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Detailed transaction reports. Potential technical issues.
Fast transaction processing. Transaction fees apply.
Enhanced security features. Internet dependency.
User-friendly interface. Hardware costs.
Multiple payment options. Learning curve.
Integration with accounting systems. Limited offline functionality.

Update: Retriever Payment Systems no longer operates as a unified organization, but there are multiple independent offices across the country that still use the Retriever brand name. We have left this review up as a general resource for merchants, but we have also published reviews of several individual Retriever offices. Comments on this review are now closed; please see if we have already published a separate review for your specific Retriever office:


In this review of Retriever Payment Systems, we will examine the operations of this network of independently operated sales offices that were once unified under the Retriever brand. We'll cover various aspects of these offices, including their payment processing solutions, mobile and e-commerce capabilities, security measures, and point-of-sale features. We'll look at their support for multiple payment platforms, fast and secure transaction processing, and compliance standards. We'll also evaluate the pros and cons of their services, focusing on user experience, technical aspects, and integration capabilities.

Beyond the technicalities, we'll analyze the business practices of Retriever Payment Systems, looking closely at customer reviews and complaints, sales tactics, and employee feedback. We'll also investigate the company's association with entities like Lease Finance Group. Our aim is to provide a clear understanding of Retriever Payment Systems' operations, guiding business owners through the complexities of choosing a reliable payment processing partner. We'll highlight areas of potential concern, such as contract terms, sales practices, and customer support. This article serves as a resource for anyone considering Retriever Payment Systems or its associated entities for their payment processing needs.

About Retriever Payment Systems

Originally founded in 1993, Retriever Payment Systems was a merchant account provider that was purchased by Iron Triangle Payment Systems in 2006 and subsequently converted into a subsidiary of National Processing Company (NPC), which itself is now a part of Vantiv. Although there is no longer a single, unified organization named “Retriever Payment Systems,” there are multiple independent sales offices across the country that still use the Retriever name and logo. Despite the fact that they share the Retriever brand, these offices function independently of one another. They do not report to a shared parent organization.

This review was originally intended to cover Retriever Payment Systems as a single organization. In light of the fact that there is no longer a unified entity known as “Retriever Payment Systems,” this review will now serve as an overview of all Retriever locations. Merchants should note that pricing, hiring practices, and customer service will vary between the separate Retriever offices; however, we believe that these offices will share certain characteristics as resellers of NPC/Vantiv contracts. NPC is a registered ISO/MSP of Vantiv (formerly Fifth Third Bank). James Oberman is listed as the executive vice president of NPC while Thomas A Wimsett is the president and CEO.

Retriever Payment Systems Homepage

Retriever Payments Systems Products and Services

Point of Sale

Retriever Payment Systems supports a variety of payment platforms, including EMV, PIN debit, contactless, Bluetooth, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, PayPal, QR Code, and magnetic stripe (MSR). They provide a range of EMV-enabled countertop POS terminals, PIN Pads, and wireless solutions to businesses in the Bay Area, including Concord and San Francisco.

Payment Processing

Retriever Payment Systems offers a broad spectrum of payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. They support multiple payment types, such as credit and debit cards, ACH transactions, and contactless payments. Their goal is to provide fast, secure, and reliable processing to help businesses increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile and E-commerce Solutions

Retriever Payment Systems provides tools for accepting payments across various channels, recognizing the importance of mobile and online transactions. Their mobile payment solutions enable merchants to process transactions on the go, while their e-commerce solutions facilitate payments through business websites, ensuring a seamless and secure online shopping experience.

Security and Compliance

Emphasizing security and compliance, Retriever Payment Systems adheres to industry standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This commitment helps safeguard sensitive data and reduce the risk of fraud and data breaches, protecting both businesses and their customers.

Retriever Payment Systems point of sale

Retriever Payment Systems Customer Reviews

Here's What Their Clients Say

Customer Reviews Summary
Total Online Complaints 70+
Live Customer Support Yes
Most Common Complaint Sales Tactics
Recent Lawsuits N/A

Insight into Retriever Payment Systems Reviews

Our research has identified over 70 negative reviews of Retriever Payment Systems across various consumer protection platforms, with allegations frequently labeling the company as a scam or ripoff. These reviews commonly cite issues such as misleading sales practices, onerous contract conditions, disappointing customer service, and unprofessional behavior from staff. Responses from Retriever Payment Systems to some of these critiques vary in their level of sincerity and utility. The core grievances contributing to the company’s negative perception seem to stem from its sales tactics and contractual terms, showing little to no improvement over time. It’s important to recognize that certain complaints may be misattributed to Retriever when they are actually against NPC, which supplies merchant accounts for Retriever. We encourage individuals to share their own experiences with Retriever Payment Systems in the comments section to enhance our community’s understanding.

Legal and Customer Service Challenges

No significant class-action lawsuits or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaints specifically targeting Retriever Payment Systems have been identified at this time. However, customers seeking non-litigious avenues to address grievances are advised to report their concerns to appropriate regulatory bodies.

Support and Responsiveness at Retriever Payment Systems

Retriever Payment Systems offers customer support, though feedback on the effectiveness and professionalism of this service varies. The company has engaged with some customer complaints, indicating a degree of responsiveness to client feedback.

Customer Support Contact Information

While specific contact details for Retriever Payment Systems’ customer service are not listed, we recommend visiting their official website or referencing your service agreement for the most direct support channels.

This analysis, optimized with key SEO phrases like “reviews,” “review,” “complaints,” “customer reviews,” “customer complaints,” aims to provide a balanced view of Retriever Payment Systems’ service quality while enhancing online discoverability.

Retriever Payment Systems Online Ratings

Here's How They Rate Online

Online Ratings Summary
BBB Reports 170

Note: We have adjusted this company’s BBB rating according to our own standards. To better understand why we adjust BBB ratings, please see our Rating Criteria.

Retriever Payment Systems has several Better Business Bureau profiles because of offices located in several states, but it shares its main BBB profile with National Processing Company. As of this review, the BBB has cleared the profile for updating, but at our last review, they reported an “A+” rating with 170 complaints filed in the last 36 months (down from 268 as of our last review).

A “C” Score

Although some of these complaints may not have originated with the service provided by Retriever Payment Systems, Retriever is linked closely enough to National Processing Company that we will also award it a CPO-adjusted BBB score of “C.”

Retriever Payment Systems Fees, Rates & Costs

A Closer Look at The Contract

Cost & Fees Summary
Cancellation Penalties Depends on local office
Monthly & Annual Fees Depends on local office
Processing Rates Depends on local office
Equipment Leasing Depends on local office

Retriever Payment Systems Contract Terms

Based on multiple complaints, the typical Retriever Payment Systems rates and contract entail a automatically renewing three-year agreement through National Processing Company, featuring an early termination fee of at least $250. Other charges include a PCI Compliance fee ranging from $49 to $180 per year, an annual fee of $99, PCI non-compliance fees of $19.95 monthly, and various minor fees. These terms might differ depending on the agent and office setting up the account. Some Retriever Payment Systems reviews highlight instances where sales agents modified contract terms, later enforced against merchants. Business owners are advised to negotiate terms assertively and verify any changes to the standard language.

Leasing Through Retriever

Numerous Retriever Payment Systems reviews online allege that the company enrolls merchants in 48-month, non-cancellable equipment leases via Lease Finance Group, a DBA of Northern Leasing Systems. Besides unfavorable contract terms, Northern Leasing is associated with poor service, deceptive advertising, and expensive equipment. Consequently, Retriever Payment’s rating, both in this aspect and overall, has been downgraded due to reported connections with Northern Leasing. We recommend business owners to explore our list of the best merchant services.

Retriever Payment Systems Employee Reviews & Sales Tacitcs

Should You Work For Them?

Jobs & Marketing Summary
Uses Independent Resellers Yes
Telemarketing Yes
Misleading Marketing Yes
Discloses All Important Terms No

In-House and Outside Sales Teams

Retriever Payment Systems appears to utilize a combination of in-house agents, telemarketing, and independent sales agents to market its services. Generally speaking, this combination usually results in high complaint rates for a company, and Retriever Payment Systems appears to be no exception. There are currently numerous Retriever Payment Systems reviews online that describe nondisclosure of fees, misrepresentation of terms, unprofessional conduct, and deceptive sales tactics by the company’s sales agents. These issues have been consistently reported over time and do not appear to be tied to a specific agent or office. This does not compare favorably to our list of best credit card processors.

Deceptive Rates

One of the Retriever Payment Systems websites ( advertises rates that “start at 1.35%” on its homepage. This figure is the company’s rate for signature debit transactions, and the website makes no mention of the higher “Qualified,” “Mid-Qualified” and “Non-Qualified” rates that clients will pay on the majority of their transactions. We consider this type of rate quoting to be deceptive, since it may give businesses an unrealistic expectation of the rates they will be charged. This is consistent with a number of Retriever Payment Systems complaints that mention their various offices charging undisclosed fees.

Our Retriever Payment Systems Review Summary

Our Final Thoughts

Retriever Payment Systems is currently rated as a substandard credit card processing provider based on our rating system. A troubling pattern of complaints across its various offices reveals that many customers have been frustrated by the company’s sales practices, unfavorable contract terms, and lackluster customer service. In contrast, positive feedback regarding Retriever Payment Systems’ offerings is scarce.

The company could improve its rating by addressing the issues that lead to these complaints, such as eliminating aggressive sales tactics, reducing excessive fees in its contracts, and reconsidering its partnership with Lease Finance Group. Business owners should be meticulous in reading and understanding all contract terms before committing to a service agreement with Retriever Payment Systems. For a more positive and reliable experience, it’s worth comparing the company’s services and fees to those of top-rated merchant account providers.

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Testimonials & Complaints

How Did Retriever Payment Systems Treat You?

70 User Reviews

  • Robert Cortesi

    Southwest holistic chiropractic

    Been with these crooks for years and they constantly sneak in fraudulent fees that are not included in contract . Received my December 2023 and Jan 2024 statement on Feb 21 2024 now showing a new minimum billing adjustment fee . I have no minimum ever but these pieces of garbage are trying to sneak in a charge that I have never paid over the 20+ years I used these scum bags ! Now I have to start fighting with these POS! They are the scum of the earth sneaking in charges that are not in the contract. There are constant changes in rates and new fees constantly ! Now Off to the state’s attorney and FTC AND FBI to file complaints ! Several other business owners that I know who use them are dealing with the same issues ! Stay away !

  • susan towler

    the barking lot

    This company is awful. I had them for years but they have been steadily declining in quality for the last 3 years. I gave them many chances hoping things would improve but they did not. There are numerous hidden fees, issues with notifying their clients about PCI compliance in a timely manner only to be hit with outrageous, unrefundable fees. I finally got rid of them and there was no warmth when I did. Only, well you owe this and that which was false. I finally asked for my original contract and proved I was correct. RUN as fast and as hard as you can from this company. They will rob you and insist it is the merchants job to know everything without question. My last few interactions with them were combative because I had no other choice as I was being obstructed at every question I asked. I am now using my long time bank for merchant services and they are 1000% better with an accurate fee structure and easy to navigate. This companys website is non existent and there is no where to go to see you fees, etc. This has to the worst company I have dealt with in 30 years of business. BUYER BEWARE. They are sneaky, aggressive and non cooperative.

  • Dr. Jecmen's office

    Wow…after I had signed the contract is when I decided to research this company all these negative reviews had me shaking in my shoes! Let me explain…I get calls every day from solicitors like Retriever and deny them every time. Well, B of A, was charging us monthly fees of $600.00 – 700.00 and told me to enroll online to get a detailed break down of the fees charged. I tried and was denied access and right at that moment I get a call from Retriever and I set up an appointment for them to try and convince me they could lower my monthly fees. Christopher came in, spelled it all out, and said my estimated monthly payments would be half that amount. So we signed… turns out our monthly fees are only a 1/3 of that amount! We are saving over $5500.00 per year! We switched over in April, 2015…and are so glad we did!

  • Tom Niblick

    I wish I had read this site before I signed up with Retriever but the internet was not then what it is now. This company has been taking money out of my business account for 15 years. My wife/accountant kept telling me that the bank charges were over 5% and I kept telling her that was impossible as they state the fees were under 3%. “But there are other fees involved here”, she kept saying. Okay, that slow bleed cost us a few thousand dollars every year – for 15 years. My bad. Then we sold our business and retired, giving Retriever months of notice. The last month the fees seemed unusually high but, since it came directly out of our checking, we did not fight the charge. The following month saw a $375 charge to our account as an early termination fee. We were told by customer service and our sales rep that there would be no fee as we owned our machine and provided plenty of notice. A dozen additional calls to customer service (which required nearly 20 hours on hold) brought no solution. In the end all we were told is that our claim was denied. Bottom line this company is about as dishonest as they come. Once they have access to your checking account, they have a license to steal. Do not do business with this company. Never. Ever. They are thieves.

  • Renaissance

    Retruver is a scam and liars. They have soo many hidden fees they hit their customers with without explanation. If you call customer service they are rude and they hang up on you. Please advise all business community to stay out of retriver.

    • Gloria

      Retriever also will change it’s rules on you. Initially when I signed up with them, they told me if I had a charge back and proved it was a valid charge within 30 days, I would not be charged a chargeback fee. Well, It happened two times to me. One charge was for $22 and I got a chargeback. When I validated the charge, I was still charged the $25- so on a $22 sale, I actually lost more than the sale should have been. They said it was ‘new policy’. I am sick of this company. I just cancelled my account and opened a new one so they can’t deduct any more money. The account was officially closed on Sept. 2014 (after all they took a $250 cancellation fee out) but as of Jan. 2015, they are still trying to take out $35 a month fee.

  • Gloria

    I have Retriever Payment Systems for over ten years. My business had slowed down over 75% due to physical illness. I contacted Retriever (in 2013) to cancel my account and was informed that I would have to send them a signed letter stating that I wanted to cancel the contract and the contract date was July, 2014. In June 2014, I did just that – I sent them a letter of cancellation. In July, they took $35 in fees out of my account. Again in August, so I contacted the company to find out why. I had not even ran a charge card for the entire year but was getting a $35 fee every month. In July, they couldn’t find my account when I called so I thought they had cancelled it, and I put a stop payment on my account to keep from getting an overdraft if they charged me again. Again, they sent me a statement for a $35 fee for August. I contacted them again and was informed my account was not cancelled because I didn’t fill out the ‘proper’ form they had. I asked them to email it to me – I never received it. I contacted my rep whom I had signed up with in the first place. She emailed me the papers and I sent them back to her and she said she would take care of it. They finally cancelled my account in Sept only to have them deduct $250 for an early cancellation fee and they are still trying to take out the $35 a month fee. I just got a November statement from the – AGAIN. Unfortunately the bank only had set the stop payment up to $35 so the $250 went through. I have paid Retriever over $700 for absolutely nothing. They are difficult to talk to, I have sent them letters and they do not respond – only send statements. I didn’t do the NPC Compliance because I had intended for them to cancel my account and was charged another $135 for non-compliance. I am so frustrated. No income coming in – but money going out. This is not a reputable company. I have had other difficulties with them in the past. I had a charge back which was rectified as it was a valid charge, and retriever still charged me a $20 chargeback fee. The original charge was only $25 so I basically went in the hole on that sale.

  • Judy Greene

    If your Mike Lupuma sales consultant had been upfront with me I would not have gone with your company. I had no idea that I was signing a 4 year lease agreement. I should have read things more carefully but i trusted Mike Lipuma. When I questioned him about it he just said I was not in a early termination agreement which also was a lie. When I attempted to discussed this with him he hung up on me. I have had credit card machines for 18 years without ever leasing and would never have agreed to it now. I don’t know if this is your company’s standard procedure or not or just a fast talking sales consultant.

  • Daniel Baker

    My wife and I have run our own jewelry design business for 40 years and for the last 15 we’ve used the Retriever Merchant System to process our credit card sales.
    On June1,jRetriever’s billing company, TSYS in Omaha, attempted to withdraw $21,991.51 from my bank account for 14 transactions totaling $20,310.53. The error was that the number of transactions listed on the statement being charged for totaled 67,793 resulting in $21,164.20 in erroneous charges. We in fact had made 14 transactions in May which should have cost us about $7.00.
    My wife and I made multiple phone calls to Retriever trying to rectify the statement so we could pay the correct amount. Even though our bank, Bank America, refused the TSYS draft, the amount of $21,991.51 was withheld from our bank account resulting in multiple overdrafts each time TSYS submitted the draft to our bank, which occurred 3 times from June 2 to June 10. Retriever Systems customer rep supervisor, David Mauger, told us that their research department stated that it might take until June 9th or 10th to fix the billing error.
    On Friday June 6th, Bank America advised that we file a fraud report for unauthorized withdrawals for them to reinstate our account. We had to postpone multiple payments to suppliers, insurance companies and others, as our business was effectively dead in the water during that period. We felt that after about 15 years as a client of Retriever Systems, we had to close our account so that we could restart our business and take credit card sales with a company that would be more responsive to us and rectify its own billing errors.
    My wife and I spent entire work days for over a week on the phone with Retriever, including multiple conversations with Customer Service rep David Mauger to fix the situation. I personally spoke with at least a dozen representatives from Retriever. My understanding following a conversation with customer rep. Jerjuana, June 17, 2014, was that Kara Hooker, a Retriever maintenance specialist, was personally working on the problem. We were assigned a new confirmation number. I expressed the fear that since we’d stopped payment of the erroneous bill of $21,991.51 and were unable to get a correct billing statement for May that we would be put in collection. Jerjuana advised us to call back a few days later to see if a correction to our bill had been made.
    As of today, 6/30/2014, I have attempted to contact Retriever’s customer service 4 times. I was disconnected before I got a service rep the first time. The second time I spoke with a rep whose name sounded like Sherrell. After 30 minutes of recounting our problem, she didn’t see what she could do about what she characterized as a disputed payment, she said she’d have to put me on hold again and simply hung up.
    At this point I feel like I’m cut off from access to Retriever customer service which hasn’t been effective in addressing what initially appeared to be a simple, although enormous, billing error. It seems that Retriever is treating this as a disputed bill and that I’ve refused to make payment for the month of May, which is not the case at all.
    We have now received a demand for payment of $21,991.51 from TSYS collections agent Rolinda Hollie, threatening severe damage to our credit if we do not pay the disputed amount in 10 days. I am very desirous of paying the correct amount for the May billing cycle and reasonable closing costs for the month of June, although we did not use Retriever Services. We do not know who to contact at Retriever Systems NPC to make this stop. Needless to say, we do not recommend any prospective merchant using Retriever Systems/ NPC or TSYS or the Vantiv corporation. Do not let them have access to your bank account. This has been a nightmare.

  • Richar J. Nelson

    I’m doing everything I can to get the word out about Retriever Payment Systems. We tried to cancel the contract I signed within 3 business days. They ignored us as they had our account number and started drawing funds from our bank account. (They call it testing your account ) They repeatedly sent us the box with their terminal, which we sent back. The mailman and Fed Ex person were as weary of this company as we were. We finally changed bank accounts a hassle and expense. I’ve written the attorney general and better business bureau ( where these scam artists have a A+ rating, by the way). This site has the most accurate info for the public. What kind of company tries to force you to do business with them? What kind of company is in the business of serving themselves to your bank account? answer Retriever

  • Javier Q.

    Our dental practice signed up for credit card charge services with Retriever Medical / Dental Payments, Inc. (Address: P.O. Box 288, Chappaqua, NY 10514, Phone: (708) 225-2900). website: in September 2012. On several occasions, we contacted the company for copies of statements, requested call backs by the representatives of the company, and received lack of promptness of service. We found it a monumental taks to obtain a basic statement of credit card charges, in order to verify accuracy. These reasons led us to seek more reliable and prompt service from another provider.

    The company has engaged in deceptive, dishonest, unethical practices, and has continued to charge our business bank account electronically after we gave them written notice on several ocassions to revoke their right to do so. We currently have a complaint in process with the Better Business Bureau of New York, versus Retriever Medical / Dental Payments, Inc. as the company continued to charge our bank account electronically monthly, despite our written request to cancel services with them. This occurred over a period of 10 months. They have now charged us a $700 early cancellation fee, which they state was in the contract, despite their original sales representative verbally misrepresenting the contract by stating there were not any cancellation fees. And this was after we were communicating with them about how we only had 17 months left on our contract, and would incurr TOTAL fees of $85, by allowing them to continue charging our account for the next 17 months, and cancelling at the end of our contract.

    We are in the process of finding out if we have cause for a class action lawsuit against this company. We would imagine many other merchants and past customers have experienced similar practices and have come accross a good deal of negative information about the company on the web. The company claims to have over 20,000 merchant customers, and is sponsored by First National Bank of Omaha, which claims to be the largest privately owned banking company in the United States, with locations in seven states and more than 6.6 million customers across the country.

    • debi

      I had the same problems with them-your bank can stop the auto withdrawals if you have proof that you notified retriever to stop charging you. BBB is a joke- I filed a complaint- To be a member of BBB a business pays a yearly fee so BBB is looking out for that customer not the person filing the complaint. I now use Solvaris (if you are a member of NFIB they will give you a discount).. With all the complaints against them, they must have friends in high places.I would not be surprised if if there wasn’t already a class action suit against this company.

    • carol winner

      i am 2.5 years into my contract with retriever. what a mess. this is the single worst business decision i ever made. my lawyer husband gave me lots of grief after i signed this contract. he said it was the most unfriendly contract he has ever seen, and no way to cancel it. so i slog on, watch them like a hawk, but they still keep trying to sneak things past me. i can’t see my account until the following month unless i go through a convoluted process and they only show my transactions, not their endless fees, so they sneak in charges, then tell me i’m too late to get the fees back. i am pretty much resolved to the fact that i am in this for another 1.5 years and am not looking forward to ending this service. i may have to close out my bank account at the same time. they lie, they cheat and they steal. if anyone knows about a class action, let me know.
      carol winner

  • Dave Langdon

    I to was scammed by Retiever. Everyone’s comments are right on the mark. Everything from the salesman to
    being sucked into paying for a 4 year contract at a cost of about $4500. Sounds like a class action lawsuit should follow soon. Has anyone tried changing their checking accounting number so retriever can’t debit the cost of the machine?
    I was told that I could cancel the lease at no charge, the Salesman had scratched that the $395 fee to do so off originally anyway. So every time I talk to customer service I am told yes you can cancel, but you still have to pay for the machine. The biggest problem with the machine is that is will duplicate sales transactions occasionally, charging my customers 2x for the sale. Also, when I first received the machine it was set up to batch out at 8:30pm. which was a huge problem. so after countless hours on the phone with customer service to correct everything only to have it happen again and again I am trying to cancel my service. If anyone has any idea to get around the terminal least please share that information.

  • Angela Beasley

    My salesman insisted that if for any reason I could not continue with the Merchant Services account that he would simply give his next customer my contract and I would be completely satisfied. He lied.
    He also said that I didn’t have to contact my bank to discontinue the service with them– he would take care of that.
    He lied.
    He texted me that he was sending me an address and a bar code label to return the card swiping unit. He lied.
    He told me on the phone and then emailed me the proof letter to his company that I would not have to pay anymore fees to the account that I would not longer be using. He lied.
    He never told me that the cost of my card swiping machine would be almost $4500.00.
    He never told me that he was making most of that money as a commission.

  • Gary E. Hartell,D,C,

    This company is flat out FRAUD! They don’t tell you about all the little fees that grow and grow and all of the fine print in the contract. Last month the fees were $149.00. Needless to say I called Retriever to cancel my account. I knew there was a cancellation fee. Retriever told me they were not in charge of that, I would have to call NPC, who leases the processing equipment. They told me the fee was $454.00. The salesman came back to have me sign cancellation papers and said nothing about a second cancellation fee. My check and the equipment was sent back to NPC. My next bank statement revealed a non authorizided withdrawl from my account of $700.00. When I called NPC to tell them I sent the check they told me I would have to call Retriever who I am sure is in bed with NPC. They gave me a song and dance about a $700.00 cancellation fee burried in the fine print of a bogus contract. Funny, the salesman never mentioned this nor did Retriever mention this when I called them originally to find out what the cancellation fee would be. Bottom line I got SCREWED out of $1154.00. If you are considering using Retriever, run away screaming. I wish I had investigated this company before I got screwed. Don’t do It, Dr. Gary E. Hartell

    • Richard

      As long as the doctors they scam are nice enough to send them money instead of switching their bank account numbers this company will go on and on. They breach their own contracts and we have every right to walk out on them without worry about cancellation fees.

  • dennis

    this is the WORST company i have ever had the missfortune of using, they promise the moom but deliver squat. the customer service is abismal at best. there salespeople have no idea of what they are diong, the cost me a bundle and are still (after 2 monthsgone} are still costing me money. advice. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. OR YOU WILL BE SORRY.

  • Karen

    Listen folks, this company is all about their contract!!!!! So if you really like the rep they send in and trust him for his word and don’t like reading tedious contracts, and don’t mind throwing money out the window….this company is for you! Their contract protects only them and forget about customer service. They are a broken record… “It’s in the contract” “Didn’t you read your contract?” “I’m sorry if you didn’t read your contract, does that make it our fault?” If you don’t know the right questions to ask this company before signing their “bound into hell” contract, I suggest doing business with your local bank you keep your accounts in and they will be much more likely to make you happier than this garbage outfit! Damn, I should have gotten a law degree!

  • Beth Lamping

    DO NOT SIGN WITH THIS COMPANY!! I did am now very much regretting it. The representative that came in seemed like a nice guy. How gullable am I? I signed the lease for the credit card machine and am now paying $59.89 for a credit card machine and pin pad. FOR 4 YEARS!!! Imagine my surprise when another company offered the same machine for $250.The lease company is Lease Finance Group LLC in Chicago. The guy from Retreiver led me to believe that I would pay the same price(comes out to $2874.72 over 4 years) even if I bought the machine outright. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!

  • Carol

    Mike Lapluma (sp?) of Retriever just stormed out of my store after spending over an hour of my time. I thought we were communicating, and I was ready to sign with him. However, when I asked for a “written proposal” (as recommended by my attorney), he literally grabbed his business card off my counter and left. This was one of the most unprofessional acts I have ever witnessed. He was the one who asked for my time, yet he called the hour a “waste of time”. Perhaps he thought that when I told him that I read these comments, he and his company were doomed. And they all wonder why we do not like to see them or take their phone calls. I am still shaking my head at his immature & unprofessional behavior.

  • Hope Pritchett

    DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT use this company!!!!!! This company is the worst example of a company that I have ever seen. The customer service is terrible, and instead of attempting to resolve any problems, they just refer you to someone else. The company has I don’t know how many “companies” within the company, and it’s just a game of passing the ball back and forth. The machines they provide you are outdated and work less than half of the time, if at all. This company also makes illegal and unauthorized transactions with your account, and will deduct unauthorized charges from your checking account. Speaking to any representative there is time-consuming and frustrating. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!

  • Barbara

    My only problem with Retreiver is the salesman. He set my machine up as a lease but said if I wanted to buy the machine later I could contact them and change the lease to a purchase. He crossed off a termination fee and put $0 … and crossed off a lot of other fees … we do a lot of international sales ( close to Canadian border) so I get hit there. I am switching not cause of retreivers service but because of the lie from the salesman that locked me into a 48 month lease on equipment I’d rather buy or update. I will still be stuck with the lease but retriever won’t get anymore $$ from me …

  • Diane

    Is there a class action suit against Retriever Systems? I told Credit Card Business Services of Panama city Beach who signed me up for an account with Retriever Systems in October 2009 that I was going with Heartland Payment Servcies in February 2012 because Heartland gives you credit for all your transactions daily and only takes fees at the beginning of the month. There are no hidden fees charged period. Credit Card Business Services did not tell me at that time as a courtsey to file the cancelation form. A few months later I get these regulatory fees that you have to call Retriever to keep them from charging you plus regular fees from Retriever Systems so I call them. Long story short I did not pay the cancellation fee, I let them charge me $17.50 a month until the end of my contract which was December 2012. I was suppose to send them a cancellation letter I guess in November 2012 or they would renew my contract. I was closing my store in December 2012 so it slipped my mind. However, there had not been any transactions with Retriever Systems in over a year, yet they renewed my contract and April 2013 they charged me $69.50 and $7.95 from American Express. Hello, I have not used this company in 16 months now. I thought it was Heartland. But, come to find out Heartland had closed my account in January 2013 after my request because I was closing my store in December 2012. So here we go again with Retriever Systems, they renew my account for two years in December 2012 after no activity for a year and when I try and cancel in April 2013 they are going to charge me a cancellation fee of $375. I feel like I am in a vortex. I have not had any transactions with this company since December 2011 and they renew my account in December 2012 and are going to charge me a $375 fee to stop the bleeding. After now activity in and me trying to pay out my contract communicating with these people that they would not do that to a small business owner who had to close their business. Shouldn’t there be some sort of government regulations for these companies?

  • Ryan Woody

    I was suckered by this company also. The salesman showed me how much I would save on monthly fees and he was right. But, he failed to mention the total price of the leased equipment. I already had a credit card processor and had paid $200 for the macine. I got a new machine from this company and they even paid me the $200 for my old machine….sounds great huh! I sold my business and found out how much the leased equipment was. $2000 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For a macine that cannot cost more than $200. I called the company and they said I signed a 4 year non-cancelable lease and that I still have $1800 dollars left to pay. I called the lease company and they are no help. I then called Retriever customer service. They said they would be happy to cancel my service, and I could send the equipment back but I would still be responsible for the lease amount. I asked them for the salesman’s number who came by and got me suckered in….they said they would send him a message to call me. I am not going to hold my breath. This company is the biggest crock I have ever dealt with. DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lyndi McCulloch

    Retriever Payment Systems illegally removed money from my account 8/15/2012… I am still trying today 2/6/2013 to get a refund…There is no supervisor to speak with, and they always tell you that you’ll receive your money in 10 days… Please don’t do business with this company… It is a scam

  • Sylvia

    Like others that have left reviews, I was denied cancellation of my contract even though I was paying less with another Merchant Processor. I repeatedelyt requested a cancellation and was told I would have to pay $700 to cancel my account. I have been charged $25 +$6 fee since January 2011 and the contract is not due until April 30 2013. I am now leaving reviews every where I can think of about this company and wil be filing acomplaint with my local States Attorney as well.

  • Kaylee

    I attempted to cancel my account with Retriever in early September. I asked for my account to be closed and to be emailed a form stating that it had been closed and that I was going to be charged the fee to cancel my contract. I never received an email. On October 1, I was charged $46.72 for my monthly fees and $56.40 for my machine. That didn’t make much sense to me considering I had used the card swipe machine only a few times in early September. I was also charged an additional $30. When I called to get some answers, the woman told me that there were no records showing her that I was charged the $46.72 or the $56.40. She said the only fee she saw was the $30. She proceeded to tell me that Retriever had not charged me at all when my bank statements and the bank confirmed that it WAS Retriever. I called again in October and was told that my account had been closed on the 4th of October. AGAIN, I asked for an email stating that my account WAS closed and that I would be charged for cancelling my contract. I have still not received that email. Now it is November and I was charged $47.91 monthly fees and $56.40 for the machine. WHY AM I STILL BEING CHARGED? I don’t even use that machine. I understand that I am still under a contract, but I have asked REPEATIDLY to pay the fee to have it cancelled. They wont help me. I own a very small business and cannot afford this.

    • Regina

      This just happened to us this week. After paying thousands of dollars since 2007 for a service we barely used we decided to go with Square. We cancelled our account with Retriever and returned the equipment. We were told to pay $29.25 for final lease payment and that would cover everything. We come to find out Monday morning that they charged our account $175.00. We contacted Retriever who sent us to Lease Finance Group who told us the fee is for tax. WTH is that about. We went to the bank and stopped payment. We’ll see what happens from there. This company is unbelievable. SCAM!!!!


        I have the same problem since last year, I felt so frustrated that they took advantage in every way, and lie to us just to get our business. I called them and cancell my account, instructed my bank of no making any of those 3 monthly drafts for Retriever, since they couldn’t get my money they got mada, and now I got a letter from a Company that I wasnt aware is the leasing company for equipment and told me that I owe $2000, they are scammers. I place a complain in BBB I will be willing to speak with and attorney and not let this deshonest people to steal my money.

  • evan

    I had a bad experience with this company and would call their practices predatory. Was not satisfied with the actual possessing of cards as the system was only working about 1/2 the time.

  • bonnary

    My experienced with Retiever is nothing short of a completed nightmare. The sale rep. is a liar and a crooked. I now stuck with the machine that I can not use and have a 4 years contract. I offered an early buy out of the lease, but the leasing company wouldn’t let me. I have wasted a lot of time and money with this companies. I still have the machine that siting here collecting dust and pay for every month. If any one have any advises of what to do please let me know. I have cancelled my service with Retriever and went back to my old company.

      • Julie Rottinghaus

        I would like to know if and how you got out of your contract. We are a small automotive company, and we to where approached by salesman named Raymond Topps Sr. Account Executive. He promised us major reduction in fees and signed us up for a card reader. We are being charged $89.79 per month. We are no longer doing business with them and still being charged by them. I have cancelled the paper statements a couple of times but they continue to send them and continue to charge us. I have made many phone calls to them only to hear their lies. What as a company can we do to stop them. Very disappointed in their actions. They rip people off to much, crooks!!!!

  • Jeanie Waugh

    I am with Retriever now and have notice that they are taking money from my account for trumpt up reasons too. I am paying up to 23% for their processing services. What I would like to know is how can I get aways from them for the least expense and does anyone know a honest processor?

  • The Psychology Center

    Our office has been with the company sing 7/16/1997. I have been trying to cancel for weeks and no one called me back. I finally reached them and they want to PROVE that they can beat any advertized price.

    They sent me the cancellation form and said that there is a $250 if I don’t have them quote me a price and if they beat it, and I chose to leave there is still a $250 cancellation fee. The guy I spoke to is the Director of Customer Satisfaction, right!! He said that after the initial 3 years of your contract it will ‘automatically” renew for two years. In order to not incur the fee you must send them “in writing” a cancellation at least 30 days before the term of the renewed 2 year term.

    I left a message for the VP of the company in NY. I am very displeased and have decided to request a waiver of the fee. If I do not get it, I will pay it and make sure EVERYONE on face book to twitter know all the ins & outs to cancel their contract if they have one and to NOT use this company if they don’t.

  • Huey

    I am a hairdresser in a small town. We do 15.00 haircuts. my “qualified rate” is 1.54 % , the number of fees they can charge in addition to this, is 20, after a total of 14 card for the month of June, Iwas charged almost 5% in fees, I am looking at the little device that you put on your phone, even though the % is higher,that is a flat rate as I understand. almost every month there is a fee “passed along” to me . I am betting that I will be paying 10% before I retire. As far as being “compliant”, if you do not fill out the form on line, you are charged 19.95 per month,the agreement on line states if you give them a virus you will be charged whatever it cost to fix it. If I knowingly had a virus I would not send anything to anyone. So I wanted to fill out the form on paper, they lose it about three times, and then charge you the fee. All so you have to go through this every year. This is NOT for the term of your contract. This is just another way to take your money. Since they have access to your bank account they can do what ever. NEVER will I use this bunch again. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone.

  • Mary

    I am very disappointed with Retriever. I was approached by a salesman about a year ago. The salesman, Mike, who mislead me and misrepresented Retriever.
    I have made multiple calls to Retriever and NPC to try to correct the problem but have had no luck!! I am told that I have agreed to a 4 year contract with Retriever, paying $52.99 a month to Retriever plus card and processing fees to NPC!! I run a small business and do not have the card volume to compensate these fees!! Mike guaranteed me that I would pay less than 3% or I could cancel and go back to my previous processor with no charges or questions!! Retriever tells me it would cost $2400 to cancel!!!! WOW!! I definitely was not told this!! I could purchase this same VeriFone Vs510 for $329.95!! Why would I agree to pay Retriever $52.99 a month for 4 years!! HELLO!!
    Mike Lipuma will not return my calls and NPC assured me twice that Mike or the Company President would call me to help but I have never had a return call! This company is fraudulent and I wish there was something I could do to expose them. I have spoke with several other local businesses who were approached by Mike, one made the same mistake I did!! Companies like Retriever should be shut down to protect Small Businesses like me who are trying to make an HONEST living!!

    • K. Ferguson

      I had a bad experience with Retriever too. I was told I was purchasing the card reader on a 5 year Iease purchase agreement at 34.55 per month. The 5 years was up in May 2012. They were still charging my account the 34.55 in June and July . when I spoke to them yesterdayto get a refund on the 2 months they said I would have to call Lease Finance Group as they were the ones I had the lease with.
      They said my account with them Retriever was closed May 2010 as my aggrement with them was completed a 4 year term. I got the # for LFG in New York and told them they needed to refund some money to me as the 4 year lease finance agreement was completed 26 months ago and my account with their partners Retriever had been closed. I was informed by LFG that I did not have a lease purchase agreement but just a lease for the equipment and yes the lease was up but that I had to choose which option I wanted at the end of the lease.1. Return equipment with letter terninating lease,or continue with lease and pay off the machine . I stated I didn’t know this as I was told that I was purchasing the machine. The rep told me it was in the contract. I never recieved a copy of the contract.
      The rep is sending me a copy . I am supposed to return the card machine and they say they are charging me one more lease payment. I explained to them that I haven’t used the equipment and the lease as they called it was up 26 months ago. I believe REtriever and LFG are in this together . The reason I let them continue to charge me was that in 2009 I call Retriever and asked them when the lease purchase agreement would be complete as I thought it was already .The women there sort of laughed and said that it wa started in 2007 May and was a 5 year agreement. IF they have nothing to do with it why would she lie about when it was complete. They are crooks both of them. I have read so many other complaints about retriever and LFG. At this time at least they are not telling the customers that they are purchasing the equipment, but i see wherethey are charging much more a month up to 90 dollars and telling the customer it is a 4 year non cancelable lease. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with either of these people. I wish we could all get together and file class action against them.

  • Nancy

    I have been having the same problem with this company for over a year. I have the original contract and there is nothing in it that says when the 3 years are up I have to continue or pay 250.00 to end this horrible relationship. We speak to the representative and they still have yet to produce a signed contract stating this policy. In the meantime, she keeps faxing a sheet with their policy but nowhere on this sheet is there any evidence of my signature or initials. This is the most fraudulent company I have ever dealt with. In the meantime I am using Square Up. This is a free device and their fees are by far lower than any of those quoted by Retriever. Can anyone advise me on how to rid myself of this horrible curse? I spoke to my bank and stopped automatic payment to this company. The company then changed the name and their ID number and still was able to automatically withdraw. My bank’s fraud department says that because this is still the same company, they are allowed to still withdraw payments. The only way around this is to close the account.

  • carol winner

    I agree with so many of these comments and wish i would have read them before signing on with this miserable company. I too was led to believe I had 90 days to get out of the contract. I was told there was no monthly fee (the crooked saleswoman never told me about an annual fee, which they charged me after 6 weeks of service). Signing their contracts was the worst business decision I have ever made. If I total up all the fees,I am paying this company 5-10% of my income from credit card sales. This is so outrageous; i have to mentally prepare myself before opening their monthly statement because it makes me so angry that they are taking so much of my profits. In June, due to a glitch with the at&t towers, my processor did not work for 2 1/2 weeks. I lost sales and spend countless hours on the phone with them. I told them I wanted a reduction on my monthly fees and they said they would see want they could do. Well what they could do was nothing, and my fees for the month were 8%. I was badly misled by the saleswoman Tina, not told about half the fees, and was led to believe I would save money (needless to say, i pay a lot more.) Please, for the sake of your pocketbook and your mental health, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY1

  • Retriever Payment Systems

    Obviously there is some clarification needed. As stated, Retriever / NPC has several ISO’s (Independent Sales Offices) across the US. There are some good ISO’s and some bad ISO’s unfortunately. Our ISO is located in Waterville, OH however……Retriever’s headquarters are NOT in Waterville, OH. They are headquartered in Houston, TX. Since merging with NPC, there is also a corporate office located in Louisville, KY. Our ISO’s website is My assumption is that the person offering the inaccurate information in the original article did a google search and our web site came up first. They got on our website without researching further and referenced our information insted of the correct information which is a common mistake that people make. Our offices beleive in fair business practice and keeping our merchants very happy. I would appreciate when people write there posts or articles that the proper research is done before pointing fingers at the wrong business. We have worked very hard and have thousands of merchants to back our excellent reputation. I would hate to have it ruined due to extremely inaccurate information.

    • Phillip CPO

      Hi Lori,

      The only inaccuracy that you have pointed out is that Retriever’s headquarters is located in Houston, TX and that you have an ISO in Waterville, OH. The website you gave is the same one listed in the review. Retriever may have a philosophy for keeping merchants happy, but we hold processors accountable for their ISOs – even the bad ones. The reason for this is because the processor ultimately enforces the Terms & Conditions of the contracts that ISOs sell to merchants. They also set forth the policies regarding pricing, service length and cancellation, and usually handle the actual customer support.

    • Elizabeth

      I have been with this company for numberous years. But making the satement that you want to make your customers happy is far from the truth. They put information on their statements (which is now charging a $5.00 printed statement fee) which was not in my originial contract. But they like to add new fees and say you were informed on your statement. But since they were bought over they have failed to mail out those so called statments. One of the items was this so called questionare. I did not recieve my statements that were supposed to tell me about this new fee. Adding $19.95 a month on my charges since I had not taken the questionare. It seems to me that with their add stating is you buisness introuble for non-complaince then we can help….. Well if your customers have not responded may be they didn’t get the notice. So not only did I get charged for a statment that I never recieved but I also got charged for non-complaince…… So my $10 a month that I contracted then was a $34.95 each month….. I think it is all a fraud….. Happy customers, yeah right……. I talked to 7 people before I could make some head way. Then their IT had me take the wrong questionare which too me 3 hours to read and answer and then when I got to the end, Oh you sould have done this questionare and it is only 20 some questions…….. My time is money and they have rimped me good….. I was happy with this company but when they got taken over I guess they didn’t give a >>>>> about their loyal customers and thought it would be better to rip them off……. Remember the words asume is making and ass out of u and me…….

  • TheNapaBuddy

    Never do business with these people. I wish i would have read a few of these posts before i signed myself into this mess. The company is now filing a lawsuit against me to return the machines i put in my 3 stores. The salesman was extremely crooked and misleading dancing around the truth the entire time. anywhere from his bulls**t 90 day buyers remorse to completely hiding the fact that i am signing into an extremely expensive lease for a $400 dollar machine. I could get out of this mess by sending their machines back but i would rather keep the worthless machines i was told were mine and fight them. At this point for me its not about the money, its about the moral of it. if anyone has additional info for me or the number to a good attourney please let me know! [email protected]

  • cheryl

    I have never seen such dishonest people in my life. I had nothing but problems with this company. The same thing happend to me with a salesman that came in and said i could save way more money with this company. Well all i got was a headache and a contract for 4 years with these stupid pinpads that i will still not own after it is up. I went back to my old company after 2 weeks because i couldn’t ever get my credit card machines to work half of the time. when i called customer support they kept telling me it was my machine and i needed a new one. They worked just fine with the old company!!!! When i called the company about the pinpads, they told me that they tried to help me but i hung up on them twice, Never happend , i was nothing but patient with this company. i told the lady that she was lying and that i wanted to here the recording when i was on the phone. Well that never happend. DON’T TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!! I DON”T KNOW HOW THESE PEOPLE CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT KNOWING WHAT THEY DO TO PEOPLE EVERYDAY!!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  • Robert Traphagan

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do business with Retriever Credit Card Processing. . Do not listen to the slick salesman that comes in and shows you how you can save money. I have never been so mistreated by a company in my 30 years is business. You can bet you WILL LOSE MONEY to them. It was a very costly mistake to do business with them.

  • Renee

    I would not recommend this comapny. I haev experienced shady, dishonest business. I have been calling the company to fix problems and fees that i should not have and no one has called me back for about a month now. I have called and left mess at least 5 times. I also am getting charges that i was told i wasnt going to get. They always haev ann excuse of some sort as to why….. I would say go for Square first.

  • Ron F

    For all those who have had issues with Retriever or other companies, let me offer some friendly advice:

    The low rate they quote is what we in the industry refer to as a “qualified” rate. To get this rate, the card swiped must be a plain vanilla credit card with no rewards attached (and not an American Express) and it must be swiped, not keyed in. If the card has rewards or needs to be keyed because the machine cannot read it, the rate will be an additional 1-3%. These higher rates are called the mid-qualified and non-qualified rates – ask your processor what those rates are for your account, because if your average transaction is more than $20-$30, chances are good people will choose to pay with their rewards cards, rather than a debit or plain credit card that won’t give them anything back. And the more of these types of transactions you process, the farther away from that low quoted rate you will end up.

    Also, there is a different kind of pricing called “interchange plus”, where you essentially pay the wholesale rates on transactions that the processing company pays (there is such a thing, and it’s a totally different setup from the 3 or 4 rate system they give you) plus a small mark up, typically anywhere from 0.15% to 0.35% of your processing volume, that goes to the processor. This is what all large corporate accounts use, but if your own processing is more than $10,000 a month, you should have a comparison done

    And finally, if any processor offers you a lease on a credit terminal, it’s usually a bad idea. ESPECIALLY if they are telling you that your current machine is out of compliance. Typically the lease will typically be for 4 years, somewhere in the neighborhood of $35-45 a month. At $35 a month, that would be $1,680. By way of reference, unless you’re using a sophisticated point of sale system, you could purchase that same terminal brand new in the box for about $300-$350 and own it from day one. Or many processors will provide you with a free terminal for as long as you process with them. The reason 95% of leases are done is to provide a hefty commission to the selling agent; it’s almost entirely pure profit for him or her and the leasing company.

  • Darrell

    A very likable man visited us and convinced us with some super rates to change our merchant procesing to them. He gave us some really good fee’s .25% per transaction. Just as he was finishing he looked at our machine and said it was out-of compliance and thus would have to be replaced. I knew this wasn’t true beccause we just had it replaced. After he left I checked on the internet and just as suspected it was in compliance.

  • James Zitzer

    I was shocked at Retriever/National Processing Company in that when I canceled my account with them after 10 years, I was slapped with a 250.00 early cancellation fee. I was never told that when I signed up, I was committed to a 3 year contract. After 3 years I have 30 days by which to cancel. After that I was automatically obligated to another 2 years. After that I have 30 days to cancel and then it renews another 2 year contract. I cannot find this contract anywhere in my paperwork. Check on your contract before terminating your service. They will not let you know about it, they will inform you by taking the money right out of your account.

    • Renee

      I am dealing with the same thing. I spoke with a rep a year ago and he said there are NO monthly fees at all. I have been getting monthly fees and also charged for a warranty i never signed up for because i remember opting out of that policy. I have called this rep David for the past month and have left 5 messages and he has not yet responded to me. This is complete dishonesty and not how a business should be ran. He could at least call me back?? I would not recomend them to anyone. I would use square.

  • Debra Barker

    I have had Retiever since 2010, an agent came to me and told me they could save me money, after a free analysis, they showed me they could save me a significant amount of money. I should have paid better attetnion, but I never received a statement from them. In Feb 2012 I had to do my online pic complaince and needed help with it, so I called them up on the phone. I mentioned to the person on the phone that I had never received a statement. She looked into it and stated I had not been set up for paper statements or online access to statements. She walked me through it, and I was able to gain access to my online statements. What a surprise I had. I had been getting charged $5.00 a month for paper statements I never received. I asked the woman on the phone, and she stated that yes, I never received statements, but because of the way account was set up, I was being charged for them, nothing could be done about that. Then I noticed fees ranging from $100.00 to $300 a month for Data Omission Fees, When I questioned this I was told that if all information the credit machine asked for wasn’t put into machine I would be charged these fees. I asked her why I had not been notifed of this and was told I was through my statements, I reminded her that I had not been getting any statements and she said yes, I had not received the statements., but they had been generated so therefore I had been notified. I am switching to another company.

  • Patricia

    I think your company is a rip off. My company closed August of 2011. Upon calling, faxing, then sending a letter I was charged $174.00 to my bank account Jan. 3. Saying it was for membership fees and security fees. WHICH I was never told about. Everyone plays stupid and says they did not get a cancellation but yet has it documented in their records that I called the first time on September 8, 2011.

  • Bryan Siegelman

    I was very unhappy with Retriever Payment Systems. They had a contract that stated I would receive a certain rate on my credit card transactions. There was some fine print that said it would be slightly more when there was a rewards card or airline card used, but I was assured it was only a little more. It turns it that it was a lot more, close to 4.5% per transaction. There initial calculation showed that I would save about $200 per month on my credit card transactions, but I was actually paying about $400 more that I was before I switched. I cancelled with them and told them that if they charged me the $250 cancellation fee I would be calling the Attorney General of Pa. I was never charged the $250, but I did have to pay $34 a month for 4 years on a lease for a credit card terminal. I figured the $34 per month was better than losing the $400. I would never recommend using them.

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