires in 13 months. So, even though they cannot provide me with a machine that will process credit cards, I still have to pay for it for another 13 months! And their customer service is a joke, they do not care, they said it doesn’t matter if it works or not, I signed the lease, I have to pay! Run from this company as fast as you can.

    From The Editor
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  • Aundria Cummings

    WORST COMPANY TO DEAL WITH! I have had the run around trying to close our account. May of 2015 is when we switched over POS machines and processors. However our account with NPC wasn’t closed then, so here it is March 2017 I’ve been trying to close our account since April 2016. I’ve been told my multiple NPC employees that only our repetitiveness; Rob Washington can close our account, but for some odd reason Rob is never available. I’ve e-mailed Rob over 10 times, and called him so many times I can’t even keep track. I haven’t received a call or e-mail back from Rob. Since this our company is still paying 89.95 a month for the machine that isn’t even hooked up. It is so frustrating. I’m writing this as a wait on hold for the NPC employee to try and call Rob.



      this is the worst compny i ever had to deal with, they keep add cost and chargers, they need to stopped, they dont fix the problems, they lied to me right from the get go . i even have the conversations on recording, i did not want a machine contract they said no problem , the sales person kurt is a lying jerk. i have him all on recording no contract, he had me sign a document and he lied to me it was a lease when i asked him what these charges are and hs replied it is the machine lease , i replied i tols yoy right from the beginning no lease, his reply was it was the only way he could lock the rates is, now the story changes . but i have you on recording no lease , well guess what we are on the phone every week with these jerks and its like talk to the wall , the bbb bureau needes to step in and us someone does, my suggestion is to close the checking acccount and start over

  • David A

    Shoddy if not actually fraudulent business practices. Required constant monitoring or they will skim extra profits out of your transactions. A huge disappointment over time from 2012-2016. Expensive leased terminal pushed. Undisclosed initial 3-year terms and 2-year evergreen renewal, and ostensible $700 termination fee. The Merchant Processing Contract in which these terms are to be found was never in fact delivered to the contracting business until we reviewed pricing a year after inception. After renegotiating fees to a low competitive interchange-plus in 2014, and reviewing fees with them again in a lengthy dialogue at end of 2015, they suddenly raised rates by 200-300% (effectively switching to tiered pricing), claiming the business was not otherwise profitable. Terminated the contract at end of 2016 (no termination fees, and some credits after arm-twisting).
    You can get better or as good service and save large sums by going elsewhere. On an assumed $50,000 a month in CC receipts they will be $100+ more expensive than others. If anyone wants to take a run at them on a class-action plaintiff basis, they would be easy g

  • Ben

    TERRIBLE payment processor. Dispute process is heinous, their fax doesn’t work half the time causing merchants to lose disputes that they should have won. Customer service is AWFUL. Wait times for a call are easily 30+ minutes and being transferred to 10 different representatives. They do not care about their clients (us merchants) whatsoever and do not deserve our business. Find a more friendly processor that respects and appreciates the merchants who pays their bills.

  • Maimuna

    This company is a big time thieves. Horrible customer service and always made me wait on the phone for 40 mts and never gave proper answers. charged me lots of fees and cheated me on processing fees. Never do business with them

  • Steve

    I would like to thanks you all for your valuable reviews!
    I had my contract on the table and ready to sign and I decided to do a last minute online search for reviews.
    I just got seriously screwed by Merchant Choice and I was pissed at myself to not look at reviews before signing so I did it this time for npc and you really saved my ass on this!!!
    I’ll make sure that I’ll write a really bad review for Merchant Choice when my nightmare will be finish so I’ll feel good knowing that I’ll be able to save other people time, money and bad emotions…

  • Kayla

    NPC is such a scam!!! Cliff Torrence called me to try to get our business, and we told him we would think about it and call him the next day. Then I begin researching his company because I was unfamiliar with it, and I found mug shot after mug shot, complaint after complaint, lawsuit after lawsuit. It was insane!! I called him the very next day and expressed that I would not be interested in his services, and he yelled at me and hung up on me. He later ran my credit (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW! I never signed up for his services!) I called him again, and he said if I did not do business with him, we would still have to pay because I signed a contract, but that is a lie because I had only talked to him at the phone at that time and had never signed anything! Today I received a bill for services that I don’t even use from them! BEWARE!!!

  • ABC Little School

    Our company ABC Little School has been trying to terminate our merchant account since December 2015. We have been given the run around between NPC and the local representative “Gary”. We have sent several letters as well as personal calls, where he states it will be take care of it. There has been no follow through and we are still being billed. They are automatically withdrawing $57 dollars each month for 3 accounts that have not been used in over a year. We have gone to our bank for help and because they are merchant they can continue withdrawing. Our only options are to change hire ab attorney or to begin a small claims case.

  • Kelly

    Worst Company I have ever dealt with! I never I finalized my account and they have been charging for services I have never used. When I called to notify them and receive a refund, they refused to help me. They even charged me twice in the same month and have no record of it. I have faxed my bank statement and they have no record of it. They charge me a fee for paper statements and I have not received any statements from them. I have been left with no other options but to contact my attorney at this point. Ridiculous!

  • Hartley

    Beware!!!!! Lease paperwork has tons of fine print. When the length of your lease is over, it keeps on going unless you physically cancel it and it is a major pain in the backside, with very rude pushy people that you will deal with! BEWARE!!! they will keep charging your account even after you are finish. Horrible company to deal with, very unethical!

    Are you with NPC? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • Steve Moran

    NPC is absolutely the worst company you could process with. Sadly, you’re probably reading this AFTER you signed up with these scrubs! The customer service is terrible and dont think for a minute that’s by accident. The employee are so stupid and lazy, they deliberately putz you around so you’ll just hang up. Then the losers dont have to do their jobs! The rates are lowsy, and they’ll nail you with fees. They are a third party vendor, so check on that term if you want TRUE support. Finally, as a merchant you know fraud and other dishonest criminal acts are on the rise. When you get a chargeback NPC will not do anything to help you. Do yourself a favor and dig deep on these turds

    Are you with National Processing Company? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

    • Lee Wickstrom

      You are right, from personal experience NPC is possibly the worst overall and the most difficult cancel. However, ” Card Payment Direct” is a close second. They also like to keep billing you indefinitely after you close your account, and as a bonus they hide charges in your bill so you have to go over each statement with a fine tooth comb to keep from being ripped off. I only mention them here so you can avoid them if you are in need of another processing company. One of their “representatives” actually suggested that I close my bank account in order to get them to stop stealing from me. As an added bonus Card Payment Direct is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo, who is a sponsor for the BBB – so good luck on getting any satisfaction from them. I tried but the BBB ignored me after my first contact with them about CPD. Who do you report the BBB to? Of course the BBB also was totally worthless when I contacted them about NPC.

      Are you with National Processing Company? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • ingrid

    Do not trust this company. The service so poor and you have to hold very long long time when you call.
    Our company trying to close our merchant accounts with this company since November 2015, they told us that they can not close the account without the sales department permission. We told them that we can not contact them anymore and requested to do the investigation. After one month we call again and they told us the same answer again that we can not close the account without sales office permission.
    Since the sales office has been close without telling the merchant company, does it mean we can not close the account forever and they keep charging us every month.
    If any other company have the sames issue as mine, please let me know how to solve this issue.
    I don’t even want to give one star to this company.

    Are you with National Processing Company? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • debra h jensen

    AVOID this company at all cost. I am trying to terminate with them after 17 years of being gouged & treated poorly by NPC. The minute I signed up 17 yrs. ago, I got a really bad feeling about a few things that happened, & knew I made a mistake. But running a large 7000 sq ft retail store yourself does not leave any time for searching for a new company. So I endured. After closing my store I changed my business to one where I do “sale events” instead of being open every day. Finally, I turned on my machine on Tuesday before Thanksgiving getting ready for a Black Friday sales weekend & found the security code expired & I had no notice!! They assured me they did send out letters. I ASSURED THEM they did not. I do read my mail. I spent a total of 1.5 hrs on hold, after I was transferred to so many people I could not remember them all So, they had to overnight mail me a new machine Wednesday by 10:30 to arrive by 10:30 Friday a.m. It never came. Brad blamed FedEx for the HOLIDAY overload. Baloney. I have worked with FedEx LONGER than the 17 yrs. I was with NPC & if he had gotten it shipped, it WOULD have arrived. I confirmed with FedEx (A most reliable company that rarely makes a mistake, & when they do they take responsibility). It did not get sent out till Friday. Brad KNEW on Wed. it did not go out, but lied to us, (told us if it did not get there by Fri. it was because of FedEx), charged us $300 for a new machine, and did not have the guts to tell us we would not get it in time for our OFF-SITE weekend sale because he did not in fact get it out on Wed. Then he shipped it Fri. to be delivered Monday to the address where we were holding the 3 day event, and vacated Sunday night. We told him we were no longer there and he said too bad, that it was going there& there was nothing he could do since it was shipped~ & that I should call fedex & arrange an alternative with them. At that point it was not needed at all for at least 2 more weeks. When I told him I would not call FedEx to have it rerouted & that he could figure out how to get it back that I was done with him & NPC, he emailed that he had it rerouted back to our office. He should have checked with us since we are closed on Mondays. LAZY, UNCARING, ripoff service. Then all we get from him is alibies & excuses. You can not call NPC and be on hold for less than 15 minutes. Usually it is longer. Then it often happens you get “disconnected”. You talk to people that cannot speak proper English, and these are Americans, not foreigners. They address you by the wrong name .They are only a “call center”, They do not have a supervisor, they do not even have access to an NPC rep. There is no way to contact them by email. They must request an NPC person contact you. Fat chance that happens. They gouge you on price. Very sneaky ways they have of doing it. They say they will send you forms but do not. I called to get the forms to cancel my service with them & they did not send them so I could submit & send back by the end of month so they can charge another months fees. They do not care if you leave them. They never even say they are sorry. It seems as if they do not care to lose a customer. Who wants to do business with a customer who does not care whether or not they have you for a customer. I lost 15-20K in sales in 3 days because of their incompetence. Who needs this? I should have trusted my instincts 17 yrs ago. and dumped them then. In a way this was a good thing. It is forcing me to find a reputable company that may care about having my business. 10 thumbs down for NPC.

    Are you with NPC? Learn how to resolve this complaint.

  • FG

    I just signed up with this company I’m normally good at reviewing a company before doing business with them but this time around I did not and I’m so sorry you all are going threw theses problems, I just signed up with them and it has been a complete disaster and very very unprofessional I will be contacting my legal attorney next I’m not going to play games with this company giving me the run around first they say oh its a technical problem oh i see an approval but no batches there are no holds but then we also did not credited your account for the $1300.00 this company is by far the worst i have ever deal with and will no advise anyone to use them customer service is terrible the tech department is terrible and then you will sit on long holds over and over and over again it took up a half of day of my time and being the Ceo I have already have a heavy work load I will sue them and fast if they dont get this together I’m not going to tolerate nonsense like this and i will put a stop payment on them so I dont have to deal with this company taking money out of my account with out my authorization this is poor business, and you get the same reps over and over again and they are under alot of stress and problems everyone that have been effected by this company need to file a suit this will stop this company from doing all of theses scams and stealing from people that work really hard for an honest living its really sad if I dont have my funds by monday I will be seeking legal advice and proceeding Im not going to wait 30 to 60 or even 120 days I dont have the time to play games with a company thats a fraud i will take my hard earning money and sue them and sue them for more then what they have taken out , why would a processing bank say they can see the approved authorizations and then say run the customers cards again because your transactions didnt batch like are you serious my customers didnt lie they emailed me a copy of there bank statements and showed that the funds have been taking out shame on you npc for poor business practices and scamming and hurting your own loyal customers this is not how you do business and let alone the long wait time its really sad i would not recommend you to a dog you low down dirty snakes shame on you give theses small businesses back there money this is nonsense and it needs to stop and you will stop if i have to try by giving up my last dollar i will do whatever it takes shame shame

  • melissa reilly

    I have rent a chair in a salon and thought I’d give a cc machine a try, so I went with the same sales rep the other girls did, Gary deroos, looser!!!!!!!!, after only using the machine 8 times in 3 months I started getting a monthly charge, well that was the last time gary was able to be reached, so on to contacting npc,,,, since March I’ve had 58$ in fees although I don’t have the machine, and a 375$ cancellation fee. Well the kicker is, the contract I have (we faxed it in) with my signature, states 0$ monthly fees, 0$ de conversion fees,,,,, but miraculously the contract they have on file shows typed in numbers……. how my contract got changed after I faxed it in is MAGIC!!!!!!!! Going round and round,,, emailed my copy, they mailed me their copy,,,,, completely different copies, yet when I call they say my signature is on it????? Again….. MAGIC!!!! FILED A COMPLAINT WITH CONSUMER AFFAIRS!!!!!

  • Lee Wickstrom

    The only question that remains for me is whether NPC/vantiv is just grossly incompetent or they cross over into being criminal. After years of high fees and long waits between the transaction and finally having the money put it my account, I took the plunge and switched companies knowing that it was unlikely to go smoothly on the cancellation end of it.

    I sent the written request to close my account on December 19th, along with a phone call to close the account. During the phone conversation I was assured that the December statement would be the last one, and the last charge to my account. Then a month later I receive a statement for January. No activity – just fees, as though I had never cancelled. I call and get an apology and a refund. Next month, same thing -fees for the month of February. Again a long phone call results in another apology and another refund. March, same thing and I was less than happy when I asked them why they kept stealing money from me – again, a long call and more apologies and a refund. April – you guessed it. I am still battling this. This time their representative actually suggested that I might close my checking account in order to avoid further charges.

    I must admit though, I am leaning more towards contacting my state’s Attorney General.

  • Julia

    We’ve had this service since June 2014. I like that the deposit is credited to our bank account the next morning. Anytime I’ve called I’ve gotten great customer service. I always talk to the person assigned to our account. Just called them today to explain a fee and my rep is sending me an explanation and how it’s calculated. Sorry everyone is having such a hard time.

      • Doug West

        These guys are crooks pure and simple. They continue to charge us for PCI fees even though we have been PCI complaint since our company was started back in the 90’s. They nickle and dime you to death. I’m glad you say they are going to fix your “Fee” or explain why they are charging you that – but beware. They have told us they were going to refund and promised us all sorts of things but they NEVER act! You just can’t trust ANYTHING they tell you. Stay Far away from this or any other NPC company such as Retriever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Norm Cain

      Took me 4 months to get them to cancel my account. I faxed signed and notarized requests, emails, phone calls, on and on. They refused my notarized requests, claiming they didn’t like my signature, my address , etc.. Ended up closing my checking account to stop their charges… Every time I called they assured me it was being taken care of…. The comment applauding them above must come from one of their employees….

  • Julie

    I just received two plates for an imprinter. I have not signed up with this company and when I call the 1-800 number I am left on eternal hold. After reading these comments I couldn’t be happier that we are not a client, I only hope they aren’t trying to scam us by mailing these out.

  • michele

    This is a small business prayed on by NPC/Retriever and Cocoa what ever his name is!! He clearly slipped one paper under another saying” by signing this is just a repeat of the last form, we just have to have so many signatures for different parts of the business”. I called to cancel and was told no way no how, as” we make too much money from you folks” as they have MANY erroneous charges that fluctuate monthly. And $65.00 monthly for a cheap simple cc machine??. This company is a RIP OFF and they know it. What you call easy money.. I hope the public continues to write about these crooks and their business goes to the fiery furnace!! I will be sending a complaint to the better business bureau myself.

  • Jeff Craig

    I originally signed up with this service 3+ years ago and was promised by the rep it would be the perfect solution and if I ever had issues to contact them. Later the next year I had to battle the service reps for explanation of why I was being charged annual and other fees when I never had one transaction processed or activated the service for use. Earlier this year in April I finally had enough fighting with the service reps about getting answers or someone who would give me straight answers. I cancelled my service per their recommendations. I finally got the required form, faxed it to 877-695-4155 as they requested. I called and they indicated receipt. Now in July I receive a letter indicating that I would be charged a penalty fee if I do not maintain account information. When I this time (July) called to get details, they tell me my account is NOT closed and would have to pay any associated fees. I was informed I had to retain a copy of the fax transmission letter and send to them to confirm cancellation. I was able to provide the rep the actual letter on their letterhead I sent in April, he then asked me to change the date on the document or they could not process the cancellation once again. FINALLY I received a cancellation conf #. Who knows if that is all BS as I have been round and round with these people since 2011. These people are a joke and not a real business. Do yourself and your business / customers a favor. Find a different merchant service provider.

  • Dominick Mannino

    Buyers beware they cost me hundreds of dollars on charge backs that were later found in my favor
    That’s months to cancel there service and they continue to charge your back account
    It took me 2 years to close my account and they tried to put me in collection
    If I operated my company like this I would be in jail.

    • Donna Sites

      I have been trying to cancel my account with NPC since I closed my business on May 26, 2012. I have made 5 phone calls and had yet to receive the “required” form that I must submit to close my account. I continue to be charged monthly “other” fees of $24.59 per month. Although I have kept careful notes of each phone call: date and time of call, how long I was on the phone, name of person I spoke with and the results of the call, if they don’t have the same information, then apparently it never happened. I finally got the form today because I refused to end the call until the form was in my email inbox. I have never been able to have a charge back settled and fees were all over the place. I believe their methods are deliberately deceptive and unethical. I will be closing my bank account tomorrow so they no longer have access to it. I will be reporting them to the State Attorney General of my home state of Texas and Kentucky where they are based. I will also file a claim in small claims court which costs me more than what they owe me but at least I can make them acknowledge the issue.

  • BH

    This company deserves a MUCH LOWER grade than C-; it should be FFFFFFF.

    We were with them for a number of years and our processing was done via fax line. We had their program in our computer that gave us the information lines to fill in, then we would get exorbitant fees charged. When we would call, they would say we didn’t fill in all the lines we were supposed to fill in. I would tell them we filled in all the lines available. They would say they’ve “updated” the program, but they would always refuse to send us the updates. We stayed with them far longer than we should have only because we were too busy to take the time to look for a new processer. When I started looking, processers came out of the woodwork and they all give you such complicated information that you are never sure whether you will be getting better deal or not.

    It wasn’t until I found Cardpayment Options that I felt I could make an intelligent decision. The first thing I did was only consider companies rated A & A+. We switched to Merchant Warehouse and our costs were cut to 1/4 of what they were.

    Never go with NPC!

  • Raynaldo Carrillo

    For the record, I like NPC. I really do. but I have to keep an eye on them because I too have notice some curve ball fees and they will not say anything until you call them about it. Take for example this $90.00 RAAP fee. Its a fee that has to do about access to an online tool for Tax information. The problem is not the fee it self. The problem is the way they will automatically charge you for it and you don’t even know what it is for. I got a letter the day before I am about to pay my monthly statement March 4, 2014. it says we are going to automatically charge you for using this new on line tax tool called HAAP. I would like to know who’s bright idea it was during their board meeting while they are sipping coffee and eating donuts, who’s idea was it to charge anyone anything just for the hell of it. Turns out that I called NPC and waited 15 minutes for a rep. The rep was kind enough to get me off of the RAAP program and hopefully there will be no fee and things will be back to normal. The sooner people and companies stop being greedy and nickel and dime people the sooner we will all be better off.

  • Karen

    We have been scammed by NPC. We were originally signed up with Retriever Medical & Dental Payments (DO NOT USE RETRIEVER!!!) and this put us in contract with NPC. We ceased using Retriever in 8/2012 and they came to our office and picked up equipment that NPC was charging us $68.66 per month for. They continued to draft our account for 16 months AFTER the equipment was returned and when I demanded a refund for $1,098.56 they refused stating we are still under contract. So, DO NOT ACCEPT ANY EQUIPMENT FROM THIS DEADBEAT COMPANY!! I am filing a complaint with the BBB and may possibly take them to small claims court. If you have this problem with them, I would recommend that you only communicate with them in writing and keep a file.

  • Kelly

    I have been with NPC for about 10 years with no problem now I notice my deposits haven’t been made in over a week I made a call to them and i am given the answer that there is a glitch in their system and they don’t know when it will be fixed…umm ok you have roughly 5000.00 of my money in your account and can’t tell me when you will process it…I now have payroll etc that I can’t pay for fear of checks bouncing, I asked for a letter so that I may show my vendors why I need to hold them off and I am told it will be a week before I can have one written. Switching just as soon as my money is deposited. And just imagine the interest they are making off how ever many people they have done this too by floating this money.

    • Cheryl Marshall

      Absolutely!! I’m in the same positon as you. I had one transaction the 1st week of February and many the 2nd totalling around $6,000.00!! That created such a cash flow problem, not to mention future transactions !? I was told the same thing. Then called again after speaking to another business owner here they said theirs has been deposited fine. I made another call and that rep told me it’s a software issue in connection w/ the networking and the customers effected are the ones that have been with them longest. REALLY?? I have to pay the businesses bills and also have payroll. I was told SORRY, can’t tell you when you’ll have your money. We don’t know. They are working on it. “WHAT?” That is not acceptable! I have a business to run. Now, what do we do with customers paying by credit card from here on in? That makes us look unprofessional. Say, “no I can’t accept your card at this time?” That also means loosing business, for ours being a contracting business. People w/ emergencies that have only, credit as a means to pay!! Does a bank that runs into issues tell their customers, “sorry, we have a glitch, the money is there, it’s yours, but you can’t have it. And we can’t tell you when either.” This company has no insurance? This company should have been reponsible to release the funds to the merchants professionally and handled getting it back on their end on their own. I am irate about this!! I hope you get my reply as well as the 9,000 to 10,000 people that I was told by the rep were also effected.

  • janet blackwell

    I was scammed by npc/retriever merchant solutions. I was given a great rate for merchant services but was told by the salesman that I needed a new credit card machine as mine was not compliant. I took it all hook line and sinker with a 2 year contract with npc. Turns out my old credit card machine (was only 3 months old) is compliant but they make their money charging $45 a month for 2 years to lease a $275 machine. Now they are adding $19.95 per month for non compliance if I don’t fill out a 100+ question questionnaire that is far to technical for a laymen. I am not stuck with that contract and auto withdrawals. This is the stupidest business move I have made in my 15 years in business. Stay away from them.

  • KM

    NPC Vantiv, formerly Spectra, is an absolute SCAM as far as I am concerned. It’s hard to find the words to express how disgusted I am with them. I have shown my contract from NPC to several reputable credit card processing companies and each one of them was horrified at how much NPC has screwed me over the past two years. My credit card sales are in the mid 6-figures, which means that I should NOT have been on a tiered pricing system apparently. I should have been on an interchange plus program. There are so many added fees that I can barely keep track. For example, I noticed I was charged for “Commercial Card Data Omission Fee” last month (and possibly every other month but I have to check). I called customer service to ask why I was charged $12.45 for this when my statement states that I had “ZERO” of these fees at .50 cents a piece. Do the math: If I had 0 of these fees, the total charged should be 0. But it was $12.45! That’s not even divisible by 50 cents. Customer service told me that they charge this fee “from mid-month to mid-month” so these fees must have been incurred a month or two ago. They also charge for each batch which I found that a lot of other companies don’t charge for. I can go on and on about the outrageous fees and anything but transparent charges. Also, each month I was charged for hundreds more credit card transactions than we actually processed! I am still trying to figure this one out. By the way, at least three other companies offered me plans which will literally save me hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month. I have no idea why anyone would use this company. Do your research.
    This place should be investigated.

  • Al

    Stay away from this company. They have deceptive business practices. I’ve been using them for over 5 years until I realized how much they were ripping me off. When I canceled, I was charged a $250 early termination fee. The answer I was given was that my contract renews every two years. It sounds like they have it set up to where they can charge it no matter what happens unless you cancel it on the very day it expires…and only then, it seems. Find any other company to use for processing.

  • William J Page

    I am surprised NPC can get a C. Someone must be very lenient grader. If failure to disclose fees, putting through charges for unused items, failure to disclose full contracts are getting them a C then what do they have to do to get an F? I’d give them an F.

    Now for some help. When they send you a contract with pages omitted as they did me – you can consider the contract complete even though they number the pages. That’s right if they say it is a contract enclosed in an email and includes pages 1,3 and 5 but not 2 or 4 then that is the numbering they chose. But be aware that you need prove that it was sent with pages omitted (ie save you emails).

  • Unhappy!

    I met someone who represented Vantiv / NPC at a business mixer. I really REALLY wish I would have seen all of the comments on this site prior to signing up with the company. I signed up on 7/31/13 while still in the start up phase of my company. During my meeting with my salesperson I was never told about all of the fees they were going to charge me. I was told there was an initial $59.00 fee for then $8.95 a month. Prior to signing up I emailed my rep just to verify all the fees we’d talked about and she confirmed everything I said in the email. Unfortunately … since signing up I have been charged the following fees.

    09/06/13 Electronic Withdrawal Npc $31.89
    10/02/13 Electronic Withdrawal Npc Merch $67.95
    10/02/13 Electronic Withdrawal Npc Merch $27.00

    I also received a credit card swiper in the mail that i didn’t want. I told my sales rep I didn’t want it when we met and once they mailed it to me I told her again. When I saw all the fees I emailed her and told her I didn’t want it and I told her that during our meeting. I have emailed my sales rep repeatedly asking her what the fees were for and why I was charged. She continues to email me saying she doesn’t know what the charges are for or why I was charged. She has been emailing me since the beginning of the month saying she will get the charges refunded to me. I was already nervous and after reading this I am definitely leaving this company. I have never even used their services and I feel that if they’re already being shady there’s more to come I’m sure! The first time I’m going to do is close my bank account so they can’t take anymore of my money. Then I’m going to cancel this service and hope that they really do give me a refund. However based on what I’ve read … I won’t hold my breathe I guess if I get out of this with only the fees they’ve charged so far … I could be considered “lucky”. In addition to all this I didn’t get any “Terms & Conditions” paperwork from my sales rep. I didn’t even know about the $250 fee. She told me I could leave the company at any time I wanted to. Now that I read the comments I’m sure it’s not going to be that easy.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  • gary kemper

    18 years I have been with NPC 2 charge backs complete misunderstanding, however my customers love me and fully understand how a power outage can screw things up. I run over 600,000 in business through my credit card companies. When I resolved these matters they hold on to my funds for weeks??????? I am shopping for a new processing company. I do not like to be treated like a criminal.

  • Irma

    This company is absolutely HORRIBLE. They are liars and cheaters, and obligate you to stay in a four year contract when the business you’re doing with them is completely and utterly unacceptable. As a small business owner, I encourage others to not use this company AT ALL, for you will end up extremely angry and unhappy with their service. The sales representative use false advertising and promises that do not match whatsoever to what the initially tell you about their product. Furthermore, the customer service at this company is the worst that I have ever had to deal with in over 20 years of having my business. PLEASE, I URGE YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. DO NOT USE THEM.

    • sHERI

      I agree with Irma…They are horrible do not use…just found out they are holding over $163,000 of our funds they say we owe $2100…we’ve been with them for a year and nothing changed now all of a sudden they’re holding funds and they say we need to verify our banking information. We have four other accounts and they are fine..STAY AWAY FROM FROM….

  • Cody

    NPC also known as Vantiv and TSYS Merchant Services are thiefs. I had an original 3 year contract that expired long ago. I called to cancel account and submitted a written form. A month later a $250 charge showed up on my bank statement. When I cancelled account, they never mentioned anything about the contract having been automatically renewed unilaterally by them with an outragious cancel fee! Stay away from them. They are toxic.

  • Sherr Meador

    We signed with Troy Guevara, a salesman for NPC back in April. He promised he would close our other credit card processing account, would cover any early termination fees we migh owe to the prior company. After we signed with NPC, Troy would not respond to emails or calls and if he did he never followed through with what he would say.

    We sold our business in July and luckily for the new owner he chose to NOT continue with NPC. Our old account was never closed and we were charged 3 months of processing fees. In addition we now owe $190 for early termination. Troy will NOT return our calls or emails. We called the customer service number and were told this happens all of the time and since the old account is closed NPC can do nothing. When my husband pressed the issue and said even if it wasn’t closed NPC wouldn’t pay for the items their salesman Troy Guevara promised us in any event.

    Troy Guevara is a liar and NPC allows him to continue this behavior and it appears they condon it and cheat their customers.

    • Sherri Meador

      We had to close our bank account to get NPC to stop charging us and they had to NERVE to call us. If you ever see a NPC representative ban them from setting foot in your business and run for the hills. They will rip you off!!!!!!!

    • d. Bennett

      After 9 years terminated our contract and got hit with a $250 Termination bill taking directly out of our checking account. per Vantiv LLC. Small print said you can only close account on anniversary date ever two years. Now that just not right. This is a Money grabbing company that has more hidden fee and charges than you can image. DO NOT USE THEM THEY ARE GOOD AT SCAMMING YOU.

  • Melissa

    HORRIBLE! I was an independent contractor for a well know business and was signed up for an NPC account. My contract was for 1 year… my NPC contract was supposed to be closed effective September of 2012 & I just received a collection notice for charges that have been accumulating since then? The bank account I used was also closed the effective date of my contract end so they have been getting rejections from the bank (fortunately) and collections is threatening to close my account (PLEASE DO as it was supposed to have already been closed!) I have been told by collections to talk to customer service and by customer service to talk to the sales department (of course I can’t get ahold of them). If I ever have the need for this type of service in the past I will defnitely not even considered this company. I have actually notified the company I worked for to encourage them to find another provided to have their contractors use.

  • Dave

    NPC bounced my bank account for a $1500 plus charge back that had been canceled. The customer ended up having to send me certified funds FedEx. NPC then locked my account and is refusing to send me yet another $1500.00 in money they own me from another transaction. They have no closed my account and tell me they will not release my money for a minimum of one hundred eighty days. I am filing a complaint with my states AG and with the BBB. These crooks need to be put out of business.

  • Larry

    I usually do not take the time to listen to pitches by credit processing salespeople. The quoted rates were very good: 1.25 + .08 for credit transactions. The cost for debit transactions is .25. At this point the salesman raised my suspicions as he claimed that this debit rate was only available for transactions under $10.

    The next item we talked about was an interchange pass-through rate with no tiered pricing. I have no idea if this type of processing is available for smaller accounts like mine.

    The worst item that caused me to question the salesman is that he claimed that they would only use a Verifone Vx520 that they would provide for the easy payment of only $49.99 per month. This payment would never end. I do not know how stupid the salesman thinks I am, but this deal smelled bad. Why would I pay $49.99 per month, ad infinitum, for a $229 dollar device?

    When a salesman lies to me and I know it is a lie and he may know that I know it is a lie, this is a deal breaker. I would not do business with a company like this.

  • Jennifer

    I was with NPC for 1 Year. It was the worst experience EVER! I really mean it when I say that they lie and cheat! I have been battling their collections department since 2011!
    How can I be responsible for a payment that came in from a client (never hit my account) then client was refunded due to funds not being received!!! NPC continues to say that I owe them that money?! Seriously NPC?! What a joke of a company…
    I will spend the rest of my life telling everyone what lying, cheating snakes you are!! I have your emails to prove it too!

  • Ellie

    We told the NPC sales rep we had to cancel our existing account before signing on. He told us don’t worry about it, NPC would take care of it, that our existing company would only give us the run around if we tried to cancel ourselves. A month after signing on, I got a statement from my previous provider with a 43% fee charge! They told us NPC had out and out lied to us and that we could only cancel with a signed cancellation form. We complained to NPC and were promised reimbursement for those fees, but we have received nothing. We felt we were complete deceived by NPC and regret going with them.

  • Carol

    My experience with this company has been beyond awful. I feel robbed, ripped off and used.
    The guy the sells you the program tells you one thing only to find out later its not true. I AM SO HAPPY NOT TO BE WITH NPC ANY MORE.

    DON’T USE THEM Before you sign up – go to any credit card processing review web site. they are not even mentioned.


  • Don Barnes

    Please please please pay attention to their poor rating. This company that claims to operate with integrity, is the poster child for unethical practices. Ever person in every department passes the buck. All they want is your checking account number so they can charge hidden fees. when you call and ask about these fees they claim it was in their 40 page agreement that you signed. I called and talked to my sales rep when I sold my business. He said that it was not a problem to cancel. Now three months later they are still trying to charge my account.

    a C rating is very generous for their F quality of service.

  • Don

    I was an NPC customer for many years. Two of my main complaints were the amount of time they held my money (up to four days or more), and the extraordinary amount of fees that were piled on to my NPC statement.

    There was a charge for business cards, for international cards, for an airtime fee with my CC processor, for a paper statement fee, a swipe fee, a manual key enter fee, …you come up with a new category …they have a name for it.

    They must sit in the board room and come up with fee names with laughter over coffee and donuts. If I could have all the money I lost over fees in 10 years, I could buy a new car.

    So, I went to SQUARE processing with my iPad, and my iPhone. I couldn’t be happier. Money arrives the next day, and it’s just a flat 2.75% with NO FEES. The software is great, it’s fraud proof, and no more paper receipts. Receipts arrive by email to your customer.

    Now, the money I am saving, I will buy a new car.

  • G

    NPC is a terrible proccesing company, high fees, hidden fees, holding your money. Now everyone on this board remember to send a letter of complaint to the attourney general in Kentucky and in the state you are in. Only then will you see results.

  • Kenneth H

    NPC has held $3,000 in charges owed to me for over 120 days. For 3 consecutive months they witheld charges citing suspicion of fraudalent activities even though each time I sent them authorization form the government agency stating to bill the amount. They even went as far as to ask me to bill online in which they added another merchant account for $250, but they couldn’t resolved the issue that the online services kept rejecting the payment. This company needs a good class action lawsuit. I had my attorney to send them a letter requesting copies of my executed contract, and they have yet to respond in 60 days.

    • Reynald Diaz

      The same thing happened to me!

      I got approved by Payline Data and the account was with NPC. The first day I used the account my $3,000 transacctions of the day where put on hold and still has been 2 months and still they haven’t done anything on my favor. Neither returning the money to the customers card nore my account.

      Charlene from the Risk department doesn’t show any type of interest in you as a customer and even would appears that works for situations like this where they do get the money from the card holders but they don’t give it either back to you or them.

      I don’t understand how a company like this can still be opened. I will invest even the last penny to not let people like this take advantage of small business like they have been doing for a while as all this commets proofs.

      • Kenneth H

        After the 6 months had expired, they still came up with excuses for withholding my funds. They had to check with legal department to see if I have filed a lawsuit. Now they saying legal has not gotten back with them. They don’t return phone calls and they switch you to different people and department when you call them.

        • Kenneth H

          Today I called NPC since it been 30 days past the 180 days they promise to refund my money. I got the same answer today as I did 30 days ago.. They claim they would call me back with the statsu, in which that what they said 30 days ago and that it was going before there review board, same as they said 30 days ago. How do processing companies get away with this. I know there has to be something that should be done or has been done. I can only imagine how many businesses that have been bankrupted by their actions.

  • Diane

    I would never recommend using NPC for your credit card processing company. On my latest statement I was charged 19% fees!! There are ELEVEN different fees listed! I will be cancelling and finding a better company

  • Bill Page

    My experience with NPC was one of poor response to correcting problems, hiding information concerning terms of their contract and continuous adding of charges for trumped up services.

    They only sent a portion of the contract – pages containing datails like automatic renewal and a 10 day window to cancel, and $250 cancellation charges were not provided.
    Charges for services continually increased – a monthly charge, a charge for paper summaries, PCI compliance fees, a fees for an annual report. All allowed in the contract(that was not provided) that they claimed allowed them to take the fees.

    Attempting to resolve problems took multiple phone calls – nice and polite enough but never conceding an improper charge. There must be better companies to do business with.

  • Michele

    I have had NPC since 1998. I have stopped taking credit cards and so I asked to cancel, They told me to write them and fax it, and that per the contract, they need 30 days notice, so now I am going to get charged an extra month for a service I requested to be canceled. They dont care at all, they know they got you. They are seriously the worst company to deal with-ever try and get out of a direct tv or dish contract? Its a nightmare-this is JUST LIKE THAT!

  • Steve

    What happened to customer service??? NPC and it’s employees are untruthful and will mislead you. They will have you lease the equipment through a separate company which will ultimately charge you over $1,500.00 for the processing equipment on top of their $250.00 early termination fee, that you can purchase online for $149.99 and $69.99. If they were an honest reputable company that was really trying to save me money they should have suggested I buy my own equipment and save me over $1,400.00. Then when I tried to cancel my service they sent me a letter back stating the signature on the request did not match that of the contract and required that I re-fax my cancellation letter with a copy of my driver’s license. That’s safe!!! and opens me up to identity fraud… Even after three years I was made to pay a $375.00 early termination fee. As I only signed a contract with NPC I believed I was leasing the equipment through them only to find out the equipment was leased through a third party who continued to bill my account. Once I contacted NPC to find out who this third party was I contacted them and they sent me a copy of the contract which had additional information and details regarding the lease agreement for the equipment that my copy did not contain. So they added information to the contract after I signed it. When did that become legal?? Once I was able to work out an agreement with the third party lessee who agreed to settle the account for $250.00 if I sent the equipment back or I had to pay $595.00 if I did not (Keep in mind you can buy the stuff online for a total of $219.98) I contacted the new owner of my business to get the equipment to send back because he used a different company for obvious reasons. He informed me that the sales rep. had come in and was rude with him because he did not transfer my service to his and said he took the equipment. I recontacted NPC to inquire about this and they placed me on hold and tried to contact him and told me they were unsuccessful in doing so. They provided me with his number and I called him immediately after hanging up and he told me he had just got off the phone with NPC and instantly became completely offensive telling me he never took my equipment, that he has never been back to my place of business since the day he signed me up. (Customer Service???) Ultimately a police report had to be taken for the equipment. The best advice thus far has been to run don’t walk away from this company.

    • Harold

      I have a friend that has no computer skills. FNB signed him up for service. They told him a copy of the contract would be mailed to him. When he reciever the contract a note saying no charge for equipment was no longer on it. He has been getting charged over a hunderd per month. He stop paying the additional 100 + now he gets a call from the equipment company saying he owes the 4500.00 and their going to ruin hes credit if its not payed. What do you recommend. Thanks Harold

  • harjinder

    these people are cehater.when you starts ervice.they will tell you that there’s only one year contract.but when you need to cancel,they will tell you that you did sigend for 3 year contract.For all customers,make sure you read very small letters for aggrement,don’t believe on their words,as I did & now I am just freaking out when I need to stop my account,they aret elling me that either pay $250.00 temination fee or keep your contract for around 18 months more.

    & they keep rising rates & fees,even I had a contract. sot hey charge me more that 5% for my gross,whihc makes me feel that am I a stupid who is paying them more that 5% of my sale.


  • Norm Cain

    NPC screwed me out of $$160 for 2 months of holding my account open after repeated attempts, email, phone calls, faxes, and mailed letters to get them to close my account. …


    Norm Cain

  • Sandra

    RUN don’t walk away from this company! Charges no one can ever explain to you, lies and half truths. Just try to quit them. One hurdle after another. All sugar and nice comments that there would be no further charges from your account and wham. Another $250. termination fee they never mentioned even though I was with them over 3 years. I agree with all the previous comments. Stay away from these shisters!

  • robert

    I was a customer with NPC since 1995. I ended my service finally after receiving charges over the years that were in excess of my new credit card company, lousy customer service, and late deposits to my checking account.

    I terminated my service after 17 years with them and they had the nerve to charge me a $250 early termination fee because I did’nt notify them 30 days before some anniversary date that occurs every 3 years automatically which I should have known because it was in small print somewhere in a contract that I did not possess.

    Shame on this company. Keep away from them! They are just thieves!!!!

  • cynthia campbell

    Agree totally with negative review. I was told and documented in contract max i would pay per month. I had questions and specifically asked about the fees listed which totaled differently in the contract and was given confirmation that the total would be he initiak value as a first business incentive. They are also charging test fees for a unit which has not been activated. I give npc a F.

  • Seth Kretsinger

    I have been trying to cancel since April 2012, It is now July. I have heard everything under the sun even told me they would refund all the money they have been charging me and gave me a conformation number and told me I had been cancelled… Never happened 4 months in a row. They keep claiming they don’t have the letter of cancellation. I have provided a date and time stamped email conformation from April, they just stutter on the phone and say oh yeah, I don’t know what is happening Mr. Kretsinger…

    Our only recourse may be to contact an attorney and check into the possibility of a class action law suite on behalf of all those of us (small businesses) that can not seem to detach. I totally get the cancellation fee but I have been charged an additional 500+ is felonious fees just since I’ve tried to cancel… I don’t know what else to do at this point. Let the lawyers check their books see if this is standard practice establish a pattern, get to the bottom of it, and put a stop to it or them.

    I absolutly can not reccomend this company. My rating would be an F-

    Seth Kretsinger

  • cheryl

    Having been a customer of NPC for over 6 years you would think they would not charge an early termination fee when I decided to change to Retreiver Payment System. (Same Company I thought). A phone call in early May was not enough to close the NPC account, but only learned this after getting my statement with charges for 0 sales in May. I called and they said only a signed letter could close an account. Why is none of this info on the statements, after so many years the small print in contracts is hard to recall when a decission is made to make a change. Sounds like a lot of small business people are getting jabbed in the back by big Corporations when we can least afford it. Retreiver offers lower rates, but the fact of having to lease a machine for 48 months, I’m not sure I am any better off. I’m now on my third machine because there have been ‘issues’ with each one since the first of May. What a nightmare!!!!!! It’s hard to know where to turn with processing cards. Cards have been promoted so much in the last few years everyone thinks its the only way to pay for goods. I like CASH.

    • T

      Likely two different resellers of NPC’s services. Recommendation…mail your request to cancel to Merchant Services, specifying that you are cancelling/have cancelled the original account, and specify the original MID. Within that same request, reference that since you are still processing with NPC, that you are also requesting that the Cancellation Fee be waived/credited back. Don’t just fax or send US Post…use a method where you receive confirmation that the letter was received. 9 times out of 10 when this happens it is because either the original reseller is refusing to allow the waive/credit, or the person that physically cancelled the account did not notice that you were still with the company. Good luck!

  • Christine Enders

    Unfortunately I found this site too late – Derrick was the sleezeball salesman that came waltzing thru my door sold me a pack of lies I am now paying 2 companies fees -he forgot to cancel my old processing company you know the one he was going to handle and pay the ETF for – and now he never returns my calls. He’s also the one that promised me no contracts. OK what about the one for the new terminal that they sent me even though he knew that I already owned the same one. First they deducted $65 from my account then I received a letter from Capital leasing company -there’s too stating i had signed a 48 month lease!! He shoved a paper in front of me with 2 Xs where I should sign and he would complete the paperwork-I know stupid on my part but by that time I thought that we had all the terms worked out-no where on that piece of paper did it say anything about a lease!!!! Come hell or high water I will discontinue allowing them to process my cards and I am going to report them to whoever I can – we have to stop jerks like these who are hurting small businesses!!!

    • T

      If someone actually told you that they can cancel the old processors account for you, that person did misspeak. No one can cancel an old account for you but you, assuming that you are the original signer.

  • Paul

    We recently sold our business after using NPC for a number of years. When we called to close our account, we were never advised of any fee for closing it, nor was there any provision for such a fee in our original contract (we keep and study all contracts we sign). Our bank account was subsequently debited the infamous $250 fee, and calling the company was of no use. Like others, we filed a complaint with the BBB, and after a couple of months of wrangling, received a check for $250. It appears from reviews here that this fee is a “gotcha” charged to virtually all departing customers with little or no warning–and they’re continuing to do so, as of March 2012. They keep a respectable BBB rating by paying off on that minority of customers who go through the BBB complaint process. If I start another business, I’ll use another credit card processor, one who is up front about the fees they will charge.

  • Joan Geisler

    An impatient customer disputed her charge because she did not receive her product within one week- even though we emailed her to let her know the shipping date, and it is stated on our site that orders can take up to 10 days for delivery. The same day she disputed, her package arrived. She was very apologetic and proceeded to go the extra mile to contact her bank etc. Once she disputed she lost all control and it was then in the system as a disputed charge. This was August 19, 2011. Even though this was very clean, minimal research needed since she immediately attempted to cancel the charge back and informed the bank ( and our business ) that she had her product. However, Merchant Research Center took EIGHT FULL MONTHS to credit our account back. I called 1 800 683-2289 today and spoke with Julia #56-75 I was rudely talked over and received the worst customer service I have experienced in a long time. I simply asked for the date that the issuing bank had sent in funds to NPC to determine if it was the bank or NPC that sat on this for so long. My research shows that it can take up to 6 months for charge back disputes based on the complexity. This was clean, simple, and no complexity so we are still wondering why it took 8 months to get our money back. This company ( and the entire banking industry ) is not only horrible, they are systematically damaging and wounding small business in America. It is time to have a conversation with the House and the Senate over regulating this out of control, abusive industry and hold them accountable for their actions. I’m sending emails to my representatives today. VOTE!

    • T

      Your customer pulled the trigger, but you are mad at the processor? The fact is that this customer can dispute that transaction up to two additional times, and card not present transactions are harder for merchants to win. The funds were held until enough time had passed that it was a safe bet that your customer had accepted the transaction. If the customer had disputed the transaction again and you lost and did not have the money to cover, the processor takes the loss, so that’s why these things play out this way.

  • JMS

    I have been dealing with this company since 05/05/11 (signed merchant application). This most recent transaction involved a credit card charge for services performed on our clients (2) Exotic Automobiles. Clients credit card was charged manually for $8212.71 for parts & labor performed to both vehicles. Credit card was run at approx 6:00 pm on Tuesday, The “Batch-close” happened at approx 10:00pm. That Wednesday morning, the funds weren’t found at the bank and no sign of “Incoming Transaction” The c/card process is said to occur “Overnight” or 24-hours. It never did. I called my sales contact Mr. Drew Brown, 877-652-4348 ext: 2694, and he said he would look into what the problem was. At approx 4:50 Pm I got a call Casedrea, his loss prevention supervisor, stating that she needed proof of repairs that we performed. I questioned why, stating I am the merchant, and have customer permission for these charges. She requested us to fax over our invoice to the client and we complied. I asked why she waited till the end of the day to request such and she stated this is due process. She also stated that she would need verbal confirmation with the client and I said this was unacceptable. Why did she wait until the end of the day to request such and her was response was stated as above. The next day I received a call from her supervisor, Heather 708-675-4553, stating that they would not release the funds that they had captured. This was some poor excuse that I had exceeded my limit of $7000.00 p/transaction. She acknowledged she had our receipts, and had spoken to the client. (He verified everything was fine with charges). She then proceeded to ask us to refund the monies back, (which we never got) I told her that our bank Susquehanna, said this was not advised, that it would bring my balance into the minus. They NPC now have my money (or the clients) and had not or will not release same. Heather stated that this is with-in their rights as a credit card processor, stating the wording is in the “Merchant Terms & Conditions” ( I had never received this) and stated if it was that important, to see who & how this company is that I am dealing with, It should have been sent with signature verification. or it should show up somewhere in the “Merchant Application” aka my signature to accept such poor business practices. This company has not been releasing my c/card transactions till 2-3 days later, NOT overnight or 24 hrs as promised and contracted.

  • Bill Page

    NPC was my credit card processor for a little over 6 years. As a small business there is little or no negotiating power to counteract ever increasing fees and litigation expense often precludes challenging the interpretation or legality of contract terms.

    NPC continuously invented additional fees. Including the “on file fee” of $10/month. Mandatory insurance fees in case customer account numbers were compromised at $8/month. RAPP fee of $90/year (not sure what RAPP is) and the latest a mandatory $90 fee for filing IRS 1099K forms. This is for summing up 12 months of receipts for the 1099K.

    They claim that if you use their service after you are notified of the fees then you accept them. However if you cancel the service they charge $250 “Early Deconversion fee” even after 6 years. No matter what , they are going to hit your bank account and you have little recourse. I should also mention that seldom are you notified of these fees in advance – they just take the money out.

    What can you do? The most important is when looking for a credit card company – be sure to check on their overall integrity. A company that needs a $250 “Deconversion fee” to retain your business or one that takes new fees without notification should not be on your list. I do believe that many items in NPCs contract are stretched by NPC in their interpretation.

    NPC’s treatment of their customers is poor at best. There seem to be quite a number of complaints but I was expecting it to be a massive number.

  • Rich Stewart

    Small business owners beware. High rates and a plethra of unexplainable fees. I have a cloud based service now and charges are justified. My base fee for having NPCs service was almost $70.00 before any processing. Now they plan on raising rates. I guess they have to make up for the loss of customer by bilking their remaining customers. Cancelling was an absolute joy as well (sarcasm). So long NPC. Good luck keeping your doors open.

  • Tony

    I subscribed to merchant services for NPC merchant services about a year and a half ago. i was quoted for a monthly premium o $12 a month. I had to set up direct deposit. After a few months I notced I was being charged now $37 a month. I had no warning this was going up and it was being deducted from my account. I have only used this machine one timenin almost two years because I get cash for most transactions. When I called to cancel service I was told I needed to send in a lett to cancel service. I sent the letter in to cancel. I thought cancelling wasneasy and didnt think about it no more for 3 months. When I checked acct again it still havent been cancelled and now I was 3 months behind because there was lack of funds in this acct because I really dont use it. So I wasntold I must send another letter because I use my nick name of Tony and should have used Anthony. I then sent another letter in, I also paid back charges of acct to keep in good standing. For 3 more months NPC kept taking the $37 out ane not cancelling acct. I now am fed up to the max, I cancelled the bank acct so I want get charged anymore. I want everyone I can tell to stay away from NPC. They are a big rip off! They raised the price 300 percent and then refused to cancel my acct and still kept charging me. This is a horrible company to do business with.

  • SewFits

    I have been with NPC for over 10 years. For most of it, they would introduce a new “service” and I would have to call to opt out and that would be that. Now, they introduce the service, charge me for it, and I have to call to get a refund. And call again the next month, because they claim no record of my having previously called. It is apparent that NPC is no longer in the credit card processing business; they are now in the extraneous services business. They are about to lose my business, and to prevent any problems, I will close my business account and open a new one. I strongly warn readers against doing business wtih NPC. They rival the military in their incompetance, inefficiency and heavy handed tactics.

  • Duncan Hines

    NPC is awful. I have tried to close my account for 3 months now. They have random monthly amounts that they continue to charge. I have spoken to member services several times with no resolve. I have even faxed them the required letter of cancellation with a verification email to follow up. This is theft on their part. Horrible company to part business with. Do not use them or they will give you months of grief and steal your money!!!

  • Barry

    NPC and Retriver both are the same, lies and vary small print. Was told I had 4 months to try and could cancel if not happy! Don’t think the salesman is not telling you a lie but He is!! And don’t buy their machine it will cost you around $1,564.46 dollars at the end of 4 years non-cancellable lease for a machine you can buy new for $149.99 to $199.99. The BBB will get a ear full and somebody may take this to court as a total act to stop small businesses from operating. Oh yes what is customer service, it is not setup to help, just to confuse and razzle dazzle the customer and cover up the bad company!!! If you do business with them get ready to be taken to the cleaners!

  • Pete

    Received call from Jason today. Called their company National Processing Company, 708-328-8748. I informed him that we were on the donotcall list, and to kindly remove us from their calling list. Jason informed me that he could not do that, since he got our number from the internet.

    Ah, when you get the phone number from the internet, you are no longer required to follow the law?

    At any rate, he offered me to talk to his superviser, named George. I agreed, and Jason hung up after a 15 second pause.

    He refused to give his last name, and refused to even disclose the location of their business. Buyer beware. These are scammers, and operate under nasty pretenses, but that should not surprise you.

  • Inna

    NPC is holding $1200 from an international transaction. Apparently I’m not allowed to have more than 50% of my transactions to be international. Nowhere in the contract does it say that! I had the customer return and provide me with their international address, telephone and even their passport photo. Apparently it’s not enough. They have to call the customer, and they did. Couldn’t reach them because the number is an overseas number. And I TOLD THEM!!! Now they are telling me that if they don’t release the transaction, I will have to request a different form of payment. Seriously! I’d have to go to Russia to collect my payment. So frustrating!

  • Dave

    I will never use NPC again. After signing me up on a new program to lower my discount fees, and assuring me that those mysterious fees that always seem to show up and jack-up your rate. Those fees showed up. I cancelled immediately. I was assured by the first rep I talked to that those fees would be refunded. I called a week later, and was told that they hadn’t received my fax and nothing had been done. I asked the rep to check again, and magically she found the fax. I was told that she would take care of it immediately. Here we are 45 days later. Just called NPC again and was told the last rep didn’t process the request.Sounds like the run-around to me.

    How good a company is, can be determined be how that company handles complaints and customer complaints. NPC has failed at their handling of this issue. They owe me $114.95. If I owed them, they would be threatening legal action.

    If you are looking for a no nonsense, east sign-up company that processes their deposits in a speedy manner, I have been really happy with

  • Elnora Dillard

    NPC claims to have a grade of A+ with the Better Business Bureau but this company does not have a grade with the Better Business Bureau because they are not registered with them. Go check it out for yourself. I did. How can you believe anything they say when the whole business deal is alright as long as the customer stays naive, blind and dumb to their tricks . Oh but once the blinders come off and you find yourself a complete fool for trusting then you see the true company that you were deceived into doing business with. Lessons learned: If the print is so small that you don’t want to take time to read it, it’s printed that way for just that purpose. Never trust while doing business-just do business. If they say you don’t need to read that or you don’t need to worry about putting the date down or I’m here for you, it’s a lie. I have so many complaints that it’s ridiculous. Bottom line is I am now with a company that has much better rates and no lease for equipment at all and NPC is a black hole. Now that they are harassing me I reread the small print and found that even if I die this contract is cannot be cancelled and will go over to my heirs. Now what kind of mess is that considering I don’t even use their service or possess their equipment

  • Michael Dow

    The complaints above are all true — I tried to cancel, they didn’t do so. When I complained, they said that since I “didn’t cancel” (and I did, they just didn’t DO it) in time, that I was renewed for 3 years and that I had to pay a $250 “early termination” to cancel now.

    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! There are MANY better, more trustworthy companies out there. These guys are slime balls and they know it.

  • Laura

    I am trying to figure out why this company is withdrawing money out of my acount twice a month. They told me that my interest rate would be .15 percent of every transaction and .20 cents processing fee per transaction but they didn’t tell me about all of the extra fees and extra percentages off that were being taken off on top of the .15 percent. Plus I have more then one person on my terminal and the girl that works for me was told that she wouldn’t get charged any monthly fees for her use of the machine and that it was already taken care of because I was paying it on my account and she also gets charged twice a month with fees. They will not call me back and I can’t ever seem to get in touch with anybody. I wish there was some way we could all file a lawsuit against this company. It might only put a small dent in there pockets but anything would help. Maybe let them see that it doesn’t feel so good when the shoe’s is on the other foot.

  • David Mount

    NPC has the worst customer service that I have ever seen in 20 years in business. I have left over three dozen messages to a Travis Stamper in their Risk Management department over the past six months and he refuses to call me back. They are holding over $5,000 in reserve (over a sham chargeback made by a customer) and refuse to release the funds even though I was told that the funds would be held in reserve no more than 6 months. In fact, Travis Stamper told me that a portion of the funds would be released in 3 months, which was a bold faced lie. This type of business practice would put most small business out of business. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND NPC TO ANYONE!

    David Mount
    Louisville, KY

  • Donna Sites

    I have had NPC as my credit card processor for over a decade. They are a black hole where you cannot communicate with anyone about any problem. The have repeatedly and consistantly ignored numerous requests over the years to provide verification for “non-qualified” transactions when I am frequently charged for “key entered” transactions that have never taken place.. I am charged $10.00 per month for a bogus “on file fee” (what can this be?) another $19.95 per month for a “security protection plan” that you must access from their website to avoid being charged, yet there is no where on their website to create a username or password and when I tried to get customer service on the phone, I was on hold (left it on speaker phone) for 3 1/2 hours. I recently had to buy a new terminal (over $200) and upon receipt I received a written communication I must return my old terminal (which I owned but had not purchased from them) or be charged an additional $189. for the new terminal (for a total of $389 for a terminal you can buy new anywhere for $150) and when I returned MY used terminal I would be charged another $25 fee (for what?). I tried for 5 days, left 11 messages to try to get help with understanding this, but could wait no longer for their answer because the terminal had to be shipped within 5 days to avoid being charged an additional $189. Last year when I changed banks, it took three months for them to make the change which required me to keep my old bank account open that much longer. Customer “service” with NPC is a joke. They make it so difficult to discontinue their service that I have just put up with them for years. I have finally had enough, I am going to find another processor today.

  • Debra Guenterberg

    This company also screwed me. The sales representative [name redacted] from Green Bay WI told me that I could cancel at anytime and not be charged any fees. I also requested a copy of the orginal merchant application I signed and he had changed the terms on this application. He also somehow got my signature on a non-cancelable 48 month contract. It had to be faudulently copied onto this, as I did not ever even see this contract. This business goes by so many names, and the FTC commission is investigated them….Beware of them….!!!!

    • cheryl

      I was also scammed by this company. The sales rep from Retriever came to Crivitz, Wi and told me that our old machine was not PCI compliant (we later found out that is was), he did not tell us that we going to be involved with a 3rd party, which is Lease Capital Group or Lease Finance Group, he did not tell us about the additional $4.95 fee for insurance, he told us he would save us $60 – $80 a month even after we paid the $39.95 an month which was not true. We put a stop payment on our business checking account so they can no longer take anything from us and sent the machine back. 2 days ago the machine came back and they had refused it! we went back with our old credit card company and all is fine, I’m just waiting for the treatening phone calls to start. There’s a new guy that’s with [name redacted] that has been around town and he said he has gotten 8 businesses out of this lease and he’ll help me get out if I sign up with him. He’s seems like a great guy that really knows his stuff but I’m having a hard time trusting any of these credit card reps anymore. He also said that it is illegal, in Wisconsin, to had a non cancelable lease. Does anyone know if this is true? If it is, everyone in Wisconsin should be able to get out of this lease and hopefully a lot of other states have this law.

    • concerned consumer

      Our business has been scammed by this guy as well.. First off.. he bait and switched us, he advertised for one company which was North American Bank Card and he signed us up with NPC/ Retriever and Lease capital group. He promised no lease and all the great fees we could ask for. The thing that gets me is that the guy that signed us up for this seemed so honest and caring. When really he was setting everyone up for a BIG surprise, a company that he didn’t advertise for and a non-cancellable lease. Oh and the rea kicker is in the contracts somewhere it says that he can sell our contracts to whoever, whenever. The other thing is that he claimed that we could contact him at any time but after he left our office in 2010 we haven’t had any contact with him because he will NEVER return our calls.

      Cheryl, honestly I have talked to the guy your referring to about LCG, he can’t get you out of anything, he can only give you the info to help but we have done everything he told us to and it only stops them from getting the money out of your account.. other than that since we sent them our cancellation notice they sent us a letter saying that we’re in a non-cancellable lease and basically screwed.
      The worst part is that unless we take the guy that signed us up with this contract to civil court I’m starting to find that we can’t do anything about this.. I even went to the county trying to get something done and got no where. At this point I’m just trying not to lose any more sleep over this ordeal, but the problem is that I’m still so mad about this that I know I will lose more sleep :(
      It’s really sad when the criminals in this country can get away with anything as long as its worded right.

  • Pamela

    NPC imposes fees that are not in the original contract, but this is legal because the contract says that fees may change any time. So there you go. So when they added a $95 yearly fee, that was no big deal to them. I had tried to terminate my contract with them 2 weeks before it expired, but because they needed “processing time” the termination would not actually go through in time and then my contract would roll over to the next 3 year term. This meant I would be breaking my contract and would be charged a $250 fee. So I kept the contract and stopped all of my transactions with them. My intent was to then terminate at the end of the next 3 year term. This worked fine for 2 years. Then I got a bill charging me a $95 yearly service fee. A fee that I was never charged before. I was not making any transactions with them, so it seemed absurd to pay it. There were only about 7 months left on the contract and I convinced them to let me terminate without paying the $250 fee, but they insisted I pay the $95. Unfortunately, both my husband and I paid the fee, so we double paid! Now, I am trying to get reimbursed, which has been impossible. I just submitted a dispute to VISA, which is how my husband paid. Hopefully there will be some justice!

  • William Biggs

    Worse company ever. We are pci compliant, yet they started charging ‘pcI non compliance fees’ at $20 per month. When I complained, and canceled the account, they charged $250 each for 3 accounts.

    All this after I had been an excellent customer for 7 years. I am no in the process of canceling all my business with them.

    My opinion is AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  • Jennifer

    I signed a contract with NPC to provide credit card payment processing services over 3 years ago. I canceled services to take advantage of another service that better fit my needs.

    I was surprised to find that a few weeks later, $250 was taken out of my checking account by NPC without any notice. I called NPC to ask why they had taken money from my account and they informed me that my contract stated that if I opted out of the contract before the term of the contract was complete, I was subject to the $250 charge. They told me I had to cancel after 3 years to the month! The contract automatically renewed after that and I would have had to use NPC for over 2 more years to have another opportunity to cancel service without this fee. At no time had I been informed of this previously; not when I signed up for service; when the contract was up for renewal and not when I canceled service. Money was just taken from my account with out any communication or notice.

    I promptly requested a copy of the contract. When I got it, I found a some text on the third page of the contract in a 4 or 5 font that said there was a $250 “early deconversion fee”. No where on the contract did it say how long the contract was valid or how to avoid the fee.

    I am quite shocked that this sort of thing is perpetuated by such a large company and that my 3.5 years of using NPC’s services was so plainly unimportant. When I called, the service person made it clear that it was my own damn fault and that I should have paid more attention to the fine print.

    Even worse, the new service I signed up for, unbeknownst to me, uses NPC for processing credit cards. Once I realized this I told NPC customer service that I had not in fact canceled service but unwittingly just transferred to a different NPC service, I was informed that I was still subject to the fee.

    I only used this company because my father used it previously. He had the same experience and his history with NPC was even longer than mine. My comment here counts x 2. When my father complained to the BBB, the $250 was suddenly back in his account. I am hoping my complaint will produce the same results!

  • Eric Nordling

    Don’t listen to the npc sales people! They are slicker than oil.

    This is dirty business with no concern for small businesses.

    All the promises made ended up costing me huge when my book keeper had to unravel the mess npc processing made of my daily receipts.

    When you talk to their call centers, they don’t know the terms of the contract and they tell you lies.

    npc just raped my checking account for $750 and screwed up my payroll this week!

  • Marilyn Theel

    I have been having the same problem and stopped payment through my bank. I have received another notice dated September 15th, 2011 and they are going to send me to a collection agency. I called the phone number listed at the Risk Management – Collections Department for NPC and he claimed we never notified them that our account was closed. However, I always mailed back our statements requesting $5.00 as”payment refused”. Today I was told that we still owe them $89.00 and I again told them that we will not pay this and we will turn them over to our Prepaid Legal department. He still told me that they are going to report us to the 3 credit bureaus.

    These people have been the worst processing company I ever dealt with.

  • Kate

    I could go on & on about how NPC is the worst credit card processing company. I signed a 3 year contract & when that ended, no one told me. After calling, they told me that since I didn’t write a letter to cancel 30 days before my contract expired, I was automatically renewed for another 3 years! I found another credit card processing company, that gave me a free credit card machine. Unfortunately, I’m still paying for another year on a machine that costs $110 a month(that NPC signed us up with). After I sent a cancellation letter, they are still debiting my account!! Yes, that’s right, no credits-just stealing my hard earned money because they have my bank account information. I have never been able to find the “right” person to speak with over the phone. They say someone will call you back, but no one ever does!! My rated for them-F-!

    • Maria Metzler

      I’ve had the same problem with me only I stopped payment through my bank and they are now threathening to send me to a collection agency. When I tried calling them, the collection department actually hung up on me. We cancelled service with them through the phone and email and they said it was not valid since I did not send them a letter with a signature. They never told me this until I called to complain that they were still withdrawing money from my account.
      Its one of the worst customer service companies I have ever dealt with.

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